The Anniversary Party Ch. 2

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The Anniversary Party Ch. 2The Story is written by lohengren99 at literotica.comThe room became silent the second that Marie, Ross, and I stepped into it and yelled “Surprise”.The scene had shifted a little in the time that it took us to get undressed. Lisa Meyers had moved over to my mother and had started licking her husband’s cum off of mom’s tits as she was fingering mom’s pussy. Debbie Meyers was on her knees between my dad and her dad and was licking the cum off of their still hard cocks and balls. David Meyer was kneeling over my mom’s face and was slowly fucking her in the mouth; his dad’s cum covering both mom’s face and his cock.Everyone stopped immediately and looked at the three of us Barkley k**s. The mix of reactions to our sudden appearance was almost comical. My mom and dad had a shocked look on their faces. Dad’s cock immediately went limp even though Debbie was lustily sucking and licking it. My mom’s mouth fell open where an instant before it had been tight around David’s dick. I could see Mike Meyers cum still glisten on her tits and face. The collective gasp from the two of them almost created a draft through the door.The reaction of the Meyers family was much different. When my dad’s cock went limp, Debbie just smiled at us and changed over to her own dad’s cock, taking it in her mouth and stroking the skin as she sucked. She was obviously looking at me and my brother’s hard dicks and even let her eyes wander over Marie’s delicious body. Mike Meyers just petted her hair while she sucked his cock. He smiled at the three of us while looking at my parent’s reaction to our appearance and nudity. His hips moved gently as he continued to fuck his daughter’s mouth.David Meyers, apparently feeling a little awkward being caught with his dick in our mom’s mouth, sat back on his heels. His hard cock popped out of mom’s mouth and slapped his stomach with an audible “thwap”. He had a sheepish grin on his face that seemed to say “Oops, sorry, but your mom gives such great head I couldn’t help myself”. Lisa Meyers stopped sucking mom’s tits but still continued to finger her cunt. She looked over at us and winked. I could see her husband’s cum shining on her cheek where she had gotten it off of mom’s tits.Dad was the first to speak. “What the hell…” He couldn’t seem to find any more words than that.Mom wasn’t any more articulate, “Oh my god…” was the best she could do.Marie took the lead. She reached down beside her and grabbed my cock and Ross’s cock. “Happy anniversary, mom and daddy. Mom, I brought you something I hope you like!” She had a big shit eating grin on her face.”Oh honey, I’m so sorry you found us like this.” I thought mom was going to cry from the embarrassment.Marie immediately let go of our dicks and went over to mom and hugged her. “Oh mom, please don’t be sorry or embarrassed. We are all adults. We know you and dad have sexual needs. We didn’t realize what those were, uhm, exactly, but we love you and, well, and… and we love you.” Marie had seemed to run out of words too. As they hugged, Mike Meyers sticky cum spread from mom’s tits to Marie’s tits.Dad looked at us, his two sons, standing there with hard cocks. A sheepish grin spread over his face. “Welcome to the party. You know our guests, of course. You’ve seen them before, just never quite like this!” That broke the ice and everyone breathed a sigh of collective relief. Even mom had to laugh a little.By now the looks of surprise in the room had begun to change to looks of desire and lust. There were now nine nude and horny people in the room: Mike and Lisa, their two c***dren, David and Debbie, and the five members of the Barkley family, Mom, Dad, Marie, Ross, and me.While it was readily apparent that the Meyers’ were perfectly comfortable with the idea of fucking each other, this antalya escort was all new to my parents and us k**s. I was enjoying looking at my incredibly sensuous mother while Lisa fingered her but I wasn’t ready to fuck her. This was going to take some getting used to and a little mental adjustment. From the way things evolved over the next few minutes I could tell Marie and Ross felt the same way.I moved over behind Lisa who by now had her face buried in my mom’s cunt. Her ass was in the air, open and I could see her pussy was dripping lubrication waiting for a cock to fill it. I could see her son’s cum was still dripping also, but I never minded sloppy seconds. On my knees behind her, I rubbed my hard cock up and down her slit a time or two and then began to ease it into her. She stopped eating mom long enough to look over her shoulder. She smiled at me.”You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to be inside you” I said to her.Lisa pressed her hips back to mine and said, “Oh probably about as long as I’ve wanted you there.”Her son looked at me fucking his mom. “Isn’t her cunt great, Richard?” He looked down to where his mom had left my mom’s pussy abandoned. “Mind if I take over there, mom?””Not at all honey.”My mom just smiled up at David and said, “Need a ride, sailor?”Lisa moved away from mom’s