The Coldest Night of the Year Ch. 02

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The Coldest Night of the Year Ch. 02It opens where Chapter 1 ended, with Richard begging Clara to fuck her co-worker Jay.*****Clara held my face in her hands. “Are you sure about this, Richard? You want me to fuck Jay?”I nodded. Tears were streaming down my face. My nose was running. I could taste the salty snot when I licked my lips. I was miserable, and yet I felt so light-headed and high that I was afraid I’d float away. Clara took a couple of tissues and wiped my face. She kissed me on the lips.Reaching down, she took my wrist, stood up, and brought me to my feet. “I love you!” she said. Holding my wrist tightly in her hand, she led me to the bedroom. I stood there, ashamed and sobbing uncontrollably.Clara unbuttoned my shirt and removed it, unbuckled my belt, and pulled down my pants. Then, she kneeled in front of me, unlaced and removed my shoes, and slipped my pants off each leg while I stood there sniffling. She stood up.”You’ve made me so happy, darling,” she said as I stood there before her naked with my cock hard.”I want to put your cock in me. But you must promise me that you won’t come without permission.””I promise.”She pushed me down on the bed, removed her panties, and lowered herself onto my cock, fully clothed. She was soaking wet. It had been so long since I’d felt her cunt on me that I almost came instantly. Clara anticipated this. She grabbed my face and dug her nails deep into my skin. The pain was exquisite. There would be marks on my face tomorrow. It drew my focus away from my cock long enough for me to regain my self-control.”Good boy. I want your cock, but you know the rules. I don’t want to have to climb off you and send you away.” I nodded. At that moment, I could feel her cunt tighten as she began to slide up and down on me. She started to moan. I could never tell how much she got off on the penetration and how much from controlling me. She came hard and loud. Her fingers tightened over my mouth.She took her hand off my face so I could breathe and speak. “Ask me,” she said.”Please, Clara, may I come?””Yes, you may.””Thank you…thank you…thank you,” I gasped as I came hard inside her for the first time in weeks. And harder than perhaps in years. She put her hand back over my face to muffle my screams.Clara rose slightly, leaned to one side and dropped back on the bed beside me.She put her mouth against my ear. “Clean me up,” she whispered. Trembling, I rolled over and slid down her body until my mouth was in her cunt. I shoved my face into her sopping wet hole and sucked my cum out of her. As I did so, I realized that I was fantasizing about eating Jay’s cum out of her cunt. I shoved my face in deeper until I could no longer breathe.Clara lifted her hips and bucked against my tongue. She came hard in my face. Two times. Three. I lost count as the orgasms contorted her body and she screamed for me to shove my face deeper into her.Later, I’m not sure how long it was, I lay naked next to Clara as she slept. She was still wearing her tight skirt and cashmere sweater, which was now soaked with sweat.I kissed her on the cheek. As I lay there with her, two days before Christmas, I realized that Clara had been preparing me for this moment since last summer, even though she didn’t know how it would turn out, or that Jay would enter our lives.JULY: CLARA AND RICHARDI thought back to that night in July. I was on top of Clara, and my cock was nestled tight inside her. She had been dominating me that evening, as she had been for weeks, and was highly aroused. As usual, I had promised her that I would not come without her permission. She had come four or five times. I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer.”May I please come, Clara?”She paused as if she were thinking it over. This was always part of the game. I held on tight, waiting for her to give me permission to release. This was always the hardest part.”No.””Please?” I pleaded, playing along.”No,” she said emphatically. “Get your cock out of me. I’m done with it.”I hesitated, uncomprehending.”Get your fucking cock out of me right now, and do not come. Do you understand?”I groaned and slowly slid my throbbing cock from inside her. It was agony. I was so close that I had no idea how I avoided coming inside her.”What is it?” I asked, still trying to understand what had just happened.”We’ve been playing this stupid game for months. Have I ever forbidden you to come?””No.””Well, tonight I am.””Why?””What’s the point of asking me if you can come, if I always give you my permission?”What was she looking for? “May I masturbate for you?””God no. I want you to go to sleep with a hard cock. And I want you to be grateful the next time I let you come inside me. If there is a next time.”I bit my lip. Was she serious? She didn’t seem be joking. I leaned over to kiss her, but she turned her face away from mine.”No kisses. I want you to go down on me. Turning you down is getting me very hot and I want to fuck your face.”I put my face between her legs and slowly licked the soft, slippery skin on the inside of her thighs, sliding my mouth closer to her engorged cunt. Then I felt her hand on the back of my head and she shoved my face deeper inside her. I was excited, but I could tell she was not thinking of me at all. She was using me to fuck herself and she was driving herself crazy.I gasped when I was finally able to come up for air. Clara chuckled, put her hand on my forehead, and pushed my face away from her.”Go to sleep,” she said. Then, she rolled over.I lay there, holding my cock. I didn’t sleep well at all.When I woke up, it was early. I could see the morning light on the curtains and hear the birds.I was still hard. Clara had left me unbearably horny. I licked my hand until it was slick with spit. I reached down and began to stroke myself.My pace quickened and I was close to coming, when I heard Clara move. I paused and listened to her breathing deeply. Was she still asleep? I was turned on by her dominance, by her control of my cock last night, and now by stroking myself secretly with her in the room.I loosened my grip and lightly stroked the tip of my cock. I could feel the dampness of precum on my fingers as it made my strokes softer and wetter.”What are you doing?” It was was Clara, and she sounded pissed. I took my hand off my cock immediately. “Are you jerking off?””Uh, yes.””Put your hands where I can see them.” I complied. Under the sheets, my erection was throbbing and more sensitive than I could remember.”This has to stop. Your cock belongs to me, and I expect you to be horny and ready to service me. You may not come without my permission. Do you understand?””Yes, Clara. