The flight

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The flight”Another long boring flight” I thought “8 hrs on a plane what a night mare” as I sat down travelling all over the world had seemed exciting to start with but the long flights to America and back soon lost their appeal. I looked up and a girl was stood there “hi” she said ” Im in that window seat do you mind if I squeeze past” ” er no of course not” i replied and jumped up to let her in, she smiled her thanks and sat down I sat back down and smiled at her “simon” I said sticking out my hand “Sheryl” she replied with another smile and shook it.”god” I thought “she is lovely” my eyes travelled down her body while she was looking out of the window she was wearing a white blouse and a short black skirt curly light brown hair to her shoulders blue eyes and a pouty cupid mouth I re-evaluated my first impression lovely AND sexy maybe this wouldn’t be such a long boring trip after all at least i would have someone pretty to talk to.Eventually the flight took off and I settled down to watch the inflight movie I kept glancing across at Sheryl I noticed her blouse gaped and I could see some cleavage damn this girl was impressive what a big pair of boobs I couldn’t help my self I kept glancing across she was irresistible eventually the inevitable happened and she caught me looking I immediately looked forward my face burning with embarrassment when i eventually dredged up the courage to look back she was watching the movie with a hint of a smile on her face.I kept glancing across at her and as I did I became aware she was showing a bit more cleavage and leg or was it my imagination I kept glancing across “yep definitely showing a bit more” I thought. with that the stewardess came down offering drinks I got a beer and I asked Sheryl if she wanted a drink “why not” canlı bahis şirketleri she said ” Ill have a vodka and tonic please she smiled as I handed her a drink we started chatting talking about work and long flights and family just general chit chat. Another movie started it was Sharon stone in basic instinct “oooh” I thought “great this is the film where you get to see Sharon Stones pussy” so I was avidly waiting for the bit at the start and it was cut out my disappointment must have been obvious because Sheryl laughed out loud “ha ha I know what you were waiting for” I smiled my face must have been a picture. she said “I thought you would have had enough anyway I saw you looking at me earlier on” I blushed and said “oops Im sorry I didnt mean to ogle……but you do have a fabulous pair of boobs” Sheryl laughed and said “thats ok it was very flattering” …. “so” I said with a big grin “if its so flattering can I see some more” to my utter suprise she actually looked about to see if anybody was watching and said “maybe” with a smile “I cant just get my tits out here though can I?” and with that she leaned towards me so i could see right down her front “mmmm” I said my face covered in lust ” that is fuckin gorgeous” I whispered to her My cock was rock hard by now I just wanted to bury my face in her cleavage. “you like” she said ” yes i do” I said “you know I would love to see a bit more” she smiled ” hang on a minute ” she said and off she went to the toilet and was gone about 5 mins. When she sat back down again it was clear she had taken her bra off my heart was pounding my cock was screaming to be let out she shrugged out of her jacket her blouse was sooo thin I could see her nipples mmmm they were so suckable, she leaned forward canlı kaçak iddaa again letting me see all the way down mmmmm her tits were so big and round I was dying to reach in and pull them out but i couldn’t even though the flight wasnt full and I could have probably got away with it I sensed Sheryl wouldn’t be happy if I tried that …… yet.”God your boobs are lovely” I said not taking my eyes off them “how do i get to see them all” I said ” well” she replied ” if you keep a look out for any one coming I will give you a quick flash …god I cant believe I am doing this” she added with a grin so I kept watch up and down the isle while she opened her shirt front “ready” she said and I looked down “oh my god ” I whispered in front of me were the biggest pair of boobs I had ever seen they were rounded and soooo full with lovely brownish nipples that just needed to be sucked…. I was stood up keeping a watch out for people coming and she said ” well no need to ask if you like them” looking at my trouser front my cock had formed an obvious out line bulging out ” your turn now ” she said fastening her front up so I glanced up and down the isle and reached for my zipper and let out my cock this time it was her turn to exclaim out loud my cock sprang out ” oh my god “said sheryl her eyes wide and riveted to my trouser front we were both caught up in the danger of being caught now and both of us wanted to fuck I put it away and sat back down she threw a blanket across our laps and I reached up and turned the lights off I reached across and started to rub her leg she parted her legs as I did so so I could reach up further and further to my delight she had taken off her knickers as well as her bra started to caress her clit she leaned across and canlı kaçak bahis snuggled into my arm as I slipped a couple of fingers into her alternating between rubbing her clit and fingering her she gripped onto my arm and whispering “ohhhh thats fukin great im so wet mmmmm keep going” I kept going fingering and rubbing her sopping pussy she gripped on to my arm tighter and tighter whimpering and moaning in my ear ” oh my god I cant beeeeelieve im doing this oh fuck keep going mmmmm yessss” her hips started to work against my hand people were walking past all the time this really turned me on cos although they couldn’t see anything I was literally fingering Sheryl to an orgasm in front of the whole plane. “mmmmmmm fuuuuuuuck” said Sheryl signalling her orgasm had arrived “ohhhhh my god” she whispered in my ear “that was sooo intense I love being fingered in public” i smiled at her “im glad u liked it I know I did” I saidher hand crept across onto my lap and she started to rub the front of my trousers kneading my already hard cock through them rubbing up and down the shaft she pulled down the zipperReached in and pulled out my cock “mmmm” she whispered”Big hard and wet just how I like them I am dying to suck it” her hand was busy stroking up and down the shaft pulling the foreskin back and forth my breath was coming faster and faster I could feel my orgasm building my cock was swelling in her hand getting ready to blow ” keep an eye out”she said and pulled the blanket to one side revealing my cock and bent over it “ohhhhh god” I moaned her mouth was so hot I could feel my cock twitching and swelling as her head bobbed up and down maintaining a delicious vacuum she was actually sucking the The spunk out of me and with that I shuddered and came no longer caring who could hear or see us I shot great spurts of cum into her hot mouth and she swallowed it all suddenly it was all over her head came up and we looked at each other and smiled ” that was amazing” I said can we rest a bit then go again “mmmmmm yes please” said sheryl

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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