The pastor’s family 22 The final chapter

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The pastor’s family 22 The final chapterThe final chapterifty – Gay – i****t – Learning From My Brothers Series – Learning From My Brothers 22The day had arrived, John would be coming home from theMarines. Mom and dad had left to pick him up and we were all going to meetat the restaurant for his welcome home dinner. I went to Luke’s room andasked him what time we had to leave. He said no later than 6:30pm. I saidok and started to leave. Luke called me and said why don’t you come in hereand let me get some of that ass. I smiled and said a real man takes what hewants and I let the room. I went back to my room and started music on myiPhone. About that time, I heard the bathroom door on my side open and Lukewalks in.Luke is wearing his tight jeans and a red t shirt that is snug. Hisbiceps are stretching the arm holes and his chest is stretching the shirtas well. He walks in and comes over to my bed. He looks at me and says areyou sure you want me to take what I want. I looked up and said a real manwouldn’t have to ask me that. I giggled. Luke said just remember, you askedfor this. In a flash, Luke was on the bed and had me in a wrestlinghold. His arm was around my neck and my other arm behind my back. He flexedhis arm and it pulled my head back and started choking me. He said are yousure you want this. What Luke didn’t realize, is that I love it when he iskind and loving and gentle, but sometimes, I just want him to throw me onthe bed and use me. Today was one of those days.I grunted and said is that all you have pussy. Luke moved aroundand in no time, I was face down on the bed, Luke was sitting on my lowerback and both my arms were pulled up behind me. Luke knew just how far topush it. He held my arms and pushed just enough for me to feel real painand then let off. He leaned down and said tell me what you want. I saidagain, a realm wouldn’t have to ask me that. He jacked my arms up harderbehind me. He said ok, you want it rough, you will get it rough. He saidpick a safe word. I said what. He said pick a safe word so If you use thatword,I will know to stop. Otherwise, I am basically going to destroy thathole. I said ketchup is my safe word. Once I said that, Luke was up and offher bed. He pulled his shirt off and then unbuckled his belt. He raced tounbutton and unzip the jeans and pushed them and the boxers to the floorand stepped out of them.My older brother was now naked and standing beside my bed. I havepushed him to dominate me and I am excited to see what he does. He leavesthe room. He goes into his room and comes back with lube and poppers. Heputs them on the table. I am laying on the bed and I am so horny for himalready. He gets on the bed on his knees and reaches for my shirt. I raisemy arms for him to take it off, but he grabs the neck line and rips theshirt down the front. I quickly grab my shorts and push them off so he willnot rip them. Luke stands up and he grabs my arm and pulls me to the sideof the bed. He flips me over on my back and lets my head hang of the sideof the bed. I know he intends to throat fuck me. He steps up and slaps myface with his cock a few times before he says open your mouth.I open my mouth and he pushes his cock in. All the way to the backof my throat where it stops. I feel him pushing and telling me to open mythroat for him. I struggle to get used to his size so I can get all of hiscock in my mouth and throat. He is using short hard jabs to try to bustinto my throat, but it is not working. I am still trying when I feel asolid punch from his fist right into my belly. This causes me to gasp andhe uses the chance to shove every inch of his cock into my throat. Istruggle with the hit to my belly and the lack of air. Finally, Luke pullsback and I gag and cough. My eyes are watering and I look up and see Lukesmiling and saying take a deep breath.I take a deep breath and again, he goes balls deep into mythroat. A few hard thrusts and he pulls out. I gasp for air as he goesagain. Over and over. Every-time he gets his massive cock in my throat. Hethrusts hard into my throat. He pulls out and looks down at me. He says youlike that shit don’t you. I have spit all over my face and I just nod. Lukesays deep breath. He gets all the way in my mouth and instead of thrusting,he slowly humps my face. His nut sack covers my nose as he pushes thatteenage cock in and out of my throat. He finally pulls out and stepsback. I can see the precum leaking off his cock.Luke flips me over on my stomach. He grabs the lube and starts todrip it in my crack. He said you better grab those poppers and startinhaling like I showed you before. I said I don’t need them. Luke said, mygoal today is to make you scream your safe word. I want to find your limitsand push you right to the edge of them. I reached over and grabbed thebottle. But I didn’t use them. I just held it in case. I feel Luke movingon the bed and he uses his strong legs to push my legs apart. The lube hasrun down my crack and I glance over my shoulder and see Luke rubbing hiscock. I feel his hand push between my cheeks. His finger finds my hole andhe roughly jabs it all the way in. I jump and try to get away, but Lukegrabs my shoulder and