The Degradation of Mrs. K

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The Degradation of Mrs. KI was remiss in not mentioning that the author or this three part series is my bestest buddy from the U.K. Rob. The series was originally posted on Literotica. I just provided the pictures, and related some experiences my wife had although never to the extend portrayed in the stories. She did have sex with young men/boys including sex in a barn with two young studs. I may have mentioned before her absolute favorite was and remains virgins. Hope you enjoy.===================================================================================================It was Thursday morning and Robin was as nervous as hell. She had spent the previous evening in the garden, admiring her plants as they had begun to flower in numerous colors, watering and pruning them as though she hadn’t a care in the world. Her mind was in turmoil, however, because today she had to decide…to go or not to go. Her husband was still away at a convention, and wouldn’t be back until late on Friday, but she still felt guilty at the events of the past few days.James and Jon, two students who went to high school with Robin’s own son, and played on the same baseball team, had subjected her superb body to the most ravishing experience of her life only two days ago, and she had been told to be downtown at 11 this morning to meet them again. They had taken photos of her naked, being fucked, gobbling their young cocks, and these pictures were stored on James’s mobile phone as a sort of guarantee that she would appear again.Nearly 40 years old, with a good husband and c***dren, a good job and a nice home and, two weeks ago, the thought of being involved with teenage boys who would be able to dominate her thoughts and deeds would have made Robin laugh out loud. At her age, a lot of women lost a bit of their sex drive, and Robin had become so confused at why she was so horny and wet at the thought of being dominated by younger men. Was it because she was a virgin when she got married, or maybe it was because her husband always treated her with respect, and she had never been treated like a slut? The new experience had certainly rattled the hormones of this mature woman and she had never been so satisfied as she was when these young cocks were invading her cunt, bringing frantic feelings to her body and mind that she’d only ever dreamt about! She went to church each week, sang in the choir, she was usually conservative in her dress, she was quiet and intelligent and yet, in a small part at the back of her mind were these nagging thoughts that the treatment she had received and the attention she had brought upon herself had been fantastic, mind-blowing, a fabulous release from her conservative lifestyle, and certainly she had submitted to sexual experiences that had kept her full of butterflies with a wonderful itch in her loins.She was 5’9 tall with dark hair and a wonderful figure. Her breasts were beautifully huge and shapely at 39DD, she was still reasonably slim, and her bottom and long legs had remained firm and attractive all her life. Robin knew that, dressed in chic and revealing clothes, she could still turn heads, and where the young high school boys were concerned, well, they couldn’t seem to control their wanton lust as well as treat her with a contempt which made her shiver with excited submissiveness.What should she do, though? It wasn’t right to prolong this episode, she had a marriage to think of and her own son actually went to school with these guys. Her husband, Terry, was away at a Convention until Friday, and Robin knew that the sensible and right thing to do would be to stay at home, do some work on the computer, bake some cakes, water the garden, wash some…..Oh God, thought Robin, it’s driving me mad…..but then she thought the best idea would be to drive downtown and tell the guys it was over…they’d had their fun…..! What about the photos, though? She couldn’t let them be shown around college, perhaps even to her son, or complete strangers. The Internet….oh my God, the internet, thought Robin. Christ, I’ve got to get those photos destroyed!!Robin had been told to ‘wear something hot, Mrs K,’ so she would go to the parking lot near the gym, let the guys admire her outfit, but then she would become firm and demand the photos back, on threat of telling her husband when he returned. They couldn’t keep blackmailing her, could they? But Robin felt that itch in her pussy the more she thought about the issues. The big cocks that had invaded her so beautifully and so fully over her own pool table in the basement, the instructions, the feelings…..oh Christ, close your mind, and just get ready and go, and sort it out when you get there!She’d showered after breakfast, baby powder liberally massaged into her aching body, and then Robin dressed. The high heels accentuated her stunning legs, the black bra and tiny thong snuggled tightly round the contours of her shapely breasts and between her legs, and she couldn’t help but run her fingers between her thighs as she stood in front of the full length mirror. She knew she looked good but the control these guys had over her, even when they weren’t there, had thrown Robin’s daily life into complete turmoil……. Stop, stop, she told herself, as she could already feel herself getting damp, and she knew she had to control herself if she was going to win any sort of argument with the guys.The skirt was blue denim, never worn for her husband as it was disgustingly tight and so short she dare not bend over, with metal snaps down the front, and Robin decided on the skin tight, black sweater to curve round her fabulous chest and compliment the skirt. When she was dressed, she looked in the