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The Picture AlbumA really good friend of mine, who occasionally roomed with me, had a breakup with his girl friend. After taking a majority of her personal items she asked that he return the last few items she left behind when she left. One important item she mentioned to him was a set of photo albums. While she didn’t want the entire album set, she did want to go thru them and choose the photos she wanted to take out of them. So, as his best friend I volunteered to be the arbitrator for the albums. We arranged to have her come to my place one evening and go thru the albums on a day that he was working so that she would be assured they would not run into each other.I guess we picked a really bad night as it was raining horribly. I greeted her at the door and helped her out of her rain coat and gave her a towel to dry off her hair. She removed her wet shoes and dried off her feet. She was wearing a pair of cut-off jean shorts and a sleeveless shirt cutoff just below what obviously braless and healthy breasts. The cool night made her nipples stand right up. I could see why he had been very much in love with her, or at least her body. She had what most guys would refer to as a “cheerleader or centerfold body”. After making sure he wasn’t in the apartment we moved into the living room where I had the albums waiting for her on the coffee table.At first we sat on the sofa and began picking thru the first album one page at a time. She would critique each picture telling me a story about each one. She would say, ‘He did this, he did that’ and how much fun they had or how much fun they didn’t have. Sometimes she got quite emotional and didn’t say much. She would just look at a photo, take it out of the album, pause, then hold it to her chest, close her eyes that had small tears in the corners then put the picture aside calling it a keeper. As time went on and she started to accumulate pictures to take Escort with her she moved down to the floor in front of the sofa and spread out the “keepers” on the floor. As she continued to go thru the remaining albums she’d turn to them, look up at me and make her comments. As she did I got I also noticed that I was getting a good view down her skimpy top at her ample breasts. Evidently the cool rain had still had an effect on her nipples as they were still quite erect. Seeing them was having an equal effect on my own body. I was also wearing shorts myself. I had on very common gray cotton shorts and was, as I am always, commando. Whenever she wasn’t looking I would take advantage of seeing those nipples and give a tug on myself but made sure she wouldn’t see me.At one point she turned and moved a little closer to me to show me a picture of the three of us that she wanted to keep. When she did she saw my pecker in the opening of the leg of my shorts. She didn’t do anything. She just took a quick look then looked away. After I gave her the picture back she glanced at my dick again then went back to her pictures again. Over a period of about twenty minutes she would turn and show me a few more pictures. During this time she took a few looks every now and then. While she was doing this I would give it a few tugs to make it grow. But the last time I did it I am sure she caught me doing it because she grinned and turned so her body was now directly facing me. When she did the head of my dick started to stick out of my shorts and I didn’t know what to do. When the head was in full view she looked right at it and said… ‘Excuse me but I think it looks like you have something on your mind?’ I told her I couldn’t help it and made a fumbling attempt to hide my cock. She told me not to worry about it and that it was a natural reaction between adults. I knew damn well what I was doing and I sure Escort Bayan as hell could have covered myself easily. But instead I acted dumb and instead of pulling my shorts down I acted really embarrassed and as she approached me on her knees to comfort my embarrassment I stood up. As I did my cock pushed straight out of my shorts at full mast. Hard as a rock and full veined it stood right in front of her face as she stood there on her knees in front of me. Her hands, out of natural reaction, reached out and grabbed my hips. As she muttered ‘Oh gees’ and looked up at me, I just stood there looking down at her holding my breath. She lowered her eyes down to my cock. Looking at the tip of it her tongue darted out of it and tickled the tip of it before her mouth opened wide and slowly engulfed it. My head tilted back as I felt her hands reach around my ass pulling my hips toward her forcing my cock deep into her mouth taking it to the hilt. It was amazing. I had never had a woman deep throat me before and she couldn’t get enough of me. I am average in size, about 6 or 6.5” in length with a good thickness but I guess she wanted more than that because she kept pushing her mouth harder and harder against my groin like there was another three or four more inches somewhere.About ten seconds before I was about to let go with a load in her mouth she stopped. I was sure as hell hoping she wanted something else and wasn’t going to leave me hanging like that. And I was right. While I was trying to regain my balance in my legs she was stripping her clothes off and pulling me to the floor. Before we actually hit the floor I think she managed to actually guide my cock into her pussy. And she was tighter than I thought it would have been. My buddy told me how often they fucked and it just didn’t sound like she wasn’t going to be that tight. She felt like a two handed hand job grip on me. In Bayan Escort fact at one point I was going to pull out and try something else and she told me not to and actually tightened her pussy muscles up so much that I don’t think I could have pulled out.Once again I felt like I was again going to unload a load of cum but luckily she again stopped. I guess she had a built in sensor or something. I don’t know but it sure was nice getting to the edge like that and stopping twice. This time she pushed me up away from her and spun around and flopped onto her belly. Then she pushed her ass into the air and told me to give it to her doggy style. I was more than happy to oblige. Straddling her thighs I slipped it back into her wet pussy. She dropped her shoulders down to the floor and with one hand she reached under and played with her clit while the other tugged on her titties. The one playing with her clit would also grab my cock as it slid in and out tugging on it trying to get it to go deeper. I tried as hard as I could to slam it as deep as I could but I just couldn’t go any deeper. Like they used to say on Star Trek.. ‘Captain, I’m given her all she’s got’. Well, when she kept telling me to fuck her even more and more I finally decided to give her more so I slipped it out of her pussy and without even attempting to lube up her ass, I drove it straight into it. She screamed out, ‘Oh FUCK … finally someone who knows how to fuck me like I want it!’ She thrashed around underneath me like a wild horse so much that within minutes we both were screaming and gushing in orgasms like we had never experienced before.After we both recovered from our unexpected experience we sat up against the edge of the sofa. Sitting between my legs, she toyed around with my now semi-hard dick while I played around with her titties. Looking over at the photos she kicked at them then told me she really didn’t want any of the pictures. She then added that the only reason she came over tonight was to get to know me a little better. I laughed and told her I guess we both got to know each other a lot better. We started our own picture album a few days later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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