The Mammaries

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The MammariesJust a few months ago, I was sitting in my jail cell on death row blissfully awaiting the unjust execution for the murder of my wife.Well blissful, compared to some of the things that have happened to me since.My name was Dean Samuels and it all started about a year and a half ago.At that time, I had been married for about 5 years. I had always wondered how an average Joe like me could be interesting to someone like her. By profession, my wife was a Microbiologist, a leading scientist in the area of gene splicing research.Me, I was just a 34-year-old, 5′ 10″, 200# Electrician working for a major city in the northwest. Granted I am smarter, than your average electrician is. I have often heard I don’t work up to my true potential.I’ve never been what you might call ambitious, but I always seemed to have everything I needed.One day I came home and there was blood all over the entryway of our home, I mean a lot of blood!I freaked out totally and started searching the house calling out my wife’s name, “Diane!”I went through every room, every floor, I could find her nowhere. During my hasty and frantic search, the police showed up claiming a neighbor had heard several gunshots.I was promptly arrested, and charged with her murder.No corpse, no murder weapon, no motive but I was convicted.The coroner claimed the blood was a DNA match for my wife’s and the quantity was sufficient to indicate she would not have survived the loss of so much. He also claimed I must have used a chipper on her corpse for that quantity to be splattered all over the walls and ceiling. For motive, they claimed I had to be dissatisfied with our relationship due to her long work hours and extensive overtime hours she put in.Hell, I was proud of her! I had been willing to sacrifice some of our time together. I new her work was important to her, and possibly even the human race, which made me, love her even more. I would never harm her!Sure, I would have liked to have more time together, more sex, and more romance. I was content to have whatever time she could spare me. If Albert Schweitzer’s wife could handle it so could I.None of these things seemed to matter to anyone during my trial, and due to my ‘showing no remorse’ for my heinous crime I was sentenced to death. Hell, I was innocent, for what was I supposed to show remorse?Around a year later, I found myself on death row with some mutton headed priest wanting me to confess to my sins, as if I was guilty of killing my wife!I get strapped onto the table with and I.V. in my arm, they go through all the magic legal phrases, I feel a warm burning sensation crawling up my arm and my lights go out!Okay, the next thing I expect to see is a bright white light and maybe heaven. The last thing I expected to see was the face of my wife peering at me through the side of a huge aquarium, in which I seemed to be floating.I had several tubes stuck into my body in various places. The weirdest part was nothing was stuck to my face. I seemed to be breathing water! I started to panic and thrash about.My wife spoke into a microphone, “Just relax dear you’re all right! You are breathing a super oxygenated fluid, it’s very natural, before you were born, in your mother’s womb, you breathed a fluid for 9 months, just breath normally.”It must have been dreadfully easy to read my face. I figured the afterlife would quite different to what I was presently experiencing. Just my luck too, my wife was a scientist here too! Only difference, I must be a lab rat in this life.She spoke again, “I know you are really confused right now dear, I’ll try to explain. A little over a year ago the military and CIA uncovered a plot to assassinate me. They felt I had to go into hiding, but I couldn’t bring myself to tear you away from your life and family. I thought if you believed I was murdered, you could forget and go on without me. I love you so much, and I knew I hadn’t been there for you as much as I should have. I wanted you to be able to live out a normal life with someone who could devote the time to a relationship you deserve. It might break your heart, but I only wanted what was best for you.”Now she was choked up and crying but continued on, “I had been storing some of my own blood for research purposes. I gave 4 pints to a couple of CIA agents so they could stage my death.””I threw myself into my work, because thinking about you, and the pain you must be going through, hurt too much to think about. I missed you terribly, and any time I thought of you, us, all I could do was cry.”She had to stop to wipe her eyes and blow her nose, “We are so far remote at this facility in New Mexico, and news about your trial wasn’t covered here. I didn’t find out about it until one of my assistants came back from visiting her parents in Washington with a newspaper article about when your execution was to be held””I nearly went insane! I was raising hell with the CIA, the FBI, everybody I could get my hands on, and I even called the President! There were so many agents and high-level government official working on how to save you, and also protect both of us it, was like they had moved half of Washington DC here!”The first thought was just to spring you and have you exonerated. The CIA said if that were to happen, the factions that were after my death would figure I was still alive, and you would never be safe from being k**napped, to be able to get to me.””It was suggested to covertly spring you after your ‘execution’ and place you in a witness protection program. I told them that would be worse than having brought you with me in the first place!””Then some penny pinching moron in the state department started with talk about ‘justifying the expense’,” at this point she lost it completely and started crying so hard she couldn’t go on and left the room for a bit to compose herself.Up to this point, I had been content to just float there breathing and listening. Now without the stimulus of her explanation, I began taking stock of my situation. There were the tubes coming from various places on my body with different colored substances flowing in and out of my body. I was feeling pretty stoned, and relaxed the only really uncomfortable issue I seemed to have, was the tube stuck up my ass. Other than that, it was kind of like being Aquaman (no there were no gills).Diane returned slightly better poised, “I’m so sorry honey, but when push came to shove, the only way they would let me save you, was if I agreed to use you as a subject in my experiments. You being a convicted murderer, the government authorities didn’t ask any questions, they just turned you over to ‘The Office of Scientific Research’. A coffin with a John Doe was buried with a headstone naming it your final resting place.”She swallowed hard, “So no one will be looking for you, no cops, no spies, and no bounty hunters. As far as the rest of the world is concerned we are now both deceased.”That was the good news.”The bad news concerns you being in there. You were always so considerate, not asking me about my work, since you knew it is classified. Now I can finally tell you, but I wish I didn’t have to. You know my field is genetic engineering, you don’t know my specialty, which is retro-genetic engineering. In layman’s terms I specialize in the modification of living organisms, and you my love must be my next test subject.” She couldn’t look me in the eye anymore.Her voice kept getting smaller and quieter, “Okay, confession time, you also don’t know that before we were married…””Before I met you…””Oh hell, you were the first and only man I ever slept with!” she blurted out.She could tell by my expression that I was still puzzled. She took a deep breath, “Honey, I’m a Lesbian. I still can’t believe how much I love you, a man no less. I never wanted a man to touch me, until you. You were, so loving and gentle, just like my lady lovers were. I couldn’t help myself, my girl friends, and other lesbians, even envied me. Do you know how special that is? I know you don’t think you do, and that makes you even more special.”I wasn’t sure where she was going with this and I tried to say, “So what does that have to do with me swimming in here?” However, it came out, “Gurgle, gurgle buzz gurgle.””Don’t try to talk sweetheart the fluid makes that impossible, your vocal cords will not work right with the fluid you are breathing,” she explained.”I can guess what you were thinking though, why am I telling you this now, it concerns what I must do to save your life, I didn’t want you to think what is going to happen to you would have to mean an end to us.” She still couldn’t look me in the eye.”It’s all my fault. I screwed up both of our lives. I’m so, so sorry!” She lost it again, but this time she didn’t leave, she just sobbed into her hands for a while.I tried to swim down a little closer to her face and touched the glass near her, trying to calm her.She noticed and said, “Oh, oh God…” and ran from the room.All alone, again I started to explore my new environment. I discovered the tank entirely enclosed with a round hatch near the bottom, securely locked of course. Outside the tank looked like the set of some Sci-Fi movie, lights, dials, buttons, switches, and monitors everywhere.About that time I noticed Diane come back, this time she brought moral support. The woman with her was a red head, about 5′ 8″, 120lbs., great figure. My eyes immediately drawn to her large bust, which I only allowed my eyes a mere moment to take in, but I could tell she noticed me notice. Between my wife’s strikingly beautiful face, her curly brunette hair and 36B bust standing a mere 5′ 6″, and the redhead, the viewing gallery was beginning to give me an erection. (Give me a break I just spent a year in jail for Christ’s sake).Both of the ladies noticed and looked away grinning.I got hold of my hormones and relaxed things. Even had the ladies not been present I would have done the same thing, it seems I had been catheterized. If you haven’t ever had a catheter believe me, you don’t want to be sporting a woody too! Way uncomfortable!With her new companion for support she went on, “Ah, honey, I have to change you.” She seemed to be studying the control panel intently.The redhead spoke up, “Diane maybe it would be easier if I tell him?””Okay but be kind, he doesn’t deserve this, and I know he wouldn’t choose this, remember I still love him,” she warned!”Yes my dear Diane, and since I love you, I guess I’ll have to carve a place in my heart for, hi… hi…” she cleared her throat, “HIM.””Now dearie, my name is Sophie. I’m one of your wife’s colleagues,” She went on, “The fluid you are floating in, not only is it super oxygenated, it is doped with estrogens and some very sophisticated mutagens. The tubes in your body are supplying you with nutrition, transporting wastes, and administering d**gs and more mutagens.I started to get a clue about what the tank and equipment are to do. I liked myself as I was so I started to try and pull the tubes out of me.Sophie’s hand shot out and quickly flipped a switch.I could no longer move a muscle.She clicked another one and I felt warm and distant then she leaned over to the microphone and said, “Sorry I had to do that, but it’s for your own good. At this point, we must go through with the experiment. The only options left open to us is certain cosmetic differences and whether or not you can maintain your identity and memories. There was much heated discussion as to what would be the most humane. Most of us tried to convince Diane you would be better off without all the baggage of your life getting in the way. She stood her ground, and she argued that if we did that it would be worse than not letting you die from the lethal injection.””So don’t force us into that option, please. Diane means a lot to all of us and we couldn’t bear to see how hurt that would make her. Right now you should be feeling very warm and happy so I’m going to turn off the neural block I set, to disengage your motor functions.”She was sure right about that. You could have cut slices of meat off my arm and I wouldn’t have cared.”Good boy, okay I think we’ll keep you doped up like this for a while just to keep you from doing anything stupid.”Diane finally spoke again, “Oh God Dean, please don’t worry I promise the changes I make will not hurt, and I hope you will even begin to be able to enjoy them, in our new lives. I hope you won’t hate me when this is over, but I’ll understand if you do.” She started crying again and Sophie put her arms around her and held her, while I just floated in the tank blissfully.I heard Sophie tell Diane, “Come on hon., he’s going to be out of it for a few days now, and we have lots of work to do!”I must have dozed off. When I woke up Sophie and Diane were outside the tank and this time I observed several white lab coats engaged is various tasks.Diane looked at me, “Oh good you’re awake. Please don’t do anything foolish, there is nothing any of us can do to stop the changes, since you have already undergone a fair amount. I know you are feeling very weird right now, and everything should be looking a bit larger to you, that’s to be expected.” She was right too. The tank seemed to have nearly double in size.”You should be feeling weak as a kitten, this is normal too. I’m going to ask you a question, answer by using thumbs up for yes, or thumbs down for no, Okay?”I gave her Thumbs go up.”Good, you should be feeling achy and certain discomforts where the tubes are attached, what I want to know is are you feeling any great pain anywhere?” she askedI signified Thumbs go up.”Oh shit, where?” she was immediately concerned.I placed my right hand on my chest.”Is it a sharp pain?”Thumbs go down.”Does it radiate down your arm?”Thumbs go down.”Is it an achy feeling pain?”Thumbs go down.I think she finally began to catch on, “Is it your heart?”Thumbs go up.She almost whispered the next, “Is it broken?”Thumbs go up.She lost it and ran from the room crying. Sophie went to the microphone and said, “Bastard!” Hit a switch and I was out again.The next time I came to, Diane was there again, “Dean, I really am so sorry, I don’t want to do this. I really don’t, but I can’t bear to loose you again, at least not have you die or have no chance for some kind of life in which you can be happy. I promise I won’t run away again, even if your mean, I probably deserve it. Don’t worry about Sophie, she’s not allowed back until her attitude toward you has changed. She’s been a real comfort to me, but I heard what she said to you, when I listened to the recording of our last time together. I was so mad at her, I vowed that I would be strong and handle whatever you throw at me.”Okay maybe she thought I was being a bastard last time, but a lot of shit has happened to me for over a year due to her and it wasn’t over yet! I hadn’t meant it the way she took it.”Do you understand sweetheart?”Thumbs go up.”Good, now I’m going to explain some things so don’t get excited. You are mildly sedated but once again, you have motor control of your new body. You should only be in there another 24 hours, so I want you to start trying to move and use some of your newly remodeled appendages. Can you do that dear?” she asked.Thumbs go up.”Now if anything hurts or, you don’t feel comfortable, if you want us to stop, wave your hand Okay?” She asked.Thumbs go up.”Very good honey. Frankly, I am very pleased with the way you have turned out so far. At least as far, everything our instruments can tell us. Now we just need you to do a few things so we can confirm your new body is working all right. Okay can you take your right hand out away from your body and bring it up to touch your nose?”I did as she asked, but it was almost hard to find my nose, it was so small.”Great, now can you move your leg below your knee and bring it back to touch your butt,” she directed.Wow, that felt weird!”Now you are in for a shock so take is slow sweetheart take your left hand and bring it up to your right breast,” My eyes must have been the size of silver dollars judging by the look on her face. “It’s OKAY Deane, go ahead, and do it.”I brought my hand up and encountered a B Cup sized boob on my chest! Just the light touch I gave it, felt wonderful.”You can let go now, oh, I suppose I can wait just a bit while you enjoy that,” she teased.I didn’t want to let go it felt so nice, but I did.Diane had a bright grin on her face like the one I hadn’t seen in over a year and a half. Seeing her smile, I couldn’t help it I smiled too.She saw, and leaned forward putting her hand on the glass and said, “Oh Dean…’She started tearing up again, but fought it down.”This is going to be real weird but we need the feedback. Take your right hand and bring it between your legs and feel, be very careful we don’t want you injuring yourself,” she was watching me intently while technicians in the background scurried about.I brought my hand down as I spread my legs slightly and encountered just a bare patch of skin, no wait down a little further I felt an indentation, uh oh, my middle finger slipped in between my labia and encountered a tube coming out of my cunt, my catheter. My hand jerked back and ran into my clit. Nuclear powered electric sparks danced through my brain. Wow! My back arched all by itself and I wriggled around in the tank.”Dean, I am so happy. You are going to be one hot little lady!” she was clapping and jumping up and down.I’m sure I was blushing she told me, “Dean dear, don’t be embarrassed, I told you to do it, and my staff is all ladies, so believe me they understand.””OKAY I’m going to increase your medication for a while, you need your sleep, and I’ll see you tomorrow when you can finally get out of there,” she promised.Sometime during the night, I came groggily awake by the sounds of someone moving around outside of the tank. It was Sophie, she was muttering to herself and twisting dials, “Turn Diane against me will he, we’ll see how you like packing these around.”That’s all I remember, I fell asleep right away.”Oh my God!” I heard sharply through the tank speakers, which brought me almost immediately awake. “Honey, what happened?” Diane asked, as if I could I could answer.She ran about the room frantically checking her instruments. When she came back to the tank she spoke, “Was someone in here last night?”Thumbs go up.”Did she have red hair?”Thumbs go up.”She will pay for this, I promise, but for now there is nothing I can do the process is complete and it will be quite some time before we could put you back in the tank and change anything. They’re really not that bad sweetheart, to be truthful I’ve always liked them on the large side,” she rambled.I had no idea what she was talking about and I guess she finally caught on because she told me, “Dean take your left hand and bring it up to your chest.”I started bringing my hand up but I didn’t get anywhere nearly as far as I did the day before, before I ended up with a handful of nipple. No I didn’t mean boob I meant nipple. They had to be at least 5 inches across. I know my eyes must have rolled up into the back of my head and I think I started convulsing.”Dean, Dean! Can you hear me? Are you all aright?I couldn’t respond. My whole body locked, in the grip of ecstasy.Diane swung around and started examining gauges when she turned back I was finally beginning to able to interact with the universe again she said, “Thank God, I was really worried! So how did you like your first orgasm as a woman?”I’m sure I had a massively stupid grin on my face judging by her expression when I gave her Thumbs go up.She was grinning from ear to ear I think this was the happiest I had seen her in two years, “It’s time I think that you were born again.””I’m going to go through some of what you can expect so you won’t be freaked out by it. I’ll be releasing the lock door, just ride the fluid out of the tank I’ll be waiting when you exit with one or two of my other colleagues, not Sophie. Try to relax and let us do all the work. We will be turning you so that you can empty the fluid from your lungs. It will feel really strange and it might be a little difficult to breath at first. Once we feel there is enough fluid out of your lungs, we will place an oxygen mask on you to make it easier for you to breath, until your new little lungs get accustomed to breathing air again.The nurses will be very gently, and I mean VERY GENTLY,” she gave a warning glance toward the nurses, “cleaning your lovely body from head to toe while, I and a colleague remove the tubes and wires from your body, I promise it won’t hurt,” she looked toward the colleague, “we will be using a lidocaine suspended in Dimethyl Sulfoxide in an aerosol can to deaden the area prior to removing them.””The DMSO is used to transport the lidocaine to the deeper tissues to help insure there is no pain.””Once you are cleaned up and bandaged, you will ride a gurney to your room. Your around the clock, nurses will be at your beck and call. If you want anything, anything at all, you mention it to a nurse and if you don’t have it in 20 minutes, I promise the guilty party will crawl into your room and kiss your ass while she begs forgiveness!””You can expect your first ass kissing within the day when I think you are up to it. Sophie should be awake and able to do it by then, after she receives her new implants!” there was a very determined look on Diane’s face, and I could see the a frightened looks on all the faces on the other side of the glass, both of these thing told me what she said would happen without fail.”Are you ready now, darling?” she queried me.Thumbs go up.”Here we go!” and she flipped a switch.I was splooshed head first through a short tunnel, dragging all my tubes with me, and came to rest after crossing a grating, on to a very soft blanket.There was Diane and a crew of lovely ladies, quite gently holding my head as I coughed, what to me seemed like gallons of fluid from my lungs. There must have been at least 5 ladies cradling me in their arms. How damn small was I?One of them started crooning and rocking and after only a second, it seemed they were all doing it. Some of the ladies were dabbing at my skin gently to clean me, while Diane and her colleague would squirt some liquid onto each area I had tubes coming out of me.It felt so good I couldn’t believe it!”OKAY Dean, now I am going to remove your catheter and anal tubing, try not too tense up. I’m deadening your vulva now,” she explained.I felt something cool and wet down there, then a weird loss of sensation, “Now honey I’m slowly spreading your labia, tell me if you feel anything, you know thumbs up or down. Here I go…”All I could feel was the gentle swaying motion of the nurses.”Good, good, you might feel the medicine deadening your inner lips now,” Diane continued.To tell the truth I didn’t feel a thing just warm and cuddly.”I’m pulling out your urinary catheter now, tell me if you feel anything,” she was determined to make certain this was a pleasant experience.Somewhere a little girl was cooing in a high voice, wow did she sound content. Wait, the cooing was coming from me!One of my nurses giggled. Good thing it made me smile, or she might have been in big trouble!”All done with that one sweetheart. One more to go and we’ll get you into a comfy nightie and take you to bed.”In unison the nurses upended me slightly, “A little cool wetness here. Woops, nurse hand me one of those soft towels. I think you are enjoying this honey, aren’t you?” as she took the towel and dried my juices off my butt, “OKAY now the cool fluid.”My butt went numb, “For this I’m giving you two shots because it’s so deep and you’re so stretched around it.”I didn’t feel any thing but the rocking.”Puling it out now…””All done! Now you ladies remember his new skin is super sensitive right now. A scratch will feel like a knife wound. One shriek from him and its curtains for you!” she threatened.All those soft tender hands collectively maneuvered me into a downy soft silk nightgown. I was still pretty stoned, but when one nursed hand accidentally brushed softly against my right breast, it brought on another massive orgasm. My back arched everything locked up and my nurses and nightie were drenched in pussy juice!All the nurses froze terrified Diane would think I had been hurt. She just bent over to my face and kissed my lips, this made me orgasm again.”See how sensitive ladies, now you know why I stressed gentleness,” she said grinning, “I think he liked it though. That and now we have to get a clean nightie and more towels to clean him up.”My nurses started breathing again. One of them cut off the nightie and threw it away, while another ran to get the nightie and towels. While they waited the nurses began crooning and rocking me again.One of my nurses whispered to another, “My God, she’s adorable.” About this time, the towels arrived and I was dabbed clean and very carefully dressed in another silk Nightgown. This one had pretty pastel pink and had blue flowers all over it. I was placed on the gurney so gently it hardly registered I had been set down.”Time for your ride Dean,” Diane said, and I promptly felt the gurney moving ever so slowly.I don’t think we could have gone more than 100 ft when Diane announced, “Here we are darling, I know I promised you a private room, but if it’s all right with you, I had my bed moved in here so we could spend more time together, and I can personally make sure you are being cared for properly. So thumbs up or thumbs down?”I have to admit so far, other than my transformation, she had taken damn good care of me so far. I knew I had never stopped loving her, even during my executed. I was a little pissed when I learned she was still alive, but I was getting over it. All these thoughts flashed through my head in a mere moment. For all intents and purposes I replied instantly with a Thumbs go up.She was so relieved she forgot herself, much to the dismay of my nurses, and said, “Oh, thank you sweetheart,” and gently kissed my lipsYou guessed it! I orgasmed and soaked the nurses, the gurney, my wife, and myself.She blushed and said, “Oops. Oh, what the hell!” and kissed me again, and the tidal wave struck again.Most of the nurses looked annoyed, but the one who had giggled before, giggled again, and I smiled again. Diane motioned the group out of my hearing range, then pointed at her and said, “You,” all the color drained from her face, leaving it nearly the same blonde color as her hair, so certain was she that her life as she knew it was over. “What’s your name?” she asked.”Sally,” was the nearly inaudible reply.”It seems my husband likes your giggle, you are now assigned to him 24/7!” Diane said smiling, having known all the time the young nurse was ready to wet herself. “Oh, and as of now, consider your GS rating bumped two levels.”One of the other nurses had to reach out and steady her because she appeared ready to faint.Diane continued, “You,” pointing to one of the other nurses, “What’s your name?””Millie,” Replied a mid-thirtyish red headed nurse looking like she had to pick the lady or the tiger.Diane asked her, “You are the one who started rocking and crooning to my husband first, are you not?””Yes, ma’am.””Same deal as the other nurse,” said Diane, ” and the rest of you have done an exemplary job as well. Consider yourselves on Port and Starboard shifts and care nurses for him, upgraded one GS rating. Just be certain to remember my instructions, as well as my threat! Anyone have a problem with this, speak up now and you can return to your normal duties, with my thanks?”There wasn’t so much as a throat cleared.”Great! Now there are a couple of things upon which I’m going to insist. My husband shall be referred to as, he, him, his, Mr., and your husband. At all times, until either he, or I inform you otherwise, and rest assured I will not tell you until he tells me. Now on to a more delicate subject, normally and technically I am not allowed to ask this question if anyone is offended I’ll apologize now and those easily offended may again, leave now,” she instructed.Again, there were no takers.”I am pleased. I will state the question in a moment but before I do, what we say between us next, remains with us. The people standing right here, right now, if I hear word of anyone breaking this trust, what happens to Sophie, you would beg for, believe me. I want all truthful statements, so I want everyone to feel that whatever is said is beyond any crypto-clearance you have ever heard of, agreed? Last chance to bail out!” Diane offered.Only silence ensued.Diane continued on, “Are any of you lesbians, Bi-sexual, or open to new experiences? Your answers will not effect your status, but I really need help with him that goes above and beyond the call of duty.”All but two of the nurses admitted to their willingness to provide any needed services, which might or might not, find themselves asked to perform.Diane breathed a sigh of relief, “Since you have all been honest with me, I feel obliged to be honest with you. I am, and have been a lesbian, virtually all my life, excepting for my all too brief marriage to that wonderful man sleeping there. Now you can see why it is so important to me he receives nothing but the best of care. I love him so much I ignored my sexual orientation.” Now her voice started to tremble and she started tearing up, “And now I owe him more than I can ever repay. Because of me he was arrested for, he was tried and convicted of, and executed for, my murder. I took away his life, his family, his friends, and his manhood. I don’t know if he will accept me any longer. If he retains his normal sexual orientation after what I have done to him, I intend to see that, at least during his convalescence, he receives enough sex to satisfy his increased libido. Even if he does accept me, if he expresses a desire and you are interested, consider my permission given, I am not a jealous woman and I will accept any part of his love he is willing to grant me. I realize this all might sound like it is contradictory, I mean a lesbian in love with a man, so much so she destroys him? I swear everything I have told you is the truth, and if I could swap my life, to return his, I would do so in an eye blink!”By the end of her story there wasn’t any of them not crying and even one of the devout heterosexuals volunteered to try womanly sex, if she had the opportunity. I learned all of this later of course. I had a tough morning being born and all!When I woke up the redhead was humming a lullaby and rubbing my tummy. I felt so warm and content, as I can’t remember when! She saw my eyes open and said, “I see you are awake Dean, are you feeling well? Just nod or shake your head. There is plenty of time to work on speaking later.”I nodded a bit confused. Now I had spent my share of time in hospitals, and no nurse I ever had or heard of treated patients this good! She hadn’t even quit rubbing my tummy, not that I wanted her to, it just made me feel wonderful.”My name is Millie. Diane has made me one of your two primary care nurses. Your other nurse’s name is Sally. There are four more nurses, full time dedicated to just you. All you need do is make any desire of yours known, to any of us and our instructions are to fulfill it immediately, if it is within our power to do so. Anything beyond our power to grant, we refer to Diane, and if it is humanly possible, I believe she will make it happen. I have only known her a short time now but I would not put past her making a few things not humanly possible, happen as well.”I had not noticed but she had pressed a call button and virtually soundlessly four other nurses appeared by my bedside.Millie spoke again, “This is Sally,” pointing to the cute young blonde with the giggle. “We differ from the other nurses, only in that we live here 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So if you want either of us for any reason, and I do mean any reason, we have pledged to Diane to provide that service for you, even including sex.”By this time, I heard someone running down the hallway. As I looked over Diane ran into the room.Millie looked down at me and whispered, “She instructed me to inform her the second you were awake, so she could be here.”Diane was still breathing too hard to speak but she came over and kneeled by my bed gently taking my hand and holding the back of it to her face. The nurses, with the exceptions of Sally and Millie, all quietly evaporated from the room.Diane caught her breath, “Dean, please forgive me!””It’s OKAY Diane,” one of the ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ ‘Chippettes’ said. At least the voice I heard sounded like a ‘Chippette’. However, I feel certain my lips had moved. Diane leapt up and went to put her arms around my neck and both, Sally and Millie stopped her.Both of them intoning, “Stop!”Diane realized what she had almost done and quickly straightened up saying, “Thank you ladies.””And thank you Dean. I really wanted to hug you, but your guardian Angels were right to stop me. Your body is so sensitive right now, I could have either hurt you, or sent you into an orgasm. You probably remember a few of those already,” she grinned sheepishly.”Oh yes, it was wonderful!” I wasn’t sure I’d ever get used to this voice, I bet it could shatter glass it was so high! At least it brought a smile to her face.”We have a lot of work to do still, but for the rest of today we still have to keep your activity limited. By later today, the sensitivity of your skin will begin to diminish to near normal levels. I say near normal because you will always be more sensitive than most women will. So we have to keep your physical activity limited for now.” She turned to the nurses, “Ladies I have to give him an examination at this time. Millie, please call the others back to help us.”With that, even though I didn’t see it, I knew Millie had pressed the buzzer that summoned the other nurses. When they arrived the railings were dropped and one of the nurses pulled out a pair of scissors and cut my night gown from the neck hole to the bottom and up each sleeve splaying it open leaving me, that is to say the new me, Buck naked on the bed. I must have been blushing because Diane said, “It’s OKAY Dean everybody here is a professional and has already seen you naked many times. Of course there is nothing wrong with blushing so go ahead just know, I have only people around you now, who all love you.””OKAY Diane,” the chipmunk said.”First I want to measure how tall you are.”Four pairs of hand held the tape measure close to, but not touching my body.”Forty six inches,” Diane said, “Ladies we need to lift him now.”The ladies touched me ever so gently, only in non-erogenous areas. That is, anyone but the new me. My little heart was racing. With all of those soft hands holding me, I couldn’t help but coo.They all paused at once, to allow me to calm down a little. They next lifted me up and Diane wound the tape measure around my waist stating, “twenty eight inch hips, twelve inch waist, twenty five inch chest, and fifty inch bust. Lets see that makes you a 30 M Bra Size, and you wear about a size 14 in girls sizes for the bottom half. We have to probably go with a woman’s medium for your blouses.””That’s all for now sweetie,” and Diane had them set me down incredibly carefully.”I have to go and do some things right now, and since your angels will have to dress you again anyway… ” She leaned over and kissed my lips.I came like a force-five twister, drenching everybody. Before Diane left she looked over to my nurses and said, “Expect company at about 6:00.” and with that she left.”OKAY sir, it’s time to clean you up, but before we do that I need to know if you need to attend to your bladder?” asked Millie.I hadn’t had this body very long. I have hardly moved it at all. So I took stock and there was some pressure in my lower abdomen, not exactly the same feeling, I am used to, so I said, “I think so.”Sally told me, “I’m going to bring the head of the bed up, so you are almost sitting up, tell us to stop if it is uncomfortable, don’t try and be tough, your so sensitive it could become unbearable in a mere moment. Can you do that?””Sure,” I nodded, but I thought, ‘damn what am I blown glass?’I heard the motor whine while four pairs of eyes watched for any sign from me. I didn’t feel anything until I reached enough inclination and my giant boobs gently swung together in my lap! Wow that felt good, I didn’t quite orgasm but it was close! I must have looked goofy because I heard one of those infectious giggles come from Sally, it reminded me of the hooker on ‘Crocodile Dundee’ I would never tell her that though.Everything stopped until I caught my breath.Sally went on with her near ‘Chippette’ voice (another reason to like Sally), “Now we are going to lift you up, just enough to place the bedpan under your tush, ready?”I nodded, which might have been a mistake. My gelatinous mounds began quivering and sending wonderful electric bolts of pleasure through my brain.Millie said, “Maybe you should try talking, just a little more for now, nodding your head could have us changing sheets all day!”Both Sally and I giggled at that. Then I felt all three pair of hands seek the least erogenous area they knew of, and began slowly raising me up. The instant my butt cleared the bedpan the one nurse not holding me slid it under, and down I went onto it. I gasped sharply, and even cried out a little, while the ladies hovered me above the frigid pan. They were looking back and forth between each other afraid they were toast, and trying to think of how to solve the cold bedpan problem.Sally came up with it first, “Dean, so sorry. I have a change in plan though. The bedpan is right beneath you, as I’m sure you are aware. Do you think you will be able to pee, while we hold you?”I had stopped shivering by then so I said, “It’s OK. I can’t believe just a chilly bedpan could shock me like that!” I went on, “I suppose I can try, but I have to warn you, when I was a man there would be no way I could do it.”Millie reassured me, “Just relax, and pretend you are floating and we are not here.” She took one of her hands and gently rubbed my tummy again. Wouldn’t you know it, some other girl started peeing because I heard the steady stream, just like when my wife peed? Oh my God, the girl was me! I could feel the pressure reduce, and finally went away all together, and the sound of the stream stopped with it.”All done? I wasn’t sure if it was a question or a statement of fact I saw the bedpan scooted out and felt a soft cotton diaper dab at my pussy, “There, that wasn’t too bad, was it?””It sure was different,” I said.They set me down and Sally told me she was lowering the bed. They brought me down to a less inclined position. I saw two nurses scurry out of my room, only to come back, with a tub of tepid water, a new silk nightgown, and more diapers pushed in on a clean gurney.”Bath time,” said mother Millie. Up I went again. All the nurses but Millie had hold of me while, Mother Millie cleaned me up with her oh so gentle touch.”That’s taken care of. Into your nightie you go!” and she slipped it over me.They placed me on the gurney while my pit crew stripped and re-made my bed. I was marveling at the teamwork, but I didn’t get to marvel long, for in moments I was floating back into my bed. Sally snatched a comforter (I was kind of shocked, never seen a comforter in a hospital) and snuggled it around me. She asked, “Would you like to watch television while we bring you some breakfast?””No, I don’t think so, is there music available?””You bet! Diane picked out some she knows you like, just to have ready if you wanted, anything in particular you want to hear?” Sally asked.”If Diane picked it out I’m sure any of it will be fine,” we had pretty much the same taste in music. (We both required it to have more than 4 notes repeating!) She went over to a panel and started a MP3 storage recorder on random play. About then I realized, Mother Millie was still rubbing my tummy. I got the feeling she really cared about me, and what I was going through. With that thought, I started tearing up and she asked me what was wrong.”Everyone is being so nice to me! I really want to thank them all,” I blubbered. “There, there, they all heard you just now and I’m sure they appreciate it, you just relax now, you’re not used to all this estrogen yet,” wow there’s a scary thought!I don’t know if my nurses were telepathic or what, but via some undiscovered means Millie had communicated her desire to get me a mild sedative, because one of the other nurses appeared by magic with it.Mother Millie said, “This is a mild sedative, it won’t knock you out, but it should help to take the edge off for a while. Now open your mouth and lift up your tongue…”Sally squealed, “That is just adorable.”She was so kooky that I had to smile, although I saw Millie give her a reproachful glance as she used an eyedropper to place two drops of medicine under my tongue. She tried to hide the label from me but I could see in bold letters ‘c***dren’s formula’ on the bottle. After I swallowed, it occurred to me that I had no idea what I looked like anymore.So I asked Mother Millie, “I have not seen what I look like yet. Could I get some kind of mirror?”Millie looked as if she was going to panic. As if I had said the one thing, she dreaded most to hear. Sally it seamed had thought ahead and said, “Diane has requested to be here when you see yourself for the first time, we will get you the mirror if you can’t wait, but I thought you should be made aware, it seems like a big thing for her.””I can wait,” I told her watching Millie’s heart start beating again. “Please tell me if I ask for something again, that Diane wanted to be here for, or has told you she would rather I wait, I don’t want anybody to have to walk on egg shells around me. I like you all too much for that.” (I can hardly believe how sappy I sound, especially with that cutesy voice of mine.)Sally assured me they would tell me, and thanked me.Breakfast arrived. It consisted of a small bowl of oatmeal, about two tablespoons, with brown sugar on, and a small glass of luke-warm milk.I stared at it. Millie understood right away, “I know you didn’t like milk, but that was your old body. Diane told us you were allergic, but that, it is no longer the case. Could you pretty please try it for me?”She was so nice to me, and as much as I hated the stuff, for her I resolved to give it a shot, hell Diane may have made it so this body liked it for all I knew. I picked up the white stuff, looked at it like ‘now don’t you bite me’, placed the glass to my tiny lips and allow just a tiny bit in. My face must have lit up pretty good because two special nurses seem like proud mamas. It actually tasted good to me now, who’d a thunk it? I allowed myself to take a bigger gulp. I looked over to the dollop of oatmeal and figured they were going to starve me to death. I dug in eating my oatmeal and drinking my milk. I downed about half the oatmeal and two thirds of the milk and had to stop. I was stuffed!Sally came and gathered up my dishes saying, “Ooh, you ate a lot you must have been hungry!”I was watching her face very carefully, and unless she was one hell of an actress, she wasn’t being facetious. Just how small am I? I thought back to when Diane had measured me and made some quick calculations in my head. Since I hadn’t been around little girls much, the measurements had not meant much at the time, but to my figuring… Oh God! I’m tiny!I tried not to let the realization show, but this was quite a shock!Sally saw me first and stooped to my eye level saying, “Dean you’re white as a sheet, is something wrong?”Not having been successful disguising my shock I ‘fessed up’, “I just realized I’m really tiny aren’t I?”My nurses locked eyes with each other.Millie seemed to have come to a decision, “Yes,” she said, “but you’re not a little girl and we won’t treat you like one! Will we Sally?”Sally’s eyes were silver dollar sized, “No we won’t! Unless of course you want us to, and in that case it would be just pretend!”Millie looked a little miffed but satisfied.”Well maybe