Spirit of Alaska

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Spirit of AlaskaIntroduction:Note: The following is purely fictional. Descriptions of Wolf & Bear society, Native American peoples, Alaska, Motorcycle Club culture, Native legend and lore are entirely made up to suit the story. Lastly, depictions of Bestial sex are fantastical and enhanced at best. No part of this should be construed as accurate or true. Chapters:1. Alaskan Cruise of a Lifetime2. Alone in Alaska3. A New Friend4. Savior or Next?5. Second Thoughts6. Sweet Kisses to Understanding7. Dreams of Spirits Turned Wolf8. Of Thirst and Hunger9. Savage Natural Truth10. The Miracle of Woman and the Bond11. A Bond Sealed with a Kiss12. Paradise Found, Living Perfectly13. Return to Paradise Lost, Preparing for Alaska14. Outbound Again, Day 115. Outbound Again, Day 216. Outbound Again, Day 317. Outbound Again, Day 5, an Old Friend18. Prey for the Pack19. To Serve the Pack20. As Servitude Begins21. Battered Rising to Blissful Sanctuary22. The Routine of Pack23. Body Corrupted24. Malicious Torment25. Forcing a Stand26. An Old Lover27. Becoming Human Once More28. Marks for Remembrance29. Of Legend and Lore30. The Tattoos of Ta’boa31. Payment for a Scribe32. Through with Alaska33. Unfit for Civilization34. A Test for Ta’boa35. A Vision of Ta’boa36. Ta’boa Comes37. Outfitting Ta’boa38. The Road to Lower, Outrunning Alaska39. Interview with Ta’boa40. Truth of Ta’boa41. ****d by Ta’boa42. The Wrath of Ta’boa43. The Coming of Ta’boa Lower44. Ta’boa Walks Lower45. Prophecy FulfilledAlaskan Cruise of a LifetimeThe package was advertised as “the Cruise of a Lifetime”, though more true to the point, “the cruise it would take ten lifetimes to forget” was more like it. Kay had long dreamed of going to Alaska, and though at one time on much different terms to hunt and fish instead of just lounge about, of late had thought about it more and more until finally she gave in. Instead of Florida this year Kay would treat herself to an Alaskan cruise, unfortunately however thus far it had been miserable.Virtually everyone was a geriatric. Worse still half of those brought their grandc***dren so Mom and Dad could enjoy a vacation in the sun. The food was bland tailored to the older guests, and the bars empty except for bitchy waitresses and gay bartenders all pushing for tips from Kay as all the old fogies were cheap. The last straw however came when Kay decided to tan one day out by the pool. Almost every old lady all dressed in three layers of clothes as they passed would mutter something cruel like “tramp, slut, whore” while the old men leered on. Kay had even wore her most modest bikini, yet finally enough of them had complained that the Captain himself asked Kay if she would mind covering up, but since she was doing nothing wrong offered a bit of compensation as a thank you.The special compensation offered would be a private helicopter ride deep into the interior to look at glaciers and wildlife. Granted the helicopter was small just a two-seater. One of those old types that had a big plastic bubble as its canopy, yet Kay jumped at the chance as at this point as she was considering simply ending the cruise and going home. So as the sun rose the next morning Kay and her ‘old’ pilot took off heading East into the sun, and as sea turned into coastline then into dense ancient forest, the flight it turned out would be just as lousy as the rest of the trip.Nothing, no Whales, no Moose, no Bears. The Glaciers covered over by low clouds and the mountains’ east were simply dark silhouettes as the sun rose behind them. Worse still, the pilot simply would not give up and head back as he had become a broken record of “well I know another spot just twenty miles ahead”. This trip like the cruise itself had turned into over four wasted hours and three hundred miles of flying just one way. Fortunately just as the pilot was about to say the same thing again, the fuel light came on signaling half a tank and the point of no return. Making his apologies turning round to fly back, Kay looked forward to another four hours of absolutely nothing. Kay was through with Alaska.Fair enough, Kay wanted some excitement so would get it in spades. They had flown all of maybe three minutes of the return flight when suddenly it seemed every alarm and light in the helicopter began going off. Frantically the pilot fought the aircraft as this pressure was dropping while that one raised. Power failing here as it would spark there and before they both knew it they had made a rough landing beside some shallow river as the helicopter ground to a smoky halt just two feet from the ground dropping the balance of the way.“Perfect, could this trip get any worse” Kay wondered. Naturally the radio was out, and wouldn’t you know it, neither of their cell phones would get reception due to the low mountains West. That was it the final straw, and to top it all off the pilot admitted that he had already doubled the distance of the flight plan meaning no one knew where they were.Furious Kay simply couldn’t believe it vowing to never travel North of the tropics again. So when the pilot suggested they walk up the nearest Mountain and call from there, Kay bluntly refused telling him to go and come back as she was done with her “Alaskan Adventure”. Though the pilot was adamant that they not split up, Kay in a huff stood her ground more so demanding he hurry as she was hungry to simply to sound like a prima-donna. You could see it in the old pilot’s expression as it grew rigid and stern. As much as Kay was through with this cruise, the old pilot was pretty much done catering to huffy guests. With that he reached into his bag causing Kay to step back seeing what he withdrew.Upon his hip the pilot hung a holster with what had to be the largest pistol Kay had ever seen, added to that he pulled out a short old beat-up shotgun, loading it with paper shells as old as he extending it toward Kay for her to take. “What’s this for” Kay queried eyes wide as she took the rusty old weapon. Instantly the pilot went off on her stating, “where do you think you are, Cancun? This isn’t some state park where the biggest threat is a Squirrel. This is Alaska, and if the land doesn’t kill ya then some a****l will try and eat you. So shut-up, take the gun and get on the top of the Helicopter and stay there. Hopefully the smell of fuel will keep the Bears away, it’s their mating season and they’re everywhere”, and without another word Kay having no concept of what truly fed up was, the pilot walked into the brush and vanished.Alone in Alaska“How dare he” Kay barked out, “how dare he talk to me that way, I paid a fortune for this trip and now he wants to….” As suddenly her words silenced hearing splashing up the river and brush being pushed aside. Kay never climbed so fast as in a flash she had scrambled up the side of the Helicopter and was aiming the old battered weapon in every direction, eyes wide and barely able to breathe.It’s a funny thing how much energy a little bit of fear saps out of you, yet as one hour turned to two, then to four it was just about all Kay could do to stay awake while balanced on the rotor of the chopper. Kay had long past began to wonder where the pilot had gone expecting him back long ago not realizing that he probably had a good eight hour walk up the mountain, yet finally she discovered where he was as it was obvious to her, he was signaling.From what she guessed was about half way up the mountain Kay heard a gunshot. Just one, then quickly two more it finally making sense as everyone knew you always fired three to signal someone, or maybe it was a call for help she couldn’t remember. What was odd however was almost as quick two more shots rang out and then silence. “Okay fine” she thought, “he made the call and is coming back”. So as mid-day turned to afternoon then to dusk Kay looked on, and once the sun dropped to its lowest point it never seeming to get totally dark in summer there, Kay began to listen.It’s a funny thing how quiet it really is in the wilderness. Funnier still how loud. Yet as night overtook Alaska it was then that it seemed to come alive. Brush moving everywhere as she could hear footsteps clearly nearby. Water splashing from fish jumping and a****ls running through it, but worse still the thousands of clearly a****l sounds that filled the night. Grunts and long drawn out whines, groans, growls, roars and eventually what sounded like screams. Countless noises making even the ship seem quiet, and with each sound Kay would twist this way pointing the gun, then that, eyes as big as saucers as she waited for the pilot to return.Kay didn’t know exactly when she fell asleep, all she knew was suddenly she was face down in the river frantically trying not to drown quickly realizing it was at best three feet deep. “Great!” Kay yelled out as she stood up, soaking wet and hands aching from having gripped the gun tight all night long. Worse still it was morning, and there was no pilot to be seen and her belly roiled feeling like she was starving.Muttering all the while Kay stormed out of the river leaning the gun against the helicopter stripping out of her soaked clothes down to her bra and panties continuing her griping while she sat on the bank warming in the sun. “Any moment now he’ll be back” she thought but two hours later there was still no pilot so trying to forget her hunger, Kay lay back on the bank of the river and napped.Without question it was the roar that woke her, Kay jerking up finding it night once again and heard what had to be Bears fighting as they bellowed and crashed through the brush. Instantly Kay bolted to the Helicopter grabbing up the gun crawling inside the wreckage. Worst of all however she had slept all day, so that meant a long night of jerking this way and that at every sound she heard or motion in the distance now rested.Kay rose the next morning miserable. Though it had been warm enough during the day at night she had become chilled though was too afraid to go outside to get her clothing. More so she was thirsty and hungry, had to go pee badly and the uncomfortable seat had her stiff and aching. Climbing out of the chopper Kay had a long stretch deciding to wait for a bit to get dressed as the sun upon her skin was warm and comforting.Walking to the edge of the brush Kay squatted down to relieve her bladder, and though knowing the water might get you sick decided after she’d just drink a little from the river. Dropping to her knees at the river’s edge Kay couldn’t believe how good the water tasted. In contrast however she couldn’t believe how sore her hands were as she cupped them to drink, but just as she bent over and drink from the river directly, the second her lips touched the water she heard it.A New FriendA snort perhaps or maybe a forced exhale. Then another and a clear smacking of lips as Kay’s head slowly turned looking for the source of the sound behind her. Too afraid to turn around, Kay looked under this arm and then the other, and just as she dropped her head to look out between her legs she saw it. Though maybe thirty feet away directly behind her what she saw made her freeze solid.A Bear, to her easily looking as big as the helicopter as it lapped away at a spot on the ground, snorting and huffing to then raise its head fluttering its huge tongue and flopping its lips. Again the Bear dipped his head licking then snorting, just then it striking Kay that it was the very spot where she had peed, and in an instant she knew the Bear had discovered a source of food………….her!Kay knew the rules, don’t run and move slow, yet the second the great nose on the Bear aimed at her backside and sniffed, Kay knew she was done for. As the Bear took a single step Kay couldn’t help herself grabbing the old shotgun lunging into the river. Scrambling to run Kay turned round seeing the gigantic mass of fur raise up just as it roared. Kay didn’t have to think about it barely aiming before pulling the trigger yet there was nothing but silence as the gun didn’t fire and the Bear dropped down beginning to walk toward her. Kay then remembered the safety clicking it off, and as the Bear’s toes touched the water she pulled the trigger once again. Nothing……misfire.It seemed like forever both standing there staring at one another till Kay suddenly heaved the gun at the Bear, it sailing over him finally going off when it struck the ground shooting the chopper. Instantly Kay turned and bolted, at one point even crawling on all fours through the river to get away, and just as she reached the bank on the other side she saw the Bear begin to tear after her in surging bounds much like her dog Kodiak did.Kay didn’t even think about it as she ran through the muck and brush. Didn’t think about the twigs scr****g her, nor even worry about what she was stepping on or in simply running. Clothing soaked and stretched out, she didn’t even bother when one breast flopped free, and when her panties tripped her having fallen to her knees so loose, she simply yanked them back up and kept right on going.By the time Kay reached the trees she was exhausted, panting and wheezing as she looked back seeing nothing. Having no intention of going back, Kay turned around and there before her she saw it. The Bear having passed her in all her panic standing at best maybe ten feet ahead. Kay wheeling round to bolt found it a short run however as in an instant the Bear had slammed into her knocking Kay face first to the ground. She tried to scramble forward yet was instantly pinned by the Bear’s massive paw pushing down on her mid-back. His paw reaching from one side to the other as it let out a long horrific roar and Kay froze in terror as she realized that instant she was about to be eaten alive.Kay couldn’t move, she couldn’t even breathe as she felt the Bear’s large nose as big as a saucer it seemed sniffing up and down her deciding which end to start from. Quickly however she found out, a****ls always tending to eat the rump of their prey first. Heavy slobber covered lips like firm rubber and fronts of teeth sc****d over her bottom, and suddenly though her chest was pinned her hips were lifted high off the ground by her panties caught in the Bear’s teeth till they finally tore free. Kay knew the next bite would be flesh, and though stuck couldn’t help but claw at the ground as her toes dug in trying to bolt one last time letting out a scream about to be eaten ass first.What Kay felt made her screeches instantly fall silent. First a blast of air to her ass, then a gigantic wet nose jammed to her anus as she felt a massive tongue lap from her abdomen over her cunnie to her tailbone. Kay knew what was coming next, the bite, as clearly he had decided to eat her twat first, so she scrunched her eyes tight bawling and waited for the pain to begin. What she experienced instead however was just as shocking.In an instant his massive thick tongue plunged fully into her vagina and began lapping in and out like Bears do when trying to get the last bit of honey out of a jar. Frozen with fear she could hear the horrific b**st gurgling and smacking his lips as drool poured over her backside and it made her wonder if he was going to try and eat her from the inside out.Suddenly without any warning the Bear shifted his paw to her shoulder as it felt as though her hips, thighs and back were covered in a massive heavy wet shag rug. More unsettling perhaps, was the strange moan the Bear loosed as he squatted and pressed close to the backs of her thighs, Kay realizing this was going to be far worse for her then she had imagined. The hulking Bear surged over her like blubber covered in a fur coat as he began rapidly humping. Instantly feeling his thick long cock begin slipping up and down over her abdomen and belly as the Bear tried to find the mark, Kay stunned could only let it happen as she realized not only was this Bear going to eat her, but he was going to **** her first.Quickly the Bear became frustrated slamming into Kay’s hips as his cock slid up and down her belly, pre-cum squirting over her breasts each thrust. Without warning, the Bear shifted his paw to her side flipping Kay over like a rag doll as she gazed wide eyed at the hulking mass of fur above her lowering down. Kay frantically scrambling to find something to push off of to get away, her feet finding his bending knees setting to them and she pushed as hard as she could.It was an unwise thing to do. The Bear incredibly wide as Kay found her own legs spread to their limits from the effort but was going no where with his front paws above her shoulders trapped in a cage of furry limbs. Before Kay realized her mistake as her hips lifted high off the ground, in a final push it happened. The Bear’s cock found the mark, the bulbous tip slipping between her folds and down, and in a single push the Bear had sunk his thick cock deep inside Kay’s vagina.Kay screamed out yet it didn’t matter as the Bear lunged and shoved pushing his cock deep inside her. Just as he pulled back and drove in once again however he suddenly stopped, and though perhaps ridiculous for the situation the only thought that crossed her mind was, “what, that’s it?” There was no gentility to it as the Bear yanked his cock out of Kay’s spread open folds stepping over her easily. So in shock fearing being eaten and about ****d she couldn’t move nor had noticed as he circled her facing away. In a flash however, the Bear lunged simply to wheel round his nose bloodied and slashed as he let out a yowl and bolted for the trees.Savior or Next?Unmoving in shock, Kay lay there on her back legs wide as everything oddly went black for just a moment. A massive tongue had lapped over her eyes quickly followed by the rest of her face. As it lapped its way down bathing her neck, breasts and belly, finally what had run off the Bear came into view. It was a Wolf.Obviously not as massive as the Bear which seemed as big as a Volkswagen, yet to be sure large in its own rights, larger then any dog she had ever seen, in fact twice the size of a St. Bernard. Eyes widening as the Wolf lapped away seeming to bathe her Kay noted its massive size. His head was as wide as her torso, legs almost as long as her own, and as it moved down lower licking over her abdomen and mons then down one leg, she saw it was longer then she was tall.Once the Wolf had licked down to one foot it moved around and began licking up the other. Up Kay’s calve to her thigh and just as it reached her cunnie it stopped and began to sniff instantly making Kay think that not only had she just about been ****d by a Bear, yet now was going to be by a Wolf, most likely to be eaten after like the Bear must have intended. A couple of sniffs and a single lick later however, the huge Wolf simply moved off to beside her and sat like some house pet. Panting almost seeming to be smiling, Kay slowly rolled her eyes to look at the b**st looming near as she just knew something terrible was about to happen but it never came.First her turning her eyes then head and finally closing her legs Kay hesitantly turned onto her side. All of her motions miniscule, cautious, yet all the while the Wolf just looked on cocking his head this way then that and only once she rolled on her belly and slowly begin to rise did he seem even slightly interested. Carefully lifting to all fours Kay instantly thought “oh no” remembering dogs mated in such a position. So dropping her rump quickly to the ground to protect herself, she only saw what was perhaps a look of amusement on the Wolf’s furry face. Slowly, cautiously Kay began scooting away on her shins keeping her most intimate spots protected and only when she finally rose to standing did the Wolf seem to have any interest at all, though only stood up himself.Kay knew how it worked with dogs. Run and you’re prey. Turn your back on them and you’re a meal. Carefully Kay began to back up as the Wolf matched her step for step. It was only then she suddenly remembered, perhaps even something she should have used with the Bear, that you should stare them in the eyes unblinking, and it would be then that a dog would cower. Kay began staring so hard her eyes were bugging yet the Wolf simply stared back finding him as motionless as she. Harder and more intense Kay glared trying not to blink but as the seconds turned to a minute her vision became blurry from glaring so long, and when she simply couldn’t take it anymore she did the most foolish thing possible.“Oh my God!” she thought, “I blinked!” quickly bugging her eyes back open expecting to find the Wolf charging toward her. By the time her eyes had cleared however all she saw was the back end of the Wolf moving away as though bored with all this and Kay began slowly backing away. Two steps, maybe three and the Wolf had stopped looking back as he growled yet turned and continued on. When he looked back a second time finding Kay still backing up, agitated he turned back around heading toward her. Kay froze in place fixing her stare into his eyes once again looking like she was trying to hypnotize the ferocious Wolf, yet her efforts only made her dizzy the Wolf simply ignoring her. Circling Kay once, the Wolf loped off toward the deep forest once again without stopping not even looking back.Kay didn’t hesitate as she spun round bolting back toward the river. The trouble was however, “someone” had clearly moved it as the river was no longer where she knew it should be. In a panic, Kay first ran this way then that, and just as she tripped falling face first in the mud as she raised her head up she heard a sound she now knew clearly. Another Bear. Though most likely far off, at that moment it seemed like it was bearing down on her where she lay.No Pilot, no gun, no river or even an old broken down helicopter to crawl upon, and suddenly it struck Kay, she was Bear bait alone as visions of being gang ****d then eaten alive by a number of them flashed through her head. The Wolf could have eaten her, could have killed her, could have ****d her but he didn’t. So without hesitation Kay bolted after the large Wolf as she realized he was her only source of protection.Second ThoughtsNow it’s funny how some people think. At that moment you’d assume most folks would be fearful for their lives, watchful for danger, and thinking on how they could somehow get rescued. Kay however had a slightly skewed train of thought. No doubt from the stress, hunger, thirst and lack of sleep but never the less it was not exactly a-typical. Walking along constantly yanking at the out of shape and tattered bra so stretched it was falling off, Kay pondered her situation as she yanked and pulled finally to take off and discard her last piece of clothing.“Gawd I’m starving, I’d kill for a beer right now. Not that cheap ship beer, ha! Shit beer hehe, nope, my beer, a Beck’s. That Bear was insane, figures he’d try to **** me instead of eat my butt. Hehehe, butt. Well at least the Wolf didn’t try to **** me. Yeah, what’s up with that? The Bear thought I was good enough to fuck, what’s up with this Wolf? What am I not hairy enough? I really need to get bigger boobs. Mmmmmmm pizza pizza. Fucking bitches on that ship, I’ll never take a cruise again. That Wolf was huge! I wonder if all of him is? Bet that Wolf is gay, Moose turned Bi when he didn’t get any, so maybe he’s a Douggie, hehehehe, Douggie Wolf. My stomach is killing me, hell I’d eat my own ass if I could reach it. I wonder what sized boobs the Wolf would like? I should of ****d the Bear and ate his ass. Maybe it was because of the bra….” And so on.At this point Kay had lost track of time, it may have been five minutes or for all she knew it might have been five hours. Yet as she wore out the topics of pizza, beer, Wolf **** and boobs, Kay realized her run from the Bear had left her with quite a few scratches that she realized were now burning and the steady climb up the low mountain had taken its toll as well. Most of all, she had forgot at some point to keep looking for the Wolf, so needing a break Kay stopped near a downed tree sitting on its mossy trunk and let out a sigh stretching and heard a low growl once again.Freezing in place expecting to see the Bear back to finish what he started or perhaps some horny Wolverine, or Cougar, found Kay slowly turning her head toward the noise, and just as she saw it was the Wolf, his growl turned to an agitated moan as he got up once more and loped off to put some distance between them. “No wait, here doggie!” as Kay began whistling, clicking, and doing all the things she did when trying to get a wild a****l to come near.The Wolf was having no part of this however as he continued up the mountain, yet Kay kept calling out “No wait! Please! Stay! I said stay! Sit! Come quick! Wolf, come here now! I have treats! Cheese!” yet the more Kay badgered him the quicker the Wolf trotted away till Kay was virtually at a dead run simply trying to keep up.Losing sight of the Wolf once again, Kay collapsed at the edge of a tiny creek muttering about the gay Wolf leaving her as she suddenly heard it again. That same low irritated moan Moose always gave Kay when he was tired or wanting to be left alone from Kay pestering him. Slowly looking up the creek she finally spotted the Wolf as he groaned turning his massive head away. So cautiously to not run him off too tired to stand anyway, Kay crawled on all fours naked along the creek to the deep gully the Wolf was in and laid down near, for the moment at least protected from the Bear.Sweet Kisses to UnderstandingThe day had been too much for any person. Kay as expected just like the Wolf falling fast asleep quickly once settled in. When she finally rose, Kay had no idea how long she had slept yet knew it was night time. What had awakened her however made Kay stiffen and freeze as long flat and sloppy wide tongued licks dragged diagonally across her back. From the stinging she figured the Bear had scratched her there when pinning her with his massive paw, yet as the Wolf licked on Kay slowly began to relax as the wounds from the Bear were soothed and cleaned.After her back came her bottom and thighs, scratches from the brush or fighting off the bear she guessed, yet when his licking worked down her calve finally reaching her ankle, he forcefully nudged her leg over to get at the other Kay reflexively snapping her legs back shut. Refusal was not something the Wolf was accustomed to. Here everything lived as they wanted, did what they did, and you either accepted it or fought it. Instantly the Wolf seemed to lash out lunging up toward Kay’s mid section loosing an angry snap then growl. Kay’s eyes went wide as she rolled to her back inadvertently spreading her knees in the process and froze.As far as the Wolf was concerned the argument was over as Kay had done what he said. So with a huffy snort the Wolf moved back down to her opposite ankle to begin tending the wounds up that leg with Kay simply locked up in fear. Up her inner leg the Wolf continued to clean, wide flat tongued laps as he’d sniff along and upon finding each scratch he’d begin licking. First her ankle then up her calve, next to her knee and finally up her inner thigh.It was at that point the Wolf did something that gave Kay cause for concern. As he reached her cunnie he could clearly still smell the Bear there. Offended by his enemies scent, he began lapping away to remove it bathing Kay licking fully up the sides to finally lick from her anus up to her mons. As his firm tongue dragged over Kay’s clit however she jumped from the sensation suddenly blurting out “no”. The Wolf naturally assuming they had already had this discussion instantly bit down with his sharp teeth just gripping her not even breaking the skin, his great maw full of teeth covering her cunnie from top to bottom as he growled.Again Kay froze and only when the Wolf was confident she understood did he resume the soothing bath. Lapping and bathing Kay’s cunnie from bottom to top found Kay beginning to quiver though using all of her will to stay still. From her anus to her clit he’d lick, first between these folds, then the next, over her clitoris and when the scent of Bear still was not gone, he licked even firmer with more focus over and over. It seemed the more the Wolf licked the more scent he found as Kay shuddered under his slick tongue until finally he found the source. Deep into her vagina his tongue sank time and again in slow laps, his tongue curling and twisting as he tried to bathe every inch of Kay’s vagina deep inside.Kay’s quivering however soon became a shivering, and as the Wolf lapped harder and quicker inside her cunnie the scent of the Bear slowly faded. The more he licked however the Wolf found a new slick taste replacing it. Warm and sweet yet slightly musky, the taste alone urging him to continue as he worked so hard his front teeth pressed firm to Kay’s swelling folds. Soon it became clear the deeper and firmer his thick curling tongue lapped just that much more wetness would replace it. Enticing as it was, as soon as the Bear’s scent was gone the Wolf instantly stopped his deep licking leaving Kay’s thighs and bottom raised off the dirt shaking as once more he’d remind her not to move.A stern growl and nip grasping her netherlips between his teeth with his tongue still deep inside her now slick and flush vagina as Kay instantly stilled once more satisfying his demand. With that the Wolf released his grip and feverishly began lapping at her cunnie to bathe off the sweet wetness flowing from it once more. Trying as hard as she could not to move each lick firmer and faster then the one before running from her vagina over her clit and back just pushed Kay all the closer to orgasm. With all her might Kay desperately tried not to move, yet as her bottom rose higher off the soil and her legs began shaking harder Kay decided she didn’t care, as whether either of them liked it or not she couldn’t help herself. Kay was going to cum.It was like clockwork. The second Kay was at the point where one more lick would make her orgasm, the great Wolf moved lapping up her mons to her abdomen. Kay couldn’t believe it so close just one more lick needed yet it never came as he bathed his way up her belly and over her breasts, then turned round laying down beside her. Only then as her desperately needed orgasm faded did Kay realize that she wasn’t the only one wounded. Across the Wolf’s belly were four long scratches, not deep yet clearly inflamed. Curling back the Wolf reached the lowest easy enough giving it a few soothing licks, yet as he tried to reach the others he simply couldn’t twist his body up tight enough.Slow to catch on to what the Wolf was implying, he’d try to lick the spot failing then lean out and lick at Kay’s hand. His next try again he prodded Kay lapping at her scratched breast, and even a third time to her belly. Kay had guessed at what he wanted, and though they were not open wounds the very thought of licking some b**sts belly was not on her ‘to-do’ list. More so, she was still shaking having been so close to cumming, yet as he’d try and fail to sooth his own wounds then lick at her time and again, finally Kay gave in.Grudgingly, Kay turned to face the Wolf laying on her belly. Slowly fearing he’d bite she reached out placing her hand to his side scooting closer, and after a hard swallow wincing at the thought of what she was about to do, slowly extended her tiny tongue and gingerly licked up the scratched skin. Not too bad, it tasted like skin frankly. Her second lick to the spot was even better, and by the third she realized she was doing it right as the Wolf straightened out laying his head down with a contented groan. A few more licks later and Kay moved over to the next spot not even realizing as she adjusted her hand had slipped lower down his side. A few good slobbery laps there and again she moved yet as she did so did her hand from the repositioning.Kay actually was somewhat getting into this. It surprised her that she could do this without gagging it in fact really wasn’t bad at all his skin smelling like warm soft fur as she lapped away fully at the third scratch. What changed it all however was when she moved to the last and lowest. Confident now so not as careful, she slowly lapped up as she repositioned her hand sliding down his belly further noting something odd brush the corner of her mouth. Not thinking about it, Kay began another lap from one side of his belly to the other though for the most part she had kept her eyes closed. Slowly licking her way up, there it was again. Something brushing the corner of her mouth and not thinking she simply licked it as she opened her eyes and stopped realizing what her tongue had just lazily lapped over.Eyes wide Kay discovered what she had just licked so close to the last wound being the Wolf’s large sheath. More so, she didn’t think about how her hand suddenly had something to hold onto, and as she looked down the length of his sheath about half way down realized she had a gentle grip upon his large cock. Confusing perhaps at first, possibly more curious a little later, not breaking her rhythm Kay’s eyes locked onto her hand as she licked up the wound once more to drop down and begin licking up again.“My God” she thought, “he’s as thick as my wrist” as she slowly licked up the scratch to then move down to do it again. Kay didn’t mean to do it, in fact, she hadn’t even thought about him licking at her cunnie and how close she had been to cumming, yet as she licked the wound Kay just couldn’t help but pull slightly at the thick sheath she gripped in her small hand. A single pull would have been one thing, yet four licks later already much more then to the other scratches, Kay had licked closer and closer to the tip of the Wolf’s sheath as her hand pulled in time more and more of it’s length.It was as though she was possessed unable to stop herself. Already she could feel the Wolf’s cock having dramatically thickened in her hand, and upon the next pull up as she slowly licked just as she reached the tip of his sheath her hand gripped just a little tighter and slowly pulled it down. It was as though deliberately making an accident happen. Kay’s tongue and lips upon his heavy sheath, and as it pulled back exposing the large red tip of his cock her mouth had just followed along and she only stopped when the tip had just slipped past her lips.Kay couldn’t believe what she had just done as her hand stroked back up the sheath pushing her mouth away with it. Yet instead of pulling away she simply had to see if she could do it again, and as his sheath pulled back and her lips just barely slipped over his cock while the tip of her tongue just touched him, suddenly it happened.A low groan from the Wolf as he moved to stand up pulling away. Immediately he sat back down and curled up licking at his own sheath as though trying to figure out what Kay had been doing there to then in a huff plop down though a good foot away from her. Moaning one last time as though saying let me sleep, the Wolf curled up and closed his eyes as Kay turned away thinking to herself as she drifted off, “oh my gawd, what is wrong with you” now even more horny then when the Wolf was licking her.Dreams of Spirits Turned WolfKay’s dreams that night were focussed though not intentional to say the least. Vague dreams of a large Doberman lapping at her cunnie, of wrestling a German Shepherd named Sargent, and even of her baby Moose as her hands gently pulled at his cock and even had tempted fate with her mouth like she just had with the Wolf though oddly in the dream regretting she had not done more. s**ttered dreams really more fog and shadows yet finally one clearly remembered as though some movie.Kay dreamed of a gigantic Wolf, larger then life playing and wrestling with her. Suddenly the Wolf changed slowly shifting to a handsome young Indian boy, large and strong yet gentle as they tumbled and played both nude in tall grass. It was bound to happen, the boy atop her looking down lovingly as she felt that all to familiar sensation as her thighs were pressed wider and his thick cock slipped into her wet inviting cunnie while his smooth soft skin ground against her as they made love.Kay however made a lustful request. More then just some curiosity as she wanted it, needed it, desired her request exactly. “Change for me please” as Kay hesitantly pulled away moving to all fours. The next thing she knew she was embraced about her hips and shoulders by a beautiful Wolf, and she felt his large cock slipping into her pressing deep, her hips writhing wanting more but sadly ever so slowly she began to wake up.Kay felt wonderful. Though her front was oddly chilly, her back and thighs were warm against the softest fur she had ever known. Half asleep as though still in a dream for the moment not remembering her situation, half open eyes began to scan her surroundings as it struck her how beautiful this place was.She was in a gully clearly cut by a tiny creek over thousands of years. Perhaps eight feet deep and only eight feet wide on the floor, it had at the head of it a tiny waterfall that formed the shallow creek running down its middle. Over the years, massive trees had fallen over it forming a roof of sorts, and where not covered it looked more like skylights as sunbeams lit the ancient room. Best of all however was the moss. Thick and soft, it covered everything in its lush emerald velvet, the ground, walls and even the trees above with s**ttered ferns here and there. It all was so beautiful beyond description as bright blue sky shown through sparse openings just enough to add the perfect contrast.Not only was where she was looked beautiful, yet as Kay lay there nude she felt beautiful. In fact she couldn’t remember a time when she felt so right with where she was. Oddly her back warm against soft fur, she only vaguely realized she must have snuggled against the Wolf’s belly while sleeping to stay warm. Every breath of his mighty lungs vibrated through her entire body as he softly snored, his strong heart steady and slow only adding to the constant vibrations of his breathing like the bass to support the rhythm.Kay felt wonderful in another way however as well, to be blunt hornier then she could ever remember. Thighs tight together she could feel how swollen her cunnie was. It was as though her labia and clit had tripled in size, slick and wet, squishy and hot, and could tell she had been ebbing some time as her lower leg and bottom were soaked yet cool. So swollen in fact she thought that it felt like she was partly filled just a little ways inside, yet as she softly writhed relishing the feeling her eyes fluttered wide realizing something else.As she squirmed, that swollen feeling inside so perfect just on the razor’s edge of comfort and pleasure pushed deeper. That couldn’t be right she thought as she squirmed first this way then that trying to get a handle on it in her half awakened state. So simply trying to figure it out Kay slowly pushed down feeling something very large yet somewhat soft push up into her. Waking more Kay just then suddenly realized what it was.During her sleep perhaps during her dreams, snuggled so close to the Wolf she had impaled herself on his thick cock and been writhing away on it while she slept. Kay instantly scrambled yanking herself off the fat soft tool pulling away from the Wolf sitting up, as she then shot a hand to her swollen twat almost horrified at what she found.Her cunt was swollen, horribly so as though every bit of her, every little aspect had swelled up like balloons. Even her clit was engorged and long like she herself had grown the smallest cock ever. Kay was also sopping wet. So wet in fact her hand was soaked from just a single touch, yet worst of all as she raised her glistening fingers looking as though they were covered in oil, she noticed they were covered in wet shed fur.Kay was so surprised she hadn’t even noticed that she disturbed the Wolf from his own sleep. Suddenly his large nose came into view sniffing her fingers to then begin to rise, but as he took a step, suddenly he stopped and sat as though some flea was biting him. His nose instantly shooting to his own source of confusion