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Sucking the big onesSucking the big ones. You can do a lot with a lot. I like holding it with both hands and really enjoy it. It’s like a challenge too. You want to see how much you can swallow. That’s when tilting your head back comes into play. For me, that’s the best way to have your face fucked. You can feel it slicking in your throat, and his sack resting on your nose. My regular I see weekly taught me this. He said I had to learn how or he would feel left out. The whole sucking the head only wasn’t working. Of course I said it was easy for him to say since I’m not as big as him. But he was right. Learning that gave me the element of surprise. Even BBC and big one I faced had thought a good BJ wasn’t happening. Wrong! Once in my throat that’s it. I like it when I’m on my back doing this and someone else is fucking me. One time I did this and jerked 2 off too. They came all over my chest and stomach. I rubbed it on me and used it to jack myself off. Or as they put it “playing with my clit”. Plus it’s a lot easier to swallow a load that’s half way down your throat. One time I sneezed and his cum flew out my nose, and he smeared it on my face with his cock and then slapped me with it. Getting dick slapped was funny. now I encourage it with group scenes. So yea, my regular taught me that. He is one of five that I go both ways with. he prefers me as a guy when he’s fucking me but as a girl when I do him. He pretends I’m using a strap on. I think it’s his way of accepting it. What’s weird is that’s easier for me to get off with. Fucking guys as a guy doesn’t appeal to me. Mostly because I want it from them. But if I’m dressed up I play Dominatrix and tell them this is how you better give it to me. It hurts them too. That just tells me they don’t get fucked much. Which is good. I want to organize a serious gang-bank from small to big. Only I want it to be with the white boys and Blacks, and as a guy. Only problem is these 2 groups usually get the Latina/cock slut. Most are hiding from their boys. Only the ones that share me with their celly know about the other. Shit I even have 2 on each side that double penetrated me with the opposite race. Boy was that a sight. They were too thin and I was loose when they came up. I guided them and then loved it. I watched it in the mirror, but all they did was talk about how each other felt. There was no sentiment either. I finally told them to shut up and cum in me or I’ll find someone who can. That they were the men here. I am the Latina slut you guys claim. So act like it and give it to me. I didn’t like having to say that so when they were done I got on my knees where they stood and told them to look at me. I’m here to make you happy. Neither of you are Gay remember that. I’m you Prison bitch remember that. What we just did proves you guys can do things together. Later I caught them in a 69 when everyone went to yard. I still played with them, but I knew they hooked up. I even kept point for them. I actually liked how each one told the other how much they loved the others white or black cock. Heck, we got secrets. But like I was saying, I want to organize a gang-bang and get covered in cum.. The whole time I want to take on 1 of each. I’m thinking at least15&15 equaling 30. Why 30? Well when y0ou get caught having sex they write you up for MJ30 (Sexually Stimulating Activities). It can get up to a year in the hole. Is it even possible to do? Will it mess me up? I’ve been on the end of some rough, hard and fast fucks and did okay. A little sore that’s it. But well worth it too. those were the role plays where Daddy had to punish the step-daughter for something. That and the one where I pay a debt off for denying a man my pussy. These guys all have a thing. I just bring it to life for them The daughter routine in the favorite. Did I ever tell you about Melissa? She was my age and lived by us. Her tits were to dye for. Everyone seen them and either sucked them on played with them. We used to peep on her because she always kept her shirt off in her room. She only wore panties. We used to watch her finger herself and suck her own nipples. She was known as the Queen of BJ’s/ One time we saw her step-dad come in her room and give hear a bunch of money. She jumped on him and wrapped her legs around his waist smiling then she nodded a couple of times and tongue kissed him. We couldn’t believe it. She got down and sat on her bed and he pulled out his cock and walked to her. She started to give him head and his cock grew to where she barely could suck it. He was Hung. His cock looked pinkish white. She kept at it till he came. Then she laid back and we saw him try to shove it all in. She was yelling loud and telling