The Church Committee Pays the Staff Pt. 03

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(You wanna know what’s happening? Really? I’m flattered. Go read the last two chapters. Oh, you don’t care and are just looking for Granny porn? Well, dig in brother, you’ve hit paydirt! )

First, Bernice had to find out who was available.

It had already been a long night, and most of the Supplements had been distributed, in other words a bunch of horny old church ladies had just fucked a bunch of very content church staff. But Katy Sandusky, a curvy 60 year old look alike for Peg Bundy from ‘Married with Children’, had broken the protocol of Salary night, and so a forfeit had to be paid. There actually was precedent, recorded in the Secret Manual of The Supplemental that was handed over to Bernice two years ago by the outgoing Committee Chairwoman, who are always mandatorily retired after five years. To put it succinctly, Mrs. Sandusky was going to get the shit fucked out of her. And first..

“First I need you to hand me that strap on dildo.” Bernice held out her hand to the thickly made-up Mom. Bernice was still in her red stockings and garter with a matching bra, red being the only color worn by the committee on payday. Her figure drooped a bit here and there, but her ass was still amazing!

Mrs Sandusky limply unbuckled the red colored vinyl dick and harness and handed it over. She was still in a red see-through body suit, though it was opened at her chest and pussy, which was still moist from the fucking she just got from the handyman. As Bernice put the dildo around herself, Gilda Johanssen popped her head in the door.

“Hey there Bernice, we are just about all done, how are you doing?” she asked in a natural perky voice, seemingly oblivious to the two naked women and the dildo between them.

“Actually No, Mrs. Sandusky needs to pay a forfeit. Will you see how many folks are available and send them in? Thanks, Hon.”

“You betcha!” She disappeared behind the door, and Bernice turned her gaze on Mrs. Sandusky, who all of a sudden looked a little scared. “Ah, say there Bernice, um, you don’t mean to have…well, everyone.. um…”

“Oh, let’s not fuck our chickens until they hatch. We have plenty to begin with right here. Get on your hands and knees, with your face on the couch please.” When Mrs. Sandusky had done so, Bernice positioned her red gartered ass behind her and placed the red dildo at the entrance of her pussy.

“Let’s find out what kind of fuck you are.” Bernice growled as she shoved the dildo into the chubby woman’s pussy.

“Ohhhshitshitshit Bernice! You’re fucking me, ohmigod! Your’re fucking me.” Mrs. Sandusky was writhing on Bernice’s dildo as it stayed buried in her, right down to the fake red balls. Bernice took a firm hold of Mrs. Sandusky’s ass and started to pull the dildo in and out, fucking her gently, which made Mrs. Sandusky start to moan continuously. Bernice was trying to enjoy it, and her clit was close to the base of the dildo, but not really close enough to make her cum. She started to slowly pull the dildo out, and then slam it back in quickly, taking out her frustration on the moaning and writhing red-head. Bernice then heard the door open, and turned to see Victorio and Esmerelda standing at the door.

“That is the nastiest thing I have ever seen, and I’ve been to Tijuana.”, breathed out Victorio, his voice heavy with respect.

“God damn, Bernice, your ass is nicer than mine! What the fuck, old lady?” Esmerelda bonus veren siteler playfully cajoled.

“It is.”, said Victorio deadpan.

“Victorio, can you take over for me here?”, Bernice asked over her shoulder.

“Oh hell yes. I took that pill like you gave me.”

“Oh, good. Phew. This fucking is not good for my back, get down here, please.”

Victorio grinned as he helped Bernice up and assisted her to the couch as that she was right next to Mrs. Sandusky’s face.

“Oh fuck me, Vic, fuck me, fuck…Ungh. Ooooooh YES!” Victorio wasted no time, and started rabbit fucking her without even putting his hands on her ass.

“Oh, shit, this, pussy, is, so, fucking, good..” Victorio commented between and during his strokes.

“I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum..I’m gonna cum….Shhhhhiiit!” As she screamed out, Victorio reached down and held her firmly to him, and continued to rabbit fuck her as she came, which seemed to turn the orgasm into a mega orgasm. Mrs. Sandusky thrashed and shook as Victorio ceaselessly fucked her. On the sidelines, Esmerelda and Bernice watched in awe of the man’s energy. Victorio then hunched over to grab Mrs. Sandusky’s pendulous tits, and pressed them tight to her body, and then pressed his entire body close to hers, and gave her one, two, three, four, long deep strokes and then shuddered deeply as he came inside the 60 year old woman.

