The Dating Game – Part 1 – The Inner Game

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The Dating Game – Part 1 – The Inner GameHey to you all, what’s up?… :)I promised to you all something, and a promise is a promise, so…welcome to the first (and most important) part of my “program” of the dating game, meaning how you can date and have as many women as you want, as well as any woman you want. Also, a deal is a deal so, although I’ll share to you information worth 1 billion dollars, I’ll do it for you totally free. ;)Now, let’s get it started…Have you ever wondered why women react differently while getting approached by different men? I mean, why she says “no” to a guy that is a?king for her contact details or for a date, while she says “yes” to another one, although, the two guys are doing and saying, apparently, exactly the same things? Well…that’s the core of the issue here: the one that is getting refused hasn’t his inner game right, while the second has it all together and strong.Call me crazy, but let’s face it: The vast majority of men on this planet are completely TERRIFIED BY WOMEN. :)) seriously! :)Let’s take us for examples, I mean me, and my male reader of this blog post. Haven’t you ever been in the situation of thinking and thinking millions of times about approaching a woman, then tell yourself something like: “Hm, she will refuse me anyway, I do not think I’m her type, so I would rather not do it.” ? I’m not asking you to be honest with me or with anyone else but with yourself, because being TOTALLY (I mean, 110%) honest with yourself, that’s the first step in getting your inner game together. I know I felt that way, thinking and thinking about approaching a woman I like, only to decide in the end that it would be much better not to do it. In that moments I felt nothing but uncomfortable and embarrassed with myself, and all I could imagine was that I’d feel much worse if I’d approach her and get a “no” for an answer. :)) Yeah, I know, sounds stupid, but that’s exactly what I felt and thought. And no offense, but I know you feel and think that way too. 🙂 If it makes you feel better, I’m sure that more than 90% of men on Earth feel and think the same way. 🙂 ;)Ok…Now, here comes the first key-question(s):Fear of women?! What!?! Really?!…Yeah, really. And I think it’s obvious that I’m not talking about the fear of the woman herself, I mean, nobody is going to kill you or eat you – although, you never know these days… :))I’m talking about the fear of her saying “no” if you ask her out, I’m talking about the embarrassment you think you’d feel if that would happen to you and all the other miserable feelings and thoughts that I think are very bad and dangerous for your health. In fact, I’m talking about (and this really blew my mind when I got it):THE FEAR OF GETTING REJECTED BY WOMEN.Yeah, I finally said it, and it is totally true that more than 90% of men on Earth are absolutely terrified by the feeling of getting rejected by women. In college, I learned that the most powerful fears that a human being can experience in life are just two:1. The fear of death (all time and undisputed champion of all fears).2. The fear of speaking in public.Yeah, again, might sound silly and crazy, but it is scientifically proven the fact that most people are totally frozen of the fear of speaking in front of many others. I had this problem too, I overcame it as well…now I am ok. 🙂 Let’s get back to our business…Speaking about this very funny but real fear, of speaking in public…it appears from the fact that most people are afraid that something embarrassing or uncomfortable would happen to them while speaking in front of others, so they will embarrass themselves and will remain with the trauma forever. So, I personally think that, when it comes to men, the top 2 of fears stays as it follows:1. The fear of death (still undisputed, all time champ).2. The fear of speaking in public and equally, the fear of getting rejected by women.Yeah…those two are both squeezing on no. 2, because they canlı bahis siteleri both worth to be there. Why? Because they both make a man feel equally miserable: equally embarrassed, equally traumatized…But the good news is that there is a very select league (I dare to think, less than 10% of men on this planet) that naturally don’t have the fear of getting rejected by women, or that overcame it (like me, for example). And the very good news is that you too can be in this league, like the rest of us. ;)Now…since we’ve discovered the “root of all evil”, let’s see how can we deal with it. And now really starts the inner game part, I mean, how can you get it all together and, in time, how to get it stronger and stronger, so you can totally overcome your fear. Here comes key-question no.2:How can I overcome my fear of getting rejected by women?There are two main things you should do:1. TAKE A BREAK FROM WOMEN I mean, stop for a while trying to approach them by trying to get their contact details or date them. In fact, stop thinking about them in a romantic and sexual way. Take your mind off them TOTALLY. And to see that I’m very serious about it, from now on, in this blog post, I won’t mention anything anymore about women…until the right time. :). You’ll see. 