That Very Day.

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That Very Day.When I was working in a Hotel in the South Eastern part of Nigeria, my wife and I had a common friend named Ebi, a stunning beauty in herself, with a good height of 5’6” and a good figure of 38-28-34 and she must be around 24 years of age and was unmarried. Her knockers were the main attraction for me whenever she used to visit us. She would always wear a short skirt and a tight blouse or top, which would make her tight and erect boobs jut out and they would always be pointed. My eyes used to never leave her knockers and I used to ogle them a lot but I would never make her conscious that I am staring at her boobs and neither my wife knew about it. She used to frequently visit us and she and my wife would frequently go out together as I was always busy in the hotel. Our hotel had provided us with a three room apartment near the hotel only and me and my wife used to stay there only. This happened when my wife had to go to her home town to give her final exams as she could not give them earlier due to our marriage and I used to be all alone in the apartment and would only go there to sleep in the afternoons or at night. During my wife’s visit Ebi used to call me up on the regular basis and would talk at length about various things like about her job, her family and friends etc and I would also play along with her. Sometimes our talks would go to sex also but to a limited topics and then I would tease her that I would touch you, I will play with you etc and she never used to mind it and would play along with me, mind you this only happened on the phone only. One day she called me up and we were discussing about life etc and then suddenly I asked her why don’t she come to the house and we would sit down and talk and have tea or snacks also. She said she will be there the next day in the later part of the afternoon. As I was doing break shift, I generally left hotel by 2 pm, go home and rest for 2-3 hrs and would be back by 6 pm in the hotel. Next day as she had said, she was there at my place at exactly 3pm. The bell rang and as I knew who was at the door, I took my time to open the door. When I opened the door, there she was, again dressed in the short skirt and a tight blouse. I manisa escort was wearing a T-shirt and my shorts but without any underwear. I invited her inside and we went to my bedroom as we had an AC in that room only. She sat down on the otherside of the bed and I was sitting the opposite side of her. She was sitting cross legged and I could easily see her creamy white thighs under her skirt which made my cock go high up saluting. Now, I would tell you my cock is just about 6” in length and about 1 ¾” in dia. It was really difficult for me to hide my erection so I put a pillow on my erection just to show that I am supporting my arms over it. We started talking about my wife and then her family, her job, my job etc. then I asked her if she would like to have something, she said what all was there in the kitchen, I said that I have cold drinks, tea, coffee and even liquor also, whatever you want I will get it. Then she asked me what would I prefer and I said a small gin with lime cordial and water, she said to get her the same. I made to glasses and handed one to her, she gulped down her glass in one shot and I just kept looking at her. I asked her is she having this for the first time and she said yeah this is my first time. I could easily see that she was getting a kick on it and was in a very good mood. Suddenly she started tickling me on my stomach, I told her not to do so as I cannot tolerate it. She started doing it again, sometimes on my stomach, my back side, my legs, under my arms etc. I told her I would also tickle her if she does not stop it. She said go ahead, try it. Now this was the thing I was waiting for. I knew I have to play safe with her and started tickling her between the area below her boobs and her navel. She started laughing loudly and kept on trying to avoid my fingers but she could not and I kept on tickling her. She was still trying to avoid my fingers and sometimes my hand or my fingers would touch her tits also but slightly not in the poking manner and she would jump up. She was still laughing then suddenly she just lied down on the bed and started rolling away from me. My eyes were then transfixed at her skirt which had moved up her thighs and I could escort manisa easily see her white panties which was covering her cunt lips. She stopped rolling when she reached the other end of the bed and kept still there and closed her eyes to regain her breathe. I quietly went near her and started kissing her forehead and started giving her small kisses on the nose, eyes and chin but never on the cheeks or lips. She opened her eyes and started doing the same to me, she had thought that it is kind of a game we are playing. Sometimes she would kiss me like that and I would lie down and I would kiss her and she would lie down, this kept on going for 10-15 minutes. When my turn came next time, I took a little longer to kiss her and play with her chin and started moving my lips towards her lips and just placed a small kiss on her lower lip and moved on to her upper lip and placed a small kiss there. She was stunned and had closed her eyes. I just moved away from her and lied down and started waiting for her to get into action and closed my eyes. After few minutes I felt her hair on my face and she was closing in on my lips. She did the same to my lower lip and upper lip as what I had done to her. But she kept her face just a inch from my face. I opened my eyes and looked straight into her eyes and held her by her waist and made her lie over me. Now her tits were on my chest and her legs were on my thighs. I was hard as a rock and I knew she could easily feel my cock on her lower part of the body. She asked me not to hold her like this and leave her, I left her and she rolled right next to me where I was lying down. Her chest was moving up and down as she was breathing heavily and I knew this is the time I can kill my bird. I raised my upper body turned towards her and kissed her right on her lips with my tongue in her mouth and her tongue in my mouth. Meanwhile my hands were on her tits and I started playing with her from the top of her blouse only and my god her tits would not even fit in my hand, they were so big and erect that I just kept looking at them. My lips were still on her and I moved my hand in side her blouse under her bra and brought her tits out in the open. Her manisa escort bayan nipples were bright pink in color and were erect, I moved my lips on them and started sucking them. She was moving her head here and there and was telling me to stop it. I raised my body over her and lied on top of her and started kissing her on he tits. My cock was trying to come out of my shorts and was troubling me, with one hand I pushed the elastic waistband of my shorts down and again got on top of her. Meanwhile her skirt had already risen up to her waist and my cock was lying on top of her panty trying to enter her. I took my hand and started rubbing her pussy over her panties and to my surprise her pussy was clean shaved, I could not feel any hair on her pussy above her panties. I pushed my hand inside her panty and started playing with her clit, she was so wet that my hand was already wet of her juices. She was just kissing me on my lips, my cheeks and was shouting to play with her more. I removed her panties and went down on her giving kisses all the way down till her cunt lips. She was on top of the world and within two-three minutes she had her orgasm. As she was already very wet I took my cock and placed it at her opening and started inserting it slowly-slowly inside her cunt and started giving her small pushes. I kept on pumping her first slowly and then in quicker manner. I was ready to shoot out in a few minutes and asked her where to shoot my cum. She told me over her tits, I was on my peak and removed my cock from her cunt and shot all my load on her tits. I was breathing heavily, trying to gain my breathe and as it was also after a long time I had fucked anybody since my wife had left. I got up and looked at the wall clock and saw that it was already 5.30 pm and we were having fun for nearly more than 2 hrs or so. I had to get ready and leave for the hotel so I got up and went to the bathroom to have my shower and get ready. I came out of the bathroom in my towel wrapped around and went towards my bedroom. Meanwhile she had also cleaned her self and was combing her hair, I removed my towel in front of her and started getting dressed, she came close to me and took hold of my limp cock and said when will be the next time. But the next time never came. My wife came back from her home town and I could never get a chance with her alone.We moved to Asaba after sometime and she got married later that year and moved to Nsugbe. But I still miss her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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