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize.””Do you think you can control yourself?””Yes.””You’re lying,” she said. I could feel myself blushing. She reached under the sheets and gently stroked me. I moaned. “If I play with your cock now, do you think you can control yourself?””I’m too close,” I whispered.”Then ask me to stop,” she teased.I gripped the sheets tightly. God, I wanted to come in her hand.”Please stop,” I begged.”Are you sure?” She stroked me a couple more times lightly. Her hand felt a little damp now.”Yes. For god’s sake, please stop.””Good boy.” She put her hand over my mouth and I kissed her palm. I licked the precum from her fingers. My whole body felt electric.”Lately, I’ve been very unhappy with you in bed. And I think part of the problem is that you’re jerking off. I mean, you don’t have any problem getting hard. But I’ve noticed a distinct lack of … desperation … in your lovemaking.” I was floating outside my body as she spoke, watching the scene from the other side of the room.”I love you. But you no longer fuck me like you can’t live without my pussy.””I’m sorry.””You don’t have to apologize, but you do have to change. I have some ideas that I hope will make you appreciate me again,” she said. “You may masturbate, but you may not come without my permission. I want you learn how to get yourself to the edge and pull back. I want you to come to me desperate for an orgasm that I may not be willing to give you,” she said. “How are you feeling?””I’m really excited. My heart is pounding. I’m having trouble thinking.””Mmm. I want you in that state. I want you to think about how you feel now, compared to how you feel after you come: drained, used up, empty.” She paused. “I want you to live in this state. I want you hungry.”I nodded. What she was saying made sense, but I also knew that it would be nearly impossible for me to comply. But, what the hell? I’d be able to stop this game at any time, right?”Finally, we need to find you a job. Every since your landscaping business went under, you’ve been moping around the house. There’s too much opportunity and temptation for you to jerk off. Until you can find something more meaningful to do, I want you to drive an Uber. We don’t need the money. I make enough for both of us. But it’ll get you out of the house and keep your mind and your hands busy.””OK,” I said unenthusiastically. I didn’t appreciate the remark about her making enough money for both of us, while telling me to get a minimum wage job. But I said nothing.I went to the bathroom. As I soaped up my body, it took every ounce of my willpower not to jerk off.***I was surprised by how well my first week went.Driving suited me. I liked being outdoors and enjoyed talking to passengers. In no time, I was swinging great tips as well. I hated to admit it to her, but Clara was right about everything. I was happy to be out of the house. I was still obsessed with the idea of jerking off, but I was also enjoying the buzzy energy of always thinking about Clara.Clara was always present in my mind. Now, I was only able to think about how much I wanted her. All those other fantasies that had fueled my masturbation had been push aside.”You’ve done well,” she told me after a week. We were sitting on the living room sofa. “I hope you miss my pussy as much as I miss your cock.””More, I think.””Probably. You know I’ve been masturbating,” she said. She slid her hand up her thigh, pushing aside her skirt, and rubbing her fingers on her panties.”I know. Sometimes I can smell it on you fingers.””Yeah. I make a point of touching your face after I’ve had my hand in my cunt.” She slid her fingers into her panties. “I want you to smell it on me.”I leaned over to kiss her. She shook her head.”Watch me.” She put her fingers back into her panties and moaned. She moved them faster and faster, playing with her tits with her other hand. She pinched her nipples under her dress. She thrashed there on the sofa and finally came with a scream as I watched.”Have you been good today, Richard?””Yes, Clara.””Here’s a treat.” She pulled her fingers out of her cunt and put two of them in my mouth.”Suck on these,” she said. I sucked on her fingers. I nearly gagged as she shoved them down my throat. “You have no idea how hard I’ve come this week,” she said. “I’m horny and keyed up all the time. I’ve come harder just playing with myself just now with you watching than I ever did when you were fucking me.”With her fingers deep in my throat, all I could do was moan.It went on like that for a week. Clara would decide when she was going to masturbate and she’d let me watch as a reward for having kept myself “pure”.I was enjoying pleasing Clara, who seemed more satisfied than I’d ever seen her. At least for those first weeks. She never let me come, but I was able to convince myself I was living as some sort of zen sex monk.I wasn’t sure how much longer that illusion was going to work for me.AUGUST: CLARA AND HELENOne hot August afternoon, Clara came home seething.”That fucking bitch Helen,” she started. “Everything’s a fucking drama with her.””I thought you loved your boss. ‘The best mentor I’ve ever had.’ ‘My role model.'”Clara had been working crazy hours since her promotion. She had always been a hard worker, but Helen was driving her to work harder than canlı bahis I’d ever seen her work before.”I want to tell her to shove this vice presidency up her ass,” she screamed. Clara threw her purse across the room. I could see that she was on the edge of tears. I came to her and wrapped my arms around her. It felt so good to comfort her.She raised her teary face to me.”Kiss me,” she said. I kissed her harder than I ever had. Her hand went immediately to my cock. Before I knew what was happening, she had unzipped me and pulled my erection out of my pants. After two weeks of denial, it was hard and ready.”Fuck me. Now,” she commanded. I didn’t need any encouragement. I pushed her onto the sofa, pulled down her panties, and shoved my cock inside her.”Jesus, Clara, I’ve missed you.” I looked deep into her eyes as I thrust myself into her.Just then, Clara’s phone started ringing.”Oh, shit. It’s Helen. Pick it up.”Reluctantly, I picked up Clara’s phone.”Hello?””Hello,” said a woman on the other end. I could hear a party in the background. “I need to speak to Clara. Now.””Let me see if she’s here.””We both know she’s there, so don’t bullshit me about checking for her. Hand her the phone.”I handed the phone over to Clara, mouthing the word “sorry” as I did so. Clara barely said a word, listening intently to what Helen was saying. She was shouting to be heard over the noise of the party.”Yes, I understand, Helen. Right away.” Clara hung up. “I have to go. There’s a major client at that party and Helen’s pissed that I’m not there.”I leaned forward to kiss her, but she pulled back.”I’m not in the mood any more,” she said. I groaned. “I understand you’re frustrated. Listen, can I give you a handjob?”I hesitated.”Fine,” she said. “Be a bitch about it.” She grabbed her bag and walked out the door. “Don’t wait up.”It was a long night, but I managed to stay pure that night, waiting for Clara.She came home after I fell asleep. I woke up next to her late the next morning. Clara was fast asleep and showed no signs of waking up.I couldn’t stand it any longer. I sneaked into the bathroom to relieve the pressure.I hadn’t been in there more than a couple of minutes when I heard Clara rattling the doorknob.”Just a minute.””Fuck you, Richard. I want you out here now.” Shit. How did she know?I pulled on a robe to cover my erection and opened the door.”What were you doing in there?””Nothing yet,” I said.”You can spend the next week in the guest room, thinking about how much you miss sucking my fingers.”I hated the guest room. I missed Clara’s body, even though we weren’t fucking. I missed participating in her nightly fingering. I was learning a lot watching her masturbate. And I loved licking her fingers. I had learned to take them down my throat without gagging, which Clara assured me would come in handy. That made me nervous and excited.The guest room bed was small and saggy. I lay there by myself each night, bored and thinking about my cock. I really needed to come. It was also hot as hell in there, so I slept naked under a sheet.After a week in the guest room, I was hungry for Clara. After dinner on my first night out of exile, I waited anxiously for bedtime. Eventually, Clara stretched and looked at me.”Have you learned your lesson about self-control?” she asked.”Yes, Clara.” What else was I going to say?”Come with me.” I followed her into the bedroom. “I want you to strip and lay on the bed.”As I did so, Clara took a small bag out of her nightstand. She reached inside and pulled out a ball gag and a blindfold.”Open wide,” she said. I complied as she forced the hard plastic ball in my mouth, cinching the strap tight around my head. Then she covered my eyes with the blindfold.”I’m going to tell you a story,” she said. “I want you to focus on my voice and listen carefully.” I nodded.”I was so angry when I caught you jerking off because I was looking forward to telling you about the party. I’ve been saving this story for you. Just to be clear, what I’m about to tell you may not be strictly true.”I nodded. I could feel Clara straddling my legs. She seemed to be fully clothed, but I could feel her wet pussy wrapped around them. When she put her hands around my cock, they were slippery and cool with lube. I moaned appreciatively.”The party was at a hospitality suite in a hotel downtown. This was the first time I’d been to one of these parties since I’ve been a vice president, but they’re notorious. There were a handful of company employees there and a dozen or so customers, all of them men. There were also a dozen women I didn’t recognize, but I knew who they were. Helen hires escorts for these parties.”I’d avoided this particular party because the customer than Helen wanted me to charm has been trying to get into my pants all year.”Helen was waiting by the door with a double Scotch, neat. She handed me the drink and tilted her head in the direction of the customer. She leaned over and whispered, ‘He’s been asking about you. I tried to interest him in one of the escorts, but you’re what he wants. I don’t care how you do it, but I want him to wake up satisfied.'”My cock was hard. Between her well-lubricated hands and the direction of the story, I was laser focused. Blindfolded, I could imagine the dim hotel suite, crowded with bodies, humid, and filled with the anticipation of sex.”Just to be clear, I wouldn’t have minded fucking Mr. Customer. He’s a handsome and sophisticated man in his fifties. Even in a suit, he looks like an athlete. And whenever he comes on to me, I’ve found it very hot. I know I told you that I wouldn’t take a lover without consulting your first. That’s still true, but I didn’t tell you that I wouldn’t fuck somebody else from time to time.”I groaned. I could feel myself about to come. Clara was way ahead of me. She knew the effect that would have on me and released my cock until the surge subsided.”Mmm. I thought that would get your attention. I downed the drink and poured myself another before I