as he sniffed then licked his own cock to then turn back and sniff then lick Kay’s fingers again.Stepping away from her as he looked back, the Wolf suddenly dropped again and began lapping at his cock and sheath to bathe it. Raising back up looking at Kay the issue at hand however was quickly forgotten as they both heard one of the loudest growls ever. Not another Wolf, nor even a Bear, yet the first growl followed by a second perhaps even louder made the Wolf cock his head staring at Kay’s belly as once more it gurgled and churned.With a sigh the Wolf without warning instantly rose and loped off out of the gully. Stunned and still dwelling on her other situation, Kay wondered if she had upset the Wolf and he was ditching her so rose up to chase after him yet found herself stumbling her cunnie so swollen that it felt in the way. Worse still as her thighs rubbed over her bulging folds Kay was hit with powerful jolts through her cunnie as though someone had set a giant vibrator to them. So bowlegged to be able to walk Kay scurried to the end of the gully but the Wolf was already gone.Of Thirst and HungerKay knew she couldn’t chase after the Wolf in her current state and figured the gully would be the safest place to be. Gingerly walking back inside, Kay took a few moments poking and prodding at her swollen folds in disbelief trying to grasp her surprising morning. After a bit she tried to sit down but that was not happening as sitting upon her twat made her just about jump out of her skin. She tried kneeling yet quickly became tired, and ultimately after trying laying on her side, her belly then her back settled on her knees and elbows keeping her thighs wide and away from her swollen folds. A little too concerned about her situation to do what needed to be done about it, Kay decided it would go down on it’s own and spent the next few minutes trying to get focussed this being the first break she had since all of her trouble began.Eventually, Kay realized she was also incredibly thirsty having drunk nothing really for days. Looking to the shallow creek it was obvious there would be no way of scooping out water with her hands, so crawling closer lowering her lips to the rippling surface she drank long and fully as she was suddenly met with a surprise. Inches away from her on the other side of the creek a large chunk of fresh meat was dropped in front of her, so fresh in fact that it still ebbed blood, and Kay cautiously turned her head to make sure it was the Wolf that had come back.There he stood above her panting, the fur on his face bright red from his fresh kill. Looking back at the raw venison or whatever it was, as much as it revolted her she just couldn’t resist so hungry reaching over and tearing off the tiniest piece hesitantly putting it in her mouth. It was surprisingly good. So good in fact or perhaps just Kay that hungry, she didn’t even pull it to her as she moved over the shallow creek on all fours picking it up taking a full bite.Kay’s eyes rolled back in her head like a Shark so famished. As gross as it was the bloody meat was delicious making her think of how good a gas station ham salad sandwich was when hungry. Voraciously Kay took bite after bite of the meat barely chewing, yet suddenly she froze eyes flashing open looking as though she was hit with a bolt of lightning making her drop the meat where she kneeled.As Kay was eating the Wolf had walked around her to investigate her other serious problem. Sniffing a bit at her slick swollen folds he had done what came natural taking a long firm lick right through them. Kay at first stiffened as the Wolf began lapping and rooting away, yet with each firm lick sending jolts like electricity through her by his third Kay jumped up suddenly shouting “No! What are you doing? Bad doggy!”Savage Natural TruthIt was only then that Kay really took stock of how massive this wolf was. Standing there beside him, his back was as high as her belly, his body without the tail longer then hers, and his massive head as wide as her breasts which his nose was level soft lush grizzled fur of gray, browns and tans covering him entirely.In the split second however that Kay considered him, the wolf didn’t need to think instantly reacting to her harsh command. In a flash the Wolf jumped up as though furious with a vicious angry snap driving her to the ground roughly. He gripped the back of her neck firmly in his powerful jaws, his blood already fired from the hunt he gave Kay a hard shake as though ordering her to be still.What didn’t she get yet? He had made this so clear the day before. There was no argument, there was only right and wrong as all of her concepts of morality, mood, intentions and so on meant nothing in this world of the wild. It was about needs not even wants. She needed saving, he saved her. She needed protection and he was there. She was injured and needed healing and even needed a bath so he gave her that too, and when she was hungry he had risked his own life again to supply her with food. Finally, it was her mouth and cunt that she was always shoving down around his cock, and it was her constantly ebbing wetness clearly in heat, snuggling to him as he kept pulling away teasing him, firing his own need for relief.This was not some **** based in malice and cruelty to make another submit while the aggressor proved dominance. This was about sex, a simple need, a natural one, one Kay clearly needed and now he did too. God had made males and females to fit together for a reason as they were both there for the other. There was nothing devious about it as all the games, the reluctance, and the flirting were foolish human notions at best.This was about two beings doing all they could for the other when they needed it. Working together to enjoy life fully as short as it was, and that was before they had even formed a bond which should make all of that ten fold stronger. The Wolf had quite frankly had enough of this foolish woman. She needed to be fucked, and now he needed to cum himself aroused from the hunt. Time she did her part.There was no hesitation on the Wolf’s part, Kay’s face pressed firm to the moss covered floor of the gully her breasts submerged in the frigid creek as the Wolf bit down on the back of her neck to hold her still. A firm paw in a single motion pulled at her hip lifting her rump high, and once Kay had been yanked up to her knees the other paw joined the first gripping her tightly about the waist. The Wolf was shockingly powerful, Kay’s head and chest pinned to the ground as her ass was yanked high, the firm bite to her neck making her freeze in place.Kay could feel the Wolf curl up then reposition as massive and forceful hind feet set inside of her knees pressing them wider and his powerful thighs covered the outside of her own trapping her there. The huge Wolf was so long however that his left forepaw released Kay’s waist and set to beside her head to steady himself as the right reached back just to hold on, the position of his rear legs and feet not allowing Kay’s legs to straighten.Kay was in shock. How could the Wolf suddenly be so vicious and cruel after doing so much for her not realizing her opinions on morals and motives had no place with any a****ls even those domestic. Abruptly Kay felt his thick cock prodding and pushing her flushed, swollen and slick cunt trying to find the mark. The tip of his cock randomly poking, and as it pressed firm to her clit Kay jumped trying to lurch forward it already so very sensitive. There was no hesitation as his cock began to slip up between her slick lips slow enough Kay could tell what was coming, and just as the tip found her vagina for just the briefest of seconds pausing, it happened.The Wolf did not lunge into Kay’s wanton cunt, instead something more shattering happened. As though all powerful his muscular foreleg gripping her waist yanked Kay back upon his cock as though impaling her, Kay’s eyes going wide then scrunching tight as the thick cock though still soft sank deep into her core.Already it was larger then any man’s cock that had ever been inside her. Instantly a vision of her dog Moose flashed through her head as she remembered his cock the size of some huge sausage and knew the Wolf’s had to be twice that. As the Wolf’s cock sank fully into Kay it instantly began to swell and grow. Her swollen cunnie already so sensitive she could feel all of it, as in just a brief second it had become as big around as Kay’s wrist or more.The Wolf didn’t hesitate Kay so very tight and slick. His cock felt hot surging with blood as the Wolf quickly withdrew his cock till just its tip was inside, then would drive back in with no concern about form or fit. As the Wolf began hammering away into her, just as God designed her cunt to do it stretched as needed. Rapidly growing longer then she was deep the Wolf never the less pressed in stretching her deeper as his girth filled Kay completely, Kay gasping for breath as what was pain quickly turned into bestial pleasure.Unlike with men whom you never feel, the Wolf spewed so much hot pre-cum each thrust and their fit so tight that Kay could feel his fur wetting as it gushed out of her each and every thrust. In short order her abdomen, belly and inner thighs were slick with the lubricating fluid, his pre-cum washing over her but only after it had been pumped deep inside and then squeezed out.Adjusting quickly to his huge size, in a few mere pumps Kay could feel every bit of her vagina filled as his thick hot cock drove in and out of her, raking over every bit in harsh deliberate thrusts. There was nothing slow and gentle about this. It was a hard barbaric fuck meant with one goal in mind. That goal was to cum, to cum inside Kay, to fill her sweet cunt with all the hot seed the Wolf could muster. It had nothing to do with her pleasure, and certainly nothing to do with wanting to make her cum.Kay was in shock as the Wolf hammered away into her knowing no amount of protest would stop this, no amount of begging or pleading unable to fight his power. The Wolf focussing on the task at hand had already released her neck as his paw about her waist had set just above her other shoulder trapping her in a cage of furred legs. Kay so dazed that she couldn’t lift her face off of the ground or breasts out of the frigid water as the Wolf drove into her over and over his cock pummeling away deep within her.Each powerful thrust Kay’s thighs and ass would jiggle as the Wolf slammed hard into her. She could feel his thick cock driving in and out raking over every inch of her inside, and it was only then she noticed his heavy balls much larger then Moose’s slamming into her clit, soaked with pre-cum like his wet fur it literally gushing from Kay each thrust. She didn’t know why it happened, Kay simply knew she didn’t want this yet as the Wolf drove into her again and again she suddenly realized what was building in her gut was about to detonate.Without thinking, Kay abruptly drove back hard impaling herself on the Wolf’s cock as it hit her like a lightning bolt. A terrible shattering orgasm sweeping through her as though her entire body had exploded. Kay came hard, so hard in fact she gushed feeling her own wetness splash off the Wolf’s balls and drench them both. Her body shook and jerked violently as she yelled out a load groan of orgasm her entire body tensing then shaking horribly.Kay could not control herself. Pure reflex as she shoved herself back once again upon the Wolf’s cock as hard as she could yet in the midst of her orgasm she suddenly felt then realized something she had forgotten. At first just a swelling at the base of the Wolf’s cock as though there was a bulb there which up until then her swollen nether lips had just been slamming against. The second she drove herself back however as her cunnie gripped and released, the large bulb perhaps the size of a small woman’s fist entered her, and once inside it instantly began to grow.The Wolf’s knot, not even fully swollen yet it already had them locked tight as her cunt clamped down behind it. Kay thought she’d be split in two as the knot quickly swelled to the size of a softball. So large in fact that not only her gripping muscles near the entrance of her vagina had her trapped yet it had even expanded behind her pubic bone locking them in place soundly.Kay screamed in pain at first yet just as God designed she stretched, and as she became used to the gigantic ball of cock within her quickly pain turned to crushing pleasure as a second and even more devastating orgasm swept over her. Kay knew how large a knot could become having seen Moose’s many times, yet now as she finally experienced one fully the staggering reality of it overwhelmed her.Squeezing her g-spot so hard even her gut was pushed out caused Kay to gush mightily once again covering them both in her wetness. There was no more gripping of her cunnie to the Wolf’s thick cock, her muscles stretched to their limits no matter how much they may have tried. Even the Wolf’s hard thrusts were now limited to perhaps a half inch at best, yet as the Wolf tried shoving forward and jerking back the worst of it all had not even begun to happen. Still trying to thrust, Kay was pushed forward and yanked back by her very own cunnie that had her trapped. The Wolf’s huge balls slamming into her clit over and over again and as Kay’s second orgasm ebbed so the Wolf’s began.So stretched and filled Kay could feel everything unlike with a man. The Wolf’s cock rapidly began to swell and throb pumping up the Wolf’s hot cum which gushed and flooded into Kay with such a force she could even feel it surge. Kay could feel each jet of the Wolf’s hot seed roar out inside of her, and with each new pulse would come the gush so filled some would squeeze out between them her abdomen, thighs and belly now soaked from the vast volume of pre-cum, her own wetness, and now his thick semen.As though her own body was possessed, instantly as her cunnie was filled with canine semen flooding her totally Kay screamed in her mind “no more” but never the less she came once again yet this one was almost terrible. Her body lurched and thrashed every bit of her feeling on fire. Kay thought she was about to pass out from the intensity as her ears rang and vision narrowed. Her body shuddering only then realizing she had drawn her knees up tight to her belly and was literally hanging from the Wolf’s huge cock by her own cunt which had trapped her.Kay’s orgasm however would find no end. Coursing through her, surging and cresting, yet as soon as it would begin to subside like a wave crashing onto surf then pulling back so another wave would wash over her again. Another then another, time and again until Kay was so totally spent she would simply shudder, her eyes half open and mouth wide, her body soaked from sweat and cheek soaked from her drooling.Kay went limp unable to fight back the constant orgasms not even able to lift her head. When the Wolf could squat no more even his own legs growing tired, he stood leaving Kay dangling from his cock, just the tops of her feet, breasts and head resting on the ground. Each time Kay thought it would end, the Wolf would try and pull free then it would begin again. He’d pull, her body would reflexively push, and with every nerve within her cunnie connected to her clitoris so stretched to their limits it would only set her off once more.They were locked too tight. Kay having no more room to stretch and until the pressure to his large knot could be released the Wolf was unable to get soft. Time and again the Wolf would gently pull to try and break free, each time dragging Kay this way and that over the moss covered floor as she’d hang there shivering. Eventually, what would of been ten to fifteen minutes with a normal sized dog had turned into close to a half hour. The Wolf so spent himself he had no option yet to simply lay down atop her covering Kay in his furry embrace, to finally roll to his side Kay still locked to him shuddering out her now constant waves of orgasm.The Miracle of Woman and the BondPerhaps an hour later Kay awoke exhausted So very spent her mind simply a haze. As she lay there moaning her cunnie finally relaxed just that much more, and in just a few seconds the Wolf’s knot shrank, and with a smooth yet firm tug his cock was free. As the Wolf drew his cock out Kay felt the massive flood of cum that followed pouring out over her bottom though her cunt still felt filled. Her slick void readjusting to where it should be, time and again she’d feel the surge of his seed push out of her battered cunnie flooding down. Helpless, Kay wanted to bawl having been ravaged or so she tried to force herself to feel, but she couldn’t even frown so spent let alone force out a tear.Kay didn’t want it, wanted nothing touching her especially there. Helpless laying there when the Wolf rose up pushing her legs open with his snout to lick and bathe her cunnie to inspect his work, Kay could only lay still and let him. Her knees falling out to the sides like some great frog on its back as the Wolf lapped away slowly falling back to sleep the Wolf still tending to her.When Kay awoke she could barely move though more exhausted then sore as though every muscle in her body from her orgasms had been worked a thousand times over. Gingerly, Kay mustered up the energy to slowly slip her hand down to her cunnie fearing what she might find. She expected it to be ruined, a gaping hole and battered flesh yet instead simply found very swollen folds, even her tender vagina seeming extra tight, one of the miracles of being a woman.How many hours later Kay didn’t know, but the Wolf woke her once again. Fresh blood upon his maw as he laid another fresh piece of meat in front of her, the other he must have eaten while she was sleeping. Hesitating just a moment so hungry her belly ached, Kay never the less took the meat up finding this cut as wonderful as the last. Eating it slowly as the Wolf looked on, Kay watched him as he drank his fill from the creek washing his face in the process. The Wolf however looked at her oddly now she thought. As though what had to this point been an irritated indifference, she suddenly found him looking her over as though fascinated, as though he was happy she was there and as though suddenly now they had formed some sort of bond.In truth whether Kay realized it or not the Wolf most certainly had. They had formed a bond having healed and soothed each other and taken care of the others needs even though Kay had fought it. The Wolf’s gaze clear, they were a pair now like a couple, mates. They had shared even the most intimate aspects of being such and it was as though they were the only two beings on the planet. After Kay ate and drank her fill she stiffly rose the Wolf even wagging his tail for the first time as he saddled up close nuzzling her breasts and then dropped his head lapping twice at her cunnie as though to sooth it. Kay had not been out of the gully for a good day now, and as she lazily moved toward the entrance the Wolf simply followed right beside her.Once outside Kay looked all around her. No sights or sounds of humanity, just deep forest in every direction she surveyed. Kay had not really thought about it till then, yet here she was in the middle of no where, naked and vulnerable but as she thought on it she realized something more. She wasn’t hungry or thirsty, or too cold or too hot. She wasn’t even lonely and felt oddly safer and more rested then she had in a long time, longer then she could remember. Granted she felt weak and slightly sore yet in a good way, a rewarding way. Lastly she felt satisfied sexually as to be blunt she had never in her entire life cum so hard or so much. Sure it had been an “almost” traumatic experience, yet now after the fact it just felt good, even perhaps almost right.Kay looked to the Wolf expecting him to be picking off fleas or some such. Instead she found his beaming face knowing she had caused it having really done something good for him even if he somewhat forced it. Kay couldn’t believe what she said next simply blurting it out, “I hope you don’t change back, I like you this way” as though some hazy dream already about forgotten had been real.Shaking her head to get that train of thought out of it, Kay realized from all the pushing and prodding earlier her guts finally adjusting had her really needing to pee. Though not sure why she just didn’t squat where she stood, Kay walked a few feet away from the Wolf and squat down as the Wolf gazed on. When done she moved over to a log nearby and sat to the ground against it as the Wolf did something that surprised her.The Wolf virtually ran to where she had peed sniffing and licking it. “Ehh so what” she thought, “Moose did that all the time” when out of the blue he flopped down into it and began rolling and thrashing about as though painting himself with her pee. Kay’s nose curled thinking to herself “how filthy”, the Wolf jumping up after absolutely beaming walking to where she sat. Without warning, the Wolf lifted his leg as Kay found herself awash in a torrent of his own urine painting her from her breasts to her feet. Aghast eyes and mouth wide open as it dripped off her breasts and sides, Kay instantly thought the Wolf had just marked her as his, like she was some piece of property, his territory having taken her.To the Wolf though it was a different thing. Both now covered in each others scents, bonded, a pair, a couple. She could see it in his eyes as though admiring her lovingly and proud. To him it was a bond that no piece of paper, wedding license or one of ownership could ever match. They were one in his eyes and his gaze alone proved that.Lunging toward Kay both covered in each others piss the Wolf began licking her face in massive sloppy kisses then as big as he was started spinning round and jumping like some puppy excited and joyous to be alive. Kay after wiping the dog slobber from her lips wanted nothing more then to wash the pungent musky urine off her body, yet seeing how the Wolf was acting decided against it as he for the first time he was acting like a dog and that she could relate to.A Bond Sealed with a KissRising up and joining him it was obvious that the Wolf wanted to play. Lunging at one another, dodging, he’d out of the blue burst into a run then leap over a log or spin around, suddenly charging up on her sliding to a halt, then nudge and push Kay to start it all again. Soon he was dropping down and pouncing, Kay joining him realizing how huge he was once again. Pushing and nuzzling each other and finally Kay getting a little more into it then she probably should have found him flopping down on her head to tail, to then both roll over Kay on top of him it all so perfect the Wolf so huge and cuddly.As Kay lay on his chest below his forelegs keeping her from scooting up further, while he thrashed and scratched his back on the ground Kay just couldn’t help herself burying her face in the thick fur of his belly. As her hands slid up and down his sides she even said aloud, “MMmmm so soft and warm” hugging him tightly. All so innocent, so perfect, just a woman and her great big fluffy Wolf as she cuddled atop him. Yet as they slowly calmed settling into the moment, Kay could not help what she did next.Nuzzling his belly so warm, soft and perfect she loved the feeling of his fur to her belly and breasts as her legs hung over his sides the Wolf so wide it almost strained them. Kay’s petting down his flanks slowed as she entwined her fingers in the lush fur, and as she stoked up and down her hands ever so slowly moved inward.From his sides to his belly reaching far to run up the inside of his thighs she rubbed. Back down to his belly then back up as her cheek pressed tight to his warm firm tummy. “Just rubbing” she thought, yet as each stroke down moved in slightly, soon enough her thumbs were grazing his balls and wide sheath, and before she knew it when her hands slipped down once more, they wrapped round his fur encased cock pulling it up toward her.Innocent enough, just touching. Kay’s hands however did not spread back out it just seeming right like the thing to do his soft cock so massive and full it just had to be touched. Slipping her hands back down it she couldn’t help but tighten her grip giving a bit of a squeeze as she pulled back up, and by the third stroke had actually even pulled his sheath down slightly, the thick tip of his red cock ever so slightly peeking out and what had started as a soft petting had turned to something more. Kay couldn’t help herself the Wolf was so big and beautiful, so fluffy and warm. This all just felt so right and as she stroked up and down his ever so slightly stiffening cock feeling it swell in her hands simply fascinated.Each stroke his cock grew ever closer to her. In fact even her pulls seemed to be urging it to move closer and closer as she suddenly realized this was so very right, she wanted what she was thinking of. No…she needed what she was thinking of and that need was so strong if she did nothing more in this world she had to have this one thing. Kay was still bound to her false morals of humanity however. No booze or d**gs to let her claim to herself she had simply lost control. No one daring her, and just like all other things she did which she wanted, Kay felt urged by her life before to justify what she so very desperately wanted to do. So with that Kay closed her eyes and ever so slightly parted her lips, it would be an accident after all, not her fault.Kay’s “accident” would happen in just one more stroke. Down the Wolf’s thickening shaft her hands slid pushing back his sheath and once to his balls slid over them, yet as she pulled back up she felt it like a kiss to her lips as the tip of the Wolfs cock just grazed them. Kay couldn’t stop herself barely kissing as her tongue just peeked out to touch its tip, all the while reflexively her toes dug into the soil as her legs slowly straightened slightly.That was all it took as “accidentally” the Wolf’s cock slipped deep into her mouth. As though possessed the tough part over Kay began suckling and stroking the large cock with more fervor as she quickly realized just how large he was as she could barely fit it in her mouth and as it lengthened it almost gagged her slipping in so deep.Within seconds the Wolf had begun to slightly kick, and as he did the pre-cum began to flow in full jets as though from a squirt gun, hot and sweet yet each gush easily twice as much as a human male would cum. Kay simply could not believe the taste of it. One of those tastes you just had to have more and more of, her hands not even able to reach around his cock now. Kay pulled and stroked as her mouth bobbed and twisted, each jet of his pre-cum was swallowed down as she voraciously wanted more.The Wolf couldn’t help himself either. Kicking with his hind legs to try and drive his cock deeper as his forelegs tried to push Kay lower, he looked up to see her swollen full cunnie spread wide, slick and flooding from her arousal. The Wolf just had to lick the smell of Kay so perfect, and as he began lapping Kay couldn’t help but moan deeply from around his massive cock.In so many ways they seemed to feed off each other. The Wolf drinking her down lap after lap as Kay suckled each gush out of him it almost like yin and yang a never ending circle or cycle. Quickly however their motions became urgent and demanding, for as he would lick Kay would pull and suckle harder, inspiring him to lick faster and in no time they were both moving at a frantic pace but in perfect synchronization.As the Wolf’s massive knot swelled Kay just had to grab that very thing that had been inside of her, had taken her to unimaginable limits and indescribable pleasure. Reaching out with one hand as she stroked furiously with the other she gripped its massive size as hard as she could and pulled, her own thighs and bottom trembling, shaking badly, and just as she bore down once more it came.Suddenly the Wolf’s cock swelled dramatically and as it throbbed it pumped. Kay knew what was coming. She wanted this, needed it more then anything she could remember as suddenly his cum burst forth into her mouth in a powerful jet. Hot and thick, the first blast alone filling her cheeks till it spewed past her lips. Gush after gush pumped into her mouth each as much as the last as Kay did all she could to swallow it all, so thick and so much of it she could feel it fill her belly.As the Wolf began to cum so did Kay. Her bottom and thighs trembling abruptly freezing, and as the first blast of cum filled her mouth her rump jerked high and she shook violently yelling out deep in her chest though not a sound could pass the massive cock in her mouth. Feverishly the Wolf licked to try and gather every drop of the flood Kay gushed from her wide spread swollen folds. Both ravenous to drink all that each flowed, struggling for more, and only slowing when there was nothing more to give.Perfect. It was perfect, it was right, there was no more perfect thing happening in the world to Kay then this. No guilt, no shame, this is how it was meant to be and she couldn’t imagine a better lover to share it with. Kay just lay there atop the Wolf both panting, both in that perfect post orgasm twilight as little ebbings and shivers coursed over them. That moment Kay knew that this is where she belonged. Innocent and pure, enjoying the love of another without regret, desperate for whatever more each could experience with the other.Paradise Found, Living PerfectlyThe balance of that day set the tone for the rest. Kay had learned that her resistance based on civilized standards simply had no place here. When they were hungry they ate. Thirsty they drank. When tired they would lay down where they stood cuddling, and like two young lovers made love often. It was clear in their eyes, they both looked at one another with deep respect and desire. When close they’d gaze longingly at one another, and when he was not off hunting they were always touching, cuddling and petting. There was nothing else, no TV or phones, no bills or guests in fact be it her constant gaze to the Wolf, simply not noticing or just nothing near, she never saw another being, b**st or bird when they were together.Neither ever refused the other no matter the request. When the Wolf wanted to bathe Kay she let him. When she wanted to taste his sweet cum he’d lay there contentedly. There were times even it was clear he simply wanted to see her cum lapping away at her cunnie and as she’d come down after, there he would be beaming at her. Though Kay loved cumming by him, and really loved suckling upon his strong cock, she also loved the routine their lovemaking had begun to take.Walking along the Wolf might nudge her, Kay reflexively knowing to stop as she’d part her legs slightly and he would sniff and lick always finding her ready even anxious one might say. The next thing Kay would feel would be his massive paws wrap about her waist or more often then not atop her shoulders as without question Kay would lower to all fours and would feel his cock line up and enter her.The Wolf and even his cock so huge that Kay every time felt small, vulnerable and feminine yet at the same time powerful and matronly. So thrilled he’d let her help him satisfy his needs as she’d feel his thick cock sink deep into her as his rutting would send them both into ecstasy. Over and over he’d drive into her, and though the pace for each was always needy and urgent it seemed to vary with mood.Sometimes he’d tie with her though more often then not it was Kay signaling her desire for it by parting her knees wider and pushing back till he was seated tight. Always such times were devastating and magnificent taking an hour or so both cumming so completely that they would be worthless for quite a while after. Most times however they wouldn’t tie. Both still cumming heartily as his thick cock would plow into Kay’s tight wet cunnie over and again, his massive knot grinding and mashing her netherlips and clit till they’d both shudder in crushing orgasms. It didn’t matter where they were or what position they were in. When either felt the urge no longer able to restrain themselves, the other would gratefully comply as here in the wilderness there was no need to hide their affections.One time as an example Kay was simply leaning up against a massive round boulder her body arching over it matching its shape. The Wolf just couldn’t stand it Kay so beautiful with the sunshine bathing her. He could see it in her eyes as well, in the little smirk that formed as he stalked up on Kay slinking toward her with an almost naughty expression on his own face.Kay knew what was coming and welcomed it. Her knees parting wide rolling out as she raised up onto her toes, the Wolf as always licking her, lapping away at her swelling cunnie as though preparing Kay and as though they both knew when ready he suddenly jumped up placing his paws up on her shoulders. Deep long thrusts up into her as she leaned back against the stone, Kay loving the feeling so much of him filling her face to face that soon she began to repeat it often.For two weeks the lovers lived simply and perfectly as though there was nothing else in the vast world around them. It was as though the entire deep forest was theirs alone to enjoy, as they could do anything, anywhere whether simply napping or in the throes of bestial lust they would simply do it right there out in the open. Though she’d be too shy to admit such, there was no doubting their mutual love and that Kay had forgotten of the world of man, yet then it happened.Laying in a large meadow side by side, the Wolf’s cock deep in Kay’s mouth cumming as he lapped away at her cunnie. Just as she finished her second orgasm and his cock had stopped ebbing for some reason he suddenly froze, then stood stepping over her crossways as though shielding her. Kay was confused yet she knew the Wolf sensed danger as all of a sudden the world came to a crashing end as a helicopter popped up over the trees and jerked to a stop in mid air hovering. Kay could barley hear them over the sound of the rotors and scream of the jets, yet as suddenly dirt flew up near them not once but twice, her lover bolted chased by a string of bullets thankfully none hitting him.All the while the Wolf lunged and dodged to try and get back to Kay. Kay herself rising confused and then began running toward the Wolf as suddenly the helicopter set down in between them. Kay was frantic. Nude and scared trying to run from the men who had been searching for her now for over two weeks. Easily they caught her even though Kay fought all the while, but the men had seen such before. People lost in the wilderness, naked and half mad or so they supposed, in their minds they were lucky to have found her when they did, as the Wolf clearly was about to devour her.Collapsing in the helicopter as it raised the men pinning her down, she could see her lover looking on like his heart was breaking as hers was that moment and even over the roar of the helicopter could see his head tip back and hear his mournful howl. Kay was silent except for sobbing the whole trip back. The men were touted as hero’s as the headlines would read “Woman lost in Wilderness Saved from Wolf Attack”, and as the days rolled by Kay silent and bitter her perfect world taken away from her, she made a vow to herself and her lost Wolf love.That she would do all she could to be reunited with him so they could live the balance of their lives as they were meant to. Together in perfect love and lust, life mates.Return to Paradise Lost, Preparing for AlaskaAs she stood on the dock it had been a little less then a year since Kay was torn from her Wolf lover or “life mate” as she called him and had been doing all she could to get back. Upon returning home devastated by her loss, Kay sold absolutely everything she owned. Her home, cashing in every retirement and insurance plan she had and even sold every one of her most minor possessions. In the end, Kay was left with nothing more then a fair sized bank account and an old button-down Salvation Army dress she bought for one dollar having been able to get $1.25 for even her most wore out piece of clothing.Within a month Kay left Michigan never to return. Most speculated that she had moved to Jamaica, others Alaska yet to be sure first class considering all the money she had. Truth be told however, Kay had walked to the highway in her $1 dress nothing more. No shoes or underwear, heck even the dress oddly uncomfortable for her now and only one other thing, a slip of paper clutched tightly in her hand.From there Kay hitchhiked all the way to Alaska. How she made her way with no money is debatable and though less savory speculations might be made, lets just say it was due to the kindness of others. Once to Anchorage Kay caused quite a stir when she used the truck stop showers to bathe off the grime from the trip. Expressionless almost stone faced as roughly 50 truckers cheered on, Kay simply bathed her cold glare keeping everyone at bay and once clean simply walked to the first tattoo parlor she could find with a simple group of tattoos to be made.Inside the cheek of her mouth, and between her left netherlips she wanted a simple long number and a password marked in reverse so it could be read in a mirror. Both taken from the now tattered piece of paper she had clutched for thousands of miles, and once finished it was chewed up and swallowed. The second group of tattoos were also simple enough. Her name in full, place and date of birth. This group she had thought long and hard about yet ultimately settled on the top of her head, right underarm, left ankle and wrist. Reasons for all clear enough actually, the numbers and password of her bank account, the others in case she was found dead hoping one of those areas of her body would be left intact. It’s not known how she paid for the very minimal and simple tattoos, yet what is that it took till the next morning to do them or at least till she finally walked out the door.Moving about constantly, Kay then proceeded to take a number of crash courses on various subjects. Kay learned all there was to know about Alaskan Wolves, Alaskan Wilderness Survival, which plants could be used for medicines and foods, even how native peoples survived off the land writing it all down in a single log as she learned each bit re-reading it constantly. Later that log would be found and published though the author was never discovered. Entitled “Naked in the Wilderness, Alaskan Survival with Nothing”, it was ultimately hailed as the must have guide for any Alaskan wilderness traveler.Though some of the courses and private tutors Kay took had to be paid for, it was rumored that Kay also “worked off” the training as often as possible. Cruel slanders perhaps yet they all start somewhere, and in the case of the Air force cold weather survival field training Kay talked her way into, thirty young officers still claim it was the “best experience of their lives”. In any case it didn’t matter to Kay, as finding her Wolf lover was all that mattered to her, and she would accomplish that goal at any price.There were only two things Kay ever bought without hesitation. The first being a nine shot 12 gauge slug gun having attached to it a pepper spray canister which would fire in the same direction. Her intentions for it were simple. If a Bear charged aim the gun and hit him with the spray. If that didn’t stop him the Bear now just feet away, fire the gun. The second was a single complete outfit of arctic weather clothing. No matter how prepared for Alaskan survival one may be, without the proper clothing one could never survive even the mildest of winters, though you’d only find her wearing any part of it when absolutely necessary.It makes one wonder why Kay subjected herself to so much hardship and abuse when she had more then enough money to pay for all of it. Truth of the matter was Kay saved every penny she had to pay for trips to an old hulk of a helicopter on a sub-par river supposedly for fishing. Once every couple of weeks she’d fly out to Kanutuk then be boated up the river with various groups to keep it cheap.While everyone else fished kaçak bahis Kay would vanish into the forest not to be seen till that night, sometimes even days later just barely making the return trip back most times. When back she’d study and train feverishly then head out once again. Naturally the ideal being she would not come back from the first trip, yet planning it out she wanted to insure she’d have enough money for many trips if needed and no matter what upon the last trip spending her last dollar she intended on not coming back to the world of men successful or not.A year having passed by this time Kay had also gained a bit of a reputation. Some speculated she was a crazy squaw from one of the local tribes, others just some reclusive bag lady too cheap to even rent a room. Others surmised she was a fanatical outdoorsman, and even a few remembered her as the “Naked Wolf Woman” from the papers. The other aspect many assumed was that Kay was rather loose yet only if you had something she wanted to learn, or very rarely something she needed and without question that reputation was earned. Never however would Kay compromise one of her trips due to horny males no matter what they had to offer. In fact, she was getting rather well known in guiding circles as the gal no one could ever “tag”.The one thing everyone could be sure about however was how Kay looked. Unless in her cold weather clothing she always wore the same old battered button down dress. Short sleeved and shin length after a year of wear it was faded and many of the top and bottom buttons missing. Never any shoes always barefoot, darkly tanned from her days afield and her dark short hair was ragged from cutting it off with her knife. Oh she was always meticulously clean but her dress and even her gear had become well wore. Finally, she always carried on her back her shotgun and homemade knife. In her hand her cold weather pack which also held her log, yet past that she seemed to own nothing else.Outbound Again, Day 1Summer again found Kay outbound on another trip as the locals in an isolated village noted an all too familiar face. Kay as usual getting off the floatplane then walking through the tiny village of Kanutuk, gun and pack over her shoulder, raggedy dress and no shoes on. She had become so much of a familiar sight that all the locals would nod though none knew her name, and once across town at the dock on the river she’d wait for that trips guests and guide to arrive biding her time reviewing her log.This trip however Kay could tell was going to be difficult at best. The only guide available was one she often had trouble with in the past and as she waited ultimately eight fishermen all from Los Angeles showed up wearing their expensive fishing clothes and carrying their even more pricey gear. As usual they looked down their noses at Kay like she was some old dirty alcoholic squaw the guide kept around as a cheap whore and cook. Kay would just look them over and shake her head, then as always go back to her studies.Kay didn’t care, by this time the more reputable guides knew she was vastly more experienced and knowledgeable then even they were, many constantly pestering her to come work for them yet Kay always refused. Some even had begun to use a common phrase when explaining her to others which did make her feel a little proud. They’d say “she didn’t belong in Alaska, wasn’t even made for Alaska, in fact it wasn’t even as though she was born for Alaska.” “Kay was beyond Alaska”, as though you could drop her in any environment in the world, Arctic, deepest jungle or desert, even in the middle of a vast ocean and she’d not only survive yet thrive doing well. Always said with respect and that part of her reputation she had truly earned.The trouble this trip however would be the men were bringing more liquor then food and that always spelled an argument sure to happen yet she’d deal with that as it came. Up the river they went two boats in all with already the trouble starting as they passed around a bottle, to then point and whisper about her. Half way up when a breeze pulled the top of her dress open and the bottom up to her waist, instantly the drunken comments began as the men realized her body didn’t match her dress and more so it would be a week without companionship. Kay however just shook her head and looked away as she had more important things to do then deal with foolish “lowers”.Making camp just as night fell near the old helicopter as expected brought the usual antics. drunken city boys fumbling with their tents and all their overpriced gear, oversized campfires and then the lying would begin as a new bottle would be passed around. Kay just like she always did sat off in the distance silently and alone. Then just like every other trip with these sorts they would start trying to get her to come over then try and impress her to get her in bed, but just as it hadn’t a hundred times before it would not work now. Unfortunately Kay knew she would have to be somewhat sociable if anything just to figure out who was who and who to watch out for. So as the call came Kay reluctantly walked toward the group of drunken men shotgun in hand as instantly the same old bullshit began.First the tales of how rich each other was, then how Kay should come down to L.A. as they’d fix her up with this producer, or that high end job. Anything to try and impress her then the same old questions would start in with Kay’s same old pat answers. “Why did she have all of those tattoos the same with just her name and age?” Kay obviously bored groaning out “to identify whichever body part that doesn’t get eaten”. Naturally they’d all look on in shock then laugh like it was some joke, yet once her cold expression set in they’d realize she was serious and hurriedly move on.