pulls me back towards him. His güvenilir bahis şirketleri finger is now joinedby another. I am wiggling as he is not taking his time, but he is doingwhat he said he would do.Now a third finger is inside my hole. I open the bottle and take adeep breath in the right and then the left nostril. I get the cap back onand Luke is. saying your ass is so tight. Then all the fingers are pulledout. My hole is stinging a little. I feel Luke move close behind me and Ifeel that huge cock head in my crack as he lines up with my hole. I feelhis other hand in the center of my back supporting most of his weight. Ifeel the pressure as Luke pushes and then backs off. He teases my ass a fewtimes, but never gets the head all the way in.I feel Luke lay on my back. His cocked pressed hard against myhole. Luke wraps his arms under my arms and his arms come up under my chestand he grabs my shoulders. Once he has my shoulders. I feel his body jerkand then I feel lightning shoot through me. Never have I felt anything likethis. That one jerk of his body pushed his massive cock into my hole andburied him balls deep inside of my ass. Luke just held onto my shoulders asmy body strained beneath him. My hole went into spasms around hiscock. Every muscle I had was protesting the invasion of his cock in my ass.But Luke just held still. Finally, I was able to calm down andadjust to his size. Luke started to move. Every time he would pull outsome, it was followed by a hard thrust that banged my body all over. Arhythm started to develop and Luke started to go faster. Our bodies wereslapping together. Then he pulled all the way out. My hole was gaped openas Luke flipped me over on my back and grabbed my legs and pushed them upand on his shoulders. He used his strength to push my ass higher as hestarted to pound me. He dropped a hand to my throat and I looked up and sawthe evil, lust filled smile on his face as he started to squeeze mythroat. Both my hands went to his wrist and held on as he cut off my air.He would release and then do it again. The entire time, he wassaying little faggot loves his older brothers cock. Take that cock like thebitch you are. His squeeze on my neck this time lasted longer, and Istarted to hit him on his arm. I wasn’t able to breath and he just lookedat me and kept fucking. I was light headed and could honestly see stars,and then he released his grip. He said your faggot ass cant breathe and ittightens up your hole on my cock.Luke pulled out and said come on. He pulled me into thebathroom. He throws a towel on the floor and I start to get on my hands andknees. Luke says no. Get on your knees and lean over the side of the bathtub. That way, you cant get away from me when I start fucking hard. I laida towel over the side of the tub and got in position. Luke squatted behindme and shoved his cock inside me. He placed his arms on the side of the tuband used that to fuck me harder. My body was banged over and over, but Iwas unable to move because of the tub. Over and over, Harder and harder,Luke fucked me.His sweat was dripping off of him and onto me. He reached upand placed his hands on my mouth. He used two fingers on each side to hookinside my mouth. He pulled my head back and fucked me hard.Luke started to slap my ass, first the right side, then theleft. His slaps were hard and strong. His cock was like a piston in my holethe entire time. He said, just use your safe word and I will cum and itwill be over. He moved his hands from my mouth and I said, are you eveninside my hole yet. Luke grabbed my hips and really fucked me hard. Hepulled out and said get in the tub. My hole was screaming. I looked at hiscock and it was massive and was a dark red color and was steady leakingpre-cum. I stepped int he tub and Luke grabbed my face and said suck me andsee what your ass tastes like. I sucked as he fed me his cock. He grabbedmy head and stopped the sucking He pulled me up and said leaner and grabyour ankles I need to cum.Instead of listening, I leaned down and took his nipple in my mouthand sucked and then started to nibble on it. I stepped closer to Luke anddid the same to the other one. Lukes hand reached behind me and I felt hisfingers dart into my hole. It felt like 3 inside me. Luke said I bet Icould get my fist in that hole. I pulled back and said no. Luke turned mearound and said grab your ankles. I felt his fingers again. I feltstretched and Luke said good damn, you have four fingers in that hole. Hepulled out and stood up. I felt his cocked rub over my hole. Then my olderbrother pulls me back at the same time as he thrusts forward. His cock isback inside me. This time, he is fast and hard. I can feel his fingersdigging into my hips and then I feel his body jerk and I know he is coatingthe inside of my ass with his teenage jock cum.I feel his body start to relax after 7 hard spurts inside me. Iwait for him to pull out, but instead he starts to slowly push in andout. I start to stand up, but Luke says grab your ankles and stay thatway. He continues to slowly push in and out and then he goes all in andstops. I feel a warm sensation in my core and I know that my older teenagebrother is filling me tipobet giriş with his piss. I feel a sensation of warmth all overmy body. I also feel like I am being filled