pussy and David got between her thighs.Mom smiled at him and raised her knees. “Fuck me David” was all she said. He put his cock into my mom’s pussy and started to fuck her. Like he had been with his own mom, he raised himself up and fucked at a leisurely pace. Mom’s tits looked wonderful as they jiggled each time his cock hit home.Marie had moved over to where Debbie was sucking dad and Mike’s dicks. She got on her knees in front of Mike and said to Debbie, “Care to share to share one of those with me?”Debbie smiled and took dad’s once again hard dick out of her mouth long enough to ask, “No problem, Marie. Which one do you want?”I could see my sister thinking it over seriously and heard her say, “Well, your dad’s… for right now anyway. Sorry, daddy.”I heard dad reply, “No problem honey, no one gets forced to do anything or anyone they don’t want to here.”Debbie went back to sucking dad’s cock. Marie took Mike’s cock into her mouth and started to fuck him orally. It was incredible to see what was happening. There were the two patriarchs of our families, Bill Barkley, our dad, and Mike Meyers, their dad, each getting their cocks sucked by each other’s daughters. But, I knew, based on what Marie had said, that they would each be getting blown by their own daughters soon.Ross was just sort of standing there, watching me fuck Lisa from behind, watching David fuck our mom, and watching the two young women suck cock. “Jeez, Ross, find a hole and put your cock in it” Lisa chided him as I fucked her.Ross smiled at her and took a couple steps over and got on his knees. “How about this one here?” he asked.Lisa looked up at my little brother. “An excellent idea” and left her mouth open. Ross put his cock into her mouth and began to fuck her mouth as I fucked her cunt. Our eyes met and we shared the thought that we never ever imagined that we would actually be fucking the object of so many jack off sessions.For the next several minutes it continued like this. From my position on my knees, I had a pretty good view of the entire room and all the fucking going on there. Dad, Mike, and David had already cum once just before we came in to the room so I figured they would last a little longer than Ross or I. I knew my balls were tingling already and that my orgasm would be not too far off. There was just so much to see and so much to experience. I had never been involved in an orgy before and never really expected to. But now here I was with 8 other people fucking, not only 8 other escort antalya people fucking, but people I knew and my parents and brother and sister.As my cock slid in and out of Lisa Meyers’ tight cunt I looked around the room. Looking straight down I had a perfect view of Lisa’s perfect ass. It was spread open as my cock entered her time and again. Her juices shined along the length of my hard shaft. I could smell her pussy aromas rising with her heat. The tight ring of her asshole seemed to relax and tighten as her cunt muscles massaged my cock. I wondered if I would be fucking her there before the night was over.Right in front of me was my brother. His head was back as he fucked Lisa’s mouth. He was lost in his ecstasy. I had seen his cock many times, but I had never seen him use it other than the few times we had jacked off together. He was gently petting Lisa’s hair as her mouth worked on his cock. His hips worked in almost perfect time with her mouth. I could see her cheeks sink in as he pulled out and her tongue go to work as he pushed in. I could barely see Ross’s balls as he fucked her mouth. I didn’t have a great view of her tits, being behind her like I was, but I could see the swell of them swaying as us two Barkley brothers double-teamed her. Her moans and pants told me we were doing a good job.Everywhere I looked there was something exciting to watch. Not 5 feet away I could see my mom getting fucked by David Meyers. I had always wondered what she looked like when she fucked but I never thought I would first see it while a 22 year old friend of the family did it to her. She was beautiful, sensuous, sexy, desirable, and a host of other adjectives that defied coherent thought. She was on her back with her knees high and her thighs wide. David was now sucking hungrily at one of her tits. She had her hands tight around his head, pulling him even closer to her tit. The one breast I could see showed with its very, very erect nipple. Her shoulder length red hair was spread around her head like an auburn halo. All at once, it occurred to me that mom was looking at me while I fucked Lisa. Our eyes met and a jolt of sexual electricity passed between us. There was no longer any embarrassment of any kind. We had all accepted each other as sexual adults, enjoying mutual pleasure. As mom looked at me, I saw her tongue slide over her lips and I wondered if that was a signal that she was beginning to thing the same things I was. Then she closed her eyes and concentrated once again on fucking David Meyers.Over on the couch, my dad and Mike Meyers were now sitting side by side, their knees far apart. Debbie was still sucking on dad’s cock and Marie was still sucking on Mike’s cock. The most