The Time I Accidentally Lost My Virginity Behind A

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The Time I Accidentally Lost My Virginity Behind AIt was March 16, I had just gotten done with School and driven home. I get home, I grab my laptop and chill on the couch. I open up Facebook and I start hitting up girls, trying to go out on a date with someone that night. Most of the girls weren’t interested or had plans that night and I was just about to call it a night and close my laptop and lament another sex-less day where I keep my virginity intact. But….a miracle occurred, Selena hits me up and wants to know what I’m doing. I told her, “As of right now….absolutely nothing except I’m trying to end my sex-less days” (I can be really direct about my intentions). She responded, “Oh really now? Well I can help you to change that. Come pick me up and we can go have some fun”I could not believe my luck, I had this hot Latina babe wanting to jump my bones and I didn’t even have to beg for it or anything. It’s all her decision and it was initiated by HER. I was excited and I responded back to her and said, “I’ll be there in 20”. I got in my Red Sex Machine, A 1995 Pontiac Grand Am (Undoubtedly the sexiest thing ever…..ok maybe not). I started up my car and floored it into town. I picked Selena up at a local pizza joint. She was wearing her comfy clothes, a pajama pant and a hoodie. I drove her around, searching for a spot to do the deed. While I was driving, I had my hands on her leg, rubbing her inner thigh. Selena enjoyed it greatly and opened up her legs a bit wider and relaxed a bit more and guided my hand closer to her pussy. I started rubbing her pussy outside of her pajama pants and kept on doing it until I finally found a discreet place off of the highway where nobody could see us. Selena and I got in the back of my car and started making out. At first it was just a few gentle kisses on the lips before I started kissing along her jawline and nibbled her ear gently before making my way back to her lips and continued to kiss her. While I was kissing her, I moved my hands up and down her curvy sides before kocaeli escort finally making my way to her luscious and firm breast. I massaged her breast and was greeted by moans of pleasure while we were kissing. I may have been a virgin but my ex-girlfriend allowed me to play with her breast and finger her all the time so I was really good with my hands. I kept massaging her firm bosom, starting first with her right breast before eventually moving my hand to her left breast because I always believed it to be a good practice to make sure both breasts got plenty of loving. Selena’s breathing got heavier and her back was arching in pleasure, she stopped me for a moment and took off her hoodie to reveal her shirtless self with a cute bra on. She give me a lustful look and slowly stripped off her bra. She threw her bra at me. Me, not knowing what to do with it, picked it up, dumbfounded. I heard a giggle and looked up. Now mind you, it was the first time I had ever seen a pair of breasts bare in real life. I was amazed and speechless. She smiled and laid me down on the seat. She crawled on top of me with her beautiful bosoms hanging over my face and lowered one of them to my mouth. I opened my mouth to receive this beautiful blessing and sucked gently on it. I must have been doing something right because Selena let out a soft moan. I started licking the nipples and gently kissing the boob. One of Selena’s hands cradled my head and she held me to her chest and had me keep kissing and licking her boobs. After a while, she pushed me down and lifted up my shirt. She took my shirt off and started kissing down from my neck to my chest. She kissed slowly down my stomach with her big, full lips. She unbuttoned my panted and pulled it off along with my boxers to reveal a throbbing and hard cock. She smiled in glee and told me, “You have a nice cock”, she took one long lick up from my balls to the tip of my penis and said “You taste good too”Selena enveloped her lips around the tip of my dick and started a slow escort kocaeli slide downwards, I felt her lips licking me on the way down as well as her amazing lips sucking gently on my dick. It was simply amazing, mind-blowing to me. I was getting my first blowjob and it was from someone who just had the most amazing lips. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I could barely take 5 minutes of the cocksucking before I lifted up her head and said “You’re too damn good at this, I don’t want to be done yet”. Selena giggled and replied , “Well then, if that’s the case, it’s my turn.” She went to the other end of my car, laid down and said. “What are you waiting for stud? Take my pants off won’t you?” I obeyed immediately, excited to finally get to take the pants off of this beautiful Latina and admire her every curve. Selena had this bombtastic hourglass figure and was breathtaking to look at when I got all of her clothes off. Her eyes was shining and seemed to say “Come hither my lover”, I leaned over on top of her and started making out with her again. I slid my hands slowly down her abs to her clit and started rubbing there, Selena let out a moan of pleasure and allowed me to rub her clit before moving my fingers down into her pussy to start fingering her. I started fingering her slowly at first but then increased the speed and started really fingering her harder and deeper. Selena had her eyes closed in pleasure with a slight arch of her back and I alternated from fingering her to rubbing her clits to keep her in pleasure until she finally orgasmed. When she orgasmed, her whole body went stiff and then started to shake and she let out a loud moan and grabbed the back of my neck and started kissing me and holding me tight. She cuddled up to me, kept kissing me and slid her hand down to my cock and kept rubbing me, making sure I was rock hard. After doing this for about 15 minutes, she commanded me to fuck her. I climbed up on top of her, she wrapped her legs around me and used her hands to guide my cock kocaeli escort bayan into her tight vagina. Now I thought a blowjob felt amazing but that was nothing compared to having my penis inside this woman. I started thrusting, slowly at first, just relishing in how amazing it felt and then I increased my speed until I was pumping her so fast and so hard my whole car was shaking. Through it all, Selena was breathing heavily and moaning in pleasure as my long, hard cock thrust in and out of her with dizzying speed. Before long, I came. I collapsed in pleasure and exhaustion. Though not wanting it to be over, I told Selena “Can I try again, that was just amazing” “Of course, I want you to keep fucking me”, She said, before giving me a kiss. “But you’ll need to relax and get ready for round two” She grabbed me and started kissing me passionately and after a while, I was ready to go. Selena felt my hard cock against her and slid under me, helping me once more to slide my cock in her. I started pumping again and I was amazed how much longer I could go. While I was fucking her, I had one of my hands on her clit and started rubbing it. Selena arched her back in pleasure and screamed “Yes! Yes! Keep doing that please!” and I obeyed her. I kept doing it until she orgasmed and I felt her entire body shake in pleasure. We rested again and made out again before going for one more round ending with my orgasm by fucking her and then I returned the favor by fingering her. Afterwards, we just cuddled and made out. After a while, she had to go home, It was dark outside and her family would be waiting for her. I drove her back home and kissed her goodbye. The day after, I was bragging to my friends about fucking this gorgeous Latina babe that would have been anybody’s dream lay. I took my best friend to the site and that was when I realized to my horror….I had fucked Selena behind a Church building. I was so embarrassed and yet so proud of myself because hey, I lost my virginity to a really hot babe, albeit I probably should have picked a better location. NOTE: The name of the girl has been changed in order to protect her identity and respect her privacy. I will be doing this in all of my stories out of love and respect to the women I have had sexual encounters with.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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