The White Place, Chapter 4

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The White Place, Chapter 4Beth had fallen asleep on the couch, and sometime during the night her father had carried her up to her room after their heavy fuck session. She woke up under the covers, naked, and deeply satisfied. All she could think of, and all she wanted was cock. She had already been fucked by 7 guys. Will from the White Place, Shawn from the gas station, and 5 of her mother’s friends. As she thought about all these men, she then thought about how 6 out of the 7 guys had cum in her, and if she could be pregnant. She panicked for a moment, thinking “What if I’m pregnant and I don’t get to see Will again?”. She pushed the thought aside, dressed in some sweat pants and a shirt, and went downstairs. Her mother and her father were cuddling on the couch and sipping coffee. My father winked at me as he rubbed my mother’s shoulders. My mom saw me and said “Oh honey, I’m glad you’re up. Omar called this morning. He wants to talk to you.” My mind went blank for a moment, Omar? Then a light-bulb went off, Omar was one of the guys from my mother’s orgy. I smiled, and relished the thought of fucking him again. “I’ll give him a call.” I told her. I looked at my father, his face fell a little, and then he narrowed his eyes, and followed me into the kitchen. “Beth. What are you doing?” I turned around and looked at him while folding my arms. “What do you mean ‘what am I doing’?” I said defensively. He stood real close to me, and grabbed my arm. “You’re mine. I am the only guy who is going to fuck you.” I raised my eye brows, and ripped my arm out of his grasp. “I can fuck whoever the fuck I want. You think you can be here a day, and boss me around?” I grabbed the orange juice bottle from the fridge, and stomped upstairs, leaving him fuming behind me. When he didn’t follow me, I was feeling spiteful, and pulled out my cell phone. My mother had given me all of her fuck buddies phone numbers, and I found Omar’s, and hit send. Within the first ring he picked up. “Hello?””Hi Omar, it’s Beth.””Oh hey baby. Your mom tell you I called?””Yeah. I just woke up.” I looked at the clock and saw that it was noon, and suddenly felt embarrassed for getting up so late. I also just realized that I had skipped school. “That’s cool baby. So you wanna hook up today? You can come to my place if you want.” I pondered this for a moment. I was kind of hesitant to go to his place alone, but then his huge big black cock entered my mind, and I didn’t even have to think. “Of course. Do you want to pick me up in an hour?””No doubt baby. I’ll see you soon.” He hung up, and I immediately hopped off the bed and got in the shower. I wanted to make sure my pussy was good, and clean before Omar got a hold of it. After I showered and stepped out of my bathroom my father was sitting on my bed. “What are you doing? Get out of my room!” I yelled at him. He was glaring at me, and grabbing the bed sheets as his hands were balling into fists. “Beth.” He tried to say calmly. “Are you going somewhere?” I really didn’t like him being so possessive, and especially because he hadn’t given a damn about me for 17 years. “Yes, I’m going to Margo’s house.” Margo was my best friend from school. She had already had a k**, and was pregnant with her second. He looked at me skeptically. “What is her number? I’d like to call you there after a while.” That suddenly made me angry. What gave him the right to check up on me? I decided to play along, and I’d have to give Margo a heads up if he called. I wrote down Margo’s number, and he turned to leave. “Oh Beth.” He said before he went downstairs. “If you’re lying to me, there will be consequences.” Then he promptly headed down the stairs. I brushed off his threats, Çubuk travesti and put some lingerie on under my clothes. I headed out the door, and as soon as I closed it behind me Omar pulled up in a red shiny sports car. “Hey baby, hop in.” I climbed into the car, he smiled at me, and we took off. On the way I called Margo and told her if my dad called to make some excuse. She agreed, a little confused, and went back to her screaming two-year-old son named Peter. Margo was home schooled because it was much easier to care for Peter, and get ready for baby number two, which was due in a couple months. We drove for about 20 minutes and stopped in front of an apartment complex, called “Bradbury Apartments”. They actually looked fairly nice, and in a good part of town. As Omar led me to the third floor he grabbed my ass, and put his hand around my waist. He opened door number 333, and locked it behind him. It was a studio apartment, with a king sized bed in the middle, the kitchen area to the top left, the bathroom on the bottom right, a couple couches, a TV, and a computer against the wall. It was decorated to look like a beach house, and I guessed that he wasn’t the only one who lived here. I turned to him, and he immediately grabbed my ass, and started