Sylvia’s birthday part 2 @2018

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Sylvia’s birthday part 2 @2018I was always thinking about my first love, and in someways, my only true lover. My dear sister Rachel. a young woman who had an international reputation as a pianist and musician before she was eight years old. A woman who had to deal with her Asberger’s Syndrome before there was a name for that condition. The only prson on Earth who knew ALL my secrets, and who loved me witout reservation.I wanted this, I wanted that. I wanted her to travel to New York and become sucessful and more famous than she already was. I wanted Rachel to stay and get her face between my legs.Sometimes I thought of Rachel and I, sisters, lovers and performers, as if we were two little Chinese acrobat girls, traveling the world with our troupe, twisting our bodies into impossible positions and spinning dishes on sticks over our heads. To see those tiny girls does not give you the smallest entry into their emotional or sexual lives. I thought when people saw Rachel and I together, it was the same way. I didn’t have to explain a thing to Rachel. She just knew. If I were balancing on a ball, while riding a unicycle, while spinning thirteen plates on sticks over my head, and juggling three flaming, running, chain saws, Rachel would know exactly what to do the keep the performance going. There was something more than love between us. I don’t know what the word was. Rachel went off to New York City later that year on a full scholarship to Julliard. With her Asberger’s, she was terrified to travel by herself. A plane was out of the question. My parents put her on the train to New York in Los Angeles.. For Rachel, to ride in a car in California was a big deal. She was terrified. She begged me to ride with her, and she was not the sort of person who ever begged for anything. I refused, for some stupid reason. This broke the most important relationship I will ever have with another person on this planet, in this lifetime. Eventually, after many years, we fixed it. We were lovers again. If I said “no” to her about anything, for the rest of our lives, I don’t remember what it was.. There was a vortex spinning around me. It was my birthday, and I was the birthday cake. I was lit up, decorated, passed around, people ate me, and everyone who wanted, got a piece. It was a gang bang. It was an orgy…I lost track of things a little..Judy was getting as much, if not more than me. Sometimes, when I seeing Judy getting it like she was tonight, I get kind of jealous. I don’t know why, it’s not like I wasn’t getting any attention, but part of me just didn’t want to see to other people touching her body, kissing her, or her being all lovey with them. If she felt the same way about me, I couldn’t tell. Her dance card was full, I could tell that. I thought I had a big appetite, but she was a big woman with a really big appetite. She and Denise liked to have penises in their mouths, more than me. She was so sexy at it, seeing her do it made me want to do it like her, but I don’t think I quite got it down. Always a performer, crtiquing another performer! This wasn’t the first time I had been in a sexual situation with Judy and several other people, the last time had been with Al and Jimmie, and I had gone way off into that place I go sometimes where I go from enjoying a lot of fucking and eating kinds of sex to spanking, and then I want more. That time, I ended up in her bathtub, mouth open, having them call me all kinds of filthy things while drinking all their piss. I was not even sixteen when that happened. Nobody made me. I thought it up. I asked for it. Judy doesn’t care about pee, neither do Jimmie or Al, but I got them all to do it. That was so crazy, I scared myself. Seriously, fifteen years old, never been mistreated in my life, and I wanted to get pissed on, drink it, get ass-fucked with my head in the toilet bowl? It was so strange. At the time, I wanted it, I was asking for it, I loved it. Loved It. What the hell was wrong with me? I had a counselor I went to, but I thought if I talked too much about it, I would get Al and Jimmie arrested, so when I talked to her, I told her I liked to piss on myself in the shower or the bathtub, liked to drink it, and all the other stuff that I had already done, I just told her I was “thinking” about it. I didn’t tell her about Rachel, either. Or mom. I told her I liked girls more than boys, but that I had sex with both. For 1965, or 66, whenever this was, being gay or bi was huge, being as sexually active as I was getting to be was huge, so just that little bit gave us plenty to talk about. For some reason, I didn’t have much anxiety about being bi, I guess I’d always known I was or would be, or something. I loved to talk, so that is what we talked about. We never got near the stuff that was really bothering me.Judy was bi, too, of course, but in our long relationship, she was never as anxious as me. She just seemed to enjoy herself in the moment.This time, she got it going:”Sylvia, look in the mirror. Look. You’ve got some boy’s cum on your face. Do you know where it came from?””Oh shit” , I thought, “No, It could have been…no it’s…no, I don’t know, I don’t fucking know.””Well, here’s one thing I know, Sylvia. You are such a fucking slut. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m going to put this leather collar on you, with this chain I’m holding. You want that, don’t you?”My goose was cooked. “Yeah, please, Judy, please, I want it.”Somebody please tell me where that came from? All I knew was that as soon as I heard her talk to me that way, I loved it. I wanted more of it..And that’s when the orgy really began. All that, and I didn’t drink. In my life, hardly touched it. The champagne was open and flowing now, though, and that was great.I just opened my legs, put my hand and fingers in the right place, and started to do it.At first, I was just rubbing myself and looking at everyone staring at me, but I’m a performer, I knew what was going to happen. I was standing on the bed, totally exposed. I looked at Joel and made the “jack-off” motion.”The time is right, baby, you can do it if you want to. I sure am. ” I was laughing and carrying on, having myself a great time, the star of the show. I was going on this way. Girls and boys were taking their clothes off now, I was watching Jewel (of course) and Annette standing in front on me with their hands in their panties, a few more dicks coming out…whatever the chemical that gets everybody going was, it was starting to work…I liked to masturbate and put on a show, but I was getting that feeling like I wanted somebody’s face in my pussy. My breathing was starting to change…oh boy, here I go..Judy: “Tell us what you want, Sylvia.”Before I could come up with any kind of answer, Judy crawled up on the bed and into my arms. I was getting in a sexy mood, but I didn’t expect to feel the length and width of her, her whole body pressing into mine, pushing me into the satin. Boob to boob, leg to leg, I wrapped my arms around her. Most guys, unless I really spell it out, don’t understand that I like pressure on my body for lovemaking. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri They always stay way up there, when I want them down here, on top of me. I love Judy because I hardly ever had to spell anything out. She put her body against mine, her mouth against mine. She was a great kisser. I ran my hands up and down her back. Over her bare ass. Over and over, actually. When I felt the cleft in her ass, I forgot about this orgy thing. I just wanted her.Judy and I had done a lot of sex things together by now; teenage boys, older men, orgies, gang-bangs, girls, bondage, pee, spanking, humiliation. She could have had me any way she wanted. Anytime. One of the things I loved about her was that, even after all the stuff we did, she was always so sweet and polite. Once she got going, she was an assertive dom lover for me, but when she started it was always like this:” Sylvia, can I kiss you, please?” or “Syl, your breasts are so pretty. Can I kiss you here…or here?”That got me so hot somehow. I don’t know why. Her kisses were always so gentle and tender at first. If she did that for even a little bit, I was raging for it.I would really do anything she asked, and did. She used to joke with me, when we weren’t having sex, about how slutty I was, just because I got my face between her legs when she was on the toilet and let, well, no, to be honest, begged her to piss all over me. She was my lover. She liked to please me.There were no boys or men who were able to get me to act so nutty. I was glad, happy, to do that kind of stuff with her. Piss was my kink, not hers. I tried to explain my thing about it to her:”First, it’s totally outside the rules; lots of girls at my school brag about all the sex they have, but nobody talks about something like THAT. People think that it is soooo nasty. It’s not, but if they want to think that, that’s okay with me. Second, it’s sexy to have all that 100 degree stuff splash on me right from somebody’s pussy or dick. It’s sterile, it washes off, it won’t get me pregnant. A boy doesn’t have to get it up to do it. In fact, if he has a hard-on, he CAN’T do it. Just the idea that Sylvia is such a slut that she would do something like drink pee makes boys crazy. I don’t hate the taste, mostly, I like it better than the cum taste. It’s been my little kink ever since I can remember, I don’t think it’s much of a kink as far as that goes. Judy, I love