Tina the Redhead

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Tina the RedheadMy name is Ray, I’m single and I’m a mechanic. I own a four bay garage in a family friendly area of town. I also run a tow truck 24/7 in the local area. I charge about 2/3 the hourly rate of most other garages in the area and I guarantee all my work. Consequently, busy is very good for me and allows me to have three mechanics work for me. I’m average looking with a muscular build, but I’ve been told that my smile is contagious and combined with my business ethics makes me very popular with ladies. On many occasion I run a lady back to her house while we work on their cars and then pick them up later when their car is ready. And yes, I’ve been propositioned on more than one occasion. I don’t want to ruin my business reputation but sometimes I just can’t say no to a good looking woman.There was one call I went on with the tow truck that I just couldn’t say no to. It was a few summers ago and it was a hot day. Around noon, I got a call that a motorist was broke down about ten miles out of town. I told my crew I had a tow truck run and then headed out. When I got to the location, there was a Pontiac Firebird on the side of the road with the hood up and a big puddle on the ground. I put my flashers on and pulled in front of the car. When the car door opened, the first thing I saw a pair of legs that were a 12 on a scale from 1 to 10. As the legs slid out sideways, I thought they would never end, but when they did, it was in a pair of tight white short shorts. Everything seemed to move in slow motion as her feet met the ground as she started to get out of the car. As she emerged from the car, I saw that she was wearing a loose fitting white blouse and had naturally red hair. She looked like a model or some glamor star. To say she was gorgeous was completely inadequate. I thought to myself that she was without a doubt the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I also thought to myself that there is no way a grease monkey like me had a chance with this beauty and tried to put the thought out of my mind.I approached her and asked what the problem was. She said her name was Tina and the suddenly the car started bucking and then just quit and steam billowed from under the hood. I told her I would check it out and asked her to pop the hood latch, which she had no idea what I was talking about. I reached in a pulled it myself and then went around to the front and lifted the hood. The first thing I noticed was all of the belts were missing and this could mean big time trouble. One of the belts sliced the radiator hose, causing the engine to lose all of its fluid and overheating, again a bad sign. As I was looking under the hood, Tina leaned in from the other side and asked if I knew what was wrong. Glancing up, I found that her blouse was hanging loose and I could see that she was not wearing a bra. Her tits were looked perfect, nicely tanned with no tan lines visible. I estimated that she was a C cup with small puffy aureoles and very nice nipples. Her reflective sunglasses made it hard to tell if she caught me looking, so I tried to look back down at the engine and started to explain to her what was wrong and that I couldn’t tell the extent of damage until I got the car back to the shop and took a good look at it. Tina’s voice cracked as she asked if it would take long or be very expensive. I told her that it would probably take a couple of hours to see if losing the belts did any serious engine damage and that we would not be able to get to it until the next morning. Now I saw a couple of tears run down her cheek from under her sunglasses and she began to cry. I told her that I would do everything I could to help her and then asked if she was from around the area.She told me that she was not from the area and that she was just passing through. Then she asked if I knew of an inexpensive place to stay and I told her that in the area of the garage there was only one motel and I would call to see if they had a room for the night. Tina thanked me and then climbed into the cab of the tow truck as I hauled her car up on the bed, secured it and climbed in and headed back to the garage. On the way back to town, I called the motel and they said they were booked solid as there was a softball tourney in town. They told me that the closest place that might have a room was on the other side of town, about a 30 minute drive. I told Tina and she didn’t know what to do. I said I would help and called a couple of other motels and they were also booked because of the softball tourney. Before arriving back at the garage, Tina took off her sunglasses to dry her eyes and when I glanced over at her, her face was so beautiful that I just melted my heart. I told her that I never do this, but that I had a three bedroom house and that I lived alone and she was welcome to stay there for the night. She looked at me wondering what my intentions were and I told her that I could stay at the