joined Mr. Customer, who was sitting with one of the escorts at one end of the room. She was rubbing his thigh, closing in on his crotch, but he was looking at me. He stood up, because he’s always a gentlemen, and gave me a hug. He put his hands on my ass and pushed his hard cock against me, because he’s not that much of a gentleman. I could feel my panties getting wet.”I sat next to him on the sofa. He introduced me to the escort, who’s name was Linda. She was sitting on his other side. I looked around the room, and the party was in full swing. Two of the other female vice presidents and one of the men had paired off with customers as well. Several couples were making out. Helen was standing in the corner, watching us all.”Mr. Customer and I were still exchanging small talk, and Linda was beginning to realize she wasn’t what he wanted. But she’s a professional, so she tried something else. She took her hand off his leg, reached across him, and put it on my leg. It was electric. Suddenly she had my attention and Mr. Customer’s too. I put my hand on hers and gave it a squeeze. He started stroking his own cock.”Again, I could feel the cum rising my cock. Clara slid her hand down to the base and gripped me tightly until I could no longer come. I could picture Linda’s hand sliding up Clara’s thigh as she threw back her head and closed her eyes.”Linda reached my panties and she could tell how excited I was. She lightly rubbed my clit until I moaned. Then she climbed over Mr. Customer and straddled my lap. With one hand, I pulled her head toward me so we could kiss. With the other, I reached over and stroked my customer’s cock. He obliged me by putting it in my hand. Linda began unbuttoning my blouse. I’ve never fucked a woman before, but I knew I had to have her.”I wanted to focus my attention on Linda, but I knew that Mr. Customer had to be included, so I didn’t have full use of my hands. I pulled Linda toward me again and whispered to her, ‘Put your tits in my mouth.’ She arched her back and dropped the straps of her gown, and uncovered her breasts. She brought one to my mouth and I started sucking her loudly for the customer’s benefit.I could feel Clara rocking her pussy softly on my leg at this point, humping me as she described Linda sitting on her own lap. The effect was delicious. I could imagine her with Linda’s tit in her mouth, sucking and biting her nipple as Linda humped Clara’s leg.I was about to come, and Clara once again released my aching cock. It tried to fuck the empty space until my cock started to sag slightly. Jesus, this was sweet torture.”I could tell that Linda was close to coming from humping my leg. But I also knew she wasn’t about to come before Mr. Customer and I had both been satisfied. She slid off my lap and onto the floor between my legs. She was naked and her flimsy gown was a puddle on the floor. She reached up my skirt and under my ass and pulled off my panties in one quick motion. They were soaking wet. She reached up and grabbed Mr. Customer’s tie, pulling him forward, and shoved my panties into his mouth. And then she buried her face in my cunt.”At this point, I was unable to hold on to his cock any longer. Both my hands were holding her head, shoving her into me. I only had two thoughts at that point: Oh, God, I want to come in her face. And I can’t wait to go down on her. I bucked hard as I came, riding her face like a saddle. At that point, I could see that Mr. Customer had stripped. He pushed me over on the sofa and climbed on top of me. The feel of his cock inside me … after I’d just come in Linda’s face, was … exquisite.”Clara was having trouble getting the words out, because she was close to coming on my leg. She loosened her death grip on my thigh. I was also on the verge of blowing my load, so she once again grabbed the base of my cock so tightly I screamed into the gag. Clara was dripping with sweat, and drops of it were falling onto my face.”He fucked me hard. He was holding me tight and shoving his cock deep inside me. I thrashed like a rag doll in his arms, begging me to fuck me harder until I couldn’t speak any longer. I came three or four times with him inside me before he came.”I was floating above the room, when I felt Linda’s mouth on my cunt and could see her own pussy dangling over my mouth. While she ate Mr. Customer’s cum out of my cunt, she opened her legs wide and her pussy covered my face. … Oh, god.”I could feel that Clara was close to climaxing as she told me this. “I loved the feeling of my face covered in her sopping wet cunt. I shoved my tongue inside her and nuzzled her clit until I felt her come in my face just I was coming in hers.”Clara arched her back and gripped my leg tightly with her own. She screamed as she came. She continued to stroke my cock until I came hard. Her hand was covered in my cum. With her free hand, she released my gag and pulled it out of my mouth. She put her cum-coved hand over my mouth and I licked my thick, salty cum off her fingers. She lowered her voice.”I’m pretty sure we kicked off the orgy that followed. When I finally untangled myself from Mr. Customer and Linda, I could see that the room was covered in naked and half-naked bodies fucking and sucking. I could see Helen sitting in the corner, watching everything, like a vulture at a battlefield. The smile on her face gave me a chill.”Clara dropped to my side on the bed and I held her tightly as she slept.SEPTEMBER: CLARA AND UBERAfter Labor Day, our routine was re-established. I know now that many men fantasize about giving control of their cocks to their wives or girlfriends. But in real life, it’s challenge to maintain a relationship built on abstinence and control.In late September, I found myself dropping a passenger off in front of Clara’s building. A new fare popped up on the app. Someone else in the building needed a ride. I accepted the fare without looking at the name.The doors opened, bahis siteleri and Clara came striding out. This was not a