There with love for mom

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There with love for momIt was an innocent question that opened the floodgates. “Robert, how come you never see any of these girls more than once or twice?”“Mom,” he said, “it’s horrible; not one of these girls is interesting to me, not one of them excites me. Even if I had the chance I wouldn’t want to go to bed with them.”I laughed, “I thought a boy of your age wanted to go to bed with every girl he saw.” I think my laughing angered and emboldened him. Richard looked at me for a long time and said, “No mom, I just want one, and it’s your fault.”That brought me to attention and before I could say anything he added, “I saw you with Paul mom; I saw what you did.”Robert and I had been living alone for about three months after Paul left. I guess I should say after my ex left, and then Paul left six months later. Paul is my oldest. My ex left because I wanted him to, and Paul left because he wanted to. I call him my ex because even the sound of his name is like chalk on a blackboard. My ex wasn’t a good husband, he wasn’t a good father, he wasn’t a good lover, and he wasn’t a good person. His resume speaks for itself, enough said. On the day Mr.Ex left, Paul said, “Doreen, he’s history?” I said yes and he said, “Oh.” Paul never mentioned or asked about his father again. That’s the way he is, a shrug of his shoulders and on to the next thing. Paul had taken to calling me Doreen since he was about twelve and no matter what I said about it, he just kept on calling me Doreen and finally I just said to myself, “He’s not on d**gs, he comes home at night, what’s the difference what he calls you?”Robert my youngest seemed even more relieved than I on the day his father left. He asked me so many questions, he made my head spin. When he asked if my ex was a good sex partner, I drew the line and said, “End of discussion.” That was about the time that Robert began confiding in me. When he was very young, whenever I turned to look for him, he was by my side. There he was finishing high school and he seemed to have returned. He was unhappy, he had no friends, and I instinctively wanted to help him. He had always been high-strung, shy, and unable to get out from under the shadow of his older brother Paul. I had always pushed him to be more social, setting him up with some dates, but they inevitably ended poorly. Contrary to my expectations he had gotten worse after Paul left the house. I thought he would bloom, but he only stayed closer to home and closer to me.When Robert said that he’d seen me with Paul, I couldn’t swallow. Images of my older son making love to me flooded my mind. I saw him above me, taking me, fucking me for hours into the night. I said, “No honey…no.” I fought for more denials and none came, then I began choking up.“I saw it lots of times mom” he said. “When you thought I wasn’t home. I saw how you looked at him mom. I can’t stop thinking about it.”My head swirled and I knew that it would be fruitless to say it didn’t happen. “Oh honey, what happened between Paul and me was wrong; it was a mistake.” I was trailing off into a whisper. “You think I’m terrible…maybe you’re right honey…maybe I am a terrible mother… I know it’s hard for you to understand what happened…I’m sorry you saw it baby…it was wrong.”I spoke for a while like that and he stopped talking; he just stared at me. I was probably less than convincing because I had never convinced myself. What was wrong was that Paul had left me. It sounds pathetic even to me, but what was wrong, was that my son had broken my heart.If one revelation wasn’t enough the second certainly was. Robert said, “I don’t think you’re terrible mom; I just want you to look at me like that for once. Don’t you understand?” I didn’t; it just wouldn’t register. Finally it started to sink in. “Mom, the reason I’m not interested in other girls is because…I want you the way Paul wanted you.”“Oh Robert no, you don’t mean that. It’s just that what you saw…maybe it made you think…”“No mom, I’m not a k** anymore, I can vote and I can drink and I can want who I want. Mom I want you; I want to be with you.” Robert continued to tell me that he was in love with me. I could see he was getting excited because I was letting him say things a son shouldn’t be saying to his mother. “Mom I want to be inside you so bad; I just want you to open yourself once for me like you did for Paul, so I can be the one that’s inside you. I just want to love you like he did.”All I kept saying was that it was wrong but that only inflamed him more. He came within a few inches of me and whispered fiercely, “It wasn’t wrong with him was it? And where is he? He’s gone. Mom, I’m here, and I love you, and I want you so much; I can’t think of being with anyone else.” At that moment I fully understood why people say, “Turned off” and “Turned on.” After Paul left, I had masturbated frequently. That didn’t last long, and after a few weeks it tailed off and I stopped caring about sex. I was depressed for months and my sexual impulses had virtually shut down. The look in my young son’s face, the heated smell coming off his body, and his mouth so close to mine; opened the floodgates. I felt the flush, the rapid rise and fall of my breasts, the wetness between my legs.I didn’t know what I believed anymore and I knew he was about to kiss me…sweet kiss, hard, and then softer, until I felt him loving me in my mouth with his