him to do her like he does Mom. Then they stopped and he said something to her. She yelled, come in and 3 of his friends came in. She waved hi and smiled, but once he started up fucking her she lost it. All we heard was “more Dad and Yes Dad” She sucked his friends off and gave her pussy up to all of them. When they left she laid there smiling. We hid and saw them leave. When we looked again she was on her stomach sucking her step-day off again, while he played with her pussy. My friend had enough and left. I watched and stared at her step-dads cock.One day I put on my sisters New k**s on the Block skirt that went to my knees and tampons on my weeny. I put some make up on and stuffed a bra. I saw that Marissa went to school and her mom went to work. So I knocked on their door like I was crazy and when he opened it I pushed myself in telling him to hurry and close it. I asked if Melissa was home. But he waned to know who I was running from. I told him I was flashing the Mexicans drinking when this boy said he was getting his mom to beat me up. All because he saw me and her boyfriend making out. He’s telling every one how he saw me getting fucked by her boyfriend and his friends. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri So ever since then he tried to get me in trouble. The cops even questioned me about it. I told them he was lying. It’s no ones business who I’m with or how old they are. Look at me, I raised the shirt to show my ass and said even on my period they get my butt. He looked at it and asked how old I was. I told him I was old enough to do what I wanted to do and who I wanted to do it with. Now can I borrow something to wear from Melissa. We went to her room and I put on a school skirt. and tucked the skirt in. He asked if I was putting on underwear and I said no then just come off. I looked at him and told him I saw him naked before. That I even pretended he was doing me. But longer then he did with Melissa. He didn’t say a word. I told him not to worry, but I want to make money too. He stared at me for a while. I begged him to call his friends over and I slipped. I told him he could watch them fuck my butt like a girls pussy. He go close and threw me on the bed. He pulled the skirt u and ripped the pads away. He flopped me over and I heard his zipper. Careful what you wish for little boy. I told him to please call me a girl name. He said why don’t you call me Daddy. he got naked and went to grab something. He came back with a glob of lube and 10 minutes later he was in me. I copied Melissa and said yes daddy yes. Make me a big girl. Please don’t tell mom on me for being a sissy boy. I just wanted to feel what Melissa felt He pumped and said you a boy not a girl. Don’t worry though my buddies won’t mind. I laid there looking at him. He asked what’s wrong and I just said nothing. I just like it when a grown up is in me. You aren’t the first man to screw me. He asked who else did and I told him I will never tell on them, or what we were doing. He didn’t fuck me like Melissa, but still came on me. Her buddies ignored me until he lifted my skirt and put his cock in again. He told me to call him Daddy again so I did. and he told me that he is going to show his friends something. He pulled out and stripped my butt naked. Turned to them and said this is my step-son. He’s just like a girl. He even thinks he’s a girl. A natural at this too. Now lay down. On my back he fucked me slow. I looked at his friends and told them I loved how I felt. Too bad my friends are small, but that’s why I like grown ups and they like us young. Plus I can’t get pregnant. They stayed quiet watching. When he pulled out and shot cum on me. I said thank you Daddy. He walked out of the room and they followed him. I started getting dressed when I put the skirt on I only had the stuffed bra on. In came a friend. He said I looked like a tomboy girl. I flashed my butt and asked how it looked. He said it looks very nice, but even better with a Man in it. In 110 minutes meet him down the street. He’ll be in a van. Don’t say anything to your dad. Then he left. I waited and when Melissa’s step-day came back I told him I’ll bring her skirt back. She has no idea I do this either. He asked if we messed around and I told him I only suck on her tits and let her give me a blow job. All the boys have done it. He said she learned from her mom. All he did was get hard and watch. Then did it together. Only thing she don’t know is about us fucking and me selling her fresh pussy. Stop by tonight if you can, but as a boy. I left and down the street got into the van. Inside I was given a beer and a view of 2 naked men. They told me I look better as a tomboy girl Sit right here. I sat in the middle and they put my hands on there