The shame of being caught

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The shame of being caughtI have dressed as a girl since I was young boy, I have early memories of my mother having caught me dressed taking me to see a c***d psychologist, I distinctly remember him telling me mother I would grow out of it! Well I never did. However I did have a normal up bringing, got married and carried on dressing throughout my life with increasing secrecy. After a successful career in IT, I was in it at the right time I retired early. Our c***dren have grown up and left home and with my wife and I only in the house life has been quiet. After retirement the opportunities to dress have multiplied considerably. My under wear and shoe collection has expanded as has my daring.I regularly dress and complete my household chores, daydreaming about my fantasy husband coming home and taking me in his arms.Well one sunny morning I got up and as soon as my wife had left for work dressed in a plain ivory matching set of thong, suspender belt and bra, with tan lace top stockings I wriggled into a pair of 4 inch tan sling back pointed heels and put on a floral figure hugging dress. It is low cut at the front and with a little bit of help from noogleberry breast development system I had a small but noticeable cleavage!I worked away at my chores and was busy hoovering an upstairs guest bedroom when I heard the front door slam shut, panic ensued as I heard my wife coming upstairs. She is petite and quite fiery, thoughts of divorce and poverty flashed through my head. As she entered the bedroom her face was one of total surprise, in fear I started to cry a pleaded with her, she smiled in a very wicked way at me and then told me to sit on the bed, as I did so, she said …..” and cross your legs like a girl” I obediently did as I was told.She then said what I was wearing suited me, “go and make me a cup of tea and bring it to me in the bedroom.”As I got up and walked past her she slapped me on the rear and then rubbed my cheeks, she said softly “Stockings nice….”I carefully made the cup of tea and took this back upstairs……. my wife had changed and was sitting at her dressing table. Not into something seductive but her shopping clothes. As she sipped her tea she looked at me and said, “I’m going out for a few hours, stay dressed and have my supper ready for 8 o’clock sharp” She put her cup down and walked to the door, I obediently followed and looked outside onto the damp street to see a taxi waiting, she got in and disappeared into the now gently falling rain.Several hours went by and I received a text “I hope supper is being prepared! A taxi will arrive soon you are to stay dressed and receive the driver” My mind was spinning.About 10 minutes later a taxi pulled up outside and the driver came to the door laden with bags, I tentatively opened the door and snatched the bags from him…. “She said you are not to open anything”. He ran down the path and drove off.To be continuedI decided to get supper on the go, I was busy cooking down some onions and garlic when my text went off, “Home for 8, supper had better be ready and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri so will you” Open Next, Anne Summers and Office bags, dress for supper”I decided that supper should be ready so I quickly finished my prep, seared the meat and let it all simmer gently. I would cook the pasta that I knew she liked at the last moment.I decide to shower, as I was showering my mobile rang and my wife had left a message “Do not shave” I was disappointed but complied. After drying myself I opened the Anne Summers bag, there was an enhancing black basque, with traditional seamed stockings in black, matching silver trimmed boy shorts and a silver box with a post it attached saying “wear me.” I opened it to find a large butt plug and a small tube of anal lube. Opening the Office bag revealed a pair of 5 inch black patent stiletto shoes in size 9. I instantly knew they would be a perfect fit. The last bag contained a grey pencil stretchy skirt and a white shimmer chiffon blouse with a matching patent wide leather belt. I did as I was told and dressed in every item. Firstly I pulled on the basque, the label revealed it was a 38B, as I wriggled into it I realised it was a perfect fir, I filled the cups and it created a full bust, i bounced like a girl with a real cleavage. I Pulled on the seemed black stockings and with trembling fingers attached the suspender belt. The shoes easily slipped on, when I stood up my legs were transformed into pillars of beauty. I eased the skirt over my hips and it was obvious I was wearing stockings and a suspender belt, the outline was plain to see. The blouse was a size 16 and fitted perfectly, the right amount of see through but just enough balance of sexy and demure. Lastly the butt plug was a struggle to fit. At 730pm I tottered down stairs and awaited the return of my wife. I laid the table lit candles and nervously awaited her return.At 5 to 8 the taxi pulled up and my wife was walked to the door by the taxi driver, sheltering under his umbrella. I opened the door and he was once again laden with bags. I took them and he disappeared. I took my wife’s coat and she offered her cheek for me to kiss. “supper time…… oh Simone, I shall call you Simone from now on, and you shall call me madam” Oh “yes madam” I stammered.We ate in silence and when my wife had finished she just got up from the table and said, “I will be in the drawing room bring me a cup a tea Simone”. I did and then returned to the washing up. The sound of my heels on the tiled floors was making me so horny, I was hoping for sex. I went into the lounge and my wife called me over “Simone come here and lift your skirt” I did as I was told, my erection was now straining in the skimpy boy shorts, turn around and take your panties down. I did as I was told exposing my firmly routed butt plug.Very good, she said, grand make up the guest room you will be sleeping there tonight. I was gutted, when I entered the room, there was pink bed spreads, satin sheets and more clothes than I had ever dreamed to own. On the bed youwin güvenilir mi side table was a small box and envelope. I opened the envelope and inside