“Well why do you always carry that gun?” Kay’s response just as cold as before, “Because, I don’t want to get fucked in the ass by a Bear, why didn’t you bring one?” as everyone would go bug-eyed then laugh assuming she was joking. Soon the questions would turn to her clothes them wondering why she just wore the dress and no shoes, and as always she’d tell them because they’d not last anyway if stuck out here, so why bother. On and on though ultimately the guide would chime in when they started challenging Kay as to lying, and in no uncertain terms tell them the tale of the “Naked Wolf Woman”.How Kay was on that very helicopter you see there when it crashed, and how the pilot was killed the first day by Bears up the mountain though he was not found till the following spring. How Kay had survived naked and alone, fighting off one Bear with her bare hands still wearing the scars to prove it, and how when found more then two weeks later she was fighting off a Wolf with her bare hands, her teeth full of fur from biting him, and that she hunts that Wolf to this very day. None of it ever told by her, who made up the story she didn’t know most likely all just guessed at from the news articles.Naturally they’d all call bullshit to which Kay would simply stand and turn around, slipping the dress off her shoulders and let them see the four scars on her back from the Bear’s claws to then walk away. As she’d walk off to sleep up on the chopper another source of curiosity it never failed, someone always asking where she bit the Wolf trying to be a smart ass. With that Kay would stop, turn around and say bluntly “his dick”, the men all laughing having no idea about her inclinations.Always the same, the men would chortle on about how they’d not be wanting a blowjob, ask the guide why she slept up there, and then naturally work each other up over if they had seen her boobs or caught a glimpse of her pussy while sitting there. Stupid crap, yet she’d get her chuckles in once they all went to bed and everyone finally shut up listening to all the countless noises of things that go bump in the night the wilderness making them panic in their tents. Each growl and twig that would snap, every call of a bird or scream of a Rabbit instantly they’d whisper in terrified tones “did you hear that? It sounds just outside! Maybe we should get the guide” and so on. Kay would have her fun though would not even crack a smirk. sleep is what she needed as it would be a long day tomorrow.Outbound Again, Day 2First dawn was also always typical and Kay’s favorite. Up early she’d slide off the helicopter without hesitation peeling off her dress walk into the river to drink, bathe and then pee having learned not to season the campsite as she had her first time here. Not even drying off, she’d slip on the old dress simply to avoid any problems it would cause if naked, grab her gun and knife leaving her pack on the chopper and walk to where the guides cooked breakfast.So dumb, the guides knew the guests would not be up till noon at best yet still they went through the routine as Kay would walk over dipping some bread in the bacon grease, toss on some bacon, some eggs and start heading into the brush. As she had worried about happening this trip her favorite morning was delayed slightly as it seemed this guide was always a source of trouble. So to try and be left alone, she’d deal with it instantly.“Eay Meejelle, what say you take your bath tomorrow after the Lowers get up eay? I cut you special rate next time” the head guide called as Kay began walking off. Kay knew this trip would be trouble as it always was with this guy. So in her gentle style now twice the man of any here she smiled turning and walking back as the guides instantly became nervous and said, “what, you mean show them these?” pulling open the top of her dress. “Yeah, yeah, that good, and your trip free if you wear nuthin and maybe drink with us an na be such a bitch, maybe some make-up okay?”Idiot, men were so easy as her little pointless flash in that they had seen her bathe countless times simply let her get close, Kay suddenly pushing over the coffee pot putting out the fire as she chuckled then smirked walking off. Naturally the usual shouts instantly rang out yet after she had put some distance between them. “You fucking crazy injun bitch, hope a big Brown fuck you in da ass an eats you today!” Yet it didn’t matter to Kay as she had important things to do as the first day out was always the most special to her.Kay always spent her first morning visiting the gully, perhaps even as predictable as the men back at the camp yet this was one tradition she would never break. Inside she’d hang her dress incase the Wolf came by to let him know that she was there. She’d drink from the creek and lay on the moss-covered floor in no time she would be satisfying her own needs while imagining her Wolf lover. It was a special time for her, in fact, the only time she’d cum till the first day of her next trip. Once done she’d always make it a point to paint the limbs hanging there with her wetness as another sign to the Wolf that his woman was home, that his lover once again was searching for him.Wiping the tears from her eyes, her ritual complete, nude, Kay would walk into the forest to hunt for her lost Wolf love only her shotgun and knife taken with her. Her first day however like always was a bust as though she found Wolf tracks none were of her lost lover who she learned had a deeply split pad on his right forepaw. Just after dark returning to the camp after collecting her dress she took what food she wanted from the evening meal and then went to the helicopter under the vengeful glare of the guides ignoring the banter of the men who’d prattle on till late into the night.The second dawn much like any though always dependant upon the guides and clients as they’d all be up extra early to make up for the first day. If a reputable guide, he’d always warn the men to be respectful no matter their demeanor as Kay had in the last year earned her scars. Those average it could be hit and miss, yet this trip the combination was all bad. A vulgar “Frenchy” or French Canadian as a guide his helper exactly the same, and to top it off a group of “Lowers” who all thought they were better then anyone else though it wouldn’t matter to Kay as they’d say what they would and she’d be off and gone. With that she slid off the helicopter and began her morning routine ever wary of the “less then Alaska” men.Outbound Again, Day 3Off with the dress and into the river bathe, sweat and feminine ebbings a sure way to attract a Bear. Kneeling and back to the men a good 75 yards off to be discreet Kay still found trouble beginning with this bunch. Though Kay supposed they thought they were quiet she could hear the guide whisper to the guests “Eay eay, look there, quick!” most likely pointing her way. In an instant she could hear clumsy men trying to sneak closer, and when she could hear them on the bank between her and the helicopter she spoke loud and clear with her back to them as she shook her head agitated. “Sneaking up behind me is a good way to get your head stove in with a rock, walk like men, not some cowardly Weasel”.“Well uh, we just thought you might need help…were drowning…wanted to ask you a question…wanted to say good morning…wanted to tell you breakfast was ready”, each having a different excuse and all trying to lie together. “No you didn’t, you just wanted to see me naked up close” as Kay rose and turned walking toward the bank. “Well now you’ve seen, and no, I don’t want to hang out here today, you can’t go with me, and I don’t want to fuck you”. Truth be told, seeing Kay naked was well worth any abuse she might levy at them.Firm and lean from a year of healthy living and long hikes into the mountains, her skin darkly tanned from days afield nude, no body hair, and naturally her large firm breasts as her implants were going no where contrasted sharply with her cut figure. Kay still didn’t need make-up and even her hair though slightly longer then it had been a year ago and cut by her own hand with her home made knife was actually a striking look. Yet like most men they couldn’t be happy with what they got now having seen, so as usual such men would try to get a bit more.As she walked up on shore it always happened with varied results with these types. The men grinning from ear to ear would talk as one would always grab her dress as though to hand it to her or help her on with it. Naturally he’d hesitate as long as he could till she did something or demanded it and today would be no different as the guy holding her dress spoke first. “Hey, why don’t you come try some of my extra clothes on, they’re the best made, the catalog even said they were made for Alaska” while he held the dress behind his back. As said Kay had been here before, so as usual she walked through the men taking up her gun then slung her knife over her shoulder, and turned round stating flatly “give me my dress now.”Naturally he didn’t comply thinking she was playing some game, yet Kay didn’t play anymore living life just as her Wolf lover had taught her, and today these lowers would find out. “Aw c’mon, you look great, don’t be shy, stay with us today and we’ll have some real fun, what are you going to do if I don’t, shoot me?” Forcing out a smile as usual Kay walked close to him, and before another word could come from his mouth Kay had cracked his nose soundly with the center of the gun and as he fell backward she picked up her dress. “Fucking bitch you broke my nose!” Kay almost wanting to laugh as the others gathered around him in shock like a group of girls shielding him. Dressing, Kay would say nothing more walking to the fire to get her breakfast. The Guide quickly hiding the coffee as Kay stated flatly, “one of your boys is a bleeder, better go tend to that” taking her food and heading off toward the mountain.Second days out were always the hardest on a personal level as well. Kay as always removing and stuffing her dress in an old hollowed out log to then head out in whatever direction Kay thought she might find sign of her wolf lover. Drinking and peeing as much as she could along the way incase he’d stumble across her scent, she’d always press on till nightfall then would find herself somewhere safe to sleep.What made it hard was the longing as she’d lay there chilled and alone in the middle of the wilderness. Most off all the depression for having hunted for her lover so very long having never found and sign of him. Then the fears would hit her. What if a Bear got him, or a hunter killed him. What if he was trapped somewhere hurt, a thousand scenarios none of them good and all of them weighing on Kay heavily.The next day was much the same though brought with it finally a vague clue. Walking a ridge she saw far off below a pack of five Wolves hunting through a field. Instantly after a year she knew the reason her lover was no where to be found. The pack must of run him off, and that would mean she’d have to figure out what direction he might of gone, and how far he might of traveled. Hopefully she could find some information as to other Wolf packs in the area so she could look where there were none, it never even crossing her mind that perhaps her lover had found another Wolf, Kay’s and his bond so strong.Returning back to camp that night late having been gone for two days, found the one she cracked in the nose still whining as the others pouted so went straight to the helicopter. In no time a couple of the men had come over to put Kay in her place, but ah Alaska, it had saved her soul and would not let her down once again. “Hey you, give me your name and address, you broke Joey’s nose and he’s going to sue you for everything you’ve got”. Kay had to bite her lip to not laugh laying high atop the wreckage. “Sure. Naked wolf woman, helicopter, Alaska” Kay called out in a serious tone.“Bullshit! Come down here now, we’re not fooling around, using that gun will get you ten years” they both threatened. “I’m not coming down there, that Bear is too close” Kay’s blunt response. “Huh, what Bear?” “The Bear coming through the brush to eat you right about…..now”. Sure enough she had heard it, they always prowled around the helicopter at night smelling Kay up there away from the group and the fire. With people on the ground it had just brought him out as all of a sudden a large Brown lumbered out of the brush right beside them and Kay just had to grin.“Shoot it!” the men yelled as they scrambled to the chopper. “Why, he ain’t bothering me, you boys better run back to the fire, QUICK!” as in a flash the two bolted running for all their worth shouting “Bear, bear!” all the way. The Bear actually looked more confused then anything looking up to Kay then watching them run, and with a snort had turned round and moved off probably just more curious then anything. Kay almost fell off the helicopter laughing as she heard the panic in the camp the guides unable to calm them, then listened to their false bravado grow as they drank into the night too afraid to leave the fire.Outbound Again, Day 5, an Old FriendKay the next morning had made a serious change of plans. She realized her lover was no longer in the area and she had put out enough scent that the other Wolves were sure to be cautious. With that Kay decided to spend her morning after bathing around camp, reading her log to refresh her memory though she really had it memorized, and would give it a day before going out to learn this new packs range. The Lowers up late as expected Kay already having eaten moving far upstream to give them some space even staying dressed realizing the crowd here, yet in no time the damn guide had walked a group of them to where she was, and as said plans change.As the men approached Kay slowly rose expecting them hung-over and surly to either want to try hitting on her again or continue their worthless threats, yet as she prepared for the worst the one she had cracked stepped up saying “I want to apologize”. Kay didn’t even get a chance to take the words in before the guy had taken another step and out of the blue punched her soundly in the cheek. “Apologize for not kicking your ass the other day you fucking bitch!” as he reached down picking up her gun throwing it by the brush. In an instant two of his friends scrambled pinning Kay firmly to the ground. “You son of a…” Kay began to shout as suddenly he popped her again crawling on of top of her while all but the three even the guide looked on in shock but didn’t say or do anything.“Do it Joey do it, fuck that bitch!” one of the guys pinning her down shouted as in a flash Joey had tore open Kay’s dress ripping it from her shoulders so nothing would be left. As Kay lay there in a daze he quickly pulled out his cock as the two pulled her legs wide and back and in an instant he had set his cock to her cunnie and shoved himself inside as hard as he could. There was nothing Kay could do while Joey violently pounded away deep inside of her. Lasting all of perhaps thirty seconds before he growled out his orgasm, the most she heard from the others was “Joey stop, Joey she gets it” and “dis no good” from the guide.As Joey rolled off he traded places with one of the others pinning her. In a second the other was inside of Kay’s cum filled cunnie grunting away as Joey and the other rooted him on. Kay was only able to gather her wits about the time the second one blasted his cum deep in her cunt, and before she could say a word the third was on her shoving his cock in and out while he spewed out his pathetic vulgar rage.“Like that whore?! Yeah, yeah, fuck it, fuck it injun cunt, fuck it you Alaskan bitch!” The men watching standing there stunned not even moving a muscle, and as the third thrust away savagely Joey stood up, his dripping cock still hanging out and backed up to the brush to pick up her shotgun. What were they thinking, they’d **** her and get away with it? Surly they had to know she’d do something about it either here or back to civilization, yet just as the third reared back yelling out “I’m cumming”, Alaska again saved one of its daughters with its own style of savage justice.There was no noisy charge or roar of warning. Suddenly a massive Bear burst forth from the brush and with a single swat had ripped Joey practically in two. A split second later the one inside Kay was gripped by the neck in the Bear’s massive jaws as he shook him violently breaking his neck, and a single swat to the third still pinning Kay in horror sent him flying shattered and crippled. Frantically Kay scrambled for the river as the others who had been watching simply ran, and just as she turned around seeing the Bear move to finish the third, she noted an old enemy or perhaps an old friend.Possibly jealous who knows, but Kay saw the deep scars on his nose from her Wolf lover and the shredded remains of her panties stuck in his teeth from a year ago. Not wanting to discover the Bear’s intentions toward her however, she never the less couldn’t help smirking as Kay ran as hard as she could from the river.Like a year ago breaking through the brush Kay bolted naked running for her life. In no time she had made it to the gully knowing these mountains well now, panting and stumbling as she collapsed just outside. Sweet justice. It was amazing how little the **** meant after seeing the three tore to pieces. As to the others that just stood there and watched, it also gave her satisfaction knowing they’d have to carry that guilt and fear of Kay’s reprisal one day to come to their graves. Perhaps shock, yet the only thing really concerned Kay was the loss of her gun, log and knife that she’d try and get later.So stupid, what did they think? They’d kill her or she’d just let them get away with that. Unlike her lover simply doing what was right their actions were of pure malice. It disgusted Kay thinking of their pathetic attempt to dominate her as all she could think was, “serves them right”. What did concern her however was roughly fifteen minutes later she heard engines. Scrambling to her feet she bolted to a bluff near the river just in time to see the two boats heading downstream, obvious they hadn’t collected their gear let alone their friends corpses.“Great, fucking cowards!” Kay shouted down suddenly again finding herself naked, unarmed and alone in the Wilderness yet this time without her Wolf protector. It would take a day or two she figured till rescue choppers would come to pick up the bodies and hopefully her so Kay would have to be careful till she could sneak back and get her shotgun. The most nagging upset she had however while she made for the gully was that she’d have to spend another dollar for a new dress cutting into her travel money. Muttering as she walked bitching about her dress and agitated by the cum leaking out of her, Kay couldn’t wait to just get clean at the creek and bide her time till help arrived. Alaska however had other plans for one of its chosen own.Prey for the PackAs Kay moved along toward the gully she caught just the tiniest flash of movement out of the corner of her eye. The movement alone alerted her, yet what she just barely caught a glimpse of was a grizzled gray, brown and tan a Wolf’s tail as it ran past the other way. Instantly Kay froze thinking it might be her lover come back at the perfect moment this all some sort of destiny, yet as she scanned in the distance finally spotting the Wolf she instantly noted it wasn’t him, and worse still saw two others with it.Kay was not deluded knowing any other Wolf would more then likely just simply kill her. As she watched the three move it became quickly evident this group was trailing her, Kay not hesitating a second instantly bolting for the gully. Kay would not get far however as the three in a group pursued her not thinking back to all she had learned of Wolves in that if the group was driving her this way, that meant there were others waiting ahead.Suddenly she was hit hard from the side her legs clipped out from under her and as she struggled to rise on all fours a large Wolf instantly grabbed her calve biting down and in a second more the other three were on her. One grabbed her opposite arm and another her throat, and just as the three began to pull in all directions snarling and growling, the fourth suddenly snapped.Concentrating on the Wolves grips clearly meaning to rip Kay apart already bleeding, she had not even noticed the cold nose grind to her cunnie then lick as her leg was yanked again. Out of the blue the one that sniffed at Kay suddenly wheeled round and snapped at the one on her leg. Immediately the other released her, and it flashed through Kay’s mind maybe it was her lover and he had become a member of a pack.Again Kay felt the massive cold wet nose grind to her twat quickly followed by broad flat tongued licks, yet as the Wolf stepped away licking its lips she could finally see it. Almost black so little brown and gray in its fur as it seemed to glare at her as though considering. Kay wondered if she was about to be ****d a fourth time today though quickly realized it was oddly a large female. Helpless gripped about her throat and arm, when the third rushed in to tear at her thigh Kay buckled in pain only able to guess at what was going on as a fight broke out behind her. It was quick more growling and snapping then anything, yet as the one at her thigh released her once more, the female resumed her sniffing and lapping of her cunnie.It was the Alpha Bitch, and she had instantly noticed something about this strange b**st they had taken down while hunting. Though it would run on its hind legs it seemed perfectly natural on all fours, yet what really made her pause was she realized this creature was female from her scent and was obviously in heat. The Alpha could also tell this creature had very recently mated with at least three distinct males, yet unlike her kind who would form pairs, this creature would take on all comers most likely to acquire the best seed.Granted the b**st was grotesque, bald and disproportional, yet it seemed easy enough to control and who knew, maybe it was intelligent enough that it could be trained. Most of all however the Alpha Bitch sensed it somehow belonged here as though it was meant to be and more so in some odd way belonged with Wolves.With her decision made the Alpha Bitch then did something Kay had experienced once before yet this time knew had no loving meaning. In typical fashion to insure all others knew this strange b**st was her property, she walked up to Kay lifting her leg and painted Kay’s hip and thigh and with that simple vulgar and humiliating act the Alpha Bitch had informed all others that this thing, Kay, was her territory.Communicating with the others however she did, Kay suddenly found the one at her neck releasing her as the one at her wrist began to pull till Kay moved then let her go. Kay tried to crawl on all fours it being slow and clumsy at best, yet slowly rose to a crouch keeping her eyes and head lowered to not seem threatening. When they’d nip at her calves to move faster Kay would pick up the pace, and when the Wolves would block her way or growl to guide her she knew she had to comply. Most of all, when they’d get angry losing their patience trying to get her to move this way or that Kay knew to quickly flop on her back showing submission, yet slowly but surely the Kay was guided in a clear direction.What was happening truly confused Kay. “Capturing something” was not something she had read about or knew of them to do. She understood the horrible peeing on her as it obviously marked Kay as the Alpha’s territory, she even knew not to show any dominance as the challenge would be answered by four a****ls each of them twice her size. What she didn’t understand however was them directing her somewhere as if they had meant to eat her they’d have killed her by now. None of this made sense to her it was so unnatural from everything she had learned, yet until she could find a way to escape Kay would simply have to bide her time.To Serve the PackA pack is a delicate thing. To be strong all must get along as the Betas enforce the wise will of the Alphas. It must grow and become larger like an extended family all of them living and working together as a team yet with minimal inner strife. Like all families however conflicts arise as those less in power trying to live fully, usually the males, then trouble would erupt as they’d try to simply do what was natural to them. In the end the trouble would be so great they’d have to be driven out simply to have peace within the community.The trouble in this case was the pack needed greater numbers so it did not serve them well to run off the strongest and best simply because they constantly pestered the females. The pack had already moved twice now unable to contend with larger groups and more aggressive Bears, and Kay for good or bad had encountered its Alpha female, and within this pack she was the most clever of all. With what some might call “divine inspiration” as though suggested by the Gods, the Alpha Bitch had found a solution to the pack’s problems, the only question being, would it work.After a bit the four Wolves and Kay came to a large overhang of rock much like a cave though much larger. Instantly other Wolves began to emerge threatening, growling, snapping and lunging at the strange b**st oddly brought back by the four hunters. Kay quickly dropped to her knees curling up tight in a ball, yet at the first nip to her side Kay realized she had to be absolutely submissive so flipped over upon her back pulling her hands close to her shoulders with her knees wide out to the side. The position was easy enough take yet the natural urge was to curl up tight as this was about the most vulnerable position one could be in. It demonstrated absolute submission however, handing over your fate without question to your attackers, and with so many Wolves coming at her, Kay knew there was nothing else she could do.As the adult Wolves gathered around Kay angry, nervous and quite simply wanting this strange b**st dead, instantly various little fights would break out until another even larger female most likely the Beta Bitch moved over Kay crossways standing there growling keeping the others back yet also Michele down. Kay also noticed the Alpha female had begun to interact with the two largest males probably the Alpha and Beta.Clearly there was a disagreement between them, yet as humbling as it was Kay understood their decision would determine her ultimate fate. As the leaders argued, the other Wolves took turns lunging in and sniffing, some even nipping, charging and growling it all seeming so much like when a white person would be brought into an Indian camp in old movies. Helpless to defend herself Kay could only cringe and endure the abuse as she lay there stiff and afraid expecting any second her belly would be ripped wide open.As most of the Wolves continued their angry posturing, suddenly Kay felt a cold nose jam to her twat, then another, and another rooting and shoving as the large Beta female above her looked on yet in this case did nothing. Kay didn’t know why yet the Beta Bitch actually seemed amused by it, and for whatever the reason suddenly stepped back, hooking her forepaw under Kay’s back rolling her over.Though Kay had complied she instantly feared she had made a terrible mistake. Perhaps the Beta tried to make it seem as though Kay had made an act of defiance as almost instantly she grabbed Kay by the back of her neck and yanked up hard. Kay was terrified as she assumed her neck would be ripped apart quickly rising to her hands and knees and then it happened.First a cold nose was jammed to her ass. Then suddenly what had to be a young male right there in front of the whole pack jumped up on Kay’s hips grabbing her waist and began humping madly painting her bottom, thighs and twat with his pre-cum as he frantically tried to mount her. Instantly a young adolescent tried to do the same as the Beta let go while he tried to mount Kay’s head and shoulder as she froze in place stunned by what was happening.As his young cock danced and slid over Kay’s cheek and neck a third young Wolf tried to mount Kay from the side his half hard cock raking and squirting all over her ribs. Kay was mortified and humiliated, none of this was like with her Wolf lover. Not only had she been ****d by three men just minutes ago, yet the young male Wolves seemed to think she was some warm humpy pillow as the large Beta female looking on clearly amused.As the weight of the three massive a****ls pushed Kay even lower, suddenly the one behind hit home driving his cock deep into her cunt hammering away at a frantic pace. Just as Kay screamed out, the adolescent over her head unleashed a torrent of cum over her cheek, hair and neck. Worse still as soon as the one inside her had clearly cum letting out a yowl then jumping off, the one humping her side scrambled to take his place. Easily finding her slick well used passage in a single thrust his cock had sunk into her fully as he began hammering away while cum ran down her face and flooded down her thighs.It was humiliating, she had respected Wolves and her Wolf lover had clearly respected her. Yet here in front of so many just like with the men at the camp she had just been unceremoniously fucked as though nothing more then a wet hole to pump their cum into. Bawling as the third young Wolf pounded away deep in her cunt quickly cumming, Kay looked up as large globs of cum slid down her face seeing the two large males and the Alpha female looking on. The males clearly stunned, yet the Alpha Bitch was clearly puffed up as though saying “I told you so.” That simply, the debate was settled.Chaotically Kay was forced under the overhang that quickly grew narrower, deeper and oddly much warmer till the Beta female instructed her to stop with an angry growl, Kay laying down on her side upon the black soil weeping. This was nothing like it was with her lover. It was not the beautiful respectful moments she had returned to Alaska and suffered so long for. As Kay lay there trying to guess what was going on and why this horrible thing was happening, she came up with a firm guess which for good or bad would prove itself out to be true.That the pack had a couple of seasons where the male pups had vastly outnumbered the females. As the males became older they had natural urges and would pester trying to mate with naturally the most dominant or seasoned females ultimately working their way down to their siblings and other pups. The older females though most times refusing with a nasty snap would sometimes comply, sex just like with dogs not limited to “being in heat”, and at that point the dominant males would be forced to run them off. What that meant was, ultimately the pack would be small and weak unable to compete with larger groups. In kind the larger males had their urges too not always well received by the females of any age, and that would lead to conflict, and if the point was pushed possibly **** and then hard feelings would result.Kay suddenly realized the Alpha Bitches ingenious plan. Kay clearly so easily bred by her own kind would be used as nothing more then a cum ditch for the males of the pack. A substitute like some humpy pillow with multiple holes, and in that way the younger males would leave the females alone till ready to strike out and bring back fresh female Wolves. In that way harmony would be maintained in the already troubled pack, and as Kay lay there weeping she realized one other thing which upset her even more.Unlike her Wolf lover, this group of Wolves did not consider Kay one of them let alone their peer. She was less than them in their eyes. Some mindless emotionless b**st that could be used as they saw fit just one step up from a food source. They neither feared nor respected her as though she was a thing not a being just like the men back at the camp had treated her. Yet Kay would have no choice forced to bide her time till she could somehow slip away.As Servitude BeginsAs Kay looked about and noted the comings and goings of the pack of the perhaps 16 adults 10 were male. In kind there were perhaps as many adolescents, and finally perhaps 20 puppies most of them seeming very, very young as they instantly became a problem as well. Unafraid like the older Wolves curious as to what this new creature was, some of the older pups came close as their mother looked on growling clearly nervous Kay might hurt them. Unmoving and still crying, Kay lay there on her side as the puppies sniffed over her and without warning one latched right onto a nipple his sharp teeth digging in, Kay reflexively pushing him away. Instantly the female was on her furious grabbing Kay’s upper arm biting and shaking her violently.The second Kay stilled she stopped yet almost as fast the puppy was back, and worse still was joined by another at her other tit nibbling and nipping as they suckled away. Kay knew now not to move wincing with each tiny nip as each would suckle for all their worth, and when they’d grow bored with their new chew toys moving away, so others would take their place till eventually most of them had their turn. There was nothing however Kay could do having to take whatever any of these Wolves did to her.As Kay lay there sniffling covered in pee, filled with the cum of three men and two Wolves with a third’s load caked on her hair and face, her guess as to the Alpha Females plan quickly proved true. Four of the younger adult males all much larger then Kay slowly drew near testing the air sniffing their attention clearly focussed upon her. Instantly Kay knew what the males wanted from their rooting to her ass and cunnie, pawing at her to spread her legs and in the process scratching her up badly so Kay obeyed. Laying there on her side she was being tore to pieces, so unable to get away and before they became so rowdy that she was really hurt Kay did what she knew they wanted. Weeping she moved to all fours parting her knees, scrunching her eyes tight and instantly they were on her.The first up on her clearly had done this before, his shoulders up by Kay’s as he reached back with his fore legs forcing her thighs wider. Placing his feet inside her knees blocked Kay from closing them as his massive thighs captured her own and kept her lined up for what was to come. Kay had dreamed of this day for a year, dreamed of the day when a