cocks. One asked me if I know what they were going to do to me and I said share me and be my Daddy’s. Yea and we are going to share you with more men. Are you ready for that? Naive at the time I said sure. I’ll do whatever they wanted. One pulled my face to his lap and said suck it. The other lifted my skirt and started to finger me. It was pretty loose still. He asked if I like it and I said Yes, Daddy. he told me to call him Uncle. I said yes Uncle I do. Then I felt something we and hard. I looked and it was a long neck bottle he was moving in and out. he asked me if Uncle was making me feel good. Is aid yes Uncle. That’s when his friend said to shut up so he can suck my dick! And take that fuckin bottle out and put your dick in him. He loves it. A quick movement and both them were in me. The driver yelled and said he does look like a tomboy girl huh? And he really does enjoy grown men. Why is that sweetie? I told him because boys my age aren’t like me. And like another man told me – Only a guy knows what a guy likes. So why dress like a girl he asked and I said because girls always get guys. All the grown-ups I have been with told me a man will show me all I need to know. To never say a word. I don’t always dress like a girl. I do what they ask me to On that note he says I’m going by Vanessa tonight. I’m a friend of the family and only in town to have fun. I’m 18 today. I just look younger. That wouldn’t pass. I said okay and tried to suck his cock now, but he said to wait. He told the driver to pull over. He did and they turned the seat to a bed. I crawled up and they undressed me. The only left on the pads. I rubbed on both of them and asked if they like me. Both said yes, I told them please don’t tell anyone about this. Girls can’t do what Guys can. On my side he slid in telling me how good it felt. I rubbed the chest in front of me and grabbed his cock. I asked him if he was going to put it in me next. He said only if I wanted him to. Yes I do want you to. AS many times as you want him to. yes I do want you to. AS many times as you want. What about tomorrow? Yes please. I’ll show you guys where I live and speak out whenever. I’m going to cum. Where do you want it. Inside of me please that ‘s how you make me your secret. Turn over. youwin I do and fell myself getting so stuffed. Before he could say anything. I looked over my shoulder and tell him I like it. He says boy or girl you sure amaze me. I can’t wait till I cum in you too. we will all cum in your cute butt, before we send you out okay. Okay. One of us will be with you. All you have to do is lay on this bed and your stomach with your skirt up. They’ll come in and give you money then fuck you. They’ll be wearing condoms. You just man and take the pounding. yes, daddy I sure will. What ever you tell me. The driver pulled over opened the side door and called me. I went to him and he told me not until he has me. He pulled me on my feet and leaned me forward. He said to tell him what I wanted. I told him I wanted you in me so you can cum in me too. He pushed in and I moaned then said he feels good. He said I did too and it’s been a while since he’s been in me. He knows who I am and where I live too. He was with me when my Moms boyfriend fucked me. I was just drunk, but when I put a porn tape on you got naked and begged us to do you like the girls on TV. You just walked your girlfriend home too. I did remember it. I just asked if I did good and laughed and said yea. That I even let a crack head fuck me behind the dumpster till an old man threw the trash. The crack head ran. That’s why we said alcohol and porn’s turn you into a friend for dick. your mom almost caught you in the bathroom sucking her boyfriend off. Good thing he pretend to help you throw up I went in there and we let you suck our cocks. Our cum made you throw up. Then we put you into bed. Your mom and her boyfriend were fighting over you being drunk. When the door slammed I tried fucking you again but you went from saying yeah to snoring so I pulled out and left. Seeing you today dressed like that and taking that big cock re-affirmed my belief that you are fun to be around. I had to tell them about you. This time I’m making you our fun. Now take this dick. You want more? Yes, Please. Say it! Give me more. Fuck me. Daddy. You’re my personal whore aren’t you? Yes! Yes I’m a whore. Yes I’m your whore. Oh yea it feels good Now here is a second I want you to turn around and swallow my cum Ready. Now! he shot it in my mouth and told me to kiss his cock. I did and he said get in so we can go. The next town over we parked in a dark garage. They told me to lift my skirt up so these men can view the good. I did and 2 came in and fucked me. A third came in and jacked off on my butt. A forth