The Queen’s Challenge

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The Queen’s ChallengeThe Queen’s ChallengeStory Codes: MF, M+F+, FF+, MMmF, wife, cuck, creampie, historical, rom, w/s, inc, biWritten in 2012 by Happy Horny Marriage ([email protected])More stories at————^————+| |* The Queen’s Challenge *| |+———–***———–+The two c***dren ran along the frothy sapphire waters of the Aegean Sea, splashing thick, sandy drops into the waves. The girl, her rust-colored hair glittering from the effusive waters veered suddenly away from the foam, pointing wildly at a speckled crab and yelling to her playmate, “Karkinos! Karkinos!”Her friend giving no reply, she turned to see him transfixed upon the ocean and, stepping beside him, gasped at the massive hulk headed into the Golden Horn of the Bosporus. In 1147 CE, Constantinople attracted countless traders from throughout the Mediterranean, but the c***dren had never seen such a glorious ship, its towering mast splaying a blue sail adorned with golden fluers-de-lis, colors chosen to match the royal French flag. Behind them stretched the massive fleet of the Second Crusade.Below the undulating sailcloth, two lovers leaned together, their hands pressed hotly into each other’s. The woman was lovely beyond compare, her dark blonde hair highlighted with spans as light as ivory and her piercing green-gray eyes drawing the attention of all who saw them. Her figure was shapely with plump melons for breasts and wide hips joining her narrow waist and muscular legs. Her full lips were light pink and with a sweet breath she spoke, “My dear husband, Louis, though they call you Louis the Younger your love truly feels timeless. How is it that there was I time before we met, when I feel that I have known you since before time began?””Eleanor of Aquitaine, of all women fairest to behold, was it not you that offered me an apple sweeter than God’s favor? And, have I not always been thankful to have tasted the dulcet juice of your love? For far better a gift is the honey of your flower than any windy divine and gladly do I savor the mortal delights of our passion instead of a dull, loveless firmament,” replied the King of the Franks, his lusty, twenty-seven year old physique rippling with thewy brawn.”Ten years have we been married, my sweet cinnamon. Ten years since you plucked my youth at thirteen and met my zeal for salacious adventure,” the fair-haired queen rejoined, “and never have you disappointed my libidinous expectation. Yet, shall I be as stale as a chaste prioress and not offer you a challenge, a test of your sexual gallantry?””There is no court I would so willingly submit to than your own court of love, dearest Ellen,” he replied, drawing closer so that their lips were nearly touching, “You need but speak the dare and I shall perform it.””Very well, my beloved Louis, let the challenge then be accepted. In this you will have four trials, dear husband, and, should you succeed in them all, the prize shall be more profound than most wights know even possible.”Descending to her knees, she pulled down her husband’s codpiece causing his massive cock to spring outward like the horn of a unicorn. Her right hand, small but very strong, gripped the base of his shaft and milked outwards towards his glans. Her lips opened and she slid the head of his throbbing member into her mouth, her tongue circling its sensitive edge. With her left hand she firmly grabbed where his enormous balls met his staff and tugged down, tightening her supple hand around his testes.”Oohhh…,” he gasped as she stroked his cock, squeezing his balls until their pain matched the exquisite pleasure of her busy mouth. Just as he was about to cum, she spit out his cock and stood up, her left hand still clenching his balls as she thrusted her tongue into his mouth.”Let your cup fill, husband,” she breathed and slapped his cock roughly, “for the thrill of the hunt has only began.”* * * * *The couple had enjoyed a long night of drinking and merrymaking with the rulers of Byzantine, Emperor Manuel and his wife, Empress Irene. Manuel boisterously described his defeat of the Turks to the French royalty, gesturing wildly with his goblet as he breathlessly declaimed his gallantry. So wild, in fact, were his gestures, that a splash of wine spilled over onto his wife’s deep cleavage.”Manuel,” ordered the Empress as she pulled her gown’s neckline lower, exposing her large, erect nipples and dark, plum-sized areolae that ornamented her gigantic breasts, “demonstrate to our guests the universality of husbands’ submission to their wives’, shall we say, influence.”She grabbed Manuel’s curly, raven-colored hair and pulled his angular face to her bosom. Smiling, he lapped at the golden wine dampening her breasts. Ellen smiled and her hand found purchase upon the lap of Louis’ robe, feeling his rod stiffening.”Come, fair Eleanor, and have a taste,” Irene beckoned, “is it not as sweet as