They Called Me Horse

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They Called Me HorseEric was a shy person. He hated being the center of attention and did whatever he could to not draw attention to himself.He was home schooled for most of his life but then his parents thought that sending him to public school for his senior year would help him with his social skills before he went to college. Eric found himself suddenly thrust into a large school and he absolutely knew no one! He was OK that no one seemed to even notice him. At least no one did until he had his first gym class.He was really shocked when he was informed that everyone had to shower after class. When it came time he tried to stay covered up as best as he could but eventually he had to drop the towel.At first it seemed like everybody just hurried to get washed up but then someone noticed Eric’s one distinguishing feature: a cock that was nearly ten inches long when it was soft. Slowly more and more of his classmates noticed his freakishly sized manhood. No one said anything directly to him but before the day was over he noticed other students whispering to one and another when he walked by. Finally just before the day ended he had to go to the bathroom. As he stood at the urinal another guy looked down at his dick.”Holy Shit you are as big as a horse!” The other boy said as he walked out. After that Eric heard others refer to him as horse.The next day at lunch time he was in the cafeteria when a rather plain looking girl sat down at the table with him and said “hello my name is Jessica”. He was rather surprised but she was the first person to actual say hello to him since he had come to the school. There was a part of the shy boy who was happy that a girl would actually talk with him. They sat there just eating when he noticed she was staring at him. “Is there something wrong?” He asked and wondered if some of his food was smeared on his face.”Nothing wrong but the guys over there told me I should come and ask you why they call you Horse.” The girl asked.Eric turned about four shades of red as he heard one of the guys in the lunch room make a whinny sound and the others laughed. It was too much for him and he ran out of the room.During his last class of the day he again heard several guys make horse sounds or jokes. He was really getting irritated. Then the guy behind him whinnied again and others snickered.”Shut the fuck up!” He screamed as the entire class became silent.Ms. Sanders suddenly glared at Eric and said; “that will be enough of that! You will remain after class to discuss your rude behavior!”After class Eric found himself standing at her desk as the thirty-something teacher with blonde hair finished looking over homework that the students had just turned in. He could not help but notice that he could see down her blouse just far enough to see some cleavage from her rather ample tits. Most people would say that this was the only large part of Eva Sanders that there was; given that she was about five foot two inches and weighted not more than one ten. “Eric you are new to the school and my class. I do not tolerate the use of obscenities in my classes! Is that clear?” She asked as her deep blue eyes examined him.Eric shook his head and hoped that this would end the discussion. “I’m sorry Ms. Sanders! It will not happen again.””I’m inclined to forgive you but something seemed to have gotten you upset. I would like to know what it was. Perhaps we can make it go away together.” Said the attractive teacher.Eric could think of no way to explain his situation to her. He just wanted to leave.”I know what got him mad today.” Said a young female voice coming from behind Eric and as he turned he saw Jessica standing there.He watched as the girl walked up and stood beside Ms. Sanders. Jessica was also small as she was only about five foot and she weighed a hundred pounds. She was constantly teased by her fellow female students about her “itty bitty titties” as well as her braces and glasses but under it all there was a beautiful woman trying to come out.”The boys keep teasing him about a nickname they have given him. If you listen carefully they are always making noises like horses whenever they can get away with it.” Jessica said and hoped that she was helping Eric to get out of trouble.”Why would they call you horse?” Eva asked as she looked at the tall skinny boy who stood before her who in no way had any characteristics that resembled a horse. Eric was tall at almost six foot but for all of his height he weighed in at one fifty. Eric began to blush as he knew why he had the nickname “horse”.”Come on Eric tells us why they call you that! I’ve asked and nobody will tell me! They tease me too. I really just want to be your friend!” Jessica said and she suddenly sounded as if she wanted to cry.Eric looked into her deep brown eyes and was struck by just how pretty she was. He could see pain from being teased for years by both the boys and girls she had gone to school with. He also looked at her for the first time as a girl and he could see her small but nearly perfectly shaped tits poking through her baggy top. Then as his eyes continued down her body he noticed her slender curves. Eric suddenly wanted to hug her and then he felt his cock begin to stiffen.”Eric you can tell me alone but I really do need to know why the boys are teasing you by calling you horse. Jessica, I think maybe you should leave now.” Eva said as she became