The Taxi Cab Driver

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The Taxi Cab DriverI had been driving my big yellow and black checkered taxi most of the day. It was starting to get more crowded downtown. I honked a few times to make room. I pulled over to take a break. I was parked outside this very upscale restaurant. I looked out the rear of the parking lot. There was a taco truck selling some Korean barbecue. I got a few tacos to go. I drank a cold beer as I waited in the back seat of my cab. The restaurant was very busy. A few limos pulled up and dropped off some rich people. The guys were dressed in tuxedo’s and the women were wearing these very high price outfits.It was about an hour later that I jumped out the back seat. I walked around the back of the parking lot. I was taking a piss in the back alley of the restaurant. I was only wearing a tight black shirt. Some cargo shorts. Some black sandals. I pushed my wet cock back in my black boxer briefs. I looked around as I walked back to my cab. I was maybe five feet from the back when I heard a loud noise. I then heard some people shouting. A couple guys were whistling. I looked up in front of my cab. About twenty feet from the hood. There was some guys gathering around in a circle around a man and woman. The guys were being kinda of rude to them.”Hey baby. Why don’t you come with us. Leave this guy. Come on baby. Were better than your old man. Damn you look hot baby!!!….” said these different guys. I took a big breath. I walked up behind them. I stuck my head over this short guy. Being 6ft 4 and athletic helps. I got a big smile. There was a skinny short guy in a tux. Next to him. Was the object of these guys affection. She was about 5ft 9 with long curly blonde hair. It was straight on top. She had on a long red dress that stopped at her ankles. It was bedazzled by jewels all up and down the dress. The best part was the dress was two sizes to small. Her large ass almost burst out the side and down the back. Her large breast almost fell out the large scoop that was in front of the dress. I was not sure how her breast had not fallen out. She was not wearing a bra. I was not sure they made a bra that size.I gulped. I was not sure what to do. The crowd of guys were getting more brazen. They tried to touch her dress. I was sure if they could. Someone might pull it off her body. She was very voluptuous as she stood on her big 6inch platform heels. “Will pay you sexy. Yeah how much for 6 guys? Who this your pimp?” said this one drunk guy. “This is my husband. Sir William Ascot III. Please move!! Honey what are you doing?” she said. Her husband was now behind the mob. He was jumping up and down trying to see what they were doing to his wife.”Hey! YOUR RIDE HERE! Right this way lady. Please stay in front of me.” I yelled. I grabbed her hand and spun her around toward my cab. I put my hands around her thick waist. I pushed her out of the circle. I was heading toward my cab. Her husband was now next to me. The guys were behind us. They were yelling for me to stop. “Hey buddy. Stop cabbie! What are you doing man?” said the guys. “Got any money?” I said to her husband. “Yes!” he said. “Reach in you pocket. Throw it all in the air over your head.” I yelled. I was still pushing his wife as he threw the money over his head. I looked back to see the mob of guys stop. They started to chase the money.”OK! Were here. Get in the back lady. Dude! Do you know how to drive?” I said. I held the back door open. She slid across the big black leather seat. She was on the passenger side looking out the window at the group of guys picking up her husband money. “Yes! Why do you ask kind sir?” he said. “OK! You drive. Take my spare keys. Just put your address in the GPS on the dash. I can’t drive after 9pm. I need to take a break before I can drive anyone. It’s a taxicab law. I think there coming back. They got all your money.” I yelled as I pointed at the mob of guys coming toward the cab.I jumped in the back seat. He jumped in the front seat. I leaned forward two feet to push the glass window separating the front seat and the back seat open. “Go! Go!” I said. He started the cab. He put it in drive and sped out of there. The drunk guys chased the cab for a block or two. “Put your address in the GPS. Perfect. Now follow the directions.” I said. “Look! Brenda! I’m driving a taxi. I’m the taxi driver.” he said. I closed the glass window before I sat back on the leather chair. “That nice honey. Thank you sir. Thank you for saving us. I don’t know what would have done.” she said.”My pleasure. Your very güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri welcome. What happen in the restaurant to make those guys come after you like that?” I said. “Well we got done eating. Then this guy asked me to dance. But I told him it was our 10th wedding anniversary tonight. He would not take no for answer. So I gave in. We started to dance. Almost immediately he put his hands all over my body. He was touching me very naughty like. Finally I had to ask him to stop. That’s when we decided to leave. He followed us outside the restaurant. Then his friends follow him outside. Before you know it got really crazy.” she said.The whole time she was talking my cock was getting hard. Her voice. The sweet smell of her intoxicating perfume was driving me crazy. Her bright red lips matched her finger and toenails. She crossed her legs causing her dress to open up in front. The long slit down her dress open to show off her curvy legs. The platform heels were tied around her ankles. She had on a gold toe ring on her right middle toe. I looked up to see her husband had not even adjusted the rear view mirror to see in the back seat. He was so short that he could barely reach the pedals as he leaned down to push the gas.”I’m just glad I was there. These men. Did they touch you before I rescued you?” I said. “Yes! They kept touching my things.” she said. “Mmmmm! Can you be more specific.” I said. “My large butt and these two big things.” she said as she pointed to her large breast. “How am I doing sir?” said her husband from the front seat. “Oh, your doing great. Just keep your eyes on the road.” I said. Brenda Ascot had shifted on the back seat. I heard the seat squeak as she shifted her large ass on the leather. She had moved so her right leg was higher than her left. She had moved the opening of her dress to show off her deep cleavage. I was staring right in between her big breast. I could make out the top of her pink aerloes. I could see her right nipple was hard under the thin red material of her dress.I could see her breathing had increased. “Where you trying to get away from them? I mean I saw you stop. Did you like them touching you. Feeling your big breast. Touching that amazing ass.” I whispered to her. She blushed. “Well! Sir! No! I was trying to get away. I thought the one guy had ripped my dress. He was fondling my breast so hard, that I though I heard my new dress rip. That’s when I screamed. Are you OK Sir? What is your name young man?” she said. “Buck Kelly and Yes! I am OK! Your story is making me light headed.” I said. I kept staring at her large breast. I finally looked up at her eyes. She was staring at my crotch. She could make out my hard cock under my tan cargo shorts. I looked down to see my cock had grown down my thigh.Her eyes got big as I put my hand on my thigh. I touched the thin material covering my cock. She let out a big sigh. I then started to unzip my cargo shorts. I open the top of my boxer briefs freeing my cock. It flopped out the front of the opening. I heard a moan. “Mmmmm Mr. Kelly. Your big cock fell out. You should put that away before my husband see it.” said Mrs. Ascot. “It’s OK. Here give me your hand. You should feel how hard you made him. Your husband can’t see. Go ahead play with him. You know you want to. Give me your hand. That it Brenda. Jack my cock. Show me how much you like young cock in your hand.I watched as she jacked my cock making it much harder in her small hand. Her bright red nails scratched down the underside of my shaft. I gently pulled down my cargo shorts, and boxer briefs to around my ankles. She then scooped up my naked balls in her free hand. I saw her upper red lip move as she moved her head closer to my lap. I pushed down on her blonde hair. She was inches away from my cock. Her big soft lips touched the tip of my cock. She licked off the pre-cum. Then I felt her hot mouth on my cock. She got half of my 9 3/4 inch cock in her mouth before she spit him out. “Damn! That is just perfect. Suck him. Use your hot mouth on my cock Brenda.” I said. She moaned as I stuck my cock back in her mouth.I felt the taxi move to make a hard right. I looked up to see Brenda husband playing with the knobs on the dash board. His wife was playing with my big knob in the back seat. I put my hand on the back of her head as she kept swallowing more of my cock. I moved my hand on her back. I could feel her large breast resting on my thigh. Her dress was cutting into my skin. I moved my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri right hand under breast. I started to fondle them as she continued to suck my cock. She breathed in