large Wolf would once more make love to her as a couple. Yet this was not her beautiful lover needing the one he desired, this was some stranger who considered Kay nothing more then some wet hole to fuck, but it didn’t matter as like it or not this was going to happen.Kay could feel the tip of the large Wolf’s cock poking and searching all too quickly finding her slick cunt due to the cum from all before him ebbing out. In a single powerful thrust he sank his thick tool deep inside her. Kay having no time to adjust as the Wolf began pounding away raking his cock in and out of her twat at a furious pace, his copious pre-cum gushing out of her each thrust running down her belly and thighs. His cock was huge so much bigger then the men who had ****d her, and though she hated her body for it happening, Kay could feel her cunnie grow wet as her clit and netherlips swelled, and feel her stretched and hammered g-spot become uncomfortable and urgent.In no more then two minutes the large Wolf suddenly thrust in deep spewing his vast amount of hot cum into her. Panting and drooling over her for a few seconds the others quickly forced him off, and as Kay felt his massive cock yank out of her depths and the cum inside of her rush out, instantly the second Wolf was on her rutting, filling her cunnie once more.Kay was so ashamed being so used. More so in that her body was reacting from the physical feeling of it all making her wonder if maybe that’s all she was, nothing more then a cumditch for males. As the second Wolf thrust and drove his cock deep in her cunt rubbing over every inch of it, the first however wanted to check his work as Kay felt his flat wide tongue lap feverishly at her clit tasting his own cum as it was forced out of her with each thrust of the other wolf pounding away within her..Kay prayed what she could feel building wouldn’t happen yet no matter how hard she tried she could not stop it. Her cunnie suddenly crashing into spasms as her g-spot gushed, Kay cruelly cumming with a loud moan turning the heads of most of the Wolves in the cave. Worse still as her body reflexively thrust back she could feel the Wolf’s massive knot enter her trapping her cunt instantly as his thick cock pulsed pumping his thick load of cum inside her.Be it Kay’s orgasm or simply all of the Wolves becoming more anxious quickly chaos ensued. With the one within her stuck as the others pawed at her, like earlier though this one larger another Wolf began trying to hump her head his huge cock trusting and shoved slipping over Kay’s mouth, nose and eyes. Deep in the throes of her own orgasm her face awash in pre-cum, Kay did something she actually enjoyed with her lover, yet justified it as “to protect her eyes.” Turning her head and opening her mouth the Wolf’s hard cock instantly slipped inside already jetting out his pre-cum upon her tongue each thrust.It was as though the Wolf was crazed. Pumping into Kay’s mouth as furiously as the others had been doing in her twat. Quickly Kay was gagging feeling like she was drowning on his pre-cum, but as she reached up with her hand to try and push him back, her grip to his knot made it happen as her mouth was filled over and over with thick hot ropy jets sweet Wolf cum.Kay cursed her own body at that moment. Hated that she had a cunt which could be fucked and was now filled with the cum of eight males. Most of all Kay hated that dog cocks for the most part sent her body into convulsive orgasms. Worst of all, Kay knew even her own mind was betraying her, as the second the Wolf pumped out his massive load of jizz into her mouth it having no where to go unless swallowed, the very thought of her doing that rocked Kay to her core. In an instant Kay was cumming once again, but the pack of Wolves had barely started.Anxious to be released by Kay’s tight gripping cunnie the Wolf locked within her suddenly stepped over her hips tying them butt to butt. At the same time as the first Wolf to cum in her mouth stepped away, instantly the fourth having seen him find release there jumped up and began humping away. Kay reflexively opened her mouth and began sucking his cock as well though later she’d justify it as “so he’d not fuck me”.Chaos as said, for as the four male Wolves used Kay it had only inspired the adolescents seeing a female clearly in heat and more so receptive to any Wolf. In short order one was over her side humping away painting her breast in his pre-cum, as another young one wanted in where the one tied was, stepping over Kay’s ass gripping her waist and began humping away between her butt cheeks making them slick as the rest of her.It was inevitable, if not now then eventually as accidents happen especially with dogs. Yet with a huge cock in her twat and another pumping his cum inside of Kay’s mouth as another spewed his spunk over her breast, Kay felt the tip of the smaller up on her back find her anus and with a single wriggle, push inside. She wanted to scream more from surprise not in any pain yet in lustful ecstasy as her orgasm slowly ebbed, but before she had a chance he had buried himself deep in her ass pumping away with a single goal in mind. That being to pump his cum into a finally willing bitch anywhere he could.That single day Kay was filled numerous times as those that had cum before would become excited watching the others after. If she did a count of the number of loads of cum pumped in or on her it would have been four in her mouth, twelve in her cunnie, three in her ass and a countless number upon her having humped simply where they could find a spot.Laying there twitching, Kay was disgusted with herself for having been unable to stop her orgasms as she had cum more times in one sitting then she could ever remember. She felt so ashamed that her body and her mind betrayed her like that. Yet as she lay there just wanting to be alone so came the puppies again, fortunately not those with teeth as her nipples were suckled over and over till they felt raw, swollen and were stretched long.Battered Rising to Blissful SanctuaryThe next morning Kay awoke chilled, thirsty, hungry and battered, yet worst of all alone. Though some of the Wolves had positioned themselves near her no doubt to protect the pack from this strange b**st but also to keep her there, none however had snuggled close like her lover so long ago. Though brutalized, that moment she would of endured it all again just to not be so separate.As Kay lay there she finally gave up counting all of the aches and pains she had. Her twat felt all out of shape, swollen and tender as did her jaw. Even her nipples still looked terribly erect from all the suckling they had endured. She had cuts and bites all over her each one feeling like they were on fire, and every joint felt tested, loose and aching. Lastly all the cum and urine on and in her had her stinking and sticky, though Kay figured she had better get used to that as during the horrific ordeal not one single Wolf had bathed her.Looking about the vast cave Kay finally noticed a stream running out down its middle. To simply move directly to it she knew would simply be asking for trouble, so ever so slowly she raised to all fours fearing standing up would make them mad, and gradually began to crawl deeper into the cave to hopefully find its source.Along the way Kay instantly ran into trouble. The earliest risers were of course the puppies. Immediately rushing to her low hanging tits, as she stood there on all fours she had to endure them each taking turns on her swollen tender nipples each suckling till they realized no milk would flow. Further back she encountered one of the adolescent males no doubt thinking Kay had come to see him specifically. At first wagging his tail and looking all goofy as he came up to sniff and lick her to see if she was still in heat, when Kay closed her legs and curled up to protect her battered cunnie he growled, so to avoid the others being alerted Kay complied. Wincing all the while he mounted her, and in less then a minute had freshened up her sore twat with a new load of spunk and without even a thank you jumped off and loped away.Crawling on, Kay began wondering if she could actually endure this till she could finally discover how to escape. The thought of a quick death was actually starting to sound rather good yet instantly an imagined reunion with her lover so long sought had her squashing that idea, but as she found the back of the cave discovered something else that would soothe her senses. The stream it turned out was made by a cold water spring forming a small pool. The water icy and clean, best of all it meant that it would be much safer to drink from, even more so then the creek Kay and her lover shared. The true wonder though Kay discovered was just slightly back behind it.Kay had noticed how oddly warm the cave was and as she had moved deeper in found it growing warmer and warmer almost uncomfortably so like some steam bath. Behind the cold water spring up on the wall was a geothermal vent. Steam rushed out from it by whatever heated it deep below, yet so much steam poured forth that it saturated the roof of the cave making the area behind the spring almost like a heavy summer rain filling a large pool and draining off elsewhere. Curious to taste it, Kay dipped her fingers in the water to find it hot. Not so hot as to scald you, yet hot like one might keep their hot tub and the heavy rain that fell like a beautifully hot shower.Not hesitating a second Kay thrust herself into the hot water it taking a moment to get used to the contrast. It had been over a year since she had felt hot water past that she’d find in a rest room sink. Though her tastes had changed cold now more to her liking to acclimate to the Alaskan climate, at this moment it was heaven as she soaked in the 2’ deep pool as the hot shower of water rained down upon her. As she lay there she also realized it was beautiful there. The walls and ceiling covered in thick lichen and moss, and at the very top was perhaps a one foot diameter hole where the balance of the steam escaped no doubt explaining why the cave was not damp.For perhaps a good half-hour Kay bathed relishing the heat, tending to her wounds yet most of all her senses. It was more then a welcome relief from yesterday as it was healing to both body and mind. As long as she was stuck here with the Wolves however she’d try to use this place sparingly. Being used to hot baths was not wise when faced with living outdoors in Alaska, and such a luxury tempted her back to the life she knew before casting doubt on the value of searching for her Wolf lover. This would be her special place saved for times when needing to escape, and it had one other benefit she suddenly realized as her soothing bath was finally disturbed.Kay couldn’t help herself feeling human and rejuvenated again. When she heard the angered growls at the entrance to this smaller part of the cave, she rose fully out of the water to standing causing the two Wolves maybe 30 feet away to instantly go berserk. Standing there as they snapped growled and lunged, Kay noticed that for whatever reason be it the heat or steam the Wolves were afraid of this part of the cave.More importantly however, she realized to some degree as she stood there feeling strong and revived that they were clearly scared of her. Though having never seen a human before the Wolves sensed her intelligence, her power and will. Sensed even that as much as they were predators so was she, and deep down Kay remembered she was a human in search of a bestial lover not some Wolf in search of her own kind. But as she thought on it there was nothing saying she couldn’t have and be the best of both.Stepping out of the pool Kay knowing she couldn’t hide there forever she never the less walked proud toward the pair the Wolves actually backing up as she did. Once to the entrance ever so slowly Kay lowered feeling powerful once more, and with the security that only true inner strength grants lowered to her knees then to all fours, and rolled over on her back to show submission. Though the two lunged and snapped but not once did they ever bite her, and once they seemed to have calmed enough Kay turned back onto all fours as the pair nudged and growled at her till Kay had crawled to the entrance of the overhang.Once there Kay guessed most of the pack must have been out hunting and as she crawled along had to endure the puppies attempts to suckle once again till they had all taken their turns. That was starting to bother her perhaps even more then the forced sex. Kay noticed though sore her nipples had been sucked so much they seemed to be growing thicker and lengthening, staying perpetually hard yet in the mean time she’d simply have to endure it. Oddly once the pack returned they seemed significantly happier and more cooperative with one another then even the day before. Though Kay didn’t know why guessing it was because half of them were laid last night, she oddly enough wasn’t all that wrong, yet not for the reasons she thought.While hunting the male Wolves were not constantly checking every female’s twat and pee to see if they had suddenly come into heat. No sneaking about to try to sniff this one while her mate wasn’t looking, instead focussing on the hunt and it had really paid off. The cache of meat brought back was better then any in the pack could ever remember, the Alpha Bitches plan clearly turning out to be just what the pack had needed. Kay had to wait till all others were fed till she could try and sneak a share. Even that earned her a nasty snap from one of the other females, yet in the end she supposed they understood she could not go without eating forever, and who knows, if she had to go without food long enough who was to say this type of b**st wouldn’t eat a Wolf.That night Kay had to endure much of the same as the night before. Most of the adult and adolescent males taking their turns with her as her mouth, cunnie and bottom were filled and pummeled once again. Fortunately the hunt had taken its toll so the hammering was not so brutal and none went twice, and oddly now used to Kay somewhat she even received a number of bathing licks throughout and after.The Routine of PackThe next morning brought another unpleasant surprise which quickly turned to a pleasant one. Laying there on her belly sleeping, Kay suddenly felt a humping on her backside. Half asleep and past the point of caring she reflexively began to rise up before the growling started only to feel the smallest Wolf cock yet suddenly sink deep in her bottom, pump away a few times then yank out without even cumming. As another took it’s place though his weight was heavy it was much lighter then any of the other Wolves. The feeling was so odd in fact that she turned her head to see what was happening finding three young Wolf males standing there, not quite puppies, yet not quite adolescents awkward and disproportional all anxious to mimic their elders.Kay didn’t know why she did it knowing the wrath of the other Wolves, yet for some reason she pushed the second off then scolded them as a large female charged over. Kay’s wide eyes instantly scrunched as she tensed preparing for the brutal hit, yet instead of the female tearing into her she began fussing and scolding the young Wolves actually getting between them shielding Kay. Even more surprising was how the female immediately after quickly bathed Kay’s backside even licking her face after as though to apologize or say thanks. All Kay could guess was that even the Wolves though having no human morality had a sense of what was too young, and the female had appreciated what Kay had done.Over the next couple of weeks slowly life began turning routine. Kay would wake in the morning now more often then not finding one or more of the Wolves cuddled up with her as to them she seemed to make a good pillow. Most mornings Kay would bathe in the icy stream limiting her hot baths to perhaps once a week. She’d then crawl outside trying to alert no one, pee, then usually remain near the entrance warming in the morning sun.Unfortunately whether their mothers were there or not the puppies would come always mauling her. Licking her face trying to get Kay to regurgitate up food and ultimately when that wouldn’t work their incessant suckling would begin. Kay would remain there till whatever part of the pack left for the hunt, and the rest of the day was hers with some limitations.The puppies were driving her crazy with all the suckling. Besides the fact most were getting teeth it was difficult to train them to not nip and chew on her nipples yet as their own mothers did eventually they learned. Worse still, all the constant abuse had made Kay’s nipples much longer and almost perpetually hard. Not in a way she found unattractive, in fact she liked the way they were looking yet it was just strange. They always seemed to be tender and sore, in fact her breasts had actually swollen dramatically and were themselves almost constantly aching forcing Kay to have to mash and squeeze them often.Another aspect Kay didn’t care for was the Beta female. The Alpha Bitch for the most part would just watch as though taking note. The Beta Bitch however seemed to take great pleasure in making Kay be submissive, would routinely piss on her, snap at her for anything, and took great pleasure in humiliating Kay humping her for no reason at all never even cumming. Lastly as you can imagine for all intents and purposes Kay was nothing short of a sex slave for b**sts. She could tell that’s how many viewed her, like some always ready bitch to be used as a cumditch, lower then any there in the pack as she was less then a Wolf.Ultimately however, Kay had finally made the Wolves somewhat comfortable with her standing up. Some still seemed uneasy yet most came to accept that it was how the b**st walked. Naturally Kay always had to eat last though what had started as scraps eventually became descent portions and she even found herself less and less having to take a submissive posture to most of the Wolves. For the most part everything had normalized and was tolerable except few very irritating aspects like the puppies suckling, the Beta Bitch and the too frequent sex.The sex as well had also become routine. During the days there were always the younger Wolves about none of them thankfully sexually mature. In addition a mature female might remain, and always anywhere from two to six adolescent males, and it was their moods that would set the tone for Kay’s day. Some very rare days the males would be off playing or practicing hunting and Kay might actually be left alone except by the puppies. Most others however they would each try to get some time with Kay, the easiest of such days being when the males would compete to try and get her alone.Rather quickly Kay learned when one of the boys was getting “in the mood”, a nuzzle here, a lick there, maybe even just a glance Kay soon learned when she noticed it to quickly do something about it as that might save her from the rest. Whether deeper in the cave or behind some rocks or brush, once the Wolf had maneuvered her in a particular direction Kay would try and discreetly sneak somewhere private to do what the Wolf wanted.If Kay could satisfy the younger Wolf and bathe before the others found out, that might be all she’d have to endure till the evening. However, if she couldn’t and the others saw, then that is when the day would become long and taxing as all of the other males would want their time then. Even if a Wolf had been previously satisfied he would want to do so again as though trying to be the last, it almost striking Kay that they thought it was some contest.Kay also soon learned of each Wolf’s sexual tastes. Odd as it may sound, even the Wolves had certain things they liked more then others and Kay would use that to try and reduce the number of times she’d have to have sex with them. Most as you’d expect simply wanted to mount Kay on all fours though a couple clearly preferred Kay on her back. It was actually rather basic in that first they’d lap at her cunnie till it was wet, then they’d fuck her quickly some tying and some not, then would bathe her twat once more and just walk away.Others however would actually go out of their way to have Kay suck their cocks. Kay was always glad to get the chance to do that knowing it would leave her with little scent. In fact even those she knew wanted other things she’d often try to blow instead thinking it wouldn’t give her away never realizing just how wet she became when doing so. Most times when the Wolf would initiate it found Kay sitting leaned back against something as the tall Wolf would stand over her. She’d use her hands and mouth obviously and the Wolf would thrust away as she’d suckle till her mouth would be filled with thick hot cum which Kay would always swallow down to “hide the evidence”.Odder still, there were even a couple of the Wolves that clearly preferred anal sex. Kay knew that was true as if they’d sink into her cunnie they’d stop, then poke around till they had found her bottom thrusting in. Proof of that belief further came in the form of those types would always lap at Kay’s anus and never her pussy. Lastly a couple of the females seemed to want to hump Kay now and then. Some of the females and even some of the males she could actually dissuade from sex with hand-jobs, and one of the males had a very strange like for rubbing his knot and balls between her breasts as he’d pump his cum into her mouth.When the older Wolves would return from the hunt all would eat then nap, yet as they’d wake eventually the sex with that group would begin. If one Wolf would approach her just like during the day Kay would try to lead the randy male off somewhere private, do what he wanted then try and slip back unnoticed. Kay might have to be with one to sometimes even six like that each night, but the most difficult times would come if they were followed, or worse still she couldn’t make them wait and they’d force her in front of the others.Always the same such times, Kay either being fucked by or blowing one of the Wolves, yet as others would see them then they’d want their turn, and as the crowd of male Wolves became bigger and bigger it would become nothing short of a chaotic gang-bang with Kay at its center. Worst of all, if the adolescents saw then they would all join in and such times often played out like the first night as her cunnie mouth and bottom would be filled countless times in a night, her body covered in cum from those trying to find any spot they could. For Kay however, that simply was how life was now, and as outrageous as it may have been, for Kay it became simply routine.Body CorruptedWaking one morning brought Kay a terrible revelation. A couple of the males down the stream where she’d normally pee found Kay walking off to the side of the overhang to try and urinate in the brush. She didn’t like such times as if any of the males found the spot she’d be stuck having to screw them all day. What made it tough was though the puppy horde this morning stuck to her like glue, and as she squat there to pee mashing her breasts roughly as they were aching terribly having swollen to twice their normal size.Kay just couldn’t get the nagging ache to stop almost having to abuse them more each day to try and work out the uncomfortable sensation. Yet as she squeezed, mashed and pulled on her nipples then grabbed her boobs hard she was horrified to see streams of milk squirt out which made the puppies go absolutely bonkers.Kay couldn’t believe it. Not only had the pack of Wolves turned her into some slut bitch, the damn puppies from all their nipping and suckling had turned her into a cow as well, her breasts now huge and heavy all of a sudden it was clear as to why. As the puppies jumped and yipped lapping at the streams of milk on the ground and her belly, Kay tried to pull away yet was suddenly cornered by the two males that had been drinking, naturally both finding her puddle of urine.“Great” Kay thought as instantly one jumped up gripping her about her waist pulling her down mounting her as the other moved over her head crossways clearly wanting to be blown. Kay was trapped as ones cock drove in and out of her cunt almost instantly tying meaning they’d be stuck for at least a half hour as the other pumped and thrust into her mouth. What upset her most however was how the puppies had begun ravenously suckling on her massive swinging breasts, pulling and tugging on her nipples trying to get every drop of milk out of them they could.Kay couldn’t believe it. As the puppies suckled Kay couldn’t help but imagine the huge cock in her mouth was some giant teat especially when it started pumping vast volumes of thick milky cum into her. The Wolf’s cock so large that it sealed her lips forcing Kay to suckle every drop out and swallow it down or risk drowning. It was just all so obscene, as the cock locked deep in her cunnie pumped in its load over and over just like the one in her mouth as the puppies drained her tits as though making room for more like some milk factory using cum as the raw material.Perverse and twisted it was, it was just all too much for Kay as she spent the next half hour almost constantly cumming locked to the huge cock becoming a wreck after as the puppies drank her dry. As she lay there afterward panting and exhausted however she had to admit her breasts felt much better after though the flow the puppies had started would now not stop. Kay since discovering she had to either squeeze out the milk or be suckled a couple times a day simply to find relief and as her heavy breasts would be voided, they would simply refill.The last aspect that really bothered Kay was that from all the constant sex just like her now heavy breasts easily twice the size they were when she came here, her clitoris and vulva had swollen dramatically as well. It felt like her cunnie was constantly sensitive, swollen and aching, not painfully but more as in needing relief. Her clit encircling her vagina inside now also thicker made it so even the littlest thing slipped inside of her would inspire it. Kay’s outer labia so flushed it covered the thin inner, and her clitoris seemed to remain the size of her thumb.Worse still her cunnie constantly ebbed like a bitch in heat. Kay’s cunnie, bottom and thighs were always slick as her pussy felt like it was continually pulsing and throbbing. Simply walking had even become a clumsy affair as little jolts of pleasure would race through her cunt each step as her thighs and netherlips pressed together. Add to that just like her breasts having been constantly taunted, her g-spot had swollen as well. She’d almost always gush when one of them was inside of her, vast amounts more fluid then she ever had, and once it was drained it would simply refill.Just like had happened with her Wolf lover, it made it so the only comfortable position was on all fours with her knees spread wide the pull to her heavy breasts comforting them as well. Unfortunately however, in that comfortable position, her cunt would spread open like some dew covered pink flower blooming against dark skin and made her look even more like a bitch in heat simply inspiring the males that much more making for a vicious circle.It was as though the Wolves had made her own body betray her, corrupting it as now her body needed the cruel attentions of not only the puppies yet the adult males inside of her. Kay only found relief when the puppies would suckle her breasts, and when the larger Wolves would tie locking with her, straining her vagina to its limits. Perhaps even more cruel, Kay noticed her bottom also seemed buzzy perhaps the best word to describe it. An adolescents cock raking in and out of it as his large knot pressed to her anus like a fist till it flooded her bowel with hot spunk was her only relief.Most of all however, their constant attentions had not only corrupted Kay’s body yet also her mind as she found herself fantasizing about the Wolves while they were out hunting and late at night. She couldn’t help it, on days when few sought her slick cunt Kay had to relieve her needs on her own feeling as though she’d explode from the anxiety if she didn’t. The greatest proof of all however came in one last twisted form however.Before if she had thought about it, the thought of dark beer, escargot and pizza was what taunted her taste buds. Now however when she thought of the one thing she wanted most in her mouth, the one taste and texture, the one thing to fill her belly to bursting it had become one simple thing. The thick hot sweet cum of the Wolves, the very thought of it made her shudder squeezing her thighs together. She almost dreamed of the sensation and taste as that first hot gush blasted out into her mouth, and as she’d drain the first would only want the next even more.Kay hated how her body and mind had betrayed her. What the Wolves had turned her into, lustful and needy for their attentions above all else. Like some whining desperate bitch in constant heat only good for being fucked as that is all she wanted now. Kay did not only want it, she felt she needed it even more so had to have it.Truth be told however here in the wilderness, there really was nothing more as her food, shelter and security were all taken care of by the Wolves. No work needed to be done, she slept as much as she wanted, there was nothing else except the sex, and as much as she may have been resentful of it, it still made her feel as though she had value and a place within the pack. The next day however proving to Kay how much just like her Wolf lover had turned her lustful toward him. Freedom suddenly there for the taking.The entire next day not a single puppy suckled at Kay’s pendulous breasts. More so not a single adult had tried to have sex with her in any form. Kay had spent most of the day masturbating trying to find relief and as night came and the Wolves snored actually angry with them she went out of the cave to masturbate even more. No matter what she did, no matter how hard she rubbed her clit or how ever many fingers she shoved into herself could Kay find satisfaction. So furious Kay decided to walk it off, storming away from the overhang in an angry huff.Kay had in the hour she walked actually traveled a good two miles recognizing where she was at. Instantly it struck her, if she walked just another five hundred yards she’d be at the river and could walk it down covering her scent. By morning when the Wolves would rise Kay would be so far off they’d never catch her, but those thoughts were instantly squashed by others racing through her mind.Who would suck the milk out of her swollen breasts each day? Who’s cocks would ravage her cunnie over and over or fill her ass, or pump gush upon gush of sweet cum down her throat. In fact the more she thought about it, it had to be Wolves or at least dogs doing it as if not, how would she be locked to them forced to cum over and over as they yanked and pulled.Just like with her Wolf lover then and there Kay realized not only did she need the Wolves now to fuck her, she wanted nothing else. Kay wanted to be used time and again by the Wolves and as she thought of the entire pack, every male within it all taking their turns filling and covering her with their hot thick cum, without even a touch to her dripping cunt Kay right then and there suddenly came.Kay didn’t want to escape any longer. She just wanted to be used as the Wolves had been doing as it was the only thing that mattered to her any more. The only thing missing was being loved and accepted by the Wolves as one of their own like her lover had. However given the choice of being a whore for pack or no contact at all had Kay running for the cave, praying she’d get back before the pack would wake to be available for them.Malicious TormentFor whatever the reasons be it hard hunts or simply not in the mood it having warmed up quite a bit, none of the males had wanted anything to do with Kay for a couple days more. Worse still the puppies full from their mothers had ignored her as not only was her cunnie severely swollen and ebbing so bad she was dripping, her breasts were heavy and large, every touch making them dribble and squirt. Kay had masturbated three times that day trying to find any relief she could but it only seemed to make her condition worse. Finally the pack returned from the hunt acting more lazy then anything, and as they all settled in Kay no longer able to stand it anymore she began crawling about.It seemed every male Kay would posture toward showing her cunnie and taking a stance to be mounted by them was simply ignored. Trying everything, sticking her twat in their faces, touching them with her hands and even trying to suckle a couple only seemed to make them madder, most groaning and turning away, yet some even snapping to be left alone. The entire while Kay also noticed the Beta Bitch seemed to take great joy in her distress, and as Kay began to sulk moving toward the wall the Beta’s cruel bullying began. Lunging and snapping at Kay, she made her submit at least three times and then began her vulgar pissing. Peeing on Kay’s chest, then legs she finally grabbed the back of Kay’s neck acting like she was going to hump her yet instead pissed all over Kay’s anus and cunnie.It was odd, as after the Beta Bitch had pissed on her there with a stern growl telling Kay to hold still, the Beta Bitch then began lapping at Kay’s twat as she never did. As though just to work Kay up even more stopping two times just before Kay could cum. Finally it all made sense however as she grasped Kay’s throat standing to her side once more. For the first time since being there the Beta male, her mate sauntered up to the pair and began plowing his tongue through Kay’s swollen ebbing folds. Slick with her own wetness covered in the Beta Bitches pee, Kay couldn’t help but shudder as her hips reflexively tried to thrust back so desperate for relief.Kay realized this was a very dangerous situation. Not only did the Beta Bitch seem to hate Kay constantly tormenting her, this mated pair were by far the largest and strongest of the pack, the enforcers and protectors if you will. When aggressive interlopers would show up, it was the Beta’s that ran them off. Bears as well, in fact they seemed to relish the fight with something much larger more powerful then they were.What was even more confusing is why the female would want her mate to take Kay. It was not uncommon to see a female coax a higher ranking male into breeding with her yet as soon as the female of the couple saw it, things turned very ugly and even violent. All Kay could imagine is this was some cruel twisted game wherein she would end up getting ripped to pieces by the most powerful Wolves in the pack. Yet whatever their reasons were Kay would just have to endure it and hope she would survive.What surprised Kay thinking the Beta male was about to mount her was how out of the blue he pulled away walking up behind the female Beta checking her scent as well. The male didn’t hesitate mounting the female as he plowed feverishly into her twat, the bitches grip on Kay’s neck trembling as she grunted and whined making Kay wonder if she’d have her throat ripped out before they had even finished. It was worse then that.Amazingly, the male Beta stopped though grudgingly dismounting the female and moved around behind Kay. At first she thought perhaps the male was using her as some odd turn on intending on finishing in the Bitch, but when she felt his pawing at her hip knew what was about to happen. Instantly Kay began to squirm and twist trying to break free of the bitches grip as she’d not have that soiled cock dripping so slick with the bitches wetness shoved into her own cunt. The thought of her tormentor’s wetness inside of her was horrific, yet Kay would have no choice.The more she struggled the tighter the grip on her throat became as the Beta bitch would growl and yank to make Kay keep still, and as Kay tried to drop her rump down to protect herself the true power of the Beta male showed itself. Feeling his weight suddenly upon her Kay had her legs yanked back and spread wide by his powerful forelegs gripping her inner thighs. No gentle probing just a sure aimed shove, and as is his cock sank halfway into Kay’s cunnie he pulled roughly yanking her back fully to its base.Kay couldn’t even scream the grip to her throat so firm. Immediately the male began harshly hammering away in and out of her as Kay cringed at the thought of the cruel Beta bitches wetness deep inside of her own cunnie as though she herself had fucked Kay. The male’s cock was so huge it took Kay quite a few thrusts to even begin to bear it, and before she fully had the chance the male had plunged deeper still as he rutted fiercely, within seconds his knot swelling and they became locked tight.Kay could tell, this was not about trying to please her, or really even please himself. It was about the Beta Bitch humiliating Kay as the male’s hot load of cum pumped and jetted into her cunt ferociously made slick from the bitches wetness and worst of all her own as though accepting this.Once the Beta male had tied locking his throbbing cock into Kay’s tight cunnie, while her abdomen felt like it was distending from the vast amount of cum the Beta female released Kay’s throat as Kay began to struggle to try and pull free. Kay had been so horny before this started and felt like a fool degrading herself so desperate to orgasm, yet this moment with the thought of the bitches wetness within her it was the thing she fought against most.As Kay tugged and yanked though it would be impossible to pull free, out of no where the Beta male stepped off to beside her and then in a single movement had swung his rear leg over her till they were rump to rump. Kay could feel the huge throbbing cock and knot twist still pumping his hot cum inside her.Not only did Kay feel ashamed when this happened with any of them, it was ten times worse in her mind with the cruel Beta female there. To make matters worse, the tall male straightened his legs lifting Kay’s knees off the ground suspended by his cock. The tops of her feet dragged about as he tugged and thrust backward, pulled and twisted inside her.Kay felt as though she was supported in mid air by her own cunt trapped by her lusts unable to pull away and just as she thought it couldn’t get any worse it suddenly did. The Beta female having pulled away suddenly stuck her head between the males legs under him lapping away at the cum pouring from Kay. Instantly Kay began clawing with her fingers into the dirt for as the bitch lapped feverishly she was grinding her flat tongue roughly against Kay’s clit.Kay screamed and pleaded for them to stop as though they would understand what she was saying. Yet as she tried to break free digging and scratching at the soil before her, she only made matters worse as the huge knot pressed and squeezed, raking and twisting over her g-spot. Kay suddenly froze screaming out “no, no, nO, NO!” as her breasts and belly began to tremble, then her thighs as her calves pulled up tight to them bringing her knees to her belly while her arms collapsed falling to her chest doing all she could to fight back the orgasm surging up within her. Worst of all, before she noticed the licking had stopped, she suddenly felt weight upon her bottom abruptly realizing what it was. The Beta Bitch had mounted her bottom and had begun furiously humping away.As the Beta bitches slick cunt ground and raked over Kay’s ass, it only drove her down harder against the knot holding her bottom up in the air as the male yanked and shoved. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t stop what surged up inside as her eyes rolled up and mouth opened wide in a scream that couldn’t come up.Kay’s body became rigid then violently begin to thrash, and just as she felt the Beta bitch shudder flooding her bottom with her own wetness, so Kay gushed as well as her own orgasm hit her like a freight train. When Kay came her cunnie violently convulsing, upon the bitch’s final grind it was enough to wrench her cunt free, falling bahis siteleri to the ground as the male’s cock pumped hot jets of cum all over her anus and cunnie and the bitches twat flooded her ass and back.Kay lay there the longest time sobbing so ashamed that she couldn’t hold back her orgasm from their abuse, and as she fluttered open her eyes looking out through the tears, all she could see was the entire pack watching. That was it, she could take no more just wanting it over as far as she was concerned, hoping they’d kill her now. Instead she found the Beta male fucking the female as though Kay couldn’t satisfy him like some final insult, and just as Kay scrunched her eyes shut sobbing, she was suddenly yanked up by the back of her neck once again.Forcing a StandGrabbing Kay the Beta bitch yanked her up to almost sitting as the males thick cum poured out of her abused cunt. Opening her eyes to see the final blow coming, what she instead saw horrified her as her mouth opened wide to yell. The males hard cock aimed at her face as he stepped over Kay’s head, still pumping thick ropy jets of cum out its tip, slick and dripping up its length from Kay’s and now the Beta bitches wetness. Before she could yell the male shoved his large filthy cock deep into her mouth Kay unable to recoil due to the bitches firm grip as she felt his hot cum pump into her and tasted the bitches wetness.That was it, the last straw. Kay knew the next step would be the hateful bitch grinding her sopping twat to her mouth as the male plowed her ass or some other ridiculous scenario. Yet Kay had quite simply had enough wanting it over right then and there as she’d be humiliated no more.Kay suddenly shoved hard at the male to drive his cock out of her mouth thrashing to release her neck from the bitch’s firm grasp. Scrambling to her feet furious, she’d force them to kill her or her them was Kay’s only thought as she kicked at the male which found him dodging yet oddly cringing after, and as she spun round to attack the female she was knocked to the ground as the Beta Bitch attacked. Kay scrambled and kicked as the bitch clawed and snapped grasping one of Kay’s arms biting down, yet Kay flipped them both over rolling ultimately landing on top. Rearing back her fist to hit the beta, the bitch unexpectedly cringed releasing Kay’s arm.Though she didn’t know what made her do it, Kay had pinned the bitches muzzle to the ground as she stepped over her pinning the bitches shoulder with her knee. No hesitation or thought about it, but Kay loosed a torrent of piss, the male’s cum and her own wetness upon the bitches head and neck and not till it was simply dripping from her did she think to stand up finally screaming “you fucking bitch!”The Beta female scrambled up pulling away and without warning stopped and turned. Kay’s fists balled up ready to fight, knowing now for sure she would be killed, found instead the Betas cowering and crawling closer submissively until finally they were licking at Kay’s feet and up her legs. Odder still the Beta Bitch cautiously had worked her way up beginning to lap at Kay’s dripping cunnie bathing it from what they had done.Kay stood still shaking, and her fists balled in shock not understanding what was happening. The Beta pair had just ****d her clearly doing things to insult and degrade her Kay realizing they would have taken it even further. What’s more, she knew they had no fear of a fight, certainly no fear of her as she had seen them both almost thrilled at the chance to fight bear ten times their size that could of easily killed them. Yet here they were begging for forgiveness tending to her violated body, and soothing her enraged senses.Confused, Kay looked at her arm as she felt around her throat wondering just what damage had been done. Though the Bitch’s teeth had left marks gripping Kay firm, they hadn’t even broken the skin let alone shredded her flesh as she had expected. Glancing to the Alpha pair, Kay just caught the female as she looked to the male her expression one of pride as though she had told him so. As her cunnie and legs were being bathed submissively by the Beta’s Kay simply wasn’t sure what to do not understanding a bit of this.Kay didn’t know why, yet she couldn’t help herself reaching down and patting the female’s head stroking it a moment as the Beta’s then both pulled back and even odder still began acting silly. The male suddenly spinning round twice bolting off to then drop and bathe his cock that had just ravaged both Kay and the Beta bitch. The Bitch suddenly dropping down began to flop about as she rubbed her face and neck on the ground where Kay had pissed on her, yet looked up to Kay with a clear smile after both almost acting like puppies.Stunned and bewildered, Kay slowly walked toward the back of the cave as the other Wolves looked on oddly none getting upset, and as she sank into the hot water to try and figure it all out, the answer quickly hit her. For whatever the reason the Beta’s had been sent by the Alpha bitch to do exactly what they had done.Not to hurt her or abuse her out of malice, yet to push Kay to a point she would make her stand, and though they could have easily killed her to lose and submit when Kay finally stood her ground. She had seen the exact same thing before with the younger Wolves, pushing them till they finally made their stand to make them stronger and demand their place in the pack, yet what she couldn’t answer was would they really do that with her?Eventually walking out of the back and curling up on the dirt floor near the rest of the pack Kay slept soundly that night oddly warm and eventually comfortable her head on the softest pillow imaginable. Slowly waking up from the suckling puppies their nips though tough to take but her constantly swelling breasts welcomed the relief, she awoke to find her head resting on the Beta’s males belly, the female pressed in tight behind her snoozing away. Once the puppies had finished moving off playing and full, Kay slowly stirred rolling onto her back listening to the Beta male breathe. The Beta bitch already awake and seeming to have been waiting slowly crawled down to Kay’s feet. Once there beginning to bathe them, and once clean thoroughly began working up her legs.Kay warm and lazy did not even question it as her legs slowly parted the bitch working higher till finally she began lazily licking Kay’s cunnie. Perhaps thinking back to her first Wolf love, as the bitch lapped away Kay turned her head ever so slightly pulling back the sheath of the Beta male, her lips wrapping around his cock and she lazily suckled. In no time Kay had cum her hips raising off the ground as her thighs shook signaling her release, and as she recovered oddly the Beta female did something stranger still. Perhaps understanding Kay’s almost constant now sexual needs, as she stood up the Beta bitch turned round stiffening her legs and pulled her tail to the side as though waiting and willing to be mounted.Kay really wasn’t sure what to do. She knew humping the bitch would not satisfy either yet not wanting to insult the Beta the gesture clearly one of submission Kay lifted off the male slipping his cock out of her mouth and moved toward the bitch to imitate what she had seen rarely with the other females. Grasping the Beta’s hips Kay could barely straddle the female as she pressed her cunnie slowly to the top of the bitches rump. Pausing a moment this so unnatural to her, she gripped tighter then as fast as she could began humping the female’s rump. What surprised her is how good it actually felt, soft fur covering firm muscles and as that first “uh oh” jolt hit her Kay pulled away knowing what she must do.The Beta’s had been submissive to her thus far simply as a courtesy. They had earned and deserved their place in the pack, and though they were being generous to push it too far Kay knew would ruin everything. Dropping to her hands and knees realizing this Kay crawled submissively her head and chest low and rump up in the air to then nuzzle the Beta bitches chin and neck, then parted her knees and waited. It didn’t take long the Beta bitch mounting Kay taking a few token humps to accept stopping just as quickly as Kay had, then with her mate loped out of the cave Kay having made the right call, and the Beta’s never abused her again.It was funny, but after the Beta’s attack and response, all of the subordinates would no longer forced their way on Kay yet would ask. Very rarely Kay refusing knowing her place in the pack and accepting it and to be fair having almost constant needs now herself though it would take one more thing to seal the deal. That one thing coming in the form of an old enemy. Alaska it seemed had plans for Kay, and whatever part her old nemesis played it would have to run its course.An Old LoverAble now to move freely about so the morning came just a week later. Warm and sunny Kay walking away from the overhang with perhaps eight of the puppies in tow, she enjoyed the freedom to get out some the pack now trusting her as one of their own. Coming upon an old tree as Kay bent down to pick a Mushroom and out of the corner of her eye she saw movement nearby though it was up wind of them.Kay didn’t even have to question what it was so large and lumbering by instantly recognizing it as a large Brown Bear. Turning to run Kay found the puppies playing and no matter what she did could not get them to follow. Worse still, the single adolescent Wolf with them took off running as Kay found herself left alone with a large Bear heading her way and eight puppies too much to scoop up and carry. Thinking quickly not willing to let the Bear eat the puppies to save her own skin, Kay shoved them into a hole amongst the roots of the tree and pressed flat over them hoping he’d sulk by.Passing them at first, as he lumbered over the path they had taken the massive Bear paused then turned and in a flash was boring down on them. Kay realized just like with the Wolves she was not fast enough to outrun him, strong enough to overpower him, or skilled enough to fight him. So with no other options available she drew herself tight into a ball covering the hole the puppies were in, jamming her hands and toes under the tree roots vowing to hold on till death.As the Bear came upon Kay he oddly paused roaring only then Kay realizing this was the same Bear she had encountered her first time. His nose scarred and shreds of her panties still stuck hanging from his teeth, and who for whatever reason had saved her from the men who had ****d her. It was as though for some reason he always hunted her, and as she gripped the roots as tightly as she could the massive Bear moved behind her. One after another the Bear’s great paws tried to roll Kay over on her back as her limbs felt as though they were about to be ripped from their sockets, yet the more the Bear pushed and pulled the tighter Kay gripped at the roots and pulled herself tight.It was only then that Kay remembered she did have one power or so it seemed over the Wolves and even this Bear knowing she had to do something to bide her time hoping the older Wolves might find them. With that thought in mind Kay tipped her hips higher slowly fearing moving too fast, and as she did first her anus then cunnie came into view as her back arched down, the last fraction of the roll her constantly puffy and damp cunnie opening like a flush dewy flower. Trembling expecting that any second the Bear would start ripping her to pieces, Kay unexpectedly felt a sharp pain. Not from the Bear behind her however yet from below. At the worst time possible, the puppies had latched onto her hanging nipples and voraciously began their ravenous suckling.Kay prayed the Bear would become curious as she winced at the little nips hoping the puppies would remain quiet occupied with her full ebbing breasts, and as she had hoped the Bear in his typical fashion would comply. As though confirming some lover lost long ago the Bear began sniffing over her till he reached Kay’s anus. Shaking so scared she froze with a jolt, as without warning the Bear’s massive tongue dragged from her mons to her anus it taking all Kay could do to not cry out as the Bear plunged his tongue deep into her bottom. When the Bear pulled his thick twisting tongue free having realized his mistake, instantly he drove it deep into her cunnie as he had a year before.Kay was stunned how thick and strong the Bear’s tongue was as it probed and twisted deep inside her. The Bear so focussed on what he was doing he had even laid down behind her as he jammed his broad wet nose to her bottom driving his tongue in and out of her slick cunt. Over and over he’d thrust it in to curl then pull out as though dipping deep into a hollow tree through a knothole into some beehive’s honey pot. Again and again he thrust his thick writhing tongue in and out lapping at Kay’s sweet nectar while every plunge brought a blast of hot air from his nose that would rush over her anus.Though terrified this being a very dangerous game as at any second the Bear might decide to bite, Kay’s trembling that had become a shake had turned into a constant quiver as the great tongue plowed into her. Like some vastly skilled massive cock twisting and curling as it vibrated from the strain thrusting in and out of her, making it even worse Kay could feel each jet of milk rushing through her nipples as the puppies suckled below.Horrified at what was happening, Kay was even more so at the realization that her cunt had become sopping wet yet not from the Bear’s saliva. Her cunnie buzzed and tingled seeming to come fully to life, each twisting plunge of the Bear’s tongue caused his massive rubbery lower lip to drag firmly over her engorged clit making her body convulse and shudder each sweep.As Kay gripped the roots as tight as she could she thought to herself “oh lord this couldn’t be happening”. Yet as she whispered “don’t, please don’t, don’t, no, no” suddenly it exploded within her as a crushing orgasm swept through her unable to stop it. As Kay’s body shuddered brutally every bit of her shaking her cunnie clamped down on the Bear’s rolling curling tongue making him only try harder to drive it in.It was enough for the Bear confirming what he wanted the taste so sweet and so familiar so yanking his tongue free, Kay had but a second to realize what was happening as a mass of blubber wrapped in fur suddenly was over her. Feeling the Bear’s thick cock drag down the crack of her bottom she prayed he’d not enter her as she shivered out the last waves of her orgasm. For good or bad however her wish was granted, as like before he slid past Kay’s slick folds as she felt his massive rubbery tool sliding up and down her abdomen.“Oh thank gawd” Kay thought yet instantly that thought shifted to “oh no!” Horrified Kay felt a sharp pain, then another and another as the puppies below her not latched onto her nipples were jumping up trying to bite the new toy thrusting in at them. Kay knew what would happen if one of them bit the Bear as they’d all be killed for sure. So with that she did the one thing she had been praying wouldn’t happen, and as the Bear pulled back for another thrust, Kay lowered her hips just a little and the Bear thrust thick long cock deep into her cunnie.The Wolves alerted by the adolescent as expected had come running. What they found however surprised even them. No smell of blood from puppies or Kay, no bodies mangled and smashed. Just the thick sweet smell of Kay’s wetness in the air, the great Bear hunched up thrusting, grunting and panting as his fat surged over him in waves and Kay’s small hand and foot sticking out from under him making the Wolves enraged.They knew the creature Kay’s needs and no matter how much they had amplified them had accepted her as one of their own, as one of the pack. Yet here she was rutting and mating with their only enemy, and as the Beta’s hunched down preparing to attack the Alpha bitch stopped them as the Bear was still dangerous and once he was through with the traitorous slut he would no doubt move away.Nipples yanked and pulled on as the milk rushed through them caused Kay to shake as the large cock inside of her thrust and ground. Like being surged over by a fur covered waterbed unable to move trapped by the massive Bear, Kay plead with herself for her body to not betray her once again. This time however Kay’s prayers went unanswered. Just like a lover long denied as the Bear’s cock thrust deep and his entire body began to tremble like Jello wrapped in fur Kay felt his cock swell and throb as his hot thick cum gushed into her in massive surges.As the Bear came inside Kay’s stretched cunnie, his cock lurching and pumping jet upon jet of hot sticky spunk Kay could hold back no more as her own shudder and groan of her orgasm was drowned out by the massive b**st grunting, panting and drooling upon her. When satisfied that each drop of his seed had been pumped deep into her, laboriously the Bear pulled his cock from her swollen cunt, his victory gushing out after. Looking to the Wolves satisfied he had finally accomplished his long sought goal to mate with the hairless bear that had eluded him so long, spent and contented, with a satisfied groan he simply lumbered off slowly into the forest to never be seen again.Kay was shattered. Shaking as post orgasm shudders coursed over her she didn’t even realize the Wolves had arrived. Suddenly the Alpha male slammed into her biting down on her shoulder intending to kill the creature. Kay assuming the worst thinking that the Bear was now going to eat her, and as she gripped the roots one last time she fell hard into blackness passing out from the shock of the ordeal.Just as the Alpha female and the Beta’s charged in they sk** to a halt however as suddenly there was a sound they knew all too well. First a squeak, then a yip and suddenly up between Kay’s shins squirming it’s way out from under her mons a puppy pushed through his maw coated in milk. One after another the puppies struggled out, it almost looking like Kay was giving birth to them already fed, fat and happy.Instantly the Alpha female snapped at the male who released Kay just as quick as she realized that moment Kay at great cost to herself had saved the puppies and endured such a horrible thing simply to protect them. The Wolves however couldn’t nudge her free Kay’s grip so tight to the roots below, and only after licking at her hands and feet for ten minutes or more did Kay realize she could finally let go though still out cold.The entire pack that night slept away from the overhang, all cuddled up to Kay wrapping her in a fur covered blanket. As they did the Wolves bathed her fully from head to toe, inside and out. Thirty grateful tongues in all soothing and healing the protector of the puppies, as Kay without question had finally earned her place within the pack protecting its future.As summer turned to fall and ultimately to winter Kay lived as one of the more honored members of the pack instead of some low b**st meant to satisfy the males to give the females some peace. To be sure the sex didn’t stop. Sometimes just one, sometimes many, yet in all cases it was respectfully asked for, nuzzled for and if refused left in the hopes that she might be receptive tomorrow. As some of the older and adolescent males Kay had known left, so some new females had arrived from other packs. The older pups growing fast as did their natural drives, and in the end even the pups Kay at one time had nursed to robust health found them seeking their first encounter with the mating bitch of the pack.It was oddly easy living yet only due to the steam vent deep inside the cave. It would have been impossible for Kay to survive without it as when it was –50F below zero outside the area of the cave near the pools was at the coldest perhaps 65F. Coupled with that, Kay actually had begun to enjoy the cold as her morning runs outside the cave to do her business found her laughing all the way back inside. The Wolves it seemed also understood her plight, as when she’d rush back in there never seemed to be a shortage of lush warm furry bodies huddling close to her, and though different, she belonged.Becoming Human Once MoreAs Spring arrived and new pups were born, so Kay found her breasts once again making the pack healthy feeding the future. Less and less however did the young males seek her company as they paired up with the new females that arrived as the pack was finally stabilizing. Over the year Kay lived with the pack finally accepted as one of them, she had learned all there was to know about its inner workings and how Wolf society really was, insight like no other had ever known and most likely never would again.Sitting beside the Alpha female both of them now matrons of the pack the morning finally came mid-spring when Kay knew it was time to leave. After one last long night in her treasured hot bath, it was only the Alpha bitch that escorted Kay to the edge of the bluff. Not a word spoken, hints or nudges given, they both knew it was time. Kay slowly rose looking out over the vast expanse of the Alaskan wilderness her decision firm taking three steps moving away, pausing looking back one last time to the Alpha Bitch, yet she had vanished.For some reason it didn’t surprise Kay, more so she oddly felt as though the Alpha was part of her now, as though they had always been connected. Everything the Alpha Bitch had done for her pack Kay sensed she would be doing for her own kind as well. Silly perhaps yet she imagined they had merged into one. The Human becoming Wolf for a time to learn, and now the Wolf once again becoming Human. With that Kay began to walk slowly vanishing into the Alaskan brush, leaving the pack forever on a warm Spring day.Kay didn’t know why, yet she felt no urge or need to walk to the helicopter first to collect her things generally knowing the direction to get back to Kanutuk, and the river was always near to follow as she casually headed South West. Reports soon started coming in that most assumed were simply hoaxes. Reports of a nude lean large breasted Woman that would be seen walking past, surely the long lost “Naked Wolf Woman”, though at first most assumed they were just drunken fish tales. In time however the reports were accurate enough to believe and what started as just fleeting glimpses soon turned into up close encounters.Tales like how some nude woman would walk into a fishing camp ignoring the men, taking what she wanted to eat and then would just as ghostly seem to vanish back into the brush. Others would get longer looks at Kay finding her by their fires in the morning positively identifying her as her tattoos that made it obvious. Never a word said by the woman, simply there one moment then gone the next though some claimed she stayed with them a short while. Always good honest men who’s word you could trust, yet past she had been there, stayed and left, they never shared anything more.One such encounter found Kay just after dark silently walking out of the brush like a wraith right up to the fire. The six fishermen there absolutely floored. Kay nude and now darkly tanned from her months in the Alaskan outback as she turned round looking at the men expressionless as they all sat there mouths agape. Quickly the men began to ask if she was all right, lost or hurt, quickly peeling off their shirts to offer her something to wear. Kay simply looked at the items and smiled shaking her head once no, obviously not in shock, yet surprisingly comfortable being naked around them.The men were truly concerned it being a good hundred miles or more from any civilization. Kay clearly seeing this, so when she caught one discreetly glancing at her heavy breasts as anyone naturally would, Kay’s demeanor instantly changed. Though the man was embarrassed for having looked, Kay simply smiled softly seeing these were indeed good men. With that she walked to the one that had looked at her, and setting her hand to the back of his head she gently guided him as he moved as though hypnotized. Pulling his head to her breast as he reflexively suckled as his eyes went wide then softened as her breast gushed out its sweet flow. Kay let out a long soft moan finally speaking, “Mmmm that’s what I needed” as her aching breast was relieved of its swollen burden.That night Kay’s heavy breasts were made light as she lightened the masculine burdens of them all except one. Moving slightly away from the men, without hesitation she dropped to all fours her stance like that of a Wolf in heat as her swollen vulva and clit slick with anticipation proved her words true of “please, I need this”. The one abstaining however was a local native guide. As the men each took Kay or more she took them he realized she moved just like a Wolf. Rutting and whining as she drove back hard upon their cock’s one after another, it was as though she was insatiable, and when the last man passed out from exhaustion Kay was clearly ready for more.The next morning found Kay gone like she had never been there not even a footprint found. All that remained was just the slick nectar of her cunnie still coating their cocks, and the vivid memories of a wraith of a woman. The men all spoke of how she smelled soft and warm like fur, her full breasts flowing milk sweet as honey, and it was then that the guide was sure what had happened, thankful that he had not joined in. It was not some dream nor even some lost naked and horny woman. It was Ta’boa in the ancient tongue, and for whatever the reason, Ta’boa walked once more.Quickly word spread throughout the native locals. Ta’boa had been seen here, or passed through that camp there, and though the white men called her the “Naked Wolf Woman” her description and actions told so much more. One day she’d be seen shielding a Wolf from a helicopter or hunters, then another walking past a camp or crossing a river in view of someone fishing.Those that tried to cause her harm she would always ferociously deal with, and those that were good and kind sometimes found her lustful kindness equally as intense. In any case the natives believed that Ta’boa walked once again it having been six months of varied stories, and as rumors and speculation along with the colors of Autumn painted the Alaskan wilderness, all of the speculation would finally be put to rest.Marks for RemembranceKay finally found what she had set out for months ago though to be honest had not been really looking all that hard. Nude and dark from a long summer her heavy breasts swaying each step Kay made quite a sight walking through a small village she ultimately encountered. Odd she thought recognizing some of the faces there as they seemed to hers as well. The white men passing gawked and stared, some even rudely catcalling their vulgar obscenities. In contrast however Kay found the native locals almost cowering as they’d drop their heads averting their eyes each saying just a single word, “Ta’boa”.Kay paid none of it any mind feeling curiously comfortable naked as it had been well over a year now that she had not wore a stitch of clothing. In fact it made her feel almost powerful no longer ashamed to be nude and frankly enjoyed seeing the natives avert their eyes as she abruptly paused seeing a sign. “Kanutuk Traditional Tattoos” marked on a ragged old board.As Kay walked up the little rise toward the building all of the natives loitering there quickly moved away. Not in fear yet strangely more in respect as each would mutter out “Ta’boa” then lower their eyes and back away. One even scrambled to open the door for her strangely showing her how you worked it, but as Kay walked past leaving the door wide open it having been over a year since she had been in a building they all s**ttered to spread the news.Once inside Kay found a native young man and his grandfather who was passing down his skills to a new generation. The old man’s eyes grew wide and he turned his head down and spoke that word again, “Ta’boa,” then begged pardon for them both so he could speak with the young man in the back. Once the pair came out the old man’s words were clear though in some odd Indian tongue, Kay clearly confused as she asked him even stumbling over her own words it having been so long since she had spoken “Ang, English….please”.“Do you come to take my grandson Ta’boa?” Kay narrowing her eyes looking the handsome young man over, turning back to the old man responding “take him? What do you mean, take him?” The old man nodded obviously relieved by Kay’s confusion though still would not look her in the eyes as he asked her simply “how can we serve you Ta’boa?”“I want to be marked” Kay said, “marks that will remind me of each bit I’m about to tell you”. The old man nodded yet asked, “and why do you need to be reminded Ta’boa?” Kay’s response was simple, “I’ve been in the wilderness alone so long it already seems like some dream.” The old man was positive now, this was Ta’boa and she did indeed walk again, all of the white peoples talk of the Naked Wolf Woman was simply due to their ignorance.Kay on the other hand was just tired of all the natives calling her “Ta’boa” as for all she knew it meant white slut, whore, lord knows what. In the end however it really didn’t matter, as for whatever the reason, they were all otherwise respectful even though she had walked here nude. In any case, Kay just wanted the tattoos and would work out how to pay for them later. Sitting in the barber chair facing the open door, Kay proceeded to tell them what she wished to remember.How her life before was now almost unnatural to her, during that time when she gained the marks of the Tiger, Bear and Bull. About her cruise and the crash, and the Bear trying to **** her even stripping away all she had left of her old life. She then elaborated about her Wolf lover, spoken casually, blunt and specific not really caring at this point what anyone thought. How she had been ripped away yet fought to get back knowing they were meant to be together, knowing deep down she was meant to be a Wolf.Kay then told of her long quest to find her lover and all that had happened. Her ultimate sexual enslavement to the pack, their teachings and acceptance, even how ultimately she became one of them. Why she now always felt lustful, how her breasts would fill, her hot vent bath and finally the **** of the same Bear that seemed to always be there. Lastly her long walk back to here, not a detail missed or veiled, dressed up fancy or hidden. Quite simply she told of her experience in a graphic, blunt, and honest fashion.The old man simply nodded throughout the tale with his eyes closed to visualize every aspect of it. His grandson as expected had a slightly different reaction, his pants tented and tight throughout but heeded his grandfathers warning finding it easy to look at the rest of her avoiding looking into Kay’s eyes. To Kay however it all seemed almost like some dream now, yet as she spoke and remembered she felt her cunnie swell and wetness flow, and not caring what they thought, she could not help but touch herself lazily masturbating the entire time she spoke.The work took four solid days under the sting of the tattoo artist’s tools to complete, though compared to the Alaskan brush, it felt like nothing. The old man telling his grandson how to move his steadier hands, and the only breaks taken were to eat, drink or rarely sleep, and when Kay would feel a “need” the old man would take his grandson to the back to grant her privacy. Front, back and sides all marked, only when through did she even discover what work had been done. Standing in front of a mirror as the old man read her the tale of what she thought was her life. However it was told in the form of old native legend and lore, and was coincidentally the tale of Ta’boa.Of Legend and LoreOne day long after his creation of all things, the Great Spirit Bear realized that humans were nothing more than primitive s**ttered individuals, less then even most a****ls as at least the b**sts knew their life path and place. Weak, scared and alone, the race was dying as they had not learned to work together to survive in the cold North, and as the Great Spirit Bear looked down he took pity on them deciding how he would correct this fatal flaw in humans.Wise as he is strong, the Great Spirit Bear considered all of his sons and daughters when debating whom he should send to accomplish the task he had in mind, this no work for a lesser spirit. Consulting the Shamans, the Great Spirit Bear finally decided who he should send that could guide humans onto the right path, and though some in the fire sky would argue it, he was positive it had to be his daughter Ta’boa.Ta’boa did not have speed, nor strength of body, she did not even have a natural aggressiveness or pride let alone warrior’s skill. In fact the qualities Ta’boa had which would help her on this quest some might have even thought more vices or failings. A playful yet somewhat malicious spirit, Ta’boa enjoyed the other spirits chasing and competing for her attentions having a strong quality of attraction. In kind she had a stubborn will and false pride though would crumble easily when faced with a just opponent.Finally, Ta’boa besides being unfocussed beginning one task then moving onto the next before finishing the last dedicated her efforts to gaining the attention of others, satisfying petty lusts, and instantly moving on to the next spirit to catch her eye leaving those she had made obligations to unsatisfied. Failings any would justly say. However those very qualities when focussed correctly could draw others to her and would have them follow her guidance, yet be it her moving on or her lack of will, they would not be so swayed they would be led to do much wrong.Lastly Ta’boa had two gifts or powers. The first being she could nourish life, the sweet milk from her breasts making all who drank from her healthy and strong in both mind and body. The second was her power of seduction that had many facets. It was said any Spirit that looked in her eyes would be swayed, and any mortal human that caught her gaze would obey. It was also said any human or spirit that tasted the nectar of her cunnie would lust for her terribly till they could fill her with their own seed. That did have its downside however, as if she refused them they would ultimately take what they needed, forcing the weak willed Ta’boa to comply.Ta’boa however had other ideas being pretentious and vain, the thought of serving any but herself contrary to her very nature. So looking into The Great Spirit Bear’s eyes cooing “we spirits are so independent, what you need is a Wolf to guide the mortals”. Even the Great Bear was unable to resist Ta’boa’s powers, so with that the Great Spirit Bear agreed seeing the wise logic though it was unnatural for b**sts to aid humans.Though Ta’boa had intended for the Great Spirit Bear to send another spirit by twisting his plan, he instead would tailor the web of life and events to come to the qualities and powers Ta’boa had and to fit the situation he wished rectified. That night the Great Spirit Bear slipped into Ta’boa’s mind using his own special powers and with that had Ta’boa dream herself mortal yet at her suggestion although perverse and against the nature of things, lustful for b**sts, in particular Wolves.He would then fix her mortal life path to lead to her fall. Once there she would be enslaved by a Wolf pack by her own lusts and desires keeping her there till Ta’boa’s education of pack society was finished, Wolves having the skills of family and community values. When Ta’boa had finally proven herself as having learned all they had to teach, Ta’boa would dream herself into a human being then desiring them as well, a “human being” so much more then simply mortal or a person. Seeking out her own kind after, using her qualities and powers with the values she had learned, Ta’boa would teach humans of family and community, and with the nourishment of health she would offer, healthy civilization would grow.Spirits however were complex beings their interactions as twisted as our own. Long ago Ta’boa simply for malicious sport had painted her lips with her own sweet flow having decided she would kiss a lesser female spirit cousin to torment her forever in that she’d never be able to break the spell. Unknowing of her game however, two of her male cousins that day had intended a prank of their own.Ka’latuk would jump out kissing Ta’boa, and when she’d turn to run there would be Sauk to kiss her once again. Back and forth till Ta’boa would flee enraged, their intent on leaving them both laughing. The prank worked perfectly. What didn’t however were Ka’latuk and Sauk’s sudden urges and as begging would turn to pleading, eventually to anger and finally force, each cousin would ultimately find their spell broken, yet Ta’boa angered at what they had done breaking her spell would simply do it once again.As Ta’boa became mortal, thoughts of Spirit things instantly forgotten, she had just the day before enchanted Ka’latuk once again. To satisfy his need for his cousin having learned of his Uncle’s plan, Ka’latuk thought hard and devised one of his own. Swift and agile, Ka’latuk would dream himself as a Wolf so Ta’boa with her bestial urges would mate with him. His need so strong however only focussed on filling Ta’boa with his seed caused him to plan poorly as Canine were known to bathe themselves after so as his need would vanish so it would re-emerge, trapping both Ka’latuk and Ta’boa in a lustful eternity.When the Great Spirit Bear discovered what Ka’latuk had done, he called on his brother Sauk knowing of his previous rutting with his cousin Ta’boa and tasked him with a quest as well. Sauk, strong and lumbering would dream himself as a Great Brown Bear to remind Ta’boa of her father and her own quest. Sauk would hunt them both down lapping at his cousin’s cunnie it tasting of honey irresistible to bears yet enchanting him under her spell once again. Knowing Sauk would do anything at that point to have her, he would eat his brother so Ta’boa could never find him again and **** her breaking the spell for both of them. Once freed of Ta’boa’s cruel enchantment, Sauk and Ka’latuk would dream themselves spirits once more, Ta’boa now reminded and both of them free.When all had passed and Ta’boa dreamt herself a human being, she would bring weak and s**ttered peoples together with her influence and seduction as she satisfied her own petty needs. Feeding them making all who drank from her healthy and strong, tribes, community and civilization would be created wherever she’d walk in the world of men, and the s**ttered humans would become “human beings”.The Tattoos of Ta’boaAs the old man spoke telling Kay the legend of Ta’boa she stood there nude in front of the mirror as he would point up and down her body telling the tale. Oddly it sounded so much like her life of the last two years, yet she listened closely as he described the heavy Alaskan tribal designs. Admiring the exquisite work, in retrospect it had seemed like nothing to have done though in truth would have been impossible for any normal person to endure so much work done in so short of time.Kay hadn’t even told him of one tattoo long gone that for whatever reason the old man simply knew of. Squatting low he first pointed to her clitoral hood though was afraid to touch her there in that an old man with lustful urges meant being doomed to living the balance of your life in regret. A cross that had been set low added when she was a spirit long ago representing the Northern Cross, it’s points the four spirits and eight cousins, the flames the fire sky or heaven. The Tiger, Bear and Bull where added when spirit as well, the significance of however beyond his mortal knowledge, yet all added to her when she was a spirit.The old man then touched her left then right shoulder blade. A Wolf’s head on one, a big Brown Bear the other facing opposite ways forming the head of a large totem pole down her spine to her bottom. Her cousins Ka’latuk and Sauk, the totems on the pole itself told of the Great Spirit Bear’s plan culminating at her cousin’s interference. Her heavy scars crossing over her back from the bear’s claws cutting through the totem breaking its path. A large Bear paw graphic at it’s bottom having slashed its way down, the Great Spirit Bear’s actions to break the path and repair his intended plan.Up Kay’s outer left leg running from the mid-back to mid-front another totem pole running from her ankle to hip. Bold tribal graphics telling of her crash, Sauk finding her and drinking of her nectar to fuel his lusts, Ka’latuk stealing her away and their unnatural lustful love both forgetting themselves spirit having dreamed themselves mortal and Wolf. To prove their mating, a Wolf paw print was added to her left shoulder just above her breast where his paw gripped her firm yanking Ta’boa back onto his cock. A cycle repeated time and again due to the poor planning by Ka’latuk and Ta’boa’s bestial lusts, so an unbroken circle surrounded it.The tattoos of Kay’s name, birth date, and oddly even her bank account number and password which were hidden in two places were also oddly known to the old man. Those her vow when ripped from her Wolf lover or Ka’latuk to be with him once again to satisfy her bestial lusts and cravings and the only testament to Kay’s year long search while simply mortal.Up Kay’s outer right leg running from the mid-back to mid-front another totem pole running from her ankle to hip. Bold tribal graphics telling of her **** by the men, Sauk her cousin the great Bear saving her, her confused time as a slave to the Wolf pack her lusts rampant and growing. Sauk’s **** having already eaten Ka’latuk freeing them both from her spell, and Ta’boa’s time finally learning of Wolf community not as a slave yet a member of the pack. Lastly Ta’boa leaving the pack having dreamed herself finally as a human being.To acknowledge her time with the Wolves intimately, a tribal Wolf paw print on either side of her abdomen as though grasped and rutting. Numerous thin red rays fanning out representing the countless scratches having mated with so many of them so very often. Just like her right shoulder above her right breast however was the paw print of a Bear with a broken circle around it. That symbolized Sauk’s **** breaking the spell and putting Ta’boa on the right path once again.Finally, on the side of one breast was a small native symbol for “health” and on the other “life”, and though he did not mention them two low on her vulva meaning “don’t drink” as a warning, and when Kay asked what the two under her one eye on her cheek meant, the old man told her “clear sight” yet in reality meant “look away” as a warning to all that might stare into her eyes.There was one last tattoo however as Kay traced it down the back of her neck asking what it meant, the old man speaking plainly, “Ta’boa, so you’ll remember you are spirit when done, your name”. As Kay looked in the mirror the tattoos so heavy below yet so few above inspired her to ask as she ran her hands down her arms and then under her breasts and down her belly like a shelf and pole could have been there to support them. “Why not here?” The old man’s answer was blunt and clear. “You have much still to do Ta’boa, and I cannot see into the future” leaving her space for what might come.Payment for a ScribeKay was pleased. The more she looked in the mirror the more she liked the new look so savage and barbaric yet it told the story of her Wolf lovers in a way she could always remember. Nodding in satisfaction, Kay turned to the old man who still refused to look in her eyes asking him bluntly “what do I owe you old man” with obviously not a penny in her possession. The old man spoke clear once more for the moment keeping his distance. “Ta’boa, since I was a boy having been told the legend I always dreamed of you, hoped I’d see you, and if I did always hoped you would grant me your gift of health and life. I’m old, your other pleasures far behind me, yet I still long to drink of your bounty.”Kay smiled wickedly as her breasts had been aching for days now. Almost gliding toward the old man she gently cupped the back of his head in her hand and slowly pulled him to her breast. So very grateful the old man wept as his grandson looked on, suckling from one breast and as he began to pull away once dry, Kay pulled him back to the other to feed from it. Once the old man had finished his suckling it had inspired other urges within Kay. Cunnie and clitoris swollen and heavy, so slick she even dripped so very wet Kay turned to the young man maybe nineteen if that asking him bluntly, “and what do I owe you?”Instantly the old man spoke up. “Ta’boa I beg you, do not take my grandson from me.” Kay thinking he was crazy as she had no intentions to take him anywhere. As she looked the boy over so firm and well built, full black hair and dark skin, Kay knew she wanted him right then and there. With that she simply sat in the chair, then set her legs wide over the arms as she scooted her bottom to its edge making her cunnie splay wide like a pink flower blooming against dark caramel soil. She knew the boy could not resist as already his surprisingly large cock had swelled inside his pants. The old man also knew that his pleas with either Ta’boa or his grandson would go unheard, so he tried to control the outcome with a simple bandana and a whisper.