Tights from the waitress

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Tights from the waitressAbout 5 years ago there was a small cafe in town that i used to go into now and again on my lunch break to get a cup of tea or can of juice and a roll to take away although they also had some tables and chairs for customers who wanted to sit in and eat also. The lady who had bought the shop and was in charge was older and friendly enough as were the other part time staff who used to work there also. Then one day when i went in i saw a young female about 18 years old who was bringing a tray out the kitchen to one of the tables and she was wearing a black skirt with sheer black tights (pantyhose)! She had great legs and the tights were sheer and glossy and the shimmer on her legs was great. She wore black flat shoes with them. She then came back behind the counter to serve other customers as i waited in the queue till she served me. I went back in each day during the week and found out she worked 3 days a week in the cafe part time from 12 till 3pm. As i was a regular and she started to recognise me we would make small talk when she was making up my rolls for my order. Her name was Paula and she was a student at college and trying to make some extra money by working in the cafe. Each time i saw her she was wearing either sheer black or sheer tan tights and i’d always try to get a good look at her legs and admire them as she was going into the kitchen behind the counter when making the rolls or having to go out to the tables to give customers their orders. I’d always make sure to be friendly and smile and leave a tip in the tip jar for her. A few weeks later i was off work for week’s holiday and was in town doing some shopping. I was wearing a pair of black pattern tights with small love hearts on them under my jeans that i’d recently bought. After buying a few cd’s and dvds i was a bit hungry so decided i’d go to the cafe and this time as i didn’t have to hurry back to work i would sit in and relax for a bit. When i went in i saw Paula behind the counter and i smiled at her as she saw me. I sat down at a table. It was pretty quiet as it was about half past 2 and there was only 1 other table that had an older couple sitting and eating at it. When Paula came over to take my order i glanced down at her legs to see her wearing sheer black tights with her black flats. As she was taking my order i noticed that she was slipping and dipping one of her feet in and out of her shoe which is something i love to canlı bahis see females do so i couldn’t help but keep staring at her nylon foot while she was doing this. She obviously saw me looking at she kind of coughed and repeated what she’d asked me that i was wanting to eat as i hadn’t answered her the first time she’d asked as i was distracted! I apologised then gave her my order and she smiled and walked back towards the kitchen. She then said it would be about 5 minutes and she then started to clear up some of the dishes from the other tables and as she did so she dropped a fork from a plate and as she bent down to pick it up her skirt rode up giving me a great view of the gusset and seam up the back of her tights and of her white panties under the tights! A few minutes later when she was bringing me my food the couple at the other table got up to leave so i was the only one in the shop with her. I told her if she wanted she could sit down at my table to rest and chat while i was having my lunch so she did as she didn’t have any other customers to serve. As we were chatting i suddenly noticed a small ladder on one leg of her tights. I said to her “i’m not sure if you know but you’ve laddered your tights”. She looked down at them then said “aw no i didn’t know that. These were just a new pair from the packet that i put on today. I’m going to have to throw them out now”. Before i could even think i just suddenly said “rather than throw them out can i buy them from you”? At first she looked a bit shocked then seemed to think about it for a minute as she went quiet but she didn’t move from her chair. Then she asked me “why would you want to buy my laddered tights”? I told her that i liked to wear tights and loved the feel of them and that i’d worn them for years since i was a teenager and that i was a leg man and always loved to see females in tights rather than bare legs and that i also liked to buy tights from females when i had the chance as i liked to wear freshly worn tights as they felt amazing. I also told her she had great legs and it always cheered me up and made my day when i came into the cafe and saw her as she always wore tights. She smiled and said that she had noticed me a few times looking at her legs and had saw me earlier staring at her feet. She seemed intrigued and i then pulled up my trouser leg of my jeans and showed her my tights that i was wearing. “wow those are nice tights” she said. bahis siteleri “To be honest i’ve never known any guys who’ve ever wore tights. they look nice on