The Tutor and Jenny (Part 4)

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The Tutor and Jenny (Part 4)
The Tutor and Jenny (Part 4)

My knees were a little weak as Rachel walked out of the room. I realized that I was keeping my guest waiting and I quickly dressed in blue jeans, black button up shirt with French cuffs, jacket and comfortable shoes. I splashed some cologne and walked out of the master bedroom.

As I walked down the stair towards the main sitting room I heard Gina and Jenny talking while music was playing at a low volume. I smiled and marveled at how Gina had the ability to make anyone feel at home.

“Claude,” Gina said. “Its about time. What would you like to drink?”

“Just an expresso, I think. Rachel just left. I’ll make it. How are you doing?” I said.

“I have a early meeting tomorrow. So I’m only having coffee,” said Gina.

“Great,” I said. “Jenny, do you want something else?”

“No thank you,” she said. She smiled at me. “You guys have a beautiful home. Dr. Polanz has been telling me about how long you’ve owned it.”

“Well. It still belongs to Claude Sr. But he spends so much time in Germany these days Gina and I have the place during the school year,” I said.

Gina continued talking to Jenny about enrolling at university as a early high school graduate. She was listening with rapt attention while drinking some tea and I noticed that Jenny kept glancing at Gina’s body. Understandable and I’ve found it impossible to look at Gina without thoughts of sex. I made my expresso in silence, then an afterthought I also poured myself a tonic water. I sipped my drinks and listened to Jenny as she talked about her excitement becoming a college student and being more on her own. Gina interjected occasionally with comments about staying away from the Greek fraternities and working hard.

Finally the room became silent as we finished our drinks. We looked out the large windows towards the beautifully manicured grounds of the estate and the lightning flashes still performing an incredible show.

“So Jenny…..I’m sorry you hurt yourself today,” Gina said. “It’s a good think Claude was there. If that would’ve happened with one of the younger graduate students, they kaçak bahis probably would not have been able to contain themselves. They would be the ones needed medical attention.” She laughed softly.

Jenny looked over at me. I said, “I see you girls have been talking.” She was blushing again but I detected that lustful look again. Horny as hell, I thought!

“What Claude means,” Gina said, “is that we love the fact that you agreed to come over tonight.”

“Dr. Poldanz…” Jenny said.

“Please, Jenny, call me Gina when we’re here at our home.”

“Yes…..sorry…..Gina…all of this is so new to me…I was really freaked out when Claude saw me naked…..he was a perfect gentleman…..I hope to meet someone like him someday”

I walked over to Jenny and sat down next to her. I said, ” Jenny, I told you in the car that you are beautiful.”

As I spoke Gina had gotten up and sat down on the opposite side of the couch next to Jenny. Gina said, “Beautiful.”

Jenny said breathlessly. Looking at me, she closed her eyes. I glanced at Gina and she smiled.

I kissed Jenny and then I kissed my lovely Gina. We both clasped one of Jenny’s hands and we led Jenny to our master bedroom where an hour ago Rachel and I shared a cum filled kiss. My thoughts of sucking Jenny’s cock while Gina was watching was made me hard again.

The three of us sat down on the bed. Gina’s and my hands went beneath Jenny’s skirt. Her cock was getting hard already and Gina started kissing Jenny and I watched them French kiss each other. I started taking off Jenny’s blouse and was rewarded with the sight of a beautiful pair of small, perky and tits. I proceeded to suck on her erect nipples while Gina and I stroked Jenny’s cock together. It was growing into a lovely length that I guessed was about six inches but was thick! Jenny was really getting into deep kissing Gina and I moved my attention to Jenny’s cock. I starting kissing the head, gently sucking it and running my tongue around its purple ridge. I heard her gasp as I was doing this and I heard Gina say, “look Jenny, Claude is kissing your dick….that’s it Claude….worship her beautiful penis….suck perabet her now….good man…you look so lovely with her in your mouth, my dear….”

