Step Taboo

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Step TabooI was 18 when my mother remarried; He was a single father to a 19 year old boy named Dion.I remember I was always attracted to my now older step brother but was always too embarrassed to tell him or even tell anyone! After all it is a little gross… well it’s supposed to be gross, right?My bedroom door was always opposite the bathroom and I would secretly wait with my door open just a tad in hope of seeing Dion walk out in a just a towel or even naked!I couldn’t get enough of his tight body, his abs were toned and defined, and his thin snail trail which always led my eyes down under his towel to his crotch. What is wrong with me?? He’s basically my brother!I had never really looked at boys this way before Dion.I would actually lie there at night fantasizing about him, coming into my room while our parents slept next door, his hard body and his muscular arms…holding me down! His hand over my mouth, telling me not to make a noise and not to tell anyone!I lay on my bed and closed my eyes, I could feel myself getting warm and a bit wet between my legs this was reasonably new to me at the time, I could faintly feel a pounding like a heartbeat inside my vagina.I slid my hand down the front of my panties to feel around…I just had a massive urge to do something down there! Oh my god! I was so wet! I wasn’t expecting it!as my hand slid down to cup my pussy, I felt what was like a million lightning bolts shoot up through my lower body and my legs shook, my fingers had just rubbed over my erect clit…this was amazing! I had played with myself in the shower before but nothing like this!I thought to myself If It can feel this good just by just thinking about Dion and touching myself ever so lightly once, just Imagine if he was here, imagine it was his fingers that were massaging my clit, making me wetter and wetter as he held me down and kissed me, feeling his rough stubble on my face as his soft lips caressed mine.I had never been this horny before! I didn’t even really know what it felt like until now! I must be a freak! I remember thinking; no one could ever be this horny! I just wanted to rub up against everything! But nothing could satisfy me!My girlfriends at school have told me how they have orgasms all the time! I felt I was so close to that magical feeling I have heard so much about but I just couldn’t get there!A few years passed and my lust towards Dion hadn’t subsided, I was now 21, four years of extreme fantasizing about my step brother to no prevail! There was something wrong with me I thought, I’m 19 and still a virgin and have only had one boyfriend which didn’t work out at all and I still lie in bed at night masturbating to the thought my brother fucking me up against a wall.He was 23 now and is sexually active. He has bought a few girls home before, I don’t like to admit it but listening to Dion and his hook up of the night really turned me on…I was jealous! But really fucking horny!One Saturday morning everybody was out doing something and I had the place to myself, I didn’t realise it then but this was the day that my life was going to change.I was lying on the couch watching something on TV when I started to get a little horny and curious.I walked into Dion’s room and sat down on his bed, I had been here many times but never with this intention. I face planted his pillow, I could smell his cologne, it was really nice. I looked up to his bedside table drawer and decided to open it, I found a few porn magazines which didn’t do much for me but what I did notice is that all these women were blonde and had no pubic hair. Even the posters on his wall were all of blonde girls.I never felt so lucky to be a blonde! I’m his type! I remember thinking with a big grin on my face.I opened a couple more drawers and in the bottom one I came across an envelope with nothing written on it.I decided to open it, thinking it might be a love letter or something.As I pulled out the paper to my surprise it was a printed out of a photo… of me!A naked photo of me! And there was another one. He must have snapped these when I was getting changed. My mind suddenly went dirty, I thought of him, stroking his hard cock whilst looking at my photos. Was he thinking about all the same things I do when I masturbate? This turned me on incredibly and I realised that I might be kocaeli escort in with a shot. It’s been four years and finally there might be chance that he’s attracted to me.I knew he would be home soon and that our parents are away all weekend.It’s now or never, my pussy was pounding with excitement, my panties were soaked and the butterflies were going crazy in my tummy. I jumped in the shower knowing he was only an hour or two away. I really wanted to impress him; I lathered my crotch in shaving cream and started to remove all my pubic hair.My vag was small, smooth, bald and warm, just like the girls in his magazines.It felt really nice against my silk panties. I would rub my clit through the silk it felt amazing!I started to get really nervous, how was I going to approach him? Should I just jump him as he walks past me?What if he wasn’t interested? What if those photos of me were there for some other reason?Maybe one of his friends just wanted to see my tits?I decided I would try and get him to come to me.Knowing that he would have to walk past my room to get to his I decided to be a little cunning.When I heard his car coming down the drive way I raced to my room and jumped on my bed.I pulled my dress up around my waist and lay on my back, my freshly shaved, silk smooth pussy (which I’m incredibly proud of, by the way) facing the open door.I slid my silk panties to the side and began rubbing my clit; I let out a soft moan as I got hornier.I heard the door open and then footsteps heading