The Ruining of Patricia

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The Ruining of PatriciaHer name was Patricia don’t call her Patty or she would rip you a new one! I knew it wasn’t her real name because she had come over from Hong Kong China I’m sure it must have started out as some impossible to say Chinese name or one that she felt didn’t quite fit her new life here I’m just speculating as her real reason is known only to herself and I respect her privacy and have never asked her about it…Her father was some kind of political figure over there and he seemed to be one over here too they lived in a fancy house on the edge of town.I thought she was really cute and tried to ask her out a few times but I was politely but firmly rebuffed she was not dating and needed to concentrate on her studies! She said that I was sweet for asking though…I was kind of crushed but I was not giving up she was going to be mine somehow someway I don’t give up that easily! Patricia was in my sex education class and my seat as luck would have it provided the perfect view of her… she had this sexy habit of swirling the tip of her pen around her even more perfect lips but what really drove me crazy was when she would dangle her shoe off the end of her impossibly tiny foot my God the girl had such sexy looking feet that I would get an erection just watching her I had to be careful just in case the teacher might call on me I didn’t want to have to get up with a boner sticking out of my pants that would be devastating guys would call me “Boner Boy” or “Woody” there would be no living that down so I did my best to keep my hormones in check sometimes doing mathematics in my head would chase an erection or thinking about my part time job at the pet shop cleaning out pens full of dog poop that always did it but I loved working there playing with the puppies and kittens always brightened any dark day Mr. Grimes the owner liked me and he knew my love of a****ls by the way I took care of them they would be so happy to see me dancing around wagging tails and lots of purring too always put a smile on my face!I would be late for class sometimes because I would see her walking down the hallway her amazing little ass bouncing under her skirt and I would have to follow her where ever she was going but staying back far enough so that she didn’t now I was there…I know it sounds crazy but love does that to a young man a young man obsessed…I would find ways to talk to her casually you know just to hear her voice and to keep my face in her mind it was important that she didn’t forget me and who knows maybe she would change her mind…cave in to my incredible charms and go out with me…one could always hope! I remember one day I was standing behind her in the lunch line I was admiring her long black silky hair it was so shiny it practically glowed I could smell something like jasmine and the skin cream she used it created an intoxicating aroma and I had to do some quick algebra in my head as I felt the blood begin to fill my penis so then I asked her about some homework that was due not really caring about the work but just to hear her speak so we chatted a bit about class and this and that I didn’t have the nerve to ask her out again maybe next time…There was a party going on this Saturday night at this rich k**s house and miracle of miracles I got invited how I would have loved showing up with Patricia on my arm but that was not going to happen but I was looking forward to it anyway. The rest of the week was uneventful but I managed to get her to talk to me again she was having trouble getting her locker open and I just happened to be stalking I mean walking by and was there to help her get it open something was stuck on the inside turned out to be a ruler had gotten wedged by the door she thanked me and even smiled at me my heart nearly burst when she did that and I memorized that smile burned it into my memory I just had to have this girl….somehow…someway…she was going to be mine I knew that just as I knew Junior high would be followed by Senior high like night follows day like Yang follows Ying somebody stop me please!So finally it’s Saturday night and I’m dressed to kill for what I don’t know without Patricia on my arm I’m just another dateless schmuck but I’m going anyway as it’s probably going to be the social event of the season I had to go just to say I was there gives me street cred you know…LOL so anyway at least I’m going to show up looking cool as I am driving my 1977 cherry red Pontiac Firebird it was a gift from my old man for turning Sixteen this year he loves vintage cars and he restored this one with me in mind what a great guy huh? I know I’m spoiled rotten bite me okay!So I drive by the house with my speakers threatening to explode trying to attract some attention and just checking out the people out front… I don’t see Patricia dammit oh well she probably had to study for an exam or something cute little bookworm that she is…So I swing back around the block one time and find a spot to park not too far away but close enough to find my car later. So I’m walking across the front lawn and there’s a few people milling about nobody I know so I go inside and as I