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THE WRONG TAPEThe three college guys were exhausted from their afternoon of tennis on the campus courts. Arriving at Brad’s new apartment, they decided to relax and watch a movie and have a beer and some popcorn.”You guys pick a tape out of that box over there and I’ll go throw a couple bags of popcorn in the microwave and rustle up some beers.”Lee and Jason got up and began to rummage through the box of videos. “- Haven’t gotten everything put away yet, hunh?”, Lee yelled out.”No,” Brad yelled back from the kitchen, “maybe tomorrow.””What’s this one?” Jason asked. “There’s no box.””Who knows? Stick it in. I’ll go get our beers.””Find anything?” Brad asked as Lee came into the kitchen.”Not yet. After a couple of beers it won’t matter,” he laughed.”Hey, check this out!” Jason whispered when Lee came back in and sat down. “It was in the middle of the tape.” Jason had the remote on still …the picture indistinguishable. Then he started it again.Brad stood there listening to the corn pop and sipping his beer. He pulled down a couple of large bowls in preparation. He filled one, then stuck a second bag in to pop, knowing how ravenous his friends were when it came to eating. That one finished, he began to fill the second bowl.He carried them in. “Hey, you guys sure are quiet in here.””Yeah…well, we didn’t know you were a cocksucker, Brad!”Seeing the picture on the screen, he froze in the doorway and closed his eyes. “Uh, oh,” he said quietly. “Damn, I knew I shoulda separated them! Listen, guys, I can explain.””No need,” Jason said, waving his hand–not taking his eyes from the screen. “Picture tells a thousand words, buddy!””Gawd! Look at it, Brad! You’re taking that cock right down your throat!” Lee gasped.Shrugging, Brad knew he had to fess up. Putting down the popcorn bowls, he slumped down on the couch and sighed. “It’s not what you think, guys. Honest it’s not.””Who you k**ding, Claymore?” Jason pointed. “You’re slopping your tongue all over that guy’s prick like crazy…and look at that boner you got sticking out there! Looks like you’re liking what you’re munching on and I don’t mean the popcorn.””Yeah, not bad Claymore,” Lee chuckled. “Are all you fags hung like that? Oh, sorry. Are all ‘gay guys’ hung like that?” He grabbed for a handful of popcorn…as did Jason.”Come on, turn it off and let me explain,” he urged.”We got ears, and we can multitask,” Lee chided. “Explain away. Gotta tell ya though, buddy, you got a long way to go to explain what we see right there.””Jeez, look at those other two guys. That blond’s even a better cocksucker than you, Brad!””Yeah, that’s Cory. He’s gay.””Oh, seriously? Who’d a guessed?” he said sarcastically.”Listen, guys, I’m not gay! I do it for the money. That’s how I can afford this apartment. I make a tape about once a month so I can live here. Lots of straight guys make these films just for the money. That guy I’m…s-sucking…is straight–just like me. He introduced me to the director.””He’s straight?!” Jason laughed. “Quit bullshitting us, man. Look at that, he’s down there licking your asshole while you blow him! Just admit it, Brad. We’re not gonna fuckin’ beat you up or anything.””He is straight, guys, and so am I. We’re actors! Sex actors.”Jason turned and looked at him, quizzically. “I don’t get it. How can you do THAT for money? How can you be straight and put another guy’s cock in your mouth and suck it?””He doesn’t come in my mouth. Nobody does. Everybody’s clean. It’s all made to look like real sex, but all we’re really doing is licking clean skin. Ain’t much different than if a guy washed his hands and you sucked on his finger. It’s no big deal..and you get paid a lot for doing it. We figure that unless somebody’s gay, they won’t see the tapes anyway.””Can’t be that simple. You hafta be turned on to come, doncha?””Well…sure. I mean it’s, um, like a prick has no conscience, see? The deal is we try to put on a good show and work each other up for the camera. Kinda like a ‘you suck mine and I’ll suck yours’ situation.””Sure is weird, if you ask me,” Lee said, still skeptical.”Yeah, it is. But I can tell you this…those gay guys, and even some of the straight guys that have been doing it for a while…sure give better blowjobs than any chicks I’ve ever known.””Don’t look like you’re too bad