tongue. I should have shut it down right away but I didn’t, or I couldn’t. I didn’t know the difference at the time. It wasn’t how I thought of myself. I wasn’t a woman who would let her son have sex with her, and yet I was about to do it again.His hands found my breasts and my body was moving as if it was no longer under my control. My son reached under my bra and after massaging the bared flesh he took the nipple between his fingers. I reached to hold the hardness in his pants and was surprised by its solidity and girth. I took his pants down and marveled at the staff that was up so high it almost rested on his belly. I went down without thinking that the cock before me belonged to my young son and licked it from his balls to the swollen head. And then I did it again as the sound of “OH mom” reached my ears. And then I did it again.I stood and my son took my clothes off until I stood naked before him. “You’re so beautiful,” he told me. “Your tits are so beautiful,” he said as he filled his hand with the warm flesh. “Your pussy is so beautiful,” he said as he massaged me between my legs. He led me to the couch and as I sat he went on his knees before me. He lifted my legs until I was supine. With both hands in the crooks of my knees he opened me and held my legs up and out. His mouth on my pussy was electric. He licked the lips and quickly found my clit. With my eyes closed I knew what I was doing was even worse than letting my young son eat my pussy, I was thinking of Paul. He was sucking me the way Paul did, and then, it was as if it was Paul that was sucking me, Paul that was loving me again.He had only to take my clit into his mouth and massage it with his tongue a few times before I felt myself coming, and then I heard myself coming. It was a cross between a cry and a moan. It was a come that had been building for months. I had to bite my lip to keep from calling out my older son’s name. I never came so fast. I kept repeating the cry as my young son kept eating my pussy until I trailed off into a whimper. For a moment I felt completely satisfied but Robert didn’t stop. He kept licking, and sucking, and eating, until I was responding again, wanting to come again.He let my legs down and came up to kiss me. My taste on him spurred me on. His mouth was on my ear and his heated words of desire echoed my own. “I want to be inside you mom; I want to be in your pussy.”My son wanted me, but I was the one who was supposed to say no. My son was hard for me, but I was supposed to stop him. Instead, I reached for the cock I was never supposed to have. “Yes baby,” I said to the son who was not there, “be inside your mama, in my pussy, in my pussy, in my pussy.”The first sweet penetration caused me to take a deep intake of air. Despite my wetness I still felt the force of his full manhood entering me. He pushed all the way in and I felt like Paul was in me again, fucking me and filling me like he had so many times before. I held him in me against his urgency to move and stroke. “Please stay,” I implored him.” “Stay inside me like this, just for a minute baby, it feels so good to be filled like this.”I held him fast as he said how much he loved me; I held him until neither of us could stay still any longer. My hips moved and his cock moved. He gave me the full length of his manhood over and over. At the edge of my consciousness a voice was questioning my sanity, telling me that it was my son Robert’s cock that was in my pussy, Robert that was driving me toward orgasm. I stopped listening and let the feelings wash over me: the feelings in my nipples, in my pussy, and on every inch of skin. I thought about Paul with each stroke that was penetrating my pussy. I waited for my young son to come in me hoping it would be like it was with Paul, strong and hard and long. I expected him to come quickly but he stayed in me and gave me more than I thought an eighteen year old without much experience could. I became more excited. When he did say, “Mom I’m coming, I’m coming in you,” I was ready. I let myself go, and it was Paul who was coming in me, full and strong as he always did. I came with my love that had come back to me, if only in my passion, and if only for a moment.After we came, I felt guilty for having slept with my son, and more ashamed that I had used him as a substitute for his brother. But it felt good to be sexually relieved and I was proud that my son could make love so well. The next morning, before Robert awoke and I could sort things out with him, the phone rang. When I answered, I knew I was in trouble. It was only the third or fourth time I’d heard from him since he left. “Hi mom, it’s Paul” was enough to send a flutter into my belly.“Hi sweetheart.” I said it as if I had never cried disconsolately when he told me he was leaving. I said it as if I didn’t scream all those terrible things at him after begging him to stay.“Mom, I have to be in the city for a while on business with the new job. What would you think about me staying at the house? You shouldn’t be angry at me forever, should you?”