The Longing

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The LongingThe LongingI know when she’s ready. Mya goes quiet and distant and dark for a couple of weeks, she won’t let me get close to her then she makes that long distance call from my office with the door closed. When she emerges an hour or so later I can already see a change in her demeanor. It’s like a weight’s been lifted from her shoulders and her dark mood seems lifted, she smiles and d****s her arms around my neck, holding me close and kisses me fully on the lips for the first time in weeks. This is the pattern of her life that re-emerges sometimes, it’s been almost eight months now and when she’s goes out I can see dates in the diary planner have been crossed out in red pen for several days next week with a question mark on the sixth day. We both know what this is, an unspoken message that’s become part of her very existence and not open for discussion. She’s already been on-line and booked an open ended airline ticket and I don’t even need to look at the destination… it’s always the same, as it has been for the last five years and it would be pointless attempting to stop her.She seems quite relaxed this time, I guess she knows exactly what to expect by now but I’m sure he will have some surprises ready for her, he always has. We never speak his name and if she refers to him at all it’s the ‘Master’. An understated euphemism for a guy who is a real professional in his field of work when satisfying a woman’s darkest needs… and Mya has plenty of those. Ever since I’ve know my wife, she’s had a hidden dark side that rarely surfaces. She controls her feelings very well but I’ve seen another side to her. It’s always been agreed between us that I can watch her… she knows how much pleasure this brings me and as always, she reassures me that the ‘Master’ will send me the encryption code to his video link so I can watch her torment… I feel dejected, reduced to nothing but a long distance fractured voyeur. As I help her pack I can see she’s happier than she has been for weeks and as she waits for the taxi, she kisses me and reminds me it’s what she has to do, It’s important to her. I just hold her in the silence… ‘miss you already’ I whisper as she slips her wedding band into my jacket pocket, a symbolic gesture to remind me that she is no longer my wife when she is with the Master – she belongs only to him. Day OneThe house feels so lonely now without her and I sleep fitfully for the next two nights and nervously I wait the interminable wait… checking the computer in my office every few hours with the blinds drawn for news of her existence, I wait for the video feed, I don’t even know if it’s streaming live or a recording? – I never know. Finally the silence is broken and as I see the email appear, I’m immediately exited, but a part of my very soul feels a dark shadow of dread, knowing what I’m going to witness.I click on the link and nervously type in the code. Immediately I can see images appear of two dark shapes moving in front of the lens as the cameraman follows the two men through the gloom into another much brighter large subterranean looking room. I’m a little anxious, I’ve never seen two men ‘attend’ to Mya’s needs before – only the Mater and his cameraman. It’s a large foreboding space with cement walls and ceilings, maybe fifteen feet high, timber frames are attached to one wall and a long, wide shelf takes the weight of his ‘tools of the trade’, various whips, floggers and canes together with trays of surgical equipment and various items in plastic packets.The camera pans round to the right and my heart jumps in my chest, I immediately see an unforgiving white halogen light trained on Mya’s restrained body in the middle of the room. I shudder and take a sharp intake of breath my senses are on full alert as the image jerks a little as it adjusts – having the cameraman move around is so much better than the fixed camera he usually uses. The thousands of pixels on my screen display the bright sharp image… Mya’s pale dejected fleshy body secured to a familiar St. Georges cross. She is no stranger to the glossy smooth, dark timbers in the shape of an “x” with Velcro bands holding her wrists and ankles tight against the frame and separate wide straps cutting tightly into her fleshy thighs. For a fleeting moment she almost looks like she’s being crucified. I have seen this ancient looking heavy cross before, It’s attached by ropes and pulleys to fixings in the ceiling to allow her body to be tilted or laid flat – the heavy timbers welcoming her back and caressing her vulnerable exposed body like an old friend. I wonder how many women or perhaps men have been restrained against these unrelenting timbers.Her arms are outstretched and straining at the cuffs, I can see stubble beginning to appear under her armpits and I can clearly see her tears of humiliation mixed with dark streaked mascara running down her face. Her milky white body looks unwashed and dirty and I can hear her softly moaning. As the camera pans in for a close-up shot the lens captures the anguish on her face. I reach out and touch the screen trying