THE 5th OF THE 5th, 2019

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THE 5th OF THE 5th, 2019
Saturday I went for coffee at a small mall on the east side. I like the washroom set up there. There are two outer doors so if one gets lucky with a chance encounter, you can hear the outer door open so you don’t get caught. Unless you are deaf, of course.
There was a 30 year old guy standing at the left urinal, so I stood beside him at the right urinal. After unzipping and pulling out my cock, I glanced over at his cock. He wasn’t pissing. He was slowly stroking his semi hard erection. As I pissed, he got bigger and harder. He’d alternate between slow strokes and faster ones.
I reached my left hand out and asked, “May I help?”
“I got this,” he replied.
He stroked some more, fast then slow, delaying his ejaculation, building up to a bigger climax.
I was very surprised when he reached over and grabbed my cock! Regardless, I let him play with it. To be fair though, this time when I reached out, I didn’t ask, I just latched onto his cock.
He let go and I took over.
His cock was rock hard and hot to the touch. I could feel his shaft pulse as I stroked.
He let go of my cock and placed both of his hands on the sides of the urinal.
His breathing quickened and his hips thrust back and forth when he came. Jizz spurted out into the urinal and all over my hand. Thick creamy cum. And lots of it too. He let me stroke him for awhile and I squeezed a few more drops of cum from his cock.
I released his pecker and said, “Thanks. I liked that.”
“I did too,” he replied and gave me a big shit-eating grin.
We washed up and I made sure he left first.
On my way to the car, I noticed a senior lady walking in the parking lot. She was struggling with a couple of bags of groceries. They were, illegal bahis siteleri to me, too heavy for her.
I went over to her and asked, “Can I give you a hand?”
“Thanks. That would be wonderful.”
She was about 10 years younger than me. Dressed very nicely, skirt and blouse, hair done up nicely. She wore very little makeup, just some lipstick.
“I live across the street in the Heritage Apartments.”
We walked to her building and at the front door, she made to take the bags from me.
I offered, “Let me take them to your apartment. I promise not to hit on you and I’m not an axe murderer, “ and chuckled.
She sort of chuckled too. She unlocked the door and we walked to the elevator.
We went up to her 9th floor apartment. She unlocked the door and I went in and placed her grocery bags on the kitchen table.
I suddenly feel a bit dizzy and a little out of breath so I sat in one of the chairs.
“I hope you don’t mind? I seem to be a little dizzy.”
I looked at my Fitbit and my pulse was at 120.
“You sit awhile and I’ll put on the teapot if you’d like some?”
“That would be great. Do you have decaf?”
“Yes, I sure do.”
We chatted while waiting for the water in the kettle to boil and while the tea steeped.
She put out cups and sugar and cream.
When it was ready, she poured.
As we chatted, I took a more detailed scrutiny of my host. Her figure was trim and she was pretty too.
When we were finished drinking our tea, I got up to leave.
At the door, I turned around to face her. I help out my arms, “Do I get a hug?”
She reached out and put her arms around me and I did like-wise. She felt so good, I was reluctant to let go.
I put both hands on the sides of her face and kissed her gently for a few seconds. She kissed me back. perabet güvenilir mi
I kissed her again, this time a little longer and with a slight lip movement. My lips parted a bit and my tongue licked her lips softly. She responded with some tongue action. She tasted sweet.
“You’re a good kisser.”
“You are too,” she replied.
I hugged her to me with more pressure this time. My hands dropped to her waist. I slowly raised them and felt upwards to her breasts. My thumbs grazed the sides of her breasts and I could feel her nipples through her bra and blouse. She didn’t resist when my hands reached under her blouse and inside her bra. My palms squeezed her boobies and rubbed all around them. Again my thumbs caressed her nipples and I tugged at them with my thumbs and first fingers. They responded and swelled and lengthened.
Our kisses had grown more intense and feverish. Our tongues played tag inside our mouths.
I dropped one of my hands to her buttocks. I rubbed and squeezed and circled her bum. She leaned more into me and I rotated my pelvis slightly. Again, she responded with symmetrical movements.
I broke apart and with one arm around her, led her to the bedroom. We stood beside the bed and I started to unbutton her blouse. She undid the buttons on my shirt. We removed each other’s shirt and blouse. I unfastened her bra and slipped her arms out of it. I lowered my head and tasted her nipples with my lips and tongue. They were soon turgid, begging for more.
I undid my pants, lowered the zipper and dropped them and my shorts to the floor. She unfastened her skirt and dropped it and her slip drop too. She stepped out of them. With my hands on her shoulders, I lowered her onto the bed. I slid her panties tipobet off her hips and down her legs.
I laid beside her and commenced kissing her lips and then her breasts and back again. My right hand slipped between her legs.
I rubbed her mound softly and a finger slipped between her pussy lips. They were wet and hot. I stroked up and down and then in and out while my thumb grazed her clit. I slipped two fingers inside her and drew them out, over and over.
Her arm had reached down to her side and her hand grasped my cock. She squeezed it gently repeatedly.
My cock was hard.
Her pussy was hot and wet.
I moved between her legs. Her hand never left my cock. She placed my cock head against her pussy lips and I pushed inside. She was warm and inviting. I pushed in and out. Two inches in, one inch out. Then three inches in, two inches out.
Soon my six inches were all in and I stroked her pussy insides slowly, then a little faster. Her hips were moving up and down urging me on. She was building to a feverish climax, as was I. We were both gasping and breathing feverishly in our passion.
We continued fucking and as her hips thrashed on the bed, she climaxed gloriously. I followed immediately afterwards.
I slow fucked her for several minutes until my cock was too limp to push.
I laid on her for awhile, rotating my hips on her belly and pussy. She moved in unison. When our movements stopped, I rolled off her and took her in my arms. We hugged and our breathing slowed to normal.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
“You’re welcome, thank you too,” she replied.
“I sure enjoyed that! You’re a lovely woman.”
“I enjoyed it too. I have not had sex since my husband died 7 years ago.”
“Well, my dear, you haven’t forgotten how,” I chuckled.
She giggled and chuckled too, very pleased with the compliment.
“May I see you again sometime?”
“Hmmmmm, let me think about that ok. I am unsure if I want a man in my life right now. Give me your telephone number and I’ll call you if I change my mind. Ok.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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