The Curious Adventures of Teaganella Presents:

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The Curious Adventures of Teaganella Presents:The Birthday PartyHe was definitely alot older than me when I first saw him walk towards the opened garage at my friend Sarah’s house. I don’t know what happened at that moment, but when I first made eye contact with him I couldn’t look away. I felt like I was frozen or something and I felt he was only looking at me as he smiled.I’ve only known Sarah at school and before she invited me to her birthday party, we never really talked. We only had one class together, and rally the only time she was nice to me, much less talk to me was when she needed help with her homework or pop quizzes in class. She was alot more popular than me in school and had alot friends, so when she invited me to her party last Friday at school I was a little confused. I really didn’t want to go, but I couldn’t say it to her, as I just said sure, after she gave me her number and address. For the rest of the day I tried to avoid seeing her in the hallways, even though she never said hi to me anyways as she always seemed to be better than me with all her popular friends. I was so confused. Why did she invite me to her birthday party? Why was she being so nice to me all of a sudden? What do I get her for a present? What if I get too nervous because theres alot other k**s there that are super popular? I felt kinda sick to my tummy but I managed to get through the rest of the school day as I got on the bus to take me home.That Saturday afternoon my mom dropped me off at Sarah’s house, but not before she had to embarrass me when she decided to walk with me up to the garage where I saw Sarah, some of her friends from school, and what seemed to be her mom and dad. After my mom introduced herself to Sarah’s parents and me totally embarrassed as I felt all the other k**s staring at me and giggling, I walked up to Sarah and gave her her birthday gift.”Sorry about my mom, she just wanted to know if they were your parents.” I said nervously.”Oh it’s kaçak bahis cool. I didn’t think you were gonna come Teagan.” as she giggled in a way I didn’t understand.”Ummm. . . .yeah. Ohh. .I got you a present, I hope you like it.” I said.”Awwhh. .thanks, just put it over there with the others.” she said quickly before running off to her friends.After about ten minutes of pure awkwardness and feeling absolutely out of place, I sat there by myself in the garage for almost an hour after my mom dropped me off. I was totally ready to go home. Sarah didn’t say another word to me as she was too occupied with all er friends. I talked to Madison for a little bit as I knew her from my math class, but after five minutes of small talk she ran off too. I just wanted to cry right there, but I controlled myself. All I wanted to do was to just go home.”Are you ok Teagan, did you get any cake and ice cream?” Sarah’s mom asked.”Ummm….yeah I had a little bit. Thank you Mrs. Wheeler.” I said quietly.”No worries sweetie. Don’t be shy now, and don’t be afraid to ask for anything. We’re going to be playing some games here in the garage, and have Sarah open all her gifts. I hope you have an appetite because Mr. Wheeler and myself are making lots of food.” Mrs. Wheeler said.Ummm…ok. Thank you Mrs. Wheeler.” I said “My pleasure dear. Why don’t you go and have fun with the gir.. . . .oh . . . .why hello there!” Sarah’s mom said disruptively as she ran off to met him at the driveway.”What the heck. . .??” I said to myself.Sarah’s mom walked down the driveway where I saw her talking to a man while Sarah and her friends were all in the corner of the garage laughing and having fun. Mr. Wheeler later walked out of the kitchen and into the garage where he walked by me and smiled as he met up with his wife and that man that she was talking to. As the three of them walked into the garage, that was when I finally got a good look at him. He looked right at me and smiled as I looked canlı bahis away in a hurry.”Who is that??” I said nervously to myself.Sarah ran over to her parents and the man giggling.”Hi Mr. Targo!” Sarah yelled, hoping for all her friends to hear and see her.”Well hello there birthday girl! How old are you now today?” the man asked.”I’m officially 12 years old now!” Sarah yelled once again, as she giggled and ran back to her friends.Sarah’s parents and the man stood in front of the garage talking for about ten minutes before her mom walked back into the kitchen. Mr. Wheeler and the man kept talking but I couldn’t hear a word they were saying as the music was playing loud and Sarah and her friends were singing and dancing. I looked over once again and I noticed the man was staring at me with a little smirk on his face as he was talking to Sarah’s dad. Her dad’s back was facing me as the man kept looking at me.”Oh my god! He’s staring at me now. . .but why??” I asked myself.I started to get really nervous and began to sweat a little bit as I sat there in my chair all alone. They talked for a few more minutes before Mrs. Wheeler came back out with three beers in her hand as she walked by me again and handed her husband and the man a beer. They were talking and laughing which seemed forever, mixed with the stupid music Sarah was playing and all her friends doing their thing, not even looking in my direction. I wanted to get out of my seat and join them but I couldn’t move. I couldn’t move because I was too nervous and scared to be rejected by them, which I could just feel already from them, so I just sat there, waiting for the moment my mom calls me so she can pick me up from this nightmare. Meanwhile, I couldn’t help but feel like someone was staring at me, and I was right. I looked over to my left and noticed the man was staring at me while he drank his beer and talking to Sarah’s parents. I mean I kinda thought he was cute and he looked güvenilir bahis like he was kinda muscular but he was way too old. I don’t even know why he kept looking at me. What’s so special about me. He was kinda creeping me out but at the same time I kinda liked it. I noticed he wasn’t looking at the other girls and he just had this look in his eyes when he looked over my way. Somehow he just made me feel as if I was the only person in the garage, and that made me feel really special.I looked at my phone and the time was 1:32 pm. My mom told me she was going to call me around 4 when the party was over. I so wanted to call her now and tell her to pick me up. But I didn’t. I noticed Mr. Wheeler shake the man’s hand and walked around the house to the backyard. Mrs. Wheeler kept talking to the man before she turned around and raised her voice to the girls over their laughing and singing and the loud music.”Ok girls! Backyard in ten minutes for more food, games and opening presents for the birthday girl!” Sarah’s mom yelled.”Yippee!!!” Sarah, and all her little followers screamed.About five minutes had passed as I didn’t even notice Mrs. Wheeler had already walked around the house to the backyard. I was sitting there pretending to text on my phone so Sarah and her friends wouldn’t notice how sad and depressed I really was. That was when I heard his voice for the first time.”Well, Hello there young lady. Ummm. . . . may I ask why you are sitting here all alone?” he asked.”Ummmmm. . . . .i don’t know.” Teagan said, as she shrugged her shoulders with a confused look on her face.”Well, shouldn,t you be having fun with all the other girls over there?” he asked again, looking over at Sarah and her friends laughing and horsing around.”Ummmm. . . .I guess so.” as Teagan responded with a soft voice, again with a confused look as she started to look down at her phone again.”Well, that’s too bad. A pretty girl like yourself should never be sitting alone, much less at a birthday party. Ohh, by the way, my name is Eric. What’s your name?” he asked with a big smile.”Ummmmmm. . . . .my name is Teagan.” she said even more softly, but now with a nervous look on her face that was absolutely priceless.

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