mirror again and knew she looked like a slut, but this just might give her enough points to be able to pacify James and Jon. Her long legs were bare in the Nebraska heat, and she knew now that there was no turning back. Robin was in a daze as she guided her car off the drive, and she was at the downtown parking lot at five to eleven, her nerves twitching and her stomach churning with butterflies.At last she saw James coming across the road from the gym and, even at his young age, he was rugged, muscular and had an arrogant way about him that made Robin hate him and lust after his youthful body all at the same time. His facial expression could only be described as a lustful smirk as he reached the open car window and looked down at her in the driving seat. Robin could see him ogling her legs, which were almost fully on view because of the way the denim skirt had ridden right up her thighs.’Gee, Mrs K, you sure look hot again, and you smell great. Glad you could make it.’ and Robin blushed as she watched the lust and eagerness coming out of his eyes. For a boy of teenage years, he was upfront and to the point. He knew Robin had no way out, and the more he treated her like dirt, the more she seemed to submit to his every whim.’Jon’s not here at the moment, but we may see him later. We’re going in my pick-up, Mrs K, so lock your car up, and you can leave it here at the parking lot.’ Robin smelled a rat and tried to argue the point, but James was uncompromising.’Mrs K, look, I want you to come with me, period. There’s no rush is there, so I’d thought we’d go somewhere a little quieter. You know you want some more, don’t you, and I can let you see the photos again, if you’re a good girl. Lock the car, now.’Robin knew James was in control, and she knew the implicit threat from ‘the photos.’ James had loads of pictures of her on his mobile, and she couldn’t afford to let them get into the wrong hands and, if the truth were known, Robin felt sort of excited and beautifully submissive at the way James was controlling the situation once more. Within 5 minutes, she was sat in the truck alongside the young college boy as he made his way out of town.’Where are we going, James, you didn’t say we were going out of town, and I really shouldn’t be doing this, James. Please, tell me, tell me!’ Her breasts were heaving under the black jumper, her knees were tightly together, but James could still look down at the huge expanse of fabulous leg on view beside him.’Now don’t panic, Mrs K. Everything’s all right. A friend of mine has a quiet little place a few miles out of town, and we won’t be disturbed there at all. Now, come on Mrs K., relax, and just let things happen.’ He slipped his hand across to Robin’s thigh and ran his fingers along the inside of her thigh. She shivered immediately at the touch, but kept her thighs closed. She tried to divert his thoughts.’Have you still got the pictures, James? You know I want them destroyed, don’t you? You promised last time, didn’t you?”Relax, relax, Mrs K. What’s the matter with you? You’ll get the pictures, later,’ and he grinned at the way the mature woman next to him was groveling for some sort of equality. ‘Now, just open your legs for me, so I can feel right up to your panties. You do have panties on, don’t you?’ and he grinned again.’You shouldn’t be doing this. You’re driving, James. You should have both hands on the wheel,’ protested Robin, but she gingerly eased her thighs a little way apart and James was able to use his free hand to slide right up Robin’s legs to feel her little thong nestling right into her cunt. Robin shivered again at the touch, and almost closed her eyes. Nothing more was said for 10 minutes or so, but James’s fingers caressed the damp crotch gently, and he could feel the lips of Robin’s cunt as he kept his eyes on the road. She was already on the wayward path to allowing this young college boy to dictate to her.During this time, the pick up truck had moved out of town and was now into the long, straight roads, the sun belching down, the corn fields beginning to appear on both sides. Suddenly, after a few miles in the Nebraska heat, James turned the truck off the road and down a bumpy road, the tall corn fields now almost hiding the views. Robin’s black thong was now soaking at the incessant rubbing from James’s fingers, her cunt lips open and her pubic hair wet and matted at the attention. She opened her eyes and could just see some farm buildings about a mile down the rugged track, and she began to panic.’Christ, James, where are you taking me? It’s not…..I can’t….oh my God, what are you……………..?”Keep your legs open bitch. And another thing…..for a church-going Christian, you sure use some foul language, Mrs K. It’s not lady-like, is it, coming from that sweet mouth of yours……I’m sure we can find a better use for those lips and tongue,’ and James grinned at the buxom woman who was feeling a mixture of fear and horniness by now. ‘Try and stop it, as things will only get worse for you! Anyway, you’re hot already, aren’t you? I can feel. It’s peaceful and quiet down here, and it’s a beautiful day, Mrs K. No-one’s going to disturb us here, so just relax. I keep telling you, just relax,’ and James pushed against Robin’s wet thong, feeling her cunt open up to the warmth of her inner body. God, Robin liked that, and she tried to forget about the predicament she was in.Her intention of telling James and Jon that she could no longer continue this charade was slowly melting into obscurity the longer she allowed James to dictate what was happening. They were already out in the middle of the acres of Nebraska farming land, and Robin had no idea where she was or how she would get back home without James. On top of this, James’s fingers had already