The Urinal

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Mr. Smith paged me right before lunch. I picked up my desk phone.

“Yes sir?”

“Ms. Wick, I need you to meet me in the men’s room in 15 minutes.”

“Sir? You have a private facility in your office…”

“Just do it Ms. Wick.”

I stared at the phone afterward, wondering what he had in mind. My pussy was already wet. I tried to concentrate on my work, but I kept one eye on the clock. Fifteen minutes had past and Mr. Smith still had not emerged from his office. The phone rang again.

I stared at it. This was some kind of game. I picked up.

“You’re still at your desk.”

“Going now, Sir.”

He hung up without a word. I rose from my desk, tugged smoothly on my pencil skirt to keep it from riding up my stockinged thighs as I stood. Most of the executives on this floor had private offices, with private wash rooms. The public restroom was towards the back, tucked far away from of the elevators and the main bank of offices. The chances of the restroom being empty was good, but I still lingered outside for a minute before sneaking inside.

I paused just inside the door, listened, then entered. The washroom was nothing out of the ordinary, and it was thankfully empty. Clean, white, sterile. The firm was big and expensive, the cleaning crew did their jobs every night and did them well. There was a line of urinals on one side, stalls opposite those, and a row of sinks with tidy stacks of paper towels in wicker baskets. I stood there awkwardly, waiting.

I checked my reflection in the mirror, my red hair was pulled up in a tight bun without a hair out of place. My red lips were still perfect since I hadn’t had lunch yet. I straightened my sky blue blouse and laid the placket flat over my huge breasts. I had to order my silk button up shirts tailored since nothing bought in a store would ever close over my chest. Mr. Smith insisted on silk or satin, and he always wanted me in lighter colors so he could see the outline of my lace bra underneath. I always wore a pencil skirt with silk stockings and a garter belt every day, with trusty leather pumps in a variety of colors to match my lingerie. Many women matched their shoes to their outfits, but not me. Today’s shoes were navy.

I jumped when the door opened, immediately afraid that I would get caught in the men’s room. I should’ve known it was just Mr. Smith, his classic, tailored suit was just like any executive’s on the floor but his broad shoulders and tall build made him distinguished.

I turned to face him, said nothing, waited.

He looked at me, his eyes roved over my body and lingered on my shoes.

“Take off your clothes,” he commanded.

I looked around, hesitated, then started to undo my buttons. He watched me reveal the navy lace bra, the outline of my nipples clearly showed through the delicate mesh. I unzipped my pencil skirt and stepped out of it. My navy lace panties matched both my bra and the garter belt that held up my nude thigh-high stockings with an imperceptibly navy back seam. I kept my pearls on. There was nowhere to place my clothes, so I draped them carefully over a stall door.

Mr. Smith watched all this without comment, letting me work myself up. Someone could come in and catch me in my underwear with my boss at any moment. The thought made my nipples harden.

Mr. Smith moved. He walked over to one of the urinals and motioned me over. He pulled a roll of black electrical tape from his breast pocket.

Well, this was new.

“Put your hands here,” he commanded.

I glanced at him, then placed my hands around the pipe leading from the top of the porcelain to the ceiling. He took a long piece of electrical tape and wrapped it around my wrists, around the pipe, between my wrists, around the pipe again. He wrapped until he was satisfied.

Next he took a blindfold from his pocket, he placed the red silk over my eyes and tied it tightly behind my bun. Now I was tied to the pipe and blindfolded.

“You’re one hot bitch,” he whispered in my ear, and planted a kiss on my neck. Then he pushed me forward and taking his hands on both sides of my hips he guided me down until I was straddling the bowl of the urinal, my ass sticking out the most. He carefully tucked my legs forward, towards the wall, then I heard the rip of the electrical tape as he started taping my calves against the tile. “Which is why I decided escort service to share.”

“Excuse me?” I said, craning my neck towards his voice. In this position my arms were raised slightly over my head, my ass and pussy were sitting prominently over the bowl of the urinal, yet I was still able to stand on my heels to support myself instead of completely resting on the bowl. “What did you say?”

He pressed a kiss against my spine. He said nothing.

I felt his hand over my ass, gripping and kneading the flesh. I gasped, felt my wetness. I felt him rustling with the fabric, heard a rip and felt a cool breeze.

“What are you…?” My question died in my throat as I realized he tore the seam up the back of my panties, exposing my ass crack to him. I felt his finger rub at my asshole.

Was this his game? He wanted to fuck me in the ass here, in the men’s room?

I waited. I felt him drawing something on the small of my back, right above the waistband of my garter belt. I tried to concentrate, to make out what he was writing.

“Do you want to know what is says?” he asked, sitting back to admire his handiwork.

I held perfectly still. “Yes, sir.”

“It says ‘Anal Only.'”

I shuddered. He started rubbing my clit through the fabric of my panties as he continued explaining.

“You see Ms. Wick, you’ve done innumerable degrading things for me over the year you’ve been in my employ. All of which I’ve deeply enjoyed. But never once, in all our time together, have I ever shared you with my colleagues. Why should I be the only one to enjoy your submissive nature?”