Victorio picked himself up and found a chair to collapse in as Esmerelda stepped in to take his place. She had put on the strap-on dildo as Victorio was fucking, and was raring to go! She had been a swimsuit model back in her native Guatemala, and at 32 had kept most of her figure. She was currently in a pair of black panties and bra, and of course, a big red dildo that she actually had been fucked with about an hour ago. Her face was lit up with excitement and curiosity as she positioned herself to fuck a woman doggy style for the first time.

“Okay, I hope I get this right.” She wiggled her hips, trying to move the head of the glistening red cock into Mrs. Sandusky.

“Spank her ass.” Bernice siad.

Esmerelda blinked twice and then with an open hand spanked the slightly flabby ass cheek of the mother of three with a resounding Slap! sound, leaving her hand on the cheek.

Mrs. Sandusky sounded annoyed. “uuuuungh. oh shit, Ezzi, that stung.”

“Don’t call me Ezzi.”, said Esmerelda as she brought her hand down just as hard on the other cheek, with and even louder Slap!

“Ok! Ok! Esmerelda, Esmerelda!”

A slightly evil glint sparked in the luscious Latina’s eye. “That’s right, Esmerelda.” Then she picked up Mrs. Sandusky’s ass and brought her pussy to the cock, and slid it half way in. She then gave each cheek another spank, which yielded a Slap! and a Yelp! each time that was delicious to hear and see. Bernice couldn’t stand it anymore and she slid over to put her pussy right under Mrs. Sandusky’s face. She then grabbed her head, being careful not to damage the huge red hairdo that made Katy Sandusky such a retro hottie, and forced her to tongue her clit. Mrs. Sandusky tore into Bernice’s pussy with a vengeance, delighted to have an outlet for the lust that was being generated in her by the slow strap-on fucking she was getting from Esmerelda.

“Fuck her harder, Esmerelda!” Bernice encouraged. “Make her titties shake.”

Esmerelda laughed and bedava bahis picked up the pace as Mrs. Sandusky moaned into Bernice’s pussy. Every push of the strap-on cock forced those red lips and blue eye shadowed face to push hard into Bernice’s groin, so it felt like she was getting the same fucking. She reached down and got a hold of Mrs Sandusky’s tits and began to pinch and pull at the nipples, making her moan even louder into Bernice’s pussy.

“Oh my! I love cumming in the face of a screaming little slut!”, Bernice said as she came hard in Mrs. Sandusky’s face, which sent the red-headed harpy into a convulsive orgasm so aggressive it knocked Esmerelda off balance, out of Mrs. Sandusky’s pussy and onto her backside. Victorio helped Esmerelda off the floor, and gave her his seat. Bernice fluttered open her eyes to see 6’2 Brian Jackson standing in the doorway with little Sonya Baker, the 55 year old yoga instructor hugging him tightly. They both were smiling. Bernice smiled back.

“Mrs. Sandusky, roll over and get on the couch.” She did so, crawling up from the floor haltingly, like she was drunk. And she was, Bernice noted in her head. ‘Penis Inebriation’ was the term she read about in the Manual. As Mrs. Sandusky saw Brian Jackson and his 11′ dick being stroked to life by the pixie haired grandma at his side, her eyes got real wide.

“Oh my goodness, I’m not sure if I can handle all of that.”

“You made a deal, Katy. What kind of Committee person are you, anyway?” Bernice asked her accusingly. Mrs. Sandusky’s cheeks flushed and she shifted her hips on the couch. “I’ll show you what kind of committee member I am, bring me that cock!” Bernice looked over at Brian Jackson. “Mr. Jackson, Ms. Baker, would you be so kind as to fornicate Mrs. Sandusky thoroughly.”

“What? Both, oh…um.” Her words were cut off by Brian’s shadow looming over her. Her took her thighs in his hands and pushed the head of his cock into the sopping wet pussy of the curvy woman. “Oh…oh my, that’s not so bad. Ok, lets’….ooooooGAWD!” She screamed as Brain put the other ten inches into her and then kept it all in there, pulsing slowly, like a heartbeat. Mrs Sandusky was speechless, moanless, screamless, her head lolling back and forth, her eyes screwed shut. Sonya Baker couldn’t resist and she put on the strap on that Esmerelda had removed. She stroked it as she watched Brian Jackson began to fuck Mrs. Sandusky for real, pulling and pushing his cock in and out as all in the room watched.

