The Caregiver Ch. 03

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To my editor Chris — Thank you again.

Nana awoke, still on the floor but covered with a warm blanket and with a pillow under her head. She yawned and stretched out cat-like. The air was filled with the aroma of spices and onions frying. Beside her were empty pillows; they must have all fallen asleep after the last session.

Bob is at the stove with his back to her, he was still naked.

“Bob, you will burn it,” she cautions to his back.

Bob turns around at her voice, he has an apron, with a silly “Fuck the Cook” motto written on it. He sees her looking at him and runs his finger across the wording and makes fucking gestures. He beams her a silly smile.

“Burn what?” he asks as he stirs the pot.

“Him,” she giggles as she stands up and points at his dick

Katrina comes downstairs rubbing lotion into her hands. She is dressed in a short fitting flowery dress.

“Are you going somewhere?” Nana inquires as she folds the blanket.

“She is going back to Tom Colins’ house for another round,” Bob reports.

“Katrina, why would you do that? You said he almost destroyed your pussy and ass when you were there,” she reminds her.

“Well, I thought about it and, believe it or not, I really enjoyed the wild sex, and in addition, Tom called Bob looking for me, he wanted to apologise, he must have figured out that I was supposed to be here. So I am going to collect my apology from him,” she chortled cheekily.

“Oh, no, oh no,” Nana starts “What time is it?”

“6:00pm,” Katrina offers helpfully

“The agency – Mr. Colins’ was to call the agency and give a report on my performance today,” she says, frantically looking for something to wear.

“No need to worry Nana, I spoke to him, and he already called in and gave you an awesome review,” Katrina reports naughtily.

“But, I’ve not been to his house, who did he review?” Nana questions with concern.

“Me,” Katrina quips with a big smile on her face. “Can we talk? I have a proposal for you.”

“Ah… OK,” Nana breathes, stopping her frantic search as she walks to the table.

Nana and Katrina sit at the table. Katrina takes Nana’s hands and squeezes them.

“Can I ask you something?” Katrina ventures.

Nana nods, suppressing a little laugh at her new friend’s sombre manner.

“Nana, today was a case of mistaken identity. But did you at least enjoy yourself?” she examines Nana’s face carefully.

Nana laughs shyly.

“I admit that just like you it was a bit of a shock, but once we began, I really enjoyed the whole experience,” Nana laughs at the end of her confession.

“Nana, I am assigned to Bob’s house at least twice a week, how long I stay is up to him. And from my conversation with Tom, you are scheduled to go to his place twice too,” she takes a deep breath then continues.

“Can we exchange clients? You can cover for me here and I will cover for you with Tom,” Katrina asks and waits anxiously for an answer.

“I don’t know if that would work.” she answers apprehensively.

“I have no problem having you here Nana, as a matter of fact, I will call the agency, cancel with the other caregiver they had assigned to me and request to have you as my caregiver at least twice a week, I’ll just say that Tom recommended you,” Bob interjects.

‘So instead of going to Tom’s place I will be here twice a week,” Nana says thinking about it.

“You make it sound like that’s a bad thing Nana,” Bob probes cautiously.

“No it’s not, I am relieved, I really hope this does not get Katrina and I in trouble though,” she finishes, still apprehensive.

“It will not and you are only relieved?” Bob asks hoping to get a more favourable answer.

Nana laughs then exhales, “Excited.”

“You will need to prove that,” he says with a wink as he returns to his cooking.

Nana blushes then turns her attention to Katrina.

“But, how will you cover for me? Our job descriptions are not close,” Nana asks.

“Oh, what kind of stuff do you do for the clients?” Katrina quizzes.

“I shop, pay bills, basically do any jobs that the clients need done outside the house. Oh, and light cleaning around the house,” Nana recounts her duties as per her training manual.

“From my conversation with Tom, he does a lot of those things over the net. Even his groceries; he hired the agency because he gets lonely and needs company.”

“It is the same here with Bob, he does everything for himself,”

“Are you sure we will not get into trouble with our agencies?” Nana asks again apprehensively.

“Most agencies need to know that their clients are taken care of professionally – how that is done is up to the person assigned,”

“And Nana, since we would be working so close to each other we can tag team,” Katrina winks. “Whenever either one of us gets a little overwhelmed, we can help each other out,” she whispers to Nana slyly.

“Whatever you are planning, keep in mind that I am not sharing Nana with Tom,” Bob declares possessively.

