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THAT DAMN VIDEO!!!Let me tell a somewhat old to present OBSESSION about a certain GIF that was an AD That lead to a VIDEO that lead To another VIDEO and More than 5 years Worth of sticky hot ROPES of CUM and CUM and CUM ENDLESS CUM Till this day…OBSESSION has a DEFINITION and This is UNPROUDLY it.(this will have typos and lots of errors)Back in 2014 i came across a Famous AD on a Pornsite or..ahem Pornsites(shit was everywhere) it peeked and was stared by millions …it portrayed this young YOUNG skinny WEBCAM bronze GAL that was packing some SERIOUS FUCKING HEAT..what i mean by that is that this girl displaying 2 HUGE FUCKING KNOCKERS ..WIGGLING and BOUNCING..inviting you to enter some stupid spam or dating websites(for adults)…didn’t think much of the AD apart from some MOUTH WATERING SET OF TITS ….time passed and she kept appearing on my Computer side as the same old ad For a reason…..there it was inviting me to the same damn websites..If anything it invites me to skip the AD click and SEARCH This TIT WONDER cause i was Extremley Horny and was getting serious blue balls everytime i came across her RACK …searching was in action and never found itHad to be very specific for the time(2014 new video i guess) searched.. Big tits dancing , Big Tits shaking, Teen shaking her boobs , ALL SORTS OF DAMN SPECIFIC BOOB ENTRIES on that google search bar(no one uses Bing)another search has been made and tried thinking a bit outside the box ..what was she wearing DAMMIT? what was around..was she using a toy?? something that could lead to the origin of this…(not knowing if it was a video a simple plain GIF or whatever else there is…..AND BOOM searched Big tits teen dancing in BROWN SWEATER!! DUH WHAT AN IDIOT she was totally hiding and FLASHING her set behind that damn sweater!! 3RD video in the google list had her THUMBNAIL in it …I CLICKED THE VIDEO!!….(if this was trump he would say history has been madeIT displayed the same girl and before starting..ahem..”starting” (whoop cock out joke) it opened as the young girl (unnamed yet) turned on her stereo or cheap IPOD music tower to the song “Roundabout” by “YES” old classic that at the time i wasn’t into but who cared if this girl can make me start liking a classic rock song with kick-ass bass then count me in..she gathered herself up a bit and started slowly picking up to the songs slow start ..SHOWING AND TURNING her whole body around so u can see what You’re getting into in this CYBER PRIVATE LAP DANCE..Not a Bad behind (just a normal medium sized teen butt) i do remember being here for something else ..and this being BOOBMEAT and SPARROW the boob pervert(ugh) i shall stay for the thing or “things” i came for…(no pun intended..yet)SONG picks up and she starts moving and Dancing SHAKING her head, moving her hips ,twisting etc..whatever type of CRINGE DANCE this gal was into..just being fun and making u forget what SHES PACKING UNDERNEATH ……still with her SWEATER ON she dances for almost a minute till she LIFTS UP her sweater to reveal..ermm…….she canlı bahis HAS a bra on?? ummm ok…never took a good glance at her face cause i even forgot she had one .u can deffinetley ASSUME theyre the right set of puppies the AD promoted cause of the way they were being TIGHTLY PRESSED TOGETHER IN THAT BRA..(cute face BTW) ..RIGHT THEN noticed what type of VID this is ..its A DAMN TEASING VID …FUCK YEAHH.. my type shhhh!!…she HIDES HER BUST and continues her “Angst” in her DANCE!!! ..THAT IS until a couple of minutes of the 1ST phase of TEASING she ditches the sweater and goes ..WELL..ALMOST FREE…but squeezed up juggs in a bra is better than a still glorious sweater, she shakes and dances in her bra and sling panties until the biggest BIGGEST reveal TOTALLY unexpected TIT DROP(unless you caught the detail of her hand underneath her bra to grip) which nowadays i would notice ..