we can pretend together later. For now, I’d rather not, okay?”Sally and Millie chorused, “Okay.”Sally looked like she was going to jump up and down and clap since I had left the door open to play ‘little girl’ with her. It looks like I’ve got Angels, a mother, and a cheerleader. I yawned. I was warm, full, and loved. Good thing my skin was so sensitive or I’ll bet someone about this time would have picked me up and burped me. As it was, with mother Millie rubbing my tummy again, I dozed off.About noontime, Sally’s voice roused me, “Wake up sleepy head, lunch time.”If she wasn’t so blasted cute I’d have shot her. I was just in the middle of a dream about a beautiful buxom blonde having sex with me when she woke me up!”But before you eat we have a couple little tests, alright?” she asked cheerily. I nodded my acquiescence. “First I need you to reach out and grab my finger and squeeze, can you do that?”I grabbed hold of her little index finger. My hand barely reaching the length of it, and squeezed as hard as I could.”Oh that’s nice,” she said.Shit, it seems I’m as weak as a kitten too!”As much as I like holding hands with you, you can let go now. Raise your left arm up, as if you have a question for the teacher, please. Tell me how this feels.”She took her finger and stroked the outside of my forearm.”Ooh, good it’s nice,” I answered.”How about this,” she asked stroking the inside of my arm.”Way good,” I answered with my heart beating fast and me panting slightly.”Wonderful, your over sensitivity is only about two and a half times normal, that’s quite an improvement! After lunch we might just be able to take a walk all the way to the bathroom!””Ooh, I can hardly wait,” I said, making Millie snicker.Sally looked hurt so I had to say, “Just joking Sally, being able to stand and walk for the first time is kind of exciting, but it’s scary too.”She brightened up right away, “You have nothing to be scared of with all of us helping.””I think all of my angels were going to be introduced this morning, but Diane got here too quick. The next time a new face comes in, can I get a name to go with it?” these ladies had all done so much I wanted to at least to be able to call them by name.Millie told me, “The sandy blonde this morning was Cindy, the Auburn haired nurse is Susan, and this afternoon you have two nurses you haven’t seen since ‘your birth’. They will be in here soon and they can introduce themselves, will that be all right?””Sure that will make it easier to remember them,” as I spoke a tall blonde walked in with lunch.Millie and Sally must be telepathic because when this nurse walked in, she brightly said, “Hello Dean, I’m Molly.”Now I really had to know, “Are all of you ladies telepathic and will I be telepathic now that I’m one of you?”They all giggled at that, Millie and Sally exchanged ‘looks’.Millie said, “We have a confession,” she reached up and pulled a little device like a hearing aide from her ear showing it to me, “We are all wired to a microphone in your bed, so anything you want everyone on duty knows it immediately.””Wow. I have a new question. If Molly has come on shift, how come you and Sally are still here?” I know I’m a little dense some times but it wasn’t sinking in yet.Millie elaborated, “Sally and I are living in the rooms on either side of yours, since we have accepted the responsibility for your care and happiness, when you are awake, we are awake and here with you. Unless you insist that we not be, then you can pick anybody to do the job you like better.””Mom would be so proud to know her son is a princess!” said I, hoping for laughs but all I got was confused silence. “Oh come on lighten up. It just seems to me the only other people who might get this kind of treatment would be royalty, and I no longer qualify for King or prince, and with this body all the Queens I ever met had different attachments!”The best they could do was “Oh.”Molly set my lunch on a tray in front of me, macaroni and cheese and a glass of cool milk (not cold). I thought they were trying to starve me again but soon discovered I couldn’t finish even what I was given.”You ate well again,” Sally, praised me.”Are you pulling my leg?” annoyed, I had to know.”What do you mean, dear?” asked Millie.”I’ve seen gerbils eat more than I can!” still gathering information.”Our experience has been that patients after a procedure such as this, don’t usually eat anything for three or for days. As for the amount, remember you are smaller now than you were, so your stomach is really small, that and other things I’d rather Diane explained, they are a bit technical and she knows more about this than anyone in the world,” explained Millie “Is that alright with you?””How much do I weigh now?” again Millie, with the secretive glance.No answer seemed forthcoming, but this time I saw Millie press a button. I didn’t say anything. I was sure of what was going to happen. Then I heard the, pad, pad, pad of someone jogging down the corridor.Diane’s pretty face popped into my room, a bit flushed and out of breath. Before she could catch her breath and speak, I said, “I’m sorry Diane, I didn’t mean for your work to be interrupted.””Oh no sweetheart, I wanted to be here about now anyway. The nurses had sent word you were about done with lunch a few minutes ago, I was just finishing up something when I got the ‘Urgent’ signal,” Diane assured me.”Am I desensitized enough to get a hug?” was my requested.”If you are, or not, you can have one. The nurses might get mad at us if your not, but we can risk it!” she said.After taking down my bed rail, she very slowly leaned over me (It seemed like an Eclipse to me), gently wrapped her arms around me and we hugged. It was massively different than it used to be, her smaller breasts, squished against my giant boobs. I could feel her slower heart beat through my tits. It was warm and very nice, just different. I kissed her cheek. She kissed mine and I shuddered from head to toe.”Was it good for you too honey?” was what I whispered in her ear with my tiny voice.”Oh, I love you so much it hurts!” she whispered back.I squeezed her harder with my tiny arms and hands. We let each other go, when Diane was out of the way, I could see both nurses really close to both sides of my bed like they were ready to throw Diane off of me. That would have been gutsy of them taking in consideration she was the boss! When she stood, she glanced to Millie who said, “He wanted to know his weight.””I see,” Diane looked down at me and continued, “I’m not sure how to go about this. Previous test subjects, told immediately, and not in the most pleasant way, there was a reason for that in their cases, that I’ll tell you later, did not take it very well. You need to steel yourself for this. Sally, bring some of the sedative we used this morning. Now Dean we are not going to give the sedative to you, unless it looks like your too upset and not handling it well, understand?”I nodded. My brain raced around trying to think. What could be so shocking they need all of this rigmarole?When Sally returned Diane began, “Darling, you know that you are smaller right?” I nodded. “You are only about average height, for a seven year old girl.” She paused staring at me, looking for signs I was going to freak out. “That makes you 4 feet tall. You weigh about 63 pounds, ten pounds of which is breast. I’m so sorry, this was as tall as I was allowed to make you.””Oh I am so shocked!” I said in as deadpan a voice, as my ‘Chippette’ vocal cords would let me.Diane started to dive in for a hug, and both nurses restrained her, “It’s OKAY I was going to do it slow and gentle.”Both ladies returned, “But he looked frightened at you quick movement.” and released her.”Yes you were right. Thank you.” Then to me, “Can I hug you slowly now, please?””Sure,” I said, “I was just startled a second, it’s OK.”We hugged.When we were finished I said, “Wow Millie, Sally, I can’t believe you grabbed Diane to protect me, especially after some of the threats she’s made!”The two nurses blushed. Diane explained, “They were doing their job, while you recover, they work exclusively for you. They are under orders to protect you from anything, including me, those orders, written then signed, and properly notarized. I can make requests of them, and you, but I have no authority over them while you recover.””I guess I am a Princess!” joked I.This time both ladies grinned at my ‘inside joke’. Diane gave them a quizzical look. They both gave her a real innocent look back.”So you’re OKAY with being so little?” she didn’t sound convinced.”You can talk your only 5′ 1″ tall!” I told her.”OKAY then, we need to take you for your first walk,” Diane announced.Millie was about to buzz for the other nurses, when they came in. Molly first then a mousy brown haired nurse followed, “Hi, I’m Kellie,” she announced.”Hi Kellie, now I’m going to have to put my foot down, if I’m the boss, the nurses have to do what I say, right?” I queried.Diane looked suspicious, “Yes.””Good in that case time out!” I called, “before we start anything new, I have a vital task for my angels!”Diane replied, “And what might that be?”I announce, “It’s Pay Day! I owe them all hugs for taking such good care of me!”Diane smiled and shook her head, while all four nurses lined up for hugs. Millie went first. I gave her a little kiss on the cheek while we hugged and the same to each, in order. Out of my hearing range, Diane whispered to Millie, “Do you see what I mean about him?”Millie replied, “Oh God yes!”My hugging duties over, they dropped the rails and held my hands while I tried to stand, I made it to my feet, but it seemed like I wanted to stand on tip toes like a ballerina. I could get my feet flat on the floor they seemed to gravitate to a toe down position. I took baby steps all the way to the bathroom, but by the time I reached the door, I was walking all by myself. “I barely overheard Diane telling Sally about obtaining some special orthopedic shoes. Once at the bathroom Diane insisted on going in with me.She said, “I hear you want to see what you look like right?””Yes I do, but the mirror in here is too high, I can’t see myself!” I complained.”Easy problem to fix! Stand still and relax,” She leaned over and pulled me against her breasts, and then she lifted me onto the sink counter top. Diane kept a firm hold on my tiny waist while I inspected the ‘new me’. I was as pretty as I could possibly be, given my stature. What a sight! Sure little girls can be pretty, but you have never seen a 7 year old with 30 M breasts and a twelve inch waist! Diane looked like a little girl playing dress up with her real live Stripper dolly! I was turning myself on terribly. So much my nightgown was getting wet spots front and back!I felt Diane grab hold of me gently lifting me off the counter and set me on the floor. While she had a hold of me she whispered, “I know. I’ve had to wear a pad for the last two days or everyone would know how much you are turning me on!””Now I need you to try and urinate. I won’t watch if you don’t want me to,” she assured me.”Well I didn’t have any trouble this morning with four ladies watching while they held me in mid air!” I bragged.The seat was down, so Diane showed me how to pull the nightie up and hold it that way while I tinkled. It was much better peeing in the toilet than the bedpan.Diane wadded up some toilet tissue and said, “Important lesson time, when wiping the urine off of your vulva always wipe front to back and never re-wipe. If you do it this way it drastically reduces the chances that you will get a yeast infection.”I did as instructed. It felt extremely weird, where I was used to having balls and Dick, were hairless smooth pink pussy lips. When I finished wiping, I just sat there and stared.”Different than you are used to, huh?” Diane broke my contemplation.”Well I’m sort of used to it, but just on you,” I answered.”You always did like to stare at my pussy, almost as much as I liked you to,” she said with a devilish grin.I crooked and wiggled my finger to get her to bring her face closer, and then I leaned back, spreading my legs saying, “So how do you like mine?””You little vixen,” she said, but took a good look anyway, “I’d say, I outdid myself, what do you think?””I haven’t decided, hell I still need to take it for a test drive, you know kick the tires, see how it corners?””Oh God please stop,” Diane said bringing her hand to the front of her dress at crotch level, “you’ve got me hotter than molten lava!” as she lightly rubbed her crotch through the dress.”OKAY I’ll change the subject. Why do I seem to want to walk on my tip-toes?” I queried.”Hmmm, well since you are so short I gave you legs that will walk in high heels without getting tired and sore.” was her explanation. “Have you got any high heeled slippers?” I asked.”Great Idea sweetheart! I’ll get you a pair, post haste! Are you up to a return trip?” she asked as her hand extended to steady me as I stood up. Once vertical I looked down to get a glimpse of my cunt, but two giant boobies blocked my view. To be able to see it, I reached up and spread my jugs, ah, there it is, my skinny legs attached to relatively wide hips left a wide triangular area of space between my legs, and my knees were touching!Diane commented, “Now I’ll have to change my panties and dress. You made me so hot I just overflowed my maxi-pad! So come on we must get you to bed before I can’t control myself any longer and just sit here masturbating!””Go ahead I can wait. I’ll just sit here and drool,” I teased.”OKAY smarty pants I will,” that got me so hot my knees gave out and I sat back down feeling my juices running down my legs.Diane giggled saying, “See two can play that game! As tempting, as it might be to relieve my sexual tension I have to get back to a special experiment, but I’ll have lots more time in a few hours. We’ll be able to spend the whole evening together if you like. Now take some toilet tissue and wipe your hand and pussy so we can head back.”I silently complied. This time when I stood, I let the nightgown drop over my silky little body. Wow did that make me shudder!”Feels real good, doesn’t it!” Diane chided.”MMM hmmm,” I replied with my big green eyes closed savoring the experience. When I opened my eyes, I took her hand she opened the door and we began the short trek back to my bed.Sally squealed, “Surprise!” and handed me the cutest little high heel slippers, all pink, with pink feathers on the top near the toes. They were wedge heels, wide enough so they would be quite stable. She was holding them out for me to take.I surprised her more by ignoring the slippers and grabbing her by the neck in a big hug. I kissed her cheek and said, “Oh thank you Sally!”I think she liked it because I felt her hand placed gently on the middle of my back. When I let her go there was a single tear running down her face, but I caught it with my tiny finger, which made her blush a little. She was still holding the slippers. Molly put a little folding chair right behind me so I could sit. They wouldn’t let me put them on myself. Sally gently placed them on my tiny feet. They were just my size.Diane steadied me when I stood up, I exclaimed, “My feet like them! And I’m just about boob high now!” I was staring at four pairs of tits at my level.Diane retorted, “Sexist!””You could never prove that in court!” I challenged.I earned giggles all around that time.Molly came up with, “So, test drive them all ready!”‘So the bathroom is bugged too’ I thought, but said, “Here goes… Look no training wheels!”My wife and nurses applauded. Definitely, the design for my feet is to wear high heels! I could almost walk normally, except I had to make much shorter steps. I could feel my hips swaying quite femininely. The only draw back was that my boobs jiggled back and forth, as I swayed. It felt terrific!I glanced around the room and it seemed that Diane wasn’t the only one turned on by my hot little body! I can see we are going to need drool bibs around here. When I reached the bed, I turned away from it, placed my hand sexily on my hip, and exaggerated my walk touring the room. You could have heard a pin drop! ‘Any more of this’ I thought, ‘and I’d have to step over all of their tongues.’ I swayed back over to my bed and stood there until they recovered enough to lift me up onto it.Diane whispered into my ear, “You are very naughty! I think they are all in love!”I giggled like a little girl to whom a secret had just, been told.”I’m leaving now, see you at 6:00.” with that she disappeared out the door.My walk must have tuckered me out. I found myself coming awake to the melodious tones of Sally’s voice, “Dinner time!”I could feel my big eyes fluttering long lashes as I opened them on Sally’s image, “Oh God, that was so cute!”Millie gave her a stern glance.”Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!” she blushed.”It’s OKAY Millie. I know I look like a sweet little girl. I kind of like her treating me like it some times,” I confessed. “I can’t wait to play dress-up!””I’m not sure I could take that,” Sally admitted.”I know you’ll be strong when the time comes… you can cum too, you have my permission,” I told her with a devilish grin on my sweet face.She blushed, big time. Millie giggled and a new girl… let’s see Auburn hair, Must be Sue, giggled too. I said, “You must be Sue.””You remembered, hello again Dean,” Was Sue’s greeting!I smiled at her. Someone had tucked me in really well with my nice warm comforter. My only problem at that moment was my new body was so weak that I couldn’t wriggle free.”Could someone un-cocoon me please? It’s warm and nice in here but, Tutankhamen was a boy,” I requested. Sue loosened my comforter and pulled it down a ways. Mollie brought the head of my bed up so I was in more of a sitting position. Sally placed my dinner on the table.She leaned over in front of me looked into my eyes saying, “Here’s your dinner, and thank you for permission to cum,” and kissed me on the mouth, she even slipped me a little tongue!I didn’t orgasm right a way this time but these sheets were history! Sally pulled back a little and smiled sweetly, then winked. Mollie and Sue laughed outright! I laughed too. Sally’s addictive giggle burbled up as well.”Get that food out of here and bring back that sweet dinner!” my little pipe stem arms reaching toward Sally. Sally feigned shock, while both other nurses lost it.Millie piped in, “Now you’ve done it, he’s going to want sex and lot’s of it!”I thought, you said you weren’t telepathic,” I went with the theme.Millie placed her hands on her temples saying, “I’m getting something now. Oh my. I can see you are going to need your sheets changed!””That’s amazing! Are you getting anything else?””Yes I see something… yes, you are wondering if she would really boff you. Her answer is yes, after you recover some more,” said swami Millie.Sally smiled and blushed.Millie took the sting out of it by finishing her act with, “But then so would almost all of your nurses!”Sally giggled then and Sue blushed.”Make that all of your nurses,” said the mousy brown haired Kellie, “but only if my husband gets to watch. At least that’s the condition he put on it.”Now I was blushing, BIG TIME! The thought of sex with all of my angels, I lost all motor control and orgasmed.Sue put her hands to her temples saying, “I’m seeing… seeing… YES, now the whole bed will have to be changed.””Oh, no its communicable, ladies are becoming clairvoyant left and right!” I barely managed to say.Sally’s turn, “I can see… I can see someone’s dinner getting cold.”Everything started to settle down finally. Sally asked, “It’s your choice, sit in the damp bed and eat it warm dinner, or sit in a dry bed and eat cold dinner or just as bad, reheated dinner?””I’ll take what’s behind door number one Monte! If Diane could stand sleeping in ‘the wet spot all those years, I’m woman enough to take it for as long as dinner lasts,” I answered.”Remember though you are much more delicate than almost any other woman alive. I have a way to protect your little tush though, she pulled out a folded up chenille blanket and had the other nurses pick me up while she slid it under my butt, “That should help!””Wait a minute, there is a pea 4 layers down and in the right rear quadrant,” Millie and Sally laughed Sue and Kellie looked puzzled.Sally told them, “He thinks he’s a princess!”Let in on the joke they smiled too.Dinner consisted of a small slice of chicken breast, peas and a small dab of mashed potatoes accompanied by a glass of milk. When no one was looking, I palmed a pea and worked it into the blanket at the aforementioned location. I ate half of the chicken, a few peas, and a mouthful of mashed potatoes, washed down by all 4 ounces of milk.”I’m not complaining but why all the milk,” I wanted to know.”Your new body needs calcium right now. Your bones were made more pliant by the process and we’re strengthening them with the calcium.” I was almost shocked. I had gotten a straight answer from Kellie. I motioned her over. When she bent to find out what I wanted, I hugged her neck.Sally spoke up, “Looks like he’s claimed anther victim.””Thanks for reminding me! Sue’s bank account is a little light, I owe her a hug too, and I guess that means, Kellie gets another one too,” I figured.Kellie leaned back over to get her other hug. Sue didn’t wait for me to motion her over. She came over and hugged me lightly, during which she whispered in my ear, “I’ve wanted to do this for a week!”I’m sure I was blushing when she said that, and I know the blanket under me got damper! I was panting like a bitch in heat.”Bath time,” Millie announced.Kellie emerged from my bathroom, “All ready!””We would like you to walk to the bathroom. If you agree, we can put your slippers on you, so you will be able to walk easier, no strutting please. I’m not sure we could control ourselves otherwise,” warned Millie.I laughed at that, honestly I thought she was k**ding!They pulled down my comforter, and cut off my nightgown. This had to be costing a fortune in nightgowns! Then they put my little pink, high heeled slippers on me and helped me off the bed. I was halfway to the bathroom when I heard Sue exclaim, “There’s a pea in the fourth layer of the blanket, and it was in the rear quadrant!”I tried real hard not to smile! Maybe the corners of my mouth came up a bit. I don’ know. When I reached the bathroom, naked, wearing pink slippers, I discovered a tub full of bubbles! Millie picked me up (by herself). She cradled me in her arms, which made it easy for Kellie to take off my pretty slippers. Millie brought me down so just one foot touched the water and asked, “How’s the temperature? Is it too warm, too cold, or just right, baby bear?””Just right,” I squeaked in a higher voice, than my already chipmunk voice. (Which means only dogs could hear it.)She carefully set me in the tub, but then had to scoop away some bubbles to find me, “Oh, there you are!”I picked up a handful of bubbles and blew them at her. She laughed and picked up a silk washcloth, soaped it and gently wiped me with it. A sharp intake of breath from me made her pause until I could calm myself. I loved it when she washed my toes too. Then she handed me the cloth all soapy and told me to do my breasts, “Make sure to wash good underneath them!”I really, really like washing my breasts!Then she soaped the rag again telling me to rub between my legs, get both sides real good, and then, using one finger, poke it between your legs. Stick it in your pussy, work it in and out and around the rim between your outside lips and your inside lips. “Its OKAY if you cum, so don’t worry about it if you do!””Oh, Oh, ooh,” I cooed.She caught me just as I was about to slip under the water. When I came up for air I looked around and glimpsed in the mirror, and saw Sue rubbing her crotch while she watched my bath, her eyes were not open at that moment so I pretended I didn’t see her. It turned me on just by the though! I began to think, maybe they weren’t k**ding!My big nipples scrunched up tight. I wanted to grab them and stroke them but Millie was still helping bathe me. I figured, maybe if I lean forward submerging my boobs I could clandestinely twiddle them. I gave it a try, grabbing both underwater, but I didn’t figure on… “Mmmm, Ahhh,” escaping my pretty lips.”Found your nipples, did you?” I had not fooled Millie.”Oh my, yes,” I hadn’t quite been able to let go yet.”Well we have to finish up here soon but,” she looked to see how closely she was being watched, and then slowly reached a hand into the water cupped my right breast, rubbed, squeezed, and then grabbed my nipple between finger and thumb she tweaked and tugged on them, “we still have a little time for fun.”I orgasmed, “Oh, God!” I squeaked.My head flew back and my back arched in spasm.Millie’s other hand was ready, and caught me between the shoulder blades so I didn’t go under. My orgasm finally subsided, “Have you got a cigarette?” I asked.Millie giggled and brushed the bubbles off of my hair.”Well Dean, tell me, is it better as a girl or as a boy?” Millie asked, “You are the only one I know that has had both.””I’ll need some more examples for a proper comparison,” wrong thing to say, Millie’s hand had not let go of my boob, she started working it, I started moaning. She slipped her had down between my legs. Just as she worked her finger between my lips and grazed my little clit, I came like gangbusters! “Ahhhhhhhhhh!” was all that came out as I thrashed around in the tub.”OKAY why weren’t we invited?” I heard Sue complain.”I’m sorry, I’m being selfish!” Millie stood up relinquishing her spot, “You have just got to feel his pussy it feels just wonderful!”Sue knelt by the tub placing her hand supporting my shoulders and moved her other hand toward my crotch. She must have seen the fright, mixed with desire she said, “Just relax Dean, I would never hurt you lover!” She was smiling brightly Kellie knelt next to her, “Can I help?””Sure you can take titties I’ll work this little pussy here,” Sue directed.Two petite (but large to me) hands grasped my boobs and started playing me like a violin. Sue’s soft feminine fingers slid along my labia, just tickling them. Then her finger passed between them. She was very careful to stay clear of my clit. I felt her finger begin to invade my vagina, working its way slowly, stretching my pussy muscles as it invaded my hot little body. She had time to work it in and out once to her first knuckle. I screamed like a banshee looking like I was having an epileptic episode. Sue exclaimed, “My God his little pussy clenched up on my finger like another girls lips were sucking on it. He’s got me so hot I may have to excuse myself for some ‘private’ time!” She said this while grasping her own breast.Kellie was still holding my boobs, “I don’t ever want to let go of these. If mine felt like this, I’d go around feeling myself up all of the time! They are so soft, so sensual, and so firm! I love these!”She wasn’t stimulating my breasts. It felt like I had a living bra!I said, “Mmmmm.”Millie asked, “How’s the comparison going?””At this rate I believe I’ll have enough material for a doctorial thesis by the middle of next week!” I exclaimed. Then I stuck out my lower lip pouting, “But I didn’t even get a kiss!”Sue was first, slipping me a little tongue. Then Millie slipped me just a taste of her tongue. Most surprising of all Kellie licked my tonsils she was almost explosively passionate!When she let me up for air she declared, “My God he tastes so sweet! I’ve got to have seconds!” With that, she dove in for another tongue wrestle.”Oh my! I’ll be back in a few minutes!” and Kellie ran out of the room very flushed.”I know what she means,” Sue declared fanning at her flushed face.”Is she OK? I didn’t hurt her did I?” I asked concerned.”Oh honey,” Millie hugged me to her bosom, “She’ll be fine after a little personal time.””You mean she’s going to… ” I wondered.”Yup, we may all have to have a little personal time!” Millie declared.”I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to be selfish. I’ll help if I can, please,” I offered.”Oh God, I’ll be right back!” and Sue dashed out.”I did it again didn’t I?” I said with a tear running down my face.Millie hugged me a little bit harder, I couldn’t see her face, but I felt her shudder as she drew a breath.”Please be OKAY Millie,” I told her.I saw Sally enter the room, Millie must have noticed as well because she let go of me and ran out too! Sally giggled at me when she picked me up, “Looks like we need to get hazardous duty pay! That’s got to be some kind of record! Three nurses with one bath!””I didn’t mean to,” I told her.”I know sweetheart and they know too, that’s partly why they sped out of here, you got them so worked up, we probably won’t see them for 15 or 20 minutes. It’s OKAY though the Calvary is coming!” Sally declared.Diane popped her head in, “Dean! Have you been abusing my nurses?” she said with a grin.”I… I,” I stuttered standing in the tub naked, “Diane I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it, I think we just had sex.” I started bawling like a baby!”Oh sweetheart,” she held me to her, “It’s OK. I told them to.”I pulled back, “You, (hic) You, (hic) you told (hic) told them to…”She smiled at me, “Yes sweetie, I love you so much! I love you so much I want to share you! I want other ladies to know what a special person my husband is!” She then asked, “How was it?””I came so hard, I thought I was going to pass out, do all girls orgasm like me?” I wondered.”They wish! No honey, you have an extremely sensitive body. I had to re-enforce the pleasure center of your brain to handle this powerful an orgasm. You probably cum half again harder than any woman in the world, if you had to be a girl I wanted you to enjoy it!” she said holding me tight. “When you are stronger, maybe we’ll have an orgy! Would you like that?” she asked.”I like your not being murdered, I missed you terribly.” I hugged her tight. She was sobbing but since I couldn’t see her face I didn’t know right away, “can I sleep in your bed with you tonight?”Diane pulled back, wiped her face and smiled at me, “You most certainly can!”Kellie came back looking a bit embarrassed.I told Diane, “You’ll really like Kellie she’s a great kisser and what she can do to boobies is fantastic!”Kellie blushed.I whispered in Diane’s ear, “Tell her thanks or something, I think she’s worried she might have made you mad, and maybe a little guilty for liking what we did.”Diane looked in my eyes, “You never think of yourself first do you?”I blushed and looked at my toes.”Kellie, thank you for pleasing my husband, I hope you enjoyed it as much I appreciate it.””Oh my yes!” she exclaimed, “his breasts are incredible, you just have to feel them, wow!””I will, a little later. Dean’s lips are turning blue and he’s starting to shiver,” Diane declared.”Oh shit!” Kellie dove for a big soft silk towel and began dabbing me dry.”Into this silk nightgown you!” she commanded.This nightgown was all pink. Kellie wouldn’t even let me walk back to bed. She whisked me there and buried me in the comforter. There, warm and comfy?””Yes, will you please kiss me again?” I wouldn’t want her to get out of the habit.”Any time you want me to, Honey!” she promised as she pulled my head slightly forward clamping her mouth against mine. When she let me go I just lay there panting.Diane said, “Ooh she is good!” seeing my reaction.My other two nurses had recovered enough to return by then, looking a bit more relaxed. I gesture for Diane to come over so I could whisper in her ear, “They need hugs, but if I do it they might get too worked up, and I think reassurance from you will make them feel better!””Good Idea!” she told me. She went over to Millie first and gave her a big hug, and then she hugged Sue, who seemed to like it a lot, judging by the way that she hugged Diane back. Diane turned and grabbed Kellie, holding her carefully.Surprisingly Kellie hugged her back, more sensuously than Sue had! I don’t think Diane expected it either! When she kissed Diane, I thought my wife was going to puddle right there!When Diane came back over to me she exclaimed, “I see what you mean! I think she could bring even me to orgasm kissing like that.”Kellie looked proud of herself, even though I think she was as taken aback about kissing Diane, as Diane was. It seems that our heterosexual hold out was, underneath a simmering volcano of repressed desires.”Now that your staff is back up to full strength, I have to go and get your first visitor, I’ll be right back!” Diane announced.”Visitor I said, not someone who new me before… ,” I went on.”No sweetheart, I’m not bringing any of your drinking buddies, or anything like that. It’s a surprise!” she told me.I was a little apprehensive. Millie noticed and came over to me to start rubbing my tummy, I don’t know how she knew but it worked on me, like how scratching a cat behind it’s ears works on cats. Damn I whish I could purr. I made due by cooing.Millie smiled at me, “It’s OKAY Dean, Diane checked with us before bringing your visitor. You know we would never let anyone hurt you, not even Diane.”I heard the sound of a gurney as it pushed down the hall, and then Diane’s back came through the door pulling it. I couldn’t see who was on it, until she brought it up right next to my bed.She was a tiny redhead, sorter even than me! Her boobs even looked bigger than mine did!”Who is she…”? I began, “Sophie? Is that you Sophie?”She saw me and tried to roll over toward me. I pulled away from her.She began to speak in a voice just as high and tiny as mine, “Dean, I love you. I need you. Please don’t be frightened. I want to please you anyway, I can. Please let me touch you.”I must have looked, as if someone hit me in the head, with a baseball bat. Diane spoke up, “She really means it Dean. She can’t help it. When we redesigned her, we made sure she would never harm you again. We tied her nervous system together with yours. If you feel pain, she feels pain. The only way she will ever be able to orgasm is if she makes you orgasm. Her new body requires your breast milk, if she doesn’t get any for 3 days she will begin to die. I felt it only fitting that you have a playmate shorter than you, hornier than you do, and who would protect you with her life. Since she nearly cost you yours. After you caught her changing your settings, I reviewed all of your modifications. She had your skin sensitivity Quintupled, your libido Quintupled, and your clit the size of a zucchini! Lucky I caught it and stopped most of those changes. That’s why you’re so sensitive, so horny, and so easy to pleasure. I couldn’t reverse what had already taken place but I did stop them from reaching the levels Sophie programmed. So now she is like you only a little more so in every category, not all the way to the levels she planed for you, just a little more than you. She had also programmed in a congenital heart defect that would have lead to your death within a week. That one I was able to stop all together, lucky for her!I started checking Sophie out, and discovered that she was the one who leaked the rumor I was to be assassinated, and set you up to take the fall for my death.”Diane bent over to look Sophie in the eyes, “You’ve been a very bad girl haven’t you Sophie?””I have been a very bad girl, mistress Diane,” Sophie parroted.”Now you are a very compliant little fuck slave for my husband aren’t you?” she coaxed.”I’m Dean’s slutty fuck slave, I need to please you Dean. Please let me kiss your ass?” she begged.”How can you say no to begging like that? It’s up to you Dean, do you want to let her kiss your ass?” offered Diane.”Yes, please, please I’ll do any thing. I need to kiss your ass!” begged Sophie.I looked up at Sally and asked her, “Should I?””You can’t stand to let anyone suffer, not even a piece of flotsam like her, it’s not in your nature,” Sally said.”It does look like she is suffering doesn’t it. All right you can kiss my ass, if it will make you happy,” I told Sophie.Sophie began to weep, “Oh thank you, thank you, I don’t deserve your kindness. I promise to earn it any way I can.”Millie and Sally picked me up. Kellie bared my bottom while Sue rolled Sophie on to her side. I watched as her enormous breasts swung together. Sophie’s eyes rolled into the back of her head, but did not orgasm. The placed me on the gurney strategically. I felt Sophie’s lips kiss me square on my little bunghole! Then I felt her tongue invade my rectum. She laid there behind me tongue fucking my little ass, moaning in pleasure as if she was eating truffles.She was so good it didn’t take long until I came all over her face. She bucked in orgasm as well. She lapped up my juices, cleaning my bottom with her tongue as if gravy was covering my ass! When she had gotten all she could from my butt she started lapping it off of the sheets on the gurney, even sucked it out of the cloth!”Mmmm, thank you so much master!” Sophie cooed.”Well that’s all for now. Sophie’s had a long day! Sue would you take her to her room, please?” Diane asked.”My pleasure,” Sue said as she rolled Sophie back flat on her back, making her giant melons shift back where they started, “And I’ll be extra special careful not to harm Deans new toy, so he can play with it for years and years to Cum!” she snickered.I could hear Sophie pleading as she left, “No, please don’t take me away, I need him, I have to have him, please let me lick his butt, I’ll do anything…”Now I knew why the nurses were afraid of angering Diane!”How could she be changed so fast when it took days to change me?” I wondered out loud.”We only had to change her height and some minor physical attributes. The hardest part was the chemical addiction to your breast milk!” Diane declared.”I didn’t know I was lactating,” I reached around to my big titties and grasped my nipples.”You’re not, at least not yet. I didn’t want to make you have to breast feed Sophie unless you wanted to. You’re so good hearted you would have convinced me not to make her. I still might be able to keep her from dying. I could synthesize your milk while I break her addiction, probably,” Diane told me.”I couldn’t risk her dying. Okay, make me Sophie’s Milk cow!” I acquiesced. “But, only for a while and then promise me you’ll break her addiction, Okay?”Kellie was still holding me and said as she squeezed me, “Can I keep him?”Diane Smiled, “Sure, we can all keep him, if you want to.”Diane reached over and tickled my sensitive little body.I giggled and squirmed. Kellie put me down in my bed, Sally and Millie brought washcloths and towels, and everybody helped wash the saliva off of me. I motion Diane over hugged her neck and told her, “Thank you Diane, I really love you.””I love you, Dean!” she replied.I looked over her shoulder and motioned with my little hands, “Come on, group hug.”It worked too! Even Sue dove in when she returned from dropping off Sophie. Sally kissed me on the mouth, then Diane kissed me, after which it turned into a free for all tongue-wrestling match. Millie saw I was going to loose it and broke it up.”I have to change into my nightie I’ll be right back,” Diane went into the bathroom.They rolled my bed over toward Diane’s, the ladies turned down her bed. They placed a rubberized baby bed protector on one side of the bottom sheet then two flannel sheets folded double long ways over top off it.They brought sheets in and laid them over the Lazy-Boy in the corner.I watched Millie and Sally flip a coin to see who went first. Sally won the toss just as Diane emerged from the bathroom wearing an exact copy of the pink nightie I had on, just bigger, “Okay ladies, teeth, ears, hair, and moisturizing!”I hadn’t expected this. Sally put my slippers on me and I made the trek to the bathroom. As soon as I passed through the door, they boosted me up onto the counter and my pit crew went to work. Millie brushed my hair, Sally brushed my teeth, Kellie used a silk washcloth on my ears, and Sue started smearing moisturizer all over my body.I probably could have done it all myself but I think my ladies just liked having a real live doll sized girl to play dress-up with so I stood there and enjoyed all of the attention. When they were all done, my lovely blonde hair was in a ponytail and I must say I was simply adorable!They carried me back to Diane’s bed and popped off my slippers placing me on the flannel sheets. Diane climbed into the other side. All four nursed hugged and kissed us good night. Everyone but Sally headed out the door with a, “Good night,” Sally slipped into the Lazy-Boy and the last nurse out turned off the light.Diane rolled over toward me, placed her hand on my tummy, and started rubbing just like Millie had. “Hi there gorgeous!””Hi yourself, would you like to inspect the design at a more intimate level?” I asked her.”So much it hurts!” she admitted, “but you have had a stressful day and I think we should put it off for at least one more night unless you really need to?””I have everything I need right here in this building!” I told her (I didn’t want Sally to think I didn’t need her and my other angels.) “Mostly I need you!””I’m so relieved and happy you are safe here with me now,” she told me.We lay there quietly for a while with her still rubbing.”Diane?” I asked.”Yes, dearest?””I not sure if I should be concerned or not but, I think I’m starting to act like a sweet little girl, and the scary part is I think I like it,” I confessed.”So what do you want to know?””Is it part of the changes that are making me act this way, or do I down deep like being a little girl?” I had to know.”There were no physical changes made to your brain, with the exception that you now have estrogen coursing through your veins at a level half again higher than virtually all other women. This will have an effect of feminizing you brain tissues, but there was nothing done to force your thinking into that of a little girl. Does that help?” she asked.”Yes, do you think I can (yawn) get some pretty clothes tomorrow? I asked drowsily.”Sure, I bought you some really nice things today, you’ll be just gorgeous!” she encouraged.”That’s nice…” and I was history.I awoke to an extremely passionate kiss. Kellie had her tongue down my neck and I was in heaven. Diane had gotten up and was dressed giggling at me from the other side of the bed. Kellie breathily said, “Good morning lover,” and smiled at me, oh so brightly.”Do you know how sweet you taste?” she asked me, “Its almost unbelievable!””I’m really glad you like it, it might keep you kissing me a lot. You kiss wonderfully!” I told her, “What a way to wake up, one out of one transformed girls, recommend it!”She tweaked my nose saying, “Vixen!”I gave her a big hug.She said, “I think we need a surgeon generals warning tattooed to you. ‘Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Hugging This Sweet Person Can Be Addictive and Habit Forming. If Hugging is Discontinued Severe Withdrawal Will Ensue’.””I guess you better stay close, and keep getting your fix then” I recommended.”You have a deal!” she promised.”My turn,” said Diane and hugged me, “I’ve got to do ‘my rounds’ but I’ll be back when you have finished your bath. Take it easy on your girl friends this time sweetheart all right?””I’ll try, can I help it if I’m such a little hottie? I can’t help it if you do tremendous work! Go ahead and do your rounds, I have some more kissing and hugging to do!” I loudly whispered to Kellie, “Is she getting jealous yet?”Diane tussled my hair saying, “Stinker! See you soon.”Sue sauntered over for a hug and tonsil cleaning, “Your mouth is so small and sweet I just love it! And those titties feel so good against my breasts, I could just hug you all day!””Oh no you don’t,” Sally told her, “You have to share!” She took her turn, but she tongued my ear and I cooed sweetly.”Come here honey, have they been taking advantage of you?” Millie asked me.”Yup, and I love it!” I quipped, “Will you please take advantage of me too?””Oh God, you can’t be real!” she kissed me and hugged me, “It’s time for walkies.”Sally put my slippers on me and helped me to the floor. I took off for the bathroom.Sue declared, “Holy Hanna, that’s the sexiest walk I’ve