“No, of course not honey, yes, come home; Robert and I would love to see you.”Why give yourself heartache? Why ask for trouble? I knew I wasn’t thinking right but there I was, one week later, dressing for his arrival. I had put Robert off with pleas for his understanding. I didn’t tell him Paul was coming at first and only said that I needed time and that I loved him.I looked in the full mirror at the dark makeup Paul liked around bahis siteleri my eyes, at his favorite dress with stockings and heels. I touched the perfume to the neck that he used to bury his face into as he inhaled. I thought about the first time I was intimate with Paul. Robert was with his father for a weekend trip, the father who was trying to make up for being a shit for hundreds of weekends. It was a Friday night and Paul was home. I had made dinner and we had both finished two beers. There was quiet music playing and I was feeling good so I asked Paul to dance with me. At first he refused but I pulled him up playfully and he held me close. Having one beer is usually my limit, but was I drunk from the two – not very. Not having affection, or warmth, or sex, for ten months – was I hungry? Yes, very.Our bodies fit well into the dance and I could feel my son getting hard against me. It felt good and I wasn’t put off by it. His lips were on my cheek, not quite kissing; his hands were under my waist and not quite touching where he shouldn’t. All he said was, “You feel good ma.”I said, “Thank you sweetheart,” and gently kissed his lips. During the longest thirty seconds of my life, our lips stayed together. His tongue lightly touched mine and his hand sat firmly where they shouldn’t. We looked in each other’s eyes and kept dancing. Our deepening breaths said all that had to be said. Both of his hands caressed my breasts and I didn’t stop him; I closed my eyes and enjoyed it. Paul unbuttoned my top and unhooked the bra without fumbling; he’d done it before. He gently stroked my bare breasts and the nipples responded. We were still moving slowly against each other to the music as he leaned down to take one of my breasts into his mouth. His sucking became increasingly strong and his teeth across the nipple sent a jolt through me that caused me to yelp. He didn’t stop and my body undulated against the hard mass that bulged in his pants. The urgency with which he said, “Mom, I want you,” let me know we were at a point of no return. I also knew that I was going to let him have me.I took his hand and we went into my bedroom. I unhooked my skirt as he took off his shirt and pants. I was momentarily stopped when he stood naked before me. His cock was large and hard and the realization that it was my son that was about to fuck me was daunting. He finished disrobing me by pulling my panties down. He said, “God ma, you’re great looking.” I expected him to take me in a heated fury but he took control as if he’d had many women before me. He kneeled and before taking me in his mouth said, “What a pretty pussy.” His kisses between my legs made me hotter than I needed to be. I went down on my knees and took him in my arms. We kissed and touched and then I was on my back on the floor. My son opened my wet pussy with his cock and I knew I would never be able to take away the fact that I was a mother who had let her son fuck her. I hoped I would never want to.At that moment all I wanted was more. More of my son’s loving attention, and more of my son’s cock. I didn’t care if it was true or not, at that moment I needed to hear the words. “Tell me you love me honey, tell me.”“Yes mamma, I love you, I love you more than anything.” I knew he would say anything to keep on fucking me but I didn’t care. He said I love you with each stroke and my heated desire convinced me it was true. He pushed deeper into my pussy and I was wet enough to hear the moist insertions. He touched my ass and he touched my breasts as he stroked me. His hand moved over all of me as his cock moved inside me. I could feel his pace rising towards orgasm when I knew I had to stop him because I wasn’t protected, in more ways than one. A slight cold tremor went through me. “Baby, don’t come inside me – you have to stop.”He grumbled “Oh fuck…” and pulled out.I said, “I’m sorry baby, I just wanted you in me for a while, but momma’s going to take care of you.” I went into a sixty-nine position. I took his cock into my mouth and was intent on making him feel good, not caring if was going to do me or not. It was only a moment later that I felt his mouth on me. I sucked the big, warm, cock that tasted of my pussy juices, hardly able to concentrate because of what my son was doing to my clit. I couldn’t imagine how he had learned the things he knew about a woman’s body. My clit was throbbing and aching to send me over. I stroked his cock harder as I sucked hoping he would come because I couldn’t wait any longer. I cupped his balls and stopped long enough to say, “Come for mamma baby.” I heard his sounds on my clit just before the first stream of cum almost choked me. I wasn’t expecting so much, so fast, and so hard. After the initial jet was swallowed, my instincts took over because I had started to come myself. I continued sucking my son as he came in my mouth but the body-wracking orgasm I was experiencing overwhelmed me. It had been almost a year and a half since I came from a man’s touch, and it felt like it. I didn’t want to be alone with my thoughts and I said, “Stay with me tonight baby, sleep here.” I wanted to be inside him, as deep as he had been inside me. We crawled into bed and I felt him naked against me and held him as I trembled. He soothed me and touched me and soon I calmed and was able to fall asleep for a while.I awoke and I was on my belly. Paul was taking me from behind. I didn’t know how long he had been inside of me but I was wet. I said, “Paul don’t…”He said, “Don’t worry mom, I’m not going to come in you.” He pressed into me as I relaxed and felt him deep in my pussy.I said, “I’m sorry honey, tomorrow I’m going to go back on the pill.” With that statement I was declaring to both of us that what was happening was not a one-time thing. I was also telling my son that he could have me whenever he wanted me. I needed some reassurance and asked him more leading questions. “Is it good baby; is this what you want…you do love me don’t you baby?”