kissing me. He hungrily stuck his tongue in my mouth, and began taking off my shirt. I kissed him back, a little self-conscious about my kissing, because I had only ever kissed two other boys. He pulled my shirt off over his head, revealing my black lacy see-through bra. While he unbuttoned my jeans, I pulled his shirt off, all the while keeping our mouths tied together, and making our breathing labored. He pulled my jeans down my legs, and I stepped out of them now in my black thong, with hardly any fabric covering my pussy. I unbuttoned his jeans, and he started grabbing and rubbing my breasts. I pulled his pants down, and he was wearing blue striped boxers, his bulge was clearly visible, and huge. He pulled me closer to him, kissing, and caressing me, making my pussy throb with anticipation. I felt my bra fall from my shoulders as he unhooked it, and threw it to the floor. My naked breasts were round, and soft, my nipples fully erect. He gently squeezed my nipples, nice and hard between his fingertips. I licked my lips, and he took his mouth from mine and leaned down to taste them. A surge of pleasure shot through me as his tongue lightly licked each one, and his hand massaged the rest of my breast. He sucked, and licked my nipples as if he was a baby breast feeding, I felt a moan building in my throat. He traced his finger from my nipples, down my body, and slipped under my panties, feeling my naked mound. (My mother told me to shave it, so I did). He rubbed my mound, while he sucked on my nipples, a soft moan leaving my lips. I closed my eyes in bliss. I was fully aware that Omar had taken the reins, and I knew I would do whatever he wanted. He suddenly lifted me up, and gently placed me on the bed. He kissed me, then slowly kissed me all the way down my body. He kissed each nipple, 4 tender kisses down my torso, and then pulled down my panties, and tossed them on the computer desk. He was mesmerized by my naked pussy. He spread my legs as far as they would go, and inhaled, while closing his eyes as he breathed in the scent of my young cunt. “You smell so much better than your momma.” He whispered. He then got his face close to my pussy, and just stared for a moment. My pussy was on fire, and I was getting wet just waiting for the pleasure to begin. I closed my eyes, and eagerly moved my pussy up and down, waiting. Then, I felt a kiss on my thigh, then the other side. He kissed my Çukurambar travesti mound, then the side of my pussy lips, and then finally, his tongue gently licked my slit. I moaned in pleasure. He tongue began exploring, saving my clit for last. His tongue swirled around my clit, my breathing, and moaning getting louder. he then lapped up my pussy juices, and my pussy was getting wetter and wetter. He licked his lips, “Damn girl, you taste good!” He immediately went back to eating my all-to-eager pussy out. I started moving my hips up and down, and from side to side, my head following. He ate me deep, and I loved every minute of it. I felt my climax building. He licked me from my asshole to my clit, over and over, and stopped at my cunt hole. He looked at me for a moment, then plunged his tongue in my hole. I screamed in ecstasy. Over, and over again his tongue penetrated my pussy, faster and faster. I screamed “I’m going to cum! I’m……CUMMING!!!” He switched to my clit, and licked me like an ice cream cone that was melting, and dripping on the sides, faster and faster. I was still screaming minutes later, and I felt the tremors surge through my body, and my pussy was wetter than ever. Even though I had just climaxed, I was ready to go again. He smiled up at me, and lay beside me on the bed. I sat up, and got on my knees. I pulled his boxers down, and his huge black cock was even bigger than I remembered. It stood straight up, all 9 inches of him, long, and thick, my kind of cock. My eyes were aglow with delight, and I reached out, and grabbed his meaty cock. I was on my knees beside him on the bed, and I bent my head over, and my tongue lightly caressed the tip of the head. Barely touching it. I wanted to tease him, like he teased me. He let out a whispered groan. My hand lightly stroked his cock, as my tongue teased him. I let my tongue leave a trail down his shaft, and onto his balls, around his cock, and back up. He put his hands behind his head, and closed his eyes, relaxing and enjoying the pleasure. My tongue began to swirl around the head, lightly wetting the tip. I licked the sides of his long cock, up and down, until his cock was lightly glistening with my saliva. “Give it to me girl.” He prodded. I obeyed, and my mouth clamped down on the head. He groaned. I sucked, and clamped my lips down as hard as I could. My tongue licking like mad from the inside. I went up and down, my hand stroking the rest of his shaft in the same rhythm. I went faster, then slower, and faster, and slower. I felt his cock grow even larger, rock hard. He then put his hand on the back of my head, and forced my head