Straight Guys Are The Best!

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During my college days I never considered myself to be anything other than straight, I was on the school soccer team, had my fair share of women and was pretty much one of the boys. By the time I was in my senior year I felt like I was on a role. My work at the gym had really started paying off. I was about 6 feet tall with dark brown hair slim waist with a good toned stomach, broad shoulders and nice defined pecks. I had started to wax my chest as well to show off my deep golden tan. My best friend Darren who I trained with was the same, we had both been doing the same programme at the gym,

The truth is I had secretly started to find myself attracted to Darren. I’d find myself rushing home after gym to masturbate about him. Whenever I saw him in the showers it really turned me on. He was gorgeous-about the same height as me with a shaved head and piercing blue eyes. Seeing the soap all over his naturally smooth defined naked body was hot! I loved watching the soap suds flow off his hung penis and down his hairy footballers legs. I longed to touch him up in the showers when ever we were in there together. Quite a few times I’d have to make my excuses and cut my wash short as I could often feel my dick getting semi erect.

When ever we were on night out, Darren had started to kiss guys when he was pissed ‘as a joke’, not all the time, just every now and again I’d suddenly see him making out with some guy. It was never for more then a couple of seconds in a dare like joke manner and always with a another very ‘straight’ guy so no on ever brought his sexuality into question. In fact, we all found it pretty funny and just laughed. Whenever he did this though it fascinated me and really turned me on. I was desperate for him to do it on me-I longed for him to turn round one night and start caressing me with his tongue.

One night we’d xslot giriş all gone to this club in town and its fair to say we were all pretty wasted. The club was packed that night, and it was really hot inside-Darren had undone his shirt exposing his tanned toned stomach-no doubt to attract as much pussy as he could. We were chatting by the bar and I said that I was going outside for some cool air-he said he felt hot too and joined me.

As we got outside we started to walk around the block to cool off-we were both pretty wasted by this time. We chatted about the girls we’d seen that night and who’d pulled who.

Then I asked him (‘as a joke’) ‘you not pulling a guy then tonight?’

‘No!’ he joked, ‘There’s no one I fancy enough tonight!’

‘So what’s it all about then?’ I went on as I was drunk, ‘Do you like guys or something?’

‘No mate’ smiled Darren “its just a laugh isn’t it when you’re drunk!’

‘Well you never try it on with me!’ I joked. I looked at him like he was a naughty school boy hoping that he would take this as his queue to make a move on me.

By this time we were half way around the block and were now in a quiet side street round the back of the club and there was never nobody around except us.

‘Well mate’ said Darren ‘if you’re feeling left out all you had to do was ask!’

At that moment he looked me in the eyes with a cheeky grin grabbed the back of my head and started kissing me (‘as a joke’). I had to hold back my waist so he wouldn’t realise that I had a throbbing hard on. The kiss seemed to go on for a few seconds too long though-suddenly we both relaxed our postures and fell into each others arms. Darren’s hands slid down my neck and he toyed with my stomach before grabbing my ass. I tried to stop him until I felt myself against him and xslot realised he was as hard as I was.

‘Oh Ryan!’ I heard him mutter as he tasted my tongue and kissed my lips.

We both pulled away at the same time and looked at each other. He had a pair of combats on with no boxers and his dick looked like a tent pole in his pants. He gave me the same cheeky grin he had given me just moments earlier.

‘So how do you fancy coming back to mine?’, he said with a sparkle in his eye.

‘Sure!’ I didn’t need to be asked twice!

We walked and got a cab straight to Darren’s house-fortunately his parents were away for the weekend.

As we walked through the front door there was a moment of awkward silence and then he just started wandering upstairs. I followed him into his bedroom where he kicked off his pumps and socks and lay on the bed. I did the same and lay down on the bed next to me. Darren made the first move he leant over me and started to kiss me. His tongue went deep into my mouth and it wasn’t long before our hands were all over each other. My lips slowly moved down his neck and exploring his body with my mouth. I kissed all around his pecks and circled his nipples with my tongue before moving slowly further down his six pack stomach.

‘Oh yeah!’ he moaned

Just as I got to his waist he got on top of me and reciprocated. As he kissed my bare stomach & grabbed my dick thought my jeans-I thought I was going to cum there and then. He undid my button fly and ate my hard on through my boxers. He teased me for a while kissing the inside of my thighs, and licking out my belly button before sliding my boxers down my legs to reveal my throbbing cock. When he saw it he smiled in a way that suggested complete pleasure. He gently kissed my now soaking bell end, getting a taste of my love juice before taking it all in his mouth as he jerked my shaft. He must have known I was ready to blow because he stopped and cupped and sucked my balls instead.

‘Oh! oh fuck!’ I moaned in complete joy at the thought of my straight best friend blowing me off.

By this time his combats that he was still wearing had a wet patch of pre cum where his cock was and his bell was poking out the top. I undid them and practically ripped them off him. His cock was bout 8 inches, glistening with pre cum, his foreskin was already pulled back slightly. I gently licked and brushed my lips over the tip to get a taste of him before proceeding to jerk him off. As I did I grabbed our cocks in one hand and jerked them off together.

Darren groped an kissed me as I did this and then whispered in my ear ‘Do you want to fuck me?’.

He lay back with his back arched and began using my pre cum to finger his arse. It was obvious what he wanted and he was going to get it. He spread his tanned thighs and put his feet on my shoulders exposing his now wet tight smooth bubble crack. I gently brushed his arse with my dick before going inside him. As that first thrust went in we both cried out in ecstasy. I pumped slowly at first but then went at it harder, faster and deeper.

‘fuck! yeah man that’s hot!’ I cried!

It wasn’t long before we both knew we going to cum ‘I’m going to blow!’ I said. As I felt myself nearing climax my dick got harder and harder and then suddenly I felt thick streams of spunk squirting through my shaft and out my dick, spraying inside Darren’s ass. The feeling of my warm juice loading his butt was too much for him. At that moment he grabbed my head and forced my face towards his dick as a shower of spunk squirted out his cock. I caught it in my mouth savouring every last drop as I drank my best mates pleasure juice. We both moaned out loud in sheer joy.

We both lay back on the bed exhausted. I lay there in wonder at the fact I’d just had hot gay sex with my best straight friend-it was horny and I knew I wanted it again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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