enter a wave of sound hits me canlı bahis like a wave there are people dancing in the big main room so I wander away seeking a cold drink and maybe someone I know to talk to…I see a room full of football players and avoid that room I’m not cut out for that game being kind of slender with not a lot of meat on these bones I do have a nice body if I do say so myself and I don’t want it getting damaged by some giant linebacker no thank you! So I find a quieter room down the hall and there seems to be some cool people in it I make my way to the corner where I can check out the crowd making small talk with some dude standing near me and then some people move away from the sofa and there she is looking lovelier than ever in a hot looking top that shows off her perfect perky little breasts to full advantage the top doesn’t cover her flat stomach and I can see her little belly button oh wow it has a little diamond in it I can see it glinting in the light a short black skirt completes the look and my eyes travel down her long shapely legs I have never seen another Asian girl with legs like these and her perfect little feet are encased in a lovely pair of high heels her pretty little toes peeking out the front and I feel a familiar arousing in my groin then I notice a guy lurking around her trying to get her interested he must be a jerk because she has a look of boredom on her lovely face and then he sits down next to her and I have to come to the rescue… So drink in hand I pretend to walk by and then fake a stumble and my drink spills all down the front of his pants I apologize profusely as he berates me for being such a klutz and then he leaves still cursing me…I look at you put my hands up in a I don’t know what happened gesture though my eyes are clearly saying I did that on purpose then I smile and say “Hi Patricia I see your enjoying the party… care for some company?” A beautiful smile lights up your lovely face and you pat the seat beside you “Hi Billy! Just watch it with that drink okay!” She says giggling a little I look at my drink down the rest of it and declare “Now we’re safe!” and we both burst into gales of laughter…We begin to talk and its magic it seems we have a lot in common and are enjoying each others company but then she gets this funny look in her eyes and for no reason at all kisses me full on the lips! It surprises her as much as it surprises me but we both like it and come together nicely her arm slides up my back and rests behind my neck her fingers splayed and I can feel electrical current flowing out of them I imagine sparks jumping from the ends of her sexy sapphire red fingernails your other hand slides up to cradle my face as your mouth opens and beckons my tongue to enter and it does entwining with hers in a sexy dance of passion! I am in heaven this is what I have been dreaming about since I saw Patricia what an incredible thing to happen I just can’t believe it…we finally end the kiss reluctantly parting and look into each others eyes hers are smoky and really sexy as she says “I’ve been wanting to do that… do you think we can find an empty room upstairs so we can be alone?” Well I almost took a stroke when she said that but I played it cool “Are you sure you want to?” I asked while kicking myself for saying that suppose she reconsiders suppose her better sense takes control of her desire you fool you idiot what did you say? I chide myself in the moments it takes her to simply nod her head take my hand and lead me upstairs and as we ascend I see some jealous eyes following us and I smile inwardly yeah shes with me eat your hearts out! So we find an unoccupied bedroom at the far end of the hall and she pulls me inside its dark and all I can feel are her hands touching me in places I’ve never been touched before her lips are soft but demanding as she kisses me openly my shirt is being unbuttoned then removed my pants are then unbuttoned pulled down then her lips leave me for a moment till I fell them again on the head of my now very hard cock she strokes the length of it and I guess she likes its size I hear a soft whispered “So big!” and as her mouth engulfs me I whisper back her name “Patricia!” she licks me from the head to the base of my cock milking my aching balls with her tiny hand where did she learn to do this I wonder not really caring as my lust takes me away… my fingers are in her long black hair so silky it doesn’t feel real! Then her mouth leaves me I feel her stand up her lips find mine again and I hear softly “Undress me!” no further instruction is necessary as my hands take over and her clothes fly off I sit her on the bed and remove her high heels kissing her tiny feet with each removal then Patricia lay back on the bed and reached out her arms to me I can see her by the light from my cell phone a lovely ghost in the darkness I slide onto the bed and she pulls me on top of her and her hungry mouth finds mine and as our dueling tongues are battling mine wins then her hand guides me to her wetness I am trembling as I begin to enter her she is so unbelievably tight I have to work myself in slowly and I hear her gasp into my mouth bahis siteleri as my cock head pops inside her I feel her heels digging