Tales from St.Vincents;Agnata’s Promise.

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Tales from St.Vincents;Agnata’s Promise.Two years ago Agnata moved from Poland to try and make a far better life for herself.In her new country she settled in more quickly than she had thought and was able to get a job as a waitress.She was friendly and out-going and soon made friends.Agnata was attractive and frequently found herself being asked out by men and indeed on two occassions by women more or less her own age.At work Agnata got on with all the other women who worked in the bar and restaurant.It was her good relationship with her work mates that would lead her to experience something she never thought possible.Three weeks before Christmas Agnata and the other women she worked with had a night out.They knew that in the run -up to Christmas things at work would be very busy and they may not get the chance to party.It was a great night ;the drink flowed and all the women danced the night away at a night club.It was during a break from the dancing that Agnata got talking to one of her work mates, Mary.They talked about lots of different things and the drink kept being bought and drank.After a while Agnata,jokingly, asked Mary how she should go about getting confession as she was Catholic and she had a lot to confess.Mary and Agnata laughed about this but then Mary said something which Agnata found very strange.Mary suggested to Agnata that the nuns at St.Vincents convent,near where she lived, would be able to deal with anything she wanted to confess.Agnata was not sure what Mary meant but Mary smiled and made a gesture with her hand to spank her own bottom.Agnata was surprised and asked Mary what she meant.Mary laughed and simply said that if Agnata wanted to confess she should see the nuns.Other women came off the dance floor and sat down and Mary explained that she was telling Agnata about what happens at St.Vincents.Agnata was more than shocked to hear the stories that other women,women she worked with,had all received corporal punishment from the nuns of St.Vincents.As the night wore on the chat turned to Christmas and other things but Agnata was still trying to figure out was she being had or were the stories she heard for real.There was only one way to find out.The following day Agnata woke late,she was happy she had a day off.She showered and dressed in blue jeans.It was while she was dressing that she remembered the discussion she had about St.Vincents.She decided that she would go Escort and see what happened.After all she liked and respected the women she trusted.It had started to rain so Agnata decided to get a taxi to St.Vincents.As she walked to the taxi rank a car horn sounded and Mary stopped and asked Agnata if she needed a lift.Agnata accepted.As Mary pulled away Agnata suddenly told her where she was going.”Are you sure you want to do this?”Mary asked.”Yes,unless you are playing a joke on me,”Agnata replied staring at Mary to see would she laugh.”No joke,I’ll drive you and wait outside for you,”Mary said.”I must go myself next Thursday,”Mary said again.The rain became heavier.Mary negotiated the heavy traffic and eventually stopped opposite the gates to St.Vincents Convent.”That’s it,walk up the drive and knock on the door of the building at the top of the drive-way,you can still change your mind”,Mary said looking at Agnata.”No,I’m going to do this,”Agnata said,smiling at Mary,”I have a lot to get off my chest”.Agnata got out of the car and crossed the road,she went through the gate and walked up the drive-way.She had put up her umbrella so she walked slowly affording herself the time to think about what she would say.When Agnata reached the door of the austere looking building she took a deep breath and knocked.Almost immediately the door was opened by a middle aged nun whose thin roundy specticles made her look very strict.The nun glared at Agnata and Agnata suddenly felt a great unease come over her.”Yes,young woman?” the nun enquired looking very stern and strickly at Agnata.Agnata was unsure what to say,she could see the nun looking at her up and down as if inspecting her.The nun smiled but it wasn’t a warm smile,more of a smile of satisfaction.”Come in,young woman”,the nun said.Agnata stepped into the large hallway and glanced around at the numerous religious paintings and photographs of nuns with schoolgirls hanging from the walls.Agnata was drawn to a photo of some women in their thirties all standing,in the middle of the group of women was an old nun.”That’s Reverand Mother Gertrude”,the nun said noticing Agnata’s interest in the photo.Agnata turned to face the nun and quietly said,”I have been very naughty,I would like to confess”.”What is your name,woman”?the nun asked .Agnata told the nun her name and the nun introduced herself as Sr.Dominica of the Mercy Order.”Now,come Escort Bayan with me Agnata”.Agnata followed the nun along a corridor leading