ever seen!””You should have seen him yesterday!” Sally piped in.I made it there and went to shut kaş escort the door and was, “Oh, no you don’t-ed,” by Sally.”Can’t a girl have a little privacy to tinkle?” I asked.”Sorry, not yet. How about just me?” she offered.”Deal!” I agreed, “Sorry sold out maybe the next show,” I told the others and closed the door.”They’re going to be jealous!” I told her.”Maybe, you don’t know what all we are going to be doing, do you?” she told me.”I only planned on a tinkle. What do you have in mind?””We are a research facility and this is a medical procedure, so we need you to tinkle in a cup for testing, and if you think you can do it we could use stool sample too,” she told me. “This is probably different than you are used to, for girls we have to spread your little pussy lips to keep from contaminating the sample, I’ll help since it’s your first time.”She put on some rubber gloves, “Okay, hop up on the seat and scoot back with you legs spread wide. Good, now you just hold on to the seat and I’ll do the rest.” She put the cup underneath me, holding it with one hand and spreading my labia with the other. “All right just relax and let go.”I heard that familiar sound. The sound of my wife peeing, it was still freaky, knowing it was coming from me! When I was empty, she took the cup out and set it down on the floor, snatched some paper and wiped my little tush!”Now that’s service!” I exclaimed.She pulled my nightgown up over my head, “That’s a first for me!””What’s that dear?””The first time a nightgown survived my wearing it!” I told her.”I think you are right, let’s celebrate!” they lifted and plopped into a tub full of bubbles, “Okay, second wave,” she called out.The other three nurses came in, and Sally left with my cup of warm piss. All three nurses grabbed washcloths and attacked me all over! Of course, they left the intimate parts to me, not! I came all over the place with sue working my little pussy and Kelly playing the hooters.That minx Millie surprised me when I was just about ready to orgasm, she stuck her little finger up my ass. I came and came! They didn’t forget this time. I received a splendid kiss from each of them! I love bath time! Diane popped her head in, just as they were patting me dry.”Hi there sexy,” she said.Sue said, “I’m glad you think I’m sexy, you’re pretty hot yourself!””I meant him,” she retorted and just for fun, “But now that you bring it up…”She walked right up to Sue wrapped her arms around her, leaned her down and planted a lip lock on her!When she took her mouth off of Sue’s said, “Oh take me, take me!”Everybody giggled. I could tell that Sue was serious though.Diane looked at me and said, “You are going to love, what I laid out for you!””First we have to do some thing with your hair, you look like a drowned poodle, of course drown poodles turn me on tremendously! I think one of your guardian Angels, is also a trained beautician if I recall correctly,” Diane told me.Kellie raised her hand, “In a past incarnation, I was the beautician. I didn’t bring anything, not even a hair dryer, so I don’t know what I could do, but if someone has a beauty shop handy, I’m your girl!Diane disappeared out the door and returned pushing a beauty shop! She had hair dryers, conditioners, scissors, clippers, make-up, perfume, curlers, hair spray, and much, much more!”Diane, I didn’t know you were a Girl Scout!” I said.”Be prepared, that’s my motto!” she brought the cart over.”Kellie if you think you need anything else, there is a very nice stores man who promised you would have anything your heart desired in mere minutes, you have but to ask!” Diane Claimed.Kellie got a wry grin, “You think he could come up with another one just like that?” She was pointing at me.I blushedDiane told her, “Sorry one of a kind, we can make one that looks the part, but the candy center is unique! But I like sharing, so you’re in luck!””I’m so glad, I’ll take any part I can get,” she declared.I grabbed Kellie around the waist, “I’m not letting go of any of my guardian Angels, ever. So don’t you fret Kellie, I’ll always be here for you, and all of the others!”She bent over and picked me up, “Well in that case we need to make you beautiful!””I never thought I’d ever hear someone say that to me! I never thought I’d want to be beautiful either! Okay, do your worst,” I acquiesced.”I need a chair in here and an apron, or one of those cheesy hospital gowns. I need some magazines like, Mademoiselle, Elle, Vogue, and Glamour you know the kind, look for hair that would suit our victim!” Kellie commanded.”I have a stack in my locker,” Sally flashed out of the room. Since she only lived next door, she was back about the time, the wood chair in the room, near the Lazy-Boy, was brought into the bathroom.Sally handed Kellie a magazine and a gown, and then passed out a magazine to each of us, to look through. I found a shaggy looking style on a model, and so did Kellie and Diane, they all looked just about the same. Millie, Sue, and Sally all agreed it was the right look to frame my cute little face.Kellie got busy and in fifteen minutes, I looked exactly like the supermodel, just shorter. Everyone congratulated Kellie for making me so pretty. She said it was just a haircut. Next she went to work on makeup, ten minutes later, all finished I was completely stunned, I was even hotter looking than the supermodel!”Is that, really me? Her lips move when I speak. Her head moves, when my head does. This just can’t be real!” My mind just wasn’t getting itself wrapped around the fact that I made Cindy Crawford look second best.While I was still stunned and staring, Diane snuck up behind me and placed a tiara on my head, “Now you look like a princess!”Therefore, I played along. I clapped my little hands together, bounced up and down, and squealed, “I do… I do look like a princess!”Diane said, “Well that’s part of the video record I’m going to keep!”I had figured they were video taping, well how else to document an experiment like me. Mixed reactions were abundant, from puzzlement to pride. The frightening part was, I really looked like a fairy princess! I was turning myself on just staring at myself in the mirror! I started searching around the edge of the mirror.Diane asked, “What are you looking for?””There has to be some wires or a fake room behind there!” I told her.She wrapped her arms around me and lifted me from the sink counter saying, “Get used to it! You are a Sex Goddess! Live with it!” Carrying me out of the bathroom to her bed, she set me on the floor next to it.The nurses cleaned up in the bathroom quickly, none of them wanted to miss the show.”Here are your panties,” black silk lace panties, the kind I used to drool over on Victoria Secret models.”Those are gorgeous!” Sue Exclaimed, extending a hand to steady me while I pulled them slowly up my skinny legs. Once in place Sue pulled off my gown leaving my huge boobs exposed and giggling all over the place.Diane fished a brassiere out of the bag, “This is the Item that was hardest to come up with! Nobody, I mean nobody makes a 30 M bra off the rack! I only bought 2 until we are sure of the fit.”Sue was excited to help me put it on, “Usually a girl gets her first bra at ten or eleven, and that’s an AA cup. You start up putting the rest of us to shame!””So you like whoppers! I have to admit, I like my giant titties too! They are the only things that scream out, ‘not a little girl’ not to mention the sensations they give me are fantastic!” I confessed.”The sensations they are giving me are fantastic too,” Sue told me as she pulled my new bra, band first, under my boobs, and fastened the hooks. She then placed each boob in the corresponding cup and pulled up the straps. She fiddled and adjusted here and there until she approved the fit and I approved the feel.”Holy shit!” I exclaimed, “I’m built like a brick shithouse! I could give most of the big tit porn stars a run for their money!”Sue gave my bra-covered tits a friendly squeeze, “Looking good!”Sally got to help me pull on my pantyhose, showing me how to bunch them properly and work them up my legs. The label on the package was, ‘Little Misses’. They fit my legs terrifically but when pulled up over my hips they weren’t tight enough to suck into my waist very well so I had to be careful pulling them up my butt, but not past my hips by much.It felt incredible to smooth those lovely hose up my silky legs. I think Sally liked it too judging by the little sounds coming from her throat. Millie dropped a full slip over my head, and man, if you have never felt the sensations of a slip sliding around over pantyhose I’m here to recommend the experience, the cool silky fabric breezing by on my nylons, wow! Next, Diane dropped a silk blouse on the bed and Kellie slipped it around my narrow shoulders and began buttoning. Diane took a short black skirt and snugged it around my hips. There I was, standing on the balls of my feet, all dressed up and no way to go.Diane stooped and placed a pair of the cutest black pumps on my feet you ever saw! I marveled at the feelings and sensations. I had to see what it all looked like! Sally came walking through the door holding a full-length mirror she had obviously taken form her own room. “I wanted to see the look on your face when you see yourself!”I was in love! I’m my own wet dream!”Could somebody hold me I’m scared,” I said swallowing hard. Everyone deferred to Diane, who kneeled down and wrapped her arms around me.”What’s the matter sweetheart?” she asked.”I’m… afraid of loosing me,” I told her.”It’s not possible, we won’t let you, will we ladies?” Diane reassured me, “remember last night, you were afraid of becoming a little girl? You were afraid you would like it, or are liking being a little girl.””Yes, I think I like it! Nevertheless, I was a man, damn it! It bothers me that I’m so easily accepting being a girl!” I fretted.”Well about that, um, I think that can be explained but you won’t like it,” Diane told me.”Please tell me anyway.””Well Dean, you were such a gentle soul, so loving and giving, all the ladies I knew, lesbian or otherwise, and especially the ladies the more empathetic ones, well they were always remarking that they felt you had the soul of a woman. That if you were female, they would try and take you away from me,” Diane went on, “Most women envied your compassion, and yet you were still quite manly, a total contradiction. Now that your body matches your soul, it’s only natural you would be comfortable as a woman.””Are you saying I wanted to be a girl?” I was shocked.”No, not at all. I said you had the soul, of a woman. You may not have wanted to be a woman, but since you are one, you are now free to exhibit, the loving compassionate person you always were!” She explained.”So since I have a gentle soul it’s not a bad thing to be a woman,” I tried to grasp the concept.”So don’t fret if you start to want to do womanly things, or have womanly interests, you are a woman now, more so than most who were born that way. As far as acting like a little girl, I do that some times myself, and I’ll bet these ladies do too,” she explained.They all murmured agreement.”Do you feel better now dean?” she queried.”I think so,” I admitted.”Now that’s over, you have a treat in store!” she offered.”What is that?””You, me, and two nurses are going shopping!” She declared, “Right after you eat your breakfast. Be sure to take your medicine before we leave.”The nurses drew straws to see which ones would get to go. Sally and Kellie won. It was strange leaving my room, so soon after my transformation, but I was feeling strong and fine. I ate a whole egg and a strip of bacon with 3/4cup of milk. All four of us walked down the hall to the exit. I felt eyes watching me from everywhere. One poor guy was so flustered he bonked his head into a lamppost.We got into a nondescript car and drove a quarter mile, got out and boarded a Cessna Citation. We buckled up and the plane took off. The attendant assumed I was Diane’s daughter. She greeted Diane, who she obviously knew was a person of some importance, and asked me if I’d like to come with her to see the cockpit, Diane grinned at me but I decided to go with her anyway.”Hi I’m Lisa, what’s your name?” she stooped over trying to get down to my level.”Dean,” I told her.”My that’s a pretty dress you have! You look so grown up, too. Did your mother buy you that dress?” she asked.”Nope,” I replied, “Actually my wife, Diane back there did, she has impeccable taste don’t you think?” I quipped, my tiny hand still held in hers.When what I’d said finally dawned on her, she came out with, “Your, wife? Did you say your wife?””Oh yes, stunning woman, long blonde hair, great figure, you know, Diane.” I corrected her.”How could she be your wife sweetie, women marry men. Men are the husbands and women are the wives. If she was your wife you would have to be the husband,” she trailed off.”Even if you wanted to marry another girl the government wouldn’t allow it. Two ladies cannot marry legally! You must be confused,” she determined.”Oh I’m not confused, I married her when I was a man. Then she turned me into a woman. We didn’t get divorced so as far as I know, she’s still my wife!” I logically explained to her.She had an unusually puzzled look on her face, so I said, “Got You!”She giggled at me and she showed me the cockpit.Playing on the little girl thing I said, “You know the cockpit was very nice and all, and thank you for showing it to me, but I didn’t see one cock up there, they all had trousers on!”The Attendant blushed and explained, that cockpit didn’t have to do with cocks, it’s just what they called the place where the pilots sat””Do you mean women can fly big planes too?””Yes honey, they can!””Mummy, she says, I can grow up to be a pilot! Isn’t that news exciting!” I squealed to Diane as we returned to our seats.”That’s nice dear, when we have sex next, you can pretend to be the pilot and I’ll be the runway, Deal?” Diane offered.”I can’t wait, I love flying in over the mountains!” and kissed her on the mouth.”I love your landing lights, honey!” she came back.The poor attendant was shocked, “Oh my word, she hustled away.””You are just wicked! I think we just scarred her young mind, for life!” Diane told me.”Either that, or she went to the back of the plane to masturbate!” I offered.”Come here you!” Diane said and picked me up and set me in her lap.”Is that a banana in your skirt, or are you just glad to see me?” I teased her.”I’m always happy to see you!” she said and squeezed me tightly. This is when I discovered being tiny I could put my head against Diane’s breasts while sitting across her lap and be completely enfolded in her arms, to boot. It was warm, very soft, and safe.I heard a noise and looked up. Kellie was peeping from over the back of her seat in front of us, “Okay, when do I get my turn?”I looked at her, “Holding me, or sitting in Diane’s lap?””Actually sitting in Diane’s lap hadn’t occurred to me, but that sounds nice too!” she replied.”You’ll have to pick one or the other, I don’t think the attendant would like us stacked four high!” Diane told her.”Okay, can I hold Dean? I think the attendant is straight and if she saw you and me cuddle, she’d freak out!” Kellie teased Diane.”Diane, do you mind if I go over to Kellie’s to play?” I whined like a little girl. “Sure sweetie but be sure to cum home for supper!””Ooh goodie,” I squealed, “Love you!” I gave her a prolonged kiss and did my best Kellie impression on her mouth.Diane came up gasping, “Wow, you learn quickly!” Then she set me on the floor so I could walk around to Kellie. “You keep teaching him things like that kiss, and we’ll never get any work done when we’re around him!” Diane scolded Kellie who smiled and giggled brightly.”Hi, I’m your stewardess Dean, fly me anywhere,” I told Kellie as seductively as I could. What happened next shocked me. I didn’t know it was possible. Kellie held her eyes closed for about 3 seconds, and shuddered all over! I thought she had a seizure, “Kellie, are you all right?””Better than all right!” then she whispered, “micro-orgasm, lucky I thought ahead and wore a pad!”I scaled her knees and plopped my little tush in her lap, “What’s a micro-orgasm?” I whispered.She tweaked my nose, “You are my lovely!””Come on fess up,” I cajoled.”I can’t say for other women, or for anybody else, but if I get super turned on, and even without physical stimulation, I get these little two or three second orgasms. Most women think I’m weird, since they don’t get them,” she whispered to me.I put my little lipstick-covered mouth next to her ear and whispered back, “I don’t think you’re weird, I think you’re lucky and that those other woman are jealous as hell! You can’t be weird you’re my Kellie! So don’t go listening to anybody else!”She had her arms around me holding me tight, “And you’re my De Anne, I won’t ever think you’re weird either, you are just my very special person!””I’m your, who?” she took me a bit aback.”We are about to mingle with the great unwashed, are we not? Do you really want us to keep calling you Dean?” she asked.Time seemed to twist and stop. This was going to be one of those times in my life. You know the ones that give you the feeling, ‘Major Life Changing Decision Ahead’.”I hadn’t thought about that! Hell, I told the flight attendant my real name! She hadn’t even blinked about it. Why do you suppose she didn’t think a little girl named Dean, was a little off?” I wondered. “I’ll bet she thought you said De Anne! Well, do you think you can stand it? Or are we still going to call you Dean in public?” she put the question to me.I hugged myself to her bosom, “If you like it, I like it.””Somebody get me some insulin! You are too sweet for words!” she told me. The fraudulently ‘sleeping’ Sally announced, “I get him on the way back!”We laughed at her ruse. I looked at Kellie with an impish grin, reached over, and started tickling Sally. She squirmed and laughed, so Kellie helped me tickle her some more.Diane called to us, over the back of the seat “Don’t make me pull this jet over ladies!”We chorused, “Yes miss Diane.”She corrected us, “That’s Mrs. Dean I’ll have you know!”I peeked at her between the seats, and she smiled back at me, I mouthed, ‘I love you’ and her grin broadened.”Better get back to your seat miss, we will be landing soon,” the flight attendant informed me.I locked lips with Kellie as soon as she left.”Ah, ah, uhhhhh…,” I said.Kellie had to catch me when my back arched and I came all over my panties, dress, and Kellie. When I regained my senses Kellie said, “Nothing micro about your orgasms!””I am so sorry Kellie, I made a mess of your pretty dress, and myself!” I was going to cry.Kellie said, “Oh no you don’t! You don’t go blaming yourself, when I screw up! I knew you were still really sensitive, but I lost my head I love you so much, and made you cum!” she squeezed me tight ignoring the sticky cum all over the both of us.”You better go get buckled in and we’ll deal with this after we land, Okay?””Okay,” I sniffled.When I came around the seat covered in cum Diane said, “We just can’t take you anywhere! Always getting the ladies hot and bothered, you’re just as bad as before! Only this time you get to be the one cumming in her panties!” she teased me.I’m sure I looked ashamed.”Dean it’s not your fault, it’s not Kellie’s fault either, Sophie is the one who heightened you erotic responses! I can live with it, if you don’t mind orgasming ten or fifteen times a day, I won’t ever blame you! I might envy you but I won’t blame you!” she picked me up into my seat and buckled me in.It’s amazing how easily I fell into the pattern of allowing people to do things for me. I could do most every thing for myself, but it seemed to make others happy doing things for me, so I let them protect me, and take care of me. It didn’t seem to wear anybody out either. I’m so little that to carry me around is extremely easy. (Anyway, when carrying me, my boobs don’t jiggle so much!)The plane landed and the attendant came back to escort us off. She took one look at me and Kellie and one whiff confirmed her suspicion. She said, “You people are sick!”Diane to the rescue, “Uh Miss, my name is Doctor Samuels and this young woman is suffering from a rare genetic disorder which, if I were to name, you would never recognize. Suffice it to say, that you could do as little as rub up against her, and she will orgasm, so I will thank you to keep your opinions to yourself!”Every bit of color drained from the poor woman’s face. “I am so sorry! I apologize! Oh, God I’m so insensitive I could just die! Please, will you forgive me? I think I can help. There are several of the Flight attendant uniforms in the back. Maybe we can find something that will fit! I’ll be right back I have to inform the captain you will be a few minutes before debarking!” she scurried away.”Is there really a genetic disorder like that?” I asked Diane.”There is now! I may have the only two cases in history, but I could write it up and have it published before you could say Jack Robinson!” she assured me.”You could call it ‘Sophie disorder’,” I told her. There were two guffaws from the seats in front of us.”Anyway the pilot will have no trouble waiting for us to debark, they are to remain at my disposal for the next month, basically I own them for the next month!” she told us.The flight attendant obviously got the word too, when she got back she was fussing all over us trying to make up for her earlier mistake. I got out of my seat to go to the rear of the jet and the flight attendant stopped me with a big hug and, “Poor dear.”If she didn’t believe Diane before, you can bet she does now. Having that sexy nice smelling stewardess hug me like that, I lost it again, and orgasmed in her arms.”Oh my, you are a sensitive girl! She took my hand and lead Kellie and me to try on uniforms.Kellie was easy she had a figure most ‘Flight Attendants’ would envy.They had me stripped down to my undies. Diane had brought spare panties for me (like most ladies she had a spare pair for her self, and just added a pair for me, out of habit.). I went toward the john, and Kellie came in with me, when the attendant’s eyebrow shot up questioning, Diane told her, “I didn’t introduce my two RNs, this is Kellie, and the one snoring is Sally.”The attendant said, “I wasn’t going to say anything, but it’s nice to meet you.” and shook Kellie’s hand.”Let’s get you cleaned up De Anne!” Kellie said shooing me into the John. I looked back at Diane and noticed her quizzical expression, so I winked at her and that seemed to satisfy her for now. As the door to the john closed, I could hear the attendant saying, “I am so honored to meet a dedicated researcher like you…” I snickered, knowing she would still be at it when we finally emerged, me sans-cum and wearing my clean panties.”…and you can rely on me to be discreet, I would never go around blabbing about your patient. Oh there you are princess!” the attendant babbled.”Uh, Miss,” Diane started, “De Anne is 34 years old.”This poor flight attendant was going to have a nervous breakdown! I very carefully hugged her, and told her, “It’s okay, I’m sort of used to people assuming I’m a little girl.””You are so nice,” she said, but made no move to hug me back thankfully! When I let her go we started digging through the uniforms, settling on the smallest one, the skirt was too big but someone came up with a bobby pin so we pinned it up and it looked pretty good. We had to go back and find a bigger blouse though. My boobs didn’t quite fit the small blouse we first selected.When the attendant saw it wouldn’t fit she exclaimed, “Wow you have a terrific figure! I don’t know how I could have assumed you were just a little girl!””I was dressed to ‘minimize’ my bust, it gives the effect of me looking like a slightly pudgy little girl. It keeps the wolves down!” I told her.”I only wish my bust, were as nice as yours,” she lied. Diane and I exchanged knowing smiles. If it were, she would have to find other work! Her tits would always be getting in the way of her duties!Kellie finished me up, refreshed my makeup, and then declared, “Good as new!”I imagined I could hear the flight attendant breath a sigh of relief! As we climbed down the stairway I heard her in the cockpit, “You won’t believe the disorder that poor woman has…”I looked at Diane, “Oh well it will be all over the airport by the time we pick up our luggage! Where the hell are we anyway?”Three voices harmonized, “Las Vegas!”Four men in black suits and sunglasses met us when we went to pick up our luggage.”Dr. Samuels?” one of them asked.Diane pulled out her government issued ID and showed it to the men. They took out theirs and showed her. Unlike them, she inspected each of their IDs closely and made them all momentarily remove their sunglasses, so she could compare the face to the image on the ID.Diane pulled out a cell phone, called a number, spoke a few words, nodded her head, and hung-up. She pointed out our luggage the men seemed to balk for only a moment, as if they were going to complain they weren’t skycaps, but thought better of it.They escorted us to an armored stretch limousine. They even held the doors for us! Two go in the front with the driver and two in the back with us, they found corners far away trying to give us space, and they looked uncomfortable. All four of us sat closely together at ‘our end’.Diane spoke first, not to us, but to the men in the black suits, “You men will probably hear us say some things that will be unbelievable, or very strange. Your years of OSI training no doubt will help you forget everything you overhear. The things we discuss, are classified, crypto and compartmentalized. The penalties for violating my trust are too frightening to describe to you here. Just know I have authorization by the President, Senate, House, OSI, and the CDC to dispense whatever discipline I deem necessary. Do we understand each other gentlemen?”The two men nodded.Diane finished up saying, “And take those damn sunglasses off! I want to be able to read your expressions, not to mention you would not be able to see any threats to our safety. If any harm comes to any one of us, you will wish you could have taken a bullet, rather than have to suffer my wrath!”The sunglasses quickly disappeared in pockets.The men were sufficiently intimidated. Diane returned her attentions to us. I had to break the tension, “Ah Sweetheart? Lets find you a decaf.” I started searching through each compartment for some coffee. Diane snagged me by my hips, as I bent over looking into a cupboard, and pulled me to her, I giggled and hugged her, “You will excuse me agents, but you see now, what I am protecting?”The agents nodded wide-eyed, now they had even more incentive to perform well. What a team, Diane was the stick, and I am the carrot!I was still giggling, and I noticed the agents suppress a smile.”Okay stink pot,” Diane told me, “wait until I get you into Neiman Marcus! I’ll have you trying on so many clothes you are going to think you’re a fashion model!””First stop though will be ‘Paulyne’s Girly Lingerie Shop’. We have arranged a Private fitting session for someone, who is a little difficult to fit off the rack, if nothing else we can order custom bras and have them shipped to us.Diane pressed the button for the intercom to the driver, “Driver take us to ‘Paulyne’s Girly Lingerie Shop’ at the Estropic West Shopping Center, 8425 S. Eastern Ave., Las Vegas.”We made a strange looking group. Two men dressed in black up ahead, Sally, Diane, me, and Kellie side by side, and two men dressed in black bringing up the rear. I had to work my little legs like crazy to keep up. I was wearing my 4-inch pumps and flight attendant uniform, side by side, with a much taller version of me by my side. Kellie got Diane’s attention, “We have to slow down,” she said pointing down toward my head.”I’m sorry, I am trying to walk as fast as I can,” I tried to go faster but Diane stopped me.”No, I’m sorry sweetheart, we’ll go slower. When you sped up, I thought one of the agents was going to faint, your little tush was doing just plain amazing things! We didn’t bring any bibs for them, and it would be embarrassing going into stores, with them having big wet spots on their jackets, not to mention their reduced ability as body guards, having their attention drawn to your butt, instead of watching for danger!””I don’t agree!” I told her, she had a puzzled look on her face, so I smiled and told her. “I think the most danger around here, IS my butt!””When you’re right, you’re right!” she said, groping my bottom.”I’ll give you just a week to stop doing that!” I warned her.”I think the agents might get a little overheated by then!” and she gave me a peck on the lips.We took off toward the store. When we got there the front two, slipped into the store, and checked it out. They re-appeared at the doorway and motioned us to enter. By the time they had done this, a small crowd had begun to gather a ways down the mall, staring at our little group. We slipped into the store where Paulyne greeted us, “Okay who is the fitting for? I can rule out four of you right away, that leaves four to choose from!”I took a step forward, “It’s for me!”Oh my! I’m glad you made the decision to seek a professional! This is going to be a challenge even for me!” Paulyne admitted.”Let’s stand you up over there on that coffee table.” Sally boosted me up, “and why don’t we take these shoes off of you.”Kellie joined Sally, blocking her way. Sally informed her, “She has a foot condition and can’t stand up with out special shoes.”Paulyne was surprised by the protectiveness of them, I could see that. “Paulyne I would like you to meet, Sallie and Kellie, they are my friends, and my nurses, I’m afraid they take protecting me very seriously. This is Dr. Diane Samuels over here, she is the one who made the appointment for me.” I leaned close to Paulyne and in a conspiratorial whisper I said, “I’m a government secret, so don’t ask.” Then louder, “I haven’t been introduced to our handsome protectors yet, but I hope to soon.”Paulyne perked right up, “That explains a lot, not everything, but as much as I think I want to know.”I smiled brightly at her.”Well since you haven’t been introduced to them yet, it’s only proper if they protect you from outside the dressing room please!” she informed them.They looked toward Diane and she gave the sign of, ‘you’re out of here’. They left unhappily.”Let’s get down to business,” said Paulyne as she began unbuttoning my blouse. “Off with this.””Now before we take this bra off we’ll take some measurements. What size of bra is this you are wearing?””It’s a 30 M cup. Diane bought it for me,” I told her.”What size did you wear before that?””This is my very first brassiere,” her eyes open wide.”With a bosom like this and no one bought you a bra! I want to speak with your parents, or guardian, or whoever is responsible!” she was in sensed.Diane saved me, “Unfortunately, that is classified. Rest assured all parties responsible have been dealt with most severely!”One look at Diane’s face was enough to reassure Paulyne, “Well, we have to do this the hard way,” she took her cloth tape and went to reach around me when Kellie stopped her saying, “She needs to know about her sensitivity!”Diane gave a nod.”De Anne here has incredibly sensitive skin, so sensitive, were you to brush your breast against hi… hers, De Anne would orgasm right there! That’s why I stopped you, you are rather well endowed, and to reach around, you would have found a terrific looking girl orgasming in your arms,” she informed Paulyne.”Oh my, you poor thing, will you two give me a hand taking measurements?” she asked.”It would be our pleasure,” Sally told her.Paulyne leaned over and whispered, “You have some pretty special friend there!””Don’t I know it!” I told her.The rest of the fitting went uneventfully at one point I asked if she had anything to fit me. She laughed until she had to wipe tears from her eyes, “Honey nobody has bras that would fit you! This 30 M is about as close as, ‘off the rack’ will come, but it doesn’t fit you. Yours is an amazing figure to be sure! When we took that bra off you, I must have turned three shades of green with envy! You have no stretch marks, no sagging, no surgical scars, and the bone structure of a bird! I’m tempted to adopt you myself! There are women in this town that would pay huge sums of money just to look like you!” she proclaimed.Diane couldn’t resist, “They couldn’t afford it!”Paulyne looked confused at that remark, knowing what some of the women in town had spent on enhancements, but let it slide. When she was all done, we looked through some designs and we picked out a couple then Sally brought up what we should have been thinking about all along. “I don’t want to be a smarty but he needs some nursing bras!””Sally!” but it was too late.”Did she say he?” Paulyne asked.Diane came to the rescue! She pulled an ID from her purse, “OSI Ms. Paulyne in the interest of national security, I am going to have to ask that you do not inquire further, and that you forget any misspoken words.”Paulyne was looking at me strangely. I couldn’t leave it at that, “I really am, a real girl, honest! Right down to my ovaries, I swear!” I began to sniffle.”I believe you hon., I might not know exactly what is up, but I do know you are a real girl! I have had cross dressers, and those surgically altered, in here. I could just tell with all of them, and not a one of them would orgasm if I brushed my boobs into them!””Can I get a hug,” I asked her.Now she looked worried, she glanced from Kellie to Sally, they nodded accession, and then she looked at Diane, who was grinning for the first time since we had come into the shop.She shrugged and said, “Sure!” Sally cautioned, “Slowly,” But she was smiling like a proud mama. I leaned toward her and our boobs touched together and I shuddered, she paused then slowly moved closer until we were hugging.”Oh, this is so nice!” she exclaimed, “You are definitely all girl, sweetie!””Thank you,” I told her, “You are really very nice!”Diane went on with business, “Now about the nursing bras…”Paulyne didn’t let loose she just told Diane, “No problem there, the ones you picked have very similar maternity bras,” she finished hugging me.Diane went on, “We are going to want five maternity, two shelf, two Demi-cup, and seven Firm-Support. Can we get a ‘rush’ on the order, and about how long until delivery?””Let me work that out and make a couple phone calls, I’ll be back in about 10 minutes.” She looked over to Sally and Kellie, “De Anne can finish dressing now, and I’ll leave ‘HER’ in your capable hands,” she went into her office.Once I had been dressed up, as a flight attendant again, Diane let the agents back in, they busied themselves with not looking at the frilly, sexy lingerie all around them.Paulyne returned, “How long do you plan to be in town?”Diane answered, “We have to leave tomorrow, before noon.””Can you swing by the shop tonight around 7:00?” she asked.”Sure we can be here. Why?” Diane asked.”I will have her first bra here finished and ready to wear home. We can deliver the other 16 in 4 days! I called in a couple favors and my, seamstresses have agreed to put you at the head of their ‘to do’ lists. I convinced a special friend, to make you up one on an emergency basis, that one is a gift from me to De Anne, I can’t stand to see you suffering without a proper foundation garment, but I do insist on one more hug at the time of delivery, Deal?” Paulyne was looking straight at me.”Deal!” I agreed.She turned and presented the rest of the bill to Diane, “I’ve given you a ‘volume’ discount for the size of the order.”Diane handed her a credit card, and when Paulyne ran it through the credit computer. Her eyes widened when the authorization came through, “Done and done,” she announced. “We’ll see everyone tonight at 7:00.When we left the shop, a crowd had gathered outside, with me the one ensconced in the middle of our little entourage. I was protected from physical harm, but that didn’t keep me from the whistles, catcalls, ETC. I heard someone in the crowd yell, “Hey isn’t she that new porn star?”Then it really started, “Hey baby, where you dancing?” and, “Which casino is SHE staring at?” in addition to, “Can I have your autograph?” the funny one was, “Hey man, she’s in costume… a flight attendant? That’s been done to death!”My face was burning and Diane rescued us again, she hung back with one of the agents and yelled ahead to our group, “escort the ambassador out, we’ll cover the rear!”You never saw a crowd s**tter faster! The limo was waiting just outside the mall. Diane joined us moments later laughing her ass off! “Okay, that didn’t go as smooth as I hoped, but it did prove we have to discuss something, I had hoped Dean would bring up, without me forcing the issue,” she started.I jumped in, “That’s De Anne, if you please and please start referring to me only in the feminine, like her, she, Miss., that kind of thing? It’s alright, I know I’m a girl!”I caught one agent look the other agent in the eye, with just a hint of, ‘oh my God’ in it. Kelly and Sally flanked me in the back seat with Diane against the right side.Sally was looking at me like she was going to cry, “I am so sorry, I… I… got confused…Diane said.., “I put my little hand on her lips, “It’s alright, Paulyne will be cool, and I’ll bet my loving wife had everybody ease my transition by calling me ‘he’.” She kissed my hand and stroked my hair.”Well that’s handled,” she stretched over and gave me a quick peck on the lips.Our agents looked real uncomfortable and soon found things outside that were more interesting.Diane called up the driver, “Take us to ‘Neiman Marcus’ please.”Walking into ‘Neiman Marcus’, they must get more people with security guards escorting them. No one noticed us much. I will tell you one thing, we didn’t have to go looking for a sales person! The assistant manager swooped down on us when we hadn’t even made 50 feet inside. Diane informed her we had a showing scheduled.”Oh yes, come this way if you please?” she beckoned us deeper into the bowels of the store to a conference sized room with a little stage. “Please be seated, I’ll be back momentarily.”She came back followed by a very tall and beautiful woman, wearing an incredible dress, “My name is Greta, and this is Sarah. She will be one of you models today. Sarah is wearing, a Handkerchief Hem Dress By Shelli Segal from her Laundry collection. It is a floaty slip dress with a dramatic, romantic hem it comes in brown with embroidered flowers at the bodice. The skirt is cut on the bias with a handkerchief hem for $225.00.”Diane motioned her over, “Uh, two quick points. Number one, here run this, so we can dispense with the price tags,” handing over ‘the credit card’, “and number Two, whatever you show, if it doesn’t come in her size,” pointing to me, “you will be wasting both our times.””Oh, dear!” she disappeared into the back. There was quite a bit of rushing about back there. I heard, “Someone find me Helen!”Greta returned pushing a little cart with espresso and teacakes, “We will be with you, showing you more, in a few minute. Please enjoy some refreshments while you wait,” then off she scurried.I got up and took advantage of the opportunity to play hostess. I pushed the cart in front of Sally, smiled sweetly, and said, “May I get you something, teacake?”She played along, “Why yes, thank you.”I handed her one on a little teacup, “Espresso?””No, but thank you.”I pushed on to Diane, “Teacake Mum?””Why, thank you,” she replied as I handed her one as well.”Can I get you anything else?””Now that you mention it I could really use a French kiss!” she offered.”As you wish Mum,” I told her, and then leaned in and locked lips. My knees went weak and Diane had to catch me, but we tongued each other for two minutes. I broke the lip lock and told her, “I must attend to my duties now!”Diane fanned herself, “She has given me the vapors, I do believe!”We giggled while I gave a teacake to Kellie. I didn’t stop there though I went to the back of the room and served espresso and teacakes to the two agents standing there. They looked shocked, but I pushed on the door, opened it, and made sure all of my protectors, received the proper attention.When I returned to my seat, Diane whispered, “You know they’ll kill anybody who comes near you now, don’t you?””I wouldn’t want that! I’ve had to stand guard before, and I know how hard it is! I was just being nice.”Sally pinched my cheek lightly, “You don’t need to try to be nice. You just are.””That’s sweet of you to say,” I told her swinging my little legs to and fro under the lip of the chair.Kellie reminded me, “De Anne, a lady doesn’t swing her legs, and she always sits with her knees together.”I looked and saw my skirt jumping up and down as I swung my legs, “Oops, thanks Kellie!”Greta returned and announced, “We’re ready to continue, finally. But I think with you, we are going to need a few measurements, is that all right?””Yes, but if you have the tape and indicate where you want the measurements, De Anne’s nurses would be happy to take them for you.””Nu… Nurses? Is she all right?””Nope, but I am getting better,” I told her.Sally and Kelly boosted me onto the table and took the measurements Paulynne directed. It was a little amusing when she had them remove my blouse for some of them.”Oh! You… Uh, Those are real!” she exclaimed.I put my tiny hands underneath and lifted them a touch. “This is all me.”She blushed, “Excuse me, I shouldn’t have said that!””Don’t let it worry you. I understand. If I wasn’t behind them, I’d be surprised by them too!””I think we have enough to get started, though. I’ll have to warn you, pretty much anything we have will not fit you ‘off the rack’, but we have a terrific seamstress waiting to make any alterations she’ll need,” she told Diane.”The first dress Sarah showed, can be altered to fit from, we think a size 8. We will have better luck in, ‘off the rack’ when we move onto the slacks and blouses.”She waved in a new model, a much shorter, and younger model, strawberry blonde, she looked maybe f******n years old, wearing the second selection, onto the stage saying, “Helen is wearing a Floral-Embellished Dress with Spaghetti straps and a Gathered tie neckline in sheer white cotton. This is also by Shelli Segal from her Laundry collection. The shoes are Manolo Blahnik, one of the Italian designer’s classic styles, a black or dark brown calfskin slingback with a sexy 2 3/4″ heel, the ‘Carolyne’ model.””Oh that is beautiful, can we get both of them?” I squealed.”Yes, quiet down now, I’m sure there is more,” Diane quieted me.Our next model was a raven-haired beauty, Japanese I think, very petit, only a foot taller than I was! “Kioko is wearing a Patchwork Dress one of Diane von Furstenberg’s signature prints, with a trendy bohemian attitude that feels fresh in it’s bright spring colors. It is sleeveless, with a tie at the shoulder, and a V-neckline, made of 100% silk. She is wearing Giuseppe Zanotti’s Feather Slingback Sandals.”That is incredible,” I was just puddling over how I imagined it would feel on my skin!”Shhh, Okay, Okay relax, we’ll take that too.””Helen is wearing, David Meister’s Halter Dress with Flowers. A sleek halter gown takes on extra drama with a large floral print. Her footwear is also Manolo Blahnik. A black lace 2 3/4″ heel also a ‘Carolyne’ with this season’s chic and current romantic touches.””They are all so pretty!” I was clapping. Diane was grinning.”Kioko, has on a V-Neck Dress, by Diane vonFurstenberg. It is in multicolor silk with, Peasant sleeves and Pullover styling. The shoes she is wearing are, ‘Manolo Blahnik collection as well, they have Natural topstitching for an artisan feel, grommets on the ankle strap for a tougher touch, the ‘Gallo’ is made in Italy of luggage brown calfskin, 4″ stacked heel, and Silver metal hardware.”It’s so light and silky looking!” I wanted to touch it.”Sarah is displaying a Lace Peasant Top & Tiered Skirt with Belt In white. It has Angular cuts at the sleeves and hem, Insets of crochet lattice, solid linen, lace, and