weakened her resolve with the way they had caressed and excited her mature bahis siteleri canlı pussy……..oh God, she just couldn’t make a scene now!The truck quickly reached the buildings and Robin could see it was an old farm, surrounded by endless corn fields in all directions. The midday sun was beating down now, the heat sweltering as the truck pulled into the dusty yard between two sets of buildings. James got out and went round to get Robin out of the truck, and she realized she didn’t have a lot of choice, really. At the other end of the yard, Robin could see at least three other vehicles, including two more trucks and a sedan. She had difficulty in walking over the bumpy yard in her high heels as James took her hand and led her to the biggest of the buildings. He slid the huge barn door open and led Robin into what was obviously the main storage barn. It was huge, with bales of hay all over the place and hay covering the floor, and a few sacks of harvest lying against the walls. There was a ladder leading up to a loft, and the only light in the barn was that coming from the open door. Robin was lost, in the middle of nowhere, with James who had already aroused her by playing with her cunt as they had driven out to this God forsaken place. She was about to protest again when James suddenly grabbed her round the neck and forced his mouth right over hers. She tried hard to fight him off, but he was bigger and stronger than Robin, and easily held her in place as his lips crushed hers, and his tongue forced its way into her mouth.The two stood in the middle of the barn locked together as James went to work on Robin’s delicious mouth with his own. In her heels, Robin was nearly 6′ tall, and James was able to hold the back of her head in his powerful hand while he enjoyed the inside of her mouth with his wandering tongue and, although Robin tried to push his body away initially, she soon gave in and her body melted into a quivering wreck as the excited feelings took over once more. At last, James relented but still he held the thick head of dark hair as he spoke.’Look, Mrs K. We both know why we’re here, don’t we? You want to be here because you enjoyed the young cocks that fucked you the other day, didn’t you?’ Before Robin could reply, James went on. ‘And you also know that I’ve got loads of photos on the mobile, don’t you,’ and James took his phone from his jean pocket and flicked the ‘images’ page. He went through the catalogue of pictures, pointing the screen so that Robin was reminded of her activities only a few days ago. She began to protest, and blushed at the way she’d been too easily seduced and dominated.’And, Mrs K,’ he went on, ‘this is for you. Something I did especially for your enjoyment.’ He had brought a small carrier bag into the barn with him from the truck, and now James took out the contents. It was 3 ring binder, leather bound, and James grinned as he handed it to the gasping woman. As she opened the first page, Robin’s eyes bulged with shock. There was hard copy of her over the pool table, with Jon’s huge cock pushing into her open mouth. Robin flicked the pages, and she was able to see more and more of the pictures that had been on the mobile……only now they were clear, precise, graphic……and absolutely pornographic!’I thought, Mrs K, that you could keep the album as a reminder of how you enjoyed the servicing you got the other day. When we’re not here to fuck you, you can get yourself off while looking at yourself with your mouth and legs wide open. Oh……..I’ve got other copies elsewhere, so burning these won’t do any good.’ Robin was shaking inside with rage…but she did admire the quality of the photos, and the way her body shaped up in the submissive scenes, and all she could do was protest weakly.’Oh my God, James. You must get rid of those pictures. Anyone could see them…..what would my husband say? What would anyone say if they knew me? I’m married and go to church. You play ball with my son…..I’m not like that… just caught me on a bad day….Christ, James, this has got to stop. Now, delete the photos, and get rid of the album, and take me back down town. Please!’ Robin was pleading as sanity briefly returned to her brain, but James only grinned.’Don’t fuck with me, Mrs K, don’t be a prick-tease. I play ball with your son, and I screw his mother, don’t I……and what did I say about your filthy language? Look at the way you’re dressed again, today. You’re hot, Mrs K. The tight jumper showing off your big tits, the miniscule skirt on those fabulous long legs, and the way your pussy is so hot…….you know you want more of what you got….you were pleading for more the other day, weren’t you? How many fifty year old women are able to get teenage cock up their married pussy? You’re a lucky bitch. Mr K is away so there’s no need to rush, is there, and we can just relax here at the farm and take things nice and slow and easy. The farm belongs to Jake’s uncle, but they’ve gone away for a few days and Jake (another one of Robin’s son’s college buddies) is looking after the farm, so don’t worry.’Getting such compliments from one of her son’s friends did do things for the woman in her late forties, but she still tried to keep on a level pegging with the teenage boy and not let him get the better of her.’Christ, James, you’re such a bastard and….,’ but before she could go further, James pulled her to his lips again and his tongue pushed as far down Robin’s throat as he could get. Once again, she relented and fought his tongue with her own, their lips covered with saliva as they struggled to push hard against one another. James’s other hand began to maul the big tits through the tight, black jumper and then he moved the jumper up so that his hand could get to the thin bra which only just managed to contain the wealth of heavy flesh that fought to escape. Suddenly he stood back and admired the mature wife. He tapped some buttons on his phone, and then smiled at Robin. Her face froze.’What are you doing…who are you phoning? God, James you bast……..!’ She couldn’t finish.’Mrs K….in fact, I’ll stop calling you Mrs K. You won’t stop cursing, will you, so I think I’ll call you Mrs Slut now. I’ll call you the Mrs Slut, because, really, you like this don’t you, slut? Well, we’re in the middle of the corn fields where we won’t be disturbed and….’ Just then, footsteps could be heard coming across the cobbled yard, and Robin’s face became even more distorted with fear. She whispered harshly at James.’Who’s that? What’s happening, James? Christ, we’ve got to hide.’ James almost laughed at the panic setting in on Robin’s face, but he didn’t say anything as the footsteps got closer. Then faces appeared at the big, barn door. Robin recognized them all. Jon was there, the boy who had partnered James when Robin was fucked so beautifully over the pool table, Jake was there and the other high school boy was Randy, an Italian/American and built like an Adonis. They were all smiling and eating Robin’s body with their eyes, and for a few seconds there was a pregnant, nervous pause.’Come on in, guys. Say hello to Mrs K’ motioned James at last, and the 4 hunky college boys smiled and echoed the ‘Hi, Mrs K.’ greeting. ‘We’re all glad you could make it, aren’t we slut?’ but Robin just stood and shivered at the reality of the situation. Here she was, out in a deserted farm building in the wilds of the Nebraska corn fields, dressed like a hot hooker, no phone, no car, and four young guys who couldn’t take their eyes from her body. Although her cunt was wet, and her nipples bursting through her bra, Robin felt trapped and frightened.’No, no, James. Please! This is not what I planned. No way! Just take me home, please, and I promise I won’t mention it to anybody. I promise,’ but all the guys just grinned and watched the gorgeous body as Robin fidgeted frantically.’You know all the guys, don’t you, slut. Jake, Randy and Jon, all friends of your son, and all of us think you are one hell of a sexy MILF. We don’t want to tell anybody, either. We don’t want to say you were out in the corn barn with 4 of your son’s buddies. We don’t want to show your son any of the pictures of his Mom right over the pool table where he pots the numbers every night after school. We don’t want to guys, do we? Now, just relax slut, I think the name ‘Slut’ suits you Mrs K, don’t you? Just relax and realize that you want to have some fun with us. You really know you do, don’t you? We don’t want to tie you up now, slut, do we?’ All round the barn there were odd pieces of rope used for tying the bales, other implements one would find laying around on a farm, and Robin didn’t know if this was an idle threat or not. Could she take the chance? All eyes still feasted upon her.’Oh God, you guys. This is so embarrassing. You know it’s really not right. Why are you all staring at me………I got dressed up for you, so let that be enough….please……for God sake, what do you want?”What do we want, slut? We’re glad you asked that question, slut, aren’t we, guys?’ laughed James, and by now, all four of the hunky looking boys had moved closer to the tall woman in the sexy clothes. ‘Well, I think we’d like to see more of you. Yes, we’d like to see more of your body, slut. You can start by taking off that jumper. You know it’s too hot in here for that big jumper, slut. Go on. We want you to show us that hot body.’ Robin just stood in front of the four boys, afraid to look these leering young hunks in the eye, wondering what options she had. If she screamed, who would hear her? If she ran, where would she go? She was trapped with four muscular, young guys who had only one thing on their minds…to have fun and enjoy her feminine charms. How in God’s name, she thought, had she got into this mess in the first place? Robin knew there weren’t any options at all, and she closed her mind to any further thoughts, and took a deep breath.The boys were all good looking athletes, muscular and fairly handsome, and they all wore little vests in the hot mid-west sun, along with sagging jeans or cut off jean shorts. They were hunky guys, young and virile and fit from playing on the team, but she couldn’t help remembering that they were also the same age as her son, were in the same team as him….what if he found out or saw pictures of his mother carrying out lewd acts with his buddies. She just couldn’t do it there and then, like a stripper in a back street bar.’I can’t. You know I can’t. I can’t just stand here and perform for you. I’ve never done that for anyone, not even my husband, and I’m not going to start now!’ There, she was being firm and calling the shots. Sure, she had tantalized James and Jon by letting them see up her skirt back home, and eventually having her clothes taken from her before being comprehensively fucked in her own basement, but this was different. Now she was actually on display, 4 pairs of eyes agog, watching her every move. How were her feelings?Well, Robin was already soaking wet from James’s attention in the truck, and the raging deep-throat kisses he had taken from her only a few minutes ago had increased her feelings. Her pussy itched, her nipples were hard and aching against her bra, and she felt sort of powerful and proud at the same time to realize that young guys were actually excited about the ability of a middle aged wife and mother to get them horny. But they had obviously planned this venture, and she felt like a cornered rat in a basement, or a dancer up on the stage with canlı bahis the spotlight blinding her.The guys