Nana blushes even deeper now.

“You will need to give me a report at least once a week so I can file it at the office,” she instructs Katrina in a serious tone.

“I can do that, verbally. I hate writing reports.”

“That’s OK, I will write it. Thank you Katrina,”

“Do you have to write a report to your agency? Nana asks helpfully.

“No, if a client likes me, all he has to do is call the agency and request to have me exclusively,” Katrina answers.

“You know, our jobs are not so different, we both have to work to satisfy our clients,” she says with a wink. “Katrina thank you for doing this for me.”

“No, Nana, thank you, and on top of that, you are delicious and beautiful. We should plan a private session soon.” Katrina quips naughtily.

“Only if I get to shoot it – and participate,” Bob, who was eavesdropping on the conversation, says quickly.

“How can it be a private session if you are there?” Nana protests.

“You will not even know that I am there, and I will not participate, unless, of course you girls need a man’s input,” he says emphasising the “input”.

Both women shake their heads and giggle.

“If you behave yourself you might just get a part in our session,” Katrina teases Bob.

“Anything that you need, I’m your man,” Bob says in a serious tone and salutes.

“Bob, you need to watch your pot or you will burn whatever you are cooking,” Nana cautions as she gets up and turns towards the stairs.

“I could use a bath, and maybe something to wear. Oh, my clothes -” she remembers.

“I’ve already put your clothes in the wash, and I ran a bath for you; I figured you might need one,” Katrina adds.

“Thank you Katrina, I will take a nice long soak,”

“Use whatever you need: towel, toothbrush, and pick anything to wear from my wardrobe, then come down for dinner,” Bob says to her.

“Thank you Bob,” she says gratefully.

“Katrina will I find you here?” Nana asks hopefully before she goes up the stairs.

“No, darling I already told Tom that I would join him for dinner, and I am dessert so I will have to be there soon,” she blushes as she says this.

Katrina walks up to Nana and she hugs her then lowers her lips to Nana’s. They kiss deeply and hold the kiss, enjoying each other’s tongues. Bob is beside them rubbing both women’s breasts as they kiss.

They break the kiss almost simultaneously, they are both laughing too hard to keep kissing.

“What? I am a guy, I see two beautiful women kissing I want to join in,” Bob defends his actions.

“Shit, my sauce is burning, see what you girls keep doing to me,” he protests as he points to his tented apron.

He switches off the stove and decides he will order in some fish and chips instead.

“I can sort that out for you, as Nana takes her bath,” Katrina offers. “That’s if she doesn’t mind?” She turns to Nana.

Nana swings her ass as she starts to ascend the stairs.

“It’s an all you can eat bar remember. I don’t mind, I will have him for the rest of the evening anyway and I need that bath badly.” she runs her hands over her breasts.

“Only for the evening,” Bob calls out to her disappointedly.

“Ahh, well it depends on how long you need me here for Bob.” Nana calls back.

“Tonight, and tomorrow night too, and the weekend?” he asks hopefully..

“Can I leave in the morning, sort some stuff out at my house and come back for the evening,” she requests.

“Early afternoon, around 4:00,” Bob counters.

“5:00?” Nana haggles.

“4:30, final offer, and I will have a proper English high tea waiting for you, complete with scones,” Bob adds with finality.

“I love scones, OK, you’ve won me over, 4:30pm. And by the way, whatever you are cooking smells great, I’m famished,” she says as she starts to go up the stairs again.

Katrina’s phone rings, she answers it and speaks reassuringly to the person on the other end.

“Sorry to disappoint you, Bob, Tom says he cannot wait any longer,” she apologises as she picks up her bag. She pecks Bob on the cheek, sends a flying kiss to Nana at the top of the stairs, and runs out.

Bob sulks.

“Hey, Bob would you like to come up and ‘wash my back?” Nana asks sweetly.

Nana puts out her hands to him and he walks up the stairs to her, following her into the bathroom.

Bob is not really sad, after all he has Nana there, but he just wants to extend his current good fortune as long as he can.

Nana takes his apron with the silly motto and throws it in the laundry basket. She walks him to the shower.

“Change of plan, my mom used to do this for my dad, especially when he came back home exhausted,” she says as she opens the tap checks and adjust it until the water is nice and warm.