eyelet. It is finished with a self-tie ribbon at the wide scoop neckline and sports three-quarter flutter sleeves with a slightly cropped hem. The Tiered Skirt with Belt is made of sheer white handkerchief linen, and has a side zip. The brown leather belt has double buckles and grommet detailing.”Her footwear is a “Florico” model, by Manolo Blahnik. These Leaf Detail Sandals are beautiful strappy vine-like sandals, with leaf detail, made of cafZ brown k**skin, with a 2 3/4″ heel. They featured these in Elle magazine, the December 2001 issue.”What do you think, would I look cute in that?” I don’t know why, but I was so excited.”Sweetheart you would be stunning! Sarah would be green with envy if she saw you model it,” Diane assured me.”Wait here a second, I think I left my rubber boots in the limo,” I started to get up, but only made it a half step when she grabbed me by the hips and pulled me into her lap. I was laughing like a first grader.”Sweetheart, you always make me happy!” she told me.”You always make me horny! Of course these days, toast makes me horny!” I squirmed, “Help! Sally, Kellie I’m being frustrated to death!””You better watch it lady, I still have my lips and I can have you both covered in pussy juice be fore you can say, ‘Oh, baby. Oh, baby. Oh GOD! OH GOD!'”Diane and I looked at each other, she let me go, I walked over to Kellie and said, “Deal! Do me then,” I challenged her.I thought she was bluffing! I really did!Kellie placed her hand on the back of my head and kissed me like, no one has ever before! I was toast in the first two seconds, but Kellie didn’t let up when I came. She was full on me for six to seven minutes! I orgasmed six times, and passed out! When I came to, Kellie was crying and almost frantic! “I didn’t mean it, are you alright? Speak to me precious!””I’m in love!” said I.She laughed and held my little cum soaked body to her, rocking me. I looked around and everybody was standing around me, with concerned looks, even the two inside agents.Diane said, “Damn girl! You’re going to have to get a concealed weapons permit for your lips!’Kellie laughed between tears.The two agents stared wide-eyed at Kellie, with respect, all the while lusting with their eyes.I told them, “This could be you! If your extremely lucky.”They quickly disappeared into their corners.Greta had paused the show. I was trying to figure out why she looked unruffled, like women orgasmed themselves u*********s in this room all the time! I finally thought it trough. This is Las Vegas! Rock stars, actors, the rich and eccentric, she’s probably seen things weirder than this!”Sorry, do you think the show can go on?” I asked Sarah, who was concerned for me, and had left the stage to help.”We can take a break if you want, we have a locker room you can use to tidy up a bit,” Sarah offered.”What do you think Angels? Lie here covered in love juice, or clean up? You’ll have to decide, I’m going to lie here and yearn for a cigarette,” I told them dreamily. (Someone actually offered one I had to turn it down. I don’t smoke)”Our flight attendant’s going to be mad at the mess I made of these clothes, on both of us,” I warned.”It’s okay sweetheart, ‘One Hour Martinizing’ can handle it!” Diane offered, “So Kellie, carry or walk?””Carry!” no doubt in her mind.She brought me into the locker room and cleaned me up. She wouldn’t let Sally or Diane help. They loaned me a robe, Diane had already bought everything we had viewed. One ensemble the tailor was resizing, as we spoke. Sarah brought me clean panties, as a present, during my clean up, she didn’t say anything except when my blouse came off, and I heard a sub vocalized, “WOW!”Just as I was leaving on my own two little feet, I stopped at Sarah’s leg and hugged it, “Thank you.”Sarah looked at Kellie, “She is so sweet!””You’re telling me! I almost orgasmed, kissing her!” Kellie admitted.”That is cradle robbing!” Sarah told her.”Uh, De Anne, tell her how old you are please?” Kellie asked.”34 years old,” I admitted, “I should have told her 9!” I teased.”You’re 34 years old?” she asked incredulously.I nodded, “I have a genetic disorder, that’s why I orgasm easy, and why my nurses travel with me,” I indicated Kellie.”Oh my God, I’m so sorry!””Don’t do that, I’m just glad you are so nice!” I told her as she sniffed back a tear.We went back out to finish the show. I saw Sarah talking to Greta, judging by they way she covered her mouth with a hand I guess the ‘News’ was spreading. The show went on for another two hours. Diane bought an obscene amount of clothes for me! Greta hadn’t even suggested brassieres. Greta suggested Panties, pantyhose, everything else, and lots of it! We had swimming suits, robes, Garter belts, stockings, and slips!When we were done, I left dressed in a Lace Peasant Top & Tiered Skirt, with a Belt in white and sandals. I was looking so hot I could have started a forest fire!We had fragrances brought to us just as we were getting ready to leave. We all agreed that, INTRUSION Eau de Parfum Spray & Silk Body Veil, by Oscar de la Renta, smelled best on me so that was added to the boatload of stuff Diane purchased for me.We had about 4 bags of stuff we could take with us. They will be shipping the rest of the stuff ‘home’, after alteration, to fit my unique dimensions.”Time to scoot, if we are going to make it to Paulyne’s by 7:00,” we all marched out to the limo and as soon as we entered the limo and buckled up I fell asleep!As soon as we arrived at Paulyne’s they tried to leave me in the car, but Paulyne said I had to come in. I was surprised how much my short nap revived me. She greeted us and allowed us in the darkened store. We then went into the back where Paulyne had me placed on the coffee table again, “Strip off that lovely blouse, and remove that torture device!”In moments my top half was naked, “My word De Anne, your skin is like porcelain! Now is it alright to touch you, if I’m very careful?””You bet, just be careful of anything that might feel like a caress or tickle. Even without trying, you’ll do more than you think you will!” I cautioned her.”I’ll be cautious, sweetie. Are you ready?” she asked me.She went around behind me handing one side of my new bra to Kellie. She brought it around so Paulyne breasts weren’t, squished into me while she reached around. She had me bend over so my boobs dangled in the cups, then brought the ends together and fastened it. “Okay stand up,” she told me and proceeded to adjust the straps.”This feels terrific, the fabrics, the fit, its so light, and so pretty!” I squealed.”Another satisfied customer!” Paulyne exclaimed.”What do you really think, De Anne?” Diane teased me.Sally said, “I think I’ll make an appointment for myself next time I’m in town!””Paulyne I think you have 3 more new customers!” Diane declared.”And a half naked, precious girl,” she reminded everyone.Kellie helped me slip on the peasant blouse.”Holy…,” said Kellie as she stood back and assessed the new me.”Wow, if you can make me look that good, with just a bra I’m not leaving without one!” Sally declared.”My seamstress called four times to verify the measurements I gave her! By the fourth time it was almost finished, she looked at it and told me no way was it going to fit! When she brought it over she begged me to let her meet you. I told her I would ask you,” Paulyne asked us.”You don’t need to ask, after doing such a wonderful job, I want to meet her!” I told her.Paulyne escorted a lovely lady about 5 feet tall out of the office, “De Anne, this is Silvia. You see Silvia, perfect fit as usual!””I just had to meet you. I thought Paulyne was playing a practical joke on me,” Silvia told me.I gave her my cutest giggle, “This is the best brassiere I have ever owned!”My three ladies and Paulyne laughed at my joke, Silvia just looked puzzled. Paulyne poked her saying, “I’ll tell you later.””Hug time,” I announced, “Silvia First!”Paulyne quickly filled her in on the how to’s, so she stood very still and let me hug her. I was happy when she loosened up and gently hugged me back. Once I got going, there was no stopping me. I even hugged the agents, even though they looked petrified.I yawned and unanimously, they decided to hustle me to the limo. I didn’t make it. I was stumbling too much and Kellie snatched me up and carried me to the limo. I guess, I remember them picking me up, but nothing else. I woke up in a big fluffy bed next to Diane. She had gotten the bridal suite for us! I checked my self out and discovered someone had dressed me in the cute Baby Doll, which we had gotten the day before. I tiptoed into the bathroom to go sissy, dropped my bottoms, and jumped up onto the potty and peed, it was way different from when I was a man. I just let loose and was emptied. Wiping my bald pussy was so different from, a couple of shakes.Diane and my angels had kept me so busy I hadn’t had time to really explore things. I spread my legs, and my pussy spread open with them. I felt around getting acquainted with what was in there, I traced the inner lips and shuddered, wow. I brought both little hands around to expose my clit without touching it. I gently pulled back the little hood, and shuddered again. There it was! I touched it, screamed, and fainted, twitching in an amazing orgasm.I hadn’t heard Diane come in, nor the ladies, not even the agents. As I swam back to consciousness I heard Sally asking, “what happened?”Blearily I answered, “Touched m’clit!”They all laughed at me, except the agents one of them couldn’t take it any longer, “You just touched it? And… you orgasmed and fainted?””Mmmm Hmmm, and it was soooooo good!” I admitted.He just shook his head and went back to his post mumbling, “I’ve heard of some girls being easy…””It was the first… first time, I ever explored…,” I told them.”Don’t you worry, we understand, of course we all did it when we were little girls,” Kellie consoled me.”Oh good I guess I’m entitled, since I’m a little girl!” my logic was impeccable.”A horny little girl! It’s less dangerous on the bed if you have to explore, I thought you had a concussion! So, you want to explore. Huh? Ladies, we have obviously been ignoring his sexual needs!” Diane got a feral look in her eyes and began crawling up the bed toward me.Sally and Kellie began shucking clothes, and once they were down to panties, they started coming toward me as well.”Help, Mr. Wizard!” I squealed.”He’s not going to save you princess,” Kellie told me.”Plan of attack,” called Sally.They put their heads together and whispered. When they broke, they had evil grins on their faces, and began closing in on me again. A giant wet spot had formed under my ass. I was hotter than a solar flare! When they had closed to within 6 inches they each jumped on their individually selected organ.Diane and Sally each grabbed a boob in their mouth, and Kellie of the talented tongue jumped on my pussy. I screamed, bucked, and fainted, only reviving by another orgasm, over, and over, and over! Every lick of the tongue on my clit made me scream, every lick to my breasts made me moan. If you had pulled open my eyelids, you’d see my eyeballs spinning like a one armed bandit!I’m not sure how long they were on me, but when they finally stopped, and I had recovered, I discovered a veritable lake of woman cum under my butt.”Look she’s back!” Sally declared.”I need some snuggle time,” I told them.Sally threw a blanket onto the lake and in moments, woman flesh surrounded me on all sides. I was lying on top of Diane with my head cradled on her tits, and both other ladies wrapped around us.I must have fell asleep, because I wakened with a start, when I heard Diane screaming in orgasm. It seems the ladies had gone on without me. Now everybody was sticky with vaginal juice. I found out Diane had started fingering the nurses and they returned the favor. We all lie there blissfully sated.Everyone grabbed hold of me drawing me upwards and packed me off to the bathroom, which had, and enormous tub, filled with warm soapy water re-circulating with water jets inside. They plopped me inside with a kersploosh! The others climbed in and fished me to the surface.”Oww,” I said.”Sorry, the slap of the water when you hit, I forgot!” Diane went on.”I’m Okay, I’m Okay, there’s me, and there’s Super Dave,” I announced.She wasn’t buying it, she placed me on the floor, and she inspected me head to toe. “Damn, you are going to have one dozy of a bruise, about a foot long I’ll bet.”While she patted me dry, Sally called room service and had some ice delivered (she ordered breakfast too). While Kellie held the ice pack to my thigh, I heard Diane order some leaches delivered from some local hospital. The leeches were there before breakfast arrived. We ate and I took my daily vitamins, and then I asked for what were the leeches.”The size of bruise you are going to have, will be big enough to hinder your walking, so as soon as I’m relatively certain the internal bleeding has stopped, we place the leeches over the bruise and they suck out the puddle of blood, easing the pressure under your skin, and preventing more damage due to the swollen tissues,” Diane lectured.”Wow, and thanks for not using the big words like, hemorrhaging,” I ribbed her.She tussled my hair, “Nothings too good for my favorite patient!”After about and hour I had a huge bruise covering my hip. A half our after that I had disgusting leeches stuck to my side. Strange as it may seem, within twenty minutes, the pressure was going down, and the Motrin I had taken had kicked in. Ten minutes after that, Diane removed the little suckers with a hot needle.”We have a plane to catch,” she announced.They dressed me and carried me to the limo and we were soon winging our way back to New Mexico.I’m glad Diane is so organized, she handed the dry cleaned uniforms to the attendant as we boarded and thanked her.”I see you went shopping Miss.,” she said, “very beautiful.”I smiled as much as I could at her.When she left, Diane asked, “You’ve been terribly quiet, since breakfast, is there something wrong I should know about!””I guess the boo-boo in the hot tub brought home just how fragile I am now. Is it always going to be this way?” I inquired.”Probably, but realize we are almost as fragile as you are! We’ve had to live with it all our lives, you went from a big tough man to a little girl, that’s one hell of a contrast!” She explained.”I’m not even much of a sex toy! Touch me, watch me orgasm! It sounds like the kind of thing carnies hawk at sideshows. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been having a great time, but it can’t be much fun for anybody else!” I complained.”Kellie, Sally?” Diane called.Both ladies turned around, “Someone has been telling me that we haven’t been having fun. She feels guilty that she doesn’t get to please us. What is your completely honest opinion? Does she sexually satisfy you, or would you like her to be able to do more.””I haven’t been this hot in all my life, I don’t know how you do it, but I haven’t been this satisfied before, ever!” Sally related.Kellie was next, “I have never before had sex with another woman, it grossed me out. When I had been around you just a short while, well I just want to eat you up! I have had lesbian sex with you, Diane, and Kellie, and… I liked it! I can’t get enough of it. I don’t think I could stand not being with you, ever! The way your sweet little face gets so cute when you orgasm, most ladies don’t look that great during the ‘rapture’. The way you coo and giggle and that unbelievable walk. I’ve had to wear a pad every time I’m near you. It’s not just your body either, the way you put others first, and get everyone around you to relax and make them feel special. I keep pinching myself to see if I’ll wake up, but if this is a dream I don’t want it to ever end!””It’s unanimous, you’re full of shit!” Diane declared.”Don’t worry De Anne the more time that passes, the more you will get used to the sensations you are being fed, and you will be able to enjoy them better. It’s a lot different than when you were my husband,” Diane tried to console me but now I started blubbering.”Was it something I said?”Kellie told her, “Uh, you said ‘were my husband’, and I almost started to cry too!””Oh shit, honey… Dean Samuels died, but you are the love of my life, I would marry you again without a second thought, if the government would recognize it. I still feel married to you my dearest,” Diane explained, “I hear Vermont will be legalizing Lesbian Marriages soon though, we could be married there, if you want to.”I sniffled, “I don’t know why I’m feeling so afraid, you are the only thing that’s not really different in my world now, I can’t even make a living any more. Everything is given to me, and I don’t feel like I’m worth much anymore.””Is that what you think? Well push that right out of that beautiful head. We have a job to train you for when we return. We’re not having any freeloaders on my staff! You have work, and it will be hard work, to which you are uniquely qualified,” She informed me.”I’ve never seen any job descriptions listing, must be cute, fragile, with huge hooters. Ability to lift not more than five pounds a must, able to orgasm in a single touch. Here she is Tiny Bimbo!” I went on.”Well basically, yes, that’s the job description’s requirements,” she affirmed.”Have you two seen this, ‘Job Description’?” I asked the ladies.”Have I Seen it? We helped write it!” they reaffirmed.”We can’t tell you yet my dear husband, but you’ll be told in a couple days,” she said.”Did you say she’s your husband?” the flight attendant had been coming up the isle with a bottle of champagne, and must have overheard.I blushed beet red.”Do you know who chartered this Jet?” Diane asked her.”What’s that got…” she saw Diane’s face and gulped saying, “No.””It was the OSI. I am their ‘number one’ scientist. A foreign power altered him and we are trying to find out how,” Diane lied big time, but it was a plausible cover story.”Her jaw almost hit the floor, her mouth was open so wide, “You were a… a… a man?” she stammered.”Yes, 5′ 10″, 200# with an 8 inch dick, of man,” I admitted.”You poor dear, I feel so sorry for what happened to you!” she had squatted down to my level to talk to me.”One more thing dearie, what you have just learned, is classified beyond Top Secret, if you ever speak of it to anyone, anywhere ever, especially the flight crew, I’ll find out and you will envy him, if I do,” Diane threatened.”Yes Ma’am!” the flight attendant avowed her understanding. Then to me she said, “If I can ever, ever, do anything to ease your burden, just ask, it’s yours!””Thank you very much,” and the attendant left.I looked at Diane and squinted, “We are going to have to talk when we get ‘home’.””I knew you were smart! Yes we will talk,” She had a sly grin on her face.”Hey, I didn’t get any champagne!” I whined.”Darling a thimble full and you would be 3 sheets to the wind!” she teased, “Anyway you’re not old enough!””How about, blackmail. I want champagne, or I touch myself and cover every body in pussy juice!” I threatened.”I’ll give you twenty buck to do it!” Kellie offered.”Me too. That’s 40 bucks to you!” Sally upped the ante.Diane laughed at me, and not to be outdone, added, “I’ll give you 40 bucks too!””That’s 80 dollars, please, please?” the ladies begged.”I’ll give you 20 bucks too,” added the flight attendant.”You have got to be k**ding me,” I said.”That’s a hundred dollars, just to orgasm, dearest,” Diane tempted.”Oh, what the hell, keep your money, who want to do me first?” I surrendered.”Let’s let the flight attendant, she’s never had the pleasure of watching our little darling in the throes of ecstasy,” Diane suggested.The flight attendant’s face flushed, I crooked my little finger at her, and she bent over closer. “What’s your name again, beautiful?””Lisa.”I put my little hands on either side of her face and ‘Kellie kissed’ her.”Oh, oh, my,” she panted. I had her, sit in my chair, and put me in her lap, “Take me.”I had hands all over me. Lisa reached under my skirt. Sally pulled my panties down. Kellie checked my tonsils. Diane took off my shoes and started sucking my toes through my hose. Lisa went for the gold, and barely slipped her finger in my cunt and I did my best epileptic seizure impression. Lisa finger banged me mercilessly I just kept cumming and cumming.Off in the distance I heard, “Oh my God, that’s so hot, I think… I think… I’m… cuuumiing!” I could feel Lisa’s hips bouncing my twitching body.When I came to, I saw all the ladies licking their fingers. Lisa even buried her finger in my cunt, making me cum some more, pulled it out, and licked it like ambrosia?”That is delicious,” Lisa exclaimed.”See, we told you!””I’ve got to have more!” and she fingered me again.”If you think that’s something try some of this,” I felt Diane offer one of my boobs to Lisa.She took it in her mouth, and sucked it. I got the strangest feeling, as if my boob squirted! Then I passed out, with my eyes rolled up into the back of my head.When I woke up, the plane was on the ground, and Lisa was carrying me from it, into the facility I was ‘Born’ in. I heard the jet power up and take off. “Lisa, they’re leaving without you!””It’s alright De Anne, Lisa works for us now,” she told me.”What you needed a De Anne carrier?” I asked.”No, goof, she will be one or your aides,” she told me.”You want to work for me,” I asked her?”More than anything,” Lisa replied!’This is getting weird,’ I thought.They deposited me back in ‘our’ room, and immediately they mobbed me! Millie, Cindy, Molly, and Sue all insisted on kissing me and bathing me.”I thought there were rotating shifts, what’s everybody doing here at the same time,” I asked them?”We missed you!” they chorused back.”Princess De Anne has returned!” I teased them.When they finished washing me, I was whisked to the big soft bed and gang fucked! Those ladies were making me cum, time and time again, unrelentingly.”Mmmm she tastes soooo gooood!” I kept hearing.After I recovered, they bathed me again. Finally, I was dressed and brought breakfast. Afterwards I asked to talk with Diane, privately.”What is it, my love?” she asked sweetly.”You might want to turn the monitors off for this conversation,” I told her. She pulled a remote control from a pocket in her lab coat, pressing a button.”Okay give, what’s with the pussy juice and undying devotion?” I insisted.”You are addictive! Quite literally, once a lady has tasted your pussy, she has to have more. She has no choice. We made you more addictive than heroine is. They will do anything to be with you, for the rest of their days. After more than a week without you, their hair will fall out, they won’t eat, drink, or think of anything but you! They don’t have it as bad as Sophie does though, she’s been screaming at the top of her lungs for you so much she can’t even whisper! Speaking of which, would it be all right to bring her by? She only has about 24 hours left without some of your milk,” she told me.”You mean poor Lisa had to quit her job, and life, just to be with me,” I was stunned.”Yes,” she admitted, “But I’m even more addicted than they are. I was addicted to you before I had to change you, so I made sure you would never be without someone who loves you. Ladies who will protect you with every ounce of their strength!”I looked down at my cunt and said, “I better be careful where I point this thing!””Speaking of which, I NEED you to point that thing at me!” she put her mouth tightly over my pussy and licked, I came but she got it all and licked me clean. “There now we don’t need to give you another bath! Will that be all for now, we can talk more later if you want, I have the remote at all times.””I’m sated for now,” I said dreamily.”Ta, Ta!” and she was gone.In came Sophie, a look of pure rapture on her face as she saw me. She kept trying to say my name and all that came out was a noise like a seal bark! My ladies placed me where she could suckle. She looked so angelic working my boob while I orgasmed. When she had gotten all she could, she started begging to clean my butt with her tongue, so I let her, knowing that she was addicted to my cum, just like the others. She fell asleep with her tongue in my rectum, her little hands clutching my hips. If I tried to move she grabbed tighter and made muffled noises in my butt, causing me to orgasm again. It was a vicious cycle so I just relaxed and left that strong muscle stay where it was for over an hour, when Sophie was taken away. It was so cute to see her put her thumb in her mouth and suck it as they wheeled her off. Something strange though I could swear her breasts had grown since last she tongue fucked me!My ladies dressed me and we all went for a walk. They showed me around the other girls’ rooms, and I oohed and ahhed at them, it seems that everyone had moved in permanently! When we got to the end of one hall there was an armed guard in front of the door with a Mack-10. The signs read ‘authorized personnel only’ ‘Platinum clearance beyond this point’ and ‘Unauthorized entrants will be shot’. It sounded extraordinarily serious, so we turned around and explored elsewhere. At lunchtime, Diane joined me and I mentioned the door.”Oh, you have access, none of the others do, and they would have been shot. You probably want to stay clear until I have toured you through though.””No problem there, those guards would have been pretty big to me when I was a man, now they’re enormous, and seriously armed!” I admitted.”Don’t worry husband, they would kiss your feet if I let them!” Diane told me.”You mean I don’t even have to let people lick my juices to have them fawn all over me?” I asked.”Well… basically, yes,” she said, “you are spewing pheromones, male and female, at an unbelievable rate, people will just sort of gravitate to you! I, of course am immune,” she snuggled me closer.”I’m just a love machine, and I don’t work for nobody but you!” I sang (off key).”You work for everybody, including me!” she kissed me deeply.”So why do I have access to the inner sanctum?””There are patients in there, we need you to work your charms on, but that comes later!” they informed me.”I saw Sophie sucking her thumb in her sleep, she was kind of cute. She does keep insisting on tonguing my butt though. I hate to admit it, but I’m beginning to like it. She is looking better now that she has suckled. When I first saw her she looked half dead,” I brought her up on current event as we snuggled.”She was half dead. In another twelve hours, we would have had to milk you and force-feed her to keep her alive. I can’t feel sorry for her, at least not yet. Not after what she did, and tried to do to you. She has the body like yours and the sensitivity to stimulation you do, but prevented from an orgasm without your pheromones. She does not produce them, as you do, so no one has to like her or feel sorry for her. The only one I know of that does feel sorry for her, is you sweetheart. I knew you would too, so I didn’t do some of the more drastic things originally planed for her. The sucking of the thumb was on purpose. She has the emotional age of a one year old. She still remembers who she is, and all other knowledge, she just can’t understand why she would try to hurt you, and especially she would never hurt her mama. That’s you. She bonded to your image and pheromones. It is tied very deeply with the primeval, ‘love of mother’ in her. So even though she has hated her real mother for many years, she has for you, a deeper love than she knew existed. If we are successful in removing her addiction to your breast milk, she will never stop loving you. When she emotionally matures, she will always have the infant, ‘love of mother’ that will never mature. She should start calling you mummy, soon and forever more.””So, now I’ve even made you a mother! Is it all right though? Just think if she’s a good and dutiful daughter, everyone might forgive her sooner,” she logically proposed.”What a sales job, you didn’t have to reach so much, it’s all right. If this is a way that you can eventually get your Sophie back, I’ll do my best,” I proclaimed.”You always could see right through me! I should know better. I couldn’t bear to exterminate her. This way maybe the love of a good mother will heal her. She can truly be the person we all took her for,” she explained, “But you knew that didn’t you!””What, a tiny blonde haired, big boobed bimbo, figure all those complicated things out, gosh it would make my hair bleed to think that hard!” I sarcastically said in my tiny ‘Chippette’ voice.”If the nurses came in and saw your hair bleeding, I wouldn’t live to make the door!” Diane exclaimed.They couldn’t hurt you, none of you can hurt the others, and do you know why?” I lead her on.She shook her head puzzled.”All of you know if you hurt each other, I would be heart broken. Do you think any of them could stand to see me heart broken?” I asked.”Oh my God. I see what you mean. So none of us will do anything negative to each other, ever, for it would only hurt ourselves! Wow! I’ve created a paradox haven’t I?” she realized.”What, you’re asking a tiny, blonde haired, big boobed, bimbo about a three syllable word? Are you nuts?” I asked trying very hard to keep a straight face.”You be nice or, ‘duh I’m going to hug you and squeeze you and call you George! Duh that’s what I’ll do, yup, yup, yup’,” doing her best impression of a big dumb abominable snowman off an old Bugs Bunny cartoon. I laughed at her and she smiled.She admitted, “When you are happy my heart just soars darling!””I’ll try and stay happy then, even though this hot, dripping wet pussy, is just screaming for release,” I baited her.”Oh my, we can’t have that!” She pressed the button on the remote. The one marked ’emergency’ and every nurse, and Lisa too bolted into the room, looking apprehensive and determined to give aid and comfort. “Ladies, I have been informed that there is a, and I quote, ‘hot dripping wet pussy that is just screaming for release’ in this room, and it’s not mine!”I tried to hide under the pillows but somehow they found me. They all took turns tonguing my cunt and sucking my boobs, and kissing, and licking, and stroking me everywhere. They spread my little legs so wide, I was sure they had torn me in half, and were sucking out my sex organs. I had a tongue a foot long up my slit, at least it felt like it was! I kept spasming and cumming. I could feel tongues competing for my juices, at least any that got past whoever was eating me at the time, it was like a whole mess of wet strong squirmy worms were wriggling all over my nether regions, which only made me cum that much harder.I woke up all cleaned, perfumed, and dressed in pink ruffles from head to toe! Someone had even gotten me a pair of soft pink high heels to match! “I don’t remember us buying this on our trip,” I remarked.”You didn’t,” Millie said, “I had it custom made and sent here while you were out, to surprise you. Do you like it?””Oh thank you Millie, it’s the most beautiful pink outfit anyone has ever given me!” of course it was the only pink outfit, anyone had ever given to me. I wasn’t crazy about the ‘pinkness’ but I was softening to it. It’s hard to undo years of male conditioning that quickly. I didn’t let all this on to Millie though. This must have set her back quite a bit of money. I know how much my clothing costs!She was rubbing my tummy just like before and I still loved it just as much, not that I could hide that fact from Millie, since I was all but purring!”You look just beautiful in it too. Once we had you dressed we almost had to call one of the guards to have him help keep us from ravishing you before you could see yourself in it!” she declared.”I feel so warm and cozy here, but I should get up and model it for everyone,” I told her as I swung my slim little legs off the side of the bed, rolled over onto my tummy and slid the rest of the way to the floor. “Are you going to come with me?””You have but to ask my princess,” she teased as she placed the little tiara on my head.”Well let’s not keep my subjects waiting, it is to be a full tour of my kingdom today then?” I inquired haughtily.”Yes, my Princess, we will visit all of the peoples homes and get acquainted,” she informed me of the itinerary.Therefore, I put on my sluttiest walk and undulated out of my room to knock on the door next to it. This should be Sally’s room, so I knocked. I was right. Sally opened the door, “Yes?””Hello, I’m the house call-girl/Princess. I am learning the ropes, could I trouble you for a cup of orally administered saliva?” I teased her. The words had barely left my lips and her warm mouth pressed against mine.”Mmmm, I could get to like being a Princess!” I told her.”I think you are just darling, my Princess,” she told me as she tweaked my nose.I tweaked her nose back and told her, “I love you too, my Sally!”I swear it looked like her knee went weak. I thought she was going to swoon!”I must beg my leave, I have more subjects to visit, and much more saliva to drink,” as I undulated out the door. Behind me, I saw Sally fanning herself to cool herself.Knocking on the next door, Sue greeted me.”Come in,” she called.”It’s your door to door Princess, I’m here to collect my tribute. That will be one cup of saliva,” I announced.”These taxes are too great a burden! Well if I must pay, I must,” she sighed and came over to me, placed me on her bed and kissed the shit out of me. “On second thought I consider it an honor to contribute to the well being of the nation,” and kissed me again.I composed my self and sighed, “Oh well, a Princesses job is never done!” I perambulated on to the next room and knocked.By this time, I was beginning to draw and audience.”Who is it,” sounded from inside.”It is your loving Princess come to collect a warm cup of spit,” I answered.The door flew open, and I was abruptly, pulled inside by Kellie. I didn’t have a chance to say another word, she was careful not to make me orgasm, but my panties were soaked! When she had had enough, and I could breath I said, “It’s always gratifying to encounter such an enthusiastic subject!”She laughed and kissed me again briefly.”My ‘grayman’ is waiting with my next appointment, I mustn’t keep her waiting!” I told her and received a friendly pat on my bottom. At the next door my knock was answered with, “Wha… Who… Is someone at the door?””It’s the Avon Princess, would you like to sample my wares? I offered. I thought the door had exploded it opened so fast!”Don’t just stand there in the cold, mum! Come in and warm Y’self by my fire!” was Molly’s reply.I thought the leaches had sucked on to me! Not! They could learn something from Molly!”I missed you terribly when you were in Las Vegas!” and kissed me again.”I missed you too, it makes me happy to be back!” I admitted.”Well, you visit me any time, and sleep over too, if you want!” She offered.Now there’s an idea, but I refrained from saying anything.”Tempting, I’ll discuss it with the Senate. For now I must share myself with the people!” I blew her a kiss.By now, the word had gotten out, and everyone was expecting me. I raised my hand to knock and the door creaked open, “Come into my parlor, make yourself at home,” she patted her lap indicating where she wanted me.”Mmmm your accommodations are exquisite,” I told Cindy as I squirmed my little butt around as if I was getting comfortable, but I was trying to get her motor running, “Now how about that cup of saliva I have demanded from everyone else?””Oh all right, stick out your tongue!” she told me.This sounds different.She wrapped her lips around my tongue and started acting as if she was giving my tongue a blowjob, even tickling the end of it with her tongue! I was gushing into my panties! She barely stopped in time. I was so close I shuddered all over as my senses returned.”I think the Royal coffers are full!” I proclaimed. Millie met me at the door and we continued walking around the halls. You should have seen the looks on the guards when they saw me dressed in pink, wearing a tiara. I thought they would drown in their own saliva! So of course as we were walking away, I laid ‘the walk’ on big time to finish them off, I was surprised when I heard a thud behind us. When I turned around, I saw one of the guards had fallen over trying to get a better look! I smiled and snickered at him and he got a dopey looking grin on his face. Judging by the bulge in his pants, he was going to have to beat, the one eyed, purple-headed, monster into submission!Millie whispered, “You are just plain too hot girl! I’m sure happy you are home!”I stopped and hugged her leg, “I love you Millie.””You know sweetheart, I never thought I’d say this to another woman, but I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone before in my whole life!” she confessed.”Thank you Millie, I feel the same way about all my angels! I need you all! Do you think they made my heart too big when I they transformed me? I don’t think I could live without any of you!” I squeezed her leg harder.”Oh baby, it warms my heart to hear you say that! I’m still afraid of what I’ll do when my services are no longer needed,” a tear was rolling down her pretty face.”Don’t you worry Millie, Diane tells me you, and all my angels have permanent positions. You never have to leave if you don’t want to!” I told her.She dropped onto one knee, “Are you serious, all of us? Nevertheless, you are doing so well, I was sure you would not need us for more than another week! Is there something wrong with you they haven’t told us? Please tell me!””Uh, you know I’m a tiny, nymphomaniac, blonde haired bimbo, with giant boobs, right,” I asked her.”Crudely put but, yes,” she admitted.”In that case, you know everything! Apparently I will always need special ministrations, though it appears the staff will have to become a family, what do you think? Do you think everyone will stay? I sure hope so, it would break my heart in two if anyone left us, I love everyone of our group so much, I think I would just die!” I set the groundwork to keep us all together. Of course, I knew that it would be they that died if they left, and I couldn’t let that happen, I really do care for them all!”Sweetheart, no one will leave you! We have all talked about how we feel about you. In fact, when we began to think you were well enough to do without us soon, we all consoled each other. I think that’s why Molly sounded so surprised when she heard your voice. She was probably on her bed crying when you knocked,” she surmised.”Let’s stop on our way back and see if we can make her feel better, okay?” I bargained.”You are so sweet and considerate, that’s why I love you so much!” Millie falsely assumed.I wouldn’t let Millie knock. I quietly opened the door and snuck in to find Molly with her head buried in her pillow. I looked at Millie and put my finger to my full pouty lips. I ever so quietly climbed on the bed next to her and wrapped my arms around her. Her puffy eyes told me the whole story. When she had me sit on her lap, I couldn’t see her face, to tell she had been crying. Sneaky!”I didn’t hear…,” she stammered.”Why are you crying? Tell me the truth!” I told her.”I… I… hic I… hic you… you… hic,” She stammered.”It’s all right sweetie, all of my angels are permanent, if they want to be. I hear I’m a lot of work so Diane says everyone is full time, and provided room, and board, if they so desire. Does that make you feel any better honey?” I offered.”You… you… hic you… hic,” was all she could manage but she smiled and kissed me. I waved Millie in too and she joined the group hugI heard, “Heeeyyyyy! What about the rest of us?” It was Sally.”Are you crying into your pillow too? You better come in and join us then!” I teased her.”Is she crying again?” Sally put both of her little fingers in her mouth and ripped off an ear-piercing whistle. “Huddle!” she bellowed.Everyone came running. “She really has it bad! Oh! De Anne is here! Um, Ah… can we help?” Cindy asked.”I think she’ll be all right now. I am worried about the rest of you though. Has this been going on a lot?” I inquired.”We kind of take turns, getting depressed over..,” she couldn’t finish.”Is that all? I can fix that! Tell them Millie, I know Cindy still has the hiccups and needs me! Don’t you honey?” I said smiling at her.Millie filled everyone in. There was one, who still thought of herself as an outsider though, so I handled that.”You are an official angel now too Lisa! So, don’t go thinking that it might not mean you too! Everybody, it’s hug Lisa time!” I declared.”I am so proud of you all! When one of you is sad, that makes me sad, but if one is sad and every body supports her and cheers her up, that makes me so proud to be one of you, well you have no idea. I love every one of you so much I would just die, with out any one of you!” that should solidify things. The paradox was in place, now let’s hope it serves to inspire everyone.I looked over to see that Lisa received the proper welcome, and saw that Kellie had her by the lips, and Lisa had lifted her left foot at the knee. Oh yes she was being welcomed! I could see her slacks moisten in the crotch! That Kellie was just amazing!”Uh oh,” Lisa screeched as she orgasmed. Good thing the ladies caught her and then Kellie just kept kissing her! She came two more times before Kellie was finished.”Oh… pant, pant, my… pant, pant, GOD!” no one has ever made me cum just from kissing me, ever!” Lisa’s exclaimed.I giggled, “I thought I was the only one she did that to. With me she probably only had to use one lip!””I’m so embarrassed!” she said.”I knew I was doing something wrong! How come you ladies didn’t tell me I was supposed to be embarrassed! Holding out on me huh, laughing at me behind my back?” I accused.”Lisa what De Anne’s trying to tell you is, that we all love each other, and that giving pleasure to any one of us is giving it to us all! We all were very turned by your orgasm, right ladies,” she assured her.Everyone agreed. She still looked unsatisfied.”Okay, I’ll make the supreme sacrifice, Kellie I need your lips for, well a minimum of 30 seconds and as long after that as it pleases you. Sorry Millie but the pink dress gets christened,” I surrendered.Kellie took me with her mouth, and true to my prediction, within 30 seconds, I was orgasming uncontrollably. I got a glimpse of Lisa with an ecstatic grin on her face watching how hard I was orgasming, and hungrily licking my pussy juice off of her fingers.I felt their fingers, stuck in my pussy and then, taken out to and licked clean. Finger after finger after finger all driving me crazy and all the while, somewhere a Chippette was moaning and screeching. It was an amazing finger banging. With the size of my pussy, their fingers felt plenty large. I loved being finger fucked! Each finger, wet with saliva entering me and squirmed just long enough for me to cum, and then the next finger penetrated and started it all over again.This time when I came to, Diane was with me, “I hear you have been busy! I came out to have lunch with you and they mobbed me! They hugged me, and kissed me, and the next thing I knew, someone was eating me out! I haven’t orgasmed like that since my death! They told me it was to thank you and giggled, making me orgasm again.So what did you do?” she inquired.”Diane, they were worried sick that since I was getting stronger, that they would soon be unemployed, and sans De Anne! They tried to hide it, but they were incredibly distraught! They felt if they had to leave me, that they would just die! Does that sound familiar?” I scolded her.”Nobody said that they were going to loose their jobs!” Diane told me.”Remember, they are nurses. Healthy people don’t need nurses, do they?” I was working her head in the right direction.”Oh shit! I didn’t think of that! They must have been frantic!” she realized.”Yup!” I agreed.”So, you told them not to worry.””Yup!””They were so relieved, they finger banged you u*********s, and Lezed the shit out of me!” she worked out.”Yup!””Good work sweetheart!””Yup!””And you thought you were worthless! You are the most valuable person in the facility!” she proclaimed.”Well maybe next to you.””Next to me, on top of me, inside me, anyplace you kaş escort bayan like sweetheart!” Diane offered.”Do you