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The BBQA few week’s had passed since my first acquirement and i found myself in mist of summer heat wave, I continued to masturbate regularly using Diane’s knickers and wondering what other delights she had in her draws and what she looked like naked and the size of her tits as they were a mystery too me as I never got to see them due to the very loose fitting clothing she wore while i watched her work in her backyard making it very presentable in her homemade daisy duke style demin shorts. I spent many an hour gazing at her building up a hot sweat making those improvements to her garden while i wrapping her knickers around my cock and wanked it until i spunked over her. But as time passed i found my fantasies required more details and cock desired more! This simple pair knickers that gave me so much sexual pleasure wasn’t enough anymore. Following day i ran into few of my neighbours and we all got chatting as we do. I found out something very interesting, about my new neighbour and that she was going to be holding a summer BBQ event and intern invited the surrounding neighbours to it. Which explains all the hours she was putting into her yard, But i knew nothing of this? I was clearly not invited. I was fuming! But I did not let on to my fellow neighbours of this titbit and i went along with the conversation pretending i knew. I arrived back home and i tried my best not to think about it. I just couldn’t believe it!! That my new neighbour was planning a social event and invited everyone in my surrounding area but not myself! If that wasn’t a slap in the face. I don’t know what was. She was going to make me look the fool, but i had the upper hand as she didn’t know? That I knew and that i plan to attend anyway and confront her about it all.Day of the BBQ: I watched Diane closely throughout the morning setting up tables and chairs and decorating the backyard. I still couldn’t believe it… day prior to the BBQ i made an effort to cross paths with her to see if i would get a last minute invite just in case i was invited but nothing! I was greeted stoned faced as ever not even a mention of BBQ even tho her shopping cart was full of disposable plates cups etc… as the day progressed. Her friends, family and my fellow neighbours alike all started to gather and the BBQ was in full swing by mid-afternoon loud music was playing her favorite Chers greatest hits got another play and sound of people laughing coming and going just mad me even madder. I diced this was it! Time to get this done. I knew with the amount people coming and going in out of her premises she wouldn’t see me coming. I walked into Diane’s front yard and into her backyard via the side gate. I could see her at the bottom of the garden. I started to make my way towards her. But suddenly something happened. I stopped in my tracks, frozen for a moment. My cock started twitching and started to get instantly hard.. i looked to my left and there was the kitchen door wide open, i saw that cock hungry foul mouthed slut Denise that lived across the street chatting to fellow neighbour. Now she was some piece of work someone i wanted to able to fuck long hard all day long but she’s another story.. I don’t know what? But something just came over me? I suddenly went into an auto pilot mode and my cock was steering. I walked straight in to her kitchen i walked passed Denise and my fellow neighbours and i went straight upstairs. I knew the layout of the house as it was the same as mine. All the houses in surrounding area had the same floor plans. There are 3 bedrooms on the 2nd floor and a bathroom, i checked 1st bedroom nope, 2nd nope which left the 3rd and last and funnily enough the same bedroom that i have as mine was also hers.I walked into aksaray escort Diane’s bedroom and i stood there for a moment and looked around. It was a simple bedroom peach coloured walls not much furniture apart from cheap wood effect looking make up table with a mirror and lights surrounding it, a small closet with three draws below it. A double bed in the far right hand corner of the room behind the bedroom door, pushed flush against wall tight into the corner. I nudged the bed with my leg i felt it move and head board knock gentley against the wall, i went over and had a glance behind the head board the wall behind it was clean and fresh there were no abrasions. Which to me says she’s wasn’t fucking anyone not yet and not in this room. My instinct then kicked in and i went for her the drawers. I thought to myself lets see what we got, i opened the top draw and BINGO!! I found her underwear, I glanced through the array of colours and fabrics which all looked amazing, but something that stood out as i browsed through her draw. I noticed i couldn’t see any of her bra’s among her things? As this was one of the things i looked forward to finding as i would finally put to rest how big her tits were? But nothing! No bra’s in her underwear draw?? I started to check everywhere else i could think of i quickly double