“Yes mom, yes, yes” He gave me a few kind words and he gave me the length of his cock over and over until he pulled out and came. I felt the warm cum on my ass and in the small of my back. The next months were the most sexually active of my life. He wanted me all the time and he had me all the time. At least all the time we could find when Robert wasn’t around. I was flushed with the reverie when the doorbell rang. When I opened the door, I knew I wasn’t only in trouble, I knew I was finished. It was hopeless. I looked at Paul’s tanned handsome face and it was all over me: the feelings, the desire, and the senseless love that he wouldn’t return. I went to his arms anyway. Feeling him against me again was wonderful. He held me longer that I had hoped for, closer than I had hoped for. I loved hearing him say, “I missed you mom.”I pulled away when I heard Robert coming. Paul’s greeting was lots warmer than Robert’s. We had a pleasant dinner and then things started getting complicated. When Robert was out of earshot, Paul said to me, “Mom, I came back because I want to be with you, I have to be with you. You’re the one that does it for me.” I didn’t know what to say but Paul did. “Mom we’re going to sleep in the same room tonight and that’s all there is to it.”I said “But Robert…”“Mom, I’ll talk to Robert; it’s all going to be fine.” I knew it was my responsibility to talk to Robert but I was glad not to have to deal with it.The brothers spoke for a nerve-wracking hour and when they came back, they both looked fine. I thought it was miraculous. Paul said smiling, “See mom, I told you it would all work out; Robert understands it all now.”I said, “Robert, are you sure its all okay with you, because…”“It’s fine mom, Paul and I talked about everything, I’m cool with it, you guys do what makes you happy.”I was so relieved I almost cried. “Thank you baby, I love you.” I blew Robert a kiss.It was excruciating waiting until we went to bed. Paul was quiet. I had so many questions and doubts and fears but I didn’t want to stir up a hornet’s nest so I thought I would let it all go and do it over time, now that we’d be together. He gave his most charming smile and said, “Mom, take your clothes off – slowly.” I did a kind of joking strip tease and when my bra came off he beckoned me over with his finger. “You always had great tits, mom” he said. He kneaded them and fondled them until I tingled and then he sucked each nipple in earnest. His passion often lent him a rough edge so I wasn’t surprised when he pinched and twisted them until I squealed.When we were both naked Paul was on his back on the bed with his cock straight up. “He gave me a wicked smile and said, “Look what I have for you mom; come and get it.” I was uncomfortable with his tone but he was beautiful lying there. He gave me an order. “Now lick it and sit on it.” I figured he wanted to play so I joked, “Yes master, your slave will obey you.” I licked along the shaft thinking it would be as it had been before he left. When I used to suck him, I was in control. He kept looking at me as I engulfed the head into my mouth. He didn’t moan the way he used to; he just smiled as if I were a whore servicing him and not his mother who was making love to him.After a few minutes of sucking, he made me ride him. I eased myself onto the hard pole and started to forget my concerns as the feeling of the length of him rode in and out of my pussy. I leaned down to kiss him when I heard the door.Robert walked in and I closed my arms over my breasts even though he had held and sucked them only days before. “Robert what are you doing?” All he had on was a pair of shorts. All of it was incomprehensible to me.I started to get off him but Paul held me and stayed hard inside me. “It’s okay mom, don’t worry about it. I told Robert to come in.” When I realized what they had planned for me, I protested, “No Paul, don’t make me do this, I can’t; please baby.”He looked at me with thinly disguised impatience. “I want you to; I told him it was okay. It’s not like you didn’t fuck him before. I know everything and he knows everything. Who do you think taught him how to eat pussy? Just relax, okay?”I weakly said, “Okay.”By that time, my younger son had his shorts off and was positioned behind me. He pressed me to lean over and then I heard him spit on his hand. It wasn’t long before I felt the knob of his cock pressing against the pucker of my ass. Paul had resumed humping up at me when Robert pushed past my anal ring. I’d never had a man there.It felt big, as if he was pushing a big rubber pole into me. I knew that a woman’s body would accommodate almost any size man but when it became reality and my son began stretching me, and forcing his cock deeper into my ass, I wasn’t so sure. I moaned and whined at the same time, “Robert, baby, do it easy, it’s too much.”He pressed in at a slower pace and I bahis siteleri was grateful. It started to feel good.Paul meanwhile was