have time for an extended cuddle?” I inquired.”Roll over,” she told me as she stripped off her clothes and crawled into bed with me.”Mmmm this is nice,” I told her.”Diane?” I asked.”Yes, my darling?””Can we get budget for some remodeling?” I asked.”What did you have in mind?”Well, damn it’s hard to say this without sounding conceited. Everybody loves De Anne. They all need to be with me. The logical arrangement is De Anne and Diane live in the commons, which can be closed off from the rest of the suites, each with it’s own bathroom, living room bedroom and kitchenette. The commons will have a huge bed, a giant bed, big enough for everybody! A full size kitchen and huge bathroom with a bathtub big enough for everybody and a small double size one. Are you getting the picture?” I asked her.”You are just brilliant darling!” she hugged me.”Marriage is a push-me-pull-you. I help where I can!” I told her.”In that case you are in charge of the remodel, make sure you put the rest of the family to work on the project with you! I am so excited to see what you all will come up with!””I even have ideas for the nursery! By the way, is there a wardrobe for Sophie? What do you have for her to wear?” I was on a roll.”Pink night gowns like you were wearing, we haven’t anything else yet,” she told me, I had thought as much.”Can I have some input?” I coaxed.”It’s all right with me, I guess, you’re her mommy after all!” she stroked my hair.”First the nighties are Okay, but need to be about 10″ longer, with a string through the bottom hem. Like those sleepers for babies, and lots of pink frilly baby clothes like, the ruffled pants baby girls wear. Um, is there a way to temporarily introduce, incontinence in her?” my mind was whizzing along.”Sure, I can even put the medicine in a ‘patch’ that could be taped on the middle of her back where she can’t reach it,” she was starting to get into this.”Perfect, we’ll need diapers and rubber pants, a changing table, baby wipes, and can we get a bidet for every bathroom? The next item might sound kind of strange though. Can you get a remote controlled something that I can use to ah… sexually stimulate Sophie?””I can do better than that! I’ll give you a remote tomorrow, you are going to love this!” she had a devilish grin on her face.”Goodie,” I squeezed.”I knew you were going to be a natural! Tomorrow you get your first tour of the guarded area!” she promised, “Then I’ll ‘brief’ you on your new duties.””Couldn’t you just panty me. Panties feel so silky and make my pussy look so desirable! I don’t want to wear briefs anymore.””Careful smart ass, I’m puddling already with the description of that lovely twat of yours!” she warned.”You mean this, tiny, smooth, soft, juicy, hot, and horny pussy right here between my alabaster, soft, incredibly smooth and silky thighs. The one working it’s hot little self against the soaked sheets becoming ever hotter? That lovely twat?” I teased.She slid her hand down to my panties and gently rubbed my Mons Veneris, moving down to my wet slit. “This twat right here is the one I was talking about, the one attached to the super desirable nymphomaniac squirming underneath my wiggly finger.”I licked my lips and then lightly bit my lower lip.”That face turns me on so much!” she started tonguing my ear and pulled her hand up higher to slip it inside my panties. She was careful not to penetrate my slit. She just smeared my pussy juice all over my vulva and high up onto my mons veneris. She then placed her finger in her mouth and sucked my juice off her finger seductively, “Mmmm, ambrosia!”I could feel my nipple clenched up tight, and my pussy juice oozing down my leg. She had me panting like a Mexican hairless!”Oh, baby fuck me, make me feel like a woman should!”That got her, I hadn’t noticed that she had been finger banging herself with her other hand, but it became obvious when she went ridged and screamed, “Oh God!”I could feel her cum wetting my little feet, which gave me an idea! I took my toe, and worked it in between her labia and started working her clit with my toe. Her eyes widened and she uttered, “Ah… ah… AH… AHHHHHHHHH!” She orgasmed her pussy juices all over my foot. I drew my foot up far enough to touch, and squeezed off some of he pussy juice onto my finger and imitating her, sucked it sexily off my finger and said, “Mmmm, ambrosia!”She couldn’t take it anymore and squirmed down, yanked my panties down and tongue fucked the living hell out of me. She only made my eyes roll up into my head for ten minutes or so. I was laying there dreamily in the after glow watching Diane towel off her magnificent body and start dressing.”It always turned me on no end to watch you slide all of those soft silky sexy girly things on your delicious body, and it still does!””I wish I could say the same thing, but your man body never really turned me on. What was in it, drove me wild though!” she admitted, and her eyes went down like she found something fascinating about her feet, “But the new you, ah…your ah… well… Oh shit, your tiny, blonde haired, big boobed bimbo, body just drives me wild! Just watching you wag your little butt when you walk makes me cream my panties! I even have the added benefit that what is inside is what was inside the only male I ever loved. I can’t help loving the new you and your hot girly body even more! It sort of makes me feel ashamed that by taking so much from you, I have benefited so very much,” she confessed.”Diane, I forgive you, I forgave you days ago and told you. If I had to be changed, I feel so lucky you were the one in charge. Just think if Sophie had been!” I told her.”Well… actually she had been. There was an uprising while you floated in the tank. The official story to the higher ups is there was an accident, and somehow Sophie transformed. None of the men who were her superiors had the balls to challenge my story! On the other hand, possibly when my report showed the changes you underwent, they were making sure they kept their balls by not challenging me. Outside of your little group, most of the people here are scared shitless of me now. So I have one more thing to make me feel guilty about transforming you for, by making you my little blonde haired, big tittied bimbo, I’m queen bitch around here now,” she admitted.”I knew it, I knew it, if you’re Queen bitch, I really am a Princess, I’m Princess bitch!” I clapped my little hands together to exaggerate my pretend girlish excitement.”I don’t know what I ever did to deserved you, but I’m damn glad I did, you always manage to make me feel so good, like I matter to the universe,” she was shaking her head looking at me while she did up her bra.”I have to get back to running this place, and other things,” she told me, pulling on a silk skirt, “I hate to eat and run,” I snorted when she said that, “I’d just love to stay for a eight course meal but duty calls! She turned off the privacy mode the room had been in and the door swung open, allowing my angels to enter, “Sorry for being so selfish girls, but there’s plenty left!” With that, she swept out of the room.I looked up into f******n hungry looking eyes and felt like an hors d’ Oeuvre. Some of the ladies were even licking their lips. I sighed and surrendered to the inevitable, “Well don’t just stand there, someone help me out with this hot little snatch!”I was surprised that they didn’t just dive in. They actually went into a huddle! When they broke, each went a different way, two went out the door, two went into the bathroom, and four closed in on me. The four carefully, gently removed the few clothes I was still wearing. The bathroom ladies returned with a warm basin of soapy water and washcloths. They gave me a sponge bath head to toe, me cooing the whole time. When the others returned, four ladies floated me above the bed while two slid a big thick rubber like sheet under me. The anticipation had me dripping wet! Then they all stripped naked and joined me on the sheet, each with a bottle of baby oil they were liberally spreading all over themselves. As soon as they were slippery head to toe, they began to oil me up. The sensations on my skin were unbelievable! I almost came, just getting oiled up! When everybody was all oily, the ladies started kissing each other and rubbing their bodies together.The sight was driving me crazy, especially when it dawned on me that they had all shaved, so their pussies where as bare as mine! They rubbed titties together and stroked each other’s love holes. Then when I was getting ready to finger myself they grabbed my hand to stop me and started rubbing their slick boobies all over me, my legs my tummy my breasts and my face. That did it I came like gangbusters! One of the ladies’ mouths attached itself to my pussy and greedily lapped up my juices. They kept at it kissing each other and titty rubbing me, while they took turns lapping up my womanly excretions.Every time I was able to move a hand, someone stuck a boob in it. Every time my shoulders shook, quivers of tit meat undulated away from me. The ladies would twiddle my oily nipples as I lie in a lovely pool of warm baby oil. It was truly strange, listening to the squirty sloppy noises emanating from my cunt, but it felt indescribably delicious.I screeched, I screamed, I yelled, “Oh God, Oh God, Oh GOD!” I kept cumming, over, and over. This time when I came around, I was as naked as a jaybird!Millie announced, “Time to feed baby!”I knew that I needed to start role playing, to start Sophie’s long road back to adulthood, “Where’s my darling little baby?”Sally was pushing her into the room”Come to mommy, baby Sophie, I have din-din all ready for you! Are you hungry precious? Mommy has missed you baby! Mommy just loves it when you suck so nice on her big, full, milky boobs! You just love to suck mommy’s big boobs, and feel her thick sweet warm milk in you mouth, don’t you baby Sophie?”She was next to me in the bed by then so I petted her head and brought my hand down to under her jaw, “Sophie just wants her cute little belly full of mama’s sweet thick milk, doesn’t Sophie?”Her big, sad looking eyes, looked at me eagerly wanting feeding, as she nodded her head smiling sheepishly. Just think little Sophie, one day you will grow up and be able to feed your little girl with these big boobies,” I told her as I hefted one of her enormous breasts and caressed the nipple, “Your little girl will take this big booby into her mouth like this, and suck and lick, just like this, only you will get the added thrill of feeling your very own milk spray out into your loving babies mouth, like you do to me.””Here you are my precious, one of mommies milk laden boobies, just for you!” She grabbed it on both sides, and gently caressed, it as she placed it in her mouth and began working my nipple with her lips, and sucking my milk into her mouth, lovingly. “Does baby Sophie like mommies sweet milk?”She mumbled, “Mmmm,” while nodding her head, still latched onto my breast sucking away happily.After she had suckled awhile, I pulled my boob out of her mouth with a popping noise, and gave her the other one. She smiled at me over the top of my boob in total adoration, as she filled her tummy with my milk. It felt so good that I fell asleep. I woke with a start, feeling her lick my cunt as if she couldn’t get enough. She stopped put her lips around my clit and sucked. When she had a good vacuum she said, “Mummmmiieeee!” and popped off. I came all over her red haired head! That only encouraged her and she tongued me out again. Next, she went back to tongue fucking my ass while she fucked me with her little nose. I came so hard I was afraid I’d drown her! I heard her coming too, and was pleased that she could cum, now that mama had.I heard her say in her, higher than even mine, voice, “I wuv you mummy!” and she kissed my ass very lovingly, and then wrapped her arms around my butt and hugged it.Shortly, Sally came in and pulled her sleeping little body away, and put her on the gurney. Even covered in my own cum, I got up to see where they took Sophie when she wasn’t with me, I must have been pretty out of it, because I started tip toeing down the hallway naked. I saw Sally dropping her off at the guard station, then the guards saw me, and their jaws dropped open, their eyes bugged out, and I thought they would faint dead away. That’s when it dawned on me, that I was in my birthday suit.I considered my options, realized the damage was already done, so what the hell! I yelled after Sophie, “Night-night baby girl!” I blew her a kiss, and waved. One of the guards wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing and ran the gurney over the other guard’s foot, who hollered, lost his footing and fell on his face! Poor guys, so I yelled, “You guards take good care of my baby girl now, and see that she’s here in the morning safely. Bye, bye.” I tiptoed away wiggling my little ass.”Oh my God, did you see her? Ooh mama! She’d almost be worth loosing my balls over!” I heard one guard say to the other.He was responded to with, “That’s exactly what it would cost you man, that was Dr. Samuels’ property. Rumor is Sophie tried messing with her and she what it got her! And Dr. Samuels liked her!””No Shit!” He replied, “I’d still have to think about it!”That made me smile! Him finding me so hot, he’d risk Diane’s wrath. Then who knows maybe he’d like it! He could be his own wet dream, like me. Sally jogged to catch up with me (it was pretty easy for her I couldn’t move very fast on my toes!)”Do you feel a draft?” She asked.”Why, are my lips open?” I spread my boobs so I might see my pussy as I bent over to look. I had to spread my legs and tilt my pelvis forward to see, “Oh damn you’re right my lips are open! I’m so embarrassed!”She rubbed my head, “Turd! We are going to have to do something to help you with your modesty though, I’ll work on it and let you know.”Well virtually, everybody here has seen me naked, and most have seen places on me that even I haven’t. It just slipped my mind that there were two, who hadn’t, the guards. That’s remedied now though, everyone’s seen me naked now!””Yes but only two, who want to fuck you, haven’t!” she made her point.”That’s not my fault, none of you invited them either!” I pulled her leg.”Well Princess ‘Cums-a-Lot’ I think we can fit them in on your busy schedule tomorrow at 5:00 in the morning, should I contact them and ‘make it firm’?” she offered.”You contact them and it’s my bet you’d get one rigid, and one limp and scared shitless!” I told her.”I’m not taking that bet! I heard what they said too! You might get one hard but there would always be that frightening thought in the back of his mind, the picture of Diane, his cock in her teeth, torn loose from his body!” she offered as an example.”Wow vivid imagery! I could almost see it myself. Of course you and I know that wouldn’t happen!””Yah, he’d find himself breathing fluid, in the body of a tiny nymphomaniac!” she agreed.”He’s just lucky it would be Diane. Imagine if the old Sophie would have done it!”She shuddered, apparently she knew Sophie, before she became my daughter.”What do you think of my daughter? I really want to know!” I asked.”I think she is really sweet! She dotes on her mommy, and would do anything for you. When she grows up I think she will be a fine lady!” she said gushing with pride.”You do know she is the same Sophie, don’t you.” I wasn’t sure she really knew.”Oh yes, but the old Director Sophie, is gone for good! With you as her loving mother I predict she will be a lovely addition to our family!” she surmised ass we returned to my room.”I have some plans that, all of us girls (damn that feels weird to say) need to work out some of the specifics. Is there a conference room where we can all meet? You don’t think anyone will be too busy to attend, I know it is short notice?” I was ready to get business rolling.”You are pulling my leg aren’t you? You know that you are the only job we have, and other than having tremendous sex with you several times a day, most of us have been finding out why we don’t stay home and watch soap operas. You want an all hands meeting in 15 minutes. I’ll show you to the conference room. What kind of supplies do you want, laser pointer, large meeting size note pad to write in and capture the image into a PC, recorders, secretary, movie projector, overhead projector..””Stop, stop, just the big drawing pad, the one we can capture in a computer, and plain yellow pads with pencils for everybody to take notes, will do able?” I tasked her, “Oh and since my nakedness destroys your ability to concentrate, I’ll need a jogging suit or something.””You start holding your breath, we will be back before you turn purple!” she promised.If I worked this right, our little group could, become a force to be reckoned with! Not to mention, with the mutual support and unfailing love we will have, none of the inner circle need ever worry about being stabbed in the back by the others, there would be no reason to turn on the others, to do so would hurt yourself, possibly more than anyone could bear. I just have to be very careful to lay the groundwork out solidly.My ladies may have had their lives stolen from them by my quirky little body, but I’ll do my damnedest to see to it that our new lives will be so much better, that had they been given the choice, they would each still choose to be with Diane, and me too.I looked up from my scheming and saw the first of the ladies appear holding a jogging suit, which I donned. It only took three more minutes for everyone to assemble and one more after that to come up with the notepads etc. They all sat around the table looking apprehensive. I parked my little tush in the chair at the head of the conference table. I barely stuck up over the edge of the table. So I stood in my chair so everyone could see me.”Now before anyone starts to fret too much, I called this meeting to get us all working toward our family’s future. I took it upon myself to make some requests from management on our behalf. How would everyone like to help me come up with a design proposal for a custom made home for us all? I also have need of help in preparing Sophie to mature, and become a loving member of our family again. I sort of envision our new home set up, so we can spend most of our time together.”There didn’t seem to be any objections yet, so I continued on, “I’m not an architect so we may decide on something completely different, this is just my first concept so feel free to criticize. However, be prepared to offer a better Idea if you do, Okay?Everyone nodded, “Here goes… Shoot, I can’t reach the notepad,” I could have gotten down off my chair and went over to it, but then I wouldn’t have been tall enough to draw on it! Therefore, I waited for someone to drag it over to me. “Thank you,” I drew a circle, and wrote sunken bed put arrows and wrote 40 ft. between them. All of the ladies giggled. Then I showed them a roll of rubber sheeting, which automatically drawn across the bed will prove entertaining. I got open laughs from that. I drew a giant circle around the bed circle. I started sectioning the outer ring to an inner ring, still quite far from the bed. I put slices in the inner ring to the outer ring in one of them I wrote private chamber, showed the outer ‘slice’ drew a bedroom a living room a private bath, and a kitchenette. Then I erased a sectioning line, and moved it over a ways and added a walk-in closet. On several of the walls, where I felt windows should be I drew boxes imitating windows, and wrote ‘flat screen monitor/TV’.”Since everyone would have their own living quarters, basically ‘their own space’, which can be closed off, or opened to the central area, I figure that we may all be stuck out here in, ‘nowhere New Mexico’, these monitors can make up for it. We can have images from all over the world fed to these monitors so you will be able to look out your virtual window, and it will seem like say, you are in Hawaii, or Aspen, Japan, or New York. You would not be ‘stuck’ anywhere. You could change locales daily or hourly to suit your whim. Additionally any one of them could become a painting, say a Monet, or a Van Goethe! When in ‘window mode’ it would feed live images, so if it’s stormy, or snowing, or even if someone walks by the ‘window’, that is what you will see. We would also have an extensive digital movie library that we can view on any of the ‘windows’ or all at the same time.Video games played on any of them, Internet access, Shopping channel, mainframe access, et cetera. Keyboards and mouse functions will be through a pair of glasses and bracelets that can place a virtual keyboard and mouse on your retina and sense the positioning of your hands and fingers.The walk in closet will be to house your large sexy personal wardrobe, with storage for seasonal or whimsical variations, and fantasy role-playing wardrobes.Each bathroom will have a sit-down vanity with basin, commode (seat bolted down), bidet, Jacuzzi tub, and two-person, selectable multiple head, stand up showers.Full medical facilities are already available here, so that won’t have to be a consideration. Of course I’ll have to discuss this with management, but I believe that cosmetic body alterations can be obtain by any who want them, but group consultation would have to be a requirement. We all need an opportunity to talk you out of any changes, since I love you all exactly as you are. However, if something you desire deeply is what will make you happier, it will make me happy, and I’m certain all of our loving family too.They would all be supportive even if you decide on some strange freaky shit, like six breasts or something if we at least get the opportunity for you to hear out loud what it is, and what it would mean to you and to us, were your desired alterations come to fruition.””Back to our home,” (I tend to get side tracked sometimes when I’m on a roll) I turned to the drawing that was beginning to take shape. I drew a large area for a professional kitchen, with butcher block, gas range with a griddle, two double ovens, counter tops all over, a walk-in refrigerator, a walk-in freezer, deep fat fryer, four microwaves, an automatic dish washer with robotic dinnerware/cookware storing ability (I love to cook, but I hate doing dishes), and a large pantry.”We will still have the cafeteria available, so no one need spend time cooking, but I figure from time to time we will want to do our own group fancy cooking. Which necessitates having,” I started drawing again, “a large formal group dining room, big enough for a little more than double our family size, so we can entertain if the mood suits us.”I drew a new area with a near swimming pool size Jacuzzi bathtub, a locker room size shower, with a big basin area with lots of basins and several professional sit down hair dryers hair washing basins basically a small beauty parlor, four water closets, with partitions and a bidet in each one. Four ‘group’ bidets near the showers but close to the communal area. Full length mirrors an every wall in the place. “Mirrors on all the walls, I love looking at naked girls! Me included.”The ladies all snickered.I drew up a new area and called it ‘Toy Storage’, then another area with a changing table, a big crib, a walk-in closet, and all the other amenities available in any of the other private rooms.”This room will take special ministration, it will be decorated with pretty, girly, infant everything, stocked with the softest, prettiest, frilliest, babyish clothes that we can think of for baby Sophie. This is where I’m going to need lots of help. I intend to bring Sophie up in such a loving and caring environment, with people who love her so unconditionally, that when she reaches her true emotional and mental age she will be able to become an adult member of our family, forgiven and forgotten for all of her past indiscretions. This is the point I need all of the feedback from everyone I can get. It’s my feeling that we can do this, but we all have to work for it or we might just as well have executed Sophie. If we can do this, she can live a much better life than she was originally destined for, and I believe she will love each and every one of is with all of her little heart, as long as she lives. What are your feelings angels?” I looked each of them in the eyes one at a time.Lisa was first to speak, “Uh, I’m willing, but who’s Sophie and what did she do, and is she being punished?””You Lisa, since you are new, I have no fear, can accomplish my goal easily. I’ll fill you in more after the meeting, is that acceptable to you?””Sure.”Mother Millie came next, “Though I despise who she was and what she did to you, if you can forgive her, and feel the need to try and make her whole, I will support you to the best of my abilities, but it may take some time to purge the old Sophie from my mind, I will act as though I have forgiven her until I can.”Lisa’s jaw dropped open. I knew she probably hadn’t experienced anything quite so harsh from anyone since her arrival.Kellie chimed in, “I’ll try too, but I know it will be easier since her transformation makes her look so different, and the look of love she gets in her eyes when she sees you, melts away my hatred for her and I really want to forgive her when I see that!””Is that basically the way everyone feels?” I looked around and saw all heads nod. “Terrific, here’s the plan I’ve figured will be most successful, I’m open to other ideas or methods, but this just seemed to fit the circumstances. Since Sophie’s mental and emotional age at present are at the infant stage, Diane has agreed to give her certain medications that will ensure incontinence, further supporting her feeling of being my baby. This means someone will have to help me change her, I’m too little, she is almost my size, so lifting her onto the changing table, isn’t something I can do, I’ll probably need help with the changing too, same reason. We dress her as a baby, treat her as a baby, for a while, and then every so often when we all agree, she starts getting treated as an older girl, until every one agrees to accept her as one of the adults ladies. This way she mentally experiences what her c***dhood should have been like, in a home like ours.””As long as we all must approve of her progress, and finally her acceptance,” Sally got a devilish look to her, “and it will be fun having a sweet little baby girl around! The humiliation of not being able to control her body will help us to remold her.””Good idea, I’ll see if Diane can do that too,” I agreed.”Do what?” Sally was confused.”Give her the motor control of an infant, as well as bodily functions! Like you said,” Making it her idea will help everything, the group’s acceptance of the plan and their feelings of ownership. “That combined with a bulky diaper she will only be able to crawl around at first and later her high heel baby shoes will allow her to barely toddle around. Especially with the baby clothes we will select for her, I want her in the cutesiest clothes we can dream up! I want everybody to treat her so sweet and gushing that we could gross out a cheerleader,” I announced.Lot’s of ideas began to flow forth from everyone about how do treat Sophie, and make her experience baby girl-ness again. We need style ideas for the new house, colors, decorations, and furnishings for the new communal area. Sue wanted to get a huge flat screen monitor for the main area. Mollie wanted a mirror, over the big bed, lots, and lots more! We worked for hours writing down ideas and drawing plans. Cindy was the one who finally noticed, “Everyone has a room on this drawing, everyone but you, why?”There was a chorus of agreement.I smiled, “All I’ll need is a closet for my clothes. I’ll either, be in the communal room or visiting one of the suites on occasion. The central bed is for anybody any time or everybody all the time. I plan to spread me around as far as I’ll go! Unless you all want to force me to have my own room…””I like it!” Kellie was almost drooling.Everyone else seemed to agree. It was kind of mean, my knowing that they couldn’t resist me, so I could ‘push’ them into a specific direction knowing their addiction was driving it, but it seemed the only way to be able to treat every one fairly and give the equal access to their fix when they needed it.I knew sometimes Diane and I would have private time together, but she would have her own room for us to do that in. Just then, Diane had finished up her work for the day and had come looking for me, only to find us conspiring together, “So here everybody is! Who called this meeting, and why wasn’t I invited?””I called it,” I admitted, “remember the idea for our new house. Come in and see if you like what we have dreamt up. We were just trying to develop a comprehensive proposal for you to consider. If it’s good enough, maybe you can have a real architect draw some blue prints. The sooner we get started the sooner we will have a proper environment to raise our daughter!””This is really good! You guys are fantastic! Just looking at this is making me hot! I want it! I’ll take this right now and give it a couple engineers in the other wing! You ladies will have internet access and an account to start getting furnishings, clothes, costumes, ‘toys’, beds, bedding, well… what am I telling you for! Tomorrow you get busy, and I’ll have approved plans by lunch. We’ll have the Corp. of Engineers start building it within two days, at the end of two weeks we’ll move in!” She promised.I don’t think anyone believed her, but with the resources she had, she pulled it off. There were a few bugs left but we were ironing them out. They hadn’t been able to deliver all of the virtual glasses yet, and they were still experimental, but they were building them as fast as possible. We were still moving in all our new stuff, and enjoying the place. Tensions were high we had been working our tails off for two weeks.Time to lighten it up! I walked over to the bed, stripped off all my clothes crawled onto the bed, and yelled, “Naked nympho on the bed!””Wha-who,” Kellie screamed and started getting naked.Five other ladies followed suit. With Kellie in the lead she took up her favorite position attached to my face by the time the others joined in I was already orgasming. When Sally started eating Kellie, she started moaning, and making little orgasmic noises, into my mouth I went crazy! I was flailing about uncontrollably when Molly pinned my little cunt to the bed with her lips lapping away as if I was a lollypop. Molly screamed her orgasm into my mouth I came harder and longer than ever before. I could feel my vaginal fluids squirting from my cunt drenching Molly. It felt like I had lost control of my bladder! How embarrassing! It must have been at least two cups of fluid and the ladies were lapping it up like fine cognac! All but Kellie, and whoever had attached herself to Kellie’s cunt. She screamed into me again as she orgasmed. Like before, I came in an embarrassing stream of what had to be pee! The ladies went wild over it. Millie even relinquished Kellie’s cunt to lap up her share!”Mmmm, I love doing that to you!” Kellie told me, “but I can’t miss out on my share of De Anne Ambrosia!” She dove in to lap at my crotch.I heard someone purse their lips and suck juices up wetly from a puddle on the sheets. They left me lying there, random nerve impulses firing throughout my body, making me twitch like a broken puppet. This was the first time I remained awake, even after short love making encounters!I reached down to my drenched cunt exploring it with my fingers, I didn’t orgasm the instant I touched my clit. I dipped my little finger inside, and took my wetted finger, diddling my clit mercilessly bringing forth another loss of bladder control!”I’m… [Puff] I’m… sorr… [Puff] sorry, for peeing on everybody,” I apologized.”Sweetheart, no… Poor dear!” Sally said, “Sweetie, you are what is known as a ‘gusher’. Very few ladies are able to cum as hard as you dear heart! Lots of ladies who are ‘gushers’ think it’s pee, it’s not it is all orgasmic fluid, baby. Trust me pee would not taste this sweet! Here,” she stuck her head between my legs, came back and sealed her lips to mine, stuck her tongue between our lips and fed me a mouthful of my own cum, “see… delicious, huh?”I was stunned at first. I thought about spitting it out, but I couldn’t do that to these ladies, so I swallowed and got a real taste of me, damn I tasted GOOD!”Sally, can I taste you?” I begged.”I’d be honored,” she said and rolled my face into her crotch.”Mmmm, I haven’t done this as a woman yet!” I admitted.”Oh, my God!” Sally screamed, “Your little mouth and tongue are incredible! It’s as if, I was eaten out, by a six year old! Ohhhhhh!”She came in my face, just a small one and I kept at it my little tongue could poke into places I’m certain she had never felt a tongue access before. I was so small I could tickle the hood off her clit! That gave me an Idea. I licked her hood open and attached my little lips to her clit as if I was sucking a half-inch cock, in and out all the while teasing it with my tongue!”Oh JEASUS!” she screamed.I felt like a minnow trying to swim up stream! She drenched my head, my hair, and my back. “Did you see what she just did to Sally? I’ve never seen anybody cum like that except De Anne!” Sue exclaimed.”Sally, Sally? Are you all right Sally?” Molly stroked her forehead.”Mmmm, I’m in love!” Sally declared stroking herself up and down her flanks. She reached down and pulled my slimy body up her tummy and over her lovely breasts, hugging me and kissing my mouth passionately. She pulled back, “You can have my body any time the whim strikes you!”I grinned ear-to-ear, “I love you very much Sally.”She hugged me again, “You are so precious!”(I like being precious)”I am soooo jealous!” Sue declared.”I am so slippery!” I declared.”Show me!” Molly slid me all over her ample boobs, “Oh, yes nice Sally cum!” She set me up and licked me, “Ladies, ‘cum’ and taste, ‘Sally over De Anne surprise’, can she cook or can she cook!”It was like being, attacked by puppies! I was being licked, and tasted, and cooed over! I came in a gusher, while they held me up in the air!Millie had anticipated this, and was down below squirming around, trying to keep her mouth under the stream, drinking as fast as she could! Sally went to her and started licking her face, in order to get what hadn’t gone into he mouth. They locked lips and moaned in each other’s arms. About this time, some smarty decided to go to the source, for more of my juice just a few licks in, and Millie’s hair was completely soaked. All the girls who were free began cleaning Millie’s hair with their tongues, and I was hanging limply in Molly’s hands almost u*********s.”You better rest up a little,” Molly said and set me back down on the bed. She gently placed me on the bed and we all cuddled. “What is with all of this loafing about?” I heard Diane bellow.[Yawn] “Mmm, mm, mfm… ” I said still fighting off slumber.”Does everyone agree with that?” she asked for consensus with a smile.”Mmm, I agree whole heartedly!” Sally answered still licking my lubrication from her face.”I’m in the lab working my neurons to the bone, and its nap time out here?” she sounded incredulous, “where’s my blankie, I want a nap too! Is my hot potato baking in there somewhere?”She stripped and then wormed her way through all the naked slippery bodies until I felt her nuzzle my breast, “This is my favorite place in the universe. Sweetheart, my thumb is dirty! Would you mind terribly if I used your nipple instead?””Okay mom, I will…,” I answered. (I was really out of it)She laughed and gently latched onto my nipple. Someone still had some energy, I heard (And felt) Diane gently moan in pleasure, I think someone was tongue fucking her, even tough she tried not to get me too excited with her moans. Even as I fell asleep, I could feel my pussy leaking and someone using a finger to retrieve my juice.After our nap, of about an hour, we all made our first use of the group shower, where I discovered the first flaw in our designs. Apparently the engineers and our group overlooked the vertically challenged, me! I couldn’t reach the shower controls or the showerhead. I spoke up, “Damn! Can some one give me a hand?” I was working with a bunch of smart asses, they all clapped. Moreover, to show how much I was used to being a girl, I bowed and slapped myself in the face with my huge breasts!”We definitely have to teach you to curtsey sweetheart,” Millie said as she walked over to turn the shower on for me. “My services come at a high price,” she told me, “I miss washing that tight little body, may I?””If I get to wash that superb body of yours!” I retorted.”Deal!” she replied, and she hugged me to seal the deal.She set the temperature on the digital control and hunted up the biggest softest sponge I’ve ever seen! Apparently, she had been planning this. She squirted some soap into it and worked the sponge until it was a huge mass of bubbles, “Are you ready hot stuff?””This is going to feel wonderful, I can tell already! Okay, do your worst!” I placed myself in her loving hands.She was just barely brushing that soft sponge against me. Up along my back, down my sides and then she came around from behind me placing her hand under my left boob, lifted it gently and soaped all around it. Next she brought that lovely soft sponge from underneath up across my nipple and back down. My knees buckled, but Millie was ready for that and just tightened up the arms she already had wrapped around me. I moaned loudly.”This might make up for the too high controls. You love having your nipple cleaned, don’t you dear one?” She teased.”Mmmm hmmm,” I moaned as she sponged off the other nipple and my pelvis spasmed in open space. I could feel the warm water mixing with my hot cunt juice. Millie brought the sponge down my tummy and through my legs. I spread as wide as I could so she could keep at her cleaning duties. My little hands had clamped onto her arms, helping her hold me up but that wouldn’t help for long. Sally had been watching like a hawk and snagged me by the waist so Millie could clean my filthy pussy. It must have been truly dirty down there, because it felt like she scrubbed between my legs for five minutes while I squealed.I looked around and noticed Diane finger banging her cunt like gangbusters, like everyone else in the showers, but my ‘support group’.They finally moved on, to sponge off the rest of me my legs, feet, and cheeks. My legs finally dropped down so I was standing on my high heel bath thongs. While my legs began to firm up under me, again Millie was working shampoo into my hair, making a huge bubbly mass of my locks. I closed my eyes and I was biting my lower lip enjoying the sensations as she massaged my scalp and hair.Sally was able to support me with one arm by then, so her other hand was busy in her own crotch. She was turning me on again listening to the ‘sploodge splish’ noises her fingers were making.”Ooh baby, listening to you finger fuck yourself, I could just cum myself!” I cooed.That was all she needed. Luckily Millie anticipated that too, and snagged me, while Sally screeched, she supported Sally long enough to set her twitching body onto the tiled floor of the shower.Diane had rushed over to aide in my support, so that Millie could finish attending to my hygienic needs.”There all clean my princess!” Millie proclaimed as she rinsed me off in the warm water raining down on my sensuous little body, while listening to the other ladies screaming in orgasm, one after another.Diane kissed me behind the ear and whispered, “Wow baby, your pheromones have turned us all into raging nymphomaniacs!””Is that a bad thing, my wife?” I enquired.”Just as long as you’re a nymphomaniac along with me!” she crooned in my ear.I turned and kissed her, “It is still a little strange for me walking around without my thighs touching, or having to make certain my package is positioned properly so that when I sit down I don’t give myself a rupture. I hardly notice having to wear the heels all the time, you made it feel so natural to my new body. I am still working out the pros and cons of being so little. Sometimes I dearly love it, and other times I just hate it! But even that seems to be running 70/30, with ‘love it’ in the lead.””Tell me Diane, honestly as you can, how do you like my new body? I mean after almost a month with me as a little girl,” I really wanted to know.She scooped me up and cradled me in her arms, carrying me to the hair dryers, she said, “I couldn’t love it more if I had designed you myself, I even love these size 30 M boobs of yours, God help me!””Speaking of these super hooters of mine, when are you having baby Sophie delivered, it’s about feeding time,” My tits had just about reached maximum capacity and I needed deflating drastically.She checked the clock on the wall, “The guards should have her at the entrance just about now. You sit here and get a blowjob, while I snag a robe, and wheel her into her new home. Oh, I forgot to mention, she would have her handler with her. Be sure to hug and kiss her, deeply, so she will feel like one of the family.””Another one? Are you sure?” I asked her.She leaned in close and whispered, “She begged me to let her be one of us, you see she is a lesbian, and before being recruited into our little group, Sally was her lover, so do you think we should?””That is so sad! She should have been with us sooner!” I admonished her.”Sweetheart, you have the biggest heart of anyone I know! Don’t fret she knew all along, I needed her for Sophie, so she agreed to put her life on hold, until we could add Sophie to the family. Believe me though she is anxious to see Sally again, and believe it or not she was almost slavering to meet you too!” she tousled my wet hair and finished, “Be back in a mo!”Even with my head buried deeply in the hair dryer, I could hear from way down the corridor, “Mummeeeee!” It made me smile, of course now the serious mental conditioning work could begin.”Mummeeeee?” Sophie hollered.”I’m here baby Sophie!” as a glorious naturally buxom 5′ 4″ platinum blonde pushed Sophie up to where I sat.”You could only be De Anne! I have so wanted to meet you. I’m just soaking my panties!” she said as she held her hand out for me to shake.I didn’t take it. I scowled at her making her eyebrows jump up in confusion. I waved her closer with my tiny hand. The second she was close enough I lost it giggling, and threw my arms around her neck and planted a big wet sloppy kiss on her ruby lips.”I should have known! Diane told me what a stinker you are! It makes me feel like family now!” she admitted, “My name is Bertha, everyone calls me Bert, no jokes about my butt please!””Mmmmm, there’s nothing funny about that butt. So soft, so firm, so fully packed, do you think when I grow up I can have one,” I said as I groped her lovely derriere.”Oooo, can I keep you?” Bert asked.”Nope you’ll have to share, just like Sally. Speaking of Sally she had the most remarkable orgasm fifteen minutes ago while she helped bathe me!” I looked to where she had fallen. She had recovered enough to start showering her own stunning body, “Hey Sally! I have a present for you!”She popped her soaked head out of the water stream, “What?””I said, I have a present for you! Get your luscious cunt over here honey!”She came trotting over. Her head wrapped in a big fuzzy teal colored towel, drying her hair, “What present?””I want you to say hello to Bertha!” I teased her.”Bertha? Bert! How… Why… What… When…,” Sally stammered.”Let’s see,” Bert started, “Diane. I missed you. I was just recruited, sixty seconds ago! Does that answer all of them?”Sally threw her naked body around Bert and hugged the stuffing out of her! She released Bert and hugged the stuffing out of me, “You give the best presents! The gift that keeps on giving! Bert, what have you been up too?””Sophie sitting! Now I hear they are giving my job away. I was homeless, until I heard about this great home for lesbian waifs. Do you think I’ll fit in?” she inquired.”Oh, at least two or three fingers of you will, again and again and again!” promised Sally.”Mummeeeee!” insisted Sophie.”Is