Thong Fantasies Ch. 05

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Whilst we both recovered our breath, Maria readjusted her clothing to cover herself and thanked us for the wonderfully sexy show. She then made her excuses saying that her husband was due back soon and departed with promises of persuading David to give in to his bi-curiosity. After Maria had left, I invited Eric to join me in the shower. He readily agreed and I was soon soaping up his gorgeous body in the steamy cubicle. I couldn’t help running my hands over his muscular torso and bulging biceps as I sponged him down. I lingered over his still swollen cock a little longer than necessary, enjoying the weight of his large appendage in my hand once more. Once I had finished washing Eric, he returned the favour and was soon running his strong hands over my slippery body. My cock started to swell once again, as he lavished attention on my recently abused ass. He noticed my arousal and gave my growing shaft a couple of quick, soapy tugs before patting me fondly on the backside and reminding me to save myself for my appointment with Gloria later.

I rinsed myself off under the powerful jet of steaming water and then we got out of the shower and dried each other off. When we returned to the bedroom to get dressed, Eric asked if he could borrow some of my underwear as he had an aerobics class to teach and didn’t want any obvious leaks from his still engorged cock. I told him to help himself and pointed him towards the drawer containing my intimate apparel. He chose a red micro-fibre thong and I laughed as he struggled to pull the skimpy garment over his massive thighs. Once in place, the thong was a very snug fit and Eric’s cock and balls easily filled the bulging pouch. He looked great in the thong and I told him that he should teach the class just wearing that. He laughed and replied that he would probably get more people attending if he did. He finished dressing and kissed me goodbye, making me promise to let him know if Maria managed to persuade David to try his bi-side. I agreed and then watched him depart. I was exhausted after the serious ass fucking that I had just received, so I went for a siesta to make sure I was fighting fit for Gloria’s visit later.

I slept for almost 3 hours and felt refreshed and raring to go after my nap. As it was almost time for Gloria’s visit, I started to get everything ready for shaving her gorgeous plump pussy. I called house-keeping for some fresh towels and they brought them up to my room almost immediately. I put a fresh blade on my razor and readied the rest of my shaving gear. I knew that I would probably get very wet during the process, so I slipped on the black swim-thong I had been wearing earlier. I knew that I could have remained naked, but I wanted to enjoy the feeling of the thin strip of lycra material rubbing against my ravaged hole. It would also hopefully mean that Gloria could focus on her own feelings without the distraction of my exposed genitals. I knew what an erotic experience genital shaving was for me and I wanted Gloria to get the same self-enjoyment as I did.

Whilst I waited for Gloria to arrive, I went out on to the balcony overlooking the pool area. I was still just wearing the swim-thong, but didn’t feel at all self-conscious as I leant over the low railing and surveyed the pool. Despite the late hour, there were still a few people around the pool catching the last few rays of the sun. I spotted Maria sat on a sun-lounger next to the pool, still wearing the same thong bikini that she had had a self-induced orgasm in earlier. I managed to catch her eye and she waved at me and then pointed in the direction of the pool. I looked at where she was indicating and saw a man, presumably David, swimming lengths of the pool. I had a grandstand view of him as he powerfully front-crawled from one end of the pool to the other. Despite his speed through the water, I could clearly see that he was wearing a thong and his bare buttocks rippled muscularly with each of his rapid kicks. I watched as he swam a couple more lengths and then he got out and went back over to Maria. I continued to watch, admiring David’s dripping body, his wet skin glistening in the low evening sun. His black thong clung wetly to his genitals and I could see that he had a quite impressive endowment. Maria said something to him and he looked up at me on the balcony. He smiled and waved and I waved back. As he dried himself, he alternated between chatting with Maria and glancing up at the balcony. I presumed that he could see that I was also wearing a thong and I wandered whether Maria had told him about what we had got up to that afternoon.