into the cheeks of my ass urging me deeper so deeper I go sliding into her molten love channel it grips me so tightly I hope that I won’t cum before I can make love to her properly and I’m three quarters of the way inside when I run into a wall there’s an obstruction inside her and I gasp as I realize that she is a virgin of course she is you fool I scream inside my head and I begin to pull back a little not wanting to hurt her but her heels push me back deeper “Yes! Yes!” I hear her whisper into my ear and I realize at that moment that I’m going to take her virginity and I also realize that she is taking mine…I have dreamed about sex and have masturbated a lot thinking about it but this was my first time too and it felt so right I knew it was okay for me to do it so I pulled back slightly and then pushed in firmly I felt the wall crumble as my cock pushed past her hymen she cried out softly but kept those heels dug firmly in my ass and then I was all the way inside her and our pubes were pressed tightly together I never dreamed anything could feel so good in all my fantasies about sex I never imagined that it could feel so amazing I knew that it was because it was Patricia it never would have felt like this with anyone else there would never be anyone else in my heart but this beautiful incredibly sexy hot little Asian girl lying beneath me for the rest of my life I would always remember this moment everything else from this time forward would pale in comparison! I felt her nipples poking into my chest hard as little pebbles they were and my natural instinct was to move my head down to suckle them so I did I felt her back arch as she pushed her breast harder against my mouth… my hand was squeezing the other one gently I took that nipple and rubbed it between my thumb and forefinger and she cried out softly I could feel her stomach flutter and knew she had cum for me her muscles gripping my member tightly I could feel her getting wetter and the lubrication let me slide in and out easily I was so nervous it took a long time for me to cum and that was great because I made Patricia cum twice more before I was ready I whispered in her lovely ear “I don’t want to get you pregnant so I wont cum inside you okay?” She whispered back “Don’t worry I’m protected don’t leave me okay!” I was going to be able to cum inside her this was so perfect so right and with that I came… my head exploded with my first orgasm from actual sex and it was different more intense than anything I had ever felt before it started in my toes and washed up my legs like a wave of pleasure breaking with a crash inside my thrilling brain I gasped and she held me tight her legs became vises squeezing me to her crushing me against her making me a part of her forever as her internal muscles milked every last drop of cum left inside my happy balls then I felt her cum again during this and it was magic I breathed her breath she breathed mine we were one if only for a brief moment in time… as time is fleeting but the memory everlasting!We lay there spent in each others arms and I never even heard the door open suddenly I heard a chuckle “Looks like someones having some fun mind if we join the party?” I looked behind me and there were five really big guys they must have been the football players I saw downstairs I was lifted off Patricia and tossed across the room I felt my cock reluctantly leave her and then I was airborne I flew across the room and crashed into the dresser hard wood met the back of my head and almost knocked me out I wished it had for then from my place on the floor I got to watch as they fell upon her like a pack of horny wolves I heard her cry out once and then she was buried in a sea of hard bodies and big cocks…I couldn’t move and had to watch as she was taken and brutally fucked… big horny teenage cocks were in her every orifice… she couldn’t even cry out as she was effectively gagged by the cock being forced into her mouth and my eyes widened in terror as one a****l drove his cock deep in her virgin ass her eyes were glassy with shock as they continued their onslaught she was fucked in every position imaginable they came in her mouth they came on her beautiful face on her body inside her incredibly sweet body they came and came I tried to close my eyes but found I could not I was frozen in place but I swore vengeance against them they would pay for this somehow someway I would get them! When they finally finished with her they realized that they were covered in her blood they thought that she had got her period not even realizing that she had just lost her precious virginity to me! They were grossed out by the blood stains on their deflating cocks and dragged her limp and unresisting into the shower with them and I watched with eyes wide as they all crammed into the large shower soon soapy lather covered them all and I heard them laughing as the passed her around in there soapy hands were all over her body grabbing her lovely breasts sliding up inside her and at one point she was bahis şirketleri even fucked again in the shower I could see her breasts pressed against the glass as the bastard fucked her from behind… not to be outdone another son of a bitch picked