“I know you must, yet I beg you my boy, please do not taste her cleft no matter how sweet she may smell, and do not take this blindfold off. To look in her eyes will mean you are lost”. The young man suddenly afraid and hesitating had Kay convincing him with no more then a single moan saying “Ohhhhh, I need you, deeeep inside me I’m sooo hot and wet.” In an instant he had turned as the old man wrapped the bandana around his head, then left the building weeping afraid he’d lose his grandson forever yet knew he could not fight Ta’boa’s power. Kay looked over the young man as he quickly undressed. His skin dark and beautiful, smooth and soft painting over firm large muscles rippling down to that magnificent cock. She could tell from how he acted that he was inexperienced yet she didn’t care, her own wanton lusts demanding, craving, and needing relief.“Closer, closer, closer” Kay spoke softly and seductively as the boy slowly inched toward her blind. Softly grasping his cock in her hand she could feel it instantly throb knowing this would take little, and guided it to her cunnie and softly whispered, “there, now push”. The boy was slow entering Kay as her eyes rolled back and she pulled her legs wider his size alone exquisite. He had barely moved into her before he began to pull back her passage so hot, slick and tight. As he began to push back in so slow it made Kay tremble in anticipation, suddenly she could see his muscles quiver and shake as he pushed deep inside her, and for what was all of ten seconds, he was no longer a virgin.Embarrassed almost instantly softening the young man instantly began to back away. Kay quickly wrapped her heels around his firm full bottom keeping him inside of her as she said “shh, shh, don’t go, that was wonderful just relax. Mmmm here,” taking his hands and placing them on her large breasts. “Feel how soft, here look” as she reached up and slid down his bandana. “Cum in me again please, pleeease…fuck me” knowing if he became hard he’d last much longer now. The boy in the heat of passion looked into Kay’s eyes she his very first as Kay plead with him to try. “Pleeease cum in me again, relax, enjoy. I want you to fuck me all you want”.Be it her soft soothing words, full breasts or hot wet cunnie it was as though he was re-inspired as for no reason the young man’s cock grew hard again and he began slowly pumping in and out of Kay’s hot cunt staring into her eyes. “Mmmm yes fuck me, fuck me as hard as you can, fuck me, fuck me hard you won’t hurt me”. The boy instantly began hammering into Kay at a furious pace, her thoughts back to the Wolves their rutting unrestrained, full of need so perfect.It was like clockwork as the boy shoved his large cock deep into Kay over and over again thrusting savagely. Kay’s eyes rolling up as her body lurched and heaved being shoved time and again, and just as she was about to cum herself she opened her eyes wide glaring into his, “cum in me, cum in me now, cum hard!” Kay’s back arching high as she began violently shaking just as he shoved his cock deep erupting another heavy load of his seed deep into her.Barely finishing her first orgasm Kay couldn’t help herself it having been so very long and this boy so magnificent and beautiful. Staring into his eyes saying simply “fuck me again”, and as his breathing quickly grew more rapid once more his softening cock grew rigid once again. Thrusting brutally into Kay’s tight folds as she came twice more the boy filling her one last time spent, panting and sweating as his chest heaved in raspy breaths the boy collapsed on top of her. Kay wanted just a little more thinking of the pack rutting with her. Begging him to cum in her once again his head upon her shoulder, his cock quickly shriveled as he apologized, “I, I can’t”.Kay had to have more. She had just endured his cruel needle for four days and it had been so very long since she had rutted with the pack. Pushing him away slightly to bend low as thick globs of his cum flooded out of her onto the seat, Kay slipped his thick cock in her mouth trying to make him firm as the last drops of his cum dripped from his cock, her own wetness slick and covering him.Rising back up her lips glistening, the boy simply softened more totally spent. “Just once more” Kay thought to herself as she kissed him hoping to inspire the boy once again, and just as her tongue entwined about his she could feel his cock harden between them, Kay spreading her legs guiding his cock into her ravaged cunt once more. Again the boy fucked her this time savagely as though desperate and crazed as Kay shoved back with equal ferocity each glaring into the others eyes. Both covered in sweat and panting, Kay asked for just one more time kissing him deep to inspire him unable to satisfy her unquenchable bestial lust. His shriveled cock instantly growing firm and the boy knew he had to have her, had to plunder her tight hot cunt, had to feel her with his cock just one more time.Kissing the boy constantly now as he’d fuck her, Kay could feel each thrust force her nether lips open wide as her cunnie stretched to accommodate his young heavy tool. It felt as though every throbbing vein upon his shaft and the flaring head raked over every inch of her inside till she’d feel him bottom yet he’d push in more. All to simply pull back raking her vagina from the bottom out their fit so tight she almost felt as though she would be turned inside out all to then slam back into her once again.Kay came three more times to his one and as the boys knees shook about to buckle, with another firm kiss to inspire him, they’d both cum once more before the strong healthy boy collapsed to the floor, weak, helpless and shaking. It was perfect for Kay. Like half the pack had taken her, the boy however so exhausted, so very spent that he simply lay there on the smooth boards twitching softly weeping.Kay’s debt had been paid, and more importantly her needs met. Looking at herself in the mirror reveling in the magnificent work fitting her body perfectly, she turned and walked to the door feeling refreshed and alive opening it saying to the old man worried sick waiting on the porch, “see, I’m taking him no where.” Yet the beautiful young boy’s desire for Kay or Ta’boa as he’d call her would last his lifetime as sometimes you’re taken away, yet you never go anywhere.Through with AlaskaKay almost tripped on all the junk littering the porch as in the few days she had been inside it was as though the local natives had set up some sort of shrine. Feathers, Bear claws, bones, glasses of liquor, some dried fish here, a dish of Seal meat there, so many little offerings that there was barely a path as Kay walked to the porches edge into the warm sun and stretched. As she straightened her back letting her arms fall to her sides, chest out, belly taunt and her feet parted wide, standing there nude she made for quite a sight.Skin flushed and glowing glistening in sweat her new tattoos so bold and crisp, Kay stood there as rays of sunshine washed over her looking down her nose stone faced at the crowd of Indians gathered there. Not one of them would look into her eyes though their eyes were wide watching dribbles of milk ebb from her breasts after all of the exertion. Just as she took a step to move off the porch, a massive glob of cum fell from her swollen slick cunnie her thighs looking as though covered in a heavy oil from her wetness. The crowd audibly gasping, and as she stepped down onto the packed soil of Alaska it was as though said in unison though whispered as she passed, “Ta’boa”.Kay thought they were all nuts, goofy natives, as she strutted down the main street her new tattoos making her feel powerful and protected. Walking toward the dock the seaplane used, as the native locals would look down some even turning away muttering out “Ta’boa”, the whites would stare in awe. Some just glaring, others cat calling as they’d chortle and whisper to their friends yet not a single one blocked her path. From the dock Kay could be sure which direction to take as without a word she pointed herself in a particular direction and walked into the brush. The next town was significantly larger some 70 miles away, yet what did that matter as there was no rush each day just simply another of living.There was a buzz of speculation throughout the Alaskan wilderness as even in such major cities as Fairbanks, Nome and Anchorage there was talk of this nude woman and as more reports came in, eventually people started putting one and one together. To the whites and younger native peoples, Kay was known as the “Naked Wolf Woman” from two years prior. The crash of her helicopter and other speculations as to the events two years ago rather set in stone, now added to them was her search for the Wolf and perhaps even the Bear that scarred her intent on killing them both.Most assumed that whatever had happened to Kay during her first trip had engrained such a pure hate in her that revenge is all she sought. Events of her last trip, the ****, Bear attack and being left behind also now well documented. What wasn’t known is where Kay had been for the year after. It was assumed Kay had just wandered aimlessly, how she survived naked and with nothing speculated at, though a log had been found possibly hers offering clues being one of the most comprehensive Alaskan survival manuals ever written. As to her being naked and never accepting clothing, most just guessed that she had lost her mind to some degree and once authorities could find her, they’d “help her” with treatment in an institution.The older natives however had a much different opinion, oddly not that far from the truth and based entirely upon the legend of Ta’boa. That Kay was Ta’boa a spirit of the native peoples. A seductress that had even laid with Wolf and Bear her lusts so ravenous, yet had come to pull together lost peoples into community and civilization. Why Ta’boa had come back once more however was unclear, yet they knew as much as she was a benefit to mankind she was also very dangerous.The very powers that gave Ta’boa the ability to pull people together also granted her the ability to entrap any other in wanton desire. She was only vulnerable to draw others close, and though physically all she could do is submit, mentally she could enslave another’s mind with lustful need and craving. Yes she could grant life and health, yet what good is a long life if wasted simply desiring that which you can’t have forsaking all else. Finally Ta’boa was well known as a vain, vengeful and malicious spirit, not one to be trifled with yet one to be respectful toward at a distance.The best course of action for all but the most desperate would be to simply respectfully acknowledge Ta’boa as she passed not interfering with her path. However, if one dared to risk everything to perhaps try and bargain for a suckle at her breasts the cost could be devastating. Like a devil or demon perhaps, though she could not take your soul she could make your days while human a living hell pining away for her. Yet for all the risk there was possible reward, though the greatest reward possible was human beings coming together forsaking all Ta’boa had to offer.To that end, as Kay encountered hunting and fishing camps, small villages and towns as she walked naked through the wilderness to reach her goal. The native peoples would avoid her respectfully, some making offerings to appease her to leave them in peace, and still others would even dare to try and suckle the rich bounty her breasts had to offer.The whites however had a different take on things. Those wicked that confronted Kay would wish forever they never had. Some scarred physically, others questioning their lives to date, and still others returning home fantasizing, dreaming, wasting their days away wondering how they could spend the rest of their lives with her in lustful embraces. Those kind and good however often found her distant though pleasant, others the single greatest sexual experience of their lives as it inspired them to better things. None of it mattered to Kay however as she now had a single goal in mind. To simply gather the rest of her money and once and for all leave Alaska forever.Unfit for CivilizationAs Kay finally reached a larger town the chill of autumn setting in, she had heard all the rumors and speculation by now it all meaning nothing to her. She was naked because she didn’t have clothes and at this point didn’t care. In fact to some degree preferred it. She had survived for over a year in one of the harshest environments on the planet nude without help from people, and though Kay would never admit it, she liked the attention it brought. Instead it making her feel vulnerable it made her feel powerful, the confidence it showed among those so insecure simply by a nude person absolutely commanding.As she walked down the main road the white men gawked as white women shouted slurs and hid their c***dren’s eyes. The native peoples hid or respectfully greeted her as “Ta’boa”, and even a Shaman came out chanting near her, though most likely not in greeting yet to ask her respectfully to pass through the town. A lot of bunk as far as Kay was concerned, yet it had her wheels turning enjoying being the center of it all just as a patrol vehicle pulled up, civilization as you can imagine no place for her now.Out first stepped a white deputy young and anxious to enforce the law. Putting his hand up for Kay to stop, he spent so much time looking over her lean nude body and full breasts, that by the time he looked into her eyes a bulge in his pants had slightly grown. “Miss, you can’t walk around undressed, you’ll have to come with me as per Section 11.41.460C it’s indecent exposure in the second degree and a misdemeanor.”Kay just looked at him for the longest time her expression as blank and cold as an Alaskan winter. Replying “fine, I just need to get my money from the bank and I can buy some clothes”. Promptly the officer found them being surrounded by some of the local natives all urging him to leave Kay alone and let her leave. Yet the young man ready to do his duty stood firm as he said “I understand that Miss, however you can’t walk around like that and will need to come with me”.Kay was actually a bit miffed at that. Who was to say she hadn’t just been ****d, or was in shock, had been robbed or whatever and with that she glared into his eyes and stated bluntly “Look, walk me into the bank so I can get my money and I’ll leave”. Instantly the natives begged the officer to leave her alone as the officer spoke bluntly restating his order. “Miss I’m sorry, yet you’ll have to walk with me to the bank to get your money, but after you have it you’ll have to leave”. “Fine” Kay stated as they began walking, all of the natives saying simply “Ta’boa” as most turned away wide eyed looking down, and even a couple dropped to their knees after that not even questioning who they believed Kay was.As the tribal officer saw them walking toward the bank not the car, he quickly stepped out blocking their way asking what the other officer thought he was doing. Immediately some of the older locals began speaking to the tribal officer in their native tongue. Though hesitant when the first officer stated he was taking her to the bank to get her money as then she’d leave, he looked to the tribal leaders then back to Kay stating “Miss, I have a blanket in my trunk, would you wear it?” Kay looked over the tribal officer shrugging then nodded, so the officer went to his car fetching Kay the blanket wrapping it around her as he looked into her eyes as though fascinated as the first officer said plainly “I need to get you to the bank, lets go”.Once inside the bank Kay was quite the stir. The bank manager asking what the officer was doing as instantly the officer became angry telling him to get Kay’s money. The teller was clearly nervous the situation so strange, yet when asked, she gave Kay her compact so she could use the mirror to look inside her cheek. When it proved that the tattoo there had faded used it to check the one on her cunnie.Within a few minutes the answer had come back from the bank in Fairbanks. The bank had closed out her account yet had placed that money possibly along with some other items in a safety deposit box. Kay would either have to travel to Fairbanks to get it, or wait for a courier to deliver it to the bank she was at which would take till the next day. Kay realizing the distance and the walk involved opted for the courier and without a word walked out the two policemen in tow.Once outside a small crowd had already gathered. Kay sitting down upon the steps of the bank, yet unused to having something d****d over her already the blanket had slipped to just over her shoulders every bit of her front exposed, even her knees parted wide as she looked out at the crowd. As the officers finally came outside, immediately the tribal officer tried to re-cover Kay to which she turned to him glaring in his eyes stating “what are you doing, what do you want?” The officer pulling back stating flatly “I’m covering you up to feel your breasts” his own eyes going wide not having meant to say that.Cocking her brow his response making no sense everyone acting so ridiculous, as the other officer joined them Kay was becoming irritated with all the attention having been alone so long, stating bluntly “you two need to go about your duties, I’ll wait here till my money comes.” With that the first officer responded “Miss, we need to get back on patrol, keep the blanket and wait here until your money comes tomorrow”.Kay just narrowed her eyes and nodded, and with that the officers had left leaving Kay to wonder. Throughout the day the people came and went. White and younger native males to get a look at Kay naked, white and younger native females to also gawk yet cast slurs at Kay. Finally there were the older natives in the area, many passing by simply saying “Ta’boa” while looking down, a few others even sitting near as though to keep a watchful eye on her, and still even others to place little offerings on the porch near her.It was becoming ridiculous all this attention she thought wishing she had simply stayed in the wilderness, yet then it turned even odder still. An old woman carrying a baby in the distance seemed to struggle with her husband finally pulling free to rush through the crowd, her husband following grabbing up a shovel like a weapon. As she approached, instantly she dropped to her knees holding out the baby toward Kay babbling on in her native tongue as her husband stood near her though looking down. Odder still he was clearly gripping the shovel as though to defend her as though Kay would suddenly attack for some unknown reason.Kay looked to the woman shaking her head, “I don’t understand” Kay’s irritated retort causing the man to raise the shovel. Instantly Kay stood up as the blanket slipped to the ground not about to get her head bashed in by some crazy geriatric stating “put the shovel down now!” Hesitantly the old man complied, Kay glaring at him all the while as slowly she sat back down pulling the blanket halfway back over her shoulders.“What do you want old woman, spit it out?” The old woman scooted closer on her knees crying as she began to beg Kay to please heal her grandson the c***d coughing badly and to grant him Ta’boa’s blessing. Kay’s brow furrowed listening to her ramble on, then in a calm tone stated “look old woman, I’m not a doctor or a priest, what do you think I can do?”Instantly the old woman scooted closer eyes fixed on Kay’s feet holding the baby higher still as it clearly coughed badly, “please Ta’boa, I beg you. You can take me if you must just please help my grandson!” The old woman’s arms were shaking from the burden, Kay suddenly taking the baby before she dropped it. With that her husband and some of the others begged Kay to give it back as the old woman flailed to wave them off and blurted out “please Ta’boa, let him drink and bless him!”Ah, this foolishness again as Kay looked down at the baby for a moment then back to the woman thinking to herself how her breasts were aching. With that she slowly raised the c***d to her breast as instantly the c***d reflexively suckled. As silly as all of this was, for the first time since the Wolf pups this felt normal. Slowly rocking it just seeming natural with the c***d in her arms, Kay patting the baby’s head speaking to him and the more she said the louder the old woman would wail, it hard to tell if she was afraid, sad, or joyful.“Shhh, shhh, that’s a good boy, you’re going to grow up to be strong aren’t you? Do you know how much your grandparents love you? They love you very much and would do anything for you. You’ll be smart and handsome, never drink or smoke, and you’ll live a long life helping others won’t you?” Kay went on saying all the hopes and dreams any parent would not really knowing what else to say as the baby suckled away, and when he seemed done she pulled him away to raise him up and look at him, as suddenly the old woman’s requests changed.“No please Ta’boa, please don’t take my grandson!” As she raised up placing her hands in front of the baby’s eyes as though to shield them. Kay’s brow furrowed as her mouth pursed somewhat insulted after what she’d just done. Still she handed the woman the baby saying “take him then”, and as the old woman cradled the c***d quickly moving off thanking “Ta’boa” all the way. Odd, but Kay couldn’t help but notice the c***d was no longer coughing though thought no more on it.Two other c***dren were brought to her much of it the same others having heard. Oddly those two though had little strips of cloth over their eyes, it all so stupid, yet Kay would just shake her head letting them nurse a bit easing her own discomfort, accept their gratitude and send them on their way.Other foolish things happened as well. A group of young men both native and white wanting to see the naked woman strangely taking no more then for Kay to glare at them and state “go away” for them to turn and move off looking more confused then anything. A white woman who called Kay a “slut” clearly wanting to argue, when Kay stood up telling her she “better hide her husband then” instantly in a panic the woman ran away as though to find him. Another even more aggressive woman grabbed Kay’s shoulder calling her a whore. Suddenly bursting into tears running off when Kay said bluntly “you should be ashamed of yourself.”More so, the little offerings of carved bone, tusk and wood, feathers and skins along with carefully arranged plates of food and drink had ever steadily grown. Kay strongly considered simply running off into the woods till morning came, yet just as she rose to leave a truck pulled up with a familiar face the tribal officer from earlier. To make sure she was still dressed no doubt Kay thought with another older man clearly a native from his dress as they both approached Kay while she slowly pulled the blanket closed the officer speaking first.“Miss, you shouldn’t sleep out here tonight it’s supposed to get cold, if you want I can take you to the jail to sleep in the bed there, yet my Grandfather who is a Shaman wants to ask you something first.” Kay didn’t even part her lips at the offer as there was no way she was going to the jail, so with that she turned to the old man and gestured for him to speak.A Test for Ta’boaWith that the old man spoke yet clearly in their tribal language Kay only able to get out of it “Ta’boa” as she shook her head and looked to the officer asking what he said. The young man speaking skeptically at best clearly not following the old religion, “well my Grandfather and the Tribal Fathers would like you to come to the lodge for one of their superstitious ceremonies, don’t feel like you need to go, they think you’re some ghost or demon named Ta’boa”.Kay narrowed her eyes looking at first the young man then the old. The old as typical averting his eyes, and instead of accepting or refusing asked the young officer “well, I’m not going to the jail, what do you think?” The young officer shrugging saying only “it’s up to you, yet it makes the old folks happy”. So with that Kay nodded stating flatly, “fine I’ll go”.It was a short drive through the town small, Kay frankly taunting the officers laws as once in the truck she let her blanket fall while sitting between them. As the younger would glance at Kay’s legs, up her body and briefly at her face, the older held his hand high to shield his eyes the entire trip, though most likely Kay figured it had more to do with her being the “Bogey Man” then naked.Kay expected the lodge to be something out of some movie though whether a teepee or stick hut she didn’t know, yet instead found one of those typical prefab buildings, the inside though so much more then its drab exterior. Inside it was clearly at one time a massive log cabin, heavy timbers and logs making up the walls with massive beams throughout. A large round stone fire pit in its center already roaring, and about the walls furs, paintings, countless photographs and artifacts, and around the room maybe forty men and women some having even come from far away.Instantly the heat hit her as she said “it’s too warm in here for this” pulling at the blanket. The old man gesturing to her and saying something in his language causing the young officer to argue with him, finally turning to Kay stating “Grandfather says you should be yourself here, yet do you really want to be naked in front of all these old geezers?”Kay didn’t even have think about it so unused to heat letting the blanket fall to the floor, yet as she walked toward the center of the room feeling nervous and out of place, puffed out her chest and almost strutted in just to not seem ashamed. Instantly the old men began asking her questions none of it understood by Kay. The more she turned her head trying to make out this one or that, more words in fact then she had heard in a year, she wheeled round considering bolting yet instead suddenly yelled out “be quiet!” The room instantly falling silent.Kay turning to the officer asked “look, what’s your name?” The young man responding “John”. “Fine” said Kay, “John tell them I don’t understand their language, and can’t tell who is saying what when they all talk at the same time. If they want to ask me questions do it through you.” John nodded turning and addressed the room but again they all started shouting out their requests till he finally held his hand up and spoke directly to Kay.“The fathers want to know who you are and where you are from”, Kay just shrugging that simple enough, and as she opened up her mouth to speak she suddenly paused looking confused, then tried again, then once more. Biting her lip it seemed so long ago since she heard her own name let alone where she was from, as a murmur through the people rose she finally answered.“Out there, that way, a summer and fall to get here” pointing North-East, as she suddenly felt very cornered. “No wait! I’m…” as she looked to her wrist “Kay, from Flint, Michigan. Kay, Michigan!” Even the young officer seemed concerned as maybe the stories were true. Maybe the Naked Wolf Woman had gone mad. Repeating her answer to the men, as they all began to shout new questions.Kay instantly felt very small and wished she was dressed as three old women burst into the center of the room holding up their grandbabies whom Kay had nursed earlier yelling at the men. Kay taking the officer’s forearm trying to draw close growing more afraid in a whisper asked him what they were saying, the officers answer clear. “They say you let their grandc***dren suckle your breasts, then blessed and healed them, is that true?” Kay answering meekly, “well they wanted me too, what could it hurt, I didn’t m***** them or anything, I figured they were hungry”.For all concerned it seemed a moot point as out of the corner of the room a man walked out as usual keeping his eyes low and extended out a tray that had three pieces of meat upon it. A cooked steak, a cold piece of meat clearly from the fridge, and one absolutely bloody so fresh and warm, the officer telling Kay the man wondered if she was hungry.Looking around the room as Kay reached out grabbing a piece set it to her lips taking a bite as the room fell silent staring at her lips. “Thanks, it’s good” as she chewed away finally swallowing the last. Everyone stared at her as she clung even tighter to the officer as he gazed at her in shock. Looking to her hand and then wiping her mouth Kay found fresh blood on both at first thinking nothing of it then suddenly realized it had stunned all in attendance, and for the first time in two years Kay suddenly felt ashamed.It was enough for most in the room, as far as they were concerned this was indeed Ta’boa walking once again. So many people around her all staring yet none looking at her, their questions, tests, being the only one nude and indoors, not having been inside for close two years except while getting her tattoos had Kay about to panic and run as she pulled at the officers arm asking him to please get her out of there.As she began to pull two of the old men clearly leaders of the tribe stepped forward finally speaking English. “Please don’t go Ta’boa, err Kay. We knew one day you would come, and we wish to help you.” Kay half hid behind the officer as she whispered back “if you want to help me then let me go, none of you looking me in the eyes makes me not trust you.”With that the tribal officer turned looking Kay square in the eyes, “understand they’re superstitious, they believe if they do you can sway their minds.” It made Kay feel slightly better yet still wasn’t enough. “Fine but what do they want from me?” The tribal officer turning to the old men speaking in their language once more, and when they had answered looked back to Kay making sure to look her in the eyes so she’d feel comfortable and told her what they said. “It seems they want to do one of their little rituals to cleanse your passing and help you remember. They’re harmless, I’ll stay with you, and it will make the old ones happy, okay?”Kay nodded yet asked for her blanket feeling out of place, and just as she had, a terrified looking balding middle age man with a pot belly in a loin cloth stepped out holding two cups one clearly for him, yet extended the other to Kay. Kay pulled back looking to the officer asking what was going on, and after a little more conversation with the tribal leaders he told her. “Part of the ritual they want to do, you both drink staring into each others eyes, voodoo kind of stuff” as he made a face like they were nuts, and smiled wide to soothe her nerves.Kay looking to the man in the loincloth just shook her head, “nooo, I think not. Tell you what though, you do it with me and I’ll do it, but not with him though.” The officer and leaders agreed, to which Kay looking at the officer said jokingly “what, not putting on a loin cloth?” The officer just laughed telling her no, that’s where he drew the line as Kay looked into his eyes smiling.