on blowing, yourself, Brad,” Jason smirked. “Whadda you got around your waist? This some kind of a military movie? How many of these things have you made?””It’s sort of a gay soldier of fortune flick. I’ve made six. You can tell on the first one how scared I was. I admit, it was kinda hard at first…suckin’ a guy’s prick…especially on film with the crew standing around and watching ya do it!””You sure got used to it!” Lee laughed.”Aw, suckin’ cock ain’t really that bad. It’s…well, it’s okay.””Then I guess…” Lee nudged Jason in the ribs, “…you wouldn’t mind blowing us, right?””Yeah,” Jason agreed to the idea, “we’ll even wash ’em real good, won’t we, Lee?””Sure! You lick assholes, too, Brad? Never had my butthole licked.””I…I’ve done it,” he quietly admitted, shrugging.”So how ’bout it?””Get real…this is different. If you guys want to make some videos, they’re always looking for new guys. I can introduce you. I suppose they might want us to make ’em together.””Hold on,” Lee held up his hand. “We don’t wanna be porn stars, we just wanna get our cocks sucked. It’s no big deal to you, so you say, so why don’t you just suck us off?””I told you guys…I only do it for the money.””I got a dime!” Jason chuckled, reaching into his pocket.”I can add a quarter to that,” Lee grinned.”Fuck you, you guys are such assholes!” Brad said. “I’m not like that. You ready for another beer?””We know what you are, we’re just trying to settle on your price.””HOLY SHIT!” Jason gasped. “I got another idea…just look at the screen. Claymore’s gettin’ his butt plugged! Man, he’s really slammin’ down to get that big prick up his asshole!””Will ya look at that expression on his face. That ain’t acting! You can’t convince me that’s all acting, Brad. Listen to that, you’re humping your ass up and down begging him for more, to shove more in!””It’s just…acting. HONEST!” Brad cried, trying to grab the remote.”`FUCK ME HARD, YOU SWEET BASTARD! FUCK ME HARDER, BABY!’ That’s just acting?! Look, your cock’s exploding all over your chest and face and you aren’t even touching it! God damn, you LIKE getting fucked don’t you!” Lee accused.”Um…he…it’s just that…” Brad sighed, giving up.”Didn’t elazığ escort that hurt?” Jason asked, sincerely.”Yeah, at first, but…” Then he started to giggle to himself. “Okay, I did kinda like it that time. The guy f-fucking me really knew how to do it. That’s why they teamed him up with me, they said. The straight guy loosened me up with his tongue, then this guy took over. But, well, you can’t see it, but they squirted all this goop up my ass first. Haven’t you guys ever stuck a finger up your butt while jacking off?””Hell no!” Lee cried.”Uh, I have, sure,” Jason admitted. “Why?””You jiggle your prostate when you come, doncha?” Brad asked.”Yeah. Is that what it’s called?””Oh, I know what you mean,” Lee finally admitted. “Okay, so I have!””Well, that’s the spot he kept hitting. I’ve done that too, but I never thought that thing could make you feel so good. But he sure did. That’s why I shot so much! I…fuck you guys, I gotta admit it. When he started bangin’ my prostate like that, I wasn’t just acting. I’d never felt anything that good!””So it was real?” Jason asked, intrigued “I was begging him to fuck me. My dick never shot off on its own before. That’s how turned on he got me!” Brad slumped back in the cushions. “So there it is. I keep doing it because it’s enjoyable. Even with guys, sex is a turn-on. Maybe it’s the camera, I don’t know. But I still say I only do it for the bread, whether you believe me or not.””You swear that other guy is straight too?” Lee asked, pointing at the action. “He’s getting his ass plugged and sucking on another guy’s cock at the same time.””That’s what he told me. And all the other guys acknowledge that he’s straight. There’s a lot of them, believe me. The guy that got me into it–and I know he’s straight, I’ve met his girlfriend. They’ve been going together for four years and they’re going to get married. When he first brought it up, he told me I was good-looking and there was a way to make some good money. I told him I couldn’t do that, and just like you guys, I told him I couldn’t understand how a guy could suck on another guy’s cock. So he showed me.””Showed you?””Yeah, he pulled my pants down and gave me a blowjob! He even drank my cum, but he said he didn’t