“Switch.”, said Bernice. And Brian pulled out, and let Sonya get in. Her slim figure seemed to suit the red cock jutting out from her tanned waist, and as she started to fuck Mrs. Sandusky, any idea that Sonya would be an easier fuck evaporated. Sonya started sliding the dildo up and down Mrs. Sandusky’s clit, showing an experienced hand with the dildo. Just before she slid it into her, she picked up Mrs. Sandusky’s ankles and began to slam her like a porn star.

“Oh hell yes, you sweet thing! I’ve been wanting to fuck you so fucking bad!” Sony growled.

“Sonya, let’s not get too personal. This is business.” Bernice sweetly chastised as she held Esmerelda in her arms on the couch, watching the fuck train on Mrs. Sandusky.

Sonya smiled. “Oops. Sorry. You’re absolutely right.” Sonya started an even more effective fucking, her lithe form straining every muscle as she shoved her strap-on deneme bonus again and again in the moaning woman.

“Switch.” said Bernice.

“No! No! I surrender, Bernice! No, please!”

“Allright then, no more interrupting of our supplements?”

“No, no no! I promise!”

“And, you will attend your needs an your own time?”

“Yes, Yes! Yes! I promise”

“Then you can be finished for the night.”

Mrs. Sandusky breathed a sigh of relief. While Brian Jackson uttered an, “Tsk. Aww damn.” Bernice smiled wide, slid to the floor, rolled over and offered her ass up to the sky. Her perfectly round ass was a geographical marvel, perfectly curved even at her age, rounded blissfully at every angle you looked at it.

“I never get enough of that ass.”, said Esmerelda as she copied Bernice by sliding her pussy under the grey-haired ass-Queen’s lips, which began to kiss and nuzzle appropriately. Brain thumped down to his knees, his eyes fixed on the best ass he had ever seen. As he lubed up his cock, Bernice picked her wrinkled face out of Esmerelda’s wet pussy to look over her shoulder and say, “Fuck me in my ass, Mr. Jackson.”

“No way.” said Mrs. Sandusky, recovering in the corner.

Bernice smiled and lowered her face back in the Latina’s thick bush, flicking her tongue all over the younger woman’s vagina and clit. Behind her, Brian Jackson was preparing himself for, at least, the second best fuck in his life. The first time was the the last time he fucked Bernice Carrollton in the ass.

“You ready baby?” He softly asked. Bernice nodded without lifting her head. Brian placed the head of his cock at Bernice’s waiting asshole and pressed lightly, then Bernice herself pushed back, forcing the head of his cock into her sphincter. And then another inch. Bernice moaned deeply. “Oh, fuck her, fuck her Brian. Make her suck my pussy harder.” Whimpered the wigging Esmerelda.

“Goddam…Goddam… that’s so damn good…so.. damn….good…” He pushed another inch and two more. Finally with a huge cry he buried it in her ass, bringing Bernice up on her hands to cry out.

“Oooooh. God! Yes! Yes! Fuck me. Cum in my ass!”

Brian started to pump his cock in and out of Bernice, his hands softly caressing the sweet white ass cheeks which he never took his eyes off of.

“I can’t believe she’s taking that whole thing.” Katy Sandusky said from the corner, her eyes wide in astonishment. Brian ignored the comment and kept fucking the Head of the Committee’s perfect ass.

“Come here Mrs. Baker… and pinch my nipples, I don’t want to cum yet….”, gasped out Brian. Sonya Baker skipped over to stand behind Brian and then she reached around to pinch his nipples. Her tiny fingers turning white with the effort, while the entire time he kept sliding his huge cock in out out of that 63 year old asshole. His dark cock disappearing between the milky white globes over and over as this nasty granny she buried her face in the crotch of a squealing hottie.

“Your ass feels so good…oh shit….I can’t hold back…I can’t hold back” With a deep grunt he arched his back and buried his dick into the old lady, who screamed with a body-convulsing orgasm. They all then collapsed on the floor, breathing hard from pleasure and wonderment at other people’s pleasures.

As Bernice cleaned up, she hoped Katy Sandusky learned her lesson. Payday was an important part of Church life, and it needed to be taken seriously.

“Hey, where should we put the red strap-on dildo?” Someone asked.

“In the vestry, dear.” Bernice answered while fixing her red stockings and garters. What would they ever do without me, she thought with a sigh

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