your hair dry enough, or would you like to have her suckle right here?” Bert asked.”I think I’m dry enough, let’s do this on the bed,” I suggested.”That’s not a bed! That’s a playground! I’ve never seen anything so wonderful. Can I come too?” Bert begged.”Sure! That’s what it’s for, the rule is no one is unwelcome on the big bed!” I informed her, “and now you are family!””Attention! Ladies!” I hollered.In mere moments we were surrounded, “Ladies I am pleased to introduce, sister Bertha, call her Bert. Group hug time!” I baby stepped out into the middle of things while everyone hugged and kissed, but then quickly made my way down to the bed to present my naked little body for moo cow duty.Sally and Bert brought Sophie’s pretty little diaper clad, pink frilly dressed, pacifier sucking body to me on the bed, positioning her so that she could get her dinner.”Mmn gla pll boo?” she sad as her tiny hands grasped my huge breast. Diane had done something to her that semi-short-circuited her speech center. She knew what she wanted to say it just wouldn’t come out right. We gave her a chemical that caused her to not be able to control her bowels and urethra. The muscle relaxants we constantly give her drastically impair her ability to move her body. She had absolutely no choice but to act and sound exactly like a baby, and since she needed to suckle at my breast four times a day, that only served to reinforce the baby-ness she experienced.”You are such a pretty baby Sophie. Mommy loves you. All of Sophie’s Aunts love baby Sophie too!” I told her.By now, all of the ladies were all around us. Some would kiss baby Sophie. Some would tickle and pet her. Of course Mother Millie would rub her tummy. As usual when Sophie was just about finished a muffled, “pftllllllll,” emanated from her diaper.”Oh, did baby Sophie make a stinky?” I said.All she could was coo back at me and give me a very loving smile. With that, Bert and Lisa carted Sophie off to do diaper duty. Afterward she would get to watch an hour of Barney, while she drifted off for another nap. I figure a couple more months of that would be enough to make her mind receptive to anything, just as long as it wasn’t Barney!We had to watch Sophie very carefully during this initial phase, with all of the muscle relaxants, what few little muscles she had, after the transformation, were even more atrophied, fairly soon she would barely be able to lift her own head even when she was taken off the d**gs. That would be when she would be prime to work with toward aging into a toddler.After Bert and Lisa had put Sophie into her room and turned on the video, they rejoined us on the bed.”What’s next on the agenda? Have we moved in Everyone’s stuff? Who wants to help Bert get comfy?” I announced, “Bert where’s all your stuff at? We’ll all pitch in to get you situated.””I have a pallet with some stuff out by the guards and some things down on the loading dock,” Bert replied, “I don’t think it will take much help I don’t have much, just some clothes and knick knacks.””What? No refrigerators, TVs, or beds?” I teased her.”You are a little shit, aren’t you? Diane already told me not to bother with anything like that. That I couldn’t afford the kind of stuff that is all ready provided anyway. So do you want to try pulling on the other one?” she turned around and offered me her other leg.I giggled and hugged her leg and stroked it gently, “I was afraid you would never offer!””Oh my!” Bert said, fanning at her face trying to quench her building inner desires, “Let’s continue this conversation in about an hour, Okay?””It’s a date, oh, may I bring a friend?” I asked and winked at Sally.”By all means!” she answered.As the work party left Sally stopped, hugged me again, and kissed me, “I love you so much! Thank you, I really missed her!””I wish you had mentioned it sooner! I don’t want any of my angels to feel they have lost the most important thing in their lives, just to be with our family. If you know of anyone else, who is hurting, you will tell me, won’t you? Or if you think it best, convince any of the others that I will do everything in my very limited powers to rectify the situation.” I moved in conspiratorially, “Don’t tell anyone, but I have an ‘in’ with management!”She giggled and squeezed me, “I think you both have innies now, we’ll talk later!” With that, she jetted after the ‘work party’. I dressed quickly and then walked over to one of the computer glasses-wrist band sets, put them on and typed myself a note to improve the communication system so that when I felt the need I would be able to contact Diane whatever she was doing. I then clicked an image from Friday harbor, in Washington, to the screen and several other views fed us from that local. On one screen, I accessed the CCD system to see where everyone had gone. Most of them were at the loading dock. Excellent, I would have time to hack into the mainframe and pull up some more personnel files. I wish that Sally’s file had been one of the ones I’d already snagged, maybe this time I’d grab it. I also wanted to get Kellie’s file. Something about her had been nagging at me since this all started. I got them both, just as I heard Molly and Sue pushing a pallet down the hallway. I logged off my account and switched the screen to an aquarium view.I sauntered into Sophie’s room and checked to see if she had fallen asleep. She had so I switched off Barney and turned on the bouncy ball view. At least that was on a higher intellectual level than Barney. I went over to her and stroked her little head, “I love you pretty Sophie.”Even though she was sleeping, she smiled brightly. I took out my little remote Diane had made to stimulate certain neural circuits, to aide in her reprogramming. I switched one button on, and dialed it on a moderately low setting. I knew that right now, in her sleep, Sophie would be experiencing the feeling of a slow delicate tongue fucking I set the timer for 60 minutes, that should be long enough so she would experience 30 or so screamingly intense orgasms!Her face was beginning to flush, so I knew it was working. Next I started a closed loop recording of my voice saying, “You are my sweet Sophie, What a beautiful baby girl you are Sophie, I love you so much Sophie, you love everyone don’t you Sophie, we all love Sophie, Etc.”That accomplished I went out to help Bertha settle in. When they pushed the pallet into her new abode, we began unloading it but when we were less than halfway finished she stopped us, “The rest goes into Sally’s room. I thought she might want it.”I couldn’t help it, these darn hormones. Tears began running down my face. Sally shot over to hug me, “Don’t cry sweetheart it’s alright now I didn’t miss those things.””But because of me, you two were separated for so long. I’m so sorry!” I balled.Bertha came over and hugged me with Sally, “I see why you just couldn’t leave her, Sally!””You don’t know the half of it!” Sally told her. She caught one of my tears on her finger and then stuck her finger in Bertha’s mouth.”That tastes incredible! Tears aren’t supposed to be sweet are they?” Bert asked.”Now you’re catching on. Do you feel better yet De Anne?” Sally queried.”I just know how hard it was for me to be without Diane as long as I was, I don’t want to be the reason for anyone going through that kind of pain,” I recalled.”Well everything is better now, nothing to cry about,” she assured me.Bert snapped me up and carried me to the bed, “You look like you need some major consoling, come on Sally, it’s a dirty job but we get to do it!”I only had managed pantyhose, jeans, a tube top, and bra. So the top disappeared quickly, but when Bert saw my bra her jaw dropped, “That is the nicest brassiere I have ever seen! What brand is it?”Sally laughed outright, “It’s a Paulyne!””That, I dare say, is a brand I haven’t heard of. Is it foreign?” she asked.”Nope, custom made and custom fitted in Las Vegas, Nevada!” she bragged, while I blushed.”Custom, wow it’s incredible! Why custom?” she asked.”Nobody makes a good 30 M bra!” Sally told her.”I’m going to love stripping it off of this luscious little dear!” she told Sally. Of course by this time Bert had stroked my breasts and body enough I had completely lost the power of speech.”Oh look at that sweet face, now that’s ecstasy! I’m getting so hot just seeing her, shit!” as her left hand probed her own genitalia. “Let’s get these jeans off her,” she said and then realized that she had an army of help.”What is that delicious smell?” Bert asked.Sally didn’t say a word she just pointed to my cunt.Bertha leaned in closer to verify what she was told, and lost it. Her head flew into my crotch and tongue fucked me to orgasm after orgasm. During my third orgasm, I could feel her screaming out her ecstasy into my vagina.When I came back to myself, we were all cuddling. Spooned onto me Bertha noticed I was once again among the living, “I am never leaving here!” she proclaimed. “You are the most delicious girl ever!”I felt her poke a finger gently into my snatch, and then sticking into her mouth, she moaned.”C… C… Could you leave it in me for a while? It feels so good to be filled up!” I moaned back.”Oh, poor baby! Never been filled for long have you honey?” she half stated half asked.I could only moan, her having all ready stuffed me full of finger.”I see you are getting acquainted with our new family member, hey Dean?” Diane broke in.”Mmmm hmmm,” I moaned back.”Bertha, are you happy you decided to join the family?” Diane asked her.I heard her tear up she replied, “There is no way I can thank you enough, just please, please never wake me from this dream.””I’ll take that as a yes!” Diane answered, “De Anne, I love you so much, I love our family so much, I’ve been worried this was a dream too!” She crawled in next to me and gave me a hug, “Do you think you can give me a hand in the lab tomorrow?””Into the inner-sanctum? Batman and Robin leave you in the lurch?” I teased her. “More like James Bond actually. But that’s a story for tomorrow,” she had my curiosity piqued. “Right now I want you to come with me into my room.””What’s up? You planning to ravish me in private?” I asked.”Now why didn’t I think of that? Actually it’s a doctor thing, so come with me missy.” She took my hand and escorted me to her rooms. Of course, she did snag Millie on the way, “Millie, I’ll be needing a nurse, and your special talents might come in handy.”They boosted me up onto the exam table that Diane had special ordered for her room only. Then the dreaded stirrups were, brought out, and positioned. They placed my legs in those contraptions, I was getting nervous, I’d only had one exam before, but I’ve heard lots of women complaining about these things.Millie was rubbing my tummy and quietly humming a lullaby. Damn that lady was better than Valium! Now something happened that would never happen at a normal doctors office, instead of using KY jelly, Diane licked my clit twice! She took her tool out of a little warming drawer, and slowly worked it into my vagina, partway in I guess she felt she need more lubrication, because I felt her tongue tickle my clit again. Once in far enough she said, “This is going to feel a bit uncomfortable De Anne, but I’ll do it slowly you though will make it easier on both of us if you relax all your vaginal muscles, so when I open this up you won’t be fighting me, ready?””Okay,” I said in an incredibly weak and tiny frightened voice. I even scared myself sounding like that.”Everything is all right sweetheart,” Millie cooed as she rubbed.Diane broke the tension, “Wow, there’s a ship wreck in here! Millie come and look!”I had to giggle.”That’s better, now you probably won’t feel this much but I’m going to take a swab and catch some of the tissue from the walls of your uterus, here I go!” she explained.I felt a kind of pulling sensation inside me. “Uh, oh! Well actually it’s sort of a relief, I was getting worried that’s why I was doing this exam,” Diane rambled.”What’s a relief?” I asked frantically.”Well my dearest, it seems as though you are just starting your first period!” she told me.I’m certain you could have used my eyes for dinner plates.Millie hugged me, “Relax De Anne, most of us ladies are frightened the first time, but think of it this was, it’s a sign that you’ve become a mature woman!”As comforting as I’m sure, she thought that was, I still fainted!When I came around, I found myself on Diane’s bed with a worried looking Millie hovering over me, and Diane holding me.”Do you feel better?” Diane asked.”Yes, I think I almost had a handle on it, but the mature woman thing was too much! I mean intellectually I have known, for almost a month, I’m a woman, but, this…”I said.”My poor darling! I’m so proud of you. To tell the truth, I expected a whole lot worse reaction from you, than I have gotten. One faint! Pshaw!” she comforted me.”I’m sorry, I’m acting like a sissy,” I apologized.Diane cracked up, “De Anne! It’s okay to act like a sissy, I’ll get you a mirror if I have to, but believe me honey you are a sissy now!””This is just going to ruin my tough guy image you know!” I told her.Millie looked relieved, Diane laughed at me, and a chorus of snickering came from just outside of the sliding partition, which was half open, that sectioned Diane’s room off from the rest of house.”Something feels uncomfortable, did you leave the speculum in me?” I asked her.”No sweetness, you have a tampon. No, don’t you faint on me again!” Apparently all the blood drained out of my face, “This will be a little less messy for you, and Millie has promised to aide you when you need to change it. Welcome to womanhood! The upside my dear, if you want to call it that, is you are a fertile woman. If you want a baby, we can either arrange an artificial insemination, or some kind of tryst if you prefer.”Millie jumped in, “Knock it off Diane! That’s enough. She’s had a tough morning and this kind of stuff can wait.””Sorry, I’m just so thrilled!” Diane told me. She hugged me and said, “Time to get up lazy bones, a period is no excuse for staying in bed. Let’s all go make dinner. But first we need to throw some clothes on you.”Next thing I knew I was wearing white cotton panties, bobby socks, a plaid skirt, and a white silk blouse with a funny black silk tie.”There, you’re perfect!” Kellie pronounced as she finished by snapping my tie together, about a foot out from my chest, where the blouse came together, obviously displaying a stupendous amount of cleavage. I ran my little hand up and down my soft and alluring cleft of boobs. It made me shudder it felt so good. Kellie admonished me “Stop that! You’ll have everybody writhing in a big orgy and we’ll all starve to death!””If you saw an acre of tits in front of your face, you’d have to touch it too!” I offered.”What a great idea! Hey Diane can you give me an acre of tits too?” Kellie asked.”No problem, are you sure you want an acre or would you settle for, like a double P cup?” she offered.”Well De Anne what do you think?” she asked hands underneath her C cup breasts holding them up for my inspection, “How would double P cup hooter look on me?””There must still be plenty of male left in my mind, because my panties would be soaked if not for this tampon! Of course you might want to start out a little less drastic!” I admitted.”Well, we can discuss it more after we eat,” she proposed.Everyone commented on my dress and how pretty I was. Damn it was weird, but I liked it. We all went into the kitchen and communally fixed a delicious dinner. I was always very thirsty so I drank down about a half gallon of water, and strange for me, I seemed drawn to the most fatty foods we had prepared. I asked Diane about that.”That shouldn’t be strange to you sweaty, the d**gs you have been taking to make you lactate should be a clue, milk is being produced in copious quantities by your mammaries. You need the fat for the milk you are making, the fluid, between the milk and the extreme amount of vaginal fluids your alluring nymphomaniac little body is producing, you really must remember to drink plenty of water, if you are going to continue to provide everyone with plenty of your luscious pussy juice,” she giggled and kissed me, “and I for one really, really want you to cum as much as is humanly possible.””I’ll do my best,” I promised.We all got up and cleaned off the dishes placing them in the robotic dishwasher and clean glass dished storing machine. Most everyone broke up and disappeared into their individual rooms. Diane pulled me aside and told me, “Since this is your first time ‘on the rag’ we will put off indoctrinating you to the new job, until you finish.””I feel alright I can work,” I protested.”You can’t, I won’t let you. Therefore, you finish setting up our happy home. You should be done in three more days. I made sure you would have fast and easy periods, but you still have them, little lady,” she sounded so firm I didn’t want to argue.Therefore, I did she told me, on the third day, Sally pulled me aside inviting me into her rooms, and she actually closed the slider!”De Anne, I’m worried about Kellie,” she started.”I figured you had something on your mind from earlier, what’s up?” I put to her.”I don’t know if you are aware of it, and I’ve been afraid to tell you because it will probably hurt you terribly but, Kellie is married. Torn, between how much she loves you, and how much she loves her husband. I know she hasn’t even called him in a week. I am really confused about what to do. I don’t think he could live amongst a bunch of lesbians, especially with the amount of attention Kellie will want to give you, I don’t think his libido could take it,” she informed me.”Oh dear lord!” I exclaimed, “We have to do something!” I hugged Sally tightly. “Thank you so much for telling me! I was getting worried about Kellie too, but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what the problem might be. When we all work together, we can solve any problem, but if someone hides her pain from us, we can’t help!””Let’s go snag Diane and Kellie! We need to sort this out right now!” I pronounced. She wasn’t quite ready to leave I guess because she picked me up and hugged me, “I love you so much sweetheart,” and she carried me out of her room to fetch the others.We met in Kellie’s rooms, “Kellie, I’m sorry that I didn’t remember, my head was still pretty fuzzy back then, and luckily Sally here reminded me that you have a husband. That is right isn’t it?””She started crying, “Yes.”I held her as best as a little girl could, she made it easier for me by kneeling and letting me comfort her. While I held her I spoke over my shoulder, “Diane, this isn’t right!””I… I…,” she slumped into a chair with her hands covering her face, “I’ve been trying to think of a way to fix this for weeks, and..and… I…””Kellie, you love your husband very much don’t you?” I asked.”Ye… [Hic] Ye… [Hic] Yes!” she answered.”He loves you very much too, yes.””Yes.””What does he do for a living?” I asked.”He’s a Psychologist,” was her answer.”Diane, you know we could use a real psychologist, couldn’t we.””Yes, but…,” she left it hanging.Sally chimed in, “We already discussed it De Anne, remember the libido thing?”I ignored them, “Kellie, how liberal thinking is your husband? I mean as I recall he didn’t mind too much about you having a lesbian liaison, right?””He’s more liberal thinking than I am, hell he’s even a cross dresser!” she supplied.Diane squealed, “Perfect! Sweetheart you have a diamond-like mind!”I ignored that too, “Kellie can you get him to come and visit? We need to put a proposal to him.””S… Sure, I think so, why?” she wasn’t completely sure where we were going, but she suspected.”We can’t tell him until he gets here of course, ‘TOP SECRET’ stuff you know, but how would you like to have him living here with us?” I proposed.”With all these women? He’d go insane!” she was worried for him.”Not if he were a member of the creased crotch club himself, he wouldn’t!” I reassured her, “Not to mention he’d get to dress in the prettiest clothes, without having that unsightly bulge in the way!””Could we? Can we Diane?” she asked hopefully.”In a heartbeat! If he agrees it will take a tremendous weight off of my shoulders, I’ve dreaded this coming for so long!” Diane admitted.”Feel better you three?” I asked them.Kellie laid the best kiss on me that she had ever done. I fainted in orgasm, of course, but I love fainting like that! I’m also glad I wasn’t awake for the mess I heard I made, apparently, Tampax can only take so much and sploosh, enough said.I awoke in a giant pile of lovelies all dressed in sexy baby dolls, I had dreams like this when I was a teenager, and of course, I wasn’t wearing a Baby Doll too in those dreams! My huge boobs hurt, they were so full of milk, and I discovered I still had a string hanging out of my pussy. After Diane’s educational lecture I figured out for myself why I wasn’t peeing very often either, my fluids were being routed to much needed areas, so I only needed to pee infrequently, to carry certain wastes from my body.I started kneading my boobs to make them feel better, Kellie saw me and said, “Let me help!” She attached her magical lips onto my nipple and started sucking my milk. She was definitely better at it than Sophie, what a feeling as my hot milk let down and sprayed into her wet mouth! She said, “Mmmm.” The vibrations created a very stimulating response, I moaned. She switched to the other nipple and repeated her performance.”There is that better or are you still too full?” she asked.”I guess we better leave some for Sophie,” I acquiesced, “How was does it taste?””Baby you put Darigold to total shame!” she told me, “your milk is thicker and sweeter than any other milk I’ve ever had, including, other mother’s milk!””Thanks, you sure you don’t want more, Sophie never seems to be able to drain them anyway,” I offered. Apparently, she needed no more urging than that to get back to suckling. I could let her do that all day and never tire of it!The herd of Baby Dolls began to stir about this time, and I noticed a few jealous looks so I took note of which ones, resolving to make certain to give them their turn. However, today was Kellie’s turn and she deserved it! Diane stretched in her smokey black Baby Doll, “We have a busy day ahead ladies hit the showers!”When we got into the showers, everyone was staring at me. Therefore, I looked around trying to figure why, and then I saw it. Sometime yesterday, one of the shower stalls, they modified for my diminutive stature! I could even reach the showerhead. I squealed in delight and worked my little high-heeled thongs over to it. Everyone seemed happy with my reaction and started talking and giggling and washing themselves and each other. I was pleased with how close knit our family was becoming.Diane noticed me surveying and asked, “Stimulated or plotting?””Admiring,” I replied.”Yes they are very stunning aren’t they!” she stated.”Not what I meant, I’m admiring the cohesiveness of our family,” I corrected her.”That too!” she agreed.We finished our bathing I went and fed Sophie her breakfast and set her up for another hour of sexual stimulation. Then I joined the others and today, Lisa dressed me in pink French cut panties, a leather skirt, beige pantyhose, one of my black bras, and a white see through silk blouse that buttoned almost all the way up to my neck. She topped it all off with a white lab coat!I looked at myself in the mirror, “You dressed me up as a lady nerd?”Diane snickered, “You’ll be working in the lab with the rest of us nerds, oh and don’t let me forget we have a luncheon date with Kellie and Frank! If all goes well I’ll want you to assist, along with Kellie, prepping Frank for, and beginning his transformation.””Don’t I need a pair of horned rim glasses with this getup?” I asked.Lisa giggled and placed a pair of clear glass glasses on my nose, “You ask for them, we got them!””Terrific, I love the cord around the back of my head, nice touch!” I admired.”Something’s missing,” Diane, remarked, “Oh yes, here you are!”She put an identification card around my neck and added a pocket protector. Laughing hysterically at the total nerd she created. I slid my glasses down my nose and looked at her over the top of them, “And what’s so funny young lady?” I asked in the most professor-like voice I could muster.They both lost it and had to wipe tears out of their mascara-smudged eyes.”Let’s go Doctor,” Diane said.”I ain’t a Doctor!” I told her.”You better look at your I.D. Sweetheart,” she snickered.I looked at my badge and sure enough, it proclaimed me Dr. De Anne Samuels!”Hey I don’t have a Doctorate!” I complained.”Do you want to bet?” Diane retorted, “I had to make up a complete new identity for you through the CIA, You have a Doctorate from the University of Washington, in electrical engineering, so there!” she stuck out her tongue at me.”Why, thank you Doctor!””You’re welcome Doctor! Shall we go Doctor?” Diane asked.”After you, Doctor!””Oh, brother!” Lisa exclaimed.”No brothers around here, just sisters as far as the eye can see,” I answered.Lisa booted me in the derriere.”Hey, careful! You’re getting me all excited!” I teased her.”You better get a move on or I’ll have Kellie use her lips on you!” Lisa threatened.I scooted down the hall with my hands on my cheeks, “Oh no, anything but that!”She just smiled and waved. We arrived at the security checkpoint, the guards checked our I.D. badges, I recognized them as the ones I’d flashed a couple weeks before. As soon as we continued on to the doors I could hear, “Is she the one?” And, “Shush, she’ll hear, yes!”I had to laugh they were so sweet!Diane asked, “What was all that about?”I reiterated the whole story and how I’d forgotten I was bare assed naked when I waved bye-bye to Sophie. And even told her what the guards had said about me being her property, including that one guard said he might even risk his testicles for a piece of me.”That’s a hell of a compliment!” she admitted.”No more than we’re going to ask of Frank at lunch today!” I reminded her. I saw a tear begin to roll down her cheek, I stopped her and hugged her as high up as I could reach, “I’m sorry dearest, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m sure it wasn’t you fault!”She dropped to her knees and really started balling, “But it is my fault! I knew she was married! All I could think of was what you needed! I didn’t even think how it would effect her!””You are sorry now though, right,” I put to her. “You are going to do your best to fix it now, aren’t you?””Y… Y… Yes””We all make mistakes dearest, what counts is how we deal with them, and what we learn from them. Anyway this could just be a dream come true for him!” I teased.She snorted, “I hope and pray you’re right!””Come on we better get moving before you get into trouble with the building maintenance union for polishing their floor without a union card,” I told her.That got a laugh out of her, so she stood and grabbed my hand, escorting me down the corridor.”There is the lab with the transformation chamber you were born in,” We looked in at the chamber once again filled with fluid. She walked me in, so I could get a better look.”I’m not sure if I like being on this side of the glass better, or the other side,” I admitted.”Wh… Wha… What did you say?” Diane asked very confused.”I’m here to tell you, floating around in there is wonderful! It was almost hard to care, what was being done to me!” I told her.”You really liked it in there?” she asked incredulously.”About the only thing missing is the sound of a heartbeat!” I told her.”Now you have me really confused!” Diane told me annoyed at vagueness.”Think about it, warm, wet, weightless, with and umbilical cord…,” I prompted.”We’ll do it! Maybe it will make our subjects more relaxed through the process and even help in what is to come for them!” She said excitedly, “Damn I wish we could have had you from the get go!””I’m just trying to earn my keep, darling!” I told her.”As far as I’m concerned you already did that, the rest is gravy!””You might have the sides of the tank tinted fairly dark too, so just enough light goes through to provide a sense of reference but only have a small ‘interview’ area where you can interact with the patient,” I suggested.”Well we made the tank clear so we could observe from any angle, so I don’t think I like the last suggestion,” she determined.I smiled, “That would be a good point for Dr. Frankenstein, but this is the twenty first century! Install cameras situated all around inside the tank, with zoom, infrared, UV and everything! Just consider the psychological impact on the transformee making it more womb-like,” I reasonably pointed out.”Good point! We could always install a tinted panel that could be removed, if need be. Shit, I wish we could have had this in place for Sophie!” She was all excited again. “I knew you were worth your weight in gold!””That’s not saying quite as much now, as it was a while back, but I’ll take it!” I chided her. “So what’s next on the tour?”She kneeled down in front of me so she could look me in the eye, “I have to prepare you for what you will see next. Remember number one, that we have a two-fold purpose here. The CIA wants us to help them with spies and terrorists. The justice department wants us to help with witness relocation. Sophie was in charge of the spies and terrorists. She had to ‘break’ them and get them to reveal, every secret had. So steel yourself before we tour through the detention area.””Sophie was in charge,” I said, “Are you sure I’m not too young to see this?””I think I’m too young to see it too!” she confessed.We entered an area that was pink! Pink walls, pink carpet, pink lights, I mean pink! As we strolled down the corridor, there were rooms off of both sides of the aisle with large thick Plexiglas windows on each one. Inside each room, was a girl even smaller than Sophie was, and with bigger boobs, than either of us have! Every girl was either finger banging her self or u*********s due to too much orgasmic pleasure! Most of them were covered head to toe in their own cum!”I take it these were all male spies at one time?” I asked.”Almost all of them, two were women,” She told me.”So, are women tiny men, with gigantic penises?” I assumed.”Nope, tiny girls with over-powering libido’s,” was her answer.”Oh, now that’s not fair!” I complained.”You should know the reason by now! Female orgasms are more powerful, and females feel inherently more vulnerable than males. So leaving them girls, but super-tiny, super-nymphomaniac girls, leaves them more vulnerable to interrogation,” she informed me, “Unfortunately the interrogator has been retired to nympho status herself.””So you want me to take over for Sophie,” I assumed.”No, I want you to take over my end of things, basically you are good cop, I am bad cop!” she informed me.”Can you be bad cop?” I wasn’t sure.”Didn’t you see me practicing in Las Vegas?” she informed me.”Sophie was better I’ll bet! One scary bitch!” I claimed.”You got that straight! Just walking into their rooms she had them loosing their bowel control! She admitted.”You realize that at noon we are going to be adding to the crew, someone who might be able to help us out with our debriefings. Maybe we can be good cop and better cop,” I suggested.”Maybe, of course I’m not such a bad, bad cop. Check this out!” she opened the door to the closest room, “Finger banging your pitiful little gash, hey mister super spy! Just laying there covered in your own pussy juice, how pathetic! I got a Doberman right outside who has got a huge boner he wants to share, should I let him in to hump you, you little pussy? Dog sperm wiggling around inside your uterus and dripping out of that gooey cunt, and then maybe he’ll want to fuck your ass. If he’s still up for it I’ll have you held down while he fucks your face and fills your little mouth with wiggle slimy gooey sperm!”The feminized, micro-sized, nympho-ized, super-spy started crying and shit herself, “It is so nice of you to provide something for my puppy to eat before he fucks you! I’ll bet with the ovaries I provided you, you’ll have a whole litter of puppies each with pretty, little faces just like yours! Each of them wanting to bite your boobs to suckle milk from you and each one will expect you to keep their butts clean with your tongue.”The poor little thing was just frantic! She tried to block her pussy with her gigantic breasts, “Noooo, noooo, please I… I… I can’t please, please!” the tiny high-pitched voice was getting even higher as she begged.”Would you rather act like a lesbian bitch and tongue fuck a pretty girl instead?” she offered.”Oh, yes make me a lesbian bitch, make me tongue fuck a pretty girl until she cums all over my head, please can I, please?” she begged.”Well I’ll send one in, you’ll have to convince her to let you tongue fuck her, you wait right here, and don’t play with your pussy until I send her in. If I see you, I won’t let her visit you!” she walked out.”Ooh, you are mean!” I told her.”I give her about ten minutes max before she starts back up finger fucking her self,” she said. “If you went in and offered your pussy to her, in eight minutes, she’d give you her mothers home number and address!””Now with your special chemistry, after a week without you, she would tell you launch codes, who she went to the prom with, when she lost her virginity, and if she ever gave another man a blowjob! If you asked her to give a Doberman a blowjob she would, just for another taste of your cunt!” she informed me. “The downside to that is, you have another person addicted to my pussy, and sooner or later I won’t be able to produce enough vaginal lubrication for everyone. Then people start dying, I won’t do that!” I warned her.”I would rather be bad cop, if it came down to that. At least if they eat your pussy they won’t die without more!” I was determined that only those we could be accepted into our family were going to be addicted to my cunt and that is final! “You come up with an antidote, and we’ll talk, until then no way!””I’m so glad to hear you say that, I told my superiors you would! They insisted I ask, but have no fear, no one expected you to accept that! The alternative you will like a lot better! We go over to the room across the hall snag another nymphomaniac, and offer one to the other.””We sort of, trade visitation privileges, that will work.””Are you willing to give it a try? I’ll go terrorize another one. You try and squeeze some info about what the Russian mafia is up to in Las Vegas from that one in there, if she gives you something, don’t worry you won’t have to remember it, they are all under 24 hr. video surveillance. When you are done, come out and I’ll go in, then you see what the one across the hall can tell you about a weapons cache in San Diego, got it?” she put the tasks to me fairly quickly, we knew that the girls couldn’t last long.I entered to see the tormented little beauty fighting off diddling herself. She had her little legs over the top of her breasts, while her breasts were tightly being pinned against her hot little snatch. She had a hold of her ankles, holding her legs down and trembling all over. Perspiration was running down her little face.”Oh, you poor little darling! SHE sent me in and told me I have to keep an eye on you, I promise if you can tell me anything, about the what the Russian mafia is up to in Las Vegas, I won’t let her send in the doggy. I’ll bring you the cutest, horniest little girl you ever met in your life. She will do things to your hot body that you can,” I shuddered here, “only imagine!” I closed my eyes and bit my lower lip as though remembering as very hot sexual encounter.”Ah,” she was rocking back and forth on the floor, obviously reaching overload, “they plan a armed hit on the Circus-Circus vault on… ah what day is this?”I told her it was Monday.”Sunday evening, ten fifteen. Did I do well huh? Can she come play, please, please! I’ll, I’ll lick your bottom for you, anything just please let me cum!” The little super-spy begged.”Oh, thank you cutie, now I can keep the bad lady from doing something nasty! I’ll go get you a girl friend. Quick, while she’s not looking, go ahead and give yourself a quick diddle, so you can hold out until I get back!” I told her in a conspiratorial whisper.She gratefully complied, and came all over her breasts. She could hold out now until I returned with the other spy, “Tha… Tha… Thank you, you are really nice!”I met Diane in the hallway she updated me, “Pretty much same as the other one except with travel plans. I went in and the little girl in here was huddled in a corner, with her hands covering her crotch. “Oh, poor thing! I think I can keep her from coming back with the big, mean, attack Doberman, and I might even be able to find you a beautiful horny girl friend, if you can tell me anything about the bad weapons, in San Diego! If you don’t tell me I won’t be able to keep her from doing unspeakable things to your tender hot body after you finish blowing the Doberman.””Weapons are..,” she trembled all over, “weapons are one hundred feet northwest, down slope from big cross, high on hill. Can you save me from Doberman now? I can meet pretty lesbian girl.””Oh I’m so glad! SHE won’t be back for you now! Give me your hand, can you stand up?” I asked her and she stood up on her tiptoes, as I have to without my high heel shoes. I helped her across the hall and when the first spy saw her, he started crying like a baby. So did the one I brought with me. I brought them together and they wrapped their arms around each other and cried a while. Almost thirty seconds, then the sensations of their breasts rubbing together, and all the vaginal juices drenched over them. They were sliding and squirming all over the floor giggling like little girls and pleasuring each other with tongues and hands and nipples. Ten minutes later they were both u*********s from orgasmic overload.Diane had Bert carry the second spy back to her original room.”A couple more visits, and they see you, and anything they can babble about, that might have you put them back together, is your!” Diane congratulated me.”I’m not sure I can do this to them for long. I can’t stand to see the pain in their eyes, the unmitigated terror, over what we made them! It’s… too close!” I grabbed onto her.”I understand dearest, even play-acting is just against your nature. You just are not able to cause pain, even remotely. Just know today, you solved a major crime, in which they would have killed a lot of innocent people. You potentially saved thousands of lives in San Diego. I’m not trying to convince you to continue doing this, understand that please. I just want you to be able to live with what we did here today. Oh, and one more stop on the tour!” she took my hand and led me farther down the corridor to the room on the end.”This is one I’m kind of proud of, meet Osama Bin Laden,” she swept her hand as she said this.There before me was a total freak! She was about eighteen inches tall, arms four inches long, legs in a permanent splits, four and a half inches long, a cluster of three clits in her vagina just spewing cunt juice like a little river. Breasts the size of beach balls, nipples five inches long on hub cap size areolas, milk dribbling out of both, huge distended lips wrapped around an enormous motorized realistic dildo, ramming in and out of her mouth contacting both clits at the corners of her mouth on each down stroke.Diane explained, “That giant dick is feeding her right now, it spurts a mixture of sperm and pork baby food into her mouth, the only thing her body can process, the only thing she craves! Feeding time is done, so now the milking apparatus attaches itself to her nipples and viola, Osama moo cow, now watch this, I used your idea,” she smiled sadistically as the huge dick came from her mouth with a pop. Next, on screens covering her entire field of vision, you guessed it 24 hours of Barney the Dinosaur! “We figure she will live another fifty or sixty years, just like this!”I could hear muffled screaming coming from the cell and shuddered.”Oh don’t worry every once in a while we have a huge mechanical realistic dildo that comes out and fucks the hell out of her hot womanly pussy, she will yearn for that dick to fuck her, for the rest of her days, she will eat only sperm and pork, be milked four times a day, and her mind will go to complete mush from Barney. Those arms and legs are worthless she can barely touch her tit, let alone move. The rest of her days will be spent as a totally wanton, sperm and pork eating, slut.””That is truly a horrible fate! It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! Let’s leave her to her own ‘devices’,” I took her hand, “We have a luncheon date.”I peeked in on the first girls on my way by. They were both lying in their cells with smiles on their u*********s faces. As we passed through the tank room, I noted workers installing tinted panels, and someone was working on the audio systems, “Damn Diane, you don’t let any moss grow on you!””I wanted it ready for this afternoon, just in case!” she sounded excited to get to work on another ‘volunteer’. Of course, this just might be her first ‘voluntary volunteer’.The little shit I am, I blew a kiss to the guards as we passed by. One of them actually waved back!”Cock tease!” Diane called me, “and stop wiggling your ass at him!””I have to admit it’s a lot funnier, from a girl’s perspective, do all guys look like that when you turn it on,” I was amazed how transfixed the guards had been.”De Anne, you seem to keep forgetting. You are pumping out more pheromones that a Miss USA locker room! You walk to within a foot of those poor guards, shit I’m amazed they didn’t start fucking each other!” she swatted my butt.”If you aren’t careful I might ravish you right here!” I threatened.”No time for that!” she said regretfully, “Kellie!” she yelled.Kellie popped up from almost right in front of us. Fully dressed, and looking delicious.I told her, “Damn Kellie, we have an appointment, will you get ready?”She tweaked my nose, “Let’s go beautiful!”We took off toward the main entrance, and left our building, going out to the ‘interview’ building in a non-high-security area.Before going in, I stopped Diane, “Hold up… Kellie you go ahead and we will join you in five minutes.””Okay, she’s gone what do you want to talk about?” she sounded a bit impatient.”I just thought the hot New Mexico, afternoon sun was just beautiful today, see how the heat makes the air all wavy along the horizon?” I babbled.”Give twerp!” she was getting steamed.”She hasn’t seen him in over a month! If you were Kellie, and I was Frank…” Sometimes she could be a little thick.”Come here you!” she picked me up and hugged me with my head over her shoulder. When she put me back down, she had tears in her eyes. “We can go in now,” then I took her hand, and lead her into the building.Kellie and Frank were standing in each other’s arms across the table. Frank wasn’t a large man by any means. He was barely taller than Kellie was. He was balding with light brown hair. He weighed about one hundred and sixty pounds. He had on a pin stripe business suit with a white shirt and red tie, loosened around his neck.”Is that her?” Frank asked Kellie.”Do you have to ask? How many other full-grown women are forty-six inches tall, with 30 M cup hooters. Close your jaw dear, you’re drooling,” she teased him.”Please sit down,” I offered in my chipmunk voice.Everyone found a seat. Nonverbally I indicated that we sit, Kelly, Frank, De Anne, and then Diane. With me next to Frank, our proposition might have a better chance. That is if he could keep from r****g me. He was sporting a tremendous woody. At least, he probably felt it was.Diane was to be the spoke’s person, so she started. “Frank I apologize that we could not tell you more about why we asked you here. The facility you are visiting is one of the highest security sites in the world. I caution you, that anything you hear today, is escort kaş not to be discussed, and if you can manage it, even thought about, outside this compound. Were you to do so, shortly there after, you would most likely view your internal organs