up. Luke finally says, you needto clamp down when I pull out. I feel him pull out and I lamb my holeshut. Usually, Luke tells me to go sit on the toilet. Today he tells me tosuck him clean. I lean over and Luke says get on your fucking knees. Istruggle to keep my ass clamped closed as I get on my knees. He grabs myhead and pushes his cock in my mouth. I suck as he tells me what a goodbitch I am. I look up at him with my mouth full of his cock and my eyes arebegging him to let me go to the toilet.Luke says you really need to go don’t you. I keep sucking andnod. Luke pulls his cock out of my mouth and turns around. He pulls his assopen and says rim me. I say Luke please let me go. He says just say yoursafeword. I say no way. I lean in and tongue my brothers hole. I can tastethe sweat from where we just fucked. I start to rim him and as I do, hereaches between his legs and pokes my belly with his fingers. I try toignore, but I give up and yell Ketchup. I jump uo and go sit not he toilet.Luke is standing int he shower laughing. He says that means Iwin. I just look at him as I am relieved to have made it to thetoilet. Luke walks out the bathroom and into his room. I hear him say holyshit. We need to hurry. He comes back int he bathroom and starts theshower. He says we have to shower and get on the way. I sit not he toiletand watch Luke wash his hair and then his body. He grabs a towel and stepsout and dries off. He walks over to me and says suck my dick while I tellyou some things. I open my mouth and start to suck him while I am sittingon the toilet. Luke says, I like it when you let loose and I can doanything I want. He says, I also like it when is is slow and sensual. I amstill sucking on his semi hard cock. Luke says, but I don’t want things tochange when John gets home. I want us to still be us. If he wants to play,thats fine, but in the end, you are sleeping in my bed at night. I continueto suck on Luke as I nod. He says, now, shower and lets get out of here. Hepulls back and his cock slips from my lips.I shower and get dressed. Luke is waiting in the car when I getthere. We race to the restaurant. We get there and mom and dad and Johnhave just walked to the door. I race up to hug John. He is in his uniformand looks hot. Luke hugs John as we walk inside. We get to the table andorder. John is telling mom and dad about his training. We eat and headhome. At the house, everyone is upstairs in John’s room. Mom finally sayscome on and lets give him some time to unpack and rest. We leave and I goto my room. Mom and dad go downstairs. Luke stays in the room with John.I put on my ear buds and start listening to music. Luke comes inthe room and he looks pissed. I take the earbuds out and Luke says comewith me. We go back to John’s room. John is sitting on the edge of the bedand I can tell he is upset as well. Luke says, ok John, tell Mattie whatyou plan to do. I look at John. He looks up at me and says, listen guys. Ihave thought about this and prayed about it ever since I have been gone. Ihave to confess to mom and dad. I can’t move on until I confess and seekforgiveness. I ask John, what do you need to confess. Luke is almostshouting now, He is going to tell mom and dad that the three of us havebeen fucking. My mouth drops open and I just stare at John.John says I don’t have a choice. I need to make peace with this andI need to get it behind me. Luke starts telling him that me and him are theonly ones that need to hear this. Luke says if you do this, you willdestroy the family. John says I have prayed about it and I have to dothis. John says I am sorry. Luke grabs my arm and pulls me out John’s roomand pushes me into his room. He says this is bad. If John does this, wewill all have hell to pay. We may not even survive as a family. I askedLuke what brought this up. Luke says they brainwashed him in training. Hesaid this is the marine corps bullshit that he is now living by. Justice,judgement, integrity, courage, loyalty and dependability.John knocks on the door and comes in. For the first time I am sadto see my oldest brother. He has changed into jeans and a t shirt. He saysI am headed downstairs to talk to mom and dad if you guys want to be there.Luke starts again with him and John says look, my mind is made up. I haveto do this to move on in my life. John leaves. Luke says he is going, but Ican stay upstairs if I want to. I get up and follow Luke downstairs. Johnhas mom in the living room and is now asking dad to come in from his study.We all sit down and I am beyond scared. Luke sits beside me andputs his hand on my shoulder. John starts talking to mom and dad. He saidthe marines teach us a lot. Dad also taught me a lot in church and the wayhe raised me. With that, he said, there are some things I need to tell youand ask forgiveness for. Mom says oh no, are you ok. John says I amfine. But this is going to be hard to hear.Dad just stares at John. Mom is already starting to tear up andwiping her eyes. Johns starts talking. What I have to say is tipobet güvenilir mi going to behard on all of us, but it is time for me to get it out there and deal withthe consequences, so I can move on. John starts to talk about him and Lukeand how they started fooling around. He even mentioned the dildos andtoys. He