to go down, and my mouth was now full of cock. Less than half of his cock was in my mouth when the head hit the end of my throat. I began to gag, and he pushed my head down further. He groaned deeply. I felt him pull my head back, “You’re gonna make me cum baby girl.”He pulled me away from his cock, and pushed me on my back. He got in-between my legs, and spread them. He rubbed his cock on my pussy, and clit. I moaned. “You ready baby?””Oh yes. Fuck me. Fuck me!” I commanded. He got a greedy look on his lips, and placed the head at my cunt hole. He eased in the head, little by little. “Ahhhh Damn, that pussy is tight!” He said excitedly. I felt my pussy contracting on the head, and eager for more. “Put that cock in me. Fill up my pussy with that meaty pole.” He then plunged his cock in me as hard as he could. I felt it hit my cervix, disturbing my womb, and his balls were almost touching my ass. “Keep going. All the way!” I felt some pain as he pushed further, but the pleasure cancelled it out immediately. I moaned, and wrapped my legs around Demetevler travesti him. He started slow at first, pumping in and out deeply. He bent forward, and sucked on my tits as he fucked me, going a little faster, and harder. I started humping down onto him with every stroke, making it go deeper inside me. I could feel every inch of that cock, my pussy squeezing, and throbbing with pleasure. He then pulled his cock all the way out except for the head, then gave a mighty thrust and his cock was enveloped in my pussy. He started going faster, his balls slapping my ass. I reached down and started rubbing my clit. He slapped my hand away, and pressed down hard with his thumb on my little engorged nub. I screamed. I felt my climax building. Omar felt it too, and pulled out. He spun me around, and lie me flat on my stomach. He opened my ass cheeks, located my pussy, and quickly slipped it inside. I was moaning so loud, and the bed began banging into the wall corresponding with his thrusts. The bed squeaked, as he grabbed my ass, and pummeled my pussy as hard as he could. My legs were closed, making it even tighter, and I could feel every little bump, and inch of that cock. It spurred me on, and I was close to cumming again. He pulled out again, and spun me back around, opening my legs wide. He held himself up with his arms, and his legs were straight back. He put his full force in plunging his cock in me, over, and over again. Deeper, and deeper, faster, and faster. In, and out, in and out. I could scarcely breathe. “Oh my god!!” I screamed. “I’m gonna cum! I’m going to cum!!” He went faster, trying to meet my orgasm. The bed banged into the wall relentlessly, and the slapping noise was out of control. He pumped his cock, and let me feel the deepest thrusts I ever have. I felt him tense, and a heavy groan, as he came with me, spilling his cum into my pussy. We were both moaning, and groaning, as the spasms ran through our bodies. He pumped his cock in me a few more times, and shooting his enormous streams of cum right at the entrance to my womb. It felt so good. My pussy milked his cock dry, and he collapsed on top of me, his cock going soft in my pussy. He gently pulled out of me, and lay beside me, both of us drenched in sweat. I felt the juices spill out of my pussy, and slide down to my asshole. After we had both caught out breath, he turned to me, resting his head on his hand, and smiled deeply. “That, baby girl, was the best fuck I have EVER had.” I smiled, “Me too.””You on the pill?” For a moment Will popped in my head, but I chased it away, and gazed at Omar. “No, but I’m supposed to get pregnant anyway. So who knows. Maybe in the near future you’ll be a daddy.” He seemed to like this, and gave me a gentle kiss. I spent a few more hours hanging out with Omar, naked the whole time. He drove me home, and gave me a kiss before driving away. I went inside, and my mother was making something in the kitchen, and I ran up the stairs. When I opened the door it was dark, and rather sinister, and I felt like someone was watching me. When I turned on the light, my father startled me, and I almost fell over. He was glaring at me again, sitting on my bed, his arms crossed. “I told you if you lied to me there would be consequences.”hesitantly, and now suddenly scared, I said “What are you talking about? I was at Margo’s.”He held his composer at the bold faced lie. “I called Margo. She said you were in the bathroom. Then I called again, and she said you fell asleep. I called again, and she said you had left to go to another friends house, but didn’t know where. Then, I asked your mother what kind of car Omar drives. I saw you. I saw him fucking your brains out. My daughter!” He screamed at me. “You are never to fuck anyone but me again! Do you understand?!” He didn’t give me a chance to answer, he picked me up, threw me over his shoulder, and threw me onto my bed. “Yes, there will be consequences.”

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