you, you know, the pee thing is kind of a special treat for me. I don’t need it all the time. If I can work that into some of the top/bottom games we play, oh god, it’s just the best sex, Judy, it really is.”Judy used to look at me without clothes and tell me how lovely my pussy was.”It’s just like this seam at the bottom of your body. It’s so perfect. Everything is tucked away. You are so small down there. You have these red curls on it….mmmmmmmmmm. Mine is so ugly. My lips hang out, I have so much hair there, but even so, you can still see my clit a little.”Judy didn’t like the way her body looked, with her big boobs, tummy rolls, love handles, hairy big puss, and her big ass and thighs. I thought I had the body of a little girl and Judy looked like a real woman. I had these huge breasts on my little body, but I still thought that way. I kept telling her how beautiful she was, but, like a lot of us, she thought she was ugly. I saw her naked a lot, but the feeling I had of wanting to get my face between her legs never quite went away. She was 130 pounds heavier than me, at least. She was on top of me, kissing me, really kissing me like a lover now. I loved it, loved it, I did not want it to stop. I wanted to eat her pussy right now, right this fucking minute, but then I would have to stop the kissing, and I didn’t want to do that.Judy was so much bigger and stronger than me. She was 5-10” and still growing. She said her father was 6 feet, seven inches tall. I met her mother, and she must have been close to six feet. Judy could move me any way she wanted to. I loved that. I was in the kiss with her, but the next thing I knew, I was sitting across her thighs, looking around the room. There were six or may even eight boys and girls, plus Al and Jimmie, who were grown men, in the room.”This bed is really big. If you want to see something, come over here.”I arched my back, pushed my hips out, and rubbed myself so everyone could see.”I like to do this before I get going with sex. I always get to come that way. You can do it too, if you want. Watching you do that would be a real treat for me. If boys jack off before they fuck, and wait a little while, they last a lot longer and they are nicer too. Hello, boys? Girls already know that. Your secret is out. That’s a little tip from the birthday girl here.”I was starting to feel very ..well I guess passionatewould be the best word. I had publically and proudly declared that I was sexually available to anyof them or all of them. . It is quite one thingto think about an orgy like this, or talk about it, or dream about it, but the smell, the taste, and thetouch of all of them, the feeling of different breasts in my mouth, the smell and the taste of so many women’s pussies. was like another world of sex. Some of these girls were having orgasms and some were not, some had some boy’s semen in them and some did not, the smell of their asses and their pussies and their breath… the different ways theytouched and responded to my touch…this was something I had not thought about before. It was a banquet.The price I paid for this amazing experience, was that some people, usually people who I didn’t care about anyway, were calling me a “slut”. That was supposed to make me feel bad, and to be honest, sometimes, it did. I got left out of some high school stuff. Things like theater, that I really wanted to do, that I already could do. Nobody likes to be insulted and shamed in front of others. For the delight I was getting out of this evening,though, I thought it was a pretty good bargain.Somebody had found some old raunchy blues music, and I got right with it, starting to get out there, the way I liked to do sometimes, fucking a boy in front of other people, not giving a hoot who was looking.Anybody who looked could see this cock sliding in and out of me. I should have cared. Any woman who was halfway sane would have cared, but, in that moment, if the whole world saw my pussy getting drilled, it was fine with me. I thought:”This is how sex gets done all over the world. What is the big deal?” I usually need to focus in order to have an orgasm of any kind, but tonight, when sex was coming at me from so many different directions, physiology took over, and I began having orgasms in ways I never did before. I used to joke about boys who thought I could come from sucking cocks. “Not possible” , I had always thought. Tonight, after thirty minutes of non-stop birthday orgy, I put my mouth around some lucky boy’s penis. As soon as it passed my lips, I felt the bolt of an orgasm pulse through me from my toes right out the top of my head. I would have wet my pants had güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I been wearing any. I am a very organized person, I always follow the script. After