🙂 ;)And the no.2 thing, after totally taking your mind off women…no, do not turn gay…:)) I mean, no offense for the gay guys, you can do it, it’s your choice, but…that’s not the point here. Seriously now, the next thing you should do is:2. MAKE INSTEAD, AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, ONLY THE THINGS THAT MAKE YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE AND HAPPYIt’s time for key-question no.3:What can I do to make me feel comfortable and happy?Well…mostly, that depends on you. I can recommend though, some of the things I’ve experienced and gave me incredible results, as well as some things I’ve heard can be very helpful. So, here are some suggestions for you:1. Try some sports activities (one I’ve experienced) – no matter if it is football, tennis, swimming, jogging, martial arts, going to the gym…just sports to be. Some scientists (very smart guys) proved with certainty the fact that sports are not good just for your physical condition and shape, but also for you general health, spiritual and psychological state of mind. So imagine the huuuuge complex of benefits you can get by trying this one. Take it from me, I’ve been doing it for some time now, and I feel it is something I can’t live without. ;)2. Travel a little – visit some of the places you’ve always wanted to see. Only if your time and financial status allows you to, of course. That’s why, this one might be kind of a hard one, but if you can do it…I think it is obvious that this would make you feel very comfortable and happy, so…why not? :)3. Go out more and hang out with the right people (I tried it too)- and with this one, key-question no. 4 “is in the house”:What do you mean by “the right people”?The right people are the ones that you feel it is fun to be with, that you can trust and rely on…and make you feel comfortable and happy. :)Do this: take a pen and a piece of paper and write down the names of all the persons you have close relations with, especially your friends. Then, think about each one of them and how do they make you feel: comfortable and happy, or not. If they are in the “not” category…you should tell “bye! bye!” to them. ;)And that’s not all…meet more of the right people. Speaking of which…it’s time to talk again a little bit about women, sorry :PI mean, you should befriend with some women, hot ones, if possible. And why should you do that? Because, from what I’ve seen, a hot woman has at least one hot woman girlfriend, so…a hot female friend is something like…the “goose with the golden eggs” for me ;)Maybe you have this principle (like I did) that a man can never really be just friends with a woman. Trust me, it is totally wrong, a very silly misconception. Just bahis firmaları imagine how great it will be to be in a public place, you, the only guy in your group, surrounded by many women, some of them being hot too. And when you’ll get your inner game a little bit better, imagine how great it will be to have many of that women attracted to you, like lusting to have you in their bed. ;)Oh, and yeah…don’t worry about the guys that will say that you are the gay friend of the females…they’ll say it just because they’ll be jealous that you’ll be surrounded with hot women all the time, and they won’t. No matter how cruel and bad might sound to you now…the jealousy of others (in limited quantities, of course), can make you feel very comfortable and happy. So, this whole story with the right people sounds like benefits, right? 🙂 sometimes it will be friends with benefits…:) but you just start doing it, and you’ll see. 🙂 ;)Also, if it is possible, it would be absolutely great if you could befriend with one or more guys that are successful with women. That would be the best opportunity for you to see how happens the “real action” with a guy who GETS IT. At the beginning, you shouldn’t do anything but…watch and learn. Then, after you’ll have some results with your inner game, you could start approaching women while hanging out with those successful guys. A huge advantage about having this type of friends is that a guy that is successful with women makes you feel like you have…more guts about talking with a woman and approaching her.Unfortunately, like I said, these guys are very rare, and if you have the chance to know or meet someone like that, be 110% sure that he won’t literally take you as his apprentice and teach you how to date and have women. :)) No, nobody does that. But if you watch and learn with very close attention how he’s acting around women, what he says and (the most important thing) HOW he says it…it would be extremely helpful for you. Plus, you’d have lots of fun in the process so, if you have the chance, you must try this one. :)4. Start learning to say “no” sometimes (loved to try this one) – since the moment you’ve started reading my introductory blog post, you’ve got into a program, a real therapy which is designed to help you get rid of all the misery in your mind and soul. So, from now on, if someone is asking you to do something that doesn’t make you feel comfortable and happy…you should try saying “no” to some of that ones. I’m not saying you should turn into a selfish and mean person, I’m just saying that you must start being more and more aware of your priorities and, together with that, more and more organized. And from now on, the no. 1 priority for yourself should be YOU. Plus…let’s be realistic about it, it’s a