explode from your body, a full minute before you could hear the report of the rifle. Do you understand this?”All the blood had drained from Franks face. I placed my little hand in the middle of his back and the other on his right arm to steady him. It must have worked his color came back, in fact now he seemed quite flushed. I removed my hands.Kellie leaned close to him and whispered, “Pretty hot huh?”He quickly nodded his head answering both questions at once.”Now, on to apology number two, due to an unfortunate mishap, your wife is, unfortunately going to have to spend the rest of her life, with us. She will only be able to go where De Anne goes. Luckily that cute little twerp sitting next to you is just so damn lovable, it’s hard to be angry about it. Just look at her!”Frank took his eyes from Diane to look at me. I gave him my cutest little sweetie smile and batted my eyes. He gulped hard and quickly looked at Kellie, who was grinning from ear to ear.”We are here due to my mistake, I want to try to fix this, but it will require a huge sacrifice from you. This all came about when I discovered my husband was ready for execution, for my murder. I was unaware this had happened, due to a superior’s actions trying to keep me from knowing this. When I tried to save him, she used her position to influence the way I would be able to save him. She then tried to turn him into an absolute freak, in order to finish the job she had started. I caught her. She will never hurt another, ever again. Lucky for her, my husband is the most loving and forgiving person I have ever known! He would not allow me to exterminate her. She is alive, well, and flourishing. She is even, one day, to become a loving member of our little family.””I am telling you this to explain why I did what I did. I hadn’t intended to destroy your marriage. I am offering to give you more than you had, sort of. If you refuse you will be free to leave, but you will most probably never see your wife again,” She couldn’t go on. She stood up and walked into the back room saying, “Give me a moment.”I stood up to go to her but as I walked by Kellie she snagged me, giving me a big hug and kiss on the mouth, then said, “She’ll be all right go paste that lovely butt back on your chair.”Franks eyes went wide, “Uh, Kellie is what she said all true?””Oh my, yes Frank! I cannot leave De Anne for more than a couple days, even if I wanted to!” she admitted.”Do you still love me?” he asked uncertainly.”Oh Frank, how can you ask that? Of course I do!””But, you won’t leave her to be with me?” he whined.”You weren’t listening very well, were you? If I leave her, I die! It can’t be said any simpler!” she was almost yelling.”Kellie, go easy on him! This is not his fault! These are hard things, and they are going to get harder! Put yourself in his place. You know what is coming, how would you react? What would you be feeling?” I admonished her.”Damn,” Frank said, “I really wanted to not like you! I just can’t do it, and I don’t know why!”Kellie threw her arms around Franks neck a hugged him, “You just might catch on after all.”Diane returned, “Sorry, this is hard for me, but it’s harder for you. I know you don’t understand it all yet, so I’ll get on with it. You might want to stay here figuring, that with a job, you could live here and Kellie could split her time between you two. We all considered it. You would last maybe a year, and then your relationship would self-destruct. You may try to argue the point but you probably know even better than we do it will happen.”He actually nodded his head here.”If you were allowed to live with us, you might last six months, by which time your self esteem would be shot, and physically you would be a wreck. You will just have to trust us on that, I think.””That covers the obvious ways for you two to stay together. I think I will let my husband finish the proposal,” she concluded.”We really want you two to be able to stay together, I for one would be very hurt if I am the reason your marriage is destroyed,” I paused to let his mind catch up, “The only viable solution we could come up with is that you join us.””Husband…,” He stammered, “You mean you have a… a… dick!””Nope!””You were, surgically, sexually, reassigned.”Nope!””How… What… Why…” he wanted to bring his head around, but to his knowledge it was just not possible.Diane brought it home, “I am the worlds foremost genetic engineer! What your mind is having a hard time grasping is that he was genetically re-engineered. Hell, he’s now even more woman, than I am! De Anne has periods, she can get pregnant and there isn’t a physician on the planet that would tell you she hadn’t been born that way””That is if he could keep from eating that sweet, sweet pussy long enough to complete the exam. Those are real female breasts, so much so she is lactating as we speak.”I interjected, “Want to see?””Knock it off you’ll have him ejaculating in his Jockeys!” Diane scolded me.”Too late!” Kellie informed us, “De Anne maybe you better sit a little farther away, Hell I’m creaming my panties and you’re on the other side of him!””If I have to, he smells nice though!” I said as I moved three chairs away.Kellie leaned close to Frank, “Was it good for you too?” she teased.”I don’t suppose you have a spare pair of underwear handy,” Frank asked.”Oh, sure I’ll get them!” Diane gave me a quizzical look. I winked back. I sprinted back to our rooms. (Yes even in those super high heels). Then I sprinted back. I handed him a brown paper sack and Kellie escorted him to the bathroom.When they were out of the room Diane asked, “Did you get a pair from the guards?””Nope, they’re yours,” I confessed, “You know those pretty, frilly, teal, French cut ones?””Oh you are bad, bad, girl!” she giggled.When Frank returned we all pretended we didn’t notice he had a hell of a boner. Kellie held up the bag, so he didn’t see, and winked at me. He was wearing the panties!”So when you said join you, what exactly did you mean?” Frank looked uncomfortable.Diane asked, “How do like those panties?”He cleared his throat, “Ah, very nice!””Well exactly what we mean is you would get to wear panties, all the time, and they would actually fit you,” Diane finished, “And bras, pantyhose, slips, and Baby Dolls all pretty and silky!”She had him panting like a dog.”To top it all off, nearly continuous lesbian sex, with seven incredibly beautiful babes, me included, tell me you don’t want to know what these taste like!” I hefted both of my huge hooters as though offering them to him.”Oh Frank, you have to taste them to believe them! They’re unbelievable! De Anne can he just taste one? Just a little bit?” she begged.I looked over to Diane. She shook her head.”Sorry Kellie, if he tastes it, he looses his choice as to whether this is what he wants or not! You don’t want to force him to do this do you?” I felt bad having to put the question to her.”Yes, sort of… No, I don’t really, oh… I…,” she just started crying, and I really wanted to go to her, but Frank needed to comfort her more.”It’s all right Kellie. I understand how confused you must be,” Frank held her.All I could do is, sit in my chair and cry. Diane started to come over to me but I waved her off. When Frank finally let her go he noticed my face, “You really love her too don’t you?”I couldn’t speak I just nodded.Kellie dragged him with her so she could console me, Frank moved to help her, but Diane wisely stopped him. He pulled away from her and said, “I’ve made my decision, I don’t want to be without Kellie, and if I can be with people that love her this much, so be it. Just promise me I’ll be at least half as beautiful as your husband will! You know on the outside, I realize I have the responsibility for the inside.”I smiled up at him and Kellie hugged us both saying, “Can he taste you now?”I giggled, “Well Diane?””He might as well. He’ll be doing it a hell of a lot, in a couple days anyway,” she shrugged and joined the hug.Kellie used her finger and snagged a tear, offering it to Frank. He didn’t look too certain, he’d tasted tears before, but when he opened his mouth, she touched his tongue with it. He looked like she just used a nine-volt battery on his tongue.”Wow! If I didn’t just see you take that tear from her face, I would never have believed it was a human tear! That was incredible! Can I have another one?” Kellie snagged one from the other side and gave it to him, “If you bottled this, Coke, and Pepsi would be out of business!”I laughed at him, “Along with most of the heroine dealers. Diane tells me I’m more addictive than heroine!”Kellie popped in with, “Her kisses are so sweet too!”She latched onto me.”Kellie noooo!” Diane squealed.She was too late! I was orgasming like crazy! Kellie reached into my panties wetted her finger and stick it in Franks mouth before he could object!”Shit, she’s not real is she?” Frank was still sucking on Kellies finger.”Kellie, now you are going to have to carry her back, covered in cum, you’ll never get more than two steps inside the place before your mobbed!” Diane laughed at her.Frank just turned and looked at her in disbelief. It turned out she was wrong. Kellie made it ten steps inside the door! When my senses returned I had a cute red plaid sundress on and had been all cleaned up. Kellie was holding me as if I was her security dolly while the other nurses prepared her u*********s husband for insertion into the tank.”Don’t be worried Kellie, it actually feels wonderful! Honest, it’s like being back in the womb, warm, wet, and comfy. We even made it better today! I wouldn’t mind another trip in there myself, of course I’d come out about a foot tall but it might be worth it!” that made her laugh so she relaxed a little and began stroking my hair. I think I actually purred, I felt really relaxed and loved sitting in her lap.When all the wires, catheters, and tubes were finally attached, they picked him, and the platform he was laying on, up with an overhead crane and rolled him from the platform into the top of the tank.”Cabby take me to Diane, please,” Kellie tussled my hair.”Let me just start my meter,” she kissed me lightly picked me up and carried her dolly to where Diane was working.”So have you figured what she is going to look like?” I asked Diane still riding on Kellie.”I swear to God, I am so jealous. Shit, you don’t even have to walk a hundred feet! I think I’m next in the tank, so I can come out all cute and little!” she ranted.I looked at Kellie, “I think she means it! How little you want to be sweetums?””Little enough you can carry me around!” she proclaimed as she typed away.”That would be too expensive! We would only be able to buy Barbie clothes to fit you, and you know how much they cost!” I was still snuggling up to Kellie’s neck.”Wow that was close, okay I’ll stay five foot four!” Her attention was still riveted to the screen.”There! Take a look,” she scooted back away from the screen, “go ahead Kellie you have the final word.””I think bigger boobs, smaller waist, and wider hips and trim down the upper thighs a little. Can you make the eyes half again bigger and the lips fuller and just a little pinker? Oh, and loose all the hair except on her head,” she stood back to let Diane make the proposed changes.”How’s that?””How tall is she?” I asked them.Diane looked at Kellie for the answer, “Five foot even! And give her platinum blonde hair!””She’s beautiful, Kellie!” just looking at the proposed Frank, I was getting hot.”Not yet, take the breasts up to an F cup! He likes big ones, can you make his tongue longer, about half again and give his libido a big kick! If he’s truly horny, he won’t have time to think about his missing pecker. Make his pussy double big and give him nice big labia too. Can you make it so he’s really juicy and comes really hard and wet, almost like De Anne?” she was getting hot just thinking about the new Frank, and so was I.I started gently rubbing her nipples while she held me.”And make his nipples nice and big and puffy, real sensitive too. That should about do it.””I’m puddling just thinking about her!” Diane said busy making the required changes.We all looked into the tank and at the hairy man floating there. “It will be a few hours before he will be conscious. We might as well head back for dinner I have a feeling it is going to be a long night.””Before we go can you make a printout of her so we can introduce her to the ladies?” I wanted a visual aide for my next move anyway.When we rejoined the rest I was carrying the photo over my head, I walked over to one of the empty suites and had Kellie help me paste it on the slider. “Ladies, a preview of our newest sister. I apologize for not having gotten everyone’s agreement before we did this. I feel it’s wrong for a couple of us to make decisions for all of us. I promise that in the future before we make any new additions to the family, everyone will get to vote on it. Although this time, I feel certain she would receive a unanimous vote.Everyone meet Frank, Kellie’s husband. I hope you all will treat him as gently as you did me, as you can see he will be going through quite an adjustment. I may one day be able to thank you all adequately for what you did for me. Frank has sacrificed his former life and gender to be with the woman he loves, I for one want to make it, the ‘women she loves’. It’s too late to vote but can I get a show of hand of everybody who supports Frank’s admittance?”I already knew what the vote would be but Kellie needed to see everyone supports and loves her.”Now can I get a show of hands of all those who want to do dishes?” talk about touchy, can you believe that I was attacked and tickled mercilessly!After we all settled down and finished up with dinner (They made me load the robot) a few of us reentered the tank room, a very tense Kellie was watching Frank through the darkened viewing area.I asked Diane, “How soon do you think it will be before he comes around?””Any time now, his pulse is quickening and there is some motor activity present,” she told me with her face pasted to the monitors.”His eye lids are fluttering!” Kellie squealed so sharply I nearly jumped out of my skin!”Key the speaker and talk to him,” Diane told her.”Frank? Frank, can you hear me honey?” She spoke into the speaker with trepidation. His mouth started working, though nothing was audible, “Frank, you can’t speak, you are breathing a super oxygenated fluid, it won’t let your vocal cords make any noise. Dean communicated with thumbs up and thumbs down when he was there.”He gave Thumbs go up.”Diane is going to explain what is happening and what you can expect. I love you dearest!” Kellie turned the microphone over to Diane.”Hi Frank,” he waved back, “De Anne says it’s quite comfy in there, was he pulling my leg or is it?”Thumbs go up.The reason for the tank and the fluid you are breathing, is so the mutagens, and DNA re-sequencers can physically contact as much of your body, all at the same time, as is possible. Other compounds are entering your body via IV.s. The catheters in your penis and anus are to transport waste from your body and not foul the fluid you breathe. There are hormones in the fluid in great abundance. In the fluid, you are in, even your eyes, nasal cavities, lungs, stomach, intestines, and eardrums come into direct contact with the compounds. This way we can effect the changes more rapidly in your body. You might have noticed that you have already undergone some changes. Touch your penis now if you want to, for one last time. It has about twenty minutes left, until it’s gone. It will also be quite useless at this point. It’s about like a ten-year-old boy’s penis. On the other hand, reach around behind and feel your butt. It is becoming quite pear shaped, nicely broad, and two new toys, up front, are just busting out. They feel nice don’t they, huh? Try pinching and roll your nipples between forefinger and thumb.He did as recommended.”The look on your face and the twitching tells me you are well on your way. Kellie made some truly hot choices. You should see yourself, when your finished, well Kellie can tell you about that. We let her pick out your new you, you’re going to be simply gorgeous!”I broke in, “We had a town meeting about you. Everyone is anxious to meet you. You’ll be happy to know, your adoption came through, officially, and by unanimous decree. I hope you like to be pampered, because there’s a bunch of ladies chomping at the bit to do just that.”Frank stuck his index finger vertically at a sixty-degree angle, centered on his transforming crotch.”Yah, me too brother!” I laughed at him.Molly didn’t get it, so I explained “He’d have a boner right now if he could.””I’m going to have to give you some d**gs right now to help things along, unfortunately you are going to get really sleepy. Before I do, a quick question, how do you like the muffled heartbeat of your mother?”Frank smiled and gave us a thumb up, as his eyes closed to a dreamy sleep.”That will be Frank signing off, till tomorrow!” Diane bade us all to head back with her for a good nights rest.Just as I was starting to walk back Kellie, scooped me up and planted a thrilling kiss on my mouth, I came all over both of us, but she just hugged me and carried me back home while the ladies who were with us took fingers full of De Anne juice. My senses began to return when we walked in, but Kellie just brought me to the bed and started pleasuring my cunt directly as soon as she could strip my clothes from me. Then she lay on the bed and pinned me lying on her tummy, boobs up with my head nestled between her nice, soft, rack. She reached down snagged my tiny legs and spread me inviting all comers for a snack. Of course, I magnanimously submitted. Come the morning Sophie nursing her little head off wakened me. She saw I was awake and said, “Mummy! I wuv you!” going immediately back to feeding on my milk and stroking my breast to help the milk let down. I could tell the one she was working on was just about dry so I flopped her over to the other one, which put her in a position to play with my pussy. Her game of stinky finger and lick was making me hotter than Hell. When she’d gotten enough milk, she wanted juice. She wanted Pussy juice. She wanted my pussy juice! She went after my cunt as if it was a Tootsie Pop, and finally dozed off with her tongue shoved up my ass.Bert plucked her up and was heading to the nursery with her, “Give her forty five minutes of virtual tongue love, with her Barney,” I called after them.I could hear Sophie giggle while Bert carried her to bed. I just lay there, arms and legs akimbo, not quite ready to get up yet. A warm wet tongue began spreading my labia, slowly and gently, burrowing ever-deeper sending exquisite thrills radiating all over my body. I was going to reach down and grab the head of the owner of that lovely tongue, but someone grabbed my wrists. One assailant began licking the captured wrist and I don’t know why but that really turned me on!I heard, “I wonder if Sophie left any for the rest of us. Two mouths attached themselves almost simultaneously to my milk jugs and very slowly and gently began to nurse stroking my boobs just as Sophie had. I orgasmed and washed pussy juice over the slit licker. Who herself was immediately accosted by lapping tongues. The second wave replaced her, but this time instead of a tongue, I felt something hard and slippery, being ever so slowly, worked between my lips, forcing me open wider and wider.Kellies face appeared over mine and she pecked me on the lips saying, “Morning little one, today you become a real woman.”I was puzzled but unconcerned as the ladies on my breasts were working them quite seriously. The dildo was stretching my pussy wider and wider, and then it felt as though it had passed a sort of resistance and slid into my cunt with ease, “Oh God!” I screamed.Diane began working that dildo in and out, faster, and faster, her hand occasionally slapping against my crotch, “Oh God!” as I was once again, wracked by an incredible long lasting orgasm. The feeling of being filled, and fucked was unbelievable. My body tried to thrash about, but the lady licking my wrist, retained it. I heard the highest most ear-piercing scream I’ve ever heard, some girl, was really getting fucked, and I realized it was me.”Oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” I squealed with my back so arched I though it might break, if you had put chunks of coal in my toes, when it was over you would have had diamonds. Then Diane finished me off by twiddling my clit with her tongue while still fucking me with the dildo, I screamed again and blacked out.When I woke, Molly had me in her lap sitting in the big bathtub and was busy washing me. I purred in complete contentedness, as she rubbed me with that large soapy super soft sponge, “I love you Molly!””I love you too sweetie! Bertha was in heaven this morning, licking you to your first orgasm, she says that being part of our family is the best thing that ever happened to her. I told her, I think so too,” she squeezed me tightly, “I know that you arranged to Bring Frank and Kellie together again, you even are rehabilitating Sophie. I feel I know what Diane must have felt at the idea of loosing you. It makes me want to hate Sophie all over, how is it you can forgive her?””I don’t have to forgive her. Sophie, the Sophie that did all of those things to me, is dead. Worse, she no longer exists. She’s gone into oblivion!” I couldn’t see her face but due to the fact she had stopped washing me I figured that she was lost in thought. Therefore, I jump-started her by turning and sucking one of her lovely titties. She moaned and kissed my head, but did nothing else that might cause me to stop suckling at her breast.”Mmmmm, maybe I’ll ask Diane to make mine big and milky like yours. How does it feel to make milk and have it sucked out of your nipples? Don’t answer until a… a…after I cum.” I noticed she was diddling her clit while I sucked.I moaned, with her nipple sucked so far into my mouth I could feel her nipple tickle the back of throat.”I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”I didn’t let up, when she relaxed, and her hand fell away from her love button, I took up the slack and diddled her to two more orgasms. “That was amazing, your hand is so little and delicate, you could actually grasp my clit. When your whole hand slipped into my vagina, it nearly drove me insane. De Anne you are truly a treasure!” she hadn’t moved. She simply lay in the tub enjoying the afterglow.”I’m so glad I could repay some of the pleasure you have given me,” I put my arms around her and hugged the stuffing out of her.”You did her again didn’t you!” it was Cindy.”She, didn’t ‘do me’,” I claimed proudly, “I, did her!””And she is completely unreal,” Molly claimed as she struggled back to consciousness, “I want to watch when she does you. It’s complete and total ecstasy!””What time is it?” I had almost forgotten that I had work to do.”Let’s see, almost eleven o’clock,” she replied a she glanced at a wall clock I couldn’t see.”What! Damn, I’m late for work!” I was going to leap from the tub, but Molly snagged me.”Where do you think you are going young lady?” she insisted.”Let go, Diane needs me!” I squirmed but she didn’t release me.”I can get you dressed faster, and you are not expected for half an hour, but you’re right we have to start getting you ready. Cindy, do you want to play dress up dolls with me? I have only half an hour so I need some help.””Oh please, help Cindy. You have such nice taste in clothes and I would really appreciate it, especially later this evening!” I could tell that Molly realized the Cindy wasn’t getting enough De Anne time and wanted to make up for it.Cindy grabbed a big towel and grabbed me from Molly, then handed one to her. She had me patted dry and parked me under the hair dryer, which took no time due to my extra fine hair. They packed my naked body over to the closet, which held my clothes, “You pick, and I’ll place,” Molly told Cindy.Cindy first grabbed a pair of French cut panties and a very lacy black half-cup bra. She grabbed a pair of smokey colored stockings with a flower pattern in them and a black garter belt, my black pumps and my black leather mini-skirt. She topped it off with an off white peasant blouse that tied in the front.I looked at what she laid out, and then looked at Molly, “Are you going to go hooking with me too?”Cindy laughed and replaced the peasant blouse with the real one she had picked, a simple black silk blouse with long sleeves. She ended with a lovely string of pearls. They double-teamed me and I was completely dressed and made up in time. Of course, they were still naked, and a lovely sight they made!”What are you waiting for, you’re late for work!” Molly teased me.I headed to the secure area, remembering to wave at the guards. Just as I was going through the doors, I glanced back and saw one of the guards pounding his head on the desk. Poor guy, I guess my pheromones were getting to him. I popped in to the tank room and received the greeting, “Hi sweetheart, you looked so tired this morning we all decided to let you sleep in, you must have needed it, you look stunning!””Cindy dressed me, you should have seen the first blouse she wanted me to wear. Peasant blouse, tied up tight under my breasts. It would have shown off almost a yard of cleavage!” I was pointing to, said cleavage.Diane was fanning her face with her hand, “Stop, stop, you’ll have me soaking my panties!””I wouldn’t want that, that’s my job,” I sexily licked my lips.I slipped into the viewing area. Frank was coming along wonderfully. “Hey beautiful you want any company in there.”He gave me the universal sign of the hard-on.”In due time, you wouldn’t want me to get a reputation as a slut, would you?” Kellie tweaked my nose saying, “You stop it, or I’ll make you rinse out my panties with your tongue!”Diane told her, “Hey it was my turn for that!”I keyed the mic and asked, “Hey Frank have they let you explore your new crotch crease?He gave me Thumbs go down.”Well you’re the customer, so go ahead, and ignore these two. Just between you and me pal, you’ll have them creaming their panties if you do,” I thought he might like to have a reason to fondle himself.His hand was moving very slowly down his new flat tummy, then slid up his Mons Veneris, then over the crest to cup his smooth hairless crotch. I looked at Kellie and noted she was rubbing her own crotch. He started using his index finger, slipping it up and down the center of his labia. He finally worked it inside the outer lips, still slipping back to front, until he touched it, his back arched and spasmed. The look on his face was precious. Pleasure, mixed with surprise and shock.”Pretty amazing, isn’t it?” I commiserated, “You might want to leave off more exploration for now Diane doesn’t like her fluid, saturated in pussy juice. You are shaping up beautifully, I can hardly wait to give you a tongue lashing,” I licked my lips provocatively, receiving once again the universal symbol.He started getting fish eyed again so we knew he would not be awake much longer. I elbowed Kellie and pointed to Frank.”sleep sweet darling,” she told him and he smiled.”Sorry gang it was time to start another series of medications, and we can’t deviate from the routines if we want him coming out right,” Diane explained, “Time for lunch anyway!”Of course that would mean that I would have to provide lunch as well as eat lunch, it would also give me a chance to drink down another gallon of water or so, it seems I’ve developed a drinking problem, making milk and vaginal lubricants takes a lot of water and milk!When I entered the dining room immediately I heard, “Mummy!” like you might say, “Lunch!””Oh, there’s my sweet Sophie, come to mommy. Are you my thirsty baby girl? Does baby Sophie want to suckle momma? Do you love momma’s milk? You are looking so pretty in your pink panties and diapers. Your fluffy pink dress is so cute too. I’ve got news for baby Sophie. You are going to have a new aunt! Would you like a new aunt who loves baby Sophie?”There was a popping noise, “Yeth mummy!” Then went right back to sucking.”I started fondling Sophie’s immense breasts, and then I was tweaking her nipples. “Uh, uh, oh, oh, ahhhhhhh!” Sophie filled her Pampers with cunt juice, “Ohhhh Mummy!”I didn’t stop, I even nibbled on them, “Mummy, mummy, mummy AHHHHH!””Does baby Sophie have a steaming hot pussy?” I teased her.”AHHHHHH!” She came again, so I offered a boob to Lisa next to me. “Piece of Sophie breast?””Looks so young and tender, mmmmm,” she accepted.Sophie was twitching with her back arched, little legs flailing. Lisa crooned, “I love baby Sophie!”Bertha came over, “I think she’s done. I bet she’s grateful too, it’s the first time she’s been able to orgasm after forty-five minutes of cunnilingus this morning.””Oh my God, I forgot! My poor baby Sophie, I’m so sorry! I hugged Sophie even as Bertha carried her away, “I’ll try and make it up to you tonight dolly.”I ran into the bathroom and just cried! I hadn’t thought I’d been torturing Sophie. I just didn’t remember that she couldn’t orgasm unless I made her! I just lay in the corner of the shower sobbing.After twenty minutes, Diane and Millie tried to console me. Nevertheless, I couldn’t forgive myself for what I had done to Sophie, they took turns holding and rocking me. I finally fell asleep.Millie woke me in time for dinner but I couldn’t face anyone so I went to Sophie’s room to give her dinner. I nursed her without a word and when she was done, I snuck out to visit with Frank, I didn’t even wave at the guards, of course these weren’t the same day guards anyway. The tank room was empty, so I just hung around the viewing area watching Frank float and become more beautiful by the minute. I dragged a chair in and sat down to watch, I must have fallen asleep, because Kellie was rousing me.”De Anne, good morning. You had everyone frantic looking for you,” she still had her hand on me, but all I could do was cry.”You’re coming with me!” she picked me up, “did you know Sophie has been crying all night and won’t let anyone near her? Almost all of the ladies have been crying off and on all night. Nobody will talk to Bertha, so she’s been in her room on her bed in a fetal position for four hours! And Diane’s had the whole base on alert searching the grounds, and two helicopters searching the surrounding fields.”About that time, we were passing the guard station. Both guards were rigid at attention and barely looked at us as we passed. I was still clutching Kellie with my face buried in her shoulder.”You found her!” Millie sounded relieved, “Diane you can call off the marines. De Anne is back!””Oh thank God, where was she?” Diane asked Kellie.”sleeping in a chair watching Frank,” She hadn’t set me down she just continued into the bathroom.I heard Diane on a phone canceling the alert and calling off the company of marines that were preparing to board an airlift to assist in the search. Kellie began stripping my clothes off and when we were both naked, climbed into the large bathtub. I just stayed clutched to her in the warm water. Slowly, one by one the ladies joined us, all except Bertha. “Go get her Sally.”Diane slipped in with the rest and then Sally and Bert joined us, of course, Sally was dragging Bert, both of them naked. Bert just kept looking at her hands.”What’s the matter with Bert?” I whispered to Kellie, “I told you, no one will talk to her, and she blames herself for your pain,” She whispered back.”It’s not her fault!””Don’t tell me tell her!””Bert, it’s not your fault, what I did, I did. You only did what I told you to do. You are the one who stopped me from doing even more. Thank you!” I went back to bury my face in Kellies shoulder.”That’s nice of you, but I shouldn’t have done it the way I did. It was cruel and I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize you wouldn’t ever do it knowingly. I hurt you so much… never…,” she couldn’t speak anymore the tears were coming too hard. Sally comforted her.”I… I deserved it, I can’t…” making coherent speech was difficult at this point, “not your fault, my fault.”Diane stepped in to save the day, “family meeting time, all are present, I propose to reward Sophie for being such a sweet baby who loves her mommy so much, that she be allowed to mature to toddler, and that I will make a device to add to the remote, that allows Sophie to orgasm when De Anne is not present. Can I get a second?”Bert seconded the proposal.Diane continued, “Do we need to adjourn to consider this action or are we ready to put it to a vote? Let’s see a show of hands for the vote option.”They raised nine hands in ascension.”Okay, all in favor of toddler status raise your hands.”Eight hands went up immediately, and then one, slowly eight became nine. It was Bert’s hand.”We have a unanimous decision Sophie becomes a toddler today!” she rose up from the tub, “I’ll get things started,” she left.”I’m sorry everyone, I didn’t mean to frighten anyone,” I had turned to look at them all. They mobbed me, passed me around like a Doll at a slumber party. Everyone got a chance to hug and squeeze me. When I got back to Kellie she hugged, squeezed and kissed me into an orgasm, next thing I knew I was on the bed being gang lez fucked, screaming my head off in ecstasy and u*********sness.When I came around, I had a little girl in training pants and a sweet pink dress, sitting on my lap nursing on my boob. “I’m a big girl today mummy!” she squealed in delight.”I’m so happy my big girl still likes to nurse on mommy. Mommy is sorry for tormenting you with the tongue, when you couldn’t orgasm,” I apologized.”I liked it mummy. I like making mummy cum more!” Sophie said in her ultra high little girl voice.”Are you full of mommy milk now or do you want more?” I asked her.”Can Sophie have desert?” she pleaded.”Anything my good little girl wants!””Sophie wants mummy’s bottom!”She stood up on her patent leather high-heeled tap shoes a bit wobbly, to let me pull off my panties, then she crawled between my legs. She gently kissed my pussy and petted it, kissed again, and then started licking slowly at the back near my rectum. She stuck her tiny finger in and wiggled it around, while licking my clit. My cunt juice was flowing very freely by then and she probed me with three, and then four fingers. Niagara falls was coming from my cunt and I felt her stick her whole hand inside me! The sensation of her wiggly little fingers sent me over the edge and I screamed in orgasm! She kept sucking on my clit and fisting my cunt and the next orgasm, she shared and screamed it onto my clit, prolonging my orgasm.The next thing I knew, I had Sophie’s tongue up my ass, and she was sleeping peacefully. Bertha came to me and kissed me passionately, “I’ll never hurt you that way again, it hurt me so much I thought I would die!”She snagged Sophie and carried her to her new big girl bed. Diane came to me and cleaned my nether regions, and helped me put my panties back on, “I now realize what you told me a couple weeks ago, hurt anyone of us we hurt you, we hurt you we hurt everyone of us. We are all going to have to pull together in one direction aren’t we?”I nodded my head, “I heard you called out the marines.””Yes, we had looked for you in the tank room and called your name but we never thought you would drag a chair into the viewing room and fall asleep. I guess that’s why you didn’t hear us. You were in such a funk, we all thought you might go off and injure yourself, or try to run away. It was a complete mad house!” she informed me, “If we hadn’t found you this place would have looked like a miniature Jonestown.””What do you mean?””You don’t think I’d let everyone die an agonizing, lingering death, do you,” she sounded serious.”Diane, is there a way you can put a tracking device in me?” I was serious too.”Good Idea I’ll get something from the CIA. We have to go and birth Frank now though. You do want to be there don’t you,” like she had to ask.I was already moving toward the secure area, yes and like before my guards were there so I blew them a kiss on the way by. They looked like schoolboys that were watching a parade and the girl on the float waved to them, kind of like worship I guess.”Did she come out like you hoped?””Better, wait till you see! Promise to stay out of the way though when she comes out. We are going to be very busy and the nurses and I have done this before,” she assured me.”Can I hold his hand while you work?” I suggested.”Good idea, he’ll like that and it should reassure and calm him. Are you ready?” we had arrived at the birthing chamber. “You should know this might get a bit messy.””All right ladies, just like before only larger!” Diane dove right in.She threw the lever that opened and drained the tank and out came Frank in a big sploosh! Kellie had his head held helping him drain the fluid from his lungs. Diane was busy spraying the numbing medicine on different areas and Sally, Millie, Cindy, Sue, and Molly were busy detaching wires and tubes. Diane started injecting several areas with more local painkillers, where she had already numbed. Frank would not even feel the needle sticks. When they prepped those areas, the nurses were still removing catheters etc. Diane started using a solvent to remove some sensors from several areas, no wires on these so the must have transmitters built into them. I had hand holding duty, and since I was short enough to be almost on the same level as his ear I started talking to him, “Nice to touch again Frank, Kellie is busy helping, so let me be the first to try out your new sexy lips.”I planted a kiss on his lip and gently tried to probe through them, he eagerly parted them and I discovered where Kellie learned how to kiss! My knees were weak when he released me. “You are going to be very popular lady!””Am I really a… a… lady now? It’s seems so dream-like,” Frank was still a bit dopey.”Sweetie, you are one sexy, hottie! We could sell your baby pictures to Hugh Hefner!” I told him.He smiled at that and said, “Thank you, I fantasized about this nearly my whole life!””So you weren’t really a transvestite, you were a closet transsexual!” I surmised.”Shh, don’t tell Kellie, she’ll think it unmanly of me!” Frank was still a bit out of it.”Too late Frank my darling, I know, and you are about as unmanly as it gets, I think the vagina kind of gives that away, don’t you?” she teased him, but stopped what she was doing long enough to kiss him.”Okay, night gown and transport,” Diane announced.It took all of the ladies to lift Frank, he was a lot bigger than I was, and they had to take near as much care with him, as with me, his skin would be extremely sensitive for a while. Kellie and Millie pushed and guided the gurney back to our home and we put him in the suite next to Kellie’s, and popped him in bed.”Will he take long to get his strength?” I asked Diane.”As long as you? No, you had complications that took a lot of strength from you. Frank should be up and about tomorrow! You and the nurses that don’t have to care for Frank right now need to get shopping! Frank can’t go around naked all the time!” she instructed me.”What are his sizes?” I asked her.”Lets go find out,” she had a cloth tape in her hand and we invaded his room.Millie was rubbing his tummy, lucky stiff, and Kellie was holding his hand, “Mind if we get some measurements? He’s going to need some clothes, don’t worry Kellie we’ll all run our selections by you before we actually place and order, okay?”She grabbed one end of the tape and helped us measure, “He’s partial to frilly and lavender!””Perfect, we’ll get on it right now,” I had all the measurements but I still wasn’t good at determining bra sizes, “What size is his bra?”Diane looked at the ceiling a moment thinking, that’s a 34 FF, I believe.””Wow, in his words,” I gave her the universal symbol.”Yes, can I cook or can I cook!” she was feeling quite pleased with herself.We ordered a whole wardrobe for Frank. He was going to love it!The next day we got to bathe Frank in the big tub, and he loved every minute. He was completely astounded at the way he could walk around with ease, “How come I don’t have the trouble with high heels I used to? When I’d dress up and wear high heels I could barely move, now I can run if I want to! Is this a woman thing?”I almost wet myself laughing, “Nope, it’s a Diane thing, your feet have been redesigned to work better in high heels! The only drawback is without shoes you’re a ballerina.””I love it!””Have you thought about a name? Do you want us to call you Frances?” I suggested.”I always hated my name. How about Alia?” he suggested.Kellie’s eyes shot open wide! She through her arms around Frank, “Oh Frank!””I’m sure there’s a story here!” I prompted.Kellie spoke, “It’s my grandmother’s name, Frank and I had agreed that if we ever had a daughter, we would name her, Alia. It looks like we won’t be having a daughter, but I have my Alia!””Diane, do you have a tissue?” I sniffled, “You going to get all the documents?””Kellie what was grandmother maiden name?””Anderson,” she told us.”Done, Alia Anderson lives again,” she pronounced.I half expected thunder to roll when the mad scientist spoke!”Let’s get Alia back to bed we don’t want to wear her out just yet do we?” I headed to Alia’s room. She strutted behind me in her lavender lace panties and brassiere, we passed a mirror and she stopped to whisper to me, “Do you turn yourself on, when you see your reflection?”I whispered back, “Every damn time!”She giggled, “I’m so glad you’re here,” she picked me up and hugged me, then planted a kiss on me that sent her lovely lavender garb to the laundry.Kellie laughed, “Alia, didn’t you know, she’s always loaded, and has a hair (less) trigger!”Alia was licking her fingers and lapping up pussy juice, “I know. I love her so much I could just lap her up! Come and have some Kellie!”Kellie laughed and joined her, when they got me into Alia’s bedroom Kellie stripped off my soaking panties and offered up my bald pussy to Alia, “I know you’ve been wanting to eat this since you got here, I don’t think she’ll mind!”I said, “Uhmmm Hmmmm!”I had forgotten about the enhancements Kellie had ordered. Alia took her enhanced tongue and licked my uterus clean, I swear. She fucked me with that tongue for half an hour the other ladies heard my screams and came running to share in the bounty. When Kellie started kissing me and some of the others worked my breasts, well I was surprised my body had that much fluid to give up!Alia noticed my feet and said to Kellie, “Damn I’d bet she could crack walnuts between her toes, they’re clenched so tight!””It’s so cute isn’t it?” Kellie put to her.”You think that’s cute you should feel how her pussy clenches up on my tongue! Oh, Kellie thank you so much for my lovely tongue, when I rest up, I’ll show you how grateful I am!”The nurses helped her over to her sofa, so she could lie down, while they whisked me away for further abuse, and they could change her bed.They cleaned me up and brought out to the main bed and Sophie came toddling from her room, “Mummy! See Sophie is a big girl!” She came to me, hugged me, and stroked my head, “Mummy tired?””It’s alright Sophie mommy is just a orgasmicaly overloaded. Are you hungry?””A little, but if mummy too ogsm… ogasm… tired Sophie will wait!” and she hugged me again.”I love you Sophie! Bertha can get you some macaroni and cheese. Would you like that?””Oh yes mummy. Can I have it here with you?” she hadn’t released my neck yet and was clinging desperately to me.”Yes, Sophie and desert is on me. I haven’t been spending enough time with you have I honey?” I rubbed her back. She didn’t answer.”Bert? Can you zap up some Mac-n-cheese for Sophie so I have ten minutes or so to rejuvenate?” she was on the edge of the bed.”Sure, can you hold onto her while I’m at it?” she was already on her way.”I think she’ll be a good girl!” she snuggled up closer.By the time her Mac-n-cheese was ready Sophie was asleep.”Sophie, dinner time,” I roused her.”Mummy have dinner too?” she asked me.”I’ll have to wait until its made honey.”She hefted one of her massive boobs, “Sophie feed mummy?””Sorry dear it doesn’t