usually do that. He just wanted to show me that blowing a guy wasn’t all that terrible.””Fuckin’ weird!” Lee shook his head.”Okay, maybe I believe you. If you blew us, we’d believe you for sure, though.””That makes a lot of sense, asshole!” Brad cried. “Get down on my knees and suck your joints to prove I’m not gay?””Oh, I see your point. But that tape’s got us horny! Can’t you make an exception? You’re so good at it. I don’t know about Lee, but I’ve never gotten head like that. We won’t come in your mouth, will we Lee?””No. Hell, no! Just work us up real good! How ’bout it?””Listen guys, I’m straight. Okay, so I suck cock on film…””And take it up the ass,” Lee reminded him.”…and take it up the ass, alright? Thing is…””And lick assholes!””Yeah, and that too. But I don’t go around giving freebees.””But…you don’t mind it, Brad! That’s the thing.””You’re forgetting something. I’m getting my dick sucked in those films, too. You guys prepared to return the favor? I don’t think so.””Alright, alright. Let’s watch another of your films though, okay? It’s kinda wild. Show us the one you liked making the best.””Lee, you don’t really wanna see…””Hey, yeah!” Jason agreed. “I want to see more. You can tell us all about the other guys…which ones are straight and so forth. Come on, grab us some more beer and tell us about them. We can dig watchin’ this sex even if we don’t wanna do it. Heh, still gives me a boner!””Well, alright. Actually, I’d like to. I’ve never had the chance to show them to anybody, you know? Nobody would under- stand. I’ll get us some more beers.” He hurried into the kitchen, rather excited.”Whadda you think?” Lee asked Jason.”I don’t know. I guess he’s on the level. If he wasn’t he’d be on his knees blowing us right now.””Yeah, but that’s the idea. How are we gonna get him to do it? Somehow we gotta talk him into it. You want to, don’t you?”Just then Brad walked into the room all cheerful. “Who wants to do what?” he asked, handing them the bottles and sitting down.”Oh, Jason said he’d blow you.””I DID NOT, YOU FUCKIN’ LIAR!” Jason squealed, nearly choking on his mouthful of suds. “I didn’t say that,” Jason assured Brad over Lee’s laughter. “Truth is, he said he’d blow me while you were blowing him!” Jason turned the tables to more giggles and laughter.”You pussies had me going there for a minute,” Brad laughed with them. “Oh, I was gonna put on another tape.” He got up and reached into the box picking one out. “Actually, the beginning of that one isn’t too bad, but I think this one’s pretty good.” He slipped it into the slot.”Had you going? That mean you’d like to do it…if we were more, uh, active or something?””No, I thought you two were turning qu…gay on me. I don’t know if I’d like it, but I’d do it in a film. I’ve seen you both bare assed, remember? Let’s just say I’ve sucked worse looking dicks than yours. Bigger ones, but I guess I know good looking peckers these days.””So some make your mouth water more than others?” Lee chuckled.”More like…there are some guys I just won’t do it with, that’s all. Like that guy. They wanted to team me up with him, but I said no. See how hairy he is? And all that foreskin! Yeck!””Well, I don’t know one guy from another,” Jason shrugged.”You don’t like his type, huh?””You don’t know one guy from another…?” Brad smirked.”What bullshit! Since I’ve been around gay guys I’ve heard how they laugh about all the dumb things straight guys say…all our macho bullshit. I’ll show you.” He turned in his seat and pointed at Jason. “Okay, you gotta suck a cock. You got two choices. Him or Lee. Who you gonna choose?””Uh, well if I gotta, I guess I’d choose Lee.””Why?””Cause I know him, I guess.””Alright, that doesn’t count. Make it between the hairy guy and the little blond with the cute butt over there,” he pointed.”Uh, the blond.””I’d pick the blond, too!” Lee gushed.”See? You can tell the difference. Deep down inside, maybe, but you’re still more sexually attracted to the k** than the other guy. Maybe it’s because he’s prettier or whatever, but if you were gonna be stranded on a desert island with one of them, you’d pick him because you know being alone like that things would turn sexual eventually.””Aw, that’s just cause he looks more like a girl than escort elazığ Harry!””Yeah, but he’s not…and you know that. The two did get teamed up together