your legs”. She then asked if it was just tights that i wore. I told her i sometimes liked to wear stockings and suspenders too and also lace or silk panties and negligees and nighties also. She was smiling and then said “well i guess i could use the extra cash and at least the tights wouldn’t go to waste rather than being thrown away”. I told her i’d be happy to give her twenty pounds for them and she was more than happy with that. She said she would go to the toilet to take them off but i said “can i watch you take your tights off here at the table”? She said “ok” and then slowly peeled them off one leg at a time and watched me while i watched her so i could tell she was enjoying it. As she rolled the second leg of the tights down she stopped at her knee and then said to me “would you like to do it the rest of the way”? I said “sure i would” and i put one hand on her foot so i could feel her nylon feet then with my other hand i slowly pulled the leg of her tights down then gently off her foot. She smiled again and said “i hope you enjoy wearing my tights”. “oh i know i will enjoy wearing them” i said. “if you like i could go and put them on just now in the toilet so you can see me in them”? “That would be nice” she said. I quickly went to the toilet and took my tights off then slowly and carefully pulled her tights up my leg trying to make sure i didn’t make the ladder worse. Her tights felt great on my legs. I went back to my table and she was still sitting in her seat and i sat down then pulled my trouser leg up and showed her so she could see her sheer black tights on my legs. “How do they feel”? she asked. “they feel fantastic i love them and i’ll have fun while wearing them when i get home” i said. She smiled again and said “I’m sure you will”. As it was now 3 o’clock she said she’d had to shut the shop and lock the door but told me i could wait in the shop. After she locked the door she pulled the blinds on the window down so that no one could see in the window from the street then she said “can i see all of you in my tights”?. I took my trainers off then pulled my jeans down and took them off. I didn’t wear panties when i wore tights so she could see my hard cock through the front seam of her tights. “Wow” she said “looks like you’re pretty excited bahis firmaları and turned on wearing my tights” “Off course i am” i said. “you’re beautiful and i love your legs so i’m really turned on by wearing your tights in front of you”. “Can i touch your cock through my tights”? she asked. I just nodded and she reached out her hand as i stood in front of her and gently started to stroke my nylon encased cock which got harder at her touch. After she spent a few minutes rubbing and stroking my hard cock through her tights she leaned forward and started to kiss it then lick it through the tights. Her tongue felt amazing. She then started to rub her hands up and down my legs so she could feel her tights while she was licking my cock then she started to suck my cock and give me a blowjob through the tights! It felt amazing. I knew i was going to cum soon but as much as i was loving watching her suck my cock through the tights i didn’t want to cum in them and ruin them already so i told her. She then said ok i have an idea and she bent down and took one of her flat shoes off her bare foot and said “cum in my shoe then i can walk around after i leave work with your cum on my foot and shoe”. I took my cock out of the tights and she held her shoe up in front of my cock with one hand and was still rubbing my legs with her other hand and smiling as she watched me wank. She could tell i was close to cumming and she then said to me “please cum in my shoe”. That was all it took and i shot a huge load right inside her shoe. I watched it drip down her shoe all sticky and she smiled then she put it on the floor. She took her other shoe off and scooped some of the cum into her other shoe so both shoes had cum in them and then placed her bare feet back in her shoes. “mmh that feels really nice your cum sticking on my feet and shoes” she said. I then asked her if i could buy more of her worn tights on a regular basis seeing as she said the extra money would come in handy and she was totally fine with that and said she’d love to sell me her worn tights so we arranged to meet twice a week and she’d wait on me outside my work still in her skirt and tights that she’d worn that day either tan or black and then we’d go to a nearby area that was quiet and discreet and i’d take her shoes off and rub her feet and legs for a bit and sometimes i’d kiss her feet and suck her toes through her tights then she’d take her tights off in front of me and hand me them and sometimes i’d wear them the next time i was in the shop and when i was sat down i’d quickly roll up my trouser leg so she could see me wearing her tights before she later gave me the tights that she was wearing that day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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