The niece part 1

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The niece part 1Sometimes you have to wonder. You can spend for ever on any possible site trying to find that little slut, or rather that little slut to be, as let’s face it a good girl is only a slut in waiting and the interest is in finding that unspoilt little gem and mould it into the slut you want. So there you are spending your time looking at profiles, answering adverts, conversing in chatrooms to find, well, very few compatible persons, if any. And then one pops up in your flat out of nowhere without even having to look for her. What better than to have a young, but not too young, university student coming to stay with you while she will be working at the local renown festival for part of the summer? Maybe knowing that she is single? Or that she has been for a while and so probably haven’t had sex for that long? Or is it catching her looking at your groin when you come back to the flat still in your cycling Lycra? Maybe both, although the latter is probably the one that will stick to your mind. In any case that certainly got my mind racing when my partner niece came to stay with us that summer. And yes she did stare at my groin, before realising I could see her doing so and she instantly diverted her glare as if she wasn’t looking…She is from a well to do family, went to a posh school and now is studying law at university. A hard working and well educated girl, but clearly easily distracted by seeing a man in tight clothes. Of course I didn’t say anything in front of her auntie. Young or otherwise it is not the thing to embarrass a lady in front of people. Working from home and since she herself was working late at night, it was going to be easy for me to confront her when there would be just the two of us in the flat. In fact on the following morning while the auntie was away working we found ourselves in the kitchen. I had been up for a while but she was just out of bed, still wearing her pyjamas. I served her her breakfast, at the kitchen bar, while making conversation, asking her how her shift at the bar had been. It was slightly protracted as young people can sometimes be a bit quiet with older adults so when I asked her if she was staring at her customers crotches too I wasn’t expecting her to become any more eloquent:- “No! Of course not! What are you talking about!- Well, I am talking about you staring at my crotch Yesterday.- I wasn’t!- Of course you were, you know it, I know it, so who are you trying to convince?- I really wasn’t! That is disgusting!- OK, so you have grown crossed eyed and I cannot see where you looking at now?- No, you are mistaken, I wasn’t looking!- Oh! So what I am seeing is not what is happening, maybe I am the one who is crossed eyed now?-… (silence, staring at her bowl of porridge)- Are you taking me for an idiot or are you going to admit you were staring at my cock?-… (more silence, more telepathic conversation with the porridge)- OK, I have had enough of that discussion leading to nowhere. If you won’t say so of your own free will I’ll get that confession out of you one way or another. Although I am pretty sure one atakum escort way will be enough.- … (more silence but this time the porridge has got boring and she is looking at me with an open mouth wondering what I am on about)”I seized the high stool she wasn’t sitting on and place it in the middle of the floor while she watch me with her mouth still gaping. Coming back to her I raised her chin with my forefinger to close her mouth and then grab her firmly by the arm and bring her back with me to the stool on which I sit. Folding her arm in her back I force her to bend over my knees. The stool being relatively high her legs are still straight while her torso is now flat on my lap, her bum in a perfect position to be spanked with my right hand while my left maintain her in place by still holding her arm.- What are you doing! Let me go!- Tut, tut! As I said I know how to make young ladies tell the truth, only the truth, the whole truth.At which point my right fell on her left cheek with a pleasant slam, if a bit muffled by the PJs.- Ouch! What are you doing! Let me go!- You are starting to sound like a broken record now.Now the right cheek is getting it, then the left, then the right, then… well, you know how it works.- Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Stop! Let me go! Stop!She was now trying to move to get her bum out of harm but the hold on her arm was too strong for her to escape.- Stop! Please stop! Please, please, please!- Well you are not yet telling me the truth I wan to hear but already your manners have improved a lot. Are you ready to talk?- I have nothing to say!- … (smack, smack, smack!)- Please stop! Pleeease!- … (smack, smack and more smack)- Please! Let’s talk! Please! Stop!- … (silence)- … (more silence)- I am listening…- I don’t know! I don’t know what you want me to say!- Fair enough, I guess you just need to concentrate harder.- … (smack, smack, smack…)- Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!- These pyjamas are really getting in the way. Let’s do away with them.”Grabbing her PJs bottoms by their elasticated band at the waist I pulled them down to her thighs in one swift movement. – Nooo! Please pull them back up! Pull them back!Which request I chose to ignore and proceeded by smacking her now bare bottom. This was shameful and very unsettling for her and she started sobbing as her bum was getting redder and redder. – So what about that truth?- OK! I was watching! I was watching! Please stop now!- What were you watching?- Your cock! I was looking at your cock!- There we are! So was it worth getting spanked? Wouldn’t it have been easier to admit it straight away?- Yes, I am sorry. I really am.- That’s OK darling, that’s OK.I was now rubbing her bum to comfort her after that moderately harsh punishment.- So why were you looking at my dick?- I don’t know.- … (smack)- Ouch!- … (smack, smack, smack)- Stop! Please stop! It was… It was there. I was curious.- It was there? You were curious? Have you never seen a cock before?- Uh? Of course I have!- When were you last fucked?- I don’t know, five, six months ago?- So six months of not getting it and you stare at the first escort atakum cock around. And it is not even as if you could really see it!