coincidence. But, how did she know I was here?She was wearing a beige suit with a very short skirt and bone-colored high heels. The jacket fit her immaculately. I could see that she wasn’t wearing a blouse under the jacket, but it was cut so that I couldn’t quite see her bra. Just enough of her tits to make you want more. Not her typical business attire. When she got in the back seat, I got a flash of her panties.”Hey, you!” I said “Nice surprise.””Driver, I’m in no mood for a conversation right now. Just get me to my meeting, do you understand?””Yes, Miss,” I said.I adjusted my mirror so that she couldn’t see my eyes, but I could see her body. I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits, which didn’t make it easy to drive. I’m sure she knew I was looking at her.I watched as she unbuttoned her jacket slowly. She was wearing low-cut bra that emphasized her cleavage. She played with her tits for several minutes, tracing the lacy edge of the bra. Then, with one quick snap, she undid her bra from the front. Clara started pinching her nipples with her right hand and moaning softly. I realized that I couldn’t see her left hand. I had a pretty good idea where it was.It was difficult to keep my eyes on the road. Clara’s moans became louder and closer together. The smell of her pussy, which I knew intimately, was now filling the car.It was maddening to be so close to he while she got off like this. My cock was hard and it was rubbing tightly against my jeans. I wanted to badly to pull over and fuck her, or at least get a better view of Clara pleasuring herself. But she had made her expectations clear.I missed a light and nearly rear-ended a car as she came. She didn’t hold back. She moaned louder and louder and eventually came with a scream, banging her head against the headrest several times. She pulled out her left hand and sucked the fingers, before running them through her short red hair.As she was composing herself, I pulled up to our destination. The W Hotel. Had she worn that skirt for me, or for whoever she was meeting here?Without saying a word to me, Clara got out of the car. A couple of minutes later I saw that she had given me a 20% tip and a five star rating.Then I received three text messages in quick succession, from a number I didn’t recognize:”Never mention this to me””Never call this number””Today is not the first time I’ve done that in an Uber”I was reeling. I drove around the neighborhood, looking for a place to cool off, to understand what had just happened and what those messages meant.I drove to the top of a nearly-empty parking structure. I took a deep breath, and realized I was fooling myself about my intentions. I wasn’t processing anything. I unzipped my jeans, pulled out my cock. It only took a couple of strokes before I creamed all over myself.It hadn’t taken long for me to fall from zen sex monk to public pervert.My phone buzzed again. Another text: “I know what you did.”***I was home before Clara. I needed to change my clothes, and I wanted to be there when she got home. But I immediately realized that I’d made a mistake. I found myself rattling around the house for a couple of hours before she got home. I would have been calmer if I’d been driving.I couldn’t figure out how Clara was monitoring me. How did she catch me before I even started jacking off in that bathroom? How did she know she could summon my car today in front of her office? How could she know when I’d come? Trackers? Hidden microphones? … Really? How closely was she monitoring me? I was scared, but I was also getting hard thinking about her watching me. Were there cameras in our house?Clara didn’t get home until 9:30. She still looked amazing in that suit. I ached to embrace her, push her against the wall, and kiss her hard on the mouth. One look told me that would not have been well-received. She was angry. I decided to throw myself on her mercy.”I’m sorry,” I said.”What?””I’m sorry. I came without your permission.””I know,” she said”But…” I knew better than to tell her that I’d was turned on by her display in my car. I had to treat that as if it never happened. “Please forgive me. I’ve been pure for weeks.””I know. I appreciated your self-control. But I have a problem. I’m very horny tonight, and I’ve been thinking for hours about sitting on your cock.”I didn’t say a word. But I bit my lips and raised my eyebrows suggestively. Please? I thought. Do us both a favor.”Now you’ve gone and spoiled the evening with your selfishness. I can’t fuck you. I can’t even look at you right now.””I’m sorry.””Come with me into the bedroom. We’re going to deal with this.”Clara sat on on the edge of the bed with her legs crossed.”On your knees,” she said. I knelt immediately. I loved the way she looked from this angle.”Did you enjoy jerking off?”I didn’t know how to answer her question.”Answer me.””Um, I couldn’t help myself. I felt ashamed and guilty while I was doing it.””Masturbate for me.”I looked up her imploringly. Please, no.”Take out your cock and stroke it till you come. You don’t need to ask my permission. Show me. And don’t say a fucking word.”I unzipped my jeans. I fished my erect cock out of my underwear. I started to stroke it. My eyes started tearing up. My nose was running. Oh, fuck. I was crying. I was miserable. Miserable for letting her down. For losing my own discipline. For depriving myself of Clara’s pussy. I stroked harder. I wanted so desperately to come and get this ordeal over with.Clara watched me, looking both angry and bored.Between my emotional state and the fact that I had come hard that afternoon, it seemed to take forever for me to come. I finally came all over my hand and my jeans. And broke down into sobs.”I’ll take care of myself tonight, so you can sleep in the guest room,” said Clara.”Yes, Clara,” I replied, starting to rise.”Wait a minute,” Clara said. “I’ve changed my mind.”I looked up, hopeful.”I want you to move permanently. The guest room is now your room. You may not enter this room