in another film, and you know what? The blond fucked the shit outta the hairy guy! He loves to fuck.And even knowing that, you guys would still pick him, wouldn’t you?””Yeah,” Lee reluctantly admitted, chuckling, “and that’s kinda disturbing!””It’s just attitude, man. The gay guys are always saying how straight guys like to experiment. They say it’s pretty easy to get a straight to give it a try…at least once. Course they’d never tell their buddies about it. You guys might have done it before. They could cut off your balls before you’d ever admit it to each other…or me.””Naw, we never messed around with each other,” Jason assured.”I didn’t necessarily mean together. I meant with other guys.””Ha, ha, ha! I wouldn’t admit it!” Lee laughed. “Hey, will ya look at that!” He quickly changed the subject to the porno film. “When’d that guy show up? Jeez, look at him eatin’ that blond k**’s asshole!””Gawd, you can see his tongue going in!” Jason gasped.”Man, I thought you guys were just lickin’! That fag…uh, guy’s shovin’ his whole tongue inside the k**’s ass!””That fag’s as straight as you are, Lee,” Brad smiled, loving the way his friends’ minds were being blown.”NO WAY! Damn, I don’t even eat pussy that way.””Oh, speaking of pussy,” Brad interrupted, “I made a bisexual film, too. I eat out this pretty redheaded chick and fuck her. Her boyfriend comes in and catches us, and he…well, he fucks me and makes me suck his dick.””In that order?!” Jason exclaimed.”Hunh? Oh, no. He makes me suck him and makes her lick his balls. Then he fucks me while I eat her out some more.””That’s a relief.””Naw, they don’t do that stuff in films. Too nasty, I guess, even though everybody’s so spic ‘n span.””You mean to tell me that when you gotta lick some dude’s asshole, it don’t even smell a little?””Just a little sweat once in a while, especially if we’ve been sitting around all day.””Hell. I get out of the shower and two hours later my butthole smells,” Lee said innocently.Brad and Jason laughed. Brad asked how he knew. “Uh, never mind!” he blushed.”Ha! Sounds like Lee’s been playing stinky-finger with himself!” He nudged Brad in the ribs, idly playing with his cock. Brad saw that, and Jason immediately pulled his hand up.”Don’t let me stop you,” he grinned. “We’re sittin’ here watching porn. Fuck it, man, play with your dick if you want. Pull ’em out and jack off, I don’t care.” Brad was feeling giddy from the beer. “I’m gonna go get us another cold one. You guys want me to bring back tissues?””Shit! He thinks this queer stuff’s gettin’ us off?” Lee whispered after he left.”It is, you dumb fuck!” Jason laughed. “Look at that hardon in your shorts. Who’re you trying to k**?””Think if we pull ’em out, he’ll go down on us?””You sure want his mouth on your cock, don’t cha”‘”Damn right! His…or yours!” he joked.”Fat chance! You wanna give him a show when he walks in?””Yeah, let’s pull our cocks out!” Lee urged, unsnapping.Brad returned. “Sure glad I stocked up on…HOLY FUCK! You’re really gonna do it?” Brad gasped at the sight of the two smiling guys slumped down on the couch…holding up two steel hard pricks, obviously as an invitation! “JEEZ! I didn’t think you had the nerve.””Come on, whip it out,” Jason encouraged. “You gotta join us so we don’t feel totally stupid jacking off…watching guys fuck each other!””Uh, maybe later. My scene’s coming up. I’d feel weird jacking off to myself.”There wasn’t any furious masturbating, but the three jocks fondled themselves…a little embarrassed, but not so much that they put their dicks away. They all paid attention to the video Brad had picked on purpose:Brad played Jody, a college fraternity member lounging around with two of his fellow brothers, Mark and Greg, at the frat house. The talk quickly got around to sex, of course, and gossiping about ‘the faggot’ called Jerry they both had in their Chemistry class.”I caught him going down on this guy in the library can. The fucker didn’t even look up, just kept suckin’ the guy’s cock. The other guy winked at me, and all the time I tried to take a piss…I couldn’t. My dick was getting harder just watching them. The guy started humping the fag’s face and shot a big wad of cum down his cocksucking throat. When the guy left, Jerry came over to the urinal and went down on me!””Really? You let him do it?!” Greg asked.”Sure, he’s