nectar?”Ellen turned to Louis and kissing him wetly whispered, “polish your staff, my love, while you watch me play.”Nodding and chuckling the French king massaged his cock through the silk smoothness of his royal blue robe. Irene lifted up her gown, exposing her hairy pink pussy between plump, olive-hued thighs and with practiced zeal began rubbing her moist triangle. Ellen peeled off her own gown, becoming completely naked, and straddled one of Irene’s legs, curving to lick the wine on the older woman’s chest as she slid her slick cunt up and down on the Empress’ knee.The exotically handsome Manuel’s thirsty tongue darted across his wife’s great tit and jousted with Ellen’s mouth. They kissed sloppily with Irene’s nipple as a third playing betwixt them as Irene trailed her fingers, wet with the juice of her pussy, under Ellen’s belly and tightly between the shaved lips of the queen’s pussy as she continued to gyrate on the Empress’ leg.”Even your fruit is completely naked,” remarked Irene excitedly, “A fine French fashion, I surmise!””Aaaahh…,” Ellen moaned as she fluidly arched up to Irene and their mouths met, combining passionately as the sweet smell of their womanly treasures Escort mingled and mixed.Manuel stood over Ellen, dotting her with kisses from the nape of her neck down her back to hop back and forth from one cheek of her abundant ass to the other, narrowing gradually until his wet mouth delighted her rosebud with its rimming. Again she gasped as he forcefully pressed his face into her rear, increasing the pressure of her pussy on Irene’s knee and rapidly trilling finger. Irene stroked Ellen’s blonde hair and ears, gently moving her down her chest to the Empress’ hot, dark pussy.Ellen felt the throbbing head of Manuel’s large cock against her asshole as Irene slipped two of her fingers into her womanly hole. Her ass thoroughly lubricated by his spit, Manuel slowly slid his manhood into her tight butt as Irene pumped her fingers in and out of her crotch. Ellen’s kissed Irene’s dewy pussy and she began lapping at her clit, tasting the spicy sweetness of Irene’s juices.Irene pressed Ellen’s face tightly onto her pussy, panting with lusty pleasure as she came, Irene’s eyes locked with her husband’s as he, excited at the sight of her orgasm, groaned deeply and squirted five sprays of pearly cum into Ellen’s pink ass. Ellen dismounted from Irene’s sopping knee as Manuel’s cock sloppily slipped out of her ass and she strode towards Louis, pivoting when she reached him and exhibiting her sticky, pear shaped ass a few inches from his face.With absolute command in her voice she ordered to all three, “drink from my flowing chalice!”Grabbing Louis’ umber locks, she forced him to clean her cum-glazed ass and tongue her well-fucked anus while the Emperor and Empress cheerfully submitted to her imperate, slurping and licking at her soaking wet pussy.”Uhhhhh… uhhhhh…. mmmmMMMmmmm!” the beautiful queen moaned and she came, pale golden pee squirting from her pussy into the delighted mouths of the Byzantine rulers. They lapped thirstily as Louis fetched the last bit of cum from between her tightly squeezed ass cheeks. At last they all collapsed happily, warmly embracing, and falling asleep in the musky, lurid mix of sex and wine.* * * * *Two weeks later in Antioch, the sounds of Louis snoring resounded through the opulently decorated room, the heady fragrance of cloves and myrrh wafting in from the burning incense.”Wake up, dear husband,” Ellen softly breathed into Louis’ ear, “Just as I’ve promised your lasciviousness, I’ve returned from my uncle’s room and your next trial awaits.”Her hands stretched over his chest, down his firm abdomen, and towards his rising flag. She continued, “You remember my Uncle Raymond, Prince of Antioch? He most certainly remembered me, bold Louis. His wife, Constance, is but twenty years-old and very fetching, but I could see from their sidelong glances that not a few times had he spoken of me and the trysts we enjoyed so many years ago.””It started innocently enough, as after you retired to our accommodations, they invited me to their chamber to play backgammon and drink kumis. There were studied players, my love, and both beat me quite roundly. And, after a final losing match, Constance offered to console my defeat with a massage in the style of Jerusalem.”Her hands were strong, as though their decade of marriage had trained them to find and release every ache. And, I do mean every ache, for the further I eased into repose, the nearer were her supple hands’ caress to the soft pink of my flower. Indeed, as her fingers tugged and kneaded my bosom, my uncle began to rub my tender feet with his rugged hands.”His hands, so large and strong, squeezed my heels and roamed over my feet. Constance began kissing my neck as she lightly capered about my nipples, their tender swelling soon warmed with her soothing mouth. My uncle now unleashed his gargantuan cock