She guides Bob to stand under the showerhead and sits him on the bath stool inside, then stands behind him, takes the shampoo and starts to soap his hair. She massages and rubs bursa eskort his scalp as she washes. Bob closes his eyes as she moves from his scalp to the nape of his neck, with small firm circular motions, using the suds to move smoothly over his head. She massages every inch of his head, then using her fingertips she finishes with his temples. Bob has almost gone limp from the relaxing massage. She gently rinses his head.

She takes a washcloth, and soaping it up, she starts on his shoulders now using her small but surprisingly strong fingers to get into the muscles as she goes from one shoulder to the other rubbing and kneading deeply and firmly. In one continuous motion she reaches over his shoulders to his chest. With the flat of her hands she makes big circles on his pecs, rubbing firmly and deeply again. She pinches his nipples and Bob jumps giving a deep throaty laugh.

Nana smiles naughtily, running her hands to his stomach and down to his navel, she sees his dick which is still half hard; she will be back for him. Her brown breasts are pressed into his back giving him a soft, sensual back massage. She moves her hands to his back and again she kneads, rubs and massages until he relaxes even further. Bob has never experienced anything so sensual, so beautiful, yet so therapeutic.

Nana continues rubbing and kneading Bob’s body. She moves to stand in front of him and asks him to stand up, he is much taller than her but his midsection is at a good height for access. Using the slippery soap suds she washes his dick, he is rock hard and pulsing by the time she finishes. She takes his balls, gently using her fingers to massage his cum filled balls. She has always kept her nails trimmed very low so this massage is pleasant for both of them.

“Lift your leg,” she commands with authority.

Bob raises his eyebrows to ask – then changes his mind, and decides whatever she wants to do to him he will allow; ok, almost anything she wants to do.

He rests his foot on the bath stool.

Nana slides her hands to the back of his balls to find that hidden sweet spot. Using her fingertips she locates it and presses up on it gently, running her fingers along the band of muscle that ends at his anus. Bob, who was not expecting anything like that, feels his balls stir and get ready to blow. Nana continues to push firmly and circle with her fingers.

Bob starts to breathe rapidly; he is going to lose it if she keeps going.

“Woooooohh, woman! Where did you learn that?” he whistles between calming breaths with his hands pressed hard on the two walls of the shower cubicle.

“Oh, do you like that,” Nana purrs seductively, “long story.”

The motion is making Bob even harder and he tries to turn his attention to something else. He knows he will have to wait a bit longer to have her.

Nana’s hands go a little further in and Bob jumps and looks at her with an inquisitive look, she laughs naughtily again as her fingers continue on to his bud, rubbing lightly, putting pressure on it then circling it again. Bob moans, bites his lower lip, shaking his head several times like he is trying to shake something off. When he laughs, his whole body vibrates deeply.

“You are driving me crazy Nana – naughty, naughty Nana,” he breathes lustfully.

She smiles cheekily, then makes her way to the back of his thighs, down his calves and to the soles of his feet.

She goes down on her knees, taps his left foot and asks him to lift it. He obediently does and she washes it, carefully going in between the toes and tickling him as she cleans. She finishes with his right foot then rises up his body, her hard nipples brushing his sensitive skin.

Bob takes the washcloth and turns her around, he wants to mimic the treatment she has just given him. He starts with her shoulders and using his strong long fingers, massages them deeply; he takes her breasts in his hands and one at a time washes them, lifting and using the soap suds to massage them firmly until Nana moans. Her nipples come in for extra attention as he pinches them firmly. He rubs her belly sensually, taking his time on her hips, running his hands up and down her shape like he is shaping a piece of clay. He puts his hands on her round brown ass and massages as he soaps it. He slides his finger into the crack rubbing up and down, then using his long finger he finds and massages her tight bud just as she had done to him.

Nana reaches out behind her and holds Bob’s hips, using them as support; she rubs her ass on Bob’s thighs, the soap providing slickness so his dick runs along her spine as she raises and lowers herself. Bob lets the sensual ministrations go on for a while, then he continues his journey down, and reaching around for her pussy, he soaps her mound then he starts to move to open the lips and reach the clit, but Nana stops his soapy fingers:

“No soap in there,” she says stopping his fingers’ downward journey.

“Oh – oh I remember, it has been a long time since I had a shower with a woman.”

“I orhangazi escort will be back for you,” he promises her pussy.