without my permission.”I sighed deeply and nodded. I was too defeated to even answer. Clara then took my face in her hands.”I can’t go indefinitely without someone who knows how to fuck me. If you can’t learn to control yourself and come to me with the proper gratitude, I’ll find a man who can fuck me right. Now, get out of my room.”OCTOBER: CLARA AND KURTBy mid-October, the outlines of our relationship were becoming clear. Sex with Clara had been exciting, but infrequent. I was learning to control my orgasms and Clara was able to come many times before deciding whether I would be allowed to come. I learned to appreciate being denied by her and I spent my days in a state of constant arousal and dependence.On those nights where Clara allowed me to come, she would also allow me to sleep with her in her room. Did she ever get lonely sleeping alone?One night, lying in my room, I was awakened by a hand slowly stroking my cock. Clara never came into my room. I lay there quietly, not wanting to spoil the moment. I felt a finger on my lips and a whispered “shhh”. I moaned just enough to let her know I wanted more. Clara stroked my cock and until I was close to coming, and then would back off until I was aching but unable to come. She repeated this maybe half an hour. Then she stopped. I groaned.I was surprised then by Clara climbing on top of me, taking hold of my cock, and slowly sliding herself onto my shaft.”I want you to control yourself,” She said. “I know you’ve been trying hard to save yourself for me. I want to reward you for your self-control.”She sat there on top of me for minutes, just squirming a little as she enjoyed the feeling of me inside her.”I woke in the middle of the night, because I had a dream about something we haven’t talked about a long time,” she said. She put her finger on my mouth again, making it clear that she wanted me to listen and not to speak.”When you and I were first dating, I still hadn’t broken up with Kurt. I remember how jealous you were that I was still fucking him, and that I worked in the same building with him.”I groaned. Kurt was junior employee at her company, seven years younger then either of us. At the time he was an asshole frat boy a few years out of college.”I was thinking about when I tried to break up with him, and Kurt forced himself on me. I know you and I were both furious after it happened. You wanted me to press charges and I wouldn’t do it.”Why was she bringing this up? She was riding my cock, I was on the edge of coming, and she was telling me about the time her old boyfriend ****d her.”The thing I never told you is that I loved it. I mean, I didn’t love Kurt the way I loved you, or love you now. But I’ll never forget how he bent me over the trunk of his car, pulled up my dress, pulled down my panties, and fucked me from behind. I loved feeling him push my head down and force his cock into me, right there in that parking lot.”I could feel myself on the verge of coming. She smiled and wiggled just a little. I clenched my fists, willing myself not to come.”As I lay there, my legs spread, crying and begging him not to fuck me, I was secretly hoping he wouldn’t stop. He knew exactly what I wanted and he gave it to me.” Clara moaned and cupped her tits in her hands.”There hasn’t been a night since then that I haven’t thought about lying there with my face against the cold, damp steel, with my pussy dripping with Kurt’s cum, him standing behind me knowing how much I loved the way he’d just fucked me. His cock is huge and there was something about being forced to take it from behind that made me come harder than I ever have with any man.”She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I think about that night when I masturbate.”I exploded inside her. I came from weeks of pent-up frustration, Clara’s teasing, the feeling of her riding me like that, and now this. I screamed and pounded the bed with my fists. I could feel Clara coming at the same time.Clara leaned over, kissed me lightly on the lips, and climbed off my spent cock.”Ask me if I’m surprised,” she said. She smiled at me, turned, and left the room.***The next night, after a late dinner, Clara poured herself a Scotch invited me to join her in her bedroom. I followed her, wondering what was up, especially in the wake of last night’s adventure. I stood there in the doorway, waiting for her to give me some idea of what she wanted of me.Clara stripped down to her panties and put on her black silk robe. She climbed into bed, propping herself on a couple of pillows. She motioned for me to come in and to sit in a chair beside the bed.”You were really turned on listening to me tell you about Kurt fucking me,” she said.”I’ve been keyed up for weeks and I was very turned on to have you on top of me. I think I would have come if you’d read me a shopping list,” I said, a little too defensively.”Bullshit. If you weren’t turned on, you would have gone limp before I even got to the part about how much I loved it.”I was speechless. Was she right?”I didn’t love Kurt, but I couldn’t get enough of his cock.” She paused. “I want you to tell me something.””Hmm?””Are you hard right now?”I averted my eyes.”Show me.”I unzipped my pants and pulled it out. It wasn’t easy, because my erection was so stiff.”So, you are turned on by me talking about Kurt,” she said. I had nothing more to say. “I need you to remain seated and quiet, but you’re allowed to stroke your cock. Can you do that for me?”I nodded.She picked up her phone from the nightstand, inserting both earphones. Then, she pressed a couple of buttons and waited for a few seconds.”Hello, Kurt?” she said.My heart sank, and I lost my erection immediately. It took all my strength not to rise from the chair and grab the phone from her hands. At least that’s what I told myself. In truth, I needed to know bahis şirketleri what was about to happen, like a rabbit mesmerized by a cobra.”Yes, I bet you didn’t think you’d be hearing from me.” She laughed at Kurt’s reply. Then