that happened, I kind of lost the “script”. I was just yelling and groaning with lust, saying whatever kind of crazy, filthy sex words that came into my head, no filter now. Those girls who tried to bully me and called me a “slut” in high school should have seen me now. Like my grand-mother said, “They should be so lucky”. I wanted to fuck everyone in the room, and I didn’t care who knew it, or what they thought.She put the collar around my neck, attached the chain, and pulled it a little, hard enough so that I could feel it. It pulled me off balance a little. She put her face up against mine.”You know what this collar and chain is all about don’t you?”Well, of course, I did, but now we were starting our game.”No, Judy.” with exaggerated fake naivete.”It’s means you’re a slave to me until it comes off. Are you ready to eat some pussy, baby, eat some ass? My ass?””Please, Judy..””Tell me about it.””I’m going going get my face in your ass, Judy, and kiss, suck and lick it. I’m going to put my mouth and my tongue right up your ass-hole, Judy, if you let me, please..””And?””You can do anything you want, Judy, You can fart right in my slut face. I will smell it, smell your shit, Judy, beg you for more, and keep tounging your ass until you tell me I can stop.””Good. That’s the idea. I’ll bet other boys and girls here want that to.””Judy, please, I’ll do all their asses if you tell me to.””Sylvia, why in the world would you do that?””I’m a slave for you, Judy. If you want an ass-licking cum slut, I’ll be one for you. If you tell me to, I’ll be one for everybody.””Sylvia, I know you are not too crazy for doing blowjobs.””Yes, Judy””Do you like the taste, cum-whore, the taste of it?””No, Judy,please, I don’t””Do you want to feel these boys push their dicks in your mouth so hard you choke?”Oooooohhhhh, I knew where she was goin’ with this…”No, I don’t like that, please Judy….””Okay, from now on, till I tell you to stop, you will use the word “please” and address me as “Miss Judy”. Do you understand?”Oh boy, I was really rubbin’ it now…”Please yes, Miss Judy…””Some of these girls are jealous of you, slut pig..they want to squat and piss all over you…their stinky piss all over you…””Please, Miss Judy…………please””That gets you excited, doesn’t it, slutpig?””Please, yes, Miss Judy…””If I tell you to beg every man and boy in this room to let you, allow you, to wrap your slut mouth around their cocks, what will you do, slut pig?””Anything you want, Miss Judy. I will go to each boy, beg him, on my knees, beg him to fuck my face. to fuck my face like he was jacking off to Playboy.”Everyone in the room was tuned in now.”His balls,pig?””I will beg him to let me suck his balls, behind his balls and his ass-hole. Miss Judy.””Not so fast, you little whore, we are still on the dicks. Some of these boys are going to want to come, Sylvia, what are you going to say to them?”” Miss Judy, I’m going to use words like this: I want it, I want it, please, come for me, your cum, baby, give it to me, please, fucking please, it tastes so good, shoot it in my mouth, come on, I’ll swallow…””Rub your little red cunt, finger your pussy and your ass, and come for us, come for us, you little pig. Here, I want you to snort like a pig while I walk you around the room on your fucking leash. Snort, bitch, I want to hear it!”I was naked, on all fours. My boobs were hanging down, with no support, swinging back and forth. She walked me up to Devon and Gerald, two gay boys I knew from singing classes. Gerald had a big erection, and Devon was on his knees in front of him. I think I like to see sexy things more than most girls. Devon had his mouth on Gerald’s big dick, and I liked seeing that. Devon was jacking himself off while he was blowing his friend. I do that too, when I’m giving a boy the same treatment, except I have a pussy not a dick, of course, but it’s the same idea.” Slut-Pig, do you see what I see?””Yes, Miss Judy.””I’ll bet you want to suck that dick too, don’t you?”” Yes. Miss Judy.””Sorry, bitch, that big dick is mine. You are going to kneel behind us, lick Devon’s ass and then mine. You are going to do that till Gerald drops that load that’s building up in his big nuts. If you ask us really nicely, we might share it with you . Or on you. Or something. Bitch, I’m lookin’ at Devon’s ass and you are too. GET BUSY!” She smacked my ass. I loved it. I loved being her little whore like this.We knelt behind Devon. Judy put her hand around his cock and pulled it between his legs. She began sucking it and stroking it. I put my face between his butt cheeks. I found his ass, his ass hole and began kissing and licking it.:Devon was jacking himself off while he was blowing his friend. I do that too, when I’m giving a boy the same treatment, except I have