determined to make sinop escort Eric reveal the reason.Eric now looked at his teacher and her large tits sticking out. Then he looked down at her shapely legs and her feet in those sexy high heels. His cock got even harder as his mind pictured her naked like in the porn videos he watched late at night.”Go ahead and go Jessica.” Eva said but as she looked at the girl she noticed that she was not hearing a word but her eyes were glued to Eric’s crotch. Now her own eyes looked on to the largest cock bulge she had ever seen.”Oh My!” Was all that the teacher could say at first but then she giggled and said “Horse!”Eric wanted to die and was turning every shade of red that he could as both his teacher and classmate looked at his giant bulge. He suddenly tried to run from the classroom but Eva’s hand gripped his shoulder.”Eric, please forgive my giggle but I kind of got the reason they call you horse and if you will excuse me for saying it but you would appear to put most horses to shame. Those other boys are teasing you because they are jealous!” Eva said as she tried to make the boy feel better.Eric looked at Jessica and her eyes remained fixed on his obvious erection. It really made him self-conscience as he was sure that girl must consider him a freak.”Well now you know why! I guess you can start telling the girls and they can get in on the joke too!” He said with frustration.”I doubt that Jessica would want to do that. Half of the popular girls in this school would be trying to play with that monster cock. I think Jessica would rather have that to just herself.” Eva said as she looked back and forth between the two of them.Jessica seemed to pull herself back to real world as she looked at the teacher. Eva looked back and forth between the two students then she smiled and walked to the door. She closed it and then locked it. “Ok, I think it is time to have a little sex education. The first thing is for the two of you to be honest. Jessica, do you want to be Eric’s girlfriend?” Eva asked.”Yes!” She said as she looked at Eric and smiled excitedly while she blushed.”Eric, would you like to have Jessica as your girlfriend?” Eva asked.”Jessica you are so pretty! Yes I would like that!” Eric said as he looked her in the eyes.”Great you will make a great couple. Jessica your boyfriend here has a rather large erection and as his girlfriend you need to take care of it. I do not think you are quite ready for the job so how about I show you how to take care of a big cock?” Eva said with voice that had suddenly become filled with lust.”Go ahead and give each other a kiss!” Eva said and watched the two give each other an awkward kiss.”Now that is no way to be sexy! Watch this!” Eva said as she looked Eric in the eyes. Eric felt the sexy teacher kiss his neck and then up to his ear. She breathed into his ear before sucking the lobe between her lips. Then her lips moved to his mouth. He felt her tongue probe his lips and his carnal mind told him to open. Their tongues danced with each other as his hands slid up and down her back as she rubbed her tits against his chest. Then she pushed away.”Now let me show you!” Eva said as she walked over to Jessica.”But we are both girls!” Jessica protested.”Don’t worry guys love to see girls make out with each other! Besides you will get a much better idea what your horny boyfriend really wants!” Eva said as she held Jessica’s chin and lightly kissed her lips.The kisses started gentle but then Jessica felt the older woman’s tongue probe her mouth. Soon the two were openly playing with one and another’s tongues. Eva allowed her hands to stroke the teen girl’s body. Then her hand passed beneath her loose top and quickly sought out her small bra covered tits. Jessica groaned with pleasure at being kissed and fondled. As they broke the kiss they both looked at Eric who was rubbing the massive erection in his pants.”I think we made him horny! Now we need to make him cum! Are you still virgin?” Eva asked and she nearly laughed when both teen said yes at the same moment.Eva pulled Jessica’s top over her head. It was the first time she actually noticed what a nice body Jessica had. Yes she was petite but she had perfectly proportioned tits and her stomach was flat but best of all was her beautiful hips. As Eva pulled the girls skirt off she got her first look at her nice slim butt. Eva liked what she saw in the sexy teen and she made a note to help Jessica pick out some clothes that would show her killer body off. Eva then also quickly removed her clothes. Both teens inhaled sharply as she freed her D cup tits. Truthfully they were best that money could buy after she had caught her husband fucking the neighbor.”Ok Eric, show us why they call you horse!” Eva said as she put her arms around Jessica.Eric felt no shame as he removed his shirt and then pulled off his pants. Then he looked at the two nearly naked women as he dropped his boxers. He stood there as they looked at his thirteen inches of erect man meat. It was not the thickest cock that Eva had ever seen but it was the longest!”Jessica! Your boyfriend has a really big cock! I think I better show you how to suck it.” Eva said as she pulled Jessica into a kneeling position next her.Jessica watched as the teacher slowly stroked the cock and then as her tongue licked over the head making Eric groan. Eva then pointed the cock at Jessica. escort sinop Her own tongue tried to make him moan again and he did indeed moan. Jessica could