to canlı kaçak iddaa connect to her somehow to wipe away her tears with my hand. I’ve watched her like this before, many times, over and over again an unsatisfied desire burning into my subconscious as I watch her…. two thousand miles away out of safety. My ‘contracted-out wife’ in conflict, enduring the intense ‘corrections’ of her master and his assistant, allowing tortures to be inflicted on her detached willing body, driving out her demons to who knows where…They say that punishment should be proportional to the deed and I can only begin to imagine what dark and shameful deeds Mya has done in her life to allow him to inflict this sort of treatment on herself. The punishment that leaves scars – mentally as well as physically.The cameraman pans out a little and I can see the master in the picture now dressed in black, almost benign and unassuming as he stands in front of her, such a contrast against her paleness. She is standing on a raised platform at the base of the cross and is looking down ashamed – her dirty lank red hair is covering her face. She is naked other than her black patent high heel shoes and lacy black panties, provocative but ridiculously out of place in this sexually charged scene. Her unrestrained belly hangs over the lacy band as she leans down slightly against her restraints, her unsupported fifty three year old breasts are sagging and as the camera zooms in I can clearly see the multiple black wires leading from underneath her panties between her thighs dr****g to a sophisticated looking E-Stim control panel in the foreground connected to a computer screen. I can only begin to imagine her feelings of fear and anticipation as the vaginal and anal probes violate her intimate body cavities as they have done many times before. I visualize the anatomically shaped electrode probe pushed deep inside her familiar ribbed vaginal canal my fingers know so well, metal contacts rings at each end coated in conductive gel – her labia lips closed over the entrance with just the wires showing. The anal probe I know will be a very different shape, more like a butt plug held in place by her strong sphincter muscles.He lifts her chin up with his gloved hand and makes eye contact with her for a few seconds then leans forward and whispers something I can’t just make out, then takes a couple of steps back to the computer. She doesn’t take her eyes off him as he makes a selection on the touch screen. The cameraman captures her whole body instantly convulsing and twisting uncontrollably from side to side as Mya squirms against her restraints, electricity coursing through every nerve fiber in her body – I can hear her chilling scream over my speakers as breath escapes from her lungs and watch as her soft belly and abdomen expands and contracts and ripples involuntarily over the top of her panties, the current alternating between the probes buried deep inside her then just as quickly she goes limp crying and sobbing, deep breaths drawn in gulps like momentarily she’d forgotten how to breathe. I can see sweat dripping down her arms and body glistening on her forehead and face. He approaches her and I see her flinch as he reaches forward and gropes each breast hard, almost methodically looking for a reaction in her face, her nipples look swollen and dark against her pale skin… for a moment, he seems to be admiring his work. There seems to be an unspoken connection between them as I watch, she looks frightened and for a moment looking directly at the camera – almost into my soul. I see her body contort microseconds before I heard the scream – piercing my heart as her whole body goes absolutely rigid against the cross then as the computer program changes, I watch her convulsing and straining against her straps, her body twisting and contorting, she’s gasping now as waves of intense electricity transfer to the metal rings of the probes deep inside her alternating in a cruel pattern of shocks against her rectum and vaginal canal, reaching up into her mucus filled greedy cervix. Her belly and abdomen ripple over the waistband of her panties and as she subsides, I notice she’s smiling.. she just had the most amazing orgasm! It was then that I realized my cock was absolutely rock hard and unrestrained under my robe.He stood back and let her recover for a few moments and moved towards her again. His strong hands gripped both her breasts twisting them hard, her sobbing was absolutely pathetic. The cameraman zooms up close to her as the current is once again sent on its short but deadly journey to violate the innermost depths of her sexuality I am so stimulated and exited now as I watch her writhing in such delicious ecstasy as she welcomes the subjugation. The Master is standing in front of her for a few moments, watching her, fascinated by her distorted violated body. She looked up and smile’s fleetingly; there was almost a look of love in her eyes. Mya’s not married to me at this moment, I’m completely forgotten – she’s given herself completely body and soul to him. He owns her internet casino nowHe watched her impassively, raising his black k** covered hand against her soft neck, harshly lifting