wanted head so they told me not to look up just suck till he cums and I did and that was it. They gave me $20 bucks and took me home. I stuck it the window so my mom didn’t see what I had on. Her boyfriend caught me and said I was lucky she just went to the store. To shower cuz I reeked of bee and cum and he saw who dropped me off. Not a surprise to him. His friend told him he had plans for me. I got naked and told him if he wasn’t scared I would be here letting him toss me up. At least I don’t just lay there on my back with my tits flailing. the only good about being in the closet watching was getting head while staring at your cock. I did get some so no complaints here. Anyways I went back to Melissa later that night. When I know her mom answered it. She asked how I was looking for , but I froze up. Never really paid attention but her mom was a bombshell. Short, luscious lips, hazel eyes, big tits, thin waist and plump booty. She had a collar on her neck. Then Melissa’s step-dad came and told me to come in. he was butt naked too. I said on the couch and he said I could get naked if I wanted. I kept staring at her mom. She didn’t even mind being naked in from of me. He told her to come sit with him. Before she sat down he wagged his cock at her and she sat next to him, but started sucking his cock and staring my way. I got hard instantly. Then he told her to make me feel comfortable. She pulled my pants down and went for my cock. At that point I kicked my stuff from my feet and took my shirt off. All I had on was socks. But there was this lady giving me head. He sat and watched stroking him self. When Melissa walked from her room to the kitchen she saw it. All she had on was small panties. She didn’t flinch either. He told her to go home your mom. Not to be rude, like a robot she did. They took turns and even licked the tip together touching tongues with each other. he called Melissa and told her to help him. She got on her knees and give him head. He told me these girls love my cock. Melissa here has been watching her mom suck it since she was little.She even put it in her mouth when I was asleep when she was 13. I woke her mom up so she can see and told her now’s the time to teach her how to do it? Everyday she practiced and watched how mom did it. By her 14th birthday, she was a pro. He told her he was going to cum and she squeezed her tits around him and used them to jerk him. he covered her tits with cum and she rolled over to lay on the floor. She smeared his cum all over her tits and said, “Mom look.” She did and suddenly went to town on me. I told her I was cumming and she held it in her mouth. Then let it fall on her tits. She licked my peehole then rubbed her tits with my cum. He said watch this and she went to Melissa and started licking and sucking her tits clean. Melissa did the same. I kept looking from that to her moms ass and pussy. there it was for me to see. He saw me and told me to go ahead. I got behind her and put my cock at her entrance. She reached between her legs and led me in her from behind when he moved to where I was sitting. He got behind me and told me to slap her ass once in a while. Give it to hear hard! See how she’s playing with her clit. Keep going! I felt his finger tracing my crack then felt him insert it. He was at my side fingering youwin giriş me and telling me to slap her ass. I told him I was going to cum again and he fingered me faster saying to push all the way in when you do. The second I started he pushed me in her and still fingered me. Then pulled me back and said now watch this. He spread her pussy lips and sank his meat in her Melissa got off the floor and sat next to me. We watched him fuck her hard and fast and she pushed back on him. Then came the fuck sounds and she sounded great. Melissa grabbed my cock and stroked it as we watched. I played with hear pussy. She whispered in my ear that I was the first boy her age to fuck her mom. I whispered in her ear that she can take her step-dads dick way better and she looks good doing it. Especially how she handled his friends. She whispered how I knew and I told her I saw it all. She said, well I saw you too. You always go to the park at night and let a couple of black guys fuck your ass. I told her yep, and I even got him to do it, just like he did you. We can’t tell anyone about this, I said. I want to see him stick that in you. Well let’s set it up. Okay, she said, then asked me to take her mom to the shower and tell her you want her in the shower wink at him and he’ll make her go. While you do that I’ll be doing him. I laid in the tub and told her to rid me first, but I stopped her and pulled her to my chest and made out with her. We tongue kissed for a while then I told her to let me suck on her