Sorority Enema Hazing

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Sorority Enema HazingYears ago in college, I received this story in a letter from my ex-girlfriend from high school. We ended up at different universities but remain close even now. I am relating it to all of you for your enjoyment. The names have been changed to protect the innocent, even though no one is innocent (except my friend) in this story . My friend, lets call her Barbara, has long auburn hair and green eyes. She is about 5 ft 8 in with a slightly chubby body and very large tits. Here is the letter, unedited, except for the name changes.Dear Bill,I just went through the most humiliating hazing anyone can imagine. It was the last day of hell week and I thought they had done just about every thing imaginable, but I was so wrong.They called me to a medium sized room in the basement of the sorority house about five in the afternoon on a Friday. There were about a dozen of the sorority sisters and eight men from the fraternity next door waiting. When I entered, the master, Arlene, told me that I had to rid myself of all bad influences, and vile poisons before I would be clean enough to join the sorority. She told me I had to take a series of enemas while everyone in the room watched. I didn’t want to do it, but this is a very prestigious sorority that is very selective, so I agreed. I have had a couple of enemas as a c***d, so how bad could it be? I found out that night!Arlene led me over to a large sturdy wooden dining room table that had some kind of arm and leg restraints bolted to it. A long metal pole, with a moveable hook attached, was bolted to one end. There was a huge red enema bag hanging from the hook. It looked like it was twice as big as the d**gstore enema bags.Arlene ordered me to undress in front of everyone. She told me that I would get three enemas, each one larger and more painful than the previous. “THREE enemas”, I thought.She told me to get on the table on my hands and knees with my ass facing the pole with the enema bag. She clamped my wrists to the table, then Gaziemir Escort she clamped my arm just below the elbow so my forearms were flat on the table top, which made my butt point up in the air. Then she clamped my legs just below the knees, followed by my ankles. A belt with an attached rope was wrapped around my waist at my hips. The rope was thrown over a ceiling beam and Arlene pulled my waist up until it would go no further.She announced that my first enema would be three quarts of very hot, very soapy water. I listened to her fill the bag with pitchers of water from the bathroom sink. When she finished filling the bag, she walked around in front of me and showed me the nozzle. It had two inflatable balloons on it. She explained that one balloon would be inflated inside my rectum and the other on the outside. It would form a water tight seal so that I could not expel the water until she was ready.I felt her rubbing some kind of lubricant on my butthole, which sexually aroused me. You know that I am anal erotic. Then she stuck her finger inside me and began moving it around and thrusting it in and pulling it out. She was finger fucking my butt. Then she stuck two fingers in. doing the same. She continued with three and then four. By then I was panting and gasping with pleasure.Suddenly she stopped and announced that I was enjoying myself too much and it was time for the punishment enemas to begin. As she pulled her fingers out, she inserted the enema nozzle. It felt small compared to her fingers. As she inflated the balloon in my rectum I began to feel pressure and the urge to poop. She continued inflating the nozzle until it became painful and my rectum was straining to expel it. My whole body heaved as my butthole tired to push the monster nozzle out. Then she inflated the outer balloon.Without warning I felt the first gush of hot soapy enema water enter my rectum. It made me lurch forward as the hot stinging liquid gurgled into my insides. Gümüldür Escort I could feel the hot liquid filling my rectum and lower bowel. Suddenly a painful cramp caused me to cry out in pain. Everyone in the room laughed at my agony. The water continued up inside me. I felt the heat as it traveled up my left side, across my belly to the right side and then down the right side. I was getting waves of cramps which caused me to cry. The laughter got louder. The pressure was building until I though I would explode. Then the bag was finally empty. I felt like I was going to throw up and told Arlene. She said that if I threw up, she would make me hold the water for thirty minutes instead of fifteen. I managed to hold back the vomit.At the end of fifteen minutes, Arlene removed the nozzle and held a bucket up to my butt and told me to expel the enema. It was bad enough that I was naked and had to take the enema in front of all these people, but now I had to poop in front of everyone. The spectators moved around behind me so they could get a better view of my butt. I expelled with more force than even the worst diarrhea I have ever had. The water and poop just kept spraying out uncontrollably.As I was expelling the last of the water, I heard Arlene filling the bag again. She announced that this enema would be same as the last except that it would be four quarts, that’s a gallon. I tried to plead with her not to do it, that I couldn’t take that much water, but she just laughed and said, “Of course you can.”She announced a special surprise for me. In walked Debbie completely naked except that she was wearing a large black dildo. The dildo looked to be at least twelve inches long and a good two inches in diameter. I was in shock, but did not realize how bad it really was until Debbie announced that she was going to, “Butt fuck the little bitch until she fainted.” Even worse, I found out the dildo was modified so that it was able to inject enema water.Debbie Güzelbahçe Escort is almost six feet tall with a lean strong build. She has especially strong legs from working out for the triple jump. We all suspected that Debbie was either lesbian or bisexual and this confirmed it.Debbie got on the table behind me and pushed the tip against my anus. Then with a heave from her powerful frame she forced the tip inside me causing me to scream in pain. It felt like I was being ripped open. I felt the dildo slide up my rectum and stop at the top. Debbie began pumping and forced the dildo deeper inside causing even more pain. My moaning and grunting didn’t even sound human anymore. I could feel the monster deep inside my belly.Then the hot soapy water began to flow. I don’t know which was worse, the monstrous dildo invading my bowels or the hot soapy enema causing cramps. Soon I began to feel like I would explode from the pressure, but the water kept flowing. My belly was bloated more than I had ever seen before, but the water continued its relentless flow. The cramps and pain from the dildo made me throw up with violent convulsions, but the water continued to flow and Debbie began thrusting even more violently. Finally the water stopped while Debbie continued for at least another ten minutes. She finally pulled out, and I was allowed to expel in the bucket again.When I finished, Arlene and Debbie unclamped me from the table and made me lie flat on my belly. They tied me down in this position. Arlene inserted the inflatable nozzle and inflated it even larger that the first time. Arlene announced that the human colon could hold six quarts of water and that was what I was going to take over the next four hours. I begged her to let me go. She said sure, but I would not inducted into the sorority. I relented and said go ahead. Once again, the hot burning enema began flowing into my bowels. This time it ran in much more slowly. Everyone left and said they would be back in four hours. Arlene turned off the lights and left me whimpering in the darkened room. I must have thrown up and fainted at least three times before the time was up. This time, I had to expel while still lying on my stomach.I am now a member and am the new pledge master. I can hardly wait to clean out the next group of pledges.Love,Barbara

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