checked the previous draws and nothing? I checked under the bed in the other draws on make up table, i even went as far as to check bathroom checked the laundry basket but still no sigh of her bras there was no underwear in her bathroom. I came to the conclusion that my neighbour didn’t own or wear bras! What kind of mother of 3 doesn’t wear a bra? But I couldn’t waste anymore time. The longer i spent upstairs the higher the risk i could be discovered. So I rushed back to her bedroom and i went back to her draws. I stood there looking at her underwear deciding what to take… I diced to take everything! clean her completely out, it was insane but something came over me look at all her underwear. I wasn’t satisfied with just a few pickings i wanted it all and I’m going to take it all. The thought of the look on her face in the morning when she discover she doesn’t own any underwear apart from what she wore previous day gave me such a rush and with the BBQ full swing it be a perfect cover i thought to myself. She’ll never know who did it! That familiar rush of adrenaline started and my heart started to race my cock still hard and twitching soaking me in my own pre-cum begging to be freed. I stuffed all her underwear in my shirt under it and down front my jeans into my pockets. I was packed to the brim and i was ready to get the hell out of there. I took one quick glance out of her bedroom window and saw her still planted at the back of her yard enjoying herself. As i left to go downstairs i stop at one of the other bedrooms on way down. I walked in, and i lifted the mattress. It was a gamble but it would pay off in the long run. I stuffed my hand down my jeans grabbed what ever came to hand a pair of her knickers, i chucked them further back under the mattress and i dropped the mattress back and into place walked out of the room. I took deep breath glance in the mirror on landing at the top of stairs i adjusted my clothing and i walked calmly down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs was hall table with phone and mail, i stopped and glanced through the mail and i discovered an alimony cheque made out to Diane. Nice to final meet you Diane i thought to myself i finally found out what your name is! I continued on to the kitchen people were coming and going. No one had a clue what i just did, But i needed to get the hell out there and fast! My luck could change. I walked through escort aksaray the kitchen back towards the back door. As i walked through her kitchen i walked past her washer i took quick glance in towards it, it was empty… I walked straight out via side gate that i entered from and taking with me every single item she owned apart from the underwear she was wearing today, i headed straight to my bedroom.I empted my haul before me, a pile of all of Diane’s underwear was in front of me everything she owned i now had. I stood there for moment just looking at it, i diced to take inventory of everything that i had taken from her now empty underwear draw:1 Silver satin Marks & Spencer’s Size 12 shoe string adjustable strap teddy top half was loose fitting like camisole that lead into elasticated waist with a french knickers style popper fastening bottoms.1 Black Marks & Spencer’s Size 12 shoe string adjustable strap stain a v-neck drop teddy body with black lace finish popper fastening bottom.1 Marks & Spencer’s size 12 black & golden grey flower print with highlighted pink flowers thick non adjustable traps camisole top with matching French knickers.1 Black Marks & Spencer’s Size 12 polyamide, non padded body with thin adjustable strap high leg popper fastening bottom.1 Light taupe Marks & Spencer’s Size 12 silk, polyamide chamisole with shoe string adjustable straps with a rose lace panel finish and matching french knickers.1 pair of sliver satin bikini Marks & Spencer’s 12-14 knickers, with satin flower on front and fake diamonds1 pair of white stain satin Marks & Spencer’s 12-14 bikini knickers flowered embroidery on the front.1 pair of light pink polyester, polyamide & lace Marks & Spencer’s 12 bikini knickers with cut away style back 1 pair of black floral lace front polyester, polyamide Marks & Spencer’s 12-14 high cut bikini knickers1 pair of red & black ornate lace fronted polyester, polyamide Marks & Spencer’s 12-14 bikini knickers1 pair of white high leg polyamide, polyester Marks & Spencer’s 12-14 bikini knickers with scallop trim lace front1 pair of black high leg polyamide, polyester Marks & Spencer’s 12-14 bikini knickers with a scallop trim, mesh detail, centre bow featured front2 suspender belts black1 suspender belt white1 pair of black silk stockings not stay ups1 pair of black silk stockings with black pin strip down the back stay ups2 pairs of silk black tights/pantyhose1 pair of black nylon black tights/pantyhoseDiane had great taste in underwear no expense was spared and i couldn’t wait to empty my load. My cock had been aching to be freed as i pulled my clothes off with rapid speed until i stood there completely naked at the bottom of my bed. My blinds