towards this end of the house, I got wetter with every footstep that got closerDion, My step brother was going to see me going to town on myself, this I had planned, hopefully It would drive him wild and he wouldn’t be able to help himself.The footsteps grew closer and closer as I drew closer and closer to orgasm, already! I couldn’t believe it.I looked up and here was Dion standing in my door way, just staring at me, I stared at him back, keeping eye contact.He moved in and closed the door, he put his hand over my mouth and told me not to make a noise or tell anyone.I removed his hand…There is no one here, why can’t I make noise? I whispered to him, I couldn’t believe I said that!Probably because I wanted nothing more than to scream the house down as he had his way with me.Finally! After four years of lust, waiting for this moment, it was here I thought!I closed my eyes; I felt the stubble on his chin tickle against my neck I moaned. I didn’t mean to, it just came out. His soft lips press against my neck, his warm tongue slowly massaged as he moved his mouth further up my neck to behind my ear, sensually moving my hair out of the way.I had just realised that I had been playing with myself the entire time, although his hand grasped my inner thigh he never moved it down to take over. I didn’t care at this point. I was in ecstasy.I moved my head around and kissed him, it was everything I had imagined and more!the contrast between his soft, warm lips and his rough facial hair was amazing to me, to this day I say is probably my favourite kiss ever, it seemed to go on for hours, but that’s ok I could have taken days and days of this. He rolled me flat on my back and climbed on top of me.”It’s about fucking time” he said with his eyes locked on mine, the pressure of his hands, firmly on my shoulders, pinning me to the bed.He face planted my neck again; this time was rougher and more b**stly.I wrapped my legs around his body, and pulled myself tight up against him.I could feel his hard cock through his jeans rubbing up against my pussy.I moved in motion with him, back and forth, feeling the entire length of his shaft press and slide against my clit.His head slowly made its way down my neck and on to my collar bone and kissed and sucked all the way along it.My legs still tightly wrapped around him, he was basically supporting me as I had pushed my crotch so hard against his.”DION?” I heard a shout come from in the lounge room.”Shit it’s my girlfriend!” he said as he jumped up off of me and ran through the doorway.Before he left he stuck his head back through the door.”I’ll be back for you later” He winked and walked out.What an arsehole! Was my first thought! But still I had the biggest grin on my face. I lay there, my pussy was still soaking wet.I cannot believe what just happened! escort kocaeli I must have been dreaming. I actually pinched myself to see if I was or not. I was feeling a little bummed that I didn’t orgasm, but still it just inspired me to get more!Who knew it was going to be this easy? If I had of known I would have fucked him when I was 18!Lying there I decided to finish myself off, imagining what could of happened if his girlfriend didn’t show up. I pictured him ravishing me, kissing, sucking, licking and biting every part of my body.I pictured him holding me down so I couldn’t move. I picture him naked, on top of me, his hard abs against my soft tummyhis hard cock against my soft pussyeverything about him was hard, it was the most aroused I have ever been.I think I fell asleep masturbating that night.Dion hadn’t come home for a couple of days after that, I was scared that he freaked out and left me.Or maybe his girlfriend found out and is telling everyone?Or maybe she’d want to have a threesome? She’s kinda hot, I suppose. I’d do it for Dion.My mind had been going crazy all day why wasn’t he home?Was I really bad? Is he avoiding me?Turns out the more I thought about it, the less I cared. I knew what I wanted and for the first time I knew how to get it.I went into my room and pulled out a sexy maid costume that was given to me for my 18th.This is was the first time I’ve put it on.It squeezed my boobs together, they look huge!And it’s so short! I couldn’t bend over in this thing…even though that’s what I intend on doing in it.Suddenly I hear the front door open.My heart skipped a beat. Was it Dion?I poked my head around the corner”shit”It was my parents! They were home. I quickly ran to the bathroom, locked the door and turned the shower on.I didn’t want them to see me in a slut maid costume. Deciding to take advantage of the situation, I stripped down and sat in the bottom of the shower.My legs spread apart, looking down I decided to go over my vag with a razor once more. Just in case he comes home tonight.With my head tilted forward, the hot water running through my long, blonde hair. I could have fallen asleep there quite easily. It was quite hot that night so I decided to sleep nude.My parents had crashed out in the lounge room and I was on the verge of sleep completely nude and covered by a single sheet.Then I thought I heard footsteps approaching this end of the house.I was pretty out of it and tried to ignore it that was until I heard my bedroom door creak open and then quietly shutting. I pretended to be asleep. I felt the side of the bed sink as someone sat down.”It’s me” a voice saidIt was Dion! I pretended I didn’t hear him and continued my faux sleep.I then felt his hand lightly grab my left breast, only the sheet between our skin.His finger circled my nipple as it slowly got hard. I felt him pinch my nipple.My god! How long can I take this?My skin tingled and I felt myself getting wet. After resisting his big hands massaging my breasts and slowly moving the sheet down, tickling me as he revealed more and more is