from satin pantaloons and pressed his swollen member unto my little foot, massaging it between the arch and his hand.”I couldn’t help but begin fingering myself, Louis, while they shamelessly watched, my uncle’s cock rubbing firmly against my heel as Constance began to climb on top of me, her comely mouth indulging every inch of my skin as she kissed my belly, my hips, my inner thigh, and, finally, my smooth, wet cunt. And, as her mouth caused me such heavenly pleasure, she placed her own flaxen peach upon my face and I drank in the lusty, familiar flavors of her womanhood.”My Uncle Raymond’s thick, sinewy arms further spread my legs, revealing a sight of apparent wondrousness to him, for he very eagerly stroked his giant cock as he watched his young wife toyed between my thighs. And, then, squeezing the juice of a melon onto his massive staff, he pressed its mighty girth into my flower as Constance nibbled upon my button.”Oh, how I came, beloved Louis, like a thousand angels were tickling with their wings and brought me to rhapsodic ecstasy. And, as I came, so did my uncle and Constance, the wet lips of her cunt pressed tightly on my mouth as my tongue darted in and out. Oh, how it possesses me when I think of it! My uncle’s giant cock exploded within the tightness of my hole, filling me with his creamy issue.”Mmmmm… it’s stirred up such a sanguine humour in me, dear Louis, that I cannot sleep now without another such release. I will hike up my gown, for my cunt is still sodden with their spit and seed, and seat myself upon your face. Lick, husband, lick my soaking cunt and put your finger between my cheeks so that I may again come. And, when I come, if you do you a good enough job, I may even squirt some of my own golden nectar into your mouth. Would you like that, Louis?”But, Louis could only assent with a muffled, “Mmmfffhhh,” for she had already ensconced her pussy upon his face. She leaned over and swallowed his cock into her mouth. Allowing some spit to dribble onto her hand from her mouth, she extended her own finger into his ass, just as he did the same to her. But, just as he was about to spray his cum in an orgasmic geyser of his own, she ejected his cock from her mouth and slapped it again.”Not yet, brave Louis,” she hummed as her second orgasm began, “more of your challenge Escort Bayan awaits…”* * * * *The witches’ cave was not far from Antioch, hidden within a small cove a day’s journey by horse from the mouth of the Orontes. The guide dispatched by Raymond alighted and beckoned Eleanor to follow. Louis dismounted to come as well, but the guide shook his hands and said in Arabic, “Amra’a, liki wahdik! Liki wahdik!””He states that only her ladyship can go,” explained their translator and Louis nodded as Eleanor walked over to him.Ellen kissed him lovingly and, her arms around his broad shoulders, said, “Worry not, my handsome king. This is just as the the prophecy predicted. And, just as was betoken, I shall return uns**thed, but much adored.”With lissome steps, she penetrated the darkness of the cave and, feeling her way around the smoothed rock corner, approached the flickering amber gleam of torchlight. As her eyes acclimated to the shadowy grotto, she saw four female figures approach, each completely naked except for a shimmering silver headdress framing a stylized golden python.”Welcome, most noble Queen of France, to our sanctuary. We have awaited your arrival for many moons and know you are thirsty for the secrets of our order. Come, beloved lady, and be purified so that you may share in the mysteries,” spoke the tallest of the four pale-skinned, dark haired priestesses as they bowed before her.Ellen smiled, responding, “sisters of the mystery, long have I, too, seen this day ahead and felt the feverish drum of my heart in my anticipation. And, anon, shall the foretold dream be awakened.”The four priestesses led the lovely queen forward to a large pool in which a steaming font emptied before trickling unseen through the cave’s crevices out to the beach.”The famed bath of Ophiuchus!” exclaimed Ellen, as the women helped her from her riding clothes and into the hot, bubbling waters of the pool.A variety of large aromatic flowers floated on the swirling waters and one of the priestess shaved bits of anise-scented soap into the water with an ancient, ceremonial dagger. Soon the baths were foaming with sweet bubbles and the four priestesses slid into the bath alongside the queen. As the women all began to bathe Eleanor in the roiling suds, a tall, lithe woman emerged from a door above the bath.”Eleanor of Aquitaine, I am so delighted you have arrived. I am Mother Fa’tin and I am the head of our order,” the gray-haired matron intoned, the dark nipples contrasting with her pale breasts as they pointed down towards Eleanor, “To begin your initiation, you must drink of the cock-fruit and see the future in its visions.”Mother Fa’tin uncorked a festooned porcelain