tugging roughly on my breasts and becoming impatient. He said to Robert, “Are you going to fuck her or what?”His lack of sympathy made it feel as if he was driving into me too. I said, “Paul he’s doing it hard enough.”His response was, “Come on mom, it’s just a little fun.” He reached back and spread my ass open as his brother’s stroking managed to get all of his cock into me. “Let’s go baby brother, bang her good…give it to her. I told you she’d like it in the ass.” He was half right. I liked it and I hated it. Robert stroked and I could hear him building and accelerating to come. He probably would have within a minute when Paul said, “Hold on boy, don’t come yet.”Finally Paul told Robert to pull out of me. He urged me off him and I was lying on my stomach relieved and catching my breath from my first experience with anal sex when I realized that the ordeal was far from over. Paul was kneeling behind me, slathering something on his cock, and then on my asshole. I was about to find out what Paul’s larger cock would feel like in my tormented smaller hole. When I felt the knob pass the expanded ring, I kept repeating, “OH God. Oh God.”I didn’t know how he was getting it in to me. It was fire hot and I felt every inch of cock that he was burying in my ass. I thought I couldn’t be stretched anymore without being torn apart but he kept giving me as much as he could. Paul was getting hotter as he plowed into my tender asshole and his talk was rougher than I had ever heard. “OH, OH, fuck yeah, you have a great ass for fucking Doreen, just perfect for squeezing out every bit of cum out of my cock. And that’s what I’m going to give you, I’m going to fill your ass with cum, that’s what you want isn’t it?” When I didn’t answer and only moaned, he took the two globes of my ass in his hands and spread me while pounding every inch of his big cock into me. “Isn’t it?”“Yes,” I responded. It hurt and I wanted it to be over so I told him what he wanted to hear. “It’s what I want, I want you to fuck me and fill my ass, fill my ass…” I kept repeating it until he was satisfied. “That’s right, that’s a good girl. Now we’ll give you something extra because you’re such a good mom. He told Robert to get under me and work himself into my pussy.I was rapt with Paul’s insertions when Robert entered my pussy. The double penetration led to strange unexpected sensations. The two cocks my sons had in me moved at different tempos. I was getting lost in the feelings as my younger son began to raise his hips and cock up into me. I responded by moving up and down on his cock as I leaned over and put my palms on the bed for balance. Robert held my face and kissed me. He then took a mouthful of my tit and sucked and bit the nipple until I could hardly stand the stimulation that was coming at me from so many places. I thought I couldn’t feel more depraved. One of my son’s was in my pussy and the other was in my ass. I didn’t know if either of them was making love to me, or both just fucking me. It struck me that maybe I was getting what I deserved. I didn’t deserve to be loved for what I had started with Paul. Maybe I was being treated like the whore I was.Just when I thought they would come and be done with me, at Paul’s lead, they both pulled out and had me sitting at the edge of the bed. They were both stroking hard when Paul told me to open my mouth. I obeyed despite the voice that told me not to. I took each of my son’s cock in turn and sucked them. At one point I thought they were trying to force all their meat into my mouth at once. Finally they came. With my mouth opened they shot streams of hot come at me. They came in my mouth and they came on my face. My son’s were coming all over their mother and I just let them. Paul pulled hard on my tit as the last of the volleys landed on me. Paul filled my mouth with his sticky softening meat first pushing to the back of my throat, and then drawing it out until I had sucked him clean. When they finished with me, I felt desperately alone.Here’s where it gets complicated. My mother didn’t write all that you just read, I did. I wrote all that about my mother, my older brother, and me for a reason. I wrote it through the night after we both had her, and when I gave it to her the next day I said, “Mom, I know how you’re feeling and I want you to read this. I wrote it as if I were you because I want you to know that I understand what you’ve been going through. Maybe not every detail is exactly as it happened, but Paul told me about every time he had you; he loved telling it. Maybe I never should have even listened mom, but it was like a great magnet that I was trying to pull away from. I didn’t want to hear any of it because it was you and Paul, and yet, I wanted to hear all of it because it was so exciting to me and if you let him make love to you, I thought that maybe one day you’d let me.”She just stood there without saying anything and I went on, “Mom you have to know that he’s just going to do it to you again…he doesn’t care.”She took the pages from my hand and said, “You’re wrong.” She went into her room and I didn’t see her until the next day.I wondered if I’d done the right thing. I thought about all that happened when Paul came back and we had that talk. I had tried to reason with him. I said, “Paul, do you know how bad mom felt after you left? She was down all the time, crying. Why’d you do it man?”He said, “Oh come on little brother, what was I supposed to do? Do you think I was going to fuck a forty year old forever? Look, Doreen’s a great screw but I wanted to go fuck around with a lot of girls. She went nuts every time I went out. It was just too much. And besides it was better to cut her off than leave her hanging on.”