- …- You weren’t curious at all. You were just in heat. A little bitch in heat.- I am not a bitch! I am no in heat!- Don’t you answer me like that bitch! (smack, smack)- Ouch! Ouch!- A bitch is exactly what you are! (more smacks)Her bum was now taking a nice pinkish hue so I stopped and massaged it a bit. Doing so I very accidentally slid my hand between her legs so that my finger brushed on her intimate lips. And surprise, surprise! Yes I could feel her being very wet.- Well, well, well… So you are not a bitch and you are not in heat. Yet talking about my dick while being spanked gets you very wet. Or have you peed yourself?- I didn’t pee myself!- No, I didn’t think so… You are just a wet little bitch that want to see my cock.- I don’t want to see your cock!- Ah! Ah! Ah! And who are you trying to convince? We just spent the last ten minutes asserting that it is exactly what you want, and probably more, a lot more in fact. Am I wrong? Do I not know how to read a dirty little girl’s mind?- … (very embarrassed silence)- smack, smack, smack…- Stop! It hurts! Please stop!- I am waiting for an answer little girl… (smack and more smacks)- No! You are not wrong! You are right!- I am right about what?- You read me OK, (now crying) I am a dirty little girl.- Ah! Finally we get to the truth! (switch from slapping to caressing) See! The truth doesn’t hurt nearly as much! (massaging some more and now sliding a finger between her still wet lips but not entering her, only parting them apart, back and forth).- So you do want to see my cock after all.- Yes, I do…- Sir to you!- Pardon?- Yes I do Sir. May as well learn some manners… So say it again properly this time please.- … Yes I do Sir.- Good girl! But not so good that you deserve to see it though. Rise up please.She did as instructed as I released her arm and instinctively went to massage her bum.- No, don’t do that. Don’t massage your bum. Kneel in the middle of floor instead, with both arms behind your back grabbing your elbows and wait for me there.As she did as she was told I went to the bedroom and grabbed a thick black scarf and returned to the kitchen. I could see from her look that she was wondering what was going to happen next. Mixed with that anxiety I could also read in that face a real anticipation, a lust for whatever was coming her way. I placed the scarf on her eyes and tied it behind her head so that she would not be able to see. I placed myself back in front of her and undid the front of my trousers, lowered my pants and got out my cock which was rock hard by now.- Open your mouth little bitchAs she did so I grabbed the back of her head with one hand and my cock with the other and holding it at the right height I pushed her head toward it, forcing it into her mouth. She gagged a bit, more out of surprise than discomfort. – Now bitch show me how you suck a cock, and please do a good job of it. Oh! And I don’t want to feel your hands. They stay in your back atakum escort bayan as they are just now.She started moving her head back and forth working her lips on my shaft, which was OK but very amateurish.- Suck on it you lazy bitch. Have you never done a blow job before?She accelerated her movements but was not sucking any more than she did before, which was probably the equivalent to the British trick of talking louder to foreigners that don’t understand them rather than speaking more slowly, so I pulled her head back and slapped her. She cried in surprise although the slap wasn’t that heavy, the intent was to shock her and it did, remember that she would not have seen it coming since she was still wearing the scarf around her head. Before she could say anything I pushed myself back into her mouth, going deeper in this time. She panicked slightly and her first reflex was to try to push me back with her hands.- Hands back in your back darling, hands back in your back if you want me to withdraw.She took her hands of me tentatively and I withdraw slightly encouraging her to put her hands back to where they belonged. – Good girl, now suck properly, like you were sucking on a straw… That’s it! You learn fast. Now move your mouth all along my shaft. Good girl. Take it deeper, deeper. Good.At this point I withdraw myself altogether and put the family jewel back into my pants.- Good, you are learning fast but you are not yet deserving of receiving my semen. Stand up now.I removed the scarf so she could see again. She was very embarrassed and could not look at me in the eyes, she was staring at the floor. I directed her to the breakfast bar got her to climb it and lay on it on her back, with her legs apart, hanging on each side of it. I let her there while I fetched my razor and shaving cream.- Well darling, you have a lot to learn and while doing so I want to see you bare. I am going to shave your most intimate part and I don’t want you to let it grow back until I say it is OK to do so. Understood?- Yes Sir.- Good girl. Even if I let you grow it back it won’t be such a bush. At best it will be a landing strip or tube ticket if you prefer.And with no further ado I proceeded in shaving her. She had a rather large bush and I was glad I wasn’t going to have to look at it again. I never found that attractive and I wasn’t going to start now, I always get this image of hair stuck in my teeth and that is a major turn off. Plus I was pleased to have her doing it in the future, not because she wanted to but because she had been told to. It had not be mentioned but in effectively I had started training her to be a good slut. This was not going to be a one off. Once done I took her off the bar and sat her on my knee where I give her cuddle.- You have been a good girl- Thank you Sir- You are welcome darling, I have by no means finished with you but I am very pleased with you already, and I believe you have enjoyed this little session even if you had no idea it was coming.- Yes Sir I did. Oh God! That is so embarrassing.- Good. Good that you are blushing very much too. I can see you like it and find it very embarrassing in equal measures. Now go to the bathroom and get yourself all clean for the day. I probably won’t see you before tomorrow now as I have to go and you will still be working by the time I go to bed.

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