The Picnic

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The PicnicIt was late September, the k**s were back in school and the days were getting shorter and cooler. We had come into the city for supplies. Peter and I had discussed the possibility of my hooking up with Tom, one of my old lovers, this trip to town. Peter loved it when I got together with a lover and brought him home a pussy full of cum, or at least details of fun I’ve had. I was thrilled, a chance to score some great sex with an old friend. I called Tom and he was glad to hear I was in town and of course, he would love to get together with me. We arranged to meet the next day. I would pick him up and we’d go for a drive. We had a special spot that we had enjoyed many times before.The next day I dressed for my date for Tom in a skirt, blouse that buttoned down the front AND a pair of panties. I don’t usually wear panties but I wanted to make sure I had a treat for Peter when I got home.I picked up Tom at the time we had agreed upon, my panties already getting wet from the thoughts of the fun ahead of me. As I drove we talked about how things had been since we had last seen each other. Tom’s left hand reached over and massaged my shoulder a bit. He then let his hand drift down to graze the side of my breast, cupping underneath and gently fondling it, he mentioned how much he had missed me. His hand came to rest on my right leg, a few inches below my pulsing with excitement pussy and above the hem of my skirt. Oh he loved to tease me, and my body still responded.We drove out the road, past the ferry terminal to the campground. This time of year the gate was closed and the campground was open to pedestrian traffic only. I parked the car and we walked through the campground to a familiar site that we had enjoyed many times before. The picnic table was set back away from the road. The view was out over the water with snowy mountain peaks in the distance. The sun, filtered through the tall spruce, warmed our bodies. We had not seen anyone else around and there were no other cars parked outside the gate. We were feeling pretty lucky and very excited to have the place to ourselves.We dropped our backpacks and jackets at one end of the picnic table. Tom reached out and brought me into his arms for a long slow welcoming kiss. My hands ran over his back, down to his butt, pulling him in tighter. I could feel casino şirketleri his huge bulge poking at me through the layers of fabric. Memories flooded my senses as we ground our hips together, his hands now on my ass, squeezing and pulling me in as tight as could possibly be. When we came up for air, we stepped apart enough for Tom to start unbuttoning my blouse to expose my naked tits underneath, just as he remembered, I didn’t wear a bra. While he was working on my buttons, I had been working on the buttons of his jeans. He was commando, just the way I had always liked him to be, ready for me.He guided me back till my ass was pressed against the picnic table. He helped raise me up so I was sitting on the edge of the table, leaning back with my hands supporting me. My tits were exposed to the sun, the slight breeze and Tom’s adoring gaze and roaming hands. He leaned down took one of my nipples into his mouth, nibbling, biting gently as it grew into protruding little pleasure buttons. Tom then gave equal attention to the other tit. The pleasure had the wetness in my pussy building.Tom slid his hands down to raise my skirt to my waist. Surprised to find panties, he got a slow sexy smile on his face, knowing why I, who never wore panties, had some on. We had played this game before. He started to rub my pussy through the panties, soaking the cotton crotch. His finger slid under the panties to play with my clit then slip down and into my wet waiting pussy. I moaned a he started to finger me. I had to get those panties off. I leaned forward and lifted my ass off the table so Tom could slip the panties down and off. He brought them up to his nose and smelled the sweet hot scent of my pussy. He moaned, set the panties on the table as he went down to bury his face in my pussy. He tongued my clit, sucked on it then moved in to tongue fuck my dripping wet pussy. I leaned back and enjoyed the pleasure he gave me. Tom had always known just how to make me cum and had me cumming multiple times in no time at all. After the fourth time I leaned forward pulling him up to kiss me. He had a full beard and mustache and his facial hair was glistening with my juices. We kissed as I licked my juices off his face. Mmm, damn, I tasted so good on his face. I just had to have his cock, covered with my wetness, in casino firmalari my mouth. He helped me jump down off the table. I turned around so he could