making her lips smack hard on my cock. I finally pulled her blonde hair. She let go of my cock. It made a loud sucking noise. It was covered in her saliva. She smiled as a big drop of saliva fell out her mouth on her new dress.I then reached over to pull open her dress. Her big breast were now exposed in the cold air of the taxi. I saw her eyes were now closed. I moved both of my hands on her big breast. I tugged on her nipples making her moan. I pushed her breast together causing her to moan louder. I then felt her right hand back on my wet cock. She was jacking my cock as I mashed her big breast together. I took her left breast and put it in my mouth. I sucked hard on her nipple. She was now breathing much more heavier.I moved my free hand to the side of her dress. I unzipped the side making her dress fall open. I pushed her dress off her shoulders. She was now naked jacking my cock. She only had her 6inch red stiletto heels on. She also had a small red thong covering her pussy in the front. The back looked liked a piece of dental floss going up her big ass. I moved my hand over to cup her ass. She dropped her mouth back on my cock. The whole time her husband kept driving the taxi.About twenty minutes later. My cock was getting close to bursting a big load down her throat. I wanted to fuck her so badly. I looked up into the front seat. Her husband had slowed down. He was trying to look in the rear view mirror. He still had his seat belt on. He could not reach the mirror. I pulled Mrs. Ascot off my cock. She fell back in the seat. I leaned forward to pull open the sliding glass separating the taxi. I looked around. I saw an alley coming up on the right.”Hey! Pull in that alley over there on the right.” I said. Mr. Ascot turned on the blinker. He could now smell his wife in the back seat. Her wet pussy aroma passed my nose to the front seat. He slowed down the cab in the alley. There were two building on either side. There were some garbage cans in front of the taxi. I fell back in the back seat next to Brenda. I quickly opened her door. I was now outside the taxi with Brenda. Next I pulled off her thong. I walked passed the front seat. Her husband rolled down the passenger side window. I leaned in to put his wife wet thong on the rear view mirror. I turned to see his wife and I were both naked in the alley. Brenda let out a moan as I picked her up. I walked her to the front of the taxi. I placed her on the hood. I looked up to see her husband staring out the wind shield.The taxi cab lights reflected off the building. He could see me open his wife legs as I leaned down to start to eat her pussy. She placed her hands on the top of my head. I slowly kissed her soft skin. I then started to lick the outside of her pussy. I could feel her freshly shave pussy as her small cunt lips open. I jammed my big wide tongue deep in her pussy causing her to moan. She was pulling on my short hair as she moaned. A few minutes later and with one finger in her pussy she orgasm very hard. She screamed. Her husband hit the horn by accident. She slapped my head making me pull off her pussy. I looked in the taxi to see him moving his hand in the front of the steering wheel.I stood up. I licked my left hand. I then grabbed my hard cock. I thrusted my hips forward causing her small cunt lips to open. The tip of my dark purple cock moved inside her for the first time. I could feel her juices suck in my cock. I grabbed her long curvy legs to hold on to them. I had her heels in my hand as I pulled them up around me. I was now half way inside her. Her pussy kept pushing me out as she moaned. She finally relaxed letting almost of my cock inside her. I grunted as I fucked her faster. I was picking up the pace as she wiggled her head back and forth on the yellow hood of the cab. I stood on my toes as I slammed my cock harder and deeper inside her. She moaned and then I felt her hot juices on my cock. I put my hand on her breast as her legs wrapped around my waist.She pushed her breast together as I leaned down to suck on her nipples. Her husband was moving in the front seat. He was trying to make his wife body move on mine. I lost balance and plunged all my cock inside her. “FUCK!