I was disturbed from my contemplation by a knock at the door. I slipped on a bathrobe and answered the door to find Gloria, right on schedule. She smiled as I beckoned her in and closed the door behind her. We kissed passionately and I felt my cock stirring with the pleasure of her soft lips on mine. She broke the kiss and breathlessly asked about my appointment with Eric earlier that afternoon. I filled her on all the details of the serious ass fucking that I had been subject to and told her about Maria and David as well. She was intrigued to know more about the new couple and seemed very interested when I told Keçiören Escort Bayan her that Maria was bisexual. Her dark eyes seemed to sparkle as she contemplated the possibility of some girl-on-girl action. I drew her attention back to the matter at hand and started to undress her. She was wearing a short, figure-hugging, stretchy white dress and from the way that her nipples were poking through the thin material I could tell that she was not wearing a bra. I grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it off over her head, my eyes drinking in every inch of her revealed flesh. She was left wearing just a skimpy white silk thong and I stared at her raptly, admiring the contrast of the white material against her dark skin. I asked her to do a twirl for me and she giggled as she spun slowly for me. Her gravity-defying backside was even rounder than I remembered and I couldn’t help reaching out and stroking her firm fleshy buttocks. She playfully slapped my hand away and told me to get on with it. I did as I was told and hooked my thumbs into her sides of her thong and drew it slowly down her long, black legs. I then took her by the hand and led her into the bathroom.

I turned on the shower and I ordered her to get in and soak whilst I filled the sink with warm water. Once I’d done that, I took off my bathrobe and joined Gloria in the shower. We kissed again, our tongues entwining and she started to stroke my hardening cock through the clingy, see-through material of my swim-thong. Despite the pleasure of her gentle ministrations on my thong-clad genitals, I lifted her hand away and told her that this moment was about her pleasure and not mine. She pouted briefly, complaining that she couldn’t help touching my silky-smooth cock, but she finally relented. I pulled the shower head away from the wall and pointed it at her crotch to make sure the hairs were nicely softened for shaving. Gloria giggled and her cheeks flushed as the powerful spray pulsed against her awakening pussy. Once I was sure that the water had done its dual job of softening the hairs and starting to arouse her, I turned it off. I dried off most of Gloria’s body and then dried myself as I directed Gloria to sit on a towel covered chair that I placed in the bathroom earlier. She sat down and I told her to raise her legs and hold them apart so that her genitals were exposed for me to shave. She did as instructed and I knelt in front of her with my scissors, my face only inches away from her damp, ripening pussy.

She wriggled slightly as I very carefully used the scissors to further trim the already sparse remains of her pubic hair. I wiped off the loose hairs with the corner of a towel and sprayed some shave gel on my hand. She giggled and squirmed at the coldness of the foam as I started to massage it into her pussy. She squirmed some more and I could see that she was now getting aroused as the smooth, menthol gel tingled against her plump outer lips. Once I was satisfied that I had completely covered the area that required shaving, I looked her in the eye and asked her if she still wanted to go ahead with it. She nodded enthusiastically and explained that she wanted her pussy to be as silky-smooth as my cock and balls. I grabbed my razor and dunked into the sink, before reaching out and pulling the flesh of Gloria’s pubis tight in preparation for the first stoke. I drew the razor gently towards me, watching the dense, curly hair fall away from her dark skin. I rinsed the razor in the sink and then went back over the same area to ensure that she was completely smooth. I then repeated the procedure for the rest of her fleshy mound, slowly revealing her most intimate of flesh. Gloria’s head had lolled back and her eyes were closed as she started to enjoy the differing sensations coursing through her genitals. The slickness of the menthol gel, the probing of my gentle fingers, the swish of the razor and the coolness of her newly bare skin all succeeded in heightening Gloria’s arousal and her exposed pussy started to glisten with her own juices.

I turned my attention to her plump outer lips and Gloria moaned slightly as I used my fingers to stretch the puffy flesh tight. I drew the razor down the taut flesh in long, slow strokes, seeking out any stray hairs with my sensitive fingertips. As I leaned in closer to inspect the work in progress, I could sense Gloria’s arousal and my cock twitched at her intoxicating aroma. I completed one of her glistening lips and then repeated the procedure on the other. When I had finished, I gently ran my hand over the smooth flesh, checking for any hairs that I missed. Gloria was breathing quite rapidly now and I could see that her face and chest were flushed with arousal. Satisfied with my work I dabbed the remaining foam from her genitals and inspected my work. The silky-smooth flesh of her pubis looked even more prominent now that it was completely hairless. Her newly bare outer lips still glistened with her free-flowing arousal and her unobstructed clitoris looked swollen and ready to burst. I got up from between Gloria’s splayed legs and grabbed a small mirror from my wash-bag so she could inspect my handiwork herself. I once again knelt between her legs and angled the Escort Eryaman mirror so that her freshly shorn genitals were revealed to her. She gasped with delight at the sight before her and ran her hand over the silky-smooth flesh of her pussy. She sighed with pleasure as she experienced the sensations caused by her fingers trailing across her newly bare skin.