“Oh come on, it’s roasting in here, take your clothes off like me” laughing, the officer however didn’t. His eyes fixed on Kay’s as though fascinated, and before Kay knew it the officer began sweating stating “how it was hot in there.” Before Kay could ask what he was doing, as though he had given in just to make her comfortable he had stripped down to nothing Kay at first taken aback laughing nodded approvingly.Half of the people there seeing what just had happened dropped to their knees instantly muttering out prayers, and though it surprised Kay it was oddly a nice one. Well built, dark and surprisingly hung, she couldn’t help but say to lighten the mood “wow, you have a really nice cock.” The officer however didn’t laugh just seeming transfixed once again, as for no reason he seemed to puff up brazenly repeating “I do have a nice cock don’t I?”It was just all too strange like the twilight zone or some such, yet as the cups were pressed into their hands Kay whispered to the officer “what is this stuff?” The officer chuckling responding back “usually just some of their bad tea a little gunpowder and a lot of whisky, they like their ceremonies.” Both laughed drinking up staring into each others eyes as they waited for the chanting to begin, and while one shaman blew smoke over them another began wiping a feather down Kay’s body. His very last stroke however dragging the ornate feather over her ebbing cunnie making Kay jump and squeak.A Vision of Ta’boaIn seconds Kay began to feel euphoric, quite good actually though a little disoriented most likely because she had not drank anything in two years time. Soon after she and the officer began laughing as they stared at one another, and as Kay said to him “you really do have a great cock” her words sounding slurred and drawn out, she noticed the shaman wiping the feather he had used on her over a very large fat man’s lips. Kay felt warm, almost like she was floating, comfortable, and as she looked in the officers eyes both still laughing almost uncontrollably now, she heard him say “good whisky” as though he was in slow motion as her vision narrowed, and she ever so slowly blinked.When Kay opened her eyes she was amazed. Time seeming to have sped up though everything around her was hazy. Still in the same room, what wasn’t were the people. Instead it was as though they had all turned into massive Wolves, heads lowered and growling and odder still the red tips of their cocks poked out from their sheathes dripping pre-cum. Instantly Kay knew she could not outrun them, could not fight them off, nor overpower them with strength.What she did know however was she could use the strengths she had to control them as she backed up, sauntered and swayed running her hands over her body, and slowly lowered to all fours as she needed them inside her knowing they needed her as well. Kay would seduce them all, fuck every one like she did when with the pack, and in the end, control them as her bottom swayed back and forth and her knees parted wide. Kay was home.What the officer saw however was vastly different. Nothing in the room existed except for Kay. Her hair seeming to be blowing in some strong breeze as her body almost glowed as though radiating light. The tips of her breasts slowly swaying back and forth below her dripped the bluest of water, the water of life, and with each drop upon the floor moss and ferns would spring up yet the part he fixed on had him mesmerized. As he looked up her legs to the perfection of her cunnie, it seemed to throb and flutter as a river of what looked like molten gold flowed from it. Most of all, more then anything in this world, more important even than life itself, he simply had to drink from the river.The people in the room saw something else however. Kay looking round in a stupor as she slowly began to sway pulling back then leaning forward like something was lunging at her. It was clear however whatever was threatening canlı bahis siteleri her in her vision she also seemed at home with. It seemed as though she knew how to control it, and more then that, looked forward to doing so. Slowly dropping to her hands and knees swaying, she parted her knees wide grinding her hips as she began slurring out “oh yes, do it, do it, all of you, fuck me please.” Instantly her cunnie began to drip in long silvery threads of wetness that soon turned to a constant dribble. Even her breasts began gently dripping her milk below her as she swayed back and forth like some dog in the midst of heat.The officer to the people looked fascinated by Kay. Enraptured as though she was everything in the world to him as he began to pant and sweat, his cock growing hard in seconds as he slowly approached her bending down, and as his eyes rolled back he began voraciously lapping at her cunnie as though every drop she flowed was ambrosia. Not all were happy though. The fat man who had volunteered for the task tasting of the feather suddenly caused the ropes to creak that restrained him. Yelling out at the top of his lungs the most vile curses for everyone to let him go, how he had to have Kay, causing a few of the men to pile on trying to restrain him as his fat long cock pressed tight within his pants.Kay could feel it, the first Wolf having come up from behind her lapping at her cunt just knowing he’d have to take her after. Sure enough the wolf mounted her gripping her waist as he instantly began hammering away inside. His thick hard cock plowing through her folds as he thrust and drove at a furious pace doing all he could to cum in her.She was amazing like a God the officer thought. The taste of the golden river exquisite yet the more he drank the more he realized he had to have Kay, as though that which was so wondrous upon his tongue would be a thousand fold more upon his cock. There was no question, no hesitation and whether she wanted it or not he had to feel her, had to feel his cock inside of her and more then anything needed to cum. Grasping Kay’s glowing hips firm in his hands his already hard cock thrust in feeling as though sinking into molten honey, and as he’d pull back her cunnie would grip and pull as though trying to milk his cock for all he could give her.As the first Wolf thrust into her cunnie pumping furiously she quickly felt it as though gallons of hot cum flowed into her sucked up into her very being. As her own orgasm burst forth causing Kay’s mind to fly out in a million directions, her entire being focussed on her cunt, the Wolf cumming in Kay ferociously.The officer roaring out his orgasm as Kay’s molten river of gold washed over his cock, balls and thighs. It was as though her cunnie pulled and sucked at his very soul drawing out every ounce of him in one orgasm like some tight vacuum, his mind scrambling from the explosion of feeling as he thrust out every drop collapsing to the floor beside her needing desperately the waters of life that flowed from her breasts.As the first Wolf came in Kay filling her with so much cum it was as though she was awash in a sea of it, hot and thick, filling yet lacking she needed more desperately. Another Wolf began to suckle her breasts then seemed to fade as though a memory as a third Wolf began to lap at her cunnie and instantly mounted her violently.The officer reeled as the water of life flowing from the glowing goddess Kay made him feel strong and invigorated. His softening cock felt perfect in its satisfaction. Yet as he suckled at her breast looking down between her thighs there was that river once more and he simply had to drink from it, and once he had his cock instantly hardened once more as he simply had to be inside Kay once again.All the people in attendance could see how Kay and the officer were acting. As though nothing existed in the world but themselves as Kay and the officer would fuck like b**sts rutting and grunting to both cum violently shaking and driving together. As the officer would fall he’d suckle at her tits, and as though rejuvenated go right back to lapping at her cunnie to suddenly mount her again. Over and over it happened, and when the officer didn’t suckle Kay would taking his cock deep in her mouth as though desperate for his cum to fill it. Upon kissing his lips however her own now covered with her wetness, again the officer would take her no less than eight times in the first hour.Finally the large fat man broke his bonds sending all the men sailing. Like some crazed b**st he charged the pair striking the officer hard while he was lapping at Kay’s cunnie. Grasping Kay roughly he didn’t hesitate even a second harshly lining up to drive his cock deep into her as he began fucking her cunnie furiously.Kay could feel the Wolf yanked away to instantly be mounted by a great Bear once more as he sank his cock deep into her cunt thrusting and twisting as his massive bulk surged over her like blubber. She didn’t care. Kay had fucked a Bear before and had cum gratefully by it, and as his massive weight bore down she drove back as she’d dominate the Bear, control him with her cunt, and in no time the Bear’s hot cum was pumping into her as Kay screamed in ecstasy.The people saw the enraged fat man out of his mind savagely **** Kay fucking her brutally. He had to have it, needed it, and he’d kill a thousand to sink his cock deep in her all from one drop of her wetness having been touched to his lips. Once having cum it was as though his mind instantly returned to him. Ashamed and embarrassed he had experienced the power of Ta’boa, and though many would follow him in his need, not all would be able to walk so freely after.So it went, the young officer fucking Kay over and over as she would fuck him back. It was primal, bestial as though nothing else mattered, and even though both were past exhaustion each time he’d drink from her cunnie or tasted her on her lips he’d have to have her once more. It took forever it seemed. To Kay sixty-nine Wolves had mated with her and a Bear, as to the officer he had drank from and fucked her or felt her mouth sixty-nine times before they could stop it. Perfect timing as any other would of failed, yet as they both came the officer collapsing beginning to crawl for her breasts, the shamans cast heavy Bear rugs over both of them and devoid of the sight of the other, they both finally went to sleep.Kay awoke groggy under a heavy skin. Stirring gingerly it felt like every joint had been tested, her knees and elbows sc****d up badly. Kay’s nipples were sore and her breasts drained yet worst of all her cunnie was so swollen she couldn’t even slip a finger between its lips. She could smell it too, base sex raw and wanton. Her cunnie and thighs thick with sticky cum, and her sore jaw found puffy lips tasting of sweet young cum and herself upon them. Kay crawled to a bucket near sucking up the water held in it gingerly rising after and pouring it over herself to bathe as she looked down to see the young officer laying there twitching, helpless and feeble.She could guess what had happened, they d**gged her and the two had fucked, yet past that as she stumbled for the door had no idea what exactly had transpired. “Ta’boa” the old man shouted, “your money and things from the bank, it came a couple days ago”. Kay took the courier sack and sure enough it was filled along with her license and passport as she looked at the old man groggy and asked “a couple days?”“Yes, three actually in all since you came here”. Kay was furious shoving the old man as she burst through the doors to see easily a couple hundred native peoples all turn their backs to her and kneel. The path ahead littered with little offerings of appeasement and as she stormed out enraged, demanded to know where they sold motorcycles as the old man begged.“You are Ta’boa, this Kay your mortal dream. You are a “human being” now having learned from the Wolves. We beg you to not come back as our tribe is strong and working as one. Please Ta’boa, don’t take our people as they are good and respect you.” Fuck these people is all Kay could think as she stormed down the street and stopped, suddenly wheeling around nude and filthy as she grasped the old man by his chin and made him look her in the eyes. “Motorcycles, where, tell me now!” The old man terrified pointed South through the wilderness saying “20 miles, Januas Station.” Kay simply glaring at him as she spoke “pray I never come back old man, or I’ll “take” every one of you” spitting in his face to then storm off into the wilderness once more, sack in hand, filthy and naked.Ta’boa ComesFour days later Kay arrived at Januas Station and it was ridiculous as the call clearly had gone out. Ta’boa did indeed walk again or so the natives believed as tribal leaders demanded the whites in power make way for her as she could do great good, yet could also tear apart a community an individual at a time. Best to just let her pass unhindered cautiously showing her respect so she would not come back and demand it.As Kay walked out of the brush her sack in hand she had little doubt of the direction of town as she could see the vast throngs of people. Mostly natives who had come from every direction to see a Spirit demon that had dreamed herself mortal and then into a human being, and a few whites curious about this person as well. The town was packed with people, loud and buzzing. Yet as Kay rounded the curve on the only road leading into town it became a roar of “I see her, it’s Ta’boa” and so on passed from front to back through the throng as they’d then each go quiet it a wave of sound then silence.There was no point in walking the edge of the road, no way of sneaking in now so Kay just walked up the center as the crowd parted before her. The streets were filled with token offerings none really meant to be taken, yet meant to say I acknowledge you, see you and respect your power please pass us by.Just as the sound had worked like a wave and the parting of the people to let her pass, so was the multitude turning their backs to her glancing at her discreetly never looking above her nose shielding their eyes. Each native there saying only once no more then “Ta’boa” as she’d pass, and as the more vulgar of the whites would shout something at her they’d be swarmed over by the natives to silence them fearing they’d anger the powerful spirit Ta’boa.On occasion, actually quite a few times actually and usually by a grandparent a baby or c***d would try to be brought to Ta’boa as their neighbors would pull them back believing the risk too great risking losing the c***d as much as saving it. In kind old and sick adults would try as well also pulled back, yet eventually Kay made it to in front of the motorcycle shop and as she turned facing it the people parted to not block her way. Kay made it all of a single step however before she was stopped as once more the people sought to appease her so she would leave them in peace.Out of the crowd an old man burst through carrying a stool and with him what had to be his granddaughters perhaps in their 20’s pulled in tow carrying buckets and towels though their eyes were wrapped in blindfolds. The old man muttering softly as he looked down avoiding Kay’s eyes, “Ta’boa you have walked far, your feet don’t deserve to be so muddy”. Kay was scared walking through the crowd, yet as scared as she was she also felt powerful. Fearing more then anything they’d realize she was not this Ta’boa, looking down she could see her feet and legs up to mid thigh were caked in mud as were her arms, hands and belly.Kay just stood there glaring at the old man having had enough of the natives mauling her or so she felt it was like. Yet as he set the stool behind her and offered her an arm to hold onto to sit down, after a while she slowly sat as he guided his granddaughters to her feet. As the girls began to bathe Kay’s feet she looked throughout the crowd. Most were uneasy with the old man having delayed her passing, yet some took it as a chance to get a longer look, and still some others to try and ask for blessings.While her feet were being bathed a woman burst out of the crowd holding her baby with the expected request. Kay so put off by all of this decided if they wanted their Ta’boa they’d have her and with that decided to truly play the part.“No… If you can’t look me in the eyes and ask then move away.” The woman dropping to her knees pleading yet finally looked up toward Kay’s harsh glare holding out the c***d saying only “please Ta’boa” terrified fearing what spell Kay would cast over her. Taking the c***d and setting it to her breast to suckle she glared into the woman’s eyes as she fed him suddenly speaking clear. “Do all for this c***d you can, a mothers blessing so much more then mine”. The woman looked transfixed by Kay’s gaze suddenly smiling wide with tears in her eyes thanking “Ta’boa” taking her c***d back and scurried off as Kay raised up her feet and calves spotless and tired of the lack of eye contact reached down pulling off the blindfolds from the two girls.“Please Ta’boa no!” the old man blurted out as the girls looked up Kay’s nude body into her eyes terrified. Kay putting her hand up toward him to stop his advance, as if they wanted some terrible spirit whore, then they’d have her. Glaring down at the two girls Kay spoke a single word “higher” as they began filling their hands with water washing higher up her thighs their eyes locked on her own. As they’d pause or hesitate, Kay would simply tell them “higher” once more, and as she parted her feet wider them on their knees, had them bathe her legs, bottom and cunnie fully, up her belly to her breasts and down each arm as she glared on cold and expressionless.Kay knew what was happening. These people’s superstitious fears made them do things not her with some supernatural power. It made them think they had no will and she found it more irritating then gratifying. So as the girls finished with her neck Kay slipped her fingers into their hair as she glared at the old man. First one then the other Kay pulled into a deep kiss, and as she’d kiss one she’d pull the head of the other to her breast to suckle.An obscene display yet it had its point. Kay’s attitude screaming all powerful for as the girls drank almost instantly they calmed suckling away. Just then two old women burst forth from the crowd and without asking began rubbing a rich herbal oil all over Kay from her neck to her toes as though some goddess offering up their submission. Glaring out to the crowd as the old women began to rub the oil onto her breasts she pulled the two girls away releasing one, yet the other she slowly pushed down lower and lower.“No Ta’boa please I beg you!” believing his granddaughter would ever more lust after Ta’boa if she lapped at her cunnie. Kay stopping just an inch away from where the girl could reach her twat with her mouth, glaring in his eyes as she demanded “then look me in the eyes and ask”. Hesitantly the old man did, Kay’s gaze locked on his eyes as she spoke releasing the girl stating “then never put one you love in harms way again, do it yourself next time” as she pushed the girl to the side her Grandfather racing over to pull the girl away.They wanted their terrifying spirit who brought prosperity and doom, their demon seductress. Well they had her yet not for long. Grabbing up her bag without another word Kay strutted into the motorcycle shop a deep scowl on her face, and as all the people turned away and kneeled only a single word was heard over and over. “Ta’boa.”Outfitting Ta’boaOnce inside the motorcycle shop Kay let out a sigh of relief away from the crowd. Inside were five men and two women ranging from late 20’s to late 30’s all clearly bikers, though clearly a couple were hanging out just to see Kay, none of them bought into the old timers beliefs as they seemed just as amused as Kay was not. “So you’re Ta’boa, we heard you were coming.” Kay just shook her head stating “yeah I guess so”, actually enjoying the normalcy as they all looked her over from head to toe simply enjoying the view, Kay standing there nude yet best of all they would look in her eyes. “How can we help you?”Kay proceeded to tell them she wanted to buy a motorcycle and a full set of leathers, the works. Nodding the owner began to show her around the various bikes, and finally suggested a particular one telling her it would be perfect for her, brand new and a great bike. Looking in her eyes to see if she liked it, when Kay asked if it was the best one for the money he seemed to pause a moment considering, then stated flatly “No, this one is though older, a much better bike and cheaper too”. Kay simply nodding stating “fine, I’ll take it” as she turned round and walked to the clothing.As Kay looked over the clothing it became clear that 99% of it was for men. Besides the fact that none of it was small enough for her, that which would fit was nothing more then tiny thongs or tank tops with logos made for women. It was then as Kay bent over looking at a pair of boots, she noticed out of the corner of her eye one of the younger guys snapping pictures with his phone. Irritated she wheeled around barking out “if you want a picture ask. I don’t care if you want something to jerk off too, just don’t be an asshole about it.”Instantly the guy froze as he stared at her saying “sorry, I’m an asshole, could I please get some pictures of you?” Kay just nodded once calming down and for the next couple of minutes all of them began snapping away pictures whether it was because she was touted as Ta’boa or was simply some huge titted broad she didn’t know. Soon they were taking turns posing with Kay, and though she had problems interacting with people now it having been so long, she at least appreciated that they weren’t praying to her. Boys will be boys I suppose, yet soon they had their girlfriends naked wanting them to pose with Kay, and as they did she asked a question.Kay asked if anyone could read tribal symbols, one of the girls stating that she could. As Kay sat up on the counter spreading her legs wide pointing to the ones on her twat stating “I know the ones on my cheek mean clear sight, yet what do these mean?” The girl shook her head saying “no, the ones under your eye mean “look away”, like don’t look in your eyes, and these, strange, they mean “don’t drink”. Hehe, fuck that!” as the gal took a long lick over Kay’s twat trying to be funny.Getting back to business, Kay went back to the clothing asking if they had anything in the back. Nothing as all their women’s clothes were usually ordered, so as Kay tried on the various men’s leathers none of them fitting, things once again slowly began to get strange.The gal who had read Kay’s tattoos began getting clingy staying nude. Being a little too helpful as each second passed she went from simply staring to standing close, to then touching and hanging off Kay to clearly hitting on her. Kay was getting a little put off yet when she asked again if there was anything else the gal blurting out about her new outfit having just come in and how maybe Kay might like it.Rushing into the back to get everything the owner was stunned. It had taken a good two months to get these clothes in, and now the gal wanted to sell it. Coming back out it was much better then the men’s clothes though more trampy then functional. However it was better then nothing as Kay asked her how much, the girl simply stating it was not for sale, yet maybe they could work out a deal.“What kind of deal?” asked Kay though the way the girl was fawning all over Kay it was obvious to all. If she’d sit on the couch with her for just a few minutes “friendly like” as the gal put it, she’d give Kay the clothes, boots and helmet easily a thousand dollars worth of stuff. Kay offered again to buy it, yet the girl flatly refused so Kay agreed.Now Kay had messed around with gals in the past so this was really no big deal. Even the guys snapping off pictures didn’t bother her, yet almost instantly as Kay sat down the gal crawled on her instantly frantically rubbing her twat ebbing and swollen against Kay’s. “Fine” Kay thought, “she likes humping” and with that Kay entwined her legs with the gals as she began furiously humping away grinding her cunt to Kay’s as hard as she could.It was odd though not unpleasant, Kay having expected the girl to want her to go down on her or visa versa, yet clearly this gal had a particular “thing” she must have liked, as in mere seconds the girl was juicing so much it felt as though a slick oil had been poured between them. When Kay tried to kiss or touch her though it was not really refused it simply didn’t work with trying to hold on as the girl ground her twat to Kay’s feverishly. In any case all the grinding to Kay’s clit had her quickly sopped as well, and as the sounds of wet skin slapping and mashing together and frantic needy grunts filled the room, those watching just looked on in awe.When the gal came the first time Kay figured it would be over. The girl cumming two more times even had Kay cumming herself and at that point she figured the girl had to be done. Yet the more the gal humped and ground as though trying to shove her twat inside Kay’s, the more frantic and frustrated she became cumming twice more to Kay’s one the wetness between them actually working to a lather. Just as the girl came one last time covered in sweat and wetness she almost flung herself to the floor exhausted, sobbing uncontrollably curling up in a ball. As everyone looking on in shock Kay stunned slowly pulled away having no idea what the girl wanted or was expecting, and with that she even said it out loud “Time to go.”Staring at the girl sobbing for the longest time Kay simply had to get out of there as these people were starting to wig out too as she wiped off the cum and sweat then squeezed into the leathers. The pants were hip huggers so low they showed Kay’s tiger fully and a good bit of her rump lacing all the way up the sides. The gloves, leather bandana for around her neck and boots fit fine, yet the jacket and vest were extra short showing her belly and barely able to hold her boobs in pushing them up and out.It was then Kay suddenly realized how much she hated clothes being the first she had wore in over a year hoping she’d get used to them which would prove out she never would. Finishing up the paperwork on the bike she just had to get out of here. So stuffing her money in the saddlebag she rode out the door carefully, and recklessly raced down the road heading South to flee from the crowd filling Januas Station. Kay was leaving Alaska, and would never return again.The Road to Lower, Outrunning AlaskaKay made a beeline to get as far South as she could as fast as possible. Realizing she’d never find her lover it now having been two years or more, she rode as hard as she could learning how to ride a motorcycle along the way fortunately without incident. It was as though everyone ahead had been warned she was coming as each village and town she’d pass through one after another were filled with people eyes cast low all muttering “Ta’boa” as she passed yet Kay would stop for no one. As she made her way into Canada she was met with much of the same from the tribal peoples there, and not till Washington State did it seem to slow some even continuing on with rare individuals into Oregon.What followed her however was the internet. A picture of her here or a short video clip there of the person known as the “Naked Wolf Woman.” Worse still along with that moniker the name of “Ta’boa” would be added to it, and no amount of telling people her name was Kay would stick as some biker or internet junkie would ultimately ask “hey, aren’t you that Ta’boa chick?”What made it really bad however were the stories. Tall tales and speculation people would heap on to add their own opinions about her. It was bad enough that a photo of every part of her body, scar and tattoo were being spread all over, yet with some nude picture of her bathing in some mountain stream, or topless having a beer with other bikers there would be the links to what folks surmised was her background. A story here about her being an ex-stripper, there another about how she screwed an entire biker gang into retards. Then again how she used to do “a****l porn”, another some Native Indian prostitute, and still others how she was some methed up Russian mob enforcer.All of them lies yet so outrageous and sensational the next one written would just try to top it. None of it really bothered her as there was no way she could ever live a “normal life” again, but what did was when she was cornered by a photo journalist as she worked on her broken down motorcycle high in the mountains. He had done his research, and Kay feared he would simply perpetuate all the myth that had made her run from Alaska.After a bit of discussion Kay agreed that if he’d drive her to the next town to get parts Kay was willing to answer his questions till they got back to fix her bike. In truth she planned on killing the myths and putting it all to rest once and for all, and as they rode along in the old pickup it was so hot that day that Kay didn’t hesitate pulling off her boots and vest her jacket off long ago. Setting her feet to the dash leaning back wearing just her hip-huggers and leather bandana about her neck, she answered the questions of the journalist as the photographer wide eyed tried to get photos of her.No, she had not been a prostitute. No, she had not been a dancer. No she never did porn, no she knew no one in the mob. For the most part Kay said nothing more then “no” to the countless questions posed to her, that is until she was asked if she was really a pre-op transexual, and instead of hitting him simply said “are you fucking k**ding me?” Sliding off her pants sweating in them anyway. Countless questions all regarding the made up stories, but as they reached the motorcycle shop Kay just turned to the photographer saying “give me your shirt”, putting it on and walked inside. Ten minutes later however she walked back out empty handed saying only “drive me back”.Kay was clearly angry as it would take till tomorrow to get her parts in. What upset her most of all though was how once back in the truck the journalist asked her about Alaska. With that Kay reached her foot over the drivers slamming on the brake stating “look, no more questions, here, think about this instead.” With that Kay spun around on the seat pulling off the shirt leaning back against the dash, parting her knees wide exposing her pussy fully and stuck her feet out the back window. Kay wasn’t trying to seduce them yet frankly she didn’t want to talk about Alaska, and if there was one thing she knew it was how to easily change the subject when it came to men.It worked for a while. Though the photographer took a few pictures and the writer stared for a bit, eventually he just couldn’t help himself and began asking questions again. Upping the ante to get the writer to shut up, Kay grabbed their free hands setting them on her full breasts, and to silence any further discussion started rubbing their cocks through their shorts. Sure enough though their fingers were tracing her folds as their cocks grew hard in their pants, it wasn’t until they were at Kay’s bike that a single word was spoken.Once back at her bike however the journalist simply couldn’t help himself having worked for months to try and run down this story. To that end he made Kay an offer. If “Ta’boa” would let him tell her what he knew they would drive her back again in the morning and then they’d leave her alone, his intentions being that he could see the truth in Kay’s reactions, and would write his story from what he’d gather. Hesitant, company not something Kay had grown used to, she sweetened the deal on the condition that the photographer run out and get them something to eat and a case of beer, and as the photographer raced off so the journalist began to speak.Interview with Ta’boaAs Kay sat on the picnic table nude glaring at the journalist, elbows set to her wide spread knees looking more bored then listening, the writer rambled on about all Kay had said “no” to as a recap and even more outrageous tales, yet Kay didn’t move the slightest sitting as still as a statue. What was more, Kay had barely even blinked let alone changed her expression, that is until the journalist began to repeat the legend of Ta’boa, and as Kay’s lips thinned and her brow furrowed slightly, the journalist knew he was on to something.Once he had finished recounting the legend, he then told the same tale once more yet with a combination of aspects part of which the being “Naked Wolf Woman” the other Ta’boa. Instead of the usual errors however of her hunting the Wolf and the Bear, he instead stated quite bluntly how the Wolf was her lover and the bear for over a year tried to **** her until successful. As he spoke Kay’s lips pursed and turned down into a deep scowl, breasts rising and falling dramatically from her deep breaths looking more and more like she was working into a rage. Just as he got to the part about her time with the pack and essentially being a sex slave to them, Kay suddenly interrupted him obviously not wanting to hear more, yet did so in the most deceptive of ways.“Would you like for me to suck your cock?” Kay’s blunt and brazen left field statement as she glared into his eyes. Instantly the journalist’s words stumbled and the next to fall from his lips came from his heart not his mind. “I would love for you to suck my cock”, it even surprising him so much he suddenly covered his mouth not realizing he was openly saying it till he heard the words ringing in his ears. Kay’s stern look had changed in that instant to one both wry and seductive as with men it always seemed that easy. “Take off your shorts, let me see your cock”, as without even thinking the journalist slid down his pants gazing at Kay his cock already beginning to stiffen.“Mmmm, nice, come here and put your cock in my mouth” Kay said, her words pouring out like honey as he stepped forward his eyes locked on Kay’s, and then as told he slipped his thick cock between her lips with Kay gazing up his chest at him. Slowly Kay raised and lowered her head as the journalists breathing grew labored. One hand wrapping about his balls massaging them as the other wrapped around his cock twisting about it as it would slip deep into her warm mouth then back out again. It took little Kay soon working his cock and balls quicker and firmer, but as his face began to contort near to cumming, Kay made a simple mistake.Kay always believed she never had any powers. The only power she thought she had was in knowing men and how much they desired her. With her Wolf lover Kay had also learned however that to get them to do your will you had to follow through yourself, fully intending after he came to woo him into not writing his story. As the journalist gazed down into her eyes feeling his cum surge up within him, he was mesmerized and swaying as though caught in the gaze of a Cobra or Tiger. The second Kay felt his cock swell and begin to throb however, she closed her eyes as she began sucking his cock furiously and in that instant her sway was broken.As the first hot jet of the journalists cum blasted into Kay’s mouth suddenly he shook his head violently as though waking from a dream. As the second surge rushed out he pulled away the last bit of it washing over her lips as his third and final jet painted her breasts as he stumbled back to pull away. The journalist instantly spun around moving away a couple steps, and as Kay asked what was wrong he knew without question the tales were true. Panting, his breathing ragged with his back to her the journalist tried to shift the subject from his withering cock back to his interview blurted out, “So is it true? You had sex with dogs and a Bear?”Kay was angered at the fact he had just cum yet instantly began interrogating her once again, her own cunnie now dripping as it always did when she gave head shouting out enraged. “No it’s a lie! I fuck Wolves not dogs, Wolves, and a Wolf wouldn’t be asking me questions he’d be fucking me right now not acting like some ****d bitch!” Instantly the journalist turned around yet now would not look Kay in her eyes. “Tell me your name then, your real name.”Kay knew what he wanted to hear even though it wasn’t true, so fine she thought let him have his bogeyman, his devil as that moment he was stuck there with her alone. “You want my name? Fine, then look me in the eyes and ask me like a man since you can’t fuck like a Wolf.”Cautiously not a believer in the old tales yet you never knew, slowly the journalist turned round finding Kay standing there puffed up and glaring at him as his eyes met hers, and he asked for her name once more, Kay answering in a cold ominous tone. “Ta’boa, daughter of the Great Spirit Bear, whore to Wolves not dogs, and disgusted with pathetic men too weak to match my will. Take off your clothes and throw them in the fire, then come here.”That instant, Kay noticed something about her voice she had never really recognized before. Perhaps from all the times the Wolves had grasped her firm by her throat, or perhaps from some cold that had stuck with her long she hadn’t noticed, her voice had a very distinct sound to it. It wasn’t a rasp, nor simply gravely like some long time smoker. Her voice had a growl to it. A growl that she suddenly realized it had ever since she had left the pack. More so, the growl oddly sounded exactly like that of the Alpha Bitches.Kay couldn’t believe it. The idiot did exactly what she told him whether afraid, or not wanting to seem pathetic she didn’t know, yet she figured why not play it up since he was buying into this. “Whenever I speak to you for now on look me in the eyes, because if you don’t, then I’ll take you away,” remembering what all the natives used to say yet muttered after “whatever that is”. “Where did you hear all of this about me?” was Kay’s next question. The journalist almost putting her to sleep as he went on and on about chasing down every lead and story, but the part most telling was about the old tattooist and his grandson, Kay finally telling him to shut up deciding to have some fun with this.Truth of Ta’boa“Tell me” Kay began, “do you know what happens to you if you lick my twat?” thinking she’d make him do it then just mess with his head the rest of the night. As he nodded Kay about ready to tell him to eat her planning on not letting him fuck her after, just as she opened her mouth to state her command the truck pulled up and out stepped the photographer. “Dave, what in the hell are you doing dude?” the photographer asked as both Kay and Dave stood there nude. It took Dave just a moment to gather his wits, yet before he had Kay had already grabbed a beer as Jake pulled Dave away to help set up their tent and catch up on all that he had missed.While Kay drank away Jake and Dave set up their tent. She could hear Dave the entire while telling Jake how it was all true, reminding him not to look in Kay’s eyes or do anything sexual with her especially lick her cunt as he was positive now, they had run down the spirit Ta’boa. Kay didn’t care, and as she drank her beer Jake taking a few more photographs around the fire she decided to screw with them just a little this whole thing pissing her off and she would prove all of this Ta’boa stuff as being bullshit once and for all.“So Jake, you’d fuck me wouldn’t you? Your friend David here is afraid I’ll take his soul.” Without hesitation Jake spoke up. “Hell yeah I’d fuck you, and damn, I’d give you my soul to do it!” as he began laughing not even looking at her. “Well, take off your clothes then and burn them” Kay said, “we’re sitting here naked how about you?” Jake didn’t hesitate pulling off his clothes in an instant tossing them on the picnic table instead and stood there clearly showing off his shockingly large cock, it proving Kay’s point even more. “David,” instantly David’s head snapped to look at Kay, “tell your friend what happens if he tastes my pussy?”With that David the journalist began recounting the legend once more as Kay rose up walking toward them. When they both looked up she blatantly ran her hands over her slick cunnie, wiping them over her own breasts and mouth. Breasts, thighs and lips glistening, Kay then frankly said “I’m going to bed, don’t bother me or you’ll find out about the “wrath of Ta’boa”” saying the last sarcastically as just to be cruel she rubbed her slick fingers over David’s lips, and walked away into the tent.What a luxury she thought, it had been forever since she had slept in a bed as even the two sleeping bags looked like heaven. However, as she thought about climbing into one realizing that one of the guys would have to sleep with her or the other guy, she knew where that would lead. With that Kay decided to zip them together into one big sleeping bag knowing men very often were afraid to perform in front of their friends, her logic being it was the best way to not get bothered too much as they slept, and crawled inside what was to her plush heaven.Falling asleep quickly due to the beer Kay instantly began to dream. Most likely due to the talk earlier of Alaska, yet as she dreamed of Wolves and the wilderness her body responded as it always did. Moaning and restless she’d usually wake up in the morning after such nights her cunt sopped and swollen needing to relieve it. This however wasn’t like most nights where she’d dream away freely alone, for just as the puppies were suckling her swollen breasts, each of the men slipped into the sleeping bag on either side of her.Kay didn’t hear their whispers over her as she dreamed deep and vivid. In short order however David who had wanted nothing to do with her was arguing with his friend to turn Kay over a little because he just had to stick his cock in her for just a second. “Dude what is fucking wrong with you” Jake said, “so what if she sucked your cock and you tasted her pussy juice, she’ll kick your ass, besides that’s **** just leave her alone?” Dave each second however was becoming more insistent as he tried to roll Kay more toward Jake, yet before Jake could say another word he found Kay’s wetness covered breast flopping into his open mouth as Dave said bluntly, “she’ll never know, I need this now”.****d by Ta’boaTrying to not wake Kay Jake gently tried to roll her off him. Her wetness tasting sweet enough already tempting him to not move her, yet dreaming of puppies had Kay’s breasts ebbing, and as he sucked in to take a breath a stream of sweet milk followed and he just couldn’t make himself move as he felt his friend positioning behind her. As Dave began to crawl on top of Kay his cock begging to be inside her slick cunnie, an elbow accidentally jammed in her ribs as his stiff cock poked her bottom and instantly Kay woke up sharply from her beautiful dream.“What in the fuck are you doing, get off me asshole!” Kay shouted suddenly thrashing to get Dave off of her not even realizing Jake was sucking at her tit, scrambling to crawl out of the sleeping bag towards their feet, David pleading with her all the while. “Please just for a second, don’t go I need to fuck you…Err I mean please stay, please, I said stay, stay!” Kay clawed at the ground to try and get out of there as clearly this guy had gone mad, yet as she lunged for the end of the tent she felt David grab her ankle harshly yanking her back, and though at first she heard Jake’s muttering for Dave to stop, felt his hand hesitantly grasp her other ankle.Dave instantly scrambled to climb over Kay as she screamed for him to get off of her. Straddling her thighs he just kept saying “please, please for just a second, I just have to feel you for a second” as she felt her hips grabbed then yanked up in front of him. Kay screamed out her curses while David begged away, her twisting and rolling for nothing going no where as she tried to kick and hit back behind her. “Mother fucker get off me, I’ll kill you both for this, get the fuck off me!” but suddenly she felt her arms pinned as Jake’s heavy cock flopped on her cheek, his words now contrary to what he had been saying up till then.