great!” Mark said. “You oughta let him blow you some time.””Well, actually he did. He talked me into going to his room in the dorm. I did it to him, too. He got me so turned on I tried it.””Ha! You, too? Truth is, we went into a stall and I sucked him.””What’s with you guys?!” Jody gasped, sitting between them. “I’d never let a guy put his prick in my mouth!””Oh! We got a sissy here, Greg! Maybe he’s gonna go around telling on us. What do you think we should do?””I got an idea right here, Mark!” Greg quickly stood up and opened his pants and pulled out a huge erection. Mark pushed on Brad’s head, pushing it down into the other guy’s crotch.”No, don’t make me…” Jody cried, suddenly finding his mouth filled with hard college buddy prick.Like most pornos, his struggle was very short-lived. Jody was moving his lips over the rigid shaft, over the fat knob, and taking it in…deeply! Meanwhile, Mark was taking off his own clothes. When he was naked, he pulled Brad’s face over to suck him while Greg got naked. The two guys kept pulling Jody’s mouth back and forth, making him suck them. Greg reached down and yanked Jody’s pants off…with help from Jody, of course.Before long, the trio had quickly dissolved into a cocksucking, ass rimming, free-for-all. Greg blew Jody while Jody rimmed Mark. Greg licked Mark’s balls while Jody sucked on his cock. At one point, while Mark was straddling Jody as he slumped in the couch, jamming his prick down his throat, Greg had Jody’s legs up in the air and was tonguing his butt.Suddenly, Jody cried out, “Okay, okay, FUCK ME!”Greg flipped him over and slipped his big cock up Jody’s butthole and most of the action shown was the big prick going in and out of Jody’s ass in a deep-pounding fuck while he sucked Mark!Brad glanced over and noticed that Lee and Jason were taking surefire strokes on their hard pricks…and they were looking at each other do it. He reached over and took hold of Jason’s cock.”Do it to him,” he said, breathlessly.Tentatively, elazığ escort bayan Jason reached over and grabbed Lee’s erection.Smiling, Lee let him have it. Brad jacked Jason…Jason jacked Lee. Then Brad said to switch. With a groan, Lee complied. He took hold of Jason’s cock while Jason handled Brad’s prick.Okay, it was only mutual masturbation. They quickly forgot their discomfort and eased into a comfortable horniness…giving a buddy a hand…jacking back and forth…getting hotter and hotter.”You guys ready to try sucking?” Brad calmly suggested.”Uh,” Lee gulped, looking at Jason.Jason gulped. “Uh.””I’ll start if you’ll do it,” Brad said.To Lee’s surprise, Jason nodded. But he waited for Lee’s affirmation. Biting his lip, Lee agreed.”I gueeess. Oh, okay. Go down on me, man. If you’ll do it, I will.””Wade-a-minute!” Jason looked at Brad. Brad leaned over and went straight down on Jason’s hard, upstanding prick.”OH, FUCK! OH, YEAH! OH, DO IT! OHHH!” he gasped, watching his buddy work up and down his shaft like a pro! Hell, he was a pro! “Unh, unh,” Jason was squirming in his seat.”Damn, that looks so fuckin’ good!” Lee watched, jerking his prick. “Come on, Jason, go down on me!” He put his hand on the back of his friend’s neck.”You promise to do it to me, right?””Fuck yes I’m gonna do it! Come on.””Scoot down first,” Brad said. “Don’t come while I’m sucking you.”First, they all stripped. Back in position, Jason glanced at Lee’s face and blushed. Lee winked at him, lightly pushing down on his head. Jason didn’t need any help. Almost immediately, he devoured Lee’s stiff prick, trying to imitate what Brad was doing, and what he’d seen in the films. Too much of a good thing the first time…he almost gagged. Then he soon got into a comfortable rhythm, finding that there really wasn’t any trick to it…cocksucking seemed a perfectly natural thing to do. He was surprised at how exciting his friend’s cock felt in his hand and in his mouth.”Oh, wow…that’s sooo good,” Lee settled back, enjoying it.Jason felt the muscle twitch and throb in his mouth, knowing that it was his sucking that was giving the guy so much pleasure. He nearly forgot that he was getting his own cock sucked at the same time. Brad was taking it real easy to keep him from shooting prematurely.Lee had had blowjobs from chicks before, and he couldn’t decide if they just weren’t very good at it, or if the nasty pervertedness