garage overnight if it illegal bahis made her feel any better. She said that wouldn’t be necessary and thanked me for the offer. So I swung by the house and dropped her and her things off at my house and told her I would be home around 7pm and would fix something for dinner then. I showed where she could stay, where the bathroom was, the kitchen, livingroom and pool. I headed back to the garage with her car and when I got there, we unloaded for the morning. I helped finish working a couple of cars and then closed up at 6pm. I usually do all of my paperwork before going home, but decided to let it wait till tomorrow and headed on home early.I had told Tina I would be home around 7pm, but it was only 6:15 when I pulled into the driveway. I went into the house and didn’t see Tina anywhere. I headed to my bedroom to change and shower and was surprised when I opened the bedroom door to find Tina drying herself off in my bathroom. I stood there for a few seconds taking in the sight of her naked body. She glanced up and saw me and grabbed a towel and I apologized for walking in on her. She also began apologizing and said she waited to shower and was so sorry. I left the room with a raging hardon after seeing Tina’s body.Not sure what to do, I headed down to the kitchen and began to get dinner ready. About 10 minutes later, Tina emerged and she looked stunning in her slacks and blouse. It was an uneasy silence for the first few moments until I again started to apologize. She said not to worry and then asked what was for dinner. When she saw what I was cooking, she told me that she would take over if I wanted to go shower now, so I turned over the cooking to her and went upstairs to shower. The vision of Tina standing in my bathroom naked came back as I entered my room and I instantly got hard again. Climbing into the shower, I grabbed the soap, closed my eyes and began working to relieve myself to the memories of the most beautiful redhead I had ever seen. I shot one of my biggest loads ever, all over the shower stall. Then I finished my shower, dried off, got dressed in a pair of jogging shorts and tank top that accentuated my muscular chest and abs and hurried down to the kitchen.Dinner smelled great and I was surprised to see the table neatly set and Tina dishing the food. She smiled and told me I had perfect timing. During dinner, Tina began to open up, telling me that she had just left her boyfriend and didn’t want him to know where she was. He had become very possessive and jealous and tried to control every minute of her life. When she rebelled, he hit her several times and threatened to kill her if she ever left him. As soon as he had left for work, she packed up some clothes and personal items and hit the road. She emptied her bank account so she didn’t have to use a credit card that he could trace. I asked her where she was going and she said she really didn’t know. She’d been driving west for the past two days with no destination in mind. Tears started to trickle down her cheek and her voice cracked. A moment later she broke down into nearly uncontrollable sobbing. I moved around to console her and she stood up, d****d her arms around my neck and sobbed into my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close, not sure of what to say or do. As she sobbed, I could feel her breasts pressing against me and I had to do everything possible to avoid getting hard again.My shirt was getting wet from her tears and I told her that her boyfriend is a fool. Then I told her that she was very beautiful like a rare flower and that even a flower can be killed if it is suffocated with too much attention and care. Tina stopped her sobbing, looked up at me and said that was very sweet to say. Looking down into her reddened deep green eyes, I told her she had nothing to worry about and that no one would ever think to look for her here and that she was welcome to stay as long as she liked. She smiled again and asked if I was asking her to move in with me already and I stammered that was not my intention and repeated that I could easily stay at the garage if that would make her feel better. Resting her head against my chest, she said that wouldn’t be necessary and she really didn’t want to be alone. I told her I understood and continued to hold her against me. A few minutes later, she regained her composure and began to apologize for breaking down. I told her that sometimes you need to release those emotions to get past them and that I was just happy to be here for her. She leaned up and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and then said she would help clean up the table and dishes. Once everything was cleaned up and put away, I asked her what she wanted to do. She asked what did I have in mind and I said that sometimes I just sit and watch some TV, sometimes I go out to the pool and other times I just listen to some music and read. She said that the pool sounded youwin güvenilir mi refreshing so I said I would go change into my suit and