“But you hurt her,” I said, “She’s so beautiful and sexy… and…”He knitted his brow, looked at me, and then laughed. “Who b*o, did you two…?”I shook my head yes and he laughed out loud. “You little fucker, why didn’t you tell me? How long has this been going on?”I told him, “It only happened once and when you called and said you were coming back, she stopped. She wants you, you bastard. Are you going to be good to her this time?”“Sure, I’m going to be good to her,” he said. “I’m going to give the best fucking she ever had tonight.” He laughed like a lunatic. I asked him if he planned to stay and he just laughed again. “Man, I’m passing through here for a few days and I figured I might as well have some ass.”I was about to tell mom but then I thought that maybe the best thing would be to let Paul show her what a rotter he was. His suggestion was the capper. It certainly never crossed my mind. He said, “Listen man, I’ll get her warmed up and then you come in and get some too.”I said, “Are you nuts? She’ll never let that happen.”“You have a lot to learn b*o; she’ll do whatever I ask her to. You just come in ready to fuck after I’m in there for about ten minutes.”Mom was probably reading while I was going over all that had happened in my mind. I knew what I experienced was different from what she did when I went into that room with her and Paul. When I saw her straddled over him I got hot. Before I went in I figured that if I was lucky, I might have her after Paul was finished, but when I was there behind her, I wanted her so badly I couldn’t stop myself.If the thought even crossed my mind that I would have anal sex with her, I would have brought in something for lubrication, but looking at her beautiful ass waiting for me, I just spit as much as I could and put it on the tip. When I first pushed into my mother’s ass and she cried out, I almost pulled out and left. I couldn’t bear the thought of hurting her. But she didn’t say “Stop Robert,” or “Get out of me Robert.” What she said was, “Do it easy.” I did it easy. I tried to gently slide in and out of her tightly gripping hole. I remembered Paul egging me on. I didn’t pound her like he wanted me to but I did manage to give her the full length of me with each stroke. It was so tight in her hole that the rubbing on my cock made me feel as if I would come sooner than I wanted to. The sounds mom was making made me think that it felt as good for her as it did for me.I was at the point of anticipating what it would feel like to let go and shoot my cum into that beautiful ass in front of me when Paul made me pull out. He got out from under her and went to the drawer where he knew she kept the lube. He put in on his dick and got behind her. When he shoved it into mom’s ass, that’s when she let out the yelp. Paul was paying little attention to her discomfort and in fact, it seemed to turn him on more. I didn’t like the smile on his face while he fucked her harder and harder and I said, “Take it easy man.”“Shut the fuck up,” was his response as he kept pounding her. I was just about to try and push him off her and let the chips fall where they may when he stopped and pulled out of her. I thought about how he made mom sit on the bed and then stuck his cock in her face. She was staring off when he said, “Open your mouth,” she did and he pushed enough meat into her that she made a choking sound. He eased back and flexed his hips back and forth as she sucked. When he pulled out, he nodded to me to take over. I hesitated but couldn’t resist her waiting mouth. While she sucked me, I felt Paul trying to get in her mouth at the same time and I pulled away. I kept stroking and couldn’t keep from coming. At the moment it was exciting. I’m watching it all happen again as mom takes the jets we released at her…some of them landing in or on her mouth and the rest…all over her. As soon as I finished, I knew I had let it go too far. I wished I had found another way to show her Paul’s miserable intentions. When Paul left the room I sat on the bed next to her. She looked lost. I put my arm around her and said, “I’m sorry mom; did I hurt you?”I could see the tears forming and she said, “How could you?”I started telling her. I told her Paul was going to leave and she didn’t believe me. She went into the bathroom and came out dressed. She didn’t say anything to me. That’s when I decided to write what happened, as if I were she. That’s what I spent the night doing.The next time I saw my mother she looked strangely calm. She said, “I read what you wrote for me Robert. You really looked inside me; I don’t know what to say. You love me don’t you?”“Yes mom, I love you and I want us to be together.”She didn’t respond to that. She said, “Well you were right, he’s leaving. Are you leaving too?”I said, “No mom, I’m not leaving. I’m here, and I’m loving you.” I told her all that I had thought and felt about what we’d been through. Each sentence was just another way of saying, “I love you.”