of it all…having his buddy do it to him…was making it better. All he knew was that he didn’t want to come yet, and he had to take Jason’s mouth away before he did.”Your turn?” Jason asked, looking up and wiping his mouth.It said it as a question, as if startled that his turn was over so soon.”Yeah, lemme try this shit!” Like a fan, the three boys shifted toward the other end of the couch. Lee grabbed Jason’s balls after complaining, “Jeez! Three queers on a couch!” Then he opened his mouth.Brad and Jason chuckled at his remark–and his enthusiasm.Brad offered his genitals. Jason didn’t hesitate for a moment.He wasn’t a virgin in the mouth any more, and freely admitted to himself that he was looking forward to it. Maybe this would be his only time, but today he was going to suck cock as long as the other two did.Brad was pleased. Not only because the exposure of his little secret was out and his friends were taking it quite well, but also because ever since he’d started doing this stuff he’d found himself checking out other guys’ equipment with more than just a passing curiosity. He’d check them out to see if he’d been willing to suck them in a film. And he’d found himself lately looking at his friends’ stuff differently than he ever had before. Maybe he wasn’t gay, but was sure as hell enjoying this! Jason was sucking him with obvious delight.Maybe too much. All of a sudden he lifted up and gasped.”Ono! OH, I’M GONNA COME, LEE! Let go, I’m gonna come! Lee?Can’t you hear me? LEE!!!” Torrents of sperm flooded Lee’s mouth but the guy kept sucking and bobbing his head up and down. Jason shuddered all over. “Uhhhhh!””H-how come you did that?” Jason asked, catching his breath.”I don’t know. What’s the big deal? I’ve tasted my own…it ain’t so bad. Figure if I can suck your prick I’d might as well let you get off good. Besides, you were so hot you’d have shot it all over my face!””Thanks, it was great!” Jason sighed.”Well?””W-well what?””Aren’t you gonna return the favor?””Y-you want me to?””Are you nuts? Did I just suck all your brains out of your prick? Of course I do! Come on, Jason, blow the fuck outta me!””Okay. What about Brad?””Don’t worry about Brad…SUCK ME! I gotta get off. We can have another beer and rest up, then maybe we can both suck him. Or maybe he’d rather we fucked him.”Jason gave as good as he got, a little fearful when Lee first acknowledged that he was going to shoot in his mouth, but tasting that first spurt dispelled his anxiety and he gulped it down thoroughly.They had a last beer, giggled about what they’d just done, then got down and traded sucking Brad. Jason was getting his load, so Lee put his face down under and licked his balls while he came.”So, how’d you like being cocksuckers? Lee?” Brad asked.”Uh…””Jason?””Well…””I thought so…you two loved it! If you didn’t you would have said so without any hesitation.””You think we’re good enough for films?” Lee asked.”What?!” Brad laughed.”Well, I was thinking. Maybe…maybe if Jason wants to, we could do it as a team. You know, just suck each other. Whadda you think, Jase?””Golly! I…I don’t know. So the whole world could see?””Fuck that. We wouldn’t have known about Brad except by accident. Say, we could do it with him, too.””You don’t think we’re going too far with this?” Jason asked. “I mean today was fun, but…””It was more than fun, Jason. It was easy! Maybe we could make some good money. What do you think, Brad?””Well, you guys have the looks alright. And you both suck a mean cock. I’m sure they’d be interested if you could handle it, but you gotta be able to do a lot more than just suck.””Fucking’s gotta be even easier. Hell, we could fuck other guys.””Listen, if you bozos are serious I could kinda train you.You know,” he giggled, “a lot of practice! If you wanna make the most money, straight guys that get fucked are in demand.You ready to throw your legs up in the air and let guys with big pricks fuck you like a little slut-boy? And scream how much you love it?””Like you do?” Jason chuckled. Brad nodded.”Is…is it really good?” Lee asked. “Seriously, a cock up the butt…does it really feel nice?””Well, first guy to go wash his asshole gets a rim-job. Then I’ll show you how great getting fucked up the ass can be. Hell, maybe I’ll make stars out of you two!”

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