had got nearer, much nearer, and James was now right by her side, his arm going round her shoulders. Robin held her ground, his cologne reminding her how his fingers had caressed her luscious cunt in the truck. She felt the other three close to her, too, and James pulled her head round once more to subject her to another open-mouthed kiss that sent his tongue way down into the waiting throat. Robin couldn’t resist these harsh kisses and snaked her tongue back with just as much vigor.As she pushed her own tongue into James’s mouth, fighting him and lapping at him, she felt his huge arm tightly round her, holding one of her arms at her side while keeping her other arm wedged between his body and hers. His hand brushed against her black jumper and began to circle its way up to her huge tits. She couldn’t do anything, her arms were locked, but the initiative had been taken away from her and, at least, she was thankful that she wasn’t being asked to perform.The frantic, open-mouthed kiss continued in earnest, but Robin then felt another hand on her other side, and it too was playing with her jumper. Two huge hands started to maul her tits through the material, and suddenly Robin was weak, her cunt itched even more and the feeling of domination washed over her again. Useless to complain, she thought, and perhaps a little unnecessary now that those horny feelings had begun to return to her body. God, whatever was going to happen to her would undoubtedly be an experience like the other day in the basement, but would they be rough with her, or would they be kind and treat her like lady, or would they…….oh, God, I’m trapped, she thought.She broke away from James’s mouth to see that Jake was at her other side, and the two guys were soon lifting the jumper up her body, over the tight bra, and then they gave her no option and proceeded to lift the jumper right over her head. Robin could see Jon and Randy going behind her and then she felt a pair of hands undoing the bra and soon the black garment was cast onto the floor.’There, slut,’ grinned James. ‘I bet you feel better now, don’t you, now that your big tits are able to hang freely,’ and straight away he and Jake grabbed a huge breast each and started to maul them, pushing and pulling the supple flesh, lifting them up, running their fingers over the nipples and just enjoying the wonderful feel of a mature woman’s huge jugs. Already, Robin had mentally given in. She couldn’t resist the way they were holding her in place, taking all the decisions away from her, and concentrating their whole attention on giving themselves satisfaction and pleasure. Was she that sexy, and attractive, or was she just an easy slut? Robin put the question to the back of her mind, along with any thoughts of what might happen as a consequence. She remembered the way she had felt back at her house the other day, when James and Jon had slowly teased her out of her clothes, and now those feelings had returned. The hands on her breasts were now too masculine and firm for her to show any resistance at all. Lips now suckled on her nipples, biting the hard skin, pulling up and down, and she felt her breasts being moved in all directions at once. Suddenly she felt a hand undo one of the metal poppers on her tiny skirt.’No, no, please…..please……,’ but Jon was at her side, delicately popping a couple of buttons on the denim skirt. As her breasts were still being mauled and grappled with, Robin felt her skirt being slid up her thighs, right up to her waist to reveal the tiny thong nestling into her wet cunt. She was surrounded now, 4 young men all touching and caressing various parts of her anatomy, and all thoughts of protest and struggle evaporated from the mature mother.A hand went between the luscious thighs, straight onto the miniscule thong, and Robin felt the fingers pushing the material round and round, in between the opening lips which gave way with her wetness that had been increasing all the time. The fingers moved the thong aside and pushed into the opening cunt, gently sliding up into Robin who was waiting for (and hoping for?) the inevitable.There was hardly any conversation as each concentrated on the actions taking place. Each boy thrilled at the body he was exploring, the skin, the opening cunt, the huge tits, the soft mouth, the long legs that began to open to the intrusions, while Robin herself just allowed the hands to wander over any part of her body that they wanted, gradually taking over her whole being and submitting to their youthful whims.’Christ, she’s wet guys,’ groaned Jon, as his fingers continued to slide in and out of the luscious cunt. ‘Let’s take this off, Mrs K. It only gets in the way,’ and he had already started to slide the little thong down Robin’s thighs until it was hanging at her ankles, her waist now totally naked and available. Jon also popped the rest of the buttons on the skirt and that, too, was cast aside onto the hay on the ground. Robin was now completely naked apart from her fuck-me high heels, and she stood panting as the hands ran up and down her bottom, her tummy, her breasts and between her legs.’Oh James, what are you doing to me? You know I didn’t want this, b…….but……, oh my God…..!”I think you do want this, Mrs K, don’t you? Don’t fight it, slut. You shouldn’t hide a body like this away, not when it’s ripe for fucking, Mrs K. Not when it’s ripe for giving in and enjoying. You know you don’t get enough at home, slut, but Mr K can’t keep this all to himself, and you should be proud that the guys on the team think you’re a MILF and want to get inside your hot little snatch. Do you think your son would like the idea of seeing his Mom being naked with his team mates? What do you think, slut?’ He grabbed a hanging breast with his hand and then clamped his mouth onto Robin’s waiting mouth and another tongue fighting kiss ensued for a few seconds. Robin broke away again.’Not my son….no, never my son……never. He’s a good k**, and I’d never hurt him. If he ever……..if he ever………,’ and Robin closed her eyes to the thoughts that shot across her brain as she felt the fingers go back into her cunt, opening her lips to bring on those wonderful feelings once more. ‘Ohhhhh, please……please….’ but she was past caring now and shuffled her feet apart voluntarily, so that her thighs were open and condescending the violation.James suddenly left her side and made his way to the barn door, but the other three carried on abusing the naked body that was now feeling weak with the stress and excitement of what was happening. Randy, the big Adonis, now pushed his lips against Robin’s mouth and pulled her head to him with his big hand. His smell and tongue were different, strange, but so masculine and domineering and again Robin just melted and opened her mouth to allow her mouth to be explored. Her mouth was like a honey pot and she just loved the sensation of kissing the young guys now.Behind her, Jake ran his fingers down Robin’s bottom, between her legs and stuck two fingers up into her open cunt….’Uggg….’she groaned with surprise and wanton pleasure, and her mouth clamped even more tightly to Randy. James returned carrying a video camera and immediately he started shooting as he got nearer the group. Robin saw him out of the corner of her eye and threw a fit!’No, no, James. No, you can’t do that….please, not on film for Christ’s sake,’ she pleaded but of course it was in vain. James just grinned as he focused the video, and then admonished her again.’There you go with that language again, slut. What have I told you? I think we’ll have to shut her up, guys! Sit her down on the bale and hold her.’ There was a bale of hay close behind the group and Robin was shuffled a few feet backwards and firmly eased down to sit on her bottom.’Ouch…. This hay is prickly and I ……’ she protested, but she was held down on the bale by the guys and her arms were held at her side to prevent any more movement.’Now take turns, guys,’ grinned James, ‘or you can all have a go at once. We know what a great cock sucker she is, don’t we Jon, and I just know she’ll look great on film.’ Robin couldn’t move as she was held firmly, but she watched as the three boys unzipped their jeans and James concentrated the camera on the close-up. Jon moved in front of the seated woman and shuffled in close, waving his already hard cock near Robin’s mouth.’Suck it, slut,’ instructed James. ‘Let’s see that wonderful gobbling action that you do so well.’ Robin peered at each boy, looking up at them with eyes that didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Slowly she opened her mouth, those beautiful lips parting to take delivery of her first cock. Jon wrapped a hand round her shock of dark hair and pulled her onto his rampant cock and, just like the other day, he was soon into the motion of fucking in and out of Robin’s mouth.As it began, Robin moved into auto mode which switched off all senses apart from the submissive role. Worrying about where she was, what she was doing, and her reputation as a wife, mother and church goer soon disappeared completely. She was getting young cock, her desperate fantasies were being realized again, and she cast caution and fear to the wind. She lapped at the young, thick penis plunging into her throat and could also feel and see other hands playing with her tits and stroking her back.James was up close and trained the video on Robin’s mouth, recording the way she slurped the rod of meat, licking and sucking and swallowing like it was her last act on earth. Jon let Randy and Jake take their turn, each slipping their waiting cocks into the accommodating mouth, and Robin devoured each gift with relish, and soon it was unnecessary to hold her arms to her side. Now, Robin eagerly held each cock and was able to feed them down her throat, pushing as deeply as possible so that her chin grazed each set of pubic hairs as her mouth filled on each stroke.James handed the video to the others as he took his turn fucking the mature woman’s mouth, and soon there were 4 throbbing cocks all glistening with the saliva from Robin’s mouth. But they were impatient and wanted more.’Get onto the bale, slut. You like this don’t you? Giving blow jobs is one of your specialties, isn’t it?’ teased James. ‘Well, kneel on the bale and you can give us some more.’ Robin allowed herself to be moved up onto the bale in a kneeling position, and now both her mouth and her waist were available to the young men. She also knew what was coming from the four young college guys.’Say it slut,’ urged James. ‘You know what you want, so tell us, go on.”I can’t. You know……You know I can’t say it, don’t you.’ Robin pleaded.James smacked his palm right across the wonderful ass that jutted out at them.’Come on slut, just tell us what we want to hear,’ and he smacked the lush cheeks one more time.’Ouch…..ouch…., God, James, you jumped up little bastard…..just….just….you know, don’t you, just…. I want you to……….I want…..just do whatever you want!’The guys waited and James landed his palm once more. ‘Ouch,……oh God,…..just f…….Oh please, just fuck me. I want you to fuck me. That’s what you wanted to hear, isn’t it?”Good girl, Mrs K, that wasn’t hard, was it?’ and this had all been recorded on film and now the guys began to play with the slut once more.They pushed Robin’s knees apart as she knelt on the hay, they held her head and bahis siteleri fucked her mouth, they entered her from behind and gently fucked her open cunt, they played with her tits which hung down, swaying tantalizingly, and