was a simple not stating ” You will do as you are told or you will be exposed, open the box and wear the enclosed at all times” There was a small cock cage I fixed the cage over my now limp cock and made the room up.My wife appeared at the door and simply said “Tea at 0745 every morning, breakfast at 815 and never be late, I will be taking most of your male clothes to a charity shop tomorrow, from now on you dress and Simone” With that she turned and left the room. As hard as I tried I could not make myself come within the cock cage. My erection was constantly suppressed and the wanted orgasm eluded me.I rose early the next morning and prepared my wife’s tea, taking this to her in bed she smiled as she admired me walking across the bedroom in my new attire. “My office has rung and I have today off as a bonus, so you and I are going out….. Clear away the breakfast things and I will lay out some clothes for you, your dress sense needs refining!” I did as I was told.When I returned to my quarters there was a pair of heavily flared loose fitting trousers, a pair of flat converse shoes in pale blue, a white and blue striped shirt, simple cotton boy short panties and a soft cup bra in an 38B. I quickly dressed and went down stairs. I looked rather androgynous! My wife appeared looking a million dollars in a summer dress with sling backs. You look stunning madam, I mumbled, she grinned and said so will you my love, soon!We walked out to her car, a convertible Mercedes, a recent anniversary present from me. I subserviently climbed into the passenger seat. I had no idea where we were going but I was just going to go with it. It was still very early before 8 as we arrived at the spa. I was commanded to follow madam as we approached the reception desk. We were met by Hannah, one of the staff. She smiled and said hello to my wife ignoring me. Sit there my wife indicated and do as the staff ask. My wife’s coat was taken and she walked of with a dismissive wave.About 10 minutes went by and Hannah returned, follow me. I did as I was told and followed her into a brightly lit, slightly garishly decorated room. She spun and matter of factly said, undress, put the robe on and ring the bell when you are ready. I undressed as far as my cock cage, I couldn’t remove this as madam had the key. I put on the robe and slippers and rang the bell. The door opened and a beautiful asian woman approached me. Follow me Simone. I did and walked into what was clearly a treatment room. 3 hours later I emerged with plucked eyebrows, not a hair on my body, the cock cage had been removed to facilitate the full hair removal…. I should rewind…… momentarily. Tina the Asian was the first person to be kind to me since the shame of my discovery.When I took my robe off she approached me and ran her slender fingers across my small breast, tweaking the nipples as she went, she then kissed perabet me on my neck and slowly pecking kisses until she settled on my nipples. These were now erect and full. She removed the cock cage. Where did she get the key I thought…. She bent down and kissed the end of my swollen cock. I yearned for her to envelope it in her warm mouth. She didn’t, well not yet. Lie down on the bed. Again I did as I was told. I was getting slowly institutionalised to my new feminine role. Close your eyes, obediently I supplicated, the next 20 minutes were truly sublime, she planted a soft kiss on my lips, her tongue exploring my mouth, I had never been kissed like this before, her hands explored my body, as I reached for her breast her hand gently pushed me away, enjoy she said, but do not touch unless I ask you to. She continued to explore my body. When she drew my swollen cock into her mouth I instantly orgasmed sending seed spilling into her mouth. I looked down and she was wide eyed looking at me, she continued to suck me dry and then kissed me again,transferring all my newley released seed back into my mouth. I greedily swollen it. She smiled and kissed me again Good start Simone she said. she then unbuttoned her uniform revealing a small pair of perfectly formed breast, uh uh don’t touch as my hand snaked forward, she turned around and removed her simple cotton white panties, when she turned around again there was a purple head monster staring me right in the face…………..Please don’t not touch, I have been instructed to teach you, now purse you lips and I will tell you what to do. I pursed my lips and Nina slowly gently grazed my lips with her swollen gland, a smooth clear liquid dressed my lips and she gently pushed her hips forward. Open your mouth she gently said, I did as I was instructed and the first cock I had ver sucked eased into my mouth. I ran my tongue around the head and imagined it was my own cock and how I would please myself. A moan escaped Nina’s lips which told me I was heading in the right direction. She slowly rhythmically fucked my mouth and in a short space of time I felt a small amount of hot liquid fill my mouth. I instinctively swollen and the salty elixir slip effortlessly down my throat…………The rest of the morning was a mixture of pain and pleasure, pain being waxed and pleasure in having the butt plug removed to complete the waxing. My eyebrows were plucked and my long hair styled in a more feminine cut. When the process was finished I certainly felt and looked very different. Nina led me through to a changing room and helped me dress, again in my new uniform. I was taken through into a second room where my wife was having her makeup applied and the finishing touches to her new hair do. My goodness she looked hot as a blonde. You look lovely Simone, she said. Hannah will do you make up and Georgina will then be sorting your hands and applying gel nails. They will take a little getting used to but I am sure you will get used to it………Another hour and a half later I was about to get up out of the chair having watched my full transformation, oh no you don’t young lady, Hannah commanded and the last act was to pierce my ears and apply a pair of gold sleepers……….As I swished out to my wife’s convertible I not only looked but felt a million dollars…………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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