a pussy not a dick, of course, but it’s the same idea.I’m a performer. Lot’s of times, when I’m doing a BJ, and I’m not connected to the boy emotionally (which, sad to say, was all the time then) I liked to practice my technique, as if I were running my scales, or my trills, or my breathing for singing. I noticed that a lot of girls, when they did that, just put the boy’s dick in their mouth, closed their eyes, and bobbed their head up and down.. I had already learned that it is not that easy to get most boys to come from just a BJ, and, I thought, if I just did the boy that way, it would take about three hours to get him to come. For me, the whole reason to do it in the first place was to get the boy to come really quickly, so maye we he could do some other stuff, and he would last longer. When I got around to actually fucking a boy, I wanted him to last for a while.So I practiced using everything I had to make the bj thing hotter and more interesting for both of us. I used my lips, especially my tongue, out there where he could see, I stroked him, nuzzelled him, gave him a whole lot of eye contact. I jacked him off, sucked his balls, slid my pinky up his ass. I talked to him about all of it; first how much I wanted to do it, had been thinking about it since ??? ( I usually had to make up a lot of this, but boys didn’t care), then about how good it felt, about all the parts of his cock I wanted to suck and was going to, about how much I wanted his cum and what I liked about the taste.., I would say all this stuff when I was just kissing it, and when he was in my mouth, I would make all these sex noises I would rub his prostate. I would turn my head so he could see himself getting his dick sucked from different angles. If my finger wasn’t up his ass I would finger myself, and tell him all about that, too. I didn’t always get the chance to do this the way I wanted, but when I did, I got so I could get a boy to come really fast, and, if there were more than one boy, the second boy would get all excited watching me do the first one, so when I got to him, he would pop güvenilir bahis şirketleri right away, too..boys thought this was all about sex in my mind, that I was this little whore who only thought about cock sucking. It was fine with me if they thought that way. When I was doing it, I was almost always thinking about music, not sex at all, but that was a secret that I only shared with Rachel and Judy.Of, course, when the boy finally did pop, I would make a big deal about that, too, as if it hadn’t happened before for me. I would lick it off me, off him, swallow it (if I could) and always get his dick back in my mouth after he came, when he was so sensitive. Lots of sexy words, lots of eye contact, lots of tongue. I liked being a sex-slave for Judy, but when I did that BJ right, I knew I could get that boy to be a sex-slave for me!” Slut-Pig, do you see what I see?””Yes, Miss Judy.””I’ll bet you want to suck that dick too, don’t you?”” Yes. Miss Judy.””Sorry, bitch, that big dick is mine. You are going to kneel behind us, lick Devon’s ass and then mine. You are going to do that till Gerald drops that load that’s building up in his big nuts. If you ask us really nicely, we might share it with you . Or on you. Or something. Bitch, I’m lookin’ at Devon’s ass and you are too. GET BUSY!” She smacked my ass. I loved it. I loved being her little whore like this.I was so happy to have Judy tell me what to do. I got my face between his butt cheeks and started tounging his butt hole. Judy tried sucking his cock from behind, but he was too stiff, so she moved in front of him and kept going. SHe had this thing she did with swirling her tounge around the head of his cock so I could see it really good, and she made these noises in her throat. I got me so excited. With all that attention, it didn’t take long. When I started to learn about sex, nobody said anything about thick cum and watery cum. One kind I like to get on me, the other, if I’m going to taste at all, I want that. First the boy that Devon was blowing made a squirt of watery cum. Devon got a taste, Judy did too, and I got a little. Then Devon came, all over Judy’s face and breasts, so thick and sticky, it was like tapioca. She got that load in her mouth and swallowed most of it. I don’t know how she did it. Judy kissed me and pushed some into my mouth with her tongue and that was plenty for me. It was nasty, bitter. Made me want to suck about twenty more cocks. I wanted Judy to make me do it. I don’t know why. That’s the way I was that night. I wanted to be as whorry and slutty as I could be.It might seem strange that a sixteen year old girl would be doing all this with aplomb, but remember, I had actually started this kind of sexual activity when I was thirteen, so