jar and extracted a small handful of tiny mushrooms. Crushing the dried fungi with mortar and pestle, she shook the flour into a golden goblet and poured into this honey wine from an amphora. Descending the steps to the pool, she handed the goblet to Eleanor and sat on a stone stool by the water, legs open to reveal her silver tufted flower.Eleanor stood and grasped the goblet firmly. With a deep breath, she quaffed it with one draught. The queen eased back into the steaming, foamy water and felt the soothing hands of the priestesses slide all over her figure, massaging and cleaning her body and soul. Overtaken by fatigue from her ride and the tranquil sultry waters, she relaxed into a deep sleep as she was gently floated and rocked by many hands.When she awoke she first thought she was still dreaming, but dreaming as never before. Beautiful geometric patterns decorated all she saw and a feeling of warmth and joy permeated her entire body. The four priestesses began to glide their hands increasingly on Ellen’s nether regions, their fingers circling and teasing her pussy lips and ass. Two began kissing her neck and face, one on each side, their hands sliding all over chest and legs as another priestess stood between her feet, her hands massaging her heels and toes. The fourth sister bobbed up from between her thighs and, resting Ellen’s legs on her shoulders, lifted her so that her pussy was out of the water and began to lick and suck on her clit.”Ooooooooooooohhh….”, Ellen incanted as she felt transformed into a goddess and the cave began to fill with colorful light.Mother Fa’tin licked her lips and dimpled, vigorously rubbing her wet, hoary pussy as she watched the priestesses delight their guest. The four women circled around Ellen, their fingers, mouths, and bodies pressed close to hers, warmly sliding across, around, in, and out of her hairless pussy and puckered anus. Ellen surrendered to the complete ecstasy she was feeling as an otherworldly orgasm opened in her consciousness, transporting her to a world beyond phantasy.Ellen and Mother Fa’tin stared into each other’s eyes as she came, the rippling waves of euphoria lasting for what seemed to the queen like hours. And, so was the first or many orgasms the priestesses to Eleanor that evening, later using many sexual relics and devices to bring her to a sexual awareness phantasmagorical and wondrous.When in the morning she strode out from the cave and embraced her husband, kissing him and imparting what had happened as he stroked him cock, she intimated that she now knew the answers to the mystery. But, as she batted his cock down from orgasm, she would not reveal her secrets just yet.* * * * *The secret visitors arrived at twilight, sneaking into the singularly lavish camp of the French royalty and its retinue on the outskirts of Edessa. A regal welcome was in store for the two men, with scented baths and massage oils, spiced kebabs, and fine wine. Only after they had supped and regained their vigor were they led to meet the King and Queen of France.Later that night, one of the visitors, Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, met with Eleanor behind the very tent in which the visitors were staying. Eleanor silently pulled him towards her, clutching his groin through his tunic and deeply kissing him. He grabbed her buttocks through her sheer primrose gown, massaging her ass as she straddled his leg, grinding her pussy up and down on him Bayan Escort as they kissed.”As delightful as this is, let’s not forget why you are here,” the count asserted, shifting the curtain of the tent a few inches and revealing inside the young Henry Plantagenet, f******n years of age but with the strapping body of a well-built man.Henry was laying with his legs apart and his large cock thrust outward as he dripped oil onto his stomach and leg. With his free hand he rubbed the oil all over his muscular thighs and chiseled abdomen, pouring more oil on his long rod, balls, and ass, then rubbing those until he glistened with unctuous shininess and his manhood was throbbing with full arousal.”Do you like what you see, Eleanor of Aquitaine?” inquired the count, pulling the flimsy gown off her and placing his finger into her mouth, then his, before smearing the slick saliva on her anus, “Allow me to present my son, the future Count of Anjou and second husband to you.”The teenager now was ardently pumping his lengthy pole, his other hand having found a tapered candle that he was thrusting in and out of his ass in time to his cock stroking. The count knelt behind Ellen, spreading her cheeks with his broad hands and circling her pink asshole with his tongue as she passionately fingered herself. She moaned in approval as the count pushed her against the tent, Henry looked up lustfully, continuing to massage his swollen member.Ellen protested slightly as the count pushed her more forcefully against the tent and suddenly the gap from