Touch Class Ch. 11

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Anal Sex

In the morning, the girls got up early, since they had school. We didn’t have time for a proper lovemaking session, but did kiss and fondle and finger a little before saying our regretful goodbyes. They promised future encores as they left.

That night my doorbell rang, and I went to answer it. To my surprise it was Jennifer, in her work outfit, and carrying a pizzabox. “Hello, Sir. Here’s the pizza you ordered,” she said with a wink.

“Would you mind stepping inside while I get your payment? I don’t want to keep the door open.”

“Not at all.”

After she stepped in, I closed the door behind her. “Jennifer, how nice to see you! But I didn’t order a pizza.”

“Hi, Jimmy. I know. I’m coming off duty and thought it would be nice to say hi. I hope you don’t think I’m being too forward or imposing.”

“No, Jennifer, I’m not put out at all. How did you know my address?”

“I know it’s bending the rules, but I checked our database for people near Shiri, and found a Jimmy.”

“That was resourceful! I’m glad you took that initiative. Can you stay for awhile?”

“Thanks. I’d love to hang out if you’re not busy.”

“I’d love it, too. No, I didn’t have any special plans. Are you parked right outside?”

“Great! No, I parked out on the street, so I’m good to go. Or, rather, I’m good to stay,” she added with a chuckle.

“Excellent! Shall we have some of the pizza you brought?”

“Yes, let’s.”

We kicked off our sneakers and socks, and went into the dining room. We sat at the dining room table and ate some of the pizza. We chatted about our weeks and about our lives. Jennifer was rubbing her leg on mine under the table. I put one hand on her thigh. She smiled. The conversation and the eating slowed as she returned the gesture and our hands started roaming. We dropped all pretense of decorum, standing and embracing. We kissed deeply, our hands running over each other.

Her tits felt great through her t-shirt and bra. She was pressing my cock through my shorts. I pulled her shirt off, and undid her bra, which fell to the floor. I held one fabulous breast to my mouth and started licking the tip in a circular motion, causing her to moan softly. I took the whole nipple in and sucked, and her knees buckled a little. She was unbuttoning my shorts and unzipping the fly. I wriggled out of my shorts. She pulled my boxers down, then rubbed my dick and balls through my jockstrap. I stepped out of my shorts and boxers, which had slipped to my feet. I undid her shorts, pulled them down, and she stepped out of them.

She pulled up my t-shirt, pulled it Escort Çankaya off over my head, and pinched my nipples. We were down to our undies. That wasn’t to last long. I caressed her mound through her panties, then dove my hand under the top of her panties and touched the promised land of her moistening pussy. She reached inside my jock, squeezing my cock, then pulled the jock aside, my dick springing out. She stroked it backhanded, and from base-to-tip. I had a finger up her pussy, scraping her G-spot.

“Shall we head up to the bed?” I enquired.

“Yes, good idea,” she breathed.

I led the way, two fingers hooked inside her cunt, pulling her behind me by the pussy. We got to the bedroom and she lay back on the bed. I lay down beside her and kissed her. I touched her slick slit, working a finger into her vagina to lube it and back up to her 2-inch clit. Back and forth this way, slit to clit and back, driving her wild. Her hand clenched my cock, squeezing hard but not hurting me. She soon climaxed, arching her back and calling out “Oh Jimmy! Yes, yes! You are so good! I love your touch!”

I let her rest for a moment, then took her monster clit between thumb and forefinger. I stroked it base-to-tip, causing Jennifer to moan and quiver. Soon she came again, releasing copious outflow. I changed position to place my face near her genitals, then started slurping up her juice. Then I started in on her clit with my tongue and lips. Soon I was sucking it, occasionally nipping it with my teeth. Jennifer came violently, fucking my mouth with her clit. More secretion streamed out of her loins. This time I gathered it up in my mouth and kissed her, letting it all flow into her mouth. “Mmmm, yummy cum. I want to eat some of yours.”

And she proceeded to suck me slow and tight, tickling my dickhead with her tongue. I let her blow me for about ten minutes, then rewarded her hard work by ejaculating up her throat. She swallowed every last drop.

We rested now, Jennifer snuggling in my arms. “Can you stay over?” I asked her.

“Yes. I’d like to, if it’s alright.”

“Definitely alright. I’m glad you’re staying.”

We slept for awhile, then woke up during the night. “You hungry?” Jennifer asked.

“Yeah. Shall we have some more of our pizza?”


We traipsed downstairs nude, nuked some pizza, and sat eating at the dining room table. Jennifer took her foot and rubbed my crotch with it under the table. I reciprocated with my own foot, poking my big toe up her twat, as she obligingly opened her legs. “Oh my God, this is so fucking good. Jimmy, Ankara Escort let’s do this often.”