He turns her, lowers his head and captures her lips, kissing her deeply, forcing his tongue into her mouth. Nana sucks on the delicious invader, their tongues tangle and slide over each other tasting and thrusting. As he does this he lifts Nana astride his hips. They are both slippery from the soap and Nana is struggling to stay on him. He presses her against the shower cubicle wall to stop her sliding off too quickly. She hooks her feet together and uses her thighs muscles to hold on.

He puts his hands under her ass and holds her up, this also causes her cheeks to spread even further. He puts his finger onto the bud, and continues his earlier massage, drawing tiny circles around it even as he draws circles with his tongue in Nana’s mouth. She has her arms tightly around his neck, moaning into his mouth, the anal and tongue massage adding to their arousal. Bob pushes on the bud, then alternates with massages; up her crack and back to that bud. Nana breaks the kiss and tilts her head back. Her moaning and groaning has become a continuous wild throaty chorus.

Bob lowers her and turns the tap, the warm water rinses off the suds and cools their heated bodies a little. Bob doesn’t forget the unsoaped pussy he had to neglect previously. He uses the small shower attachment to spray the warm water over her brown pussy, rinsing her trimmed mound. Using his fingers he spreads her pussy lips and directs the pulsing jets of water against it, right over her clit. Nana lifts her leg to his shoulder, leaning on the wall in a full split so he can get the warm water on to her burning pussy.

Bob almost loses it when his hands touch her fully exposed pussy. He is massaging, tugging at the lips, circling the velvet entrance, adding to the fire he was supposed to put out. Nana can feel her juices flowing out of her hot slit in response. Bob finger fucks the sweet pussy, and plays with her clit.

Before she loses her head completely she lowers her leg. With Bob still holding the attachment, she turns it on him. She uses both her hands on his pubic bone, with her thumbs she makes firm circular motions washing off the soap on his pubic hair. She lowers her fingers, and takes each of his balls in a hand, rinsing, then behind his balls to that sweet spot. She turns him around and orders him to put his hands on the wall, she rinses his crack and teases his anus again, smiling naughtily behind his back.

When he is done Bob steps out of the shower, checks the temperature of the water in the large claw foot bathtub, and picks up the Epsom salts.

Then, quickly, Bob changes his mind; that soak will have to wait until later. He grabs a towel and dries her quickly, before doing the same for himself. He walks her into the room and lays her on the bed. He goes to his wardrobe, finds a small dildo and a bottle of lube, and then joins her, spooning her from behind.

He promised himself that he would take his time taking her anal virginity. He starts by kissing her neck while squeezing her breasts using his large hands to pull and roll them around; he gently rubs the nipples between his fingers to get them harder.

He lowers his hands, kneading and rubbing her belly, then her hips, making love to her body with his hands. Nana pushes back against his body. Bob lifts her leg and drapes its over his. Putting a large dollop of lube on his finger, he runs it down her ass crack to the bud; he continues to tease Nana by running his fingers up and down, lightly pressing her aching anus.

“Aahhhggg, Bob please, please,” Nana cries desperately.

“Please, what Nana?” he whispers teasingly into her ear, heightening the desire in her. She grabs his hips again and tries to force his dick into her aching body, pussy or anus, she doesn’t care.

“Patience, you will have it all soon,” Bob reassures her.

Sensually he draws narrowing small circles around the little hole, pushing his well lubricated finger slowly inside the entrance. He continues this gentle probing until his fingertip is completely inside the muscular ring. Nana pushes back, trying to get his whole finger in her, but he pulls away so he can caress the opening some more. Nana shakes with anticipation.

Nana’s bud opens again, drawing the tip back in. Bob continues to massage the tight entrance, dipping his finger deeper, then twisting it so he can massage her inner anal walls. The lube makes his finger fuck feel so good and Nana moans his name, begging him to keep going further inside her desperate anus. Bob wants this to be perfect, he adds a second long finger into her anus, curling them inside so they are now spreading her entrance, relaxing the muscles even more. He finger fucks deeper, enjoying the sound that the lube and his long fingers make as they enter and exit.

The anal muscles quiver and relax even as he adds a third finger, the feeling in her anus is overwhelming and Nana moans, pushing back harder. Bob is groaning too as he fingers the opening and the muscles inside. With his fingers still deep in her, he slides his dick along his fingers, opening the tight anus even more. The sensation of the double penetration with Bob’s long fingers and dick has her whole body quivering in excitement.

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