cold, cruel and crazy world out there, full of people that just want to take advantage of others. And the feeling of getting used…doesn’t seem much comfortable and cheerful to me, so you should stop torturing yourself with that and put it to an end, because you’re the only one in this world that can do it. ;)5. Get a hobby – you should spend your free time in a useful and, in the same time, pleasant way. Think of a useful thing that also makes you feel comfortable and happy while doing it. Take some classes about something, read some books, learn some foreign languages, start practicing an art… anything you want. For instance, it should be great attending a class of anything, because it is a very good opportunity to learn new things and also, to meet new people. Some of them just might be THE RIGHT PEOPLE I was mentioning about earlier. Moreover, when you’ll start approaching women the RIGHT WAY, it would be a very good source of meeting women too.For example, I heard that dancing classes are very good; you can learn how to dance, the art of dancing being something very sensual and great, and you could also meet lots of people there. Also, dancing kaçak iddaa is a VERY good sport. So, only by taking some dancing classes, you could have three of the stuff you should do, all combined in one thing.6. Change your job (loved to do that too) – if you hate your work, you should think about changing your job. I mean, c’mon, think about it, we, human beings, are spending at least 8 hours per day, at least 5 days a week, working, for at least 40 years of our lives. This seems like a lot of time, and if you are spending it doing only things that you don’t like…you should try this one too.7. Change your wife (maybe I’d love to do that too, but I’m not married yet) – yeah…:)) think about that, for all the obvious reasons in the world.Maybe I’m taking it too far here, talking about “holy” things, like changing your job or your wife, but that’s what’s the inner game really all about: changing your present life into a much better one. And you can do anything to achieve this goal, depends on your personality, place you live in, people around you…here comes key-question no. 6:Ok, but why should I do all these things, and after all, what’s this inner game all about?As you could see in this blog post, I’m talking a lot about being comfortable and happy with yourself. This because it is obvious that people that feel comfortable and happy with themselves have A CERTAIN LEVEL OF SELF-ESTEEM. And now I’ve got another mind blowing thing:THE INNER GAME IS ALL ABOUT CREATING OR INCREASING YOUR SELF-ESTEEM, IN ORDER TO CREATE OR INCREASE A CERTAIN LEVEL OF SELF-CONFIDENCE.Also,IF YOU HAVE A CERTAIN LEVEL OF SELF-ESTEEM AND SELF-CONFIDENCE, YOU CAN OVERCOME YOUR FEARS EASILY.Great, I painted the whole picture about the inner game now. 🙂 This is why it is more likely for a woman to refuse a guy that doesn’t have his inner game right (I mean the required level of self-esteem and self-confidence, so he fears that he’ll get rejected) and accept the proposals of the one that has it all and GETS IT.Yeah, I know it is easier said than done, but you have to start doing something about it IMMEDIATELY, I mean not from next month on, not from next week on, not from tomorrow on…start it FROM NOW ON. Also, this process might take you a few days, a few weeks, a few months…. depends on you. As you can imagine, it is not just about starting to date women, it is all about making A TREMENDOUS IMPROVEMENT IN YOUR LIFE. So, the inner game is about all aspects of your life, as you can see. When you’ll get it right, you’ll see how things with women come natural to you, and it won’t matter that much the WHAT of what you say or do, but THE HOW of it.Also, very important is to note that YOU MUST KEEP A BALANCED LEVEL OF SELF-ESTEEM AND SELF-CONFIDENCE while getting the results of your inner game. Let me be more specific:Low self-esteem and self-confidence or no self-esteem and self-confidence = miserable lifeBalanced self-esteem and self-confidence = great life and many women all over you 🙂 ;)Too much self-esteem and self-confidence = …arrogant bastard :)) – which is not good at all, just like the low or no self-esteem and self-confidence situation.Well, that being said…there are so many other things to say about the inner game…but I think you’ve got enough here to get the main idea of it, and I also avoid to transform my blog posts in novels. :))Just remember these, to sum up a little:1. To date, have women and get a tremendous, general life improvement, you must work at your inner game, by creating or increasing your self-esteem and, together with it, your self-confidence.2. Do it by totally taking you mind off women for a while, and doing instead, as much as you can, only the things that make you feel comfortable and happy.This is why the inner game is the most important part of the dating game, it is very complex and… face it like this: you can’t build a safe house without having a strong foundation first, right? And that’s what these really are: your self-esteem and self-confidence represent the foundation and the inner game is the way to build it. ;)I’ll let you work at your inner game now…and wait for my new blog post. Until then…be comfortable and happy. 🙂 😉

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