“I agree with you about how good this is, Jennifer. By all means, let’s make this a habit,” I grinned at her.

We finished up and headed back to bed. We stimulated each other all over again until she was wet and I was hard, and I mounted her. I slid my cock up her tight-walled cunt to the hilt, Jennifer gasping as it touched her inner walls. We looked in each other’s eyes, getting zoned in on each other. I kept thrusting and she moaned more and more urgently until she went over the top and hugged my back tightly with her legs.

A bit later she rolled over onto her stomach and tucked her knees under her, pushing her bottom into the air. I needed no further invitation and pushed my dick into her very wet snatch. Her large tits were dangling and I reached in and grabbed them, squeezing them and then her nipples. Jennifer moaned and came, drowning my dick and crotch with her sweet pussy fluid.

I pulled out and used my dick to smear all that slick juice on her anal crater. She moaned again in anticipation. I hadn’t fucked Jennifer’s ass yet, though she had fucked mine. I worked the head of my dick through her sphincter, left it there, feeling her muscle contract on it. Then I pushed further in, then pulled almost out, pushed in, pulled out, getting my fat cock further and further into her cavern. She was wailing out of control by now, reaching back and fingering and frigging her pussy furiously. She quivered and quietly screamed in pleasure, and I continued to pump her tushy, plunging my solid meat all the way up her shit-chute. She frigged herself some more, came yet again, and stuck her cum-covered fingers in her mouth.

“Oh, Honey, I need to lie flat,” she said. Together we let her stretch out flat, my dick never leaving the warm snug confines of her ass. She turned on her side and I matched her so that we were spooning, only with my cock deep inside her rectum. We gradually slowed our motion until we were still. With my hands on her tits and my dick buried in her ass, we drifted back to sleep.

The next morning we woke up, realized we were together and noted the position we were in. Jennifer wriggled her ass experimentally and my dick was still safely embedded there. It began becoming more erect, and soon it had inflated to fill her ass. I started thrusting. Jennifer said, “Good morning, Dear Jimmy. That feels sooo good. What a perfect way to start the day.”

“And a good morning, to you, too, Dear Jennifer. This is heaven as far as I am concerned.”

It Sincan Escort was like her ass and my dick were made for each other. She put some goo on her hand, reached around and found my ass, and inserted a finger. That made my boner even fiercer, if that was possible. She used her other hand to frig herself. Shortly she came. I fucked her ass relentlessly and she came several more times. “You are amazing! Don’t you ever get tired?” she asked.

“Not when it comes to making you come,” I answered.

“Do you want to come?”

“That would be fine.”

“Tell me how you want to.”

“How about in your mouth?”

“OK. My mouth is all yours. But only when you’re ready — no rush.”

“OK, pretty soon.” I continued fucking her for a while, then finally pulled out. She turned over to face me. I lay stretched out and she moved her head down to my cock. She started sucking just the way I like it, slow and tight, making her mouth a clenching vagina (or ass). Soon I felt the jism rising and fucked her mouth until a massive orgasm rippled through me with electrical waves. She thirstily drank down my sperm geyser. “Oh Jennifer, that was awesome. Thank you.”

“My pleasure, Lover.”

We cuddled in a semi-daze for part of the morning until hunger brought us to finally get up. We went down to the kitchen to scrounge for something to eat. We settled for some cereal. Of course we were still stark naked. I couldn’t get over how beautiful Jennifer was, in face and figure. We sat close together at the table so we could touch each other at will, and we did.

“You know, men generally have erections during dreams,” I brought up. “Do you remember anything like me being hard inside you while we were sleeping?”

“Now that you mention it, I do remember snatches of various dreamlike scenes where you were fucking me. That might have been what triggered those.”

“I suppose we both have to come back to reality and get on with our day,” I said. “I don’t want to break the spell, but at least we can get together again soon, if you want to.”

“You’re right, of course. I have to go to work later, and I’m sure you have things you need to do. But I want very much to see you again, and soon. If you’re not busy tonight, you’re invited to my place. I’ll make dinner, if you can hold out until around 8.”

“Dear Jennifer, I’m very glad you feel that way. No, I don’t have plans tonight, or at least I didn’t until just now,” I said, grinning. “Dinner at 8 at your place sounds perfect. I can’t wait. Shall we wash up?”

“Yes, that sounds good.”

We went upstairs and hopped in the shower. We soaped each other sexily, drawing out our inevitable parting. Finally we dressed and kissed goodbye, and Jennifer gave me her address and number. “Until tonight,” Jennifer said as she was going out the front door.

“Until tonight,” I echoed.

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