(***MOUTH WATERS ,DICK HARDENS, and im pretty sure already had precum on my tip***) let me tell u how i saw this part……ahem ” YOU FUCKING HUGE TITTED BLUE BALL GIVING BITCH” those were THE FUCKING BEST TITS IVE EVER SEEN PERIOD….. PERIOODD…im pretty sure i started fainting just by 4 seconds of those TITS joke…they were TAN they were HUGE ,PERFECT NIPPLE PLACEMENT…PERFECT COLOR…TEARDROP FORMS OF WONDER…(get used to me describing lol) SHE CONTINUED DANCING until it reaches the 3RD PHASE of her super sayian TEASE …wait did i skip the second phase?(ditching the sweater).SHE LETS LOOSE OF THE MOST CRIMINAL BRA EVER….revealing those warlocks to those watching and SHE KNEW ..THIS SWEET TEEN KNEW..THAT WHOEVER STAYED THAT LONG WAS STROKING THE HELL OUT OF THERE MEATS…this bitch KNEW that HER SWEATER TITS were amazing dick risers….I STARED and stroked and STARED and STROKED TO this CHIPMUNK WITH HUGE BOOBS!…she was concluding her set of ….AMAZING HIPNOTIC TIT SHAKES AND BOUNCINESS..which im sure they were exercises for her boobs…i stood in AWE ..rewatched it at least 3 more times Edging and accumulating a fountain of sperm….found a spot in the video and BOOM!! ….never felt so sore in my life….who cared if this bitch didnt show pussy HER TITS are literally the only PUSSY i needed to watch that day simple…confusing i know…..titpussy lol!!…SATISFIED , CONTEMPT , and LITERALLY a whole toilet seat and floor around it splashed with cum……!!!! …scrolled through the comments which at the time i saw like 4 and luckily one pointed out her NAME……..KATEE O.( dont bother, apart from the videos im describing she aint that worth it..there is one out there where she was chunkier and using a dildo though)WEEKS has passed and living cause porn at the time was 60% of my day i at least needed to fulfill the 40% thats left…which was searching her name lol( i was young trust me apart from school i didnt do much)upon one of my weird searches on the net..i layed bored thinking which vid should i watch…looked to my right as if i had a superhero costume tucked away in a briefcase next to me…then looked away rejecting bahis siteleri the power…..*in that case KATEE O. was the briefcase and her TITS was the power…..i cant with this lol…SHE MADE MY DICK HAVE AFTER EFFECTS FOR DAYS…….i couldnt hold on anymore an went to my sidekick google..i searched her name cause i was probably to embarrased to bookmark the video….then i found ..(something big for big deal for yall)BROWN SWEATER VIDEO 2 MUCH SHORTER ,BETTER SONG BOOTED UP…at the time thinking it was just a trimmed out version of the other…oh boy ..WAS I WRONG …very wrong….PHASES EXPLAINED ..(in my dumb perverted way)1ST phase – the sweater2ND phase – the sweater ditch3RD phase – the reveal…kinda wanted that to sound more epic but hey..SHE kicks off the video walking to her radio thingy..and having the faint memory of her actually not walking to her radio in the other VID that i saw ,i knew something was a little different …SHE TURNS ON her grandfathers kickass playlist ..and the song “RADAR LOVE” MUFFLES IN by THE BAND “GOLDEN EARRING”..she makes her way and walks up to the cam …I NOTICED the outline of of her Tits outside the sweater was WAAAAAAAAY more SAGGY..and she busts the smallest …smallest most subtle boob wiggle with sweater on ….”WAIT A MINUTE…WAIT….PLEASE TELL ME ..OMG…DID SHE GET RID OF Her..??? SPARROW spoketh in small whispers !!this teen made me notice that this was in fact not the same video but the same room, same look ..probably the same day as the other video…she made me noticed by making one of my TOP 10 reveals..thats including blockbuster movie PLOT TWISTS and all !!SHE REVEALED that she completley Burned her BRA and ditched it ..,making my interupted assumption right…she wearing the GLORIOUS SWEATER over her HEAVY TITS bra underneath showing the BEST UNDERBOOB with subtle nip slip to this DAY..MAKING THIS VIDEO ONLY 2 PHASES..FUCK YEAH..this in fact made my dick CRYOMG the way THOSE JUGS MOVED in that sweater without bra support made till this day one of the best moments of the movie FIGHT CLUB ..and plot twist ,she wasn’t in it ..EVERYTHING was so unexpected ..from the way you can see what her tits look like even with a sweater on., to how FUCKING CRAZY my anticipation was when it was time to reveal ..THOSE…TITS…again….i could literally cry about every TIT PHYSICS this bitch was creating under her sweater/if the TIT SWEAT under her sweater was the OCEAN and her BOOBS CLAPPING inside her sweater together was an EARTHQUAKE …it would be a TITTY WONDER TSUNAMI!!!!!!!!