I gasped, the rubbing of his fingers and his words were getting me so close to cumming.

“You are the hottest, dirtiest, sluttiest piece of ass I’ve ever had. And now I’ve decided you are going to prove it to everyone else.”

“I’m going to cum, sir.”

He stopped immediately. I felt him withdraw, leaving my hot pussy aching. I heard him moving around behind me, then felt something plastic inserted into my ass and cool, slippery lube being squirted inside. The first capsule was followed by a second.

“After each man comes in your hungry ass, make sure you thank him for his deposit. Tell him what an anal-loving slut you are. Beg him to ram it into you.”

“Yes, sir,” I said, my mouth suddenly dry.

“Whatever he does to you, take it. Just make sure no one sticks it in your pussy. That hole in mine.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Have a good afternoon, Ms. Wick. Enjoy the lube and the Anal-ese, my gift to you.”

“Thank you very much, sir.”

He chuckled, patted me on the butt one last time, then left.

I was alone for only a few minutes before I heard the door open. The sounds of wingtips on tile. The man hesitated, then cautiously approached the urinal where I was strapped down.

“No way,” I heard him mutter. “No fucking way.”

I was frozen in place, unable to move even if I wanted to. I felt the man’s hand on my ass, then his other. “Is this okay?”

I licked my lips, nodded. “Please sir,” I said, my voice cracking a bit, “please fuck my hungry ass with your big cock.”

I heard the sound of his zipper being unzipped, felt his cock head pressed against my anus. The lube was slick enough that he was able to slowly and steadily feed his cock into my bubble ass. I squirmed with every inch.

“Oh my God,” he said. “It’s so tight. I’ve never fucked a girl in the ass before.”

I breathed as he fed every inch into my ass. Finally I felt his balls brush against my satin-covered pussy. The man paused, bent over my entire body his mouth was right next to my ear. “Does it feel good for you too?”

“Yes, sir. My slutty ass feels so good.”

“Yeah?” he said, beginning to pull out. He waited until his crown popped free of my ass before thrusting back in. “You like this?”

“Yes, sir. Fuck me.”

He placed his hands under my huge breasts, lifting them up and letting them bounce in his hands as he thrust in again, pulled out, then in again. He set a steady rhythm, he was the kind of lover that wanted to prolong the experience, wanted to make his girl come.

“I’m going to come soon,” he finally said against my ear. He was pinching my nipples through my bra by now, his thrusts becoming faster. “Where do you want me to come?”

“Please sir, please cum in my ass. I’m a whore london escorts and deserve your cum in my ass.”

That was all it took. I heard him grunt, he slowed his thrusts, and then he came. He held his hips against my butt while he spurted, I heard him wincing with each convulsion. Finally his flaccid dick pulled back, I heard him walk over to the sink and wash his hands.

“Are you okay?” he asked, drying his hands with a piece of paper towel.

I nodded. “Thank you for your cum in my ass. I will treasure it,” I said.

Many of the encounters went like that, and before long I had five creamy loads of jizz in my ass. The next two came in at the same time, I heard threads of their conversation from the hallway before they even opened the door.

“No man, Dave in accounting said that we had to go to this restroom. He said there was something special inside.”

“Are you sure it is not a prank?”

The two men stopped right inside the doorway, letting the door swing shut behind them.

“No way, man. Is this what Dave was talking about?”

“He didn’t say what it was,” the first man said. I heard them approach. “Oh man, this is too good.”

“Wow, look at her ass. People have been really using her!”

“I plan to,” the other man said. He unzipped his fly. “I will never pass up a chance to get my pole wet.”

“It says anal-only. What do you think it means?”

“It means she only wants us to stick it in her ass, dip shit.”

The first man grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them wide. A little bit of cum dribbled out my ass. “Wow, a lot of guys have used her.”

“How many?”

“I don’t know, ask her.”

“Hey slut, how many men have come in your ass already?”

“Five, sirs. You two will make seven.”

“Call me master.” One of the men laughed quietly, nudged the other. “Do you enjoy being the cum dump for the entire floor, slut?”

My cheeks burned red. “Yes, master. Please let my hungry ass drain your balls too.”

He lined his cock up to my opening. “Say it again.”

“Please master, fuck my slutty ass with your huge cock.”

He pushed just the head inside. My ass swallowed his crown tight. “Beg for more.”

“Yes, master. Please give me more of your cock.”

He pushed another inch in. “Again.”

“Yes master, please fuck my ass.”

Another inch. “More.”

“Please, master, please fuck my slutty ass pussy. My ass craves your cum.”

Another inch. “Dirtier.”

“Yes master, please come in my dirty ass. I want you to come in my ass so it will remind me that I’m your anal-loving slut all day.”

Finally the man’s balls pressed against my covered pussy. I could feel the heat of his testicles against my pussy lips, which were dripping with girl juice. My pussy practically wet kissed his balls through my panties, the thought of which made me even hotter. His cock filled my ass completely, the widest I’d taken all day.