up her jaw and pulling back her cheeks looking into her tear stained eyes. He stepped back for a moment and both his hands moved forwards to grip her breasts again, harder this time, gripping and twisting the mounds of soft white flesh, twisting her nipples – something I have wanted to do myself so often but been denied. She looked up defiantly as he increased his hold and almost imperceptibly he released his right hand and brings it upwards in a quick palm upwards slap under her soft mound. She winced visibly and moans at the sharp sting he had inflicted, he let the other breasts swing fee before slapping both breasts hard… knocking the wind out of her.He waits for a moment for her to recover and as she looks up at him he quickly slaps both breasts… right, then left, in quick succession, Mya gasps and cries out in pain, panting like a woman giving birth to subdue the pain, rivulets of sweat running down her arms and face her lungs expanding quickly to absorb more oxygen. This time she doesn’t look up as he moves away into the shadows. I am so hard now and aroused as I shed my robe – my cock is rigid in anticipation of the pleasure it’s going to receive as I lean back and pull back my foreskin to fully expose my manhood. I carefully squirt some lubricating fluid on the purple angry looking glans and rub the sticky slimy fluid with my left hand. My veins engorged with blood feel good between my fingers as I wait for her tormentor to return to his work.He re-enters my vision with a multi tailed flogger, stroking and caressing the worn greasy leather tendrils between his hands as he circles her, letting her see the instrument that will shortly be used to great effect on her soft fleshy body. She’s no stranger to this old friend that’s searched out so many intimate parts of her body over the years then he reaches up and grips her sweat covered neck in his tight grip, his other hand moving her long hair to each side of her head and behind her shoulders. Then with both hands he draws the flogger tails across her exposed neck from left to right letting her feel the leather tendrils, then he does something I’ve never seen before – he recoils slightly and pursing his lips for a moment launches a massive glob of spit on her face and full lips, I’m mesmerized by the incandescent trail of slime running down her face and on to her breasts. She looks up and smiles as he looks away and takes a step back to gather inertia before lashing her sagging breasts with a single stroke. I almost see the cruel infliction before I hear the singular dull ‘schlop’ as the narrow leather tails flatten against Mya’s soft skin. She looks up momentarily, almost surprised before opening her lips to exhale the deep guttural womanly sound of a single moan to penetrate the entire room.Good god… I almost cum in my hand as I steel myself to carry on watching this barbaric display as he launches his ferocity across her belly, standing back to absorb the pitiful sobbing coming from deep within her. I can see the pink whelts starting to appear as he continues to lash her body, including a harsh upward stroke between her legs right into her labia… he tries to make her count out loud the interminable number of cruel strokes. Mya is shaking now almost unrecognizable as she twists her head from side to side shaking of the demons calling for more. He moves close to her and bends over whispering something in her ear, she lifts up her head, but with her eyes closed, absorbing the words like mist into her senses. I watch with so much excitement, my hand gripping my shaft in tense jerks, “don’t stop” I cry out loud… I need to see her take more punishment for my own sadistic pleasure! The ‘Master’ lets her recover for a few minutes before reappearing. He is accompanied by a younger man, perhaps about twenty five with red hair, dressed like his employer in black and returning with some small clear cellophane packets and long handled metal clamping tongues with shaped plastic coated tips which he places on a small table. I notice the Master and his assistant are now wearing latex gloves. The cameraman zooms in as the assistant tears open a pack and pulls out a small white colored swap and starts gently wiping each of Mya’s nipples and breasts in turn under the scrutiny of his employer, I watch her tense up and gasp with the sting of the antiseptic, she knows this is the gateway to a whole new experience.He discards the packet and stands to one side awaiting instructions. Mya watches him impassively as the Master picks up the clamping tongues and directs his assistant to hold her left breast steady and as the cameraman moves around for a better shot, I see him pinch and roll her nipple between finger and thumb for a few seconds increasing it’s size and blood flow then very quickly raises the metal tongues in position squeezing them tight against her engorged nipple gripping it hard. Mya looks up without canlı poker oyna a sound in an accepting subservient trance as the assistant hands his Master the opened end of the packet and I watch as he withdraws the stainless steel hypodermic needle, pulling off the protective plastic tip ready