her up and slid her down on to his cock I watched her head bouncing up and down above the shower door at this point she must have been beyond caring they could use her body but her mind belonged to me I had to believe that or go mad! Finally they finished with her leaving her in the shower then they toweled off got dressed and left laughing and joking about what they had just done high fives all around bunch of assholes!My blood boiled I had to help her and I struggled to my feet with the room still spinning I quickly got dressed and came into the bathroom she was sitting on the edge of the bathtub not saying a word just staring at the drain where all the magic of this night seemed to have gone! I gathered her into my arms wrapping a towel around her as I did she clung to me tightly and no words were spoken as I dried her off I managed to get her to the bedroom and slip her clothes back on… “Are you okay?” I asked feebly She just nodded her head and buried it into my shoulder but she did not cry not one tear rolled down her lovely face and for that I was grateful! I sneaked us out the back way and got her to my car “Shall I call the police?” I asked her she just shook her head no… I knew her father could never find out about this as she would be disgraced in his eyes and that was something I knew she would never let happen!We drove in silence back to her home there were no fond goodbyes no kiss goodnight I had been robbed of my glory as Patricia had been robbed of her virginity I should have been strong for her I should have talked her out of it…I should have got up and with guns blazing killed those rotten bastards I could hear them already bragging about how they had gang banged the Chinese girl how she had loved it and what a huge slut she was and if that happened Patricia’s reputation was finished by not saying anything she was giving credence to their lies all was lost she would hate me now for not stopping them she would be ashamed to look at me as looking at me would remind her of tonight so I watched her walk up her walkway and into her home she closed the door without even looking back already confirming what I already knew it was over I had won and lost the love of my life in the same night it didn’t matter that I was only sixteen and that there would be other loves I knew in my heart there would never be another love like this!… not for me! I slept fitfully that night tossing and turning plagued by nightmares I awoke feeling drained I went through the motions but nothing seemed right so I took my car and drove up into the mountain’s I drove as high up as I could go then walked the rest of the way and there high up on the mountains peak I watched the sun rise and it was glorious to behold for as the sun burst forth from behind a veil of clouds illuminating the valley below darkness became light and I wondered if the darkness of last night could ever become light again I prayed in my heart that Patricia would find the strength to rise beyond what happened after and that she might remember the beauty of our moment I hoped and I dreamed for that was all I could do perhaps it would be enough…perhaps…Monday came and I went to school I did not see Patricia but was not surprised maybe in a day or two she would return I so hoped she would! The real surprised came when I learned that those football players would never get to brag and lie about that night as they were all killed in a terrible car crash that same night their car was found wrapped around a tree when it appears the driver lost control going way too fast around a wicked turn seems they were all drunk but I don’t think that it was the drink that killed them I believed that it was bad karma for what they had done that came back for them in the end justice was served not by the police whom I wanted to call not by myself but by karma’s hand I believe that the good that we do returns to us and that the bad returns as well…Did they deserve to die for their crimes surely I am not the one to judge but judged they were and the sentence severe I was glad of one thing that Patricia would be spared of ever seeing them again!At the end of the day I went to my locker to get my things and got a wonderful surprise for when the door opened out fell a letter my name was written on the envelope and I recognized her hand I tore it open and read her note it simply said Billy I will remember forever that time we shared and I’m glad that you were my first as I know that you love me I could see that in your eyes that night and I also saw the terrible pain in your eyes later don’t worry about me I’m fine and I’ll see you tomorrow okay I still need to focus on my studies but maybe…maybe…there might be some time for us too…A huge smile spread across my dumbstruck face I had been totally wrong nothing was ruined after all not Patricia nor what we shared somehow things were going to be alright after all…And she knows that I love her…And shes okay with that…Maybe she even loves me a little too I dare to hope…P.S. Would Billy and Patricia someday be a couple? Would obsession realized turned to love be served? I for one dear reader certainly hope so!

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