The man paused, reached around and put his hand down the front of my panties. He rubbed my pussy lips and made me moan with each caress. He pulled his hand out, his fingers dripping wet.

“Dude, look how much she is getting off on this. I’ve never seen a girl this wet before. Open your mouth, slut.”

I opened my mouth obediently and he thrust his fingers inside, coating my tongue with my own juices. Only then did he start thrusting, he waited until I sucked his fingers dry before finishing. He pulled out quickly, wiped his cock off on my panties still covering most of my ass.

“Dude, get in there.”

The second man took his place after the first, ramming my ass again and again without hesitation.

The other man stood right next to me, watching. “You want me to make her say anything dirty for you?”

“Nah,” the guy thrusting away grunted.

“Cool,” the other one said. “Slut, open your mouth and stick out your tongue. There’s something I’ve always wanted to try.”

I did as I was told, laying my pink tongue against my bottom lip and teeth. I was still blindfolded so I couldn’t see who he was or what he was doing.

The other man cleared his throat and spit directly into my mouth, I felt the glob of spit land directly on my tongue.

The man in my ass finished, but still I held my mouth open and my tongue out.

“Such an eager slut,” the first man said, spitting again into london escort my mouth. “Let me see you swish it.”

I did as he told me, swishing his spit around my mouth with my tongue, making sure he saw every movement.

“You may swallow now, you dirty whore.”

I swallowed his spit, then opened my mouth again to show him I had done so.

“What do you say?”

“Thank you masters for your generosity. I appreciate all the cum you’ve left in my ass.

I heard the two of them washing up at the sinks, talking to each other about their good luck. They left without another word.

Four more men came in before Mr. Smith came back that afternoon. All four of them were quick and business-like, one guy didn’t say a thing even when I thanked him for cuming in me.

When Mr. Smith entered I could tell just from his foot steps. He approached quietly, laid his hand over the words he had put on my back.

“How many men have you taken in your ass?” he asked.

“Eleven, sir.”

“And how many times did you love it?”

“Eleven, sir.”

“And how many in your pussy?”

“None, sir.”

He patted me on my bottom, then spread my cheeks and put three fingers inside. All of the cum, all eleven loads, poured from my ass over his fingers and into the bowl of the urinal. He thrust into my ass a few times with his fingers, scooping all the cum out and making sure he didn’t leave much behind.

“Clean this,” he said, holding his dirty cum-covered fingers in front of my face. I opened my mouth and he trust his fingers inside, deep in my throat, allowing me to suck on them and clean between his fingers with my tongue. When he was adequately satisfied that I had licked all the cum from his fingers he pulled them away from my face and began cutting the black electrical tape that held me in place.

I was relieved when I could stand up again, and Mr. Smith even took my blindfold off. He placed his hand over my pussy, checking the heat and wetness through my panties. Seemingly satisfied he pointed to the urinal, to the gobs and gobs of cum resting in the bowl.

“Clean that up,” he said with a malicious smile. “All your lovers left you such a delicious treat, you must not leave it behind.”

“Yes, sir,” I said. I walked over to the urinal, bent at the waist, and began to lick up the cum with long strokes of my tongue. Mr. Smith watched me with every lick, made sure I cleaned the urinal to his exact standards with my eager tongue.

“Do you want to cum?” he asked.

I moaned, nodded, but did not stop licking the urinal bowl.

Mr. Smith slipped his fingers in the hole in the back of my panties while I continued to lick. He placed two fingers in my dripping pussy, one in my ass, and his pinky rubbed against my clit with each slow and steady thrust of his hand.

“Don’t stop licking this bowl until it is cleaner than you found it, and then I will let you come while you lick it clean.”

I moaned with each thrust of his hand, I cleaned all the cum off the bowl and started licking the back wall of the urinal. I was going crazy, my pussy was so hot from his fingers and my clit sang with each thrust. I licked the cool porcelain rim, I licked the bowl again, I started licking up the back wall again.

“Don’t forgot the drain.”

I licked around the drain, over the drain, stuck the tip of my tongue in each hole in the drain before licking the back of the urinal again. Mr. Smith’s fingers were driving me crazy, and I wanted to come so bad. Finally my cleaning job must have met his approval because he pulled all his fingers out and cupped all four over my pussy, using his fingertips to put even pressure over my clit and used small circles until I gasped and came and practically squirted all over his fingers before collapsing to my knees.

Mr. Smith went over to the sink and washed his hands.

“Pull yourself together, Ms. Wick, and walk back to your desk right away. I have work for you this afternoon.”

“Yes, sir.”

I cleaned up, pulled my clothes back on and quietly slipped out of the men’s room. Walking the hallway I felt so exposed, the slash in my panties let air through to caress my abused asshole. I felt eyes on me, but there was no way to know which of the men on the floor had visited me in the bathroom. I didn’t know which ones had made me call them master and spit in my mouth.

The humiliation of it all made me pussy throb, I didn’t think masturbating ten times in a row would make any of the horniness I felt go away.

I sat down at my desk and fought the urge to finger myself. There was work to do, after all.

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