for use. It glints as it catches the light and his assistant lifts up her breast as the Master pulls hard on the tongues towards his chest to concentrate on her stretched nipple. They exchange eye contact for a moment and Mya visibly flinches as he holds the gray plastic hub between his finger and thumb showing her the hypodermic needle, she nods her acceptance almost imperceptibly and he tells her to take a deep breath and exhale slowly, then quickly and deliberately he pulls the nipple away from the dimpled areola and starts to penetrate her distended virgin nipple with the sharp unforgiving intruder, watching it engage her soft nerve laden tissue as he pushes it hard to overcome resistance before it emerged horizontally on the other side of her deflowered nipple. She looks down in a trance, endorphins and hormones are now flooding her bloodstream to help her pain subside, she’s hardly believing what’s happening to her as she opens her mouth taking a huge lungful of air but she doesn’t scream, then she slowly exhales through her mouth again. She looks straight into the camera lens with an uncharacteristic look of determination to accept her subjugation submissively and acquiescently.He directs his assistant for a second needle and repeats the insertion process, this time vertically and on the border of her nipple and areola, from the top downwards, the cameraman capturing the point of exit under the nipple as her skin bulges momentarily before submitting to the unforgiving hypodermic. He opens the pressure from the tongue clamp releasing her dark dual penetrated nipple and the camera zooms right in to her newly violated flesh with its two shiny steel adornments crossed at right angles – I am beside myself with lust… her breast look absolutely amazing. He expertly repeats the same process with her other nipple and stands back watching her intensely before quickly removing the clamp tongues from her right nipple. I guess the whole process took less than ten minutes. Mya has never been blessed with particularly sensitive nipples and derives little pleasure from me sucking them during lovemaking. This would explain her reaction to the needle insertion into what many women would find extremely painful. She told me later the pain was bearable and she found it quite arousing. The Master hasn’t finished yet as he opens another two packets removing the short hypodermics and grasping her left breast he pushes it quite deliberately and forcefully straight into her skin just above her areola. The needle disappears completely into her breast tissue leaving only the plastic hub visible. Mya gasps and looks up expectantly, her eyes following his as he moves to her right breast. Again her holds her steady as he pushes the second needle right into her soft breast tissue at right angles to her skin until the second steel needle has disappeared from sight. The ‘Master’ whispers ‘good girl’ and she smiles – she looks so erotic and the penetrations emphasize her beautiful nipples and breasts in a way I’ve never imagined. I can’t begin to describe my feelings, I shuddered as I watched the first and second needle penetrate each nipple and watched open mouthed as the other needles were buried deep into her flesh it was indescribable. I’ve never seen her accept a needle before and the shock soon subsided beyond anxiety into unrelenting, undisguised lust as I erupted, ejaculating semen in spurts across the floor.The Master now stands in front of Mya and carefully extends his hands to hold her breasts hard, taking care of the protruding needles. He moves his hands in a circular movement as Mya looks down admiring the sacrifice she has made. And even though in some pain, I can see her smiling she is so enjoying this special pleasure.The Master pulls her panties to one side checking the probes. He snaps his fingers and the assistant hands him surgical scissors which he uses to cut away her soiled panties exposing her naked torso. Still wearing surgical gloves he holds open her labia lips with the spread fingers of his left hand and like a surgical operation, he gently pulls the wire and the probe clear of her beautiful shaved cunt, mucus drips out down her thighs. What a wonderful sight she is. He repeats the process with the withdrawal of her anal probe.Both men spend the next few minutes untying her restraints and holding her hands they help her step down from the cross. She is visibly shaky for a few moments before regaining her balance and composure. Watching her standing there still with those amazing violated nipples and breasts is so damn erotic. She looks down and admires her breasts and I can see she’s relaxed a little, proudly lifting each breast to show the younger man for his inspection. She turns to the camera and thrusts her breasts out showing them off for the viewers pleasure!I would give anything to be there in that room and hold wonderful big breasts, I would love to hold those needles in my finger tips and move them around, in and out of her nipples, subjecting her to more pain and torment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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