Straight Boy Bottom – Chapter 3

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Straight Boy Bottom – Chapter 3Chapter 3 – AwakeningYou may remember that last chapter I told you about the time Nathan slippedinto my shower and fucked me good, introducing me to my first one-on-onesex with a man, without my girlfriend Gwen around. Afterward, Nathan and Ilaid in Gwen’s bed and took a nap.I woke about 2 hours later. I was on my stomach, and had no difficultyknowing what had woken me. I was completely naked still, and the sheetshad been pulled off of me. And there was unmistakably a tongue in my ass.I began moaning softly as Nathan’s big hands kneaded my ass cheeks andspread them to give him access to my hole. My ass ground back into hisface, eager to play. Even though I had been fucked twice the night beforeand once that morning by Gwen’s strap on, and again a few hours ago byNathan’s fat cock, my ass was ready for more. Was there any limit to it’sability to take dick?That unspoken question was soon answered by a shifting of weight behind meand a cock head being pushed against my loosened hole and pressing in. Imoaned deeply, the same kind of moan I’ve heard from a thoroughly fuckedchick who still wants more. In one smooth stroke I was fully embedded withhard cock, and felt trimmed pubes against my smooth ass.”Oh fuck yes” I groaned. I opened my eyes for the first time, and sawNathan sitting beside the bed smiling at me. I was stunned; if he wasthere, then who’s cock was in my ass? I turned my head to look when astrong hand held it in place from behind. “What the fuck?””Now now” Nathan said, grinning. “You go ahead and enjoy yourself, nevermind who it is.” With that said the stranger began pumping my assrhythmically. His adapazar escort fucking style was somewhat different from Nathan’s, withmore hip rotation. Different, but still great. I could also tell his cockwas a bit smaller than Nathan’s, but again, it still felt amazing.”Dude, I can’t” I tried to speak between gasps as the stranger fucked megood. “Gwen.”Nathan laughed. “Gwen? This was her idea. She wanted you to have moreguys, but knew shed probably never convince you to try it. So she wantedto show you how much you would love random sex with strange guys.” He satthere grinning, naked, stroking his big dick as he watched me get plowed.He was right, and I hated him for that. The fact that I was gettinglong-dicked by someone I didn’t know had me rock hard and leaking onto thesheets.”What a day of firsts for you” he said. “Your first gay (not bi) sex, yourfirst gay kiss, and now your first time not caring who’s dick is in yourass. And it’s not even noon!” I heard the guy behind me chuckling atthis. “How about one more new thing?” Nathan got up and sat on the headof the bed, right in front of me. His long, fat cock was hard and slightlyupward curving, and was right in front of my face.”You know I don’t want to suck your cock” I said, still panting from thefucking I was receiving.”Aww come on. Just try it” he said, waving it at me. “Afraid you mightlike it?” I was a little bit. But I rolled my eyes and opened my mouthanyway. It was a morning of firsts, after all.My first impression of Nathan’s cock in my mouth was that it was clearlytoo big for me to take much of. I had to open up wide to fit the head in.The next was the taste, a mix escort adapazarı of salty and musky and sweet from his precum.I felt the spongy head, and then the rigid shaft, like metal under softcloth. Nathan put this hands on my head and guided me, never forcing me totake more than I could. I gradually worked my way further down onto hiscock, taking it partly into my throat, but I was not able to take it all.I didn’t love sucking cock, but I didn’t hate it either. My brain did takethe act as an opportunity to make me want to get fucked, which was goodsince I already was.After a few minutes, the guys had me lift my body so I was on my knees.The mystery man kept fucking me from behind, and Nathan stood up and fuckedmy face. I felt both guys start to speed up, and soon they were moaningand yelling as twin loads flooded my ass and mouth. I tasted my firstfresh-from-the-tap load as Nathan’s cum coated my tongue, a thick, creamy,manly taste that made me even hornier.”Good job cocksucker. Now swallow it.” I did, and another man’s loadsliding down my throat really hit the part of me that loves taboo sex,making my hard cock leak some more.Mystery man gripped my hips as he pumped his cock into me, getting faster.”Tell him how it feels” Nathan encouraged.”It feels amazing” I answered, gasping.”Yea? You like strange cock don’t you?””Yes.””You want to get fucked by more men?””Yes” I could barely think, the fire in my body was raging, stoked from thehard cock in my ass, the taste of cum in my mouth, and Nathan’s commanding,dominant voice.”You’re going to let any man fuck you that I ask aren’t you?””Yes” I couldn’t believe I said that.”I know adapazarı escort bayan you will. You’re a slut, a fag slut. Me and Gwen will have somany guys using your ass, you will soon have been fucked by more guys thanyou have fucked chicks.” I didn’t know how to respond, I had been withover a hundred chicks, and the idea of getting fucked by even more guys wasterrifying, and electrifying. Instead I moaned.Mystery man was pumping me harder now, breathing heavy. I pushed back intohim, eager for his cock. I was getting close too, my cock leaking as I wasfucked, and Nathan played with my nipple piercings. I felt my top’s cockbegin to swell, and as he groaned in his deep voice, I felt him start toshoot. The feeling of being bred pushed me over the edge and I wasshooting onto the bed, my cock untouched. My body was coated in sweat, andas mystery man began to slow his thrusts, his mouth went to my shoulder andneck and began licking my sweat, and kissing my skin.My eyes were closed in my orgasmic bliss, and as my top pulled out Iflopped to the bed, moving onto my back. I felt a weight settle on me, andlips on mine. The new guy was kissing me, deeply and passionately. I couldtell he was large, broad shouldered and thick chested, with just a bit ofchest hair that I could feel against my own smooth skin. After severalminutes of making out, he pulled off me, and I opened my eyes to see hisface.He had light gray-blue eyes, and close cropped dirty blonde hair. His skinwas light, though not as light as mine, and he did indeed have a solidbody, including defined pecs, a flat stomach, and thick strong legs.Between his legs swung the slightly deflated cock that had just ravished meso wonderfully. His face had a huge devilish grin on it as he said “HeyDerrick.””Oh fuck” I said, my head dropping to the bed. It was Josh, the presidentof my fraternity.//////////////////////////[email protected]

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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