The postman cums twice 3

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The postman cums twice 3Julie’s cute face stuck through the opening to the camper shell.”Deal? What deal?””Shit, Julie! Can’t I have any secrets from you? You already made me tell you that your mom is forcing me to let her fuck around. Isn’t that enough?””No, Daddy. I want to know everything. Tell me.””But you’re my daughter! Aren’t there laws of some kind to keep me from having to tell you my sexual secrets?””I’m grown now. The law says you have to tell me.””Shit! Well, here goes. You already knew that your mom is fucking around. Now you know why. I just asked my buddy Howie to help me keep her from fucking everybody in the neighborhood.””How can he do that?””Don’t make me tell you, Baby.””Tell me, Daddy. I want to know.””Ok, ok. I asked him to fuck her as often as possible, to keep her away from other men.””You did? Wow! Neato!” Julie wriggled through the hole into the cab. Perhaps she was a little too enthusiastic in her movements, because her crop top caught on a snag and ripped off. I got my first good look at two of the most beautiful chunks of meat I’ve ever seen in my life.Even hanging straight down below her as she crawled through, they were not even jiggling that much. They looked to be at least a double handful or quad mouthful or whatever it takes to drive sane men wild.”Oops”, she said, making a feeble attempt to cover herself as she crawled between her daddy and his best friend to continue the conversation about the friend fucking his wife.”Tell me more, Daddy!””What else is there to say, Dumpling? Don’t you think you should put something else on?””Why bother? We’ll be there soon and I’ll be taking my top off to get a good tan, anyhow, won’t I?””Uh, well, that isn’t quite what I expected when you said you wanted to work on your tan.””Oh, Daddy! Sometimes you can be so old fashioned. All the girls in my group have all-over tans except me. They laugh at me when we’re in the shower. Look at ‘Miss Prude’, they say.””Don’t pay any attention to them. You are an adult, now. You get to make your own decisions without worrying about what others will think.””Good! Then I can get rid of this old top right now.” Before either of us could react, Julie leaned across me, rolled the window down and threw the top out the window onto the side of the freeway before settling back between us, proudly baring her tits for us.”Uh, that isn’t kaçak iddaa exactly what I meant, Honey.””Did you mean what you said?””Yes, I meant it. I was talking about your peers, though. Not about you flashing your tits at two horny old guys.””Why not? You just told me you want Unka Howie to fuck Mom cross-eyed and the reason you got in this predicament is because you were caught screwing your secretary. Am I the only one who is expected to not get fucked around here?””Damn, Honey! Where do you come up with all that shit?””Hey! I’m just practicing to be an adult. Don’t I get to make a mistake once in a while?””Sure you do. I just can’t stop being the protective dad all at once, simply because you have had 18 birthdays.””Well, get over it. I will always listen to your advice, but now I want to learn some things nobody would tell me before. Why did you pick Unka Howie to fuck Mom? Won’t it bother you for your best friend to be fucking your wife?””Not as much as if it were somebody I didn’t like, or some blabbermouth who would spread it around that I can’t keep my wife in line.””In line?”, she practically spit the words out. “Are you so old fashioned that you think the man is the one in charge of everything? What makes you think you are supposed to keep Mom in line? In line with what?””Now settle down, Honey. I was just using a figure of speech.””Well, figure this, Daddy!” She bit off all four words as if they tasted bad. “Nobody has to keep me ‘in line’. Nobody can keep me ‘in line’. From what I’ve seen of marriage, I’m not sure I have any interest in it. If I ever do get married, it will not be to some dork who expects to keep me ‘in line’.””Now, Honey.””Don’t ‘Now, Honey’ me! If I want to get fucked and there is a stiff prick around, then I’m going to get fucked. You can count on that.”While Fred and I sat there, stunned by the intent and force of her words, Julie acted quickly. Now clothed in only her shorts, she whipped them off with one hand. Her other hand had my zipper down while my mouth was still open. It seemed like less than a second before Fred’s daughter was naked between us, with my rapidly hardening dick in her hand.”Julie. Baby.”, Fred implored.”I’m not your baby, Daddy. I’m a grown woman who is horny and sees a stiff prick. You’ve already asked him to fuck your wife. Why not your daughter?””Julie”, he groaned. kaçak bahis “We’re driving down the freeway. What if someone should see you?””So what? Don’t you think my