The Board Meeting

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The Board MeetingMs Cameron, my personal assistant buys presents for my wife, I simply have no time available, when work takes up most of my day. She is my gatekeeper. My wife has come to work for a lunch date to celebrate her birthday. Ms Cameron has left a large wrapped present to give to my wife, Ali. I walk in to the board room my wife is immaculately presented her jet black hair is freshly coiffed at the salon, her clothes are haute-couture, her make up is minimal. She is drinking a glass of champagne with Ms Cameron when I enter. I hand the present to my wife who acts genuinely surprised.”You shouldn’t have” Ali falsely states. Her hands unwrap the large present, the box lid has Victoria Secret printed on it, Ali lifts the lid and sees a little red teddy and matching g string. Fine tissue paper is underneath, Ali lifts this to find a cherry red gag ball on a black leather strap and a lacy black shackle with four rings, and several black clamps. “What is this joke” Ali exclaims. “Your a spoiled bitch” says Ms Cameron as she pushes my wife to the floor. “You need to appreciate your husband Ali” Ms Cameron is in a black pant suit and heels, she holds the hog tie shackles in her hand locking Ali’s hands behind her back. My wife is struggling to break free. Ms Cameron puts a knee hard in her back pulls one leg up locking the shackle around the ankle. One to go I watch on getting very aroused as my bi sexual dominant secretary restrains my wife. The blouse Ali is wearing loses a few top buttons exposing her enhanced breasts. Ms Cameron grabs my Ali’s elegant hair do pulling her head back hard and slaps her face.”Stay still” Ms Cameron firmly states.Ali struggles as the Ms Cameron tries to put the other ankle in the shackles. Ms Cameron forces four fingers down Ali’s mouth. The cherry red lipstick stains her hand. Tears run down Ali’s face. “Look in my eyes Ali. I am in control” Ms Cameron stated firmly. Ali stopped squirming as she feels the other leg locked in place. “Open your mouth. Now” Ms Cameron pulls Ali’s head back harshly. Ali opens her mouth and a large gag ball is shoved in her mouth stretching her lips. Pain. bahis firmaları The leather strap is pulled tight behind her head. A big black heavily padded bag is pulled out and between us my wife is lifted in to the bag, and the heavy duty zip is done up. The bag now sits in the corner. Ms Cameron turns to me looking satisfied. I am so fucking turned on right now I roughly guide her towards the big board room table.”Bend over” “Yes Sir” “Pull your pants down slowly Ms Cameron” I instruct her as I stand a yard behind her. She very slowly unzips the side of her business suit trousers, with a hand on either side eases her pants down to mid thigh. Her lacy knickers stick to her moist pussy lips. Her hand reaches through between her legs rubbing her pussy. I spank her bare ass firmly.”No”I unzip my trousers and get my semi erect cock out, rub the head up and down between her ass cheeks getting more aroused. Her hand reaches out between her thighs trying to grope my cock and balls. Ms Cameron wears her hair in a harshly pulled back ponytail to the middle of her back , her spectacles, and professional business clothes give her a look of authority. Usually. I move in the head of my thick shaft splits her pussy lips. She moves her weight from one leg to the other. The circumcised head enters her moist juicy cunt. My size surprises her. Her mouth opens to let out a quiet moan.”Oh god. Your so big. Do not move.” Ms Cameron arches her back moving her butt back towards me easing another inch in of my thick shaft. “Open your blouse I would like to see those natural big breasts you have teased me with for the last 5 years ” I ask feeling her muscles flexing around the shaft, milking my cock as thrust by thrust she takes another inch of my extra large cock. Eventually my big hairy balls are rubbing against her pussy lips. I grab her Scottish milky white ass cheeks build up my thrusting from long slow full strokes to a fast rapid short motion lifting her feet off the ground. I feel my big balls tighten my cock pulse as I shoot my first load in her tight juicy cunt. I sit at the head of the table and instruct her to strip perabet and put on the red teddy and G-string. “We have a board meeting soon” she protests. “Do as your told Ms Cameron” I instructed. Removing my belt. “Unless You want to be punished.”Ms Cameron removes the rest of her clothes and puts on the red lingerie. “Prepare for the board meeting” I picked up Ms Cameron’s suit and the bag and went to my office. Ms Cameron had managed to put a copy of the company monthly report in front of each of the 7 chairs. When I entered she was nowhere to be seen each of the directors was in their seats awaiting my arrival. I walked down to my seat at the head of the table and sat down. “Ms Cameron will not be joining us to keep notes” I pulled the writing pad in front of me and started recording attendance. I felt a hand between my legs and my zip being undone. “We will begin with the sale of Alison shares to my family trust that took place last week. Only a transfer in name only for tax purposes. Nothing has changed I still control 40% of the company” . Except she has no say in how the company is run and the shares are mine. Everyone nodded their head in agreement. My sisters Charlotte and Penelope, and mother Elaine control the family shares 30%. Independent professional directors another 30% represent the employees investment. I feel a hand in my trousers pull out my extra large cock then two hands begin stroking it slowly a tongue on the tip. I pause during my summary of the financial performance this month as Ms Cameron deep throats my manhood. I explain how the improvements made in the production process has reduced our fixed costs and improved our bottom line. Quality and consistency has improved. Reject product has dropped by 10%.Ms Cameron has turned her attention to my hairy balls pulling individual pubic hairs out. I grimace my family look at me concerned. One of the independent directors states that the loss of the two employees has caused some concern amongst the other staff. Charlotte heads our HR dept. explains that the two employees were in their late 60s had volunteered to take redundancy perabet giriş and all other entitlements plus the sale of their shares. Ms Cameron has approached other staff to buy those shares.My cock is now fully erect and throbbing uncomfortably in Ms Cameron’s expert attention. As I come to the brink Ms Cameron squeezes my balls HARD. I look down tears forming. “They were well compensated. They will be missed. A retirement party on Friday at the Cock and Bull pub after work.” My mother miss reading my emotions states the company’s preparations. Charlotte sitting on my left looks down, her high heel has come in contact with something under the table. Charlotte sees my cock and Ms Cameron in the red lingerie a smile crosses her face, as she spreads her legs and signalling that Ms Cameron should shift her attention and mouth to another directors genitals. Elaine and Penelope look across and see Ms Cameron’s head between Charlottes legs. The production Manager is explaining about the benefits of the automated production line, increased production output, reduced price per unit, then he notices the strange look on his Charlottes face. Looking at Elaine her big nipples are pressed hard against the tight blouse. Her face is red. Elaine has her stockinged foot between her legs sliding her big toe along the inside of her thigh.The meeting comes to a close, a date is chosen for next month, and I thank everyone for their attendance. Charlottes face and chest is flushed red, her breathing becoming more rapid. I have put my cock away and zipped up. I stand and move to usher every one out. Penelope walks out with the production manager heading to his office. The other employees head down stairs out to the carpark.”Where is my high maintenance daughter in law” she asks. I shrug my shoulders. Mom sees the big black bag in the corner of my office.”What is that?” Curious . I unzip the bag to show her .”Oh””I saw Ms Cameron under the table. Did she finish you off son” we stand a foot apart her hand strokes my hard shaft. Her hands undo my belt unbutton my trousers and lets them drop to the floor. She hikes up her skirt and wraps a leg around my waist guiding my hard prick in to her well used mature cunt. “Fuck your mom hard” she begs wrapping the other leg around my waist. I move to the wall. My step mother was a lap dancer when my dad married her. She likes the shock factor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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