She looked me in the eye and asked me if I liked her new look. I told her that she looked fantastic now that her gorgeous pussy was revealed in all its glory. I added that it was taking all my restraint and willpower to stop myself from burying my face in between her parted thighs and experiencing her new smoothness for myself. With her fingers still exploring her own silkiness, she moaned gently at my flagrant desire for her and instructed me to do as I wished. I leaned forward until my mouth was just millimetres from her centre of arousal, my hot breath tickling her freshly exposed flesh. My tongue snaked out, eager to sample her abundant nectar and I began to explore her soft outer lips with my willing mouth. Gloria moaned as my tongue gently rasped against her naked skin, savouring her glistening juices and coating her glossy flesh with my saliva. She started to writhe against my face, as I alternated between long strokes of my tongue and planting butterfly kisses on her swollen outer lips. I changed my focus and delved my pointed tongue into her, lapping at the copious juices flowing freely from her honey-pot. She grabbed my head as my tongue swirled a path through her glistening folds, savouring the intensity of her womanly essence. My mouth, slick with her nectar, sought out her throbbing clit and I started to gently flick the tip of my tongue over the swollen flesh. She gripped my head tighter, forcing my lips to mash against her silken pussy. I reached out with one hand and ran my finger tips lightly over her smooth mons, delighting in the sleekness of her freshly shaved mound. My tongue continued to dance over her straining clit as my fingers massaged and stroked her bare flesh. I could hear Gloria’s moans start to intensify as I maintained the dual rhythm on her slick pussy with my tongue and fingers. I used my fingers to pull her clitoral hood gently upwards, exposing the raw flesh of her swollen bud and I swirled my tongue over the engorged knot. She cried out piercingly as I probed her most tender of places and I felt her hips buck and her thighs clench as her climax flowed through her heaving body. My tongue continued to dance around her writhing pussy, as she clenched my head forcefully between her twitching thighs. She continued to buck against my sticky, juice coated mouth, as wave after wave of arousal crashed through her wracked body.

Finally, she collapsed and pushed me away from her ravaged pussy as she tried to catch her breath back. When she had recovered sufficiently, Gloria beckoned me towards her and pressed her soft lips against mine. My mouth was still slick with her juices and she ran her tongue over my glossy lips, savouring the taste of her own arousal. When we finally broke the long, lingering kiss, Gloria thanked me profusely for shaving her pussy and for the subsequent orgasm. I told her that it was my pleasure and asked her what she wanted to do now. Expecting to get to explore her silky-smooth pussy further, I was surprised when she said that she wanted to go out for a drink and a dance. Seeing my obvious disappointment, she smiled sympathetically and promised that I could have as much of her eager pussy as I wanted later. She went on to explain that she wanted to go out and share her newly shaved genitals with the world, clarifying that she didn’t mean that literally of course. She just wanted to enjoy the feeling of being around people and doing normal things, when only she and I knew about her naughty secret. She wanted to writhe and grind on the dance floor, enjoying the sensation of her panties rubbing against the silky-smooth flesh. I totally understood where Gloria was coming from, so we quickly jumped in the shower and got cleaned up ready to go out. Once we had dried each other off, I gently massaged baby oil into Gloria’s freshly shaven pussy to help minimise the possibility of shaving rash and chafing. She giggled and writhed at my touch and I couldn’t help lingering over the task at hand. Once I had finished lavishing oil and attention on her, we carried on getting ready to go out. Gloria put her silk thong back on and cooed at the sensation of the smooth material against her sleek, freshly shaved pussy. I picked out a thong of my own, also white, and then we finished dressing.

Gloria explained that she was not supposed to socialise in the resort and asked if I minded if we went to a nearby club. I said there was no problem with that and grabbed my wallet as we left the room. We caught a taxi from outside the resort and arrived at the club after a few minutes drive along the bumpy road. The club was an al-fresco affair and the flashing lights and booming music overwhelmed my senses as soon as we stepped out of the taxi. Gloria grabbed my hand and led me up to the bar where we ordered two beers. After toasting each other, I surveyed the club as I sipped the ice-cold Sincan Escort Bayan beer straight from the bottle. The place was packed with locals and I seemed to be the only tourist there. I recognised a few staff members from the hotel and started to feel welcome as they smiled at me in acknowledgement. Maria wanted to dance immediately, but I needed a few more drinks before my legs would be lubricated enough, so I told her to go ahead on her own. She pretended to look disappointed, but bounded onto the heaving dance floor and joined a group of her friends. I watched her dance for a while, enjoying the way she moved her gorgeous body to the pulsating music. I ordered another two beers and a rum chaser, keen to get merry enough so that join Gloria on the dance floor.