not help but to suck the head between her lips like she had seen women in the porn videos do.”Why you little hussie! You are getting ahead of yourself! The first thing is you need to lick the shaft.” Eva said as she teased Eric by rubbing his dick with tongue. Jessica looked up at Eric and he looked into her eyes as the teacher tongued his cock. He reached down and stroked his fingers on Jessica’s face which was electrifying to the girl. Then Eric groaned as Eva began to pump his cock with her mouth.Eva liked sucking cock and had a fair number of men in her history. One thing she was good at was deep throating men. She moaned as she knew that this big cock was perfect since it was long and slender. As she closed her eyes she let her throat open and she felt the cock go into until his large balls rested on her chin.”Oh Fuck!” Groaned Eric as he watched in amazement as his cock disappeared.Jessica was amazed and sat there with her mouth open as Eva throated her boyfriend.”Can you teach me to do that?” She finally asked.”We can try but Eric will have to help. I learned how because a guy I dated would fuck my throat. I used to gag all the time but after a while I got used to it.” She said before she took the cock deep again.Then it was Jessica’s turn. She tried to take it deep but her throat would try to close. Then Eva held her head.”Fuck her face! Make her take it! You have to help her learn!” Eva said as she looked up at Eric.At first he was not too sure but then he held her head and pushed. She would struggle and then Eva would let her catch her breath but then she would make the girl do it again. Eric became concerned when he saw tears running down Jessica’s face.”Maybe I better stop.” He said as he released her head.”Please I want this so bad! Keep going!” Jessica groaned and Eva let go of her head and stood up.Eric began again and now that he knew this was what Jessica wanted he kept going. More and more he noticed that she was getting use to him pushing down her throat. He looked to see Eva sitting on her desk fingering her pussy and licking her own nipple. Eric could not believe this was happening to him. He had jerked off several times a day thinking about sex but to actually be getting his cock sucked and having his sexy teacher masturbate made his balls ache!”Oh Fuck!” He moaned as he felt his cum in the verge of shooting.Eva moaned as she knew what was happening. She had always thrilled when a guy shot his cum. She looked at Eric who seemed concerned and she realized he really was a nice boy. He was probably worried about cumming in Jessica’s mouth. Eva on the other hand wanted to see her deal with a mouthful of spunk.”It is ok Eric! Just go ahead and do it!” Eva said.Jessica heard Eva and wondered what she was talking about when Eric stopped pushing down her throat but instead grappled her head and did much shorter strokes. She knew it was making him feel good then a load of sperm blasted to the back of her throat! “Oh fuck! Here it comes!” Eric groaned as his eyes about bugged out of his head as he looked down into Jessica’s brown eyes which were filled with wonder as her mouth filled with seamen.”Oh fuck swallow it Jessica!” Cried out Eva as she was rocked with an orgasm.Jessica tried but she found herself overwhelmed as Eric just kept spraying cum into her mouth. Some of it was running down her chin and dripping onto her small tits and her thin thighs. Her own body begged to release an orgasm but she was way too busy servicing the massive cock to do anything about it. Jessica felt Eric’s sperm slide down her throat and into her stomach and her mind thrilled at something personal of his was becoming part of her. Then the deluge of cum stopped and the young girl found herself looking up at him.”That felt fucking great!” Groaned the satisfied boy as Eva walked up and pressed her large firm tits into his back as her hand reached down to stroke Jessica’s cum covered face.”He really gave you a big load and for your first time you did really awesome with it.” Eva said as she scoped up some of it and then she sucked it into her mouth.Eva groaned at the flavor of the boy as her mouth hungered for more. She lowered herself to kneel by Jessica and the she began to kiss and lick the seamen from her. Eric had never seen anything so erotic as the sexy teacher devoured his cum. Despite just getting off her felt his cock starting grow hard again.Jessica was a boiling pot of female flesh that was begging to explode. When Eva sucked on her nipples as she greedily devoured the last of Eric’s sperm she moaned loudly.”Oh god! I need to cum!” Jessica’s groaned.”Hmmm, I think I know what you need! Come on Eric let me introduce you to the art of eating pussy!” Eva said as she pulled the teen girl to her desk.Eric watched as the teacher pulled Jessica’s panties off. He then walked over as Eva pulled Jessica’s slender legs up and back to the girl’s shoulders. He had never seen a real pussy but now the young virgin was spread open. Her lips were puffy and when Eva spread them part he could see the juices glistening. Then he saw her clit that was sticking straight out. Jessica jerked her hips when Eva lightly touched it.”Mmm that is so sexy! Eric she really is excited and I’m going to show you how sinop escort bayan to keep her that way.” Eva said.He watched her as she kissed the clit ever so lightly making Jessica squirm again. Then Eva slowly let her tongue rub up and down the girl’s slit. Then she pushed her