Gina stopped and started taking her clothes off. My eyes were open and I was looking into Jenny’s eyes. She was watching me now as I kissed, licked, and sucked her cock but suddenly she was distracted by the sight of Gina taking off her blouse, skirt, and tights. She left her lingerie and heels on and said, “Claude, take off your clothes. I think Jenny wants to suck on your dick now and so do I.” She grinned at Jenny and she said, “oh god….Gina…..Claude…you both are so beautiful.”

I reluctantly stopped worshipping Jenny’s cock. I started taking off my shirt and Jenny saw that I was wearing a bra and as I took off my trousers she saw that I was also wearing black panties with black hose that matched Gina’s. I smiled at Jenny’s wonder filled gaze and said, “see, I told you we were alike.” My cock was aching and was peaking out from the side of my wife’s panties. Gina got to her knees and started sucking me. Jenny was hypnotized by Gina’s expert blow job. A little of her lipstick was streaking onto my skin and Jenny stood up and started kissing me. Her kisses were like lightning and the passion we had between us was becoming reality. I was caressing her small breasts with one hand and stroking her beautiful cock with the other while Gina continued to suck my cock. Gina started to deep throat me and Jenny stopped kissing me and pushed me down onto the kind size bed. As she did this Gina focused on keeping my entire dick in her mouth and down her throat. Then she relinquished my dick and Jenny started to deep throat me. Then Gina started licking Jenny’s ear and whispering, “that’s it Jenny….you’re gonna taste his cum soon….kiss me now.” They kissed deeply again and as I watched I could see and feel some precut ooze out of me. Jenny saw this out of the corner of her eye, outstretched her tongue and tasted my precum. As she withdrew her tongue from the tip of my cock a string of precum glistened in the air between her tongue and my cock. Gina imitated perabet giriş Jenny and they started kissing again, savoring the taste of my sex.

For awhile the only thing I was conscience of was the moans and sighs of Jenny and Gina as they continued sharing my dick with each other. Gina finally stopped sucking and took off her panties. She watched Jenny continue to suck and deep throat my cock and then she quickly climbed onto the bed and got into a 69 position with me. Her pussy was so wet! I started licking her clit and pussy lips. Jenny stopped and watched as Gina returned to sucking my cock again. Jenny took off the rest of her clothes and it was only me that were wearing panties, hose and a bra.

Jenny’s cock was still rock hard and she started rubbing the head against my balls while Gina was sucking my cock. Gina gently grabbed both our cocks and started stroking slowly. Sometimes she would press the heads together and Jenny and I would gasp with pleasure. Then she tried to suck our cocks at the same time. The pressure of our cocks pressing tightly together as we slid in and out of Gina’s full mouth was fantastic. All this time I tried to focus on Gina’s clitoris, licking slowly and quickly and all of a sudden our cocks popped out of her mouth and she said, “uhh…ye….yes…YES!!” Gina’s words became a soundless scream and her first of the night orgasm started. I kept sucking and Jenny, in a flash of inspiration, crawled to where I was sucking on her clit and spread Gina’s butt cheeks and started to rim her asshole. “Ahh… oh yes…gonna cum agaiiinnnn….!!” Jenny’s tongue and mine started pressing simultaneously into her pussy and asshole and as Gina’s body shook from her second intense climax, I heard her say, “Fuck me…both of you..right now…”

Gina quickly turned around and while I was watching her she positioned herself over my cock and pressed its head into her ass. Jenny watched amazed as Gina started moving up and down on my cock and she looked at Jenny and she said, “fuck me!”

Jenny said, ” I’ve never fucked anyone before”

Gina slowed down her pace riding my cock and said, “I know.”

The rain continued outside but we didn’t even notice. Jenny started to fuck Gina. Now Gina had both our cocks inside her. Jenny in her pussy and me in her ass. The tempo of our trio of lust began to increase.

(End of Part 4)

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