…and anyone would have loved to be in that mix..although her dance may be cringe and non responsive to such a GREAT SONG ,and no cock was being presented for her to fuck..*which was 100% fine by me* It was time to reveal what ealrier was an UNDERBOOB to a FULL THE FULL ON RELEASE OF HER WARLOCKS..There it was again Bouncier than ever PRETTY FUCKING SURE it had to do with the choice of song this time..THE BEAT MADE THOSE TAN BOOBS bounce and shake LITERALLY MAKING ME WANNA BUST ASAP!!..i bahis şirketleri couldn’t those tits arnt only for jerking,,these were a MASTERPIECE of BOOBMEATOMG AND HER FUCKING ABS they were PERFECT,,,RIGHT for a female …no cut and strong but defined and lickable …TITS TO AB RATION WAS ON POINT!!!…*secretly love abs video was made for me i swear….REMINDER that this is yet another tease video in her brown sweater series ..she would often lift up and let them tits breathe for 20 seconds…I SWEAR i could read her mind..she once again knew that HER TITS ARE ROCKIN…guess she thought that bra in her other video was getting in the way…*which it was a little* SHE knew that if she was ditching the BRA she also had another game plan ..and its to ease in with the TEASING AND FLASHING bra = more people wanting to cum faster,,AKA ME..she would just tease you for those 20 sec roughly..20 seconds of caramel constantly hiding her tits under her sweater again..she would continue to dance and MOVE THEM ..making u wonder how hasn’t she had stretch marks in just one night making these VIDS….making you ANTICIPATE a begfull MONSTER TIT FLASH !!…20 seconds wasn’t enough….pretty sure who have seen wanted more than 20 seconds …SHE ended up breaking some “TEASING VIDEO RULES” ..she wont give 20 sec but a whole full min of shaking BOUNCING and destroying her TITS to the SOLO of this song just for us to see……guess giving a half time show for those who want to cum right then..thank u come again…pretty sure thats what people thought she said after that solo….cause i tell u its HARD not to JIZZ your ceiling in the midway point… poor 1 week saved up cum wanted to fly so bad i NEEDED to resist…….(if you’ve saved up before you would know)that right boob after jiggle thoughSHAKING , DANCING, ENJOYING rinse and repeat without a single disappointment (at least from my parents)turn to the point of the video where she finally ditches her sweater completley and closes in on the last minutes of her wanting you to finally conclude your visit..this was a private dance and youll pay me in cum..*at least thats what i heard her non moving mouth say* ..theres one specific point in her final moments when shes Finally fully topless and exposed and gives you this extreme GRIM YET HOT STARE !! which will be the only time where you will focus out of her tits and enhance on her face…that stare of you just SHOT YOUR CUM or you’re about to…till this day SPARROW GETS DRAINED(once a week every week from 2014 till 2019) from this little sperm maker and finally admits that after 5 years of constant google of her videos ( INCLUDING THE OIL ONE ; BROWN SWEATER 3 AND MORE)** OTHER FAVS** ..constant comment reading on her videos…weirdly liking when other people jerk it to her vids..especially the one..*not gay just like the idea of that vid in the background..**and not making me the only weirdo checking her web-page… ..TO ACTUALLY FOOL her once into sending me a free password to her video list which there is hundreds..*long time ago password not valid anymore**..ive concluded that im a perv and katees tits ROCK!!!!!!!! ……thus obsession..this story was made for fun so no personal “takies”here ..and was pretty horny while writing it

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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