tongue into the vaginal opening.”Your turn now but just go lightly! She is ready to cum but if we tease her it will be even better!” Eva said as Eric lowered his mouth to the excited pussy.Jessica whimpered as Eric lightly teased her pussy. She wanted to climax so badly as her body just hung on the edge of her orgasm! In all the years since she had discovered the joy of playing with pussy she never felt anything like this! Now she felt Eric’s thick tongue push into her fuck hole. Her eyes were rolling and if he would touch her clit she would explode!Eva watched as the boy did as she had done and she watched as the girl jerked and then she saw Jessica’s skin become covered with goosebumps. She knew that there was no way for Jessica to take much more but Eva remembered her own time when two people ate her out.”Relax Jessica! We are going make you cum really good!” Eva said and then she whispered into Eric’s ear. Jessica saw a bit of shock In Eric’s eyes but then he nodded to the teacher and let her move between her legs. Jessica assumed that Eva was going to eat her again but then watched as Eric also bent between her legs. She could see his eyes looking up at her and she felt her heart rush as she knew he loved her. He lowered his mouth and she felt his hot breath on her clit. Then Jessica felt the tip of a tongue probe her tight asshole. Then Eric’s lips wrapped in her clit and he began to rapidly suck it in and out of his mouth.Jessica eyes fluttered as her body convulsed with a powerful orgasm. She wanted to scream but it was no use as her body had no way of overriding the pulses of pleasure that ripped through her. Eric found his head being gripped by both of Jessica’s hands while her legs locked around his neck. Eric loved it when he had an orgasm but to experience his lover having one caused by him pleasure that was even more powerful. The he felt Eva’s tits rubbing against his chest as she tongued Jessica’s ass. He was shocked when she told him what she would do but Eva was right the impact on Jessica was mind blowing. Then he also felt Eva grip his now erect cock.”Fuck her Eric! She is ready!” Eva said.Eric stood between Jessica’s thighs and looked down at her as she continued to shake from the massive orgasm. Then she grabbed his massive cock and pulled it to her open pussy.”Please fuck me!” She asked with a voice that was more of a hiss.”Go ahead push into her! Put that big fuck stick all the way in!” Eva moaned as she kissed Eric’s ear.Eric watched as the head of his cock pushed into the virgin pussy. Never in his life had he felt anything like pussy. He pushed harder and felt her cunt stretching to take him. Eva was gripping his ass and pushing him while Jessica tried to pull him in. Then he just let his weight push him into her. He heard Jessica inhale sharply and then moan as his cock push past hymen. Finally he felt his balls rest against her ass.Jessica began to pump her pussy on his cock. Even though she had never fucked before she knew she wanted to feel him sliding in and out of her.Eric pulled his cock two thirds of the way out and then thrust it back in. He loved it when Jessica grunted in his ear as he started to fuck her.Eva pulled her chair around and was rapidly rubbing her pussy as she watched that incredible cock fucking Jessica to multiple orgasms. Jessica felt all thirteen inches of cock saw in and out of her. She had often wondered what fucking was like but now she knew and she was going to want this as often as she could get it. Then yet another mind shattering orgasm hit her! She did not want to stop but she was about to pass out from this!”Please Eric I need to catch…my …breath….oh god!” Jessica begged.Eric pulled out and watched as Jessica withered in indescribable pleasure. Then he was pushed back on the desk next to Jessica. Suddenly he watched as Eva leapt onto the desk and straddled his cock. Then her eyes rolled back in her head as she impaled herself onto to his jerking cock.Both teens watched as the sexy teacher bounced up and down on the cock with total abandon. Eric had troubled describing to himself the difference in how the two pussies felt. They were both hot and incredibly wet. Jessica’s felt like a Chinese finger puzzle where once you were in it gripped ever tighter but Eva’s felt like it had goose flesh on the inside that worked hard to make his cock squirt.”Sorry Jessica I just had to know what his cock feels like! Damn I have never had one this long! Oh my god! Cumming!” She moaned as she collapsed on top of Eric.Eric rolled her off and stood up. Jessica bent over the desk and waited to be fucked again! Eric pushed into her sopping wet pussy and pumped her until she again was groaning. His balls sent the signal that he was about to cum. He pulled out and was getting ready stroke off when Eva wrapped her lips on his cock and pumped him through an intense orgasm.Eva had a dreamy look in her eyes as she stood up and joined Jessica on her desk. She then pulled the girl to her and as they kissed Eric watched as Eva pushed his cum into a moaning Jessica’s mouth. The two women just smiled at him as he grinned.”From now on you should be proud to be called horse because you are the best stud in school!” Eva said as Jessica nodded in agreement!(Just a little tale on growing up and being different. If you liked it please let me know with a thumbs up.)The end!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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