Three is Company Ch. 01

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It was Saturday evening and Joe and Frank were drinking together at the house they shared. Both, in their late 20s, had been working together for six months and had hit it off well together right from the beginning. Marketing being their job, they charted out strategies, had meetings with colleagues and spent most of their time together. Since they were not interested in having a steady girlfriend, they decided to share a house and had a rollicking time during weekends.

The boss was a great guy, who treated his staff well and took care of their entertainment etc. and hence everyone liked him. The boss had invited Joe and Frank to play golf with him last Sunday. Everything was fine in all aspects and here they were drinking and laughing at the goings-on at the office; who was sleeping with who and who had goofed up at a presentation.

“Joe, What do you think of the boss?” Frank asked.

“I told you before, I think he is a swell guy, but too good to be true,” Joe mumbled.

“I don’t get you; what do you mean, too good to be true?”

“I mean, see man, he treats all of us well and… I mean who does that?”

“Don’t give me that old-fashioned boss-is-an- ass crap, Joe. He wants to keep us in good spirits so that we would deliver. That sounds normal, what do you say?”

“I am not convinced. I have never seen him blow his lid even once. Come on, do you think any boss can be like that. I tell you, something is wrong with that guy,” Joe was determined in his view that all bosses were boors.

“Forget him, what do you think of Lucy, Joe?” Frank asked with a wink.

Lucy was the receptionist; bespectacled, dimpled cheeks, well-behaved and pretty.

“She is alright, cute. Beats me why she wears loose-fitting clothes. But, why do you ask? You interested in her?” Joe asked.

“Not really,” Frank drawled. “She is nice and talks to me often. Maybe I thought I could ask her out. She had to go to meet her parents this weekend, so, maybe next weekend I will ask her out.”

Though they often discussed sex and had drunken erotic conversation, they had never shared a girl. Both were handsome, well-built and went to the gym regularly.

“Joe, I think it is time you screwed a nice girl. That is why you are so grumpy.”

“Nah. I am cool. You remember Linda? I spent time with her when you were away for two days.”

“Fuck that. That is hardly anything man. I mean something that lasts long, you know?”

“Commitment? It’s too early in our life for that. I am fine loafing and being a freelance _ using my fucking lance freely.”

They laughed and chatted, drowning Saturday night in drink after drink.


During the week, Frank asked Lucy out on Saturday; a movie, dinner and later a drink at his house, to which she agreed which meant Joe should make himself scarce when they came home. But things turned out differently with Lucy saying she didn’t mind Joe being with them through the evening.

“What the fuck does that mean?” Joe exploded when Frank told him this.

“Maybe, she has no intention of sleeping with me, or maybe she wants you to be there so that I won’t try anything.”

“Or, maybe, she wants to fuck both of us,” Joe said mockingly.

“Why do you have to be skeptical about everything? I leave it to you, either all of us go out together or the two of us drink together at home.”

Joe thought for a few minutes: Why should he prevent Frank from having fun, if that was his idea of fun: Frank, Joe and Lucy watching movies and sucking lollipops.

“OK, as you wish. But why did you say I was skeptical when I said she wanted us both?” Joe asked.

“That’s Ankara Escort my boy. Look, she is pretty and doesn’t look the threesome type. Let’s see what happens.”

“I don’t know if there is such a type. I won’t argue if you are you serious about her. I am just asking; in case she flirts with both of us, what would we do?”

“I am not serious about her and if she wants both of us, she can have us. Man, it is normal these days, this threesome thing. Is that a problem with you?”

“Ha ha , we have shared everything but women. Anyway, let’s not blacken her name. She may be an angel for all you know”

“Now, see who has turned optimistic; seeing good things in human beings,” Frank laughed.

Saturday evening found the three of them inside a theater; Lucy sitting between Frank and Joe. Within a few minutes, Lucy accidentally touched the hands of both of them, then it turned out it was no accident. She leaned to talk to both in turns and their elbows touched her breasts. Minutes later they were nudging closer, with Lucy’s hands on their pants, petting their erection. Lucy’s intention was clear; throughout the movie, the erotic caressing continued. Their hands slowly reached her thighs and since Lucy was wearing a skirt and top it was easy for them to put their hands into her panties and fondle her cunt. Without entering her slit, they took turns teasing her clitoris. The sex temperature between the three was palpable and since there were not many people, they played freely till the movie got over. When they trooped out, Lucy was briefly sandwiched between the two guys and she grabbed Frank’s cock as Joe cupped here pussy.