she licked her lips.”I’ve been thinking about you lately,” she said, stroking her thighs. With every stroke, she was getting closer to her panties.”Are you alone? … Good. I want your full attention. Tell me where you are and what you’re wearing.” Clara listened as Kurt described his situation.”I’m laying in my bed. I’m wearing a black silk robe and red panties. I’m looking at my reflection in a mirror on the wall at the base of the bed. It’s a little high on the wall and tilted down so I can see the full bed.” I looked and finally noticed the mirror, which was new.”Oh, he’s in another room of the house,” she said, lying about my whereabouts. I’m sure it would have taken the edge off for Kurt if he knew I was listening in on the call. He would have been much more into doing this behind my back. Clara laughed. Had he said something about me?”I’m sure you know this,” she continued, “but I still think about the way you fucked me the last time we were together. No one has ever fucked me like that.” She listened to him for a while. “Yeah, well, orgasms aren’t everything. But I miss the way we used to fuck.””Tell me about your cock,” she said. This is when I noticed that I’d become very hard once again. “I know what you mean. It was always a struggle to get that monster our of your pants. But it was worth the effort. I loved the way it filled my … hand. Stroke it for me and tell me about it.” Clara closed her eyes, imagining Kurt stroking his cock. Without thinking about it, I reached down and began playing with my own erection.”I’m playing with myself through my silk panties. They’re soaking wet.” Clara listened, and then moved her hands to cup her breasts. “Good idea. I’m playing with my tits. The silk feels amazing and my nipples are rock hard.” I loved kissing and sucking my wife’s perfect tits. This was driving me crazy. I hated hearing her tell Kurt she was playing with her tits at his request.”I’m sliding my hand into my robe and pinching my nipple.” She moaned. I could tell she was hurting herself and was slipping in a highly aroused state. Clara was watching herself through half-closed eyes as she listened to Kurt. I was struggling not to come. I pinched my own nipples to focus myself. It was so difficult to see Clara like this and not be able to touch her or even speak. But I was also surprised by how turned on I was. Clara would be pleased, I thought.”May I put my fingers in my panties? I really need to play with my clit.” Clara slid her right hand down her body and inside her panties, teasing her clit. I could see everything in the mirror. I could also see that Clara was focused completely on her reflection, and on Kurt’s voice. I might as well not have been there. I felt grateful to Clara for sharing this moment with me.”Are you ready to come, Kurt? I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.” She shivered as she arched her back. She was biting her lip and her flesh was white from the pressure. “God, I love listening to you come. It reminds me of what it’s like to lie under you while you’re coming inside me. I can smell your skin.”Clara arched her back again, her pussy high in the air. She screamed, “I’m coming, Kurt. Oh, fuck, I’m coming and I’m thinking of your big cock.”My own cock released a fountain of cum. I felt it land on my face. I licked it off my lips. I shoved my fist in my mouth and bit it to keep from screaming.There was a long pause while she lay there gasping. I imagined she could hear Kurt breathing in her headphones.”Thank you, Kurt,” she said. “You have no idea how much I needed that.” A pause.”Mmm, no,” she replied. “You’re going to have to wait for my call. And I swear to God, if you try to contact me first I’ll have your balls. Is that clear? … Good. Think of me when you kiss your wife good night.” And then she hung up. She lay there, with her fingers still in her panties.She pulled them out and rolled over on her side. She held out her hand to me. I rose and took her wrist in my hand and sucked each finger clean.”Kiss me,” she said. I kissed her passionately until we were both dizzy. Finally, she pulled away. “Would you like to fuck me?”I nodded, speechless.”Take a shower and come to bed.”It was the shortest shower of my life. My emotions were all jumbled up. I was angry at Clara for surprising me with this, grateful for being included, jealous of Kurt, smug knowing that I had Clara and he didn’t, aroused by what I had just seen, and ashamed by how much it turned me on.I came to Clara, who was laying naked on the sheets. I climbed into the bed.”I had no idea what a pervert you were,” she said. “I want to feel your cock in me. Fuck me, you nasty little bitch.”DECEMBER: THE HOLIDAY PARTYClara’s company held its annual holiday party at an historic old hotel downtown. The hotel was lavishly decorated for Christmas. The vast, ancient space of the grand ballroom was filled with with company employees and their spouses dressed in formal wear. I’d always hated this particular event for its ostentatiousness and the phoniness of the interactions.Clara led me around the room. First she grabbed a martini, then we gobbled oysters at the buffet. Then, another martini as we made the rounds. I’d had my fill of corporate stooges and their glassy-eyed spouses when I heard a voice from behind us.”Clara, you must introduce us!” We turned and were face-to-face with Helen. “Mmmm. Who is this delicious young man?” Helen was a petite woman who had passed 60 an indeterminate number of years ago. Her smooth, black hair was cut in an angular bob that accented her high cheekbones. She’d clearly had work done on her face, but it had been done so expertly that it only seemed unnatural in that it looked so good. Her lips were thin and pale pink. She wore a black dress that looked like Chanel. It was cut shorter than you’d expect for a woman of her age, but she had the legs to carry it off.”Yes, of course,” said Clara, blushing. “Helen, this is my husband, Richard.” Helen extended her hand, which I