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THE MATURE HIGH HEELED TEACHERThe last four stories are ones that I wrote in High SchoolI was working for the school district going from door to door with another person taking a survey on school age k**s when my next adventure happened. I rang the doorbell and a guy answered, yelling to his mom that there was a guy at the door who wanted to borrow her for 3 or 4 hours. She came to the door and what a knockout. She was in her early forties, large breasts, nice legs, and a wonderful Mouth. We asked the normal questions and when leaving I waited for the other person to leave first then I asked what was meant by borrowing her for a while. She looked at me, smiled and asked what I would do with her? I asked what could I do and she said to let my imagination run wild. She gave me her phone number and said to call when I had thought of something.I thought about her all day and what she said. I called that night and when she answered I stammered a little. She asked if I was the one from this afternoon and I said yes. She asked what I would like to do with her, I paused for a while and she said in a sultry voice that she liked to please any way possible. I felt embarrassed but asked her if she would wear High Heels for me with Black Nylons. She purred over the phone that it would be her pleasure. We set up a time for the next day. I went to bed that night with a raging hard-on and masturbated to her words.I rang the bell and she came to the door dressed in a Tight Fitting Dress that hugged her tits and ass. She let me in and I followed her into the living room. She did not have any Heels on, but was wearing Black Nylons. She sat down and told me that since I did not tell her what kind and color of High Heels to wear that she would let me choose. There were boxes on the table and she told me to pick out a pair and put them on her.I picked up the first box (there were 4) and there was a pair of Black canlı kaçak iddaa Leather 5 Inch Spike High Heels. I walked over to her knelt down and she lifted her Foot to me and while doing that she let me look up her Dress to see that she was wearing a Garter-belt. She slipped her Foot into the High Heel and let it rub against my cock making it harder than it already was. I put her other Spike Heel on and she pressed that Heel into my cock. She got up and walked around the room in a slow sexy seductive manner. She stopped in front of me lifted up her Dress and tightened her Nylons and then sat down. She asked me if I liked the show and of course I said yes. She reached her Black Nyloned Spike High Heeled Foot forward onto my cock and started to massage it making my pleasure unbearable, within minutes I let loose a load of cum. She smiled and said she wanted to try on another pair of High Heels.I got a pair of Red Spike High Heels next and slipped the Black pair of Heels off her and slipped the Red High Heels on her Black Nyloned Feet.She was putting on Red Lipstick while I was putting the Heels on her. She told me to come and sit next to her which I did and she leaned over to me and kissed me on the Mouth making a seal with the Lipstick. She taught me how to French and use my tongue in her Mouth. She lifted her Black Nyloned leg up on my lap and while we were Kissing put my hand on her leg and moved it up and down the Nylon. She told me to feel the material and rub the length of her leg to include her Spike High Heel and Panties. I moved my hand up and down her leg feeling her Panties, Black Stocking Tops and High Heels as we continued to kiss. She placed my hand between her legs on her Panties and I could feel how wet she was. Her breathing increased as I massaged her Panty covered pussy and then she kissed me hard as she experienced an orgasm.She stood up and raised her leg canlı kaçak bahis placing her Red High Heel onto my leg and straightened her Black Nylon and then doing the same with the other leg. She walked over to another table picked up some Lipstick and put on a thick coat while looking at my growing hard cock. Her Black Nyloned Red Spike High Heeled legs were walking back to me when she motioned for me to stand up which I did while she sat down. She reached for my pants and took them off leaving my underwear on with a large wet cum spot. She pressed her Lips to the wet spot and licked the area with her tongue leaving a Red imprint of her Mouth. She then pulled my underpants down and started to lick my cock going up and down the shaft before it disappeared into her Mouth. She was like a piston with her Red Lipsticked Mouth going up and down on my cock picking up speed with each move. I knew I was cumming and when she felt the load she massaged my balls and the cum just poured into her Mouth and she never missed a drop.She kicked off her High Heels and told me she wanted to wear another pair. I walked over to the table and picked up the third pair of Heels which were Off White 5 Inch Spikes. She was behind me at this point and was running her hands up and down my body and massaging my cock at the same time. She had me turn around to unzip her Dress and when the Dress fell to the floor she stood before me in a Black half Bra, Black Garter-belt, Black Panties and Black Nylons. She had me kneel on the floor and place the Spike High Heels on her Black Nyloned Feet while she put on a coat of Red wet Lipstick. She pressed my face to her hot wet Black Panty covered pussy and urged me to lick her cunt. I pressed my tongue into her pussy folds and ran my tongue up and down. She positioned her High Heel between my legs and rubbed the Spike High Heel on my now hardening cock. She reached bahis siteleri canlı down and moved the Black Panty away from her pussy and my tongue licked harder and faster. Within minutes she was shaking from an orgasm and the rubbing pressure she put on my cock with her Off White Spike High Heel was intensely pleasurable.She lay on the floor, took off her Bra and motioned for me to put my cock between her breasts. She first took my cock into her Mouth and coated it with her Red lipsticked Lips; I then placed it between her breasts and started to move it in and out of her tightly held tits. Each time my cock went toward her Mouth she would lick and suck it. With each thrust I could feel the pleasure within me building and building. My cock twitched and I spurted hot cum onto her breasts and face, She licked the remaining cum from my cock and rubbed my cum into her breasts. We then French Kissed until her Red Lipstick was gone from her Mouth. She kicked off her Spike Heels and walked into the bathroom to towel off.She walked back into the room and said that there was only one pair of Spike Heels left. I went over to the table and picked-up the last pair of 5 Inch Spike High Heels which was Grey and walked over to her. She was sitting on the couch putting on more Red Lipstick as I slipped the Heels onto her Black Nyloned Feet. She told me to sit on the couch facing her and when seated she started to rub her pussy and tell me how much she wanted my cock. She placed her High Heel behind my neck and drew my cock into her warm, wet pussy. It slid in with no problem; she had her legs up around my neck and within seconds was humping my cock into oblivion. I pumped her for all I was worth and within a short time my cock started to stiffen, she started to moan and we both reached an orgasm at the same time. She rearranged herself on the couch, put her Red Lipped Mouth on my cock and proceeded to lick me clean. Watching her Red Lips around my cock made it hard again and soon I was cumming again. She licked and swallowed and never lost a drop. She removed one of her Black Nylons, gave it to me and asked me to call her again for some Spike High Heeled fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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