“I like you guys,” Lucy said as they came out.

“Isn’t that obvious?” Joe winked and they all laughed.

“Guys, we must have done this earlier. I took a liking to you guys right from the beginning and always wanted to be between you literally, I mean sandwiched, crushed between two gym bodies, and my wish came true,” she giggled.

Conversation flowed freely over dinner, ranging from sex jokes to music. Later they returned to their house and sat down on a sofa with drinks.

After a sip, Frank said: “I never expected you to be so bold. You didn’t look like a threesome-type.”

Before she could answer, Joe took over: “Ya, you look like a quiet, nice girl without an evil thought in your head.”

“Hello! Looks can be deceptive,” she said in a song-song voice, and continued: “I have a poker face and get away with anything though I always am thinking naughty stuff.”

When they finished their drinks, a slightly tipsy Lucy got up and asked: “Is there a place in this house where a decent woman can change her clothes decently.”

“Right here,” Frank said and guffawed.

Lucy removed her top, skirt and panties and stood nude except for her glasses, which added to her sexuality. Her trimmed bush and her shapely body took their breath away because the Lucy they knew wore loose clothes and the one standing before them was chiseled beauty. And they did not expect her to have trimmed her bush. They whistled in unison. She let them look at her for a minute and turned around and bent down, giving them a view of her vaginal opening and, tantalizingly in slow motion, she ran her finger along her vertical slit and asshole. She straightened up and went to the guys and made them smell her fingers.

“Never eat anything without smelling it,” she said and sat in between them.

While Joe licked her fingers, Frank stood up and stripped and again sat by Lucy’s side. Joe too got rid of his clothes and sat close to Lucy.

“It’s my dream come true,” she said stroking their Çankaya Escort throbbing erections.

“All week I had been planning what to do, so let me lead you,” said Lucy who had suddenly evolved from a submissive innocent girl to a dominating sex goddess.

Continuing to stroke their rock hard protuberances, she spread her thighs and put her legs on the two guys. Joe spread her pussy petals as Frank opened her tight asshole.

“Joe, offer my pussy to Frank to eat and then switch places,” she continued to give orders.

Her cunt was tight, rosy and glistening with her oozing juices. Joe used his thumb and forefinger to hold her pink lips open and Frank squatted between her thighs and slurped her soft pleasure slot, painting her with his tongue. Lucy held Joe’s dick in her hand and played it. Then they switched places and Joe ate her.

“Stand in front of me so that I can see your organs,” she said.

They stood with their hands on their hips, their erections pointed at her.

“What is your size? She asked.

“7 inches,” said Frank.

“8,” said Joe.

“Hmm. A one inch difference, but your cocks are like twins. How similar they look,” she exclaimed and drew them closer and held them in her hands. A series of moans escaped her mouth as she proceeded to taste the balls and coat their cocks with her thick saliva. After some minutes of fervent sucking, she lay on the floor and Joe sat on her face and bent down between her thighs in a 69 while Frank went to fetch a drink. He came back and saw Joe holding her ass apart as his tongue maneuvered along the pink contours of her cunt and her rear rosebud. Sipping his drink he enjoyed watching them eat each other hungrily like two animals gnawing at luscious meat. Joe raised his head and gestured to Frank to hand him the drink and took a gulp and got up from Lucy’s face and gave her a sip of the drink. It was Frank’s turn to continue the 69 while Joe watched. She took Frank’s balls in her warm mouth and then his long banana as he rubbed his mouth on her open flower and bit her clitoris and licked her hot vaginal folds. Carnal heat touched a peak for all three and Lucy said she wanted Frank inside her and went on to sit on his erection and asked Joe to stand in front of her so that she could suck him. Frank ploughed her tight furrow and massaged her round and ripe boobs while she pleasured Joe’s erection with her mouth.

“First I want Frank’s cum in me, then I want Joe’s jizz in my pussy. Oh! fuck, that is great Frank, go on ride me rough, baby,” she muttered, prompting Frank to plunge harder and deeper into her unknown depths. He withdrew his manhood and plunged repeatedly till he felt his explosion nearing and cried out, “Oh shit, I am cumming,” and shot his semen all over her vaginal walls in spurt after hot spurt.