which she was spying came open. She rolled onto the ground naked in front of the lad, her face flushed with embarrassment as the two men stood over her, their cocks rock hard and their hands instinctively stroking themselves. She watched transfixed as their foreskins alternately encircled and revealed their tips and then the count lifted her off the ground and wheeled her around to face him.She looked at the count with hesitant desire as he roughly pulled her towards him, his unshaven face scratchy on her fair skin. He put a hand under each of her legs and lifted her up so that she hooked her legs around his hips. The count’s hard cock bumped against her wet pussy, starting to push into her tight, warm hole when she felt a pair of hands gently slip along her sides and rest under her armpits. Henry’s smooth face pressed into her hair and she could feel his hot breath on the back of her neck, his oiled cock throbbing against her slick anal rosebud.”My dear wife,” announced Louis happily from the shadows to her right, “Mother Fa’tin has led me here to complete the challenge.”The silver-haired leader of the order stood aside him, her hand tightly clasped onto his cock like harness. She grinned enigmatically at the queen, three fingers of her other hand spreading her pussy and rubbing her clit. Ellen felt the two men press their cocks into her simultaneously as she smiled at her husband, the sensation of their cocks pressing against each other through her tight holes amplifying her excitement.Mother Fa’tin chanted as she pulled Louis’ cock in time to the two men inside his wife, “And, thus the secret matrimony begins. In keeping with the lustful polyandry of your mother, let the wedding with this additional sire be welcomed by you and your principal husband. As is tradition, some of your c***dren will join the order and others will rise to rule the world. May you enjoy the uninhibited bliss of sexual pleasure in all your adventures!””Uuuuuuhh!!” groaned the count as he pushed his thick cock inside Eleanor, cumming so much that her pussy overflowed with his white seed while he continued thrusting hastily.Ellen kissed him, lashing his lips with her tongue and he smiled, pulling his slippery cock from her dripping pussy. He walked over to Louis, embracing and congratulating him. Mother Fa’tin at last released Louis’ cock from her tight grip and she say back on a plush chair. The count knelt within her legs, happily lapping at her wet, grey-haired pussy as she watched Louis approach and kiss Ellen.Louis could feel the wetness of Ellen’s cum-filled pussy getting all over him and dripping with each vigorous thrust of Henry’s cock. Henry reached under Ellen’s legs and lifted her up off the ground, his cock still pumping away as she faced out from him, her legs in the air. Louis traced his kisses down from her beautiful lips to her sweaty breasts and belly, on down to her drenched pink pussy, musky with the scent and flavor of sex.He licked her swollen clit and slipped his tongue down through her smooth pussy lips, tasting the count’s peppery cum mixed with the sweet flavor of her juice. He began tongue fucking her hole and he could feel Henry’s cock dutifully gliding through her ass. ‘Perhaps he needs a little something extra,’ he thought as his tongue trailed further down to her ass and he began licking the second husband’s balls clean of the cum that had dripped on, rubbing Ellen’s clit throughout.The young Plantagenet moaned with pleasure as Louis more actively now lapped at his balls while his cock slid in and out of their wife’s ass. Just as Henry was going to cum, Louis took a finger, wet with Ellen’s juices, and slipped it up his ass. With great enthusiasm cum surged from the teens balls up into his bride’s smooth ass as Louis fingered him and sucked on his tightening sack.Henry gently set Ellen’s feet back on the ground and the wedded three circled in embrace, their tongues playing on each other’s lips and tasting there the semen, pussy, and sweat so enjoyed previously. Henry then collapsed onto the bed, rolling over while smiling and laughing happily.Louis stood face to face with Ellen, his cock pulsing against her cunt, as they regarded each other lovingly. Holding tightly onto each other they renewed their vows between soft, wet kisses and together fell back onto the bed.Kissing and groping passionately, Louis and Ellen thrust together like thrumming waves, pumping in an ancient, timeless rhythm with a closeness and trust so profound that, even in all the sticky, hot sex, they in that moment only perceived each other, immortal partners and lovers. And, Louis, victorious and devoted in the court of love, at the very same moment as Ellen and for the first time in three months came with empyrean potency. And, together, their orgasms began a new age of secret history.The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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