tits are pretty, Daddy?'”Oh, Julie.””Oh, Julie, what? Are they pretty or not?””Hell, yes, they’re pretty. What do you expect me to do, lie? They are the most beautiful pair of tits I ever saw in my life. I didn’t meet your mom until she was older than you, so I missed her peak of perfection.””My tits are prettier than Mom’s ever were?””Well, since I’ve known her. Julie, you can’t tell her this. You’ve got me in a real predicament. I’m just trying to tell you the truth as best I can and treat you like the adult that you want to be. I don’t want to hurt your mom’s feelings.””Too late, Daddy. You caused the predicament by fucking around. Now you’ve got me wanting to fuck around and see why so many people seem to like doing it. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll beat Mom to the punch.”She was already sitting beside me, naked, while she jacked her hand back and forth on my proud tool. Now, she simply raised up and slid over onto my lap and guided my prick into the incredibly hot slot between her legs.”There! What’s the big deal? I’m fucking Unka Howie, now. What is supposed to be so good about this that it will make Mom want to stop humiliating you by fucking everybody with a big mouth?She rose and fell on my prong, sending incredible sensations through my overworked balls. This girl and her mother had blown my stack four times already, today. Could she do it again? Is there no limit to how much a man can be called on to do? Oh, well. I would simply have to do my best.”Is my pussy tight, Unka Howie?””Shit, Julie! Do you have to talk it out? Isn’t it enough that you are fucking my best friend right in front of me? Do we have to have the sound effects, too?””You bet, Daddy! Haven’t you figured it out, yet? This is your punishment. You asked Unka Howie to fuck Mom. Mom asked me to fuck Unka Howie while you watched. Is my pussy wet, Unka Howie?””Am I making you horny, Daddy? Is that a gun in your pocket? Does the sight of your daughter’s bare tits flopping around while fucking your friend bother you?””Take your prick out, Daddy. Let me watch you jerk off to the sight of your daughter fucking while you drive. Do you have a big prick? Is that why your secretary was willing güvenilir bahis to fuck you? Let me see it!” This last was a command, not a request.With a whimper of frustration, fear, anger, lust and a dozen other emotions we haven’t discovered yet, Fred did indeed whip it out.”Oh, Daddy, it’s beautiful! It’s so big and red. Does the sight of my wet pussy riding up and down Unka Howie’s prick make yours bigger? Does it make it bigger because you are imagining it in my pussy? Would you like to fuck me, Daddy? Huh? Would you?””Look how Unka Howie’s big dick stretches the lips of my tight pussy. When I raise up, they pull out and go back inside when I slide all the way back down till his balls are almost inside my hot, wet, tight, pink pussy, does it turn you on?””Is it my pussy that turns you on, or the chance to show me your big, hard dick? Want me to suck it for you? Would you like for me to swallow the head so far that my throat muscles would rub against it when I hum? Hummmmh?””Be careful, Daddy. You’re about to cum all over the steering wheel. How would you explain that to a cop? ‘Sorry, Officer. You see, I was just jacking off while I watched my daughter fuck me friend, here. She’s checking him out for her mother. I asked him to fuck her for me and Julie is doing the audition.’ Is that what you want. Daddy?”Fred groaned and we could all see that he was about to lose it. Julie leaned over in the seat and took her father’s prick in her mouth to save the upholstery. I don’t know how much load he gave her, and I couldn’t tell how much I gave her. I just know that my balls felt like they were full of ground glass, As much as I had enjoyed the fuck she threw into me, as well as the circumstances, the next time I was going to have to find a way to keep from cumming.All of this is supposing that I get another chance, and that all this is not nature’s way of telling me I’ve lost my mind. Who knows if Julie is simply acting out of anger at her father for fucking up his marriage and won’t want any more to do with me, now that she has proved her point to her father. Who knows if this episode will bring Fred to his knees to apologize to Connie and his request will be retracted. The first time I try to exercise my right to fulfill a promise to a friend, he blows my balls off with a blunderbuss? Who knows?Who knows when we’re actually going to get around to some real i****t, here? Some people say that blowjobs are not “sex”. I guess you could say that. You could also say that a kick in the groin isn’t painful, but your balls would still be blue until they dropped off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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