it didn’t seem that strange or erotically loaded anymore. I knew what I was doing.It didn’t rattle my world at all. I think that’s the strangest thing of all.Then this happened; My dear friend Judy, my lover, suddenly found a man, an older man, got pregnant by him, left me.and North Hollwood to live in Panama permanently with her man and her mother.She cut off communication with me. I was devastated. In a short period I broke with my parents, and got thrown out of our house. I wasn’t talking to my mother or my father, Rachel wasn’t talking to me much. So now, when I gotten myself way out where the streetcars don’t run with my sex life and my love life, I had lost my parents, my sister, and lost my lover and dearest friend and companion:I There was a young actress, Carole Lombard, who was killed in 1942 when the airliner she was in slammed into the mountains between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. If they had found my body, burned beyond recognition, in the mountain snow, next spring, chewed by the cougars, I think I would have felt that, at least, I had closed a circle. But now I was just lost…I didn’t have Judy or Rachel now. I thought, incorrectly, of course, for I was just sixteen, that the situation with my mother was hopeless. I didn’t stop having sex, no, my appetite was way too big for celibacy. I began singing different kinds of things than before. Folk songs, rock, blues, jazz. I couldn’t play piano to support my voice like Rachel could, but trust me, I knew what a keyboard was for, and a guitar and a violin. When I was s*******n, I auditioned and got a “gig” singing at this coffee house “open mike” that wasn’t quite so open. I had been listening to Django Reinhart quite a bit. Just like Edith Piaf, nobody knew who he was in 1966 except a few “jazz-bo’s”, those men and women and a few k**s, who knew everything about everybody. I learned a lovely song “Nuages”, and I would get up and sing it in the club. Sometimes I would bring my violin and add a solo to it. I wasn’t quite sure what the French lyrics meant, but the beautiful melody just stayed with me. One could describe it as a ‘sad’ song, but it actually touched me on so many levels. After singing it in public many times, I began for the very first time to wonder if I really was meant to be an opera singer. The evocative melody does not demand an operatic range..I had Edith Piaf’s gown in my closet. I didn’t look at it or touch it or fit it around my body every day, but sometimes I did.Like I said, I didn’t stop having sex. Through my music, I met an older couple at this club. He was kind of fat and going bald. She was “zahftig” as my grandmother used to say. Short, though taller than me, with big boobs, hips, ass, thighs…mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Just the kind of woman who looks sexy to me. They came to see me sing five or six times. Always very friendly, just nice warm people. I noticed that Al touched and kissed his wife a lot. She kissed him back, pushed her body into him when she did it. I think they were really in love. Neither of them cared who saw what. What I saw one night, when we were sitting a table , drinking coffee, was her hand sneaking into his lap. I was doing my best to be cool about it. I was, until Rosalie said “I see you sneeking peeks at my hand, Sylvia.”She was laughing.” I love my man. Sometimes I’ve got to give him a feel. ” More laughter. Al was a little bit embarrassed. “My man has a sweet stick in his pants, dear, and that is an honest fact. We’ve been together for s*******n years and I still can’t keep my hands off it.”She didn’t take her hand away, and now I was openly looking. She leaned over in her chair and kissed him. I watched as she rubbed and stroked and squeezed until Al had a boner I could easily see through his pants.” Do you like to watch this, Sylvia?”One of those questions. “Yes” was the answer, “Oh my god yes” was really the answer, but I didn’t usually present myself as any kind of slut when I was out making music. That was different, I tried to tell myself.”Oh, that looks nice.” were the words that came out.Rosalie looked straight at me:” Nice? If I got Al’s dick out and started sucking it right here, is that what you would say? Sylvia? What would you say then?”I was without words.I excused myself. I was a little taken aback by that exchange, and I needed to get ready mentally and emotionally and musically, to get up there, my four foot eleven self, do some acrobatic stuff with my voice.I was done for the night. I was packing my violin away, gathering up my sheet music. Al and Rosalie were still there, just as sweet and friendly as could be.”Sylvia, would you like to come back to our house for a drink?”

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