“Oh my god,” she let out spasmodic moans as she too reached her orgasm. She continued sucking Joe as Frank waited for his last drop to fall into her cunt. When Frank withdrew his spent member, she turned over, lying on her stomach and Joe squatted on her ass and entered her pussy from behind. She asked Frank to squat in front of her and licked the sex juices off his semi-erect cock. Holding her hips, Joe slipped quickly into her semen-filled slippery twat and rode her, touching all her erogenous zones inside her and slid in and out with gym energy. All the lascivious action had made him too horny and he wanted to cum quickly and he let go, squirting all he had into her already filled cup of love.

“Oh! god, I am filled to the brim by you horny boys, fuck!” she screamed. Joe sat on her till he slipped out and they sat on the couch. Etlik Escort Joe went to fetch drinks for him and Frank while Lucy said she wanted water.

“Come, let’s go to bed and have a traditional fuck. I am drunk with alcohol and jizz,” she said.

In bed, she lay between them holding their organs which were again stirring and stiffening. Their hands found her slit hot and wet from their collective semen. Joe mounted and entered her and slid in and out slowly in contrast to the earlier hot action. She spread her thighs wide and raised her hips to match his lunges. Kissing and biting each other, they reached a subdued but satisfied peak as Joe poured his second load into her much-filled cunt.

Joe got down and lay by her side and Frank mounted her and his erection found its mark easily. Their kisses and biting of each other’s neck were punctuated by moans, groans and sweet nothings. Her pussy took a fourth flood of male seed when Frank let loose his white jet of hot virility.

A few minutes later, holding their weary cocks she said: “Guys, I love you both for your combined lust. You buggers know how to fuck a girl. I need both of you every weekend, oh shit! I need you daily. What the fuck! I wanna marry you both.”

They kissed her cheeks and thought she was blabbering like a drunkard, but feeling she was echoing some of their thoughts too, they drifted towards sleep, thanks to their threesome indulgence.


Next morning when they woke up, Lucy had left. But a message written in red lipstick on the mirror stared at them.

“Your twin rocks left my cunt sore. Want more.”

They laughed and went to shower.

“I sort of like her” Joe said.

“Hmm great pussy. I can’t call her cunt, whore or bitch, though she is all of that,” Frank laughed

“Ya, I mean she is hot and caught me by surprise. Love her man,” Joe sighed.

“I have an erection just thinking of her.”

“Get away from me with that rod of yours. You are coming so close, I feel you are going to drill me,”

“No fear, I won’t fuck you man. I like woman. I like the way she said twin dicks. Maybe, my dad fucked your mom, that’s why we share the same dick DNA.'”

“No, the other way round is likely, as my dad used to wander all over the place waving his cock.”

Their friendly jibes continued as they finished bathing and toweling themselves.

“What if Lucy wants us both inside her at the same time,” Frank asked.

“I tell you, you are gay. You are thinking of rubbing your dick against mine inside her cunt.”

“Fuck you,” Frank said.

On Monday, they left for office where Lucy went about her work as if nothing had happened on Saturday night.

Frank mouthed the word poker face, looking at Lucy who looked at him expressionless.

When they sat for a meeting, both got an identical message from Lucy.

“I may have a poker face, but my pussy has lots of expressions which your dicks can read,”

They smiled and switched off their phones not wanting any more naughty messages from her.

That evening they got a message from their boss: Come to my beach house on Saturday.

The boss invited his staff to the beach house but they wondered why he wanted them to go there.

“Maybe he is gay. Do you think we will screw us both?” Joe asked apprehension writ large on his face

“We can’t turn him down, too. Have you spoken to anyone who has been there?” Frank asked.

“No. I know boss invites some people, but no one speaks about it.”

“Let’s not tell Lucy. Just tell her we’ll will be away on Saturday and will see her on Sunday,” Frank told Joe who nodded.

Joe told Lucy about meeting her on Sunday and she said it was fine with her. The rest of the week sped past, oiled by sexy messages from Lucy to both of them as they waited to find out what would happen on Saturday.

(To be continued)

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