surprising thing I was seeing though was that dad and Mike were playing with each other’s nipples; playing with them roughly, man to man. They were pulling and twisting them hard, only the way a man would know that another man liked it. They both had their heads back, eyes closed as they enjoyed the pleasure the other man’s daughter was bringing them. Debbie’s cocksucking was different from Marie’s. Debbie used her hand a lot, jacking dad’s cock into her mouth as she sucked him off. Marie, on the other hand, used mostly her mouth. She would twist and turn her head on each out stroke, using her lips and mouth like a gyrating pussy on Mike’s cock.Then the inevitable happened. Marie pulled her mouth off of Mike Meyers cock and looked at Debbie sucking our dad’s cock. She shook her long red hair, smiled, and said “Let’s switch”Debbie continued to jack dad’s cock for a second. She and Marie looked at each other and then kissed. I could see them swapping spit and precum as their mouths locked together. There soft tits flattened against the others. It almost sent me over the edge. antalya escort bayan Their kiss broke and they changed position. Of course, it was obvious now that Debbie had had her own father’s cock in her mouth many times before tonight, but I knew this was a first for our family. Dad smiled down at Marie as she moved in between his thighs. Debbie went to work on her father’s shining cock. Marie reached out and took dad’s dick in her hands. I could see her study it intently. Dad looked down at her and smiled.”Hi, daddy, happy anniversary” She smiled.”Hi baby doll, thanks.” He leaned forward, took her tits into his cupped hands and kissed her. The line had been crossed. He was caressing Marie’s firm round tits, as she stroked his hard cock. Their kiss was deep. Then he leaned back and Marie leaned forward and licked the head of his cock. It was something to watch. My sister was sucking on my dad’s cock. Her tits were pressed to his thighs and her hands cupped his balls.The fucking and sucking continued for the next few minutes. My eyes were everywhere, watching everyone. My dad and I smiled at each other from across the room. Mom and I caught each other’s eye several more times. Ross was looking around also. It apparently was too much for him and he came. He grabbed Lisa’s head and began to fuck her mouth hard. I could see his cock swell as the cum shot out of it into her mouth. He grunted and moaned as his load cascaded down her throat. His eyes were rolled back in his tipped back head. I looked at mom who was looking at her youngest son cum in their friend’s mouth. Her eyes were wide with lust and desire.It put her over the edge. David Meyers fucking and the sight of her son cumming had taken its toll. She wrapped her legs around David’s ass and fucked him hard. Once again, she became very vocal. “Fuck me you mother fucker. Make me cum. Make my cunt explode. Fuck me hard. FUCK ME” she demanded. And he did. David raised up off mom’s tits once again and drove his cock hard into her cunt. I could see her ass bounce as he slammed into her ball deep over and over. Her tits rocked and swayed as she came. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” she repeated as her cunt contracted around his cock. And that did it for him. David shot his second load of the night into my mom, his first load having been into his own mom. He was most certainly a mother fucker. His cum was dripping out of mom’s cunt and down her ass crack.Lisa Meyers began to cum on my cock. I could feel her cunt tighten around me and heat up. By now, she had released Ross’s dick from her cum covered lips and was pushing hard back to meet my thrusts. “Fuck me Richard” she said “I’ve wanted this for so long. Fuck me and make it so good” and then her words turned to moans and gasps. It was all too much for me. Seeing the cum still dripping off the head of Ross’s cock, seeing my freshly fucked mom laying back with David’s cum flowing from her cunt, seeing my sister giving my dad a blow job as Debbie was doing to her dad, and feeling this incredibly sexy woman on her knees in front of me cumming on my cock made me cum. I threw my head back and howled as my balls unloaded into her cunt. She worked her hips in little circles to stimulate every nerve in my cock. Wad after wad of hot white cum shot out of the head of my dick, bounced off her hard cervix, and coated us both. I collapsed on her back gasping for breath. I could feel my cum dripping out of her.Still gasping for air, I looked over to the couch where Marie as still sucking dad’s dick and Debbie was sucking her dad’s dick. The two older men looked at their sons, Ross, David, and me. Dad sort of laughed and petted Marie’s hair as her mouth slid up and down his cock. Dad looked at Mike and said, “Our boys came already. Rookies.”Mike laughed as Debbie sucked him off. “Yeah light weights”Dad looked down at Marie and put his hand under her chin. She looked up into his eyes. I could see the burning lust there, even from across the room.”Baby doll” dad said to Marie, “Let’s show them some real fucking”to be continued…

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