took. It seemed tiny and brittle in my own.While I held her hand, she ran her other hand up my arm and gave my biceps a squeeze. “The muscles of a working man,” she observed incongruously. The whole time, she held eye contact. Her flirting was making me self-conscious, but it was not unwelcome. I was prepared for her to be a monster, but now all I wanted was for her to want me.The awkward silence was broken by another shout, “Helen!” It came from our left, and I turned to see Kurt. He saw an opportunity to suck up to Helen and to be next to Clara at the same time. I could feel Helen shudder as she released my arm.”Oh, Kurt, how good of you to come to our party,” she said icily. She apparently loathed him as much as I did. She air-kissed him at a distance of about three feet.Kurt turned Clara and gave her a hug. I couldn’t tell how it was received, but Kurt slid his hand down and squeezed her ass. When he released her from his grip, as he stepped back, I could see that his enormous cock was hard and that the squeeze on Clara’s ass was intended to push her against it.Kurt turned to me, “Hello, … Dick.” Contempt dripped from his voice. He had a smug “I phone-fucked your wife” grin on his face as he said it. He’d started drinking early.”Clara, it’s been too long,” he said. “How long has it been since we last talked?” Clara shrugged and declined to take the bait.”How’s the Uber game, Dick?” asked Kurt. “You getting any passenger pussy?” Kurt didn’t give a shit what I thought, but I was surprised how unconcerned he was about needling Clara.Clara leaned over and whispered in ear, “Oh, for fuck’s sake, I’m getting out of here.” She glared at Kurt, then turned to the group and said, “I’m sorry, I need to find the ladies’ room.””Richard,” Helen said to me in an attempt to avoid talking to Kurt. “Clara is my most apt protégé. I know we’re working her very hard. I hope it’s not disrupting your … family … too much.” Her smile was kind of menacing.”We’re managing,” I said.”The life of an executive can be very hard on her loved ones. Sometimes, they don’t feel as loved as they should. It strains many marriages, you know.” I wasn’t sure how to reply. I still had no idea whether the orgy and Clara’s threesome with Linda the escort and her customer was real or fantasy.”We all make compromises,” I replied noncommittally. “But Clara and I have never been closer than we have been since her promotion.” That was true, even though we were sleeping in separate bedrooms.”Then you are a very special man,” she said. Helen locked eyes with me. “Take this,” she said. She pressed a business card into my hand. It was an engraved card on heavy, cream-colored stock. On it was a single phone number and nothing else.”Save it. It is my most private number. Clara doesn’t even have that number. You may dial it any time, day or night … if you need me.” She put her hand on my shoulder and squeezed it tightly.I was standing there, not sure what to say and confused about why I’d need to call her, when my phone beeped. Then it beeped a second time.”You should take that,” said Helen. “Someone obviously needs to reach you.”It was a text message from Clara:”Break away and go to the men’s room.”And then:”Find a quiet stall and wait for my call”.I made my excuses and was soon sitting on the toilet in the handicapped stall of the men’s room. I sat there anxiously, waiting for my phone to ring. What did she want?The phone rang. It was a video call. It took me a second to figure out what was going on in the dimly-lit scene on my phone. I could see Clara, but she seemed far away. I slowly realized that Clara was not holding the camera. She was kneeling in front of whoever was holding it.She leaned forward and I knew that she was unzipping his fly. She pulled out his erect cock. She slowly stroked it as it got harder. She licked the shaft for a minute or two, and then pulled the head down and sucked it into her open mouth. I was hard.She started sucking and bobbing her head. You don’t have to watch a lot of POV porn to have seen this over and over. But it’s entirely different when it’s your wife who blowing some anonymous guy in real time, in the same building, on your phone. I put in my headphones so I could hear better. I pulled out my cock and stroked it to the rhythm of her motion.I could hear men coming in going in the john outside my stall, listening to them pissing in the urinals and in the stall next door. A couple of times they rattled the latch of my stall, wondering what I was doing in there.I could hear the man holding Clara’s phone moaning. He was having trouble holding it steady. I could hear the sounds of the party in the background. Where were they?When she pulled his cock out of her mouth, it was wet with streams of saliva. She stroked it hard the full length of the shaft. Clara opened her mouth wide as he came all over her face. She licked her lips lasciviously and smiled at the camera. Then, the call ended.I came hard in the stall, pushing my cock to one side so I wouldn’t get cum on my tux. I left a stream of it on the bathroom wall.I sat there with my wet cock in my hand, trying to process what I had just seen. I put away my phone, zipped up my pants, and stumbled out of the bathroom.When I returned to the knot of sycophants surrounding Helen, Clara was already there. Mercifully, Kurt had moved on to ruin someone else’s evening. How had Clara managed to get back before me? I could see blobs of cum in her hair and on her shoulder, so fresh it was still wet and sticky.”Richard,” Helen said. “Are you feeling alright? You seem very pale indeed.” I nodded. I was feeling numb and stupid.I looked around. I wondered which of the hundreds of men in the room had just fucked my wife in the face. I leaned over and affectionately kissed Clara on the neck. Unobtrusively, so that only Clara could tell, I licked up the droplets of cum that lay on her shoulder. I could feel myself getting hard again.

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