“Robert, after all this, I can’t talk about canlı bahis anything.”I said, “Take your time mom, I’m here.” Paul left the next day and mom was very tentative towards me for the rest of the day, the rest of the week, and the rest of the month. But I could feel her warming, and sometimes, good things happen when you least expect it. She started to sit close to me in the evenings while we watched TV or read and every once in a while she’d kiss my cheek for no reason. Having her that close wasn’t easy, especially when she’d rest up against me and I could feel her breast on my arm or her thigh against my thigh. My desire to touch her was so strong at those times but I knew that it was not the right thing to do at that time. So I kept fantasizing and masturbating in the shower with only one woman sucking my cock and opening herself for me, my mom. We listened to music sometimes but she never asked me to dance. We talked about lots of things but she only mentioned our past sexual encounter once when one night out of the blue, she said, “Boy, that was some screwed up mess wasn’t it?”I didn’t have to ask what she was talking about and I just said, “Yeah, it was.” I had started college and mom worked as a manager of a shoe store when her fortieth birthday came around and we decided to go out to celebrate. She looked gorgeous dressed up. She had heels and stockings on and a dress cut low enough to see the fullness at the top of her breasts. I imagined standing behind her with my cock against her ass and reaching inside her bra until her nipple was on my fingers. I did nothing; I even said nothing. Mom said, “Don’t you think I’m pretty anymore?”I played it down. I said, “I’m sorry mom; I was distracted. You look lovely.” I could hardly contain myself all evening, but I did. At the end of the night she gave me a short kiss on the lips and said, “Thank you love, it would have been a lot harder tonight without you.” I would have given anything to be in the bedroom with her when she took off those heels and stockings and bra and panties and then once again touch her fragrant skin, her breasts, her pussy, and then once again be inside in, make love to her, sleep with her. But nobody was making me any offers.When she told me a guy at work had asked her out, I almost panicked. She said, “Robbie, do you think I should go out with him; would you mind?”I liked that she asked if I would mind; I did, but still I said, “If it would make you happy mom, sure; it’s up to you.” She went out once and that was the end of it.It was that kind of thing for months until the night she came home from work and said, “Robbie, do you get lonely?”I said, “A little mom, but I’m happy with the time we spend together at night and on weekends.”“Robbie, have you not been going out because of me?”I wasn’t sure how to answer but I decided I’d just let the chips fall where they may. I said, “Yes, I don’t know what’s going to be, but I know that for now, I love you and I don’t want anybody else.”She said, “I read what you wrote again and again and I’ve been thinking about how much you’ve been here for me. It’s probably crazy to think we could do this, but right now I want to be with you more than anybody else. Sometimes things are right for a moment and then never again. I’m afraid to do it, but I’m also afraid that one day I’ll look back and say that I was a fool not to try while everything was right. I guess what I’m saying is, I want you Robbie and I’m ready to try it if you still want to.” There was little else to talk about at that moment. The look on my face was the answer. She came to me and kissed me. There was more in that kiss than I had ever tasted. The kiss wanted; it understood, and it was love. We walked to her bedroom. I unbuttoned the shirt she wore and unhooked her bra. When I touched the velvety skin of her warm breasts she let out a relaxed sigh and began kissing my neck. Her nipples rubbed in the center of my palms. I said, “You’re for me now mom, aren’t you?”“Yes sweetheart, I’m for you, I’m only for you. Momma’s going to give you everything, everything you need, and everything you want. Just tell me baby, tell me.”“Mom I want all of you.”She took off the rest of her clothes and went to the bed. Her long legs were slightly splayed. She looked more beautiful than anyone had to be. I had wanted her for so long and now she was willing and open for me. The way she looked was only surpassed by the look on her face. I touched her face and smiled. I led a finger down her lips and over her throat until it rested on one of her nipples. I felt the rubbery tip rise under my caress. My cock was raging by the time I undressed and my mother looked at my cock and had a sweet smile on her face. She reached out her hand and I walked toward her until she held my cock. She massaged the shaft and softly caressed my balls. I stroked her hair and said, “I couldn’t have asked for a better mom than you.”She said, “You’re my beautiful boy and I’m going to love you like no mother ever could.” She sat up and took me in her mouth. I took both of her fully formed breasts in my hands as my mother sucked on my cock. I had been in her mouth before, but that was different. This was a mother loving her son with her mouth, sucking him because she belonged to him. She stopped and looked up at me and said, “Is it good baby…does momma make you feel good?”As if she had to ask, but of course she was asking so I could tell her, and I did. “Yes mom, it feels so good to be in your mouth. I can feel your tongue teasing the head of my cock and rubbing under the shaft, I can feel your soft lips on my cock as I move in and out of your mouth.” She moaned gently as she continued doing