I was savouring the warmth of the liquor hitting my throat, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned round to see Maria and David stood there smiling at me. Maria formally introduced me to David and we shook hands before I offered to buy them a drink. They both wanted beer, so I ordered another two and we clinked our bottles together in a toast to new friends. We struggled to have a shouted conversation over the noise of the booming music, but it was too difficult hold an in-depth discussion and I was unable to find out how much Maria had told David about me. Gloria came back from the dance floor and I introduced her to the other two. Gloria’s eyes lit up as she appraised the new arrivals and she beamed her beautiful smile at them both. We made small-talk as best we could for a few minutes, until Gloria suddenly tried to drag me onto the dance floor again. I was still not ready to strut my stuff, so I resisted her efforts and explained that I needed a few more beers first. Maria said she wanted to dance, so the two girls went off and left David and I to nurse our drinks at the bar.

Despite the noise, David attempted to strike up a conversation with me. He mentioned that Maria had told him that we had spent the morning sun-bathing together. I confirmed that was the case and said that she was lovely lady. I realised that Maria probably hadn’t told him about that afternoon’s fun yet, so I needed to tread very carefully with my side of the conversation. After a few seconds of awkward silence, David uncomfortably broached the subject of thongs by saying that Maria had told him that I had worn a thong for sun-bathing that morning. He then added that he noticed for himself that afternoon when I was on the balcony. I tried to put him at ease and replied that I had noticed that he was also a thong wearer and commented how rare it was to meet a man who shared similar interests in such swimwear. This seemed to break the ice and we chatted briefly about the joys of thong wearing, although without the conversation getting sexual in nature.

We lapsed into a more comfortable silence and turned our attention to the dance floor. The two ladies seemed to be having a whale of a time on the dance floor, bumping and grinding in time to the throbbing beat. At one point, Maria straddled one of Gloria’s thighs and started to hump her leg with each pulse of the music, her hands on Gloria’s shoulders and her head flung back. We watched in silence for a moment, before both commenting almost simultaneously that it looked like the girls were having fun. We laughed at that and it seemed to break the ice further, although the alcohol we had consumed was also probably helping. The ladies came back to join us, all breathless and giggling. Maria leant against David and whispered something in his ear. He then looked at Gloria and she blushed shyly under his gaze. I looked at Gloria questioningly and she quietly explained that she had just told Maria about her newly shaved pussy. I jokingly reminded Gloria to be careful because Maria was bisexual and would do anything to get into her knickers. Gloria laughed but surprised me when she told me that was what she wanted to happen. She winked and went on to say that she might even let me watch. Grinning widely, she then grabbed Maria by the hand and they returned to the dance floor.

Things were looking up. I looked over at David and he grinned at me like a school kid in a sweet shop. He had obviously just had a similar conversation with Maria. We both lapsed into a contemplative silence, before David piped up and confessed that he and Maria had a fairly open relationship and that Maria liked women as well as men. I didn’t know how to respond as I wasn’t sure what Maria had told him about our earlier encounters, so I just smiled back at him. Luckily at that point, Gloria came back over and tried to get us both to dance. I’d had a few drinks by this stage, so I didn’t feel that I would embarrass myself too much. I looked over at David, but he shook his head and pointed to his beer bottle. I let Gloria guide me onto the dance floor through the heaving throng. Maria smiled at my arrival and my senses were soon overtaken by the pumping beat, as I started to dance with these two beautiful ladies. I was suddenly aware of Gloria pressing herself against my back and flinging her arms around me as she bumped and grinded to the music. Maria saw what was happening and moved closer to start writhing against my front, making me the meat in their lady sandwich. I enjoyed the sensation of these two gorgeous women pressing their hot bodies against mine, but I was also aware of David stood at the bar. I looked over at him and was relieved to see him grin and give me the thumbs up.

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