off the entrance hall.The nun stopped outside a room and told Agnata to wait outside .Sr.Dominica entered the room and clsed the door behind her.There was no place to sit down so Agnata stood and looked around the corridor.Occassionally Agnata could hear muffled voices coming from somewhere in the convent and then she got a fright when she heard the sound of a slapping taking place.She tried to listen harder but the door of the room opened and Sr.Dominica told her to come inside.The room was a classroom and Sr.Dominica sat behind the table at the top of the classroom and ordered Agnata to stand in front of the table.”How old are you Agnata?””Thirty-six Sr.Dominica,”Agnata replied”Well,you must have so much to confess;I have told Reverand Mother Gertrude that you are visiting us,”Sr.Dominica said pointing to a phone on the table.”but Reverand Mother is very busy so I have been directed to deal with you,”the nun said clearly with excitement in her voice.The nun opened a drawer in the table and took out a school ruler and placed it on the table.”I will punish you for your mis-deeds during your life, Agnata”.”Do you want to hear my confession,Sr.?” Agnata asked.”At your age I have no doubt that you have committed many,many trangressions,I belive that we should proceed to the punishment and while you are being punished you should think about the naughty deeds you have done and ask forgiveness.”Corporal punishment has an important theraputic value,young woman”,Sr.Dominica said.It was becoming clear to Agnata that the nun was going enjoy what she was about to do to her.The nun raised up the ruler and Agnata remembered Mary’s gesture of spanking her own bottom.Agnata looked at the ruler and bent over the table.”Oh,no,Agnata,I want you over my knee,”Sr.Dominica said still sitting on her chair.Agnata walked slowly around the table and the nun beckoned for her to bend over her knee so that the nun could use the ruler with her right hand.Agnata bent over the nun’s knee,she thought about what was happening and how weird at her age it felt,but their was also something that felt good,something quite sexy she thought.”Now,I will teach you the error of your ways,you will learn a valuable lesson that you will never forget,Agnata;are you Bayan Escort ready?”Sr.Dominica said taking a few moments to use her hand to rub Agnata’s bottom gently.”Yes,Sr.,”Agnata said feeling strange having this nun rub her bum.Without any further warning it began.The nun brought the ruler down on Agnata’s bottom quite hard.Agnata made a soft moan.Again the ruler came down.Okay that hurt a bit,Agnata thought.Again and again the ruler was brought to bear on Agnata’s bum.Agnata was no longer moaning softly but crying out at each slap.Harder and harder the slaps with the ruler were deliverd,;Agnata’s screams were becoming louder and louder.”Think about your past transgressions,woman”,Sr.Dominica damanded.But all Agnata was thinking of was how painful the ruler was and how aroused she was becoming having her bottom slapped;she never felt this way before,was she meant to feel this way?The punishment continued for some time.What Agnata couln’t see was the sheer delight on Sr.Dominica’s face as she spanked her with the ruler.Every now and then Sr.Dominica stopped and began rubbing Agnata’s bottom again with her hand.This felt soothing to Agnata but it was when the ruler came across her bum again that she felt really aroused.Eventually the nun stopped and ordered Agnata to stand up.Agnata saw that Sr.Dominica looked flushed.”Now,Agnata,I hope that you feel properly chastised for your past mis-deeds”.the nun said rather out of breath.”Yes Sr,”Agnata lied,she felt really horny after the spanking.Agnata was told by Sr.Dominica to stand and face the blackboard for a few moments.Agnata done this rubbing her bottom a sight that Sr.Dominica found very appealing.”Now you may go,but you must come back to see us this day next week;Reverand Mother Gertrude would like to discuss your discipline needs,Agnata”,the nun said”Yes Sr,”Agnata said as she turned to face the nun.”In the meantime you must do your best to good,do you promise,Agnata?”Agnata took a moment before replying.”Yes,Sr,”Agnata again lied,she was going to be the opposite to good so that she had so much to be spanked for the next time.Agnata left the convent and walked down the drive-way.Mary had waited for her.Agnata got into the car,her bottom stung as she sat down and Mary laughed.”The nuns dealt with you okay I take it,”Mary said,still laughing.”Fuck,ya”,Agnata said and began to laugh,”I would love….””A fuck,”Mary finished her sentance staring now at Agnata.”Yes,a fuck,”Agnata said and both of them instinctively leaned closer and began to kiss.”We’ll have so much to confess to the nun’s next time,”Mary said.”Is there somewhere we can go?”,Agnata asked.Mary started the car,”My husband won’t be home for age’s yet”.

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