they occasionally smacked her ass as they pummeled into her body. Robin lusted into her task enthusiastically. She moaned and breathed heavily as she felt cock after cock go into her, thrusting their boyhood weapons deep into the mature mother’s cunt and mouth. Sometimes, she inadvertently looked up into the camera which caught her with a mouthful of cock, but the film also recorded the cocks going into her cunt doggie style.She was being slammed back and forth on the bale, her fists pushing down into the bale to hold herself steady, her cunt was raging but her body was strong, mature and able to withstand the onslaught. She felt proud as the guys spewed their cum onto her face or fired it into the depths of her body, but she was able to keep up with their demands because she wanted so much for it to continue so that her own orgasms would be like she had never experienced. The first one came while James was behind her, fucking his big tool as deep as he could get…..’Yes, yes, yeeeeeeeeeeeees……oh God, yes, harder, harder, go on………do it to me………please…..’ and Robin felt her nerves convulse, her waters give in, and the whole orgasm grind round her body. Yet, the guys just carried on swapping places, their young cocks able to carry on seemingly indefinitely as they subjected the big, firm woman to an endless bout of doggie fucks and blow jobs. If one tired, they would take over the filming for a while until they recovered, and this process went on for over 45 minutes.Robin ached, the prickly hay was marking her knees and wrists, but all the hands that were controlling her kept her in the right position as the 4 young cocks kept up their strength and slid in and out of her body. Robin’s juices ran from her body, mixed with the boy’s cum and then she suddenly felt fingers on her anus.’No, no, not my ass……I don’t want it up my…….God, no!’ and she turned her head to see Jake playing between the cheeks of her voluptuous bottom. The camera followed the fingers playing with Robin’s rose bud, and it saw a finger push in to open the sexy hole.’Go on, Jake,’ encouraged James. ‘She wants it….., she wants it right there.’ At her head, Jon pulled Robin’s face round again to attend to his needs, and she dutifully opened her mouth to take him, but she could feel the interference with her bottom and then, as a hand held her cheeks apart, Robin could feel a wet, hard cock push against her anus. She gagged on the cock in her mouth, trying to protest further, but Jon held her head in place, she was secured firmly and then she felt her virgin ass hole slide wide apart and Jake’s cock was in her.Slowly, but firmly and somewhat easier than expected, the juices that had run all over Robin’s throbbing body allowed Jake to push into her ass superbly. He held her hips in his vice-like hands and moved forward as his rigid cock disappeared in to the sexy, strong body. Robin, for all her protests, now started to get the see-sawing of a beautiful fuck up her ass. It was like nothing she had felt before. She carried on swallowing Jon’s cock in her throat and now moved back and forth as she became accustomed to a cock in her ass. She was being fucked at both ends, in her mouth and up her ass, her tits were heaving up and down as well as being grabbed and fondled and pulled by the guys, and the cameraman was taking in all the shots, the film of the seduction of the older woman being saved forever.’Uh…ugg…..aaaagh,’ Robin was grunting at each thrust into her, and Jake looked as though he was going to go all the way as he fucked the compliant ass hole. His rhythm speeded up, he pulled the heaving body into him and his strokes hammered deeper and deeper. James, on the video, shouted encouragement.’That’s it guys, give her your loads. Let’s see the cum all over her body.’ Jon slipped his cock from her mouth and held her head close to him, and Jake slid out of Robin’s ass. They continued to jack their huge cocks but only for a few seconds and then the two guys exploded almost simultaneously. Jon’s wad hit Robin in the face, sliding down her cheeks and chin, and then Jake fired his white fluid all over Robin’s ass and back. All she could do was pant and heave as she felt the liquid oozing on her body, and the exertion had almost taken her breath away. Was she satisfied, was she finished? James was going to make sure.’Take the camera, Randy, and turn her over on her back.’ Randy took the video and carried on filming while Jon and Jake gradually were able to turn Robin onto her back, on the bale of hay.’Ouch, God that’s prickly on my bottom and on my back,’ she moaned again. ‘No, no more please……..’ but the boys just smiled down at the cum-soaked wench as James went to one of the bins against the wall. He was soon at Robin’s side again with an item from the bin.’No, no……….James, don’t you dare…..not that, no….no….you can’t……..!My God, James, what are you going to do?”Hold her arms Jake, while Jon and I enjoy keeping her long legs under control.’ As he spoke, James was ripping the huge leaves from the ear of corn he had taken from the bin. As the ripe, green leaves fell away, it left the golden nubs of corn, beautifully shaped and perfect for its purpose. James licked the end and grabbed one of Robin’s long legs while Jon held the other. Randy moved in front of the group and focused on Robin’s heaving body with the video.’Christ, James, no, no, not that, not that, God dammit!’ but James ran the vegetable gently between her legs, down over her clit, up and down her red, raging lips and back over her clit again. It seemed to work!’Umm…..umm…….ohhhhh,’ and Robin was moaning again with pleasure.’See, you want it now don’t you, slut?’ He slid the narrow end of the cob just inside Robin’s body, only an inch or so, but already it was pushing her cunt wide apart, and her eyes had closed to concentrate on the feelings washing over her. ‘Say you want it, bitch, go on!’ and James pulled the cob back out and pushed it slightly in again. ‘Say it, bitch.”Oh God, you bastard……uhhh, oh yes,’ and she was frantic with the need. The guys grinned at each other and James pushed in a little further. ‘Say it properly, slut. Say you want it. Go on, you’re a cornhusker fucker, aren’t you? Now say you want fucking with it! Go on.’ ‘Umm, um yes, I want it, I want it. Oh……Push it up me, right up me. Fuck me with it, pleeeeeease!’ It was beautiful to watch her begging.The little yellow sweet kernels on the huge cob were so distinct as they disappeared up Robin’s cunt, but now she was past caring and James pushed in and out as Robin’s frenzy grew and grew. Her body was being stretched by the big vegetable, but it didn’t deter Robin, and in fact it seemed to spur her on.Jake stood at her head, holding her arms, and her legs were held wide apart as James toyed with her emotions.’You like this Mrs K, don’t you? Want more of this don’t you, Mrs K? ‘What do you think your son would say if he was here to see his sweet Mom getting gangbanged on a bale in a hay barn by his buddies? I bet he’d love to see you getting fucked with a sweet corn cob, don’t you?’ James went back and forth, back and forth, sliding the cob in a little deeper with each stroke. Robin just wanted to cum, whatever was being said or done to her. She was being shafted so harshly, her vagina being filled so wonderfully that she just wanted that fabulous feeling of an orgasm to finish her off.’I don’t care if he was here. I don’t care! Just fuck me, harder, harder, I want to…….I want it badly.”Do you think he’d want to fuck his Mom, Mrs. K. Do you think he’d like to see his Mom naked on her back, so that he could get on her and fuck her and plant his seeds right up inside her?”Yes, no…., yes, yes……just do me…..please do me….oh God……….yes, yes….he’d like…..he’d like to fuck me, he’d like to fuck his slut Mom just like you’ve done today. Fill my pussy with his gooey sperm…and make me…Ahhhhhhhhhh, yes, yes……ohhhhhh,’ and her words and the action in her body had brought Robin over the edge again. James held the cob deeply inside her as all the guys watched the sweat covered body convulse once more, the tits heaving up and down, the eyes closed and the body suddenly tense. Robin had orgasmed right in front of the camera and the 4 pairs of eyes watched every muscle in her body move and grip before easing slowly down to a shattered wreck. Her legs and arms were slowly released and her body just sagged down on the bale as Robin had neither the strength nor the will to make any movement. But just to add insult to injury, and to give the four boys a final erotic moment, James went to Robin’s head. He held her dark head of hair and pushed the wet cob in front of her face.’Suck your juices, slut. Suck them off for us,’ and he held the end of the cob against her lips. Robin had no choice, and no strength to resist, and just opened her mouth and allowed the first few inches of the glistening yellow vegetable to slide in and out of her mouth as James committed the final act of indignation. He looked into her eyes, and saw a woman who had been deeply embarrassed but also deeply satisfied, and this final act signified that Robin was now completely a slave to their youthful whims.At this very moment she had no regrets at all about what had happened to her. Her body had been made to submit to such wonderful abuse from these four young men, she had been controlled and fucked so firmly and relentlessly, and it had been yet another experience that she would recall whenever she wanted, in the dark, boring days when life at home had become humdrum and tedious.But slowly, as Robin came down off her dirty, erotic cloud, she knew she had to get away, to get home for whatever reason, to try and put herself as far away as possible from these vulgar events.’I’ve got to go now James. Please,’ and she tried to gather her clothes, even though her body was still covered with the powdery flakes that had dried on her skin. The guys helped her up from the bale, still touching whatever part of her body they could, but James just wanted to play one last trick.’I’ll keep the clothes, Mrs. K. You look so horny naked, so you can ride with me in the truck like that, and you’ll get the clothes back when we get back downtown.’ Robin looked aghast again, but there was no way she was able to fight or argue with the young boy, so she just stood and waited, naked in the afternoon sun.’Take her out to my truck, guys,’ called James as he held Robin’s clothes and gathered up his video. ‘I’ll be there in a moment.’ Robin, her whole body sore and aching, and covered in prickly marks from the hay, gingerly walked with the three guys out of the barn door and across the yard to James’s pick up. James looked up at the hay loft in the barn and saw a face looking down on him that seemed to express anger, contempt and, judging from the bulge in his pants, an a****l desire. James whispered up at the face.’Didn’t believe me, did ya? Your Mom is a great fuck, now you know. Up to you what you want to do about it! I’ll have the film ready for you tomorrow. Mom or not, you heard her she wants to fuck you.’The boy in the loft nodded in acknowledgement as he looked down at James. He had considered it impossible. Until today he would have been satisfied just getting a good look at those huge tits. Now he had the ammunition to get those enormous treasures in his hands and in his mouth, and to lie between those luscious thighs. No longer just a dream, he could make it a reality!!!To be continued…………..

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