work quite like that! But thank you so much for offering,” she was so cute holding up her breast, so I kissed it.”Oh mummy! Is it like that when Sophie has dinner?” she had an orgasmic look on her face, so I sucked on her tit and she filled her training pants with pussy juice. “Mummy can Sophie make milk.””When you grow up and have your own little girl, honey. But mummy will see to it your boobies get sucked from time to time, will that be alright?” I told her around a mouthful of nipple.”Oh yes mummy!” and she screamed in orgasm again.”Time to eat your dinner,” I released her mammary.”Okay, mummy,” she dove into her dinner but could only finish half of it. “Did Sophie eat good mummy?””Sure honey,” so I pulled down my panties and she buried her little nose up my butt, we both orgasmed twice and passed out. I came to in Diane’s bed with her, “Oh you’re awake, I thought you could use a break so I spirited you away for the night, you don’t mind do you?””Thank you sweetheart, I was beginning to think I was just a cum machine!” I admitted.”Well you rest up so we can make you cum a lot more tomorrow!” she pecked me on the nose.”Thanks Dear. I think Kellie is going to want you to give her a longer tongue. I think she’s jealous of Alia’s,” I yawned real big and Diane held me till we fell asleep.”I am too,” Diane admitted and yawned.I awoke looking in Diane’s eyes, “I still love just being with you!””I’m still trying to figure out what I did to deserve you,” I never understood why she had been with me when I was a man, her husband.”Do you remember the day we met?” she prompted.”Sure, you were working in your lab. I had been given the job of wiring in your new gas Chromatograph, while I was there you spilled acid on your arm, I knocked open the lab fridge and grabbed the baking soda and tossed it over the spill. No big deal,” I recalled.”How did you know there was baking soda in the lab fridge? How is it that an electrician knows what ‘HCL’ means and how to neutralize it and why would you think it was nothing?” she asked.”Anybody would know what to do, I was surprised your lab tech’s didn’t beat me to it.””They didn’t read the label, they would have ran me to a shower fifty feet away, and they thought baking soda was only good to keep the fridge from stinking, together with the fact I never saw anybody move that fast before!” her eyes were glowing, “You didn’t even ask me for a date until the next time you saw me, I had to wrack my brain for two days to come up with a good reason to need an electrician, and why it had to be you.””So you burned out the terminal strip on the Chromatograph on purpose,” I was amazed.”I damn near set the lab on fire doing it too!””That’s nuts, why go through all the trouble for just an electrician?””You were the prettiest man, smart as a whip, and way too modest. I masturbated, thinking of you, that whole week. I used every feminine wile I knew, and since I had never tried to get a man interested in me before, I didn’t know many. I asked all of my lady lab techs what I should do, and I still don’t know what worked to get you to take me on a date. What did get you to ask me anyway?” she was stroking my hair.”You know that little brunette lab tech with the granny glasses. She cornered me before I left and insisted that I ask you out,” my eyes were closed enjoying being stroked, “I thought you knew.””Gretchen? You’re k**ding! Oh my word, shy little Gretchen. We had been lovers her and I at one time, and we were still great friends. You know she still works with me here in my labs. Now I have to go and thank her again, and so do you. She’s the one who told me they were going to execute you! Of course now I have her running the lab supervising most of my research projects,” she looked almost stunned. “After you took me out, you were so sweet and gentle, I decided right then, if you asked me out again I would loose my virginity to you. You did and the rest is history. Now that I know, some other things make sense, no wonder she had that look in her eyes when I talked about you! Poor dear, she must have been thinking, if she had asked you out herself…””Does she know… ah, what I am now?” I stammered.”She helped me counteract most of the nastiest things Sophie did to you, and she is the one who stuck Sophie with the hypodermic that knocked her out so we could ‘rehabilitate’ her. I had to stop her from doing some seriously disgusting things to Sophie, when I told her you wouldn’t be able to handle the fact that you were the cause of it, she cried for half an hour. I think she loves you.”She sounded like she was stunned, “We are definitely going to see her today, together!””I’ll bet you want us to thank her personally!” I teased her, “Wait, I’m remembering something, when I was in the tank, I think I remember seeing her staring at me one hand on the tank, tears rolling down her cheeks, I was so out of it I didn’t realize it was her.””I think you have a visitor,” she was looking at the doorway, which they left open. Standing there in her tap shoes, wearing tights and a lovely red dress was Sophie, “Mummy?” She peered in and spotted me, “Can Sophie come in?””Oh De Anne, she is turning out so sweet. Come in Sophie, come and see your mommy,” Diane beckoned.”Tank coo aunt Diane,” she came in all big eyes and longing, “Sophie lay down too?””Sure honey,” Diane hoisted her in between us.She gave Diane a big hug, “I wuv you aunt Diane.””I love little Sophie too, you are growing up to be a really nice girl!” Diane praised her.”Kiss Sophie?” she asked still wrapped around Diane’s neck.Diane kissed her and little Sophie’s legs began twitching. When she finished kissing her Sophie was in heaven. “Mummy, Sophie likes kissing Aunt Diane a lot! You kiss aunt Diane too.”We both smiled and kissed passionately, Diane grabbed hold of one of my incredible breasts, and I came all over the three of us.”Aunt Diane want some mummy juice,” she held up her tiny hand all covered, offering it to Diane.”Thank you, honey,” Diane sucked Sophie’s hand clean.Sophie giggled, “That tickles aunt Diane. Some more?” she brought up her other hand similarly covered.”Mmmmm, thank you Sophie,” and licked her tiny hand.Meanwhile she stuck her hand in my baby doll panties and brought her covered hand to her own mouth, “Everybody likes mummy juice, mmmm,” and licked her hand clean too.”Mommy likes making juice for everybody too!” I told her.”Oh tan coo mummy!” and she dove down to go muff diving.She had me cumming again in seconds. Then without a word, she spread Diane’s labia and attacked her clit with relish. Diane screamed out her orgasm and Sophie popped up her head dripping, and her dress soaked, “Sophie loves pussy!”We laughed at her she was so cute, and we both hugged her, “Does little Sophie want some breakfast?” I offered her one of my giant over full breasts.”Mummy!” and she latched on, sucking vigorously.”Can I have the other one Sophie?” Diane asked. Sophie didn’t miss a suck, she offered up my other heavy breast, with my nipple stuck all the way down her throat. “Thank you honey.”When Diane started nursing, Sophie smiled and giggled at her, “Mummy’s good huh?””Mmmm hmmm,” Diane agreed, around the nipple she had spurting warm milk down her throat.I just lay there in heaven soaking the bed.Alia poked her head through the door, “I smelled something delicious, mind if I help clean up?””Who dat mummy?” Sophie asked me.”That’s you new aunt Alia, isn’t she beautiful?” I answered her stroking her slimy head.”Can Sophie lick her too?” she asked eagerly.I looked at Alia with my eyebrows raised and she nodded.”Yes you can lick her.””Sophie squealed, “Come play Aunt Alia!”I winked at Alia, “Sophie give aunt Alia a big passionate kiss!” Sophie looked like one of those cartoons that kiss a light socked, completely rigid and spewing pussy juice like mad streaming out around the legs of her training pants.Alia let loose while Sophie was still conscious, “Mummy, Sophie loves Aunt Alia! Sophie loves all her aunts. I’m so glad you’re my mummy!” She wrapped her arm around my neck and started crying?”What’s the matter Sophie?””Sophie is so happy, and she was such a bad girl!” she cried.I rocked her and held her until she fell asleep. Alia on the other hand, was making out with Diane, and enjoying the hell out of it. Bert came and snagged Sophie so I left Diane and Alia, in the throws of passion, and visited Kellie.”Hi my angel,” I greeted her.”Hello my princess, you’re looking a bit disheveled,” she noted.”Sophie and Diane had their way with me. Alia and Diane are getting acquainted,” I updated her, “You’re not jealous are you?””I… I’m… I don’t know,” she admitted, “she doesn’t seem to want sex with me.”I hugged her, “This is not an excuse mind you but, this is a candy store, and having permission from your wife to have sex with all of the beautiful women here is going to be weird and sampling all the candy just might be natural for a k**. But when I was a k** I always had my favorite special candy I would always go back to.””So you’re saying this is a phase and she will grow out of it?” Kellie sounded hopeful.”Nope, what would a tiny, blonde haired, big breasted, bimbo know about that kind of stuff? I haven’t grown out of it, but I still go back to Diane and we have our ‘special times’ together. I try to have special times with everybody, kind of like now. Do you want to share how special Alia is with everybody or did you want to keep her all to yourself?” I reasoned.”I don’t know. I love him so much,” Kellie was near tears.”Do you love Millie?””Yes of course!” she was almost indignant.”If Millie was made happy by borrowing your dress, would you let her?””Oh she could have it if it made her happy!” she was eager to help.”Would you let Alia borrow your dress?” I asked her.”I’m so confused!” she was having a hard time.”Who is Alia? Is Alia Frank, of is Alia someone you aren’t sure you know?””She is Frank, but Frank had his own dresses and wouldn’t ask to borrow mine. His were a lot more frilly and prissy than I cared for,” she was looking more and more shocked.”Alia is Frank, but you have to allow Alia to explore her new woman hood, she will be happier, you will be happier and I will be so proud of you. If you try to posses him, you will probably loose her. Remember you two have something the rest of us don’t, you have a history and things you two alone share like her name. That was so special I almost cried. I will make you a promise if you get to feeling neglected you can have me anytime you need me. Is it a Deal?” I really wanted to keep her from going into a funk.”Can I? Anytime?” she perked right up.I sighed, “I’m probably going to regret this but, yes you can!”Kellie spotted Sue walking by, “Sue, can you come in here and help me?””Sure, what’s up?” she came in the door and noticed me.”I have just received and indecent proposal, would you mind getting indecent with me and deal with the proposal?” she enticed Sue.The words were barely out of her mouth and Sue was naked carrying me to Kellie’s bed. It took Kellie a minute to catch up, so I had two sexy women in their bras and panties stalking me on the bed. Moreover, I didn’t even have a bra on, just a pair of scarlet thong panties. They called huddle, and Sue took off running out of the suite, only to return moments later. Sue and Kellie both donned strap-on dildoes, small ones, so I knew on whom they planned to use them.”Don’t worry, we’ll be gentle,” Kellie had a devilish grin on her face. She started with a Kellie kiss while Sue was nursing and moaning. They brought me to orgasm rapidly. Sue had her Dildo completely lubricated due to its position positioned. Kellie moved to my other boob, while Sue mounted me slowly inserting her fake penis.”Oh GOD!” I screamed.She began banging me, and then shocked me by rolling over so I was riding her dildo. Kellie came up behind me and fondled my breasts. I couldn’t believe it when she penetrated my little bunghole. Kellie was from that point on supporting me with my boobs while they double fucked my bottom. My little arms dangled at my sides uselessly while Kellie sprayed milk all over Sue. Sue opened her mouth so Kellie tried to squirt it into her. Watching all this occur while I was in nearly a constant state of orgasm was thrilling beyond belief. I started screaming, “Yes, oh yes. Fuck me. Fuck me. Make me your love slave baby! Ooh, do me like a bitch!”Sue orgasmed underneath me, followed shortly by Kellie, who orgasmed all over both of us. Kellie rolled to lie facing Sue with me in the middle, still stuffed front and back, orgasming.I think they fell asleep because I couldn’t get loose from the dildoes and they left me orgasming for almost two hours until Kellie woke up and noticed me still twitching. She immediately woke Sue and they released me from my prolonged orgasm.I swam up out of u*********sness to find myself on Diane’s exam table surrounded by everyone so I peered between my legs and found Diane down between my stirrup held legs, I said, “Hello.””It’s a good thing I’m a Doctor, you would bankrupt us otherwise, can’t you stay out of trouble for one day?” she was grinning from ear to ear.”I see the tin woodsman, the cowardly lion and the scarecrow but oh great and powerful OZ where’s Toto?””Mummy okay?” Sophie asked.Everyone laughed and Sally picked her up so she could see.”I hear you had about a two and a half hour orgasm. Somebody call Guinness, the old record is completely shattered! How many finger am I holding up?” she prompted.”Two of them and a thumb,” I answered. “What’s this in my arm?””I’ve got you on Ringers Lactate, you were seriously dehydrated, and your energy reserves were severely depleted, along with your electrolytes. I’m down here putting in a couple of stitches so you will heal faster and I’ll place a bandage down here with an analgesic to kill the pain. If you need to use the bathroom we will replace it when you’re done,” she said this last in her best Doctor persona. “I was in the lab when I was paged by two frantic women wearing strap-on penises. They met me just down from the guard station, and yes, the poor guards saw two beautiful ladies naked wearing strap-on penises crying and distraught, carrying and tiny, u*********s, and blonde haired, big-breasted, bimbo. We have to do something nice for those poor guys. They have to be slamming their rock hard penises with a ball peen hammer to soften them enough so they can keep them in their pants. The ladies told me, after having fantastic sex with you, they fell asleep leaving you impaled on a pair of dildoes, that about cover it?””I’ll take a big Mac and a Whopper, hold the fries!” I babbled.”You already took them, that’s why you’re here!” Diane had finished up, and came up to pet my head, “You sleep now,” and injected something in my IV and the lights went out.I found myself in a pastel blue nightgown alone in the center of the big bed I saw Sophie scooting around on a Big Wheel. I reached between my legs and sure enough, I had a bandage down there along with a dull ache. My boobs were painfully full, so I was about to call Sophie down, and Kellie sheepishly stopped me, “Too many d**gs in your system.”She brought over a breast pump and started draining my milk jugs.”Oh thank you Kellie, that feels great!” the pressure was diminishing quickly.”How can you even speak to me after what I did?” she asked with red and very swollen eyes.”You didn’t do it. The mean old nasty dildo did it,” I tried to make her feel better.”No it wasn’t and we both know it. I fell asleep with you impaled right in front of me, unable to cry out for help, and after you came to comfort me. I’m so sorry!” she was blubbering.”I forgive you. It’s not as if you did it on purpose, and your only intention, was to give me pleasure. Where’s Sue anyway?” I tried to sit up and look around.”Last I saw her she was curled up in a fetal position on her bed,” she pointed to Sue’s room.I started to stand up and Kellie tried to stop me, “You need more milking!””I’m okay now, better not try, and stop me. I don’t want to hurt you!” and looked into her eyes.She paled and backed off, kind of strange, since she was over a foot taller than I was. I slipped on my slippers and hoisted my hemline so I could climb out of bed area. Sophie went speeding by with, “Hi mummy!”I entered Sue’s room and sat on the bed next to her and stroked her auburn hair, “I’m all right Sue, you can snap out of it any time! See, I’m healthy enough to visit sick friends!”She grabbed me in a bear hug and soaked my shoulder with salty tears, “I didn’t know what to do! When Kellie woke me your little face, no pupils, and my head covered in your saliva, I… I fainted and Kellie had to save you herself. I was so scared when I woke up alone! I ran to help and caught up with Kellie in the hallway just as Diane ran up””Yes I heard my favorite guards had quite a show with all three of us naked,” I giggled trying to lighten her up.”It’s a good thing that Diane got there when she did, one of the guards stood up and was getting ready to run down and try to help. If he had gotten any of your fluids in his body, it would have cost him his manhood. I should be punished like Sophie!” she concluded.”Did you try to kill me? Or did you just try to give me pleasure and have an accident?” she had it bad.”You could have died!” she cried.”Not for hours and hours. It was and accident and I forgive you, so give me a kiss and stop all this.”She kissed me and picked me up, carrying me back out to the bed, and stunned Kellie.”What happened to you,” Sue asked her.”She threatened to hurt me!” Kellie claimed.”Little tiny me, hurt big strong you? That’s ridicules!” I giggled sweetly.”My ass! She’s scarier than Diane!” Kellie claimed, “I have to go change. I peed my pants!”Sue fell over laughing and Kellie grinned in spite of her wet dress.”Before you go, could you leave the breast pump, my boobs hurt!” I asked.”But you told me…,” Kellie gave up and just relinquished the pump.”You want to give me a hand with these Sue?” I asked sweetly.”Just don’t hurt me!” she, play-acted, trembling, “Right or left one to start?””Left one, Kellie already started the right one,” I told her. “Where is everybody?””It seems there is going to be a party, a birthday party. Tonight and it is to be catered and a dress-up affair. Diane has a dress picked out for you, so you are all set,” she was pumping away with her hospital style pump.A little light came on and she said, “Uh oh! Hang on a second, I’ll be right back!”She took off heading for the kitchen. There was a pitcher in her hand when she returned with the pump and started it back up. “What’s with the pitcher?””Uh, I needed to get a container to empty the pump into, it was full and we’re not even done with this one,” the light came on four more times.”Do you realize you have just given a little under a quart of milk? That’s not possible! Women don’t make that much milk, not four times a day! Six quarts of milk a day, wow! A girl not even four feet tall a world record milker, you are amazing!” she marveled.I was just relieved. I buttoned up my nursing bra (Damn that sounds Weird) and trotted off for a bath, “Come on Sue you don’t expect me to bathe myself do you?”She shot to my side and hollered, “Kellie get you urine soaked ass into the bath tub!”I laughed at the image of a urine soaked ass in my head.Kellie came sprinting out of her suite wet from head to toe, dripping all over. She splashed into the tub ahead of us, “Boy it’s cold running wet, and naked my nipples are seriously scrunched up!”I climbed into the tub and said, “I want to see them,” and grabbed her boobs and started sucking and tickling her nipples, “Hungry?” I asked Sue around a mouthful of nipple, offering her the other boob.”Mmmm, no milk but tasty anyway,” she evaluated, sucking away at that lovely firm gland.Kellie was making cute mewing noises, so I reached down and started petting the pussy, and she started trembling.Sue asked, “Are you doing what I think you’re doing?”I pinched her clit and she screamed and orgasm, “What do you think?””I’m not sure, do it again!”She screamed jerked and twitched that time.”Oh GOD, your tiny fingers! Ahhhhhh!” Kellie seemed to like it.”What the hell are you doing to her?” Sue asked.Therefore, I started sucking Sue’s boob and stimulating her pussy, until her clit stiffened, then I showed her.”Oh GOD, Your tiny fingers! Ahhhhhh!” Sue liked it too.The third time I tiny finger fucked her Kellie was finally coming around and snickered at her.”What were we in this water for again, Sue?” I asked her sweetly just as she came again.”Ahhhhhh!” she answered.”Ooh, you’re mean!” Kellie accused me, but still kissed me on the cheek.”Ba… Ba… Bath. Here to take bath,” Sue panted, “Have you got a cigarette.””Ooh, honey the only one who smokes here is you!” I told her.”I’m in love!” Sue panted and she kissed me too.”Shall we scrub up?” I grabbed a bar of soap and started cleaning my various parts.”Whe… whe… when I catch my breath,” Sue panted.”Kellie, you want to wash my boobies,” I asked her sweetly.”Your wish is my command, my princess,” Kellie took another bar and gently washed my giant titties.Sue was about back to normal, “Careful with those, she just broke a world record with them!””What do you mean?” Kellie was still unaware and busily cleaning that hard to reach area underneath where my boob attached to my chest.”Over six quarts of milk per day from one tiny woman!” she sounded amazed, “She weighs under seventy pounds!””Moo,” I said.”That’s it,” Kellie ranted, “I’m going in the tank! My husband’s got bigger tits, Sue has bigger tits, and even Diane has bigger tits than I do! I’m getting giant hooters and a tongue like and anteater! I might even have her give me a dick!””I thought you had a dick yesterday? Nope, nope, sorry, it was me I had two dicks yesterday! Damn I’m a greedy little slut ain’t I?” I teased them.”You better watch it, nobody calls my sister a slut, nobody!” Sue was mad.”What if, I want to be a slut,” I asked her demurely.”Nope, your just libido hyperactive!” she determined.I laughed, “I like it. I’m Libido Hyperactive!””Are we done here? Who’s going to do my hair?” I was being a turd but these two needed it.”I have a great idea for your hair!” Kellie was padding me down.”Should I have my bandage changed first?” I presented my little tail for emphasis.She snapped me up, and took me to Diane suite and fit me into the stirrups. She took off the first bandage and gasped, “Oh God De Anne, I am so sorry!””What is it, did she have to sew up my pussy, and leave me with a little round hole to pee through?” she had me worried.”No, but if another Doctor ever examines you they will swear you’ve given natural c***d birth! You know that little cut they make right before labor, so it doesn’t tear? Yours was torn. So if you tell people that Sophie is your daughter, we can get Doctors to swear to it!” she placed a new bandage on me and immediately the ache I had down there went away.”Oh that feels better!” I sighed.”You were in pain. Oh Jesus! How long? Why didn’t you tell me? How long was the last one on? Shit, I’m a terrible nurse!” again, she made herself all worked up.”Yo, Kellie! It was just a little ache, not real pain. Real pain is when your friends are hurting when they shouldn’t have to. Boo-boos I can handle. Seeing my angels heartsick hurts way too much to bear!” she had to understand.”I won’t hurt you anymore!” she swore.”Don’t you say that! The only way you could do it is, if you die or leave! Neither is an option! Just try not to hurt my heart as much as my body. My body’s pain is easier to handle. We will hurt each other from time to time, just promise to try and not hurt me, and promise to always love me. Those things we can all do,” I was all worked up, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to snap or lecture.””I hadn’t thought of it that way,” She said quietly.”You thought of what, what way,” I had said a lot of stuff.”Not hurting you any more, it can’t be done can it?” she was sitting near my butt looking at me through my legs with her eyebrows knitted.”No.””So you’re right, we will hurt each other, and if we aren’t here that even hurts more? That’s depressing.””Don’t forget the other side of the coin. We please each other just by being here for each other, making you happy makes me happy. When I’m happy the others are happy, and so on. Diane knew you didn’t want to hurt me, and so did I. I hope the others knew too. So, don’t hurt my heart, just because you accidentally hurt my body, when you were trying to please my body! Sounds pretty convoluted saying it that way, doesn’t it?” I admitted.”The scary part is, I followed it, and I’ll try!” she was very thoughtful, “You are incredible.””No, I just love my family more than anything, and I want them to all be happy and love each other. Now are you done down there, or just enjoying the view?” I peered at her through my little legs over my big boobs.She kissed my pussy, and while my heart was settling down, she picked me up and strolled to the hair salon area. She went to work and when she finished, my hair was up in a very sexy, sophisticated, coiffure. Then she started making me up, when the two ladies were finished I looked very glamorous and beautiful. The gown that Diane bought for me was exquisite.”So where is everybody? It’s getting near time,” I questioned them. Both Sue and Kellie were dressed similarly to the way I was. We looked fantastic.”Let’s have some fun killing time till they get here, are you game?” Kellie asked.”Sure, but we don’t want to ruin our dresses, what do you have in mind?” I was getting the idea that I was being set-up.Kellie and Sue looked at each other and then back to me, “Fashion model,” they said in stereo.They pulled out a bunch of camera equipment that had already been set up. Sue and Kellie had me pose in all sorts of positions. I just did as they told me and they flashed all sort of pictures of me in my finery.”Okay whose turn next,” I prompted.”Oh, no time for us to be shot. They will be here really soon. We have to clean up this mess!” they were up to some thing. However, it made them happy, so I played along.Sudden I noticed that I was alone, so I figured it was a good time to get my next milking out of the way. I got the equipment, and was sitting on the bed with the pump going, when I heard, “Surprise!” and everyone including the guards jumped out to surprise me. I fooled them! I quickly did up my bra and pulled up my dress.”I don’t know who is more surprised all of you, or me?” I said.Diane helped out, “Okay you win! We were more surprised! Now somebody hose down the men, so we can get on with the party!”The guard who considered loosing his manhood for me said, “It’s okay, nothing we haven’t seen a couple of times before.”Everyone laughed and the tension was broken, so the caterers brought everything in and the party started up. I hunted down Kellie and said, “I thought you said this party was for Alia?””It is she loves to dress up! When she found out we never had a birthday party for you, she insisted that you two share this one! Isn’t she sweet?””Yes, ah could you and I slip away say into your suite and we could finish what I started?” I begged.”Let’s go and get you milked,” she giggled.When we were done, the turd announced I would easily reach the six quarts mark per day, I was so proud. When we emerged from her room I sought out Diane and discovered her with a girl, I hadn’t recognized right away, “Gretchen!” I ran to her and started hugging her leg.She wouldn’t stand for that, and lifted me up for a proper hug, “Dean, I’m so glad you’re safe!””I’m better than safe, I’m beautiful. What do you think?” I leaned back and looked into her eyes.”I…,” she started tearing, and hugged me tightly.”Oh damn it Diane, she thinks I’m ugly!””No, no. You’re incredible, but…,” she stammered.”At least, I have an incredible butt.Diane came over to Gretchen and held her face, “You love him too, don’t you?””No… I…,” she closed her eyes, lowered and shook her head, “Yes, I guess I do. I’m sorry Diane, I wish I didn’t, but I can’t help it!”I placed my little hand under her jaw and tilted her head back up, “I owe you my life dear Gretchen, and I love you too. So does Diane!”Diane joined us in our hug, kissed me on the mouth, and damned if Gretchen didn’t kiss me too before I could stop her, “Oh, no Diane she…”Diane put her finger up to my lips, “De Anne, she was already addicted to you. Don’t fret about our sisters either, I figured this would happen. All of the ladies voted an hour ago. They figured that you wouldn’t even be here without Gretchen, so they owe her big time, me too,” She kissed Gretchen, “She didn’t know about the vote, and kissed you anyway. Gretchen why didn’t you tell me?””You were so happy, and then, you were too sad,” she took a shaky breath, “I didn’t go home for a vacation like I told you… Since you were dead, as far as he knew, I was going to try and get him to marry me, I’m so sorry Diane!” she began to cry again.”Gretchen I only wish it had worked out, and he wasn’t to be executed, I would have been happy for both of you,” Diane was tearing up now.”I don’t know about either of you, but I think thing have worked out, damn near perfect! I’ve never dreamed how much sex and orgasmic pleasure I can have, and to have so many loving sisters, thank you Gretchen for helping to make me a girl!” I kissed her in my best Alia imitation.She let out a tiny scream, but kept on kissing.”Micro-orgasm? You are so lucky girl my darling!” I stroked her face.”I’ve never heard it called that! How would you know about that? Her eyes were wide.”Kellie gets them too. I love making ladies orgasm! I’m glad you liked the kiss. You can borrow some of my panties if you want,” I offered.”I never thought I’d be borrowing your panties. I can’t believe I did it. I’m actually one of your lovers now. It seems so impossible. Why would you want me? All of you ladies are so gorgeous and I’m so plain,” she found a seat and placed me in her lap.”It’s the beauty inside that counts. The outside can be anything you want,” Diane told her.”I will love you anyway you want, stay the same or glamorous, whatever makes you happy,” I hugged her again.”Diane can you put me in the tank, I want a make over, I want to be so beautiful De Anne can’t keep her hands off of me!” she pleaded.”Right now or can you wait until tomorrow?” she teased.”Right now, come on,” and she tried to drag Diane with her.”Not until after the party!” Diane insisted.Bertha came over with Sophie, dressed in a pretty black and white number, black mostly white lace and white petticoats, “My, my, Sophie, aren’t you beautiful tonight!””Not as bootiful as mummy! You is bootiful!” she declared.”I’m sorry I couldn’t feed you today, I’m not mad at you, mommy got a boo-boo and had some medicine that Sophie shouldn’t have, so my milk would not have been good for Sophie. I’ll try to make it up to you, okay sweetie?” She had her big pretty eye looking at me so adoringly.”Mummy get better, Sophie wait,” she hugged me sweetly.Gretchen said, “Sophie’s so nice, what did you do to her?””I just loved her.””Wow, that’s director Sophie?” the least forward of the guards whispered. (It was the brunette guard).”No, that’s my sweet little girl, director Sophie is dead. Hi, my name is De Anne,” I stuck my hand out for him to shake after giving Sophie to Bertha.His hand was trembling when he shook it, “I’m Bill, one of the hall guards. Do you have any idea why they invited us to this party? I mean we are the only two men here in the middle of all you gorgeous women, I can’t fathom it.””I know exactly why you two were invited, you two guards have inadvertently been teased, frightened, and shocked. Through it all, you have maintained you gentlemanly ways and when your friend over there jumped up from his post, ready to run to help me when I was hurt, jeopardizing his very manhood to come to my aide, the ladies felt you two deserved a reward. Does that answer your question?” I asked.”Jeopardizing his… I don’t understand,” he was scratching his head.”If either one of you, were to get any of my bodily fluids into your body, through whatever means, you would find yourself like all of these women and men, female and addicted to me,” I confided in him.All of the blood drained out of his face and he leaned away from me, “Ladies and men, do you mean to tell me some of these beautiful women have a…””Everyone of us have uteruses and periods, not one of us has a…,” I teased him.”Some were men, now their women, right?” he was breaking it down to a simpler level.”Absolutely!””So they had their… cut off?” he wasn’t sure.”Nope, they had their genes rewritten,” I hoped that was simple enough for him.”So if your saliva gets in my mouth, I’ll wind up a girl?” he made me sound like a disease.”Not from my saliva, you get addicted from my saliva, so you have to stay with us, our libidos are hyperactive, so if you stayed a man you’d be fucked to death, so Diane to save your life would change you into a woman, are we there yet?” I had grabbed his hand, and I think he was too scared to take it back.”So the rumors are kind of true. If a guy were to, uh get it on with you, he’d end up peeing sitting down?” there was a quaver in his voice.”Don’t you worry I won’t let anything happen to my favorite guards. Just if you decide to run and help, I thought you should know, it might be dangerous. I guess if you treat me like I have AIDS you will be safe, except for the saliva, it’s worse than AIDS, you’d be one of the creased crotch club for sure with that,” I let his trapped hand go and I could see he was trying to be brave.”What about the other ladies, can we catch it from them?” he was just assessing the danger, I couldn’t blame him.”I never thought of that, I don’t think so, let me check,” he had a good point, “Diane, could you come here a minute?”Bill was even more nervous when Diane came over.”Diane, Bill here asked if say, he kissed you, would he become addicted to me. Am I communicable?” I was puzzled now.She leaned over and kissed Bill on the mouth so sizzlingly, I thought his jockey’s elastic was going to break. When she let him up for air she said, “Let’s find out! If you find him latched onto your pussy later, the answer is yes!” with that, she walked over to the buffet.If poor Bill hadn’t been so stimulated, I think he would have fainted!”Uh oh Bill, I better give you some space, so this experiment will be legitimate,” I wondered over to the buffet with Diane. “You realize he’s terrified, don’t you.””Just remember to keep at least four feet between you, he wouldn’t have lasted much longer,” she reminded me.”I was just trying to be nice to him,” I said.”Try to be nice in a group, then they won’t necessarily fixate on you, as the object of their desire, that and we can protect them from you,” she tweaked my nose.I looked around and saw Bill still where I left him. The other guard was talking to Molly. Well, he’s talking to molly’s boobs. I better try and steer him to Bill, he can probably him provide an anchor in the real world.As I was gliding over, I heard, “You’re in luck, the object of your interest is coming our way. Princess De Anne may I introduce, Albert.”I held out my hand and the guy actually kissed it! “I am so glad to finally know my protectors names.””I have wanted to meet you since I first saw you,” Albert was looking at my eyes!I blushed, “Sorry I forgot my self that day, and I’d been around just women for so long…””Actually, I saw you wheeled out on a gurney the first time,” he was blushing too.Molly was starting to try and slip away and I grabbed her to stop her, “Diane says that these poor guys need to be protected from me, so could you stand guard for the guard?””I live to serve my princess,” she curtseyed.I tried to ignore her and continued on, “I wanted to thank you for attempting to come to my aide the other day.””Oh I didn’t do anything!” he was blushing, “Are you really a princess?”I was about to deny it totally and I felt Molly put something on my head and giggle.”Oh my, you… you… you’re really a princess!” he stammered.”Oh, she is really a princess, she was dubbed, Princess Cums-A-Lot, by Queen Diane,” she was laughing her fool head off.I gave her a dirty look.”We threw this party to thank them, not humiliate them. Sorry Albert, it’s an inside joke,” I had been very carefully backing away from him and nearly had my four feet, but he stepped toward me so Molly half interposed herself between us.”I apologize too Albert it was in poor taste,” Molly sounded quite earnest.”It is a sort of funny story we might tell you sometime, I shouldn’t have gotten so upset, sorry Molly.” I squeezed her hand and she smiled.”Why are you backing away? Did I do or say something?” he looked like a hurt puppy.”No, Albert I’m not supposed to stand within four feet of you, I have a genetic problem, and my body gives off massive amounts of pheromones. No one can stand it long. If they tied us back to back for eight hours, you would probably chew off your own arm to get to me. So the four feet is just to provide you a fighting chance.””You poor lady,” he looked like he was going to try and get around Molly but thought better of it.”I wanted you to know, how dangerous a thing it was you almost did. This is also, why I appreciate it so much. My saliva, blood and other bodily fluids through the same genetic problem, is more addictive, than heroine is. Were you to contact any fluids, and ingest, or were it to get in a sore, or cut, you would be addicted forever. You would have to become one of us,” I paused for a breather.”Where do I sign up?” Albert was eager.Molly snickered.I held up my hand, boy was my mouth dry, “Before you think you would be in heaven, you need to know the cost!””Are you thirsty?” he asked me, “Just be a second,” he leapt up and sprinted for the punch bowl. “For you my princess,” he bowed and handed me a glass of punch.I looked at Molly, “I told you he was cute!” accepting the glass from him.I drank it dry in one gulp, “Thank you, I needed that.”He took it and refilled, and even brought a small pitcher with him full of punch. After downing three cups, he let me go on, “Okay, a recap, I’m addictive, those addicted must live here, right?” he nodded, “The price is high, a man living with these libido hyperactive ladies, and I would be fucked to death in a couple of months, so no men. Any man addicted, Diane must transform forever into a woman. More than one of us was a man at one time.””She rewrites their DNA without the Y chromosome! Cool!” he was excited.”You’re a smart one aren’t you? Yes the price is your manhood, and freedom, so it was very dangerous, that you tried to help me, I just want you to be careful, helping me could cost you ‘Mr. Happy’,” I warned him.”Would I become addicted if I hugged you?” he bravely asked.”Well you have to let me do the first part of the hug, and you have to be very careful where you touch, no erogenous zones, it has to be slow and careful, you could accidentally cause me to orgasm. If you screw up it’s good-by Mr. Happy. Do you still want to try it?” I prompted.”You bet!” he said eagerly.”Here I come,” I gently held him, and he hugged me back. He released me and I backed away, “You did well, now at least you know you can touch me without serious consequences. I think you should go talk to Bill, I think he’s in shock, I told him too and he didn’t take it as well as you.””Can you tell me what happened to you during the emergency?” I could see genuine concern in his face.”That’s kind of embarrassing. Ah, I had orgasmed for over two and a half hours straight,” I was blushing and looking at my shoes.”Holy… That’s not possible, is it?” he looked at Molly who was nodding her head. “I don’t care what anybody says, from today on you are a princess to me,” he bowed down onto one knee.Diane strolled up, “You have the damndest affect on people, my love,” and kissed me on the mouth.”Dr. Samuels, you look ravishing!” Albert was lit up like a Christmas tree, so we all knew he meant it.Diane said, “My word honey, he really likes you!””We both know he meant you, he isn’t fooled as easily as you might think. I really believe, even with what he knows now, he still would run to help me, with no fear,” I was so proud of him.”I noticed, he didn’t faint when you hugged him,” she was smiling at him, “I want to thank you as well, De Anne means everything to us,” then she hugged him too.”If I knew heaven was like this I would have died sooner,” he claimed.Diane got a devilish look on her face. She whistled loudly and all the ladies gathered around her, “All right ladies, De Anne can’t thank him as much as she would like, the hug line starts behind Molly, and you can go through the line as many times as you want!”Albert went pale, but warmed up comparatively quickly.”De Anne go stand about a foot behind him,” Diane was up to something but I went along.On about the third hug he shuddered in orgasm.Sally just happened to be the one hugging him, “I’ve never had that effect on a man before, oh well, next!”Three more hugs and he went off again. After twenty-five minutes, he had cum nine times and the ladies couldn’t hold him up anymore. Therefore, I said, “Oh Billy?”He gulped, “Yes, Miss De Anne?””It’s your turn,” and the poor man fainted dead away!We all partied for another hour and when the guys came around Diane sat them down and presented them each with calendars. Big deal you say, well I was the model on twelve pages of the calendars all dressed up in my beautiful gown. Alia had taken the photos and had them made special.Both guards went home with big smiles. I hugged all my angels and thanked each one of for the best present I ever had. I love making people happy!All of us, including Sophie slept on the big bed that night, after of course fucking each other wildly of course. Hugging those guards had the ladies ready to fuck a stick shift.In the morning after nursing Sophie, we filed by the guards, who were very friendly to all of us. Albert even slipped me a thank you card. I wonder if he figured out, how it was that, he woke up wearing very sexy panties and a bra.EpilogAlia has come up with a way to get any information from our captives without being mean to them. We put a keyboard in the tank. They wake up tiny women in the tank, we ask questions, if they don’t tell us what we want to know their boobs and libido get increased, so either they end up more boob than girl, and willing to fuck a scab covered AIDS patient, or they tell us what we want to know.What do we do with these women? Some ladies we send to remote military bases to service the troops. Perverts adopt some, and some of them go to the orient to be slaves. The ones who cooperate are given the choice to work in a Nevada brothel, or be strippers on some of the military installations across the country, of course those don’t have to have constant sex, frequent but not constant. Therefore, their fates are in their own hands.There have been some pretenders and look-alikes claiming to be Osama Bin Laden, the government might even tell the public one of them is the real thing, but we have the real one, once in a while I go watch it, just for fun. (He just loves his sperm and pork!)Oh and Albert has made petition to become one of the living-nympho-lesbians, I keep trying to talk him out of it though. If he keeps trying, in about two weeks the ladies have said to tank him. I think he really liked wearing the panties!Gretchen went into the tank for two days, now she looks like Wendy Whoppers, before the breast reduction. Sophie is a p*****n and just got her first bra. (We told her it was a training bra, a 30 P cup) She has been so helpful and sweet, hardly anyone remembers the evil Sophie. I never talked about our other function basically witness relocation. Whose going to look for a hot looking babe after the guy who fingered them in court was middle age and homely?We are still having our day-to-day troubles but since the party things have been terrific. Sophie doesn’t need to nurse anymore but I’m still lactating, in fact it’s been getting worse, I’m wearing an N cup size bra now and am up to over seven quarts of milk per day. I love my boobies!

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