The Dream – Part Four

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The Dream – Part Four“You dirty little bitch!” I exclaim as she soaks me with her hot piss, aiming directly at the tip of my cock, washing away all our combined cum from its shaft before moving the stream to soak my balls. “You dirty, dirty, filthy girl!” “Seems to be working, though, doesn’t it?” she laughs as we both look down to see my wet member growing into a proud, rampant stand. “So now are you going to fuck me?” “Yes I am,” I reply, “But since you’ve been such a naughty girl I’m going to have to spank you and after that, it’s not your pussy I’m going to be fucking!” With that, I grab her firmly, stand up, allowing my wet hard cock to slip between her own dripping thighs, and throw her playfully onto the bed… I jump onto the bed after her and we wrestle playfully, each trying to get on top of the other, giggling and laughing as first one gains the upper hand then the other. Finally I allow her to win and she kneels astride me triumphantly, allowing my slippery prick to slide into the groove of her delicious labia. She bites her lip as the hot tip brushes against her clit. Her hands hold my wrists and she stares into my eyes as she positions herself to allow me to slide deep into her. I stare back shaking my head slowly. “I told you I’m not fucking your pussy, dirty girl, I’m going to fuck your ass. So don’t try to trick my cock into your ‘front bottom’ instead!” She wriggles on top of me, attempting to impale herself on my cock but to no avail. The motion makes her breasts dance hypnotically in front of my eyes and I attempt to bite one of her nipples as it flashes in front of me. Then I break free from her grip and manage to pin her face down on the bed, holding her arms behind her back with one hand. I use the other to administer sharp, stinging slaps across her pert buttocks, which wobble just slightly with each stroke before turning a light shade of pink. I admonish her for peeing on me after each slap. She playfully screams canlı kaçak bahis at me to stop and desperately wriggles and fights against my restraining grip. Finally I stop spanking her and I stare wantonly at her hot, pink backside, admiring its new colour and its perfectly symmetrical shape. I start to stroke it, lovingly caressing each cheek, squeezing and pinching the taut flesh. My thumb slides between her cheeks and tickles the tight hole concealed between them. “No!” she says sharply but only semi-seriously, “You’re not going to put your big, nasty, horrid cock in there.” “We’ll see about that,” I reply, moving down to bite her buttocks with sharp little nibbles. I raise her hips up so she is kneeling and start to kiss the top of her thighs, sliding behind her before gripping her cheeks with my hands and pulling them wide apart. I start with long slow licks originating at her clitoris and running all the way to the top of your crack, pushing my tongue gently into her pussy and ass as it passes before returning to her clit and starting again. I repeat this until her breath is coming in short, panting gasps and she is pushing her hips against my tongue in short desperate movements as it passes her holes. Suddenly I push it deep into her pussy, thrusting it in two or three times as far as it will go before pulling it out and sharply biting her clit. Then I force it deep into her ass, filling her with hot, sticky saliva, stabbing it inside again and again before pulling it out and licking all over her pussy and ass then forcing it deep inside her ass again. I continue to probe and lick till her whole body is shaking with anticipation and her back hole is dripping wet and gaping. I move into position behind her and slide my slippery prick between her buttocks, as if familiarising it with its destination. She pushes back onto it, shuddering and biting her bottom lip. “Is this what you want, Suzy? Would you like this inside tipobet güvenilir mi you?” I whisper in her ear, pulling it out then pressing it gently in again. “Will you take it all? If I start I’m not going to stop till it’s deep inside, all the way. That’s what you get for pissing on me like a slut… I said I wouldn’t fuck your pussy again, didn’t I? If I’m going to cum inside you again today, it’s going to be in here,” I push slightly more firmly at the entrance to your ass. “So are you sure you want this, Suzy?” She nodd in reply and manages to gasp “Yes please…” in between short breaths. I grab a big handful of her soft golden hair and pull her head back, firmly but without pain. I use my other hand to steady the tip of my cock just inside the entrance to her wet, twitching butt hole. “Then take it all.” I say, tugging back on her hair, forcing her to move back, impaling herself on my hot, throbbing cock. She inhales in short, incremental gasps as she slowly allows her butt to consume me, half-inch by half-inch. Her mouth is wide open but she is quite unable to form any words. My grip on her hair remains firm and insistent, ensuring continual progress. She is caught between fear and anticipation, on a knife edge of pleasure and trepidation. She is not in pain but feels that she cannot be stretched wider, cannot take any more, yet cannot bear to stop. Surely she will pass out with the height of ecstasy if it continues any further. Just as she is sure she must stop or she will faint, she feels the touch of my hips against her skin and knows I am fully inside. “Oh God, Suzy!” I gasp, almost cumming immediately. She feels my huge, hard cock twitching and expanding inside her as I struggle to regain control. Her tight little hole flexes and grips me, almost making me lose control again. Slowly I take charge of myself and start to slowly withdraw in a seemingly endless stroke. She senses that I am going to completely bahis siteleri withdraw and pushes back to prevent my cock from escaping it delicious, tight, hot, wet captivity. Just as it feels it is about to slip out, I start to push back inside. The sensation of being re-filled is almost as overwhelming as the first time but it happens slightly more quickly, coming to a firmer stop as the full length slides into her. Again she gasps and trembles as my firm fingers grasp a buttock while the other hand holds tightly onto her hair, like a rider on a beautiful filly. The tempo of the strokes increases gradually with each repetition but each is the full length of my engorged prick. She can feel it swelling slightly larger each time it re-impales her, it twitches each time it is fully embedded, releasing another large drop of clear cum which serves to further open and lubricate her. Soon we have become a frenzied mass of writhing body parts, joined as one and perfectly in harmony with each other, meeting and matching each others movements, calling out to each other, moaning wildly, exalting the other, begging for release and conclusion. Sweat streams from us as the pace quickens again, the emotional intensity rising with our passions.“Oh, Suzy, I want you… You are the best of the best of the best… Oh God…” “Sir, cum in me now, please..!” Finally she feels me tense and shudder and each thrust becomes more frantic than the last. Her own climax grips her with ever greater waves of unstoppable pleasure and she pushes herself onto me as hard and as fast as she can before feeling the hot release of spurt after spurt of cum deep inside her. The tempo slowly subsides and finally stops, me buried to the hilt in her soft, yielding body. I collapse beside her, still inside and we lie like that, me holding her body close to me as she shudders and shakes with the aftershocks of fulfilled pleasure. I kiss her neck and back and ears, nibbling the lobes and licking the fragrant flesh of her neck, languishing in the tactile pleasure of a beautiful lover. Her eyes close as she relaxes in my strong arms, “I will always love you, Suzy,” I whisper softly in her ear as we drift into a deep and satisfied sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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