to my bedroom window were open and so was my window, allowing the warm summer breeze in. I could hear the chatter of BBQ happening below. I looked out of my window i had clear view of the BBQ and i could just see Diane from my advantage point, i took one glance at her and dove on to my bed on to her underwear. I began to rub myself with each item all over my body inhaling the aroma getting harder by the minute tip of my cock was dripping with pre-cum i couldn’t take it any longer! A simple wank wasn’t going to be enough. I quickly span up on all fours grabbed 2 pillows, took 2 of Diane’s knickers i took the first pair and put them on the pillow they fitted just about right. I flipped the pillow around so that the full backed of her knickers were facing up. I did the same with 2nd pillow but this time facing full backed of knickers down. I grabbed another pair of her knickers and put them on both pillows. So they became sandwiched and some what secure. I took the silver satin teddy and put it on the pillow it fitted aksaray escort bayan perfectly. As looked beneath in awe i had created my very own fuck doll torso made of pillows and out of Diane’s underwear, everything from there just became instinctive my cock guided itself and slid between bottom end of the pillows and became encased in cool smoothness of Diane’s knickers, the feeling was amazing!! As i slowly started to thrust in & out, surround by her underwear everywhere i looked. I started to get lost in the moment. I started to thrust faster building up a good rhythm as i thought about Diane how it be to fuck my new neighbour and how this is the closet i can get to the real thing. My pace quickened at thought of it as fucked her knickers that she once wore, i could feel my testicals tighten i could feel myself about to cum. It was going to be hard as my grunts became louder i froze momentarily as i hung in this lost orgasmic state as spurt after spurt after spurt of my spunk which felt lasted minutes squeezed out of me, i collapsed instantly onto my Diane fuck doll, as i lay there for a few moments in sweaty mess my head buried in her satin teddy. My cock started to shrink back out of her knickers sandwich, i had the grin of pure pleasure on my face i had never experienced masturbation session like this before. And i knew even then, id never go back the pleasure that her underwear gave me was indescribable. BAM i was hit with bus load of guilt just like before. Reality kicked in what had i done. i thought to myself as lay there staring up at my ceiling and hearing the chatter of the BBQ. I was felt sick to my stomach but this time there was something different. I felt different even for those few moment of pure guilt it washed away, as my cock started to get hard once more as i felt the silkiness of Diane’s teddy against my naked body, knowing what was in my possession. I found myself remounting my new fuck doll, my cock slid back in between the pillows the dampness of and spunk soaked knickers wrapped around my cock, my spunk acting as lube as i started to fuck the guilt away. I fucked Diane’s underwear into late evening i enjoyed every moment of it. The BBQ ended quite late in the evening, i spent most of it getting into a right sweaty mess fucking away not really caring on the repercussion i was in such orgasmic heaven i simply didn’t care. Diane unwittingly had started me on road of sexual pleasure that there was no coming back from.Few days passed after the BBQ and i saw Diane getting ready to leave for evening as i was on my way out also to the local pub, meet few of other neighbours. I looked over and smiled i said “Hi how are you?, how did the BBQ go” Diane looked towards me stoned faced “It went well ended quite late, i hope i didn’t keep you up?” Thinking to myself “Yeah you did, you kept me up all night alright cos i was fantasying about fuckin the shit out of you and you enjoyed every moment of it” But I responded with “no, no not at all maybe next time ill get an invite” I continued on my way with a big grin on my face not waiting for a response. I met up with my fellow neighbours and once again i did bit of light investigating, BBQ went down a storm all went well everyone enjoyed themselves. No mention of anything else. As i stood at the bar drinking my beer i noticed through the crowd Denise the foul mouthed cock teasing hungry slut with a new boyfriend in tow, there like a revolving door with her there’s someone new every week. She was always been someone i wanted have go with but never have the chance with. But as i stood there watching her through the crowd sitting there in her tight top showing off those wonder tits whilst i drank my beer. I felt my cock twitch and my heart started to race and that familiar rush started to simmer. I thought to myself maybe she not out of my reach after all? With my new found sexual pleasures that Diane has started me on, maybe i can get the next best thing…TO BE CONTINUED…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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