“Dave fuck her or get off and let me.” Kay’s curses instantly silenced as she knew that second this was going to happen, and with that as she felt David’s cock lining up with her cunnie, Kay began pleading herself trying to stop this before too late. “Please David, don’t do this, I’ll tell you everything about Ta’boa, don’t, don’t, plea”, as Kay’s words were cut short as David drove his cock in deep.Kay gasped in surprise as David sank his cock fully inside of her cunt already sopping from her vivid dreams. What made it worse however be it intentional or just simply positioning, as she opened her mouth wide to beg him to stop Jake’s heavy cock slipped deep in her mouth, and as David began hammering away so did Jake.“Oh gawd her cunt’s so fucking hot and tight, hold her, hold her!” David blurted out as mercilessly he thrust at a frantic pace. Kay so wet the sound was sickening, yet with David pinning her thighs as he pulled her hips high, Jake holding her shoulders down shoving his cock in her mouth, there was nothing she could do but wait for them to finish.Her thighs together squeezing Kay’s netherlips tight, she could feel every inch of David’s cock as it would thrust in deep forcing her labia apart till he would bottom out in her, then just as quick feel it yanked back out. Every vein and wrinkle yet most of all the thick flaring head as it raked in and out from bottom to top, and with each thrust back inside her legs so tight together it squeegeed off her slick wetness leaving Kay’s bottom and thighs as soaked as her swollen vulva.Jake anxious for his own turn while struggling to keep her pinned didn’t even think about his own cock plunging into Kay’s mouth as David shoved her forward each thrust. Once Jake had however, he tried with all his might to keep from cumming yet suddenly loosed a torrent of hot cum over her tongue and down her throat his roar of release inspiring David to thrust deep and empty his balls deep in Kay’s twat. Kay could feel every bit of it, every throb and pulse. Could feel her mouth flooded with thick jets of cum as her cunnie suddenly felt hot as David’s jizz pumped inside of her.Horrible Kay thought as she lay there crying simply grateful that it was over, yet as David withdrew his cock almost crying himself repeating over and over he was sorry, Jake yanked his tool out of Kay’s mouth and spun around on top of her. Jake had to have her, not simply just to cum, yet an uncontrollable need to cum in her pussy. It didn’t matter to him that it was filled already with David’s massive load. All that mattered to Jake was that he filled her there himself and as his thick cum began to dribble out of the corner of Kay’s mouth, she felt her hips yanked high again, only able to mumble “please no” as Jake’s massive cock plunged into her.Jake was gigantic compared to David who had a nicely sized cock himself. All Kay could do is gasp as she clawed at the ground in front of her as with a fury of wanton need Jake began to plow into her plundered cunnie. As Kay’s surprise gave way to terror soon replaced with violation, down deep inside she realized her own taunting had inspired this yet knew somehow it was so much more. As Jake ground deep and twisted relishing the exquisite feeling of Kay’s wet cunt, she somehow knew this is how things were meant to be, yet even more so how she wanted it.It was as though she meant to taunt them to the point they’d do anything to have her. Even more as though she was meant to lose as it was only then her real power over those stronger and faster would show itself. Most of all, with each brutal lunge of Jake’s thick rod ground deeply within her she realized all too quickly that her own lusts had to be served, and just like with the Wolves no gentle love making would satisfy the lecherous spirit within her. As much as Kay hated this, she wanted it, and just as her violation gave way to lust, so that turned to a feeling of power and malicious vengeance. Kay had ****d herself, or more truthfully, her spirit had.The Wrath of Ta’boaAs Jake grunted and lunged so desperate to cum sweat pouring off him, David’s weeping regretting what he had done soon turned to pleading for Jake to stop. Kay however at first clawing to get away soon had ceased her struggling. As Jake plowed away his cock so large Kay’s cunt had no more room to give, soon found her fingers digging into the soil to push back, and as whimpers of “please no” fell silent, they were soon replaced by bestial grunts and whispered “do it’s”.Each lunge of Jake’s hips shoved Kay’s bottom up into the air to only drop low again as he’d pull back. Kay’s taunts of “do it” grew louder and louder, and as they turned to guttural growls of “fuck me, do it, fuck me hard”, her bottom raised higher in the air as she began shoving back as well. It was as though Jake could not slam into Kay hard enough, each plunge forcing out wet sounding splashes of her wetness and David’s cum. In no time Jake’s abdomen, thighs and balls were as sopped as Kay’s bottom, cunt and thighs, each slap of their bodies together sounding like dropping a soaked towel on a hardwood floor.In no time Jake just to be able to drive into Kay as she had raised up so much now on all fours driving back on him found Jake kneeling up straight gripping her hips just to simply hold on. There was no warning from Kay however as her shouts of “fuck me harder” rang out over and over each thrust back, as suddenly she shoved back so hard Kay drove Jake down to sitting screaming out “oh fuck yesssss, cumming!” as her cunnie loosed a torrent of her wetness over his thighs and balls gushing as she came.Jake could barely hold on as he reached around Kay gripping her breasts as she ground down hard upon him her wetness splashing between them so forceful. Jake suddenly pulling Kay tight to his chest as he roared out his own orgasm, his cock pulsing and surging his cum up inside of her, and as Kay’s cunnie gripped as though trying to milk every drop of his seed from him, so his cock would swell and burst torrent after torrent of hot cum deep within her.Kay had given herself over to this as if she was going to be fucked, she wanted or more demanded that they fuck her hard as she had become accustomed to with the Wolves. What she found instead was Jake quickly pushing her off almost cringing ashamed by what he had done. He didn’t know why he had done it, yet he felt terrible that he had just ****d Kay. Pushed off Jake Kay waited panting and sweating on all fours for David to take her once again, but after a while when no one had touched her she looked back to find both of them crying and worse still apologizing.“What the fuck is wrong with you two, if you want to fuck me, then fuck me!” was Kay’s angry taunt as they seemed to almost hold themselves and cringe. With that she wheeled round in a fury, “fucking weaklings, how dare you cower, it was you that ****d me!” It was insane how the situation unfolded. Kay was now furious as though some deep vanity had been touched upon, she felt vengeful and full of wrath, yet what crossed her mind had nothing to do with equity and fair punishment as what struck her as right was nothing short of malicious.Kay could have easily run and insure the men would be put in prison yet she wanted them to suffer at her hands. Her actions however and more so her words seemed to have nothing to do with her, it was almost as though some long lost piece of Kay had clawed its way to the surface demanding its time in charge.“You slug Ka’latuk!” as Kay suddenly lashed out backhanding David scrambling over him pinning his shoulders to the ground with her knees. “You think you’re so quick well you should have run, I wasn’t ready to release you, do it again, bathe it!” Kay scooping up a massive glob of their cum yet mostly her wetness into her hand from her cunnie, then ground her soiled twat down hard writhing upon David’s lips.“And you Sauk, you’re not strong you’re weak like the rest. Eat it and pray I let you go!” Kay slapping her slick sex covered palm over Jake’s mouth holding it there, and as he tried to pull away she yanked him close till he ceased his struggling uncontrollably beginning to lap at her hand. Grinding away on David’s face as Jake quickly calmed, the expression on Kay’s face was one of cruel malice as her eyes suddenly rolled up and her back arched hard, a lustful groan rising deep in her chest as she came violently upon David’s mouth.Laughing malevolently as her orgasm ebbed Kay shoved Jake away as she fell onto her back off of David and the most cruel of smirks knowing the curse that would bind them quickly graced her lips. Kay’s wicked laugh however was silenced just as quick. Jake suddenly was on top of her pinning her shoulders down as his thighs flanked her hips, Kay’s thighs forced wide by his own and as she screamed out furiously “no”, Jake slammed his huge cock into her brutally once again.“So hot just once more, stay still!” was Jake’s answer as he frantically began hammering into Kay’s sopped folds a second time. “Sauk get off me, I said no, stop!” was Kay’s reply yet nothing would stop Jake from fucking her as he had to feel her depths, more then anything needing to cum in her, and as he rutted away he was suddenly rolled onto his back still deep within her. David’s rekindled need inspired by Kay’s vulgarity had surged as well and there would be no gracious waiting till Jake was through till he filled Kay’s cunt with his own load of cum. Hoping to drive his cock in as Jake’s cock withdrew to steal his position and replace him found them both driving back into her together at the same time, the size of both cock’s making her eyes go wide as her breath was stolen from her.“Ka’latuk stop, I told you both no!” were Kay’s only words as both David and Jake drove in and out of her not even caring they shared the same void. In seconds the two furiously rutting were joined by Kay, their drives into her matched by her own lunges onto them. So it went for the next three hours or six orgasms total for each man, and nine for Kay. Angered each time they’d soothe their need by r****g her, Kay would re-inspire their need once more with her wetness her intention each time to leave them helpless yet wanting.Upon their last orgasm’s Kay still strong the men having done most of the work she could see they were helpless to take her, and this time she decided to be even more cruel then just leaving them wanting. Gracing their lips once more with her now seasoned wetness, she easily pulled away yet made them an offer if they wanted to break the spells.Jake she demanded suck David’s cock till he could prove that David had fed him. When she let Jake mount her while she lay upon her back hooking her heels inside his legs pulling them wide as he fucked her, Kay had David take Jake’s ass until he came within him. Each thrust of both David into Jake and Jake into her she felt, and the twisted perversion of it all fed her debauchers lust. Only then and after he bathed would she let David fuck her, yet Kay or perhaps Ta’boa was not quite through.The next morning as the pair trembled within the tent weak and helpless found Kay burning all of their clothes then driving herself to town to pick up her parts. After fixing her bike she crawled in atop the pair once more, yet would leave them each with something to truly remember her by, and hopefully dissuade their desire to report about Ta’boa leaving them no desire to hunt her down again.Glaring into Jake’s eyes she spoke clearly. “Each time you look at a photograph of me you will have to suck a man’s cock till you swallow their cum, and only then can you look at the next.” Fearing David’s words all the more she made his curse just that much more cruel. “Each time you write, or read the word Ta’boa, you will have to take a man’s cock in your ass till he cums inside of you before you can read or write the word Ta’boa again.”Yes it was cruel, yet as Kay sat her tender cunnie on the violently vibrating motorcycle and rode away through the mountains, somehow a malicious and vengeful spirit full of wrath just felt right, and she didn’t even consider the name Ta’boa.The Coming of Ta’boa LowerKeeping more and more to biker circles as who you were and where you were from mattered less then who you were now and where were you going, with her sack full of money Kay just lived simply. Past her motorcycle, money and single outfit all of leather Kay owned nothing else not even a tent or sleeping bag, and would always gravitate to where she could be naked in peace never getting used to wearing clothes ever again.Surprisingly, months later while leaning against her bike topless in a high mountain pass sunning Kay was approached by three other bikers one of them a “fan” having recognized her and presented her with three magazines to sign proving out just what she had hoped to avoid. One named “Call of Alaska” an outdoor survival magazine, the next some obscure yet racy biker magazine called “Jugs and Knuckleheads”, and finally a bottom shelf porn entitled “Biker Sluts”. The cover story of each being “Ta’boa Rides.”Kay was furious at first as she thumbed through the pages. Each article graced with numerous photos and appropriate text to suit the publication, yet worst of all every bit of it was correct brazenly written by David, and the photo selection had been performed by Jake. Though at first it concerned her deeply as each mentioned the legend of Ta’boa comparing it to Kay’s experiences and finally those of others who encountered her, soon enough something else peaked her interest enough that she did a count. All toll there were sixty-four different photographs of Ta’boa, the name written ninety-three times.Kay began laughing hysterically. She didn’t believe she had any powers, yet just the thought of David getting plowed in the ass over and over each time he wrote it, or Jake sucking cock after cock as he selected photos from the net or his own had her howling. That thought alone made the temporary notoriety worth it, so signing the magazines knowing they’d end up in the trash soon enough, said her good byes and rode off.Kay unfortunately was never able use her name again as everyone assumed that “Kay” was some alias to hide her true identity as Ta’boa. Fair is fair however. Kay losing her real name would never know be it through some indefinable magic or perhaps just the power of suggestion that Jake and David had indeed paid the price. It was worth it to both however to warn as many as they could about a vengeful malicious spirit, one sent here to do some great good, that destiny however yet to reveal itself.Along with the articles “Ta’boa” as a biker had also begun to gain a bit of a reputation. At rallies and gatherings “Ta’boa” as Kay now went by to avoid discussion almost always would be found barefoot and topless or nude. Due to her tattoos however many speculated that Ta’boa liked fucking dogs. Ta’boa in typical fashion however would just come back “no Wolves! I fuck Wolves not dogs,” at which point all would laugh it being impossible to get near a Wolf let alone fuck them.Ultimately most just assumed that Ta’boa’s tattoos meant she preferred “Lone Wolf” bikers or those without a club but eventually that she liked to be fucked by “packs” of aggressive men. True more often then not which Ta’boa actually did as no single man could usually match her needs. Ta’boa was also not shy about when or where she had sex, in fact some would say she preferred showing off and breaking the rules so her proclivities became well known. It would not be uncommon to find Ta’boa openly in the middle of some gang-bang at a campsite or engaged in some form of sex with many looking on. It was as though everyone craved to be intimate with her, and if a decent enough person, chances were usually pretty good that they would get their opportunity.What she had trouble with was women however. She quickly learned that if a man was going to lick her twat she had better be prepared to let him fuck her as for Ta’boa to refuse would always end up with the man pursuing her, and given enough time if not offered he would take it. Hence the trouble with women. She liked her gals well enough yet as soon as they’d bathe her cunnie more enthusiastic then the men they’d soon enough be trying to grind their twats to hers to no satisfactory end. Unfortunately their desire would only grow and it became enough of a problem that Ta’boa ‘tried’ to avoid such encounters though trying and doing are two different things.Ta’boa had also gained a reputation of someone to be feared yet only if you were doing wrong to others. At rare times being almost predatorily violent, she more often then not however seemed to be able to lure people in and then with nothing more then glares and whispers had a knack for dominating the outcome. One such occasion would lead Ta’boa gradually to her true destiny, and it would be strange how close it was to legend.At a biker bar in southwest Oregon Ta’boa first met the members of a small biker club who’s days had long ago passed. Calling themselves the Steam Mountain Motorcycle Club or S.M.M.C., they were now more just friends that liked to simply get out and ride together and had stopped one night on their way to a rally for a beer. Nothing spectacular or special, yet as one of the younger gals went outside to make a phone call the wrath of Ta’boa would come to be known.As the girl talked suddenly three large men bikers themselves from a more violent gang in no short order had grabbed and dragged her toward the side of the building to have a bit of fun. In mere seconds they had stripped her naked tearing off her clothes and as the first man pushed her down shoving his cock inside of her to **** the girl, the Bear that had long ago been inside Ta’boa suddenly came rushing out.Like a day now well over two years past so very long ago and so very far away, out of the brush charged Ta’boa without warning barefoot, her jacket undone and large breasts exposed, silent, vengeful and full of wrath. The one nearest her was taken down with a single strike to his head by a tire iron, and before he had hit the ground Ta’boa had charged the second slamming into him driving him out of the girl sending him flying and crippled, the third beaten brutally, badly broken. As the naked girl bolted running inside for help, the club of bikers rushed out to deal with the r****ts yet what they found stunned them cold as a small furious woman stood over the shattered men.Ta’boa now topless had grabbed one of the men up glaring at him as she shouted “coward! You should pray you die before I see you again.” Ta’boa herself didn’t know why she did it, yet as she squat over the limp body of another she yanked down her pants and began pissing on his head so reminiscent of the Beta Bitches cruel torments. Glancing to the members of the club having rushed out she simply shouted out “what? What are you looking at, go back inside.”It was insane, more so when the first she had screamed at stood by the edge of the road. Dazed, it doubtful he could even see his head so awash in blood, just as a tractor-trailer flew by he clearly, deliberately stepped out in front of it. Ta’boa rose off the second grabbing up her jacket pushing through the crowd, her only words drowned out from the truck as it swerved and broke shrieking to a halt but all too late. “I need a beer”, not even looking back as she walked inside.Word spread quickly at the rally. When other members of the same gang confronted Ta’boa shouting at and shoving her, like the Beta Wolf Bitch attacking an intruding Bear, fearless and ready for the fight she attacked tooth and nail lunging like some crazed wild thing. What really perplexed folks however was when she cast her final insults saying to one specifically “you should hate yourself for backing such trash, if I were you, I’d kill myself slow for being such a coward.” That very night that biker known to ****, rob, deal dope and some speculated even murder to accomplish his ends, sobbed continuously cringing from every noise and movement, and slowly, deliberately, drank himself to death.Ta’boa Walks LowerAs the months rolled by at rallies, meets and gatherings up and down the west coast slowly Ta’boa came to be known by most in attendance. Most times would find Ta’boa typically walking the grounds barefoot and topless usually saving being nude for later in the night, with most folks she encountered appreciative and complimentary.Ta’boa enjoyed the good parts of such rallies and as one would expect she was naturally invited into every camp. Usually just simply listening to their banter for the most part folks were always friendly making her feel good for being who she was. Over time those that were rude quickly had their friends pulling them aside telling them to not fuck with her as “that was Ta’boa”, for as much as she got along with most, those she didn’t faired rather badly.Taboa’s next encounter with the S.M.M.C. however was at first very uncomfortable as the thanks and praise from its members found Ta’boa quickly turning to leave not liking such acclaim, yet as she began to walk off there arose a problem. One of the younger guys in the club walked up weeping with a baby in his arms. It seemed his girlfriend who was there with him had decided that riding with a specific gang, or more so riding its members was the life for her.With that the new mother thrust the baby at her boyfriend telling him to take it. She didn’t want it and this very moment was fucking and sucking the other gang, finished with being a mother though barely having just become one. The boyfriend never the less was glad he had his c***d and would cope with the c***d alone yet knew the day would come when she’d demand the c***d back. So trouble for the young man and his newborn son was just beginning.It angered Ta’boa as she listened cheated of that gift herself. The baby as typical however didn’t care wailing hungry and with none there having any idea as what to do to help, Ta’boa just took the c***d and set him to her breast. Surprised, the other women stated frankly “just sucking a tit won’t fill his belly”, so with a quick squeeze of the other it shut them up wide eyed as Ta’boa told the boyfriend to point the way to where the other camp was at.Ta’boa didn’t hesitate walking through the campgrounds with the baby tight to her tit. Finding the campsite she walked right through the large crowd watching the mother get triple teamed on a picnic table, Ta’boa in her typical fashion sitting on another just six feet away. Glaring expressionless at the woman as the first, second, then third man pumped their loads into her, the woman stared back as shame quickly filled her eyes as it struck her deep suddenly another woman sitting there nursing her baby.The trouble was, she had no where to run unable even to turn her head. As each man pulled from her another would take his place giving her no chance to stop, and as she began sobbing continuously once nine men total had filled her cunnie, mouth and bottom she lay there filthy and vulgar as Ta’boa just stared. Shame trying to be hidden with anger, the woman lashed out stating “that was her baby.”Ta’boa’s answer was simple coming in the form of an a****listic growl as she said simply “sit down”. The girl staring in her eyes slowly lowering till she was sitting on the ground before Ta’boa sobbing. Ta’boa just stared as a number of the men bitched at her about wrecking the girls good mood, yet Ta’boa just looked to them stating “you should be ashamed of yourselves and your dicks shouldn’t work again until you realize why.”Rising up as the c***d suckled away, Ta’boa unexpectedly set her foot to the girls shoulder driving her onto her back squatting over her telling her bluntly, “live the rest of your life as a cumditch fucking anything that asks, yet never come for this c***d it is gone forever.” Rising up Ta’boa went back to the father the c***d now fed, then left as the leader of the club looked on. Guilt is a funny thing as when faced with the truth bold faced and blunt everyone looks inside. Yet as the girl fucked anyone and everything till one day she vanished, the members of that gang fucked no one and only some of them ever would again.Some speculated that Ta’boa was some witch able to cast spells, others a hypnotist yet most simply that she told it like it was, fearless and blunt making others look inside. Quickly however as word spread about Ta’boa being a “milk maid”, she was almost regularly approached by young couples for one reason or another to help with their babies nursing. Perhaps the mother was sick and the c***d allergic to formula, or sometimes she might have drunk too much last night, or be on some medication briefly. Never the less whatever the reason was, in time Ta’boa had nursed most of the next generation of bikers at one time or another. It was interesting how those that had suckled at her breast grew strong, healthy and intelligent.Ta’boa was no angel however. Known for her quick temper and lack of tolerance for those who caused harm to others, she occasionally liked her drink in excess though usually preferred water, liked her meat rare, and liked her men as well aggressive and preferably in “packs” as she put it. Ta’boa’s appetites far surpassing any one man.One aspect of her though never fully answered and the biker’s favorite taunt were her paw print tattoos. At first rude rumors about her liking to be fucked by dogs spread around as men would bark at her in passing she’d yell out “Wolves you idiots, not dogs!” Most simply thought she was able to take a joke well, and soon enough the barks had turned to howls it all clearly a joke as no one could ever fuck a Wolf.More and more they’d howl away as a sign of respect teasing her. Ta’boa would suddenly pant or wag her behind and everyone would laugh, and everyone knew when they’d hear howls in the night it was this group or that trying to call Ta’boa to party with them. When asked one day “well if you fuck Wolves then how come you have that Bear print on you?” Her answer simple and honest enough though assumed to be some cheesy moral for all. “Sometimes you fuck the Bear, and sometimes the Bear fucks you”.You can also imagine the support for Ta’boa by grateful mothers and fathers who would not tolerate a bad word spoken about her, and quickly respect had turned to power. Ta’boa had not only nursed their c***dren yet from her vast years of experience and understanding of family and community gave sound advice that saved many a family. That same sound advice as to community also applied to clubs. It was natural some would have trouble time and again, and so the leaders of that group would seek out Ta’boa to advise them on how to make their clubs or “packs” as she called them strong. Strong as any Wolf pack might be.Eventually, just like many things in biker circles were represented by patches soon enough two more gained popularity though each for different things oddly based upon the same. The first was an Alaskan Totem Tribal Wolf’s head. The respect and even love by many for Ta’boa was so great, that one day a guy had a tattoo done matching the totem wolf’s head on Ta’boa’s back. Soon everyone wanted one the legend of the biker Ta’boa now well known. So to fill that need a patch was made, worn where Ta’boa’s tattoo sat on her shoulder blade.Wearing of the patch took on a deep and great meaning however. Those wearing it taking pride in being good people. Helpful and protecting of family and community. It didn’t mean they didn’t have fun, yet they put others first and were the type of people that could always be counted on when you were in need, biker and non-biker alike.The second patch had less noble beginnings yet soon carried a weight and responsibility of its own. A 1950’s Whistling Wolf head, top hat, cuffs and all. The day after a particular group of bikers had spent the night fucking or more being “fucked by” Ta’boa, they went out and all added the patch to the front of their leather vests. At first meaning they had simply slept with her, in no time at all it also meant that you were a good person, as there was no getting near Ta’boa unless she let you and her standards were high.As some men began wearing the patch not having fucked her yet seeing how many other women wanted to fuck them simply to find out why Ta’boa had, soon enough “patch ripping” occurrences happened. To wear it was a well earned source of pride meaning Ta’boa had accepted you, and by God no poser was going to steal the thunder without earning their patch. More so in that if you were a decent person and simply had balls enough to try chances were rather good you’d get your chance. Ta’boa never judged anyone based on their looks, build or age, what she did judge you on was your courage, your honor and integrity.So more than just the patch meaning you had fucked her it meant you were a part of a very elite community. The community of “Human Beings” as the native people called those enlightened, as Ta’boa set the mark for what and who was, and wasn’t.Prophecy FulfilledAs Ta’boa’s reputation grew well known from the tip of the Baja all the way to Alaska in biker communities, people seemed to gravitate to her emulating her ways as their respect for Ta’boa was deep. Known to be fearless, wise, kind yet firm, those that encountered her would either do well from their interaction or fair very badly yet always based upon how they were as a person.Known as a good time, a great lay, easy on the eyes and having a good sense of humor, she was not seen as just some party girl yet more a matron or Alpha to some and a threat or Beta to others as many simply knew to avoid her. In time things along the West Coast regarding bikers begun to change. The bad not faring as well among the rest as they once had, and communities looked forward to their passing through their towns as their charity and help became the norm in no small part due to Ta’boa.Over time Ta’boa began hanging out and riding with the fractured club of friends who she had saved the girl of long ago, the Steam Mountain Motorcycle Club. Good people all of them, they worked hard yet liked to ride however avoided the nonsense of gangs that thought they were tough having something to prove. It didn’t mean they didn’t have their fun, yet they didn’t want thugs as part of the club and over the years it had dwindled significantly as an organized group.The aspect that caused the S.M.M.C. to truly fall apart was when the old leader had been killed in a bar fight just a few short years ago. Though just a new guy in the club, Kal Atuk, a proud handsome Indian respected for his strength and character stepped up to take on the role and was unanimously voted in. Unfortunately though brave and reliable, Kal was often quiet and distant almost as though longing for something. He never seemed to smile and for some reason he had no interest in any of the women they’d meet, none strong nor good enough for his tastes, and so the club slowly languished into what it now was.Ta’boa however had begun to change that. Younger respectable people joining them as the bad apples fled, Ta’boa by simply hanging out with them garnering more then a fare share of respect as if they could interest her perhaps they did indeed have something to offer. Ta’boa would tend to the injured and made those older feel young and still desired, advise those youthful, and in the end not a single c***d of those married had not suckled at her breasts at one time or another.Finally the day came when a rival gang who were always trouble at rallies was taunting and threatening the members of the club, perhaps twelve in all trying to get them to fight. Just then Ta’boa burst through the middle of the crowd topless and barefoot as usual, a group of four younger gals, biker groupies really in tow. Ta’boa sent them on inside the pavilion as she turned and glared not even realizing the deep growl that came from her throat like some threatening Wolf.Instantly a couple from the other gang not knowing of her cast out their ugly slurs of “fucking injun cunt, I’ll kick your ass” and so on as instantly their own turned on them stating in no uncertain terms “what are you doing, are you crazy? That’s Ta’boa!” One turning and asking her “Ta’boa, we’re sorry, yet what are you doing here this is between us and them?” Ta’boa’s answer was simple glaring at them her words almost a growl, “my club, my pack, time for all of you to go and never bother us again.” Their only response as they began to slink away being, “sorry Ta’boa, we didn’t know”.Inside as Kal continued to watch her as he always did from a distance. Ta’boa with a look into the shyer guys eyes and a few soft words encouraged them to meet the girls she had brought and taught them how to speak to these prospective girlfriends. Encouraging the girls to flash their tits and even get naked, she knew them to be good yet fun gals needing good yet strong men. Ultimately three of the four hooking up that night forming lasting couples enjoying life together a perfect fit for the club bringing balance and stability to it. Ta’boa danced some, drank some, suckled a baby here, and advised another there, and as the night dragged on Kal having been watching her found Ta’boa eventually near him just standing there, and though having rarely spoken with her Kal tried to give credit where it was due.“Ta’boa, thanks for today, in fact for everyday of late. Did you mean what you said about this being your club?” Ta’boa just moved in front of Kal leaning against a table as her large breasts swayed then rose and fell softly each breath saying nothing always meaning she didn’t like praise. Understanding her modesty on such things Kal tall and muscular, mature and dark changed the subject asking teasingly “so, what’s this about you having sex with dogs?”Ta’boa just laughed saying back “Wolves, I fuck Wolves” smirking. Joking along, Kal Atuk stated “well, I’m an Alpha Wolf” smirking back his clumsy attempt at flirting. With that, Ta’boa stood up and moved close to him looking up into his dark eyes as the tips of her nipples just grazed his heavy leather vest as she looked him over from head to toe taking him in. “Really?” Said Ta’boa as her eyes narrowed slightly and her voice took on a sultry dusky tone. Taking a breath to continue she could smell him so close. Leather and clean strong male, instantly making her heart race as she finished her sentence. “Then prove it.”Slowly backing away seductively, Ta’boa teasingly slipped her pants down and off standing there nude her lustful eyes locked onto his. Taking her time looking him over once again, she then slowly turned round parting her feet wide as she rolled her hips up setting her hands upon the table and as she did her swollen slick cunnie seemed to bloom splaying open like some pink flower against darkly tanned skin.Swaying her hips softly as she heard his belt undone and leather pants slide down, just like had happened so long ago it was almost forgotten, he oddly set his hand over one paw print on her hip and the other over the one on her shoulder. Kal however was a good man never wanting to take advantage of anyone so he whispered to her, “are you sure about this, it’s been a long time for me?” Ta’boa just smiled parting her feet wider stepping back slowly till she felt the tip of his cock just touch her nether lips stating bluntly, “I thought you said you were an Alpha Wolf?”Still cautious, Kal moved slow and gentle at first pressing his cock deep into her as Ta’boa’s eyes rolled up softly pushing back knowing this was going to be a good one. Gripping her hip and shoulder firmer, though hesitant and nervous soon enough Kal began fucking Ta’boa just how she liked it reminding her so very much of her long lost Wolf lover, her desire growing swiftly as their lust rose surging up in ever higher waves of ecstasy. Ta’boa didn’t know why, yet it crossed her mind how all the biker’s now had begun to form a strong community due in no small part to her.How they were now like Wolves working together yet helping the community at large, biker and non for the good of all. Oddly in an instant she remembered all she had experienced bringing her to this moment. Just as their orgasm’s began to rise up then crest as Kal pushed into her he questioned whether she really wanted him to do this groaning out, “Oh my God Ta’boa, I’m about to cum, maybe I should stop” worried that she might not really want him cumming in her. That moment a thought suddenly struck Ta’boa.There was no argument, there was only right and wrong as all of his concepts of morality, mood, intentions and so on meant nothing in this world of the biker. It was about needs, not even wants. He needed saving, she saved him. He needed protection and she was there. When they were injured and needed healing and even needed a bath so she gave them that too, and when they were hungry she had offered up her own breasts to supply them with food.Finally, it was their mouths and cocks that they were always shoving down around her cunt, their constant erections clearly in heat, snuggling to her even when she kept pulling away, teasing her, firing her own need for relief. This was not some **** based in malice and cruelty to make another submit while the aggressor proved dominance. This was about sex, a simple need, a natural one, one Kal clearly needed and now she did too. God had made males and females to fit together for a reason as they were both there for the other. There was nothing devious about it as all the games, the reluctance, and the flirting were foolish human notions at best.This was about two “Human Beings” doing all they could for the other when they needed it. Working together to enjoy life fully as short as it was, and that was before they had even formed a bond which should make all of that ten fold stronger. Ta’boa had quite frankly had enough of this foolish man. He needed to be fucked, and now she needed to cum herself aroused from the hunt for a good life. Time he did his part.Again Kal groaned out barely able to hold back his orgasm her cunnie so slick, hot and tight, quite simply perfect. Ta’boa the first woman he had ever really desired and that moment he didn’t care anymore. This was the woman for him, and even if he could only be with her this one time, there was nothing more he wanted in this world. Nothing, not even she could stop him from having her this moment as Ta’boa was the one he had long been waiting for, searching for, and now she was found.Suddenly Kal began thrusting into her savagely. Strong and forceful just how Ta’boa liked it from her time with the wolves and as he gripped her waist and shoulder tighter like a lover so long ago, urgent and demanding suddenly driving up into her, his cock swelled locking into her cunt as she clamped down. Pumping hot thick jets of cum for so many years held back into her very being Ta’boa realized he was fucking her just like a Wolf, and drove back upon him as she shuddered out her own perfect orgasm.“Oh my God Ta’boa, I’m cumming!” Kal roared out unable to hold back his words. Ta’boa in ecstasy suddenly growling out loudly unable to remain silent as well, groaning out a another orgasmic wave sounding like some Bitch Wolf in heat being fucked. Panting, Ta’boa gasped out “I hope you don’t change back, I like you this way” as though some hazy reality already about forgotten had been a dream. That instant among the chaos of lust, Ta’boa found crystalline clarity that struck her like lightning.Kal Atuk…Ka’latuk, he was her long lost wolf lover. The name of her mate struck her so hard she roared out a second orgasm knowing down deep he had not dreamed himself a spirit again yet a human being. Now he was the magnificent Indian boy she had dreamed of so very long ago, just as lost and searching for her as she had been for him. She also realized within her were the teachings of another female that she had known so very long ago, a female who she now had become exactly like. It made her laugh with orgasmic joyful ecstasy, her quest and the Natives prophecies fulfilled suddenly realizing something about her own name, Ta’boa, as though an acronym as she said her true name aloud.“Ta’boa……The Alpha Bitch Of Alaska”…….As side by side with Ka’latuk her long lost Wolf love, under her matronly guidance and protection, “her” pack of “Human Beings” would come together and grow strong……and the Great Spirit Bear smiled proudly……………

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