meet her outside. She followed me up the stairs and disappeared in her room and I went to mine, quickly changed, went downstairs, grabbed a couple beers and headed out to the pool to set up another lounger.Fifteen minutes later, Tina emerged, wrapped in a towel. She told me that in her haste she didn’t pack any of her swim suits so if I didn’t mind; she would swim in a pair of bra and panties. I told her that was perfectly fine with me and that I understood. I also promised to be a perfect gentleman, although my other head was telling me otherwise. Tina dropped her towel onto a lounger and stood before me in a very sexy bra and panties. I tried not to look, but it was more than obvious and I again began to apologize for the umpteenth time. She turned red and said it was only natural. I turned and dove into the pool to hide my massive erection. I surfaced at the far end of the pool just in time to see her dive into the water. She surfaced about half way and then swam back to the other end. I wondered if she was too embarrassed or if my starring had been too obvious. I swam back to her end, climbed out and grabbed the beers, realizing that I had forgotten to offer her one when she came out of the house. She said that sounded good and climbed out of the pool and walked towards me. The water made both her bra and panties semi-transparent and I could make out her nipples and a patch of red hair. She caught me looking and again turned red and I just stood there with a more than obvious erection. She looked down and then back up and said that it was my turn to turn red. I was caught and not sure how to proceed. Tina sensed my uneasiness and asked if her wet bra and panties bothered me and told her no, they were fine. After another sip of her beer, Tina reached behind her and unclasped her bra and let it fall to the pool decking. Then she asked if that was better and I told her yes it was much better. She looked down at my tented swimsuit and said it looked like I was under considerable strain and should do something about it and reached out and grabbed my waistband, reached in and untied the string and tugged them down to my ankles. If thought this redhead was a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10, seeing her perfect breasts upped her to a 15 at least. They were perfect C-cups, no sag at all, with small puffy aureole and small hard nipples. I had only caught a glimpse of them earlier in the bathroom, but now they were standing there pointing at me and begging me to suck on their perfect nipples. I reached out and cupped her breasts, bent down and gently kissed one nipple and then the other. On the second nipple, I held it between my teeth and softly nibbled on it while licking it with my tongue. A low moan escaped from her throat as I suckled on the most beautiful set of tits I had ever seen. Then I felt her hand wrap around my cock and I almost shot my load right there and then. Her fingers worked around the tip of my cock which was oozing with pre-cum. She worked it all around the head and then slowly stroked me. I broke off the suckling, stood up and kissed her. Tina passionately kissed me back while still stroking my cock. She leaned in and the feel of her bare tits against my bare chest was too sensuous that I couldn’t help but shoot a load all over Tina’s hand and her wet panties and legs. Breaking off the kiss, she hugged me close and asked told me that she very much wanted me next load to be inside her. I said her panties would have to come off for that to happen and she told me to take them off. Kneeling down in front her to take her panties off, I found myself looking straight at the red patch of hair that was visible through her wet panties. I gently put my fingers in each side of her panties and ever so slowly worked them down. As soon as her red hair came into view, I leaned in and kissed her hairy mound. It wasn’t hairy in the wild sense, but was neatly trimmed in a triangle that point to the treasure below it. I slid her panties the rest of the way down and kissed her pussy lips, slipping my tongue between her lips. Then I began sucking on her clit and in about 30 seconds she began to shake and her fingers clenched my hair. I wrapped my arms around her butt to make sure she didn’t fall and her juices flooded my mouth and face. I felt like a hummingbird lapping up the sweetest nectar from a hole with my tongue and I knew it was a nectar that I wanted more of.I continued to hold her until she let go of my hair. I stood up and pulled her against me and our lips locked together and our tongues began to dance together. The heat from our bodies rose and filled the air around us with the perfume of sex. Tina’s hand reached down, took my cock and pulled it towards her pussy. I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist as she perabet slid herself onto my very hard shaft. She felt so good sliding down on my cock and I just held her there for a short time. Then I walked her to the steps of the pool and set her on the edge and began to slide in and out of her. She sat there and looked straight into my eyes as my manhood probed her inner most depths. I’ve had relations with a number of women starting back in my high school days and some of those I hope to share soon, but I had never experienced the intense emotions I felt as I was one physically with Tina. It was more, oh such much more than just sex and I was sure that she felt the same way. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and Tina’s eyes rolled up in her head, her head went backward, her mouthed opened a deep guttural moan trailed out from deep inside her. The waves of passion rippled through her body and her pussy gripped by cock as if it never wanted to let me go. I did my best to keep up my rhythm and keep from shooting my spunk so soon. Tina lifted her head, looked at me again and begged me to empty myself into her. I asked her if she was taking any kind of prevention and she smiled, said no and that she wanted to have my baby. Then she corrected herself and said that she wanted to have our baby. The thought of that was enough to send me over the top and stated to fill her with my seed in the hopes of making her pregnant, something I had always avoided in the past. When I emptied everything I had to give her, I just stood there pressing my cock into her pussy as long as I could to help insure that my seed had a chance of finding its way up her love canal and fertilize one of her eggs. As we stayed intertwined, Tina told me that no one had ever made love to her like that before. With her boyfriend it was more like **** on an almost daily basis. He never knew that she took the morning after pill to prevent the change of getting pregnant with him. After a year together he called her an infertile whore. When she told me that, I wrapped her in my arms and held her close and told her that I could never treat her like that. She melted into my arms and asked me if she could sleep with me tonight and I told her I would like that very much.I picked her up in my arms and carried her into the house, up and the stairs and laid her on my bed. She smiled at me as I went into the bathroom to clean up. I wasn’t in there long, but when I came back out, Tina was curled up sound asleep with her head on my pillow. I realized that she had been driving for two days and probably had not slept much for fear of her boyfriend. After securing the house and turning off the lights, I carefully climbed in bed and laid behind her, put my arm over her to hold and protect her drifted off to sleep.Tina must have been really exhausted because when it was time for me to get up and get ready for work, she was still sound asleep. I carefully slid out of bed, got dressed and headed to the garage to get started on her car. I left her a note on the kitchen table with my cell phone number and instructions to make herself at home and I would call the home phone when I knew what was up with her car. After a careful examination of her car, I was surprised that the engine hadn’t been ruined when all the belts went. Most of the time, a broken timing belt can cause severe engine damage, but not in Tina’s case. I replaced all of her belts and hoses, adjusted the timing and checked to make sure everything else was okay. By the time her car was done, it was early afternoon and I hadn’t heard from her and began to wonder, so I swung by the house when I took her car out for a test run. When I unlocked the door, the note was still on the table. I went upstairs and found her still sleeping in my bed. I stood in the doorway and took in the sight of her lying their naked on my bed. Figuring she was still exhausted, I went back downstairs and left her a note that her car was fixed and ready and the keys were on the table. I called Rick at the garage and had him pick me up and take me back to the garage. We pulled the last bay door down a little after 6pm and I still hadn’t heard from Tina. For the second straight day, I decided to let the paperwork wait and headed home. As I pulled into my driveway, I noticed that Tina’s car was gone. I went inside and saw that she had left me a note saying: ‘Ray, Thank you for everything. Last night was the best night I ever had. In fact it was so good that it scares me that if I stayed any longer, I may never leave. I’ve never fallen like this for anyone and never this fast. I love you too much to involve you in my troubles. Still not sure where I’m going and if things don’t work out wherever I end up, I may call to see if your door is still open. With love, Tina.’That was three years ago and I’ve never heard from her since. I often wonder if her boyfriend tracked her down and did something to her. In the three years since Tina left, I’ve only been with two women and both times all I thought about was Tina, which didn’t do much for the relationships. If Tina is still out there and reads this, my door is still open and I would love to have you come back.

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