nipples. She put one in my mouth and squeezed her other tit. I give her tits hickies and told her she was the sexiest mom I ever slept with. She asked how many older women have I been with. I told hear a lot. That’s how I learned, but none as sexy as her. I could fuck her forever. She told me I was the first youngster she ever did. Mostly he has me doing his friends or Melissa does it. Something’s we do it together. It’s fun though. She asked if I want to be in her again and I said of course. She sat up and put it in her. Her tits bounced like crazy. She asked If I could feel how wet she was. Then said it’s from him and his cum. I told hear that her pussy feels good. And when ever I fuck Melissa I’ll be thinking of you. Maybe one day I’ll bring my friends when he’s not home and you can do what I said do. Only I can fuck you though. Sounds good to me. Just not to many okay. Like 2-3 only I told her I wanted to fuck standing up. She said I got a better idea. She stood up and bent over and I put my dick in her ass hole. She said he’s to big for this but you are the right size. It’s been to long. When you’re in me pull my hair and slap my ass and just go for it. She started to moan saying it felt great baby – oh, yea. I couldn’t focus on cumming because I was slapping her ass and pulling her hair. She said I was fantastic and I told her she was too. Then I asked her if she would be my sex slave/Aunt in front of my friends. She said if I wanted to call her my Aunt I could or even say she was my slave. I told her I could feel it cumming and she looked over her shoulder saying honey this is for you only, so do what you want. I came in her ass. We stood kissing again and heard a knock. Melissa said Dad wants you. AS she left the bathroom Melissa came in. She got in the shower and turned it off. She laid on the floor of the bathroom with one leg on the toilet and the other on the tub. She spread her pussy and told me to look how he left her pussy open. Oh my goodness, it was great. I think I’m in love with his dick.. He doesn’t even try to be romantic. The minute he’s in he tell me he’s gonna beat my pussy up and show her how good it feels to be his horny young slut. He said she was his to do as he wanted with her and by me filling her pussy, the way she likes it, she has no say so, I said really? She said yea, but I loved it. He treats me like a whore and then lets his friends pay for sex with me. It’s free money. Plus I don’t really feel them after him and cum fast. I didn’t want to hear any more so I told her to let me fuck her tits. She squeezed them and said c’mon. I reached back and fingered her with 3 fingers telling her we got something good here. We are just a like too. So to keep it hidden she has to tell everyone she’s my girlfriend. She did too. It took a while to cum, but when I did I told her to close her eyes and I shot it on her face, then rest my cockon her tits. She asked how her mom was and I told her she is the Bomb! Both of them were, but now she’s my favorite. Anyways the reason I brought Melissa up is because she went though similar stuff and never once felt victimized. It was all fun and even now it is.So what do thing about the gang bang I want to do. Most will come fast. Only a few can go the distance, and they do. I cum in my ass before I do with my cock. It feels good too. Sometimes I’ll come from my cock without touching it. The friction does it. Once my celly I had in the other unit fucked me for like 2 hours and I came from him thrusting in me. I was his first piece of ass. I told him I doesn’t mean he is gay. He’s just being a alpha black male. Plus I don’t mess with gay men. I want to stright man fucking me so I can be his girl. The last thing I want to do is fuck him. I need a man so I can be a girl. I showed him the prints and he went from not having a problem, it just was not him. To letting me see his cock. I asked if I could see it hard. He said ok, as he got ready I pushed the idea of wanting a man to make me in his cell slut, but with no one knowing. He gave it to me. Now did that feel? He said it’s just like fucking a girl in her ass. I agreed and said in here I was his girl. He told me he like it and how good I was at convincing him to do it. I laid there spent, telling him how good he felt. I lowered my head to his lap and put his thick black cock in my mouth. I told him I waited a long time to find a real man. He said well you got one now. Sadly them moved him to another unit. I am secretly trying to move back with him again. As soon as I do he’s fucking me like that again. He makes me cum inside like a girl and without touching myself. It’s amazing! Its all good!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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