said shortly before I left, Mattie was brought into this. Mom wascrying now and just saying no, no, no, over and over into his tissue. Johntold about everything that had happen. John finishes by saying, I havesinned, I have broken the rules of god and country and of this family. Ibeg for your forgiveness as I work to make things right and move pastthis. Mom gets up and goes to the bathroom and closes the door. Dad’s faceis red and I can see he is madder than I have ever seen him before.Dad stands up and says everyone go to your room now. John headsupstairs. I get up and start to the stairs. I look back and Luke is stillsitting on the couch. Dad yells, Get to your room Luke, Now. Luke gets upand follows me. John has went to his room and shut the door. Luke comes tomy room and tells me to take anything I have in the room and put it in mybook bag. Any lube or toys or anything. Luke leaves and comes back with hisduffle bag. He asks if I got everything and I nod. He grabs it andleaves. I hear him go out the garage door and then back in. He comes in myroom and says, listen buddy. I don’t know what is going to happen here. Ihave no idea why John felt like he needed to do this. Luke says I willalways be here for you and I will always love you.We hear footsteps coming up the stairs. My bedroom door opens andmom and dad walk in. Dad tells Luke to go to his room and close hedoor. Mom is still crying. Dad tells me to stand up. He gets in front of meand he asks me if everything is true that John said. I didn’t answer anddad asked again, this time, more forceful. I nodded. Mom says my baby. Andstarts crying. Dad says who started it. I said what do you mean. He saidwho made you do those things. I said I wanted to learn so no one forcedme. A hard slap to my face came from dad. Mom pushes dad and hugs me. Dadsays do not ever say that to me again. Mom hugs me and says we will get yousome help, I say I don’t need help. I love my brothers. Dad yells forJohn. Luke comes in the room and then John.Dad tells us all to sit on the side of the bed. He starts tolecture us about sin. Its the same we have heard many times over. He saysthat we will all need to get therapy to get through this. Mom says no. Dadsaid I am not going to be part of raising a bunch of perverts. John says Iam willing to get therapy dad. Mom says I am not going to put my c***drenthrough that. Everyone experiments and everyone is curious. Dad says theirminds are corrupt and they need help. Mom says our sons are normal, theyexperimented and we will just move on now. Dad says I will not be part ofthis sin. He tells John to come one and lets go. Mom sits between me andLuke and hugs us. I say I am sorry mom. Mom says its a fact that everyoneis curious and some people experiment when they are young. You areperfect. Both of you. I love you and we will get through this.Mom gets up and goes downstairs. Me and Luke sit in silence as wehear mom and dad and John talking. Dad starts yelling and then we heardoors slamming shut. Mom comes back upstairs and into the room with us. Sheis close to crying. She says to me and Luke, pack a bag for tonight andyour clothes for school tomorrow and lets go. I start to cry. Like sayscome on buddy, don’t cry. That will only make dad’s day. Be strong. We packa bag and go downstairs. Mom and dad are in his study. John is on thecouch. He looks at us with our over night bags and says only cowards runfrom the truth. I thought Luke was going to beat him down, but instead, hedidn’t say a word. Mom came out and looked at John. She says I love youJohn. John said nothing.We got in the car and was about to back out when dad came out. Hewalked to moms side of the car and said, you should stay in the home withthe k**s. I will leave. Mom said we can work together on this and dad saysthere is compromise on this. We get out the car and go inside. Dad has nowpacked a suitcase and so has John. The last thing dad says to mom is I hopeyou can live with yourself and your decision. Him and John walk out. Thatwas the last time I ever saw my dad.Mom filed for divorce. Dad didn’t want the church and community toknow the reason so it was an easy divorce. John went back to themarines. Dad requested a move from the current church. Last time mom spokeof him, he was in North Carolina preaching.As for me and Luke and mom, things are good. Mom had a long talkand we all agreed on ground rules. Luke graduates this May from highschool. He plans on going to college here in town, so he will continue tostay at the house with us. Mom got a job as a Realtor and has been verysuccessful with that. I no longer work at the church cleaning. I currentlydon’t work. I help out around the house as much as I can, until I find ajob. I will be in high school next year as well. I have been working out alot with Luke at the gym and I am still small, but I am getting solid andnot flabby.Things between me and Luke are good. After everything happened,Luke seemed to pull away from me, but that only lasted a few days. Afterthe talk with mom and the ground rules, we are happier than ever. Mom ishappy that we found each other and make each other happy. We are a veryhappy couple.The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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