incredible things to my cock with her loving mouth. I told her what she was doing to me and I could almost feel the cum building in balls.I wanted to fuck her everywhere at that moment; I had to be inside her. I drew my cock slowly out of her mouth and bent to kiss the mouth that could bring me so much pleasure. I said, “I want to be in your pussy mom, this beautiful pussy.” I put my hand over the wet folds and massaged as my mother opened her legs wider. She got into position so I could enter her from above. My cock was hard and hot to my touch as I brought it to the opening that my mother’s fingers were spreading. I entered and we both made similar sounds of satisfaction. I was inside my mother’s pussy and she moved to take me deeper, and possess me. I pushed in until she started saying, “Robert…OH…Oh…” and had taken most of me inside her. I stayed and then pressed until I was in as far as I could go. She wrapped her legs around me and I felt as if I could stay in her pussy forever. I wasn’t only in a woman’s pussy; I was in the woman’s pussy I wanted to be in. I was deep inside my mother’s pussy. And then we both wanted to move. I began slowly stroking her; giving her the cock I’d long wanted her to want. She said, “Yes love, it feels good…don’t stop…good to have you inside me. I didn’t tell you enough but I always loved you as my baby boy. Now I love you as my man and I’m going to tell you all the time…I’m going to love you all the time. My sweet boy…in my pussy…in my mouth…”“Yes mom, in your pussy and in your mouth…and…everywhere.”I didn’t have to say it; she knew what I wanted. She said, “Yes baby, everywhere. You were the first man I ever had there…in my ass. No matter how it happened, you felt good in there. Yes honey, do it; I want you to love me that way.”I pulled back and she lifted her legs higher so her pucker was exposed. My cock was still wet with my mother’s pussy juices and I brought the head to the only ass I’d ever been in, and the only one I wanted to be in. I slowly applied pressure to force the thick knob in. The swollen head of my cock pierced the closed bud of my mother’s ass. The rubbery ring looked as stretched as it could be but the sounds coming from my mother were not sounds of pain as I passed through the tight entrance. She moaned as I slid deeper into her ass. It was hot and squeezing and good. She opened herself wider. A year before all this, even though I might have had my fantasies, I wasn’t sure any mother would open herself willingly, in that way, for her son. I was sure my mother wouldn’t. But there she was, my mother, with her fingers spreading herself so that her son could be in her ass. I watched mesmerized as my mom accepted me into her forbidden place. She was letting me take her anally to show me her love in a way very few mothers could. She said, “This is how much I love you Robert darling; this is how I’m going to show you…can you feel it baby…can you feel how much your mommy loves you?”“Yes mom,” I told her. “I can feel it with every inch of me that’s inside you…inside your beautiful body…I love you so much mom.” As I fucked her with the full length of my cock, the knob came out a few times. The pinkish pucker stayed slightly opened as if it was waiting for me to re-enter. The blood-filled tip was bulbous and looked almost purple as it opened her, but I had no trouble getting it back into her ass.I looked at the pussy above our union and I could see the glisten on the lips I wanted to kiss and suck as much as the lips of her mouth.As I watched my cock moving more fluidly in and out of my mother’s ass, I thought, “I’m fucking my own mother in the ass and it’s the best feeling I could ever have.” I wanted to say it out loud but somehow I couldn’t. I wanted to hear those words but all I managed was, “Oh mom, it’s so good to…have you…for me.”Mom was moaning and she seemed overwhelmed with the experience. She said, “Yes baby…I’m here for you like you were for me…for anything baby…to love me…to fuck me …wherever you want…in my pussy…in my ass…wherever you want…yes…yes…in my ass…in your mommy’s ass…” I felt proud to have a mother who could love her son without holding anything back; a mother who had opened her heart and every part of her body to let her son in. She was rubbing her pussy as I pushed as much of my cock as I could up into her. The last thing she said before she started to come was, “It’s good…so good…in my ass…my baby is fucking me in my ass…and it’s so good…Oh…Ohhhh…”It was all too much. The first shot of cum that I sent into my mother’s waiting channel surprised me because it seemed to fire out even before I realized I was going to come. The second, third, and forth weren’t a surprise but were just as intense as mom was calling out, “Yes baby…come in my ass…come in my ass…come in mommy’s ass…yes…yes…” As I continued entering my mother’s ass, the lubricating effect of my cum eased me quickly in for the deepest penetrations until I had given her everything I had. I said, “That was the best sex I ever had, mom. I really wanted to do it like that for another reason too.”She asked, “Why honey?”I said, “I wanted to be the first one to come in you there; does that sound silly?”“No baby,” she told me. “I’m glad it was you, and you’re going to be the only one that ever does.” That was the most memorable night of my young life, one that’s had many sequels, including last night.

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