enter me from behind. His cock was standing at attention, ready for some of that hot action. He slid right into that hot wet pussy that was puffy and swollen from all the fine attention he had given it with his mouth and fingers. Tom’s hands were on my hips as he drove his cock into my hot wet center, almost pulled it out then dove back in. We stood fucking and grinding for several minutes, both of us enjoying the melding of our bodies and the sounds of my sloppy wet pussy. I could feel my wetness starting to run down the insides of my legs. I didn’t want Tom to cum in my pussy yet, I still wanted him in my mouth, covered with my juices. I turned and told Tom it was my turn. I asked him to sit on the picnic table. I sat on the bench in front of him. Cupping his balls in my hand I brought his cock to my mouth. Running my tongue around the head I got a taste of my sweet wet pussy. I ran my tongue around the sulcus, that lip on the helmet that had caught and stored some of my tasty wetness. I began gently closing and opening my mouth, so my lips were able to join in the fun but my tongue still had priority. His raging hard cock tasted so good slathered in my juices. I ran my tongue down one side back up the other, circling in an eager dance as it got back up to the head of his cock. I always like to start out with the tingle, the fun of the tease, the exploration that happens when wet tongue meets hard cock. There was air to amplify the tingle as I blew gently on him. I guess I liked to tease myself as well, as I really just wanted to have all of his cock in my mouth. Lavishing his cock with kisses, licking it like a cream filled lollipop that would give me the pleasure of that delicious center. I took Tom’s cock in my mouth, my lips taunt but not tight. I rubbed up and down on his cock with my lips suckling, sucking, drawing that cock in as deeply as I could. Tongue dancing in joy as it flicked it’s way along Tom’s cock. He felt the wetness as I salivated all over his cock. I wanted his cum but had promised Peter I would bring him home a wet pussy so leaned over and grabbed the pair of panties sitting on the table. Smiling up at Tom I reminded güvenilir casino him that I wanted to share the fun with Peter. Standing up I asked him if he’d please put that wonderful cock of his back into my hot pussy so we could cum together. Tom was already off the table, reached out and took the panties from me. He raised them to his nose and sniffed the crotch with a look of pure delight. He turned me around so I could brace myself facing the table. He knelt down, holding the panties open so I could step into them. I thought Tom was going to pull them up but he left them down around my ankles as his hands ran up my legs, raising my skirt up over my ass, then sliding back down to feel the wetness between my legs. Shivers of anticipation ran through me as he stood up and rubbed his cock in my wet sloppy slit. He teased my outer lips before he drove his cock deep into my pussy. Our rhythm of rotating hips began the dance we had enjoyed many times before.His cock started to throb and I tightened my muscles around him like a glove, squeezing him tight. I could feel his pace quicken. Squeezing and releasing I massaged his cock with my vagina. I could feel myself getting closer and closer as we moved together. Then his pace changed and he pumped deep into me hitting that magic spot that sent me spiraling into a delightful orgasm. Feeling me cum Tom started shooting his hot jism into my pussy. I clenched down on his cock, milking every bit of cum into my pussy. Keeping my muscles tight, I was not willing to drip a single drop of that cum cocktail. Slowly our breathing settled down. Tom carefully slid his cock out slowly then bent over to slide those panties up my legs and over my hips. The cotton crotch could now catch any drips. He smoothed my skirt back down. I turned around and we shared an embrace of friends, good friends, who had just enjoyed one of their favorite activities together. I buttoned my blouse and he tucked himself in and buttoned his jeans. We sat for just a bit at the picnic table. Enjoying the view and each others company, we replenished our fluids from the water bottles we had in the backpacks.We packed up and headed back to the car. Just as we got to the gate, a truck with two couples and four dogs in the back pulled up. Tom looked at me and I smiled. “Timing is everything” I said. We got back in the car, headed back into town. I dropped him off and headed to the hotel to show Peter how my afternoon had been, knowing he would want a very detailed description as he ate my well used pussy. I will always marvel at having a husband who shares.

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