when I gave in.I turned over and grabbed him around his broad chest and back.He wrapped his hands around my waist, gripping me tightly. His roughish hands felt so nice against my smooth skin. I leant in and kissed him. I was feeling it again. The same excitement as I did the first time. It took me back to being a young girl and feeling all the excitement just at thought of the idea…all in this one kiss. It was beautiful.He rolled me on to my back and threw the sheet across the room.”Now you can’t make any noises” He lifted my left leg high and up straight and slowly kissed his way down moving closer and closer to my throbbing pussy. He ran his tongue all the way down my inner thigh, right to my groin. He kissed me there. I felt his soft warm tongue gliding around the edges of my pussy, he was teasing me.His stubble tickles my pussy, it is really something else.Then I felt it.He started to flick my clit with his tongue. Slowly at first but then got a little faster, my juices started to flow more intensely, his warm tongue massaged my clit. I felt my pussy open and two of his fingers, slide up inside of me. They were bigger than mine, this was incredible. He fingered me as he sucked my clit. Pounding me with his fingers, faster kocaeli escort bayan and harder.I had to put a pillow over my face to muffle my screams. I could feel myself about to cum with tremendous power. I arched my back and shoved my pussy into his face; I could hear his muffled moans as he ate me out. His fingers sod deep up inside me, driving them harder and harder.My thighs squashed his head and I twisted around on the bed. This was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had, my whole body shook, my legs were jelly I was feeling immense pleasure through my entire body, I was jerking around, my clit was so sensitive but he didn’t stop, I literally had to pull him up because I was so sensitive down there. I lay there trying to catch my breath as I heard stirring in the lounge room.Oh god, had our parents heard me moaning? Luckily no, but it was enough to spook Dion to make him go back to his own room. I had the most peaceful sleep that night. I had awoken the next morning to him next to my bed, wearing only a towel.”Parents are out. I’m gonna have a shower, you coming?”He walked out.Once I clicked to what he just said I lept out of bed and out into the bathroom.He was leaning against the basin still wearing only his towel. I was still naked from the night beforehe looked so sexy, his abs, and his v-line attracting me to his crotch.I walked over to him and kissed him. I removed the towel from his waist and it dropped to the floor.This was the first time we were both completely naked together, I grabbed his cock and looked down, and it was huge. I could barely get my hand around it. He was so hard, he moaned as I stroked his cock up and down, whilst pushing up hard against him, biting and licking his neck like a girl possessed. I felt his fingers spread my lips and slowly start to rub my clit, around in circles; I felt the lightning bolts and my legs quivered. His cock felt so big, hard and almost intimidating in my hand, I dropped to my knees in front of him.I wanted to return last night’s favour to him.I opened my mouth wide, and wrapped my lips around his cock, I couldn’t even get half way down without choking I used my tongue to swirl around his knob while my lips were moving up and down his shaft.I held myself up with one hand and jerked him with other whilst sucking his huge, hard cock; I could feel it throbbing in my mouth. I was so wet just feeling it in my mouth.He moaned as he pulled my hair out of my face. then he pulled me up by my hair, he put his hands under my arms, lifted me up, spun me around and sat me on the edge of the basin, my legs spread, my pussy exposed to him. He slid his fingers into me and began to lick my clit. I couldn’t take it anymore I needed more than just his fingers in me. I needed his cock in me. I pulled him up by his hair. He stood there in front of me, my legs wrapped around his waist and his cock pressed up against my pussy.I grabbed the base of his cock and guided it into my pussy, my lips stretched around his shaft, he slowly starts thrusting up and down, with each pump he gets deeper inside of me, with each pump, I get wetter and wetter. My nails dig into his back and gasp in pleasure as I feel his thumb massaging my clit as he slowly but firmly drives himself into me. I moan loudly, he picks me up, I wrapped around his waist, he’s still in me and thrusting as pushes me up against the wall, I broke the towel rack when I hit it. It should have hurt but I was overwhelmed by his power. As he held me off the ground, against the wall with my legs stretched out straight either side of him. he fucked me like there was no tomorrow, he let me down and bent me over the bath I felt his cock slide into me, deeper than before, he pounded me with everything I had, I was screaming, my arms stretched out with nothing to grab on to. I felt wave of orgasm after orgasm, as he gripped my hips. suddenly he pulled out and spun me around, sitting on the edge of the bath, his beautiful cock is at eye level, I got it in my mouth as fast as I could, I could taste my pussy on his cock, I sucked it hard and fast, then another taste took over, I felt his cum squirt the back of my throat. It was warm and tasted nothing like I expected, it was amazing! He almost collapsed because his orgasm was so intense.Now I’m 29 and have slept with my step brother many times, we fucked almost every day for 2 years before he moved out of home. He’s married and moved away now, but sometimes I visit him.And it’s good because his wife never suspects that I, his sister, would be the one blowing him in the spare room.

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