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!” she screamed. I grabbed her two large breast squeezing them very hard. I then güvenilir bahis şirketleri felt my cock erupt deep inside her. I could feel her juices and mine falling out the side of my cock. A few minutes later I pulled my half erect cock out of her soaked pussy. She looked down as I picked her up and put her in the back seat of the cab.I sat down next to Brenda. Her husband turned to look at us in the back seat. I moved my hand to his wife pussy. I opened her pussy showing him, his wife dripping with my big load. He turned to put the taxi in reverse. He backed out of the alley. I moved Brenda on my lap. Her knees were next to my thighs. I put her hands on my shoulders. Her pussy was on my cock. It was growing under her pussy mound sticking out between her legs. I then started to suck on her breast again. Her head was tilted back as I sucked on her breast.I heard the big iron gates open as we pulled into there long driveway. A few minutes later the taxi stopped at a big house. There was a big garage in the back. I leaned forward to see the meter. The fair was over a hundred. I opened her door again. She giggled as we stood in the driveway in front of the house naked. Her husband came around to see us. “Get our clothes in the back seat.” I said to her husband. “Let’s go in. You still need to pay for your taxi cab ride lady. Where the master bedroom?” I said. “Follow me! Mr. Kelly. I might have some money in my dresser drawer. Honey! sleep on the couch tonight!” said Mrs. Ascot.The rest of the night I fucked Brenda all over her room. In the morning I gave her a white silk robe from her closet to wear. She put on some white 4inch heels. She was still covered in my dry semen all over her body. My cock was still semi hard as I put on a big white cotton robe to wear. She opened the door to her room. I could see some dried cum on the carpet in front of the door. Her husband must have watched from the key hole last night.She woke her husband as we walked passed him on the couch. He still had on his tux. He was a mess as we walked into the kitchen. I began to cook as they sat at the table. “You need to go wash my cab. Inside and out before tonight. The back seat needs a good scrubbing. The front seat too.” I said. He frowned as I handed his wife some pancakes and a big glass of OJ. Next I ate some bacon and a few pancakes. He ate what was left over. I think there was a one piece of bacon left and half a pancake. I was feeling horny again as I looked over at Brenda. Her robe had fallen open showing off her luscious breast.”Come here Brenda. Stand facing your husband. Sit on my lap.” I said. I reached up to open her robe exposing her naked body to her husband. I was fondling her big breast again for the one million time since we met last night. I pinched her nipples causing her husband to drop his fork on the kitchen floor. I then pushed her over on the kitchen table. Her face was on the wooden table. Her breast pushed out to the side of her chest. I took off my robe. I stood up with my cock pointing straight out. “MMMmm…that is nice Mrs. Ascot. Maybe your husband would like to help. Come over here and put my cock in your wife. That it grab my cock and put it inside your wife. How does that fell Brenda????” I said.She moaned very loud. Mr. Ascot just stood there staring at his wife being fucked. She gripped the kitchen table as I rammed my cock in her tight pussy. My dried semen was falling over her body on to the table. I grabbed her hips plunging my cock in deeper. “Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Keep fucking me! Don’t stop!!! God!!! Fuck!!!!! Fuck me harder.” she screamed. I kept up the pace as I moved my hands to each side of her breast. I pulled on her nipples. “Do you want me to stop? Fuck me Mrs. Ascot. Show your husband how much you like my cock in your pussy. Fuck me! Brenda faster! Come on! Faster baby!! Faster.” I yelled. Her husband moaned as his wife orgasm on my cock. She was hammering her pussy back on my cock.I could not last much longer. I slapped her big ass. Then I used my finger nails to scratch her ass making it bright red. I then tensed up. I looked down to see my cock empty into her tight pussy. She fell forward on the table pushing off her OJ glass on the floor. I looked at her husband who had shot his load in his pants. I pulled my cock out of her pussy. I then wiped it off on her big ass.”Go start the water in your bath tub upstairs. I need to clean your wife before we go out tonight. Then go start to clean the cab. Look in the trunk. There should be a black limo hat for you to wear. Find another tuxedo to wear. Then pull the cab up and wait for us. I have a long night planned for us. Were going back to the same restaurant from last night. I’m going to show your wife the way a man should pay attention to her. That all driver.” I said. Brenda pointed for him to get going.LoveBuckxoox

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