Tracey: The Spanish Torture begins

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Tracey: The Spanish Torture beginsTracey at the Museum of TortureSynopsis On a school trip to Spain Tracey finds herself a living exhibit in an interactive Museum of TortureTracey at the Museum of Torture: Tracey sighed at the thought of another school trip with the unruly boys and girls of the Payne Academy, a private school that always reminded her of St Trinians. On this particular school journey, she and Mr. Chambers were in “charge” of the worst group of the lot, the 16-18 year old k**s. The previous ones had been disasters and, as usual, ended up in severe pain and humiliation for her. She hoped that for once this latest school journey to Spain would be less of an ordeal than the ones before had been but as usual, she was dead wrong about that! As she stepped off the tour coach Tracey looked at the massive building in front of them with its stone walls, iron gates and barred metal windows. What the hell IS this place?Mr. Chambers led the group inside the place. With the signs all being in Spanish on the outside of the building Tracey didn’t know what it all meant but when she got in she saw that there were a few signs in English. A young, dark-haired and typically Spanish looking girl stepped forward.“Senor Chambers? I am Maria Ramirez, Senor Gonzales’ assistant. We have been expecting you. Senor Gonzales is happy to meet up with you again.”The 13 students all milled around looking a bit bored. Tracey was at the rear of the group and Mr. Chambers at the front. Then he called her forward.“The curator of this museum is a good friend of mine,” he told her. “I’d like to wait here until he arrives. Please go and sign us all in.”Tracey walked across to the counter and Maria produced a form for her to sign. It was all in Spanish so she didn’t understand a word of it but the girl assured her with a smile that it was only a formality. Signing it, Tracey rejoined the rest of the party. Then a dark-haired, dark-skinned man of medium height and build came out to greet them.“Ah, Senor Chambers, it is a pleasure to see you again!” the man said. “I believe we last met in Nuremberg.”“Hola, Senor Gonzales. Yes, that was our last meeting.”Then the Spaniard turned to the group and smiled. “Pleased to be welcome to our little Museum of Torture,” he said. At once Tracey’s heart froze in fear at the title of the place. Her nervousness got even worse when she saw him staring straight at her and smiling. “So hola, ladies and gentlemen. This is the Museum of the Inquisition, I am sure that many of you have heard of the countless cruelties committed during that dark period in our history. And why you may ask do we have a museum dedicated to such atrocities? Because we do not wish people to forget the horrific past. That is why we have created this museum to remind people of how things once wore in my country.”In spite of the heat of the day, Tracey shivered with fear. God, in a place like this so many things could go wrong! And I can really feel the sense of evil in this museum.“Please to follow,” said Mr. Gonzales, “We will begin with a short film describing the history of the Spanish Inquisition.”Tracey gazed at Mr. Chambers and whispered softly in his ear.“Do I have to go and watch this stuff? Do I even have to go on the tour of this place? It’s horrible!”Mr Chambers looked at her and laughed.“Tracey, what’s wrong with you? This is a museum! And Senor Gonzales is a very good friend of mine. Do you really want our students to think you’re some sort of a hysterical wimp? Now pull yourself together and get on with the tour!”Tracey sighed. She knew it wasn’t likely he’d have agreed but at least she’d told him how she felt. Now there was nothing she could do but hope that this time the museum really wouldn’t turn out as bad as the other trips she’d been on. “Well, ladies and gentlemen,” said Mr. Gonzales. “After the film has finished we will embark on a tour of the museum itself.”The group settled down in the seats and watched the film. It began by talking about how the fear of witches and heretics had swept across Europe and how the Catholic Church had decided to try and stamp it out using violent means. Then he stopped the film for a moment to address them briefly. “Although the Inquisition did not begin in Spain,” Mr. Gonzales explained, “it was in my country that it rose to the height of its power. We will now resume the film. This shows a woman being burnt alive at the stake. As you will observe, she is completely naked. She would certainly have been tortured severely before her final execution. Probably death came as a blessed release to her.”Tracey felt nauseated but the group of teenagers with her seemed to be fascinated by the poor girl’s ordeal. What a sick bunch they are, she thought angrily.Then they all watched the woman burning alive at the stake, her screams of agony clear in spite of the fact that it was obviously a dummy that was being burnt. Or was it? Tracey felt more and more uneasy.“Here is another woman being hung,” said the smiling Mr. Gonzales. “As you see, she is also naked.”Once more the students loved seeing the woman or dummy – Tracey wasn’t entirely sure which any more – being hung naked. As the woman danced obscenely in her death throes, displaying her naked female charms to all and sundry, once again Tracey felt like throwing up. Why the hell had Mr. Chambers brought them to a place like this?“And here is another of the cruellest methods of execution,” he told them. “This woman is being broken at the wheel. She is naked of course and her arms and legs are splayed out in an obscene public display of her nudity. The executioner breaks parts of her bones and eventually every part of her body is broken. She is then left naked on the wheel to die.”Tracey wanted to throw up but she didn’t dare. It was almost a relief when the film ended at last.”I hope you have found my little film instructive,” he said. “Of course as well as death the Inquisition also liked to inflict pain. Please to follow me into the next part of the museum where I will show you the various instruments of torture used upon people held prisoner by the Inquisition. I hope that you will find them instructive, interesting and perhaps even enjoyable.”Tracey controlled an almost irresistible wish to shudder when he said that. Enjoyable? Torture? Looking around at her students, she saw at once that all of THEM seemed to find it fascinating and enjoyable. She also saw that Senor Gonzales had noticed their reaction. With a slight smile, he continued.“Of course women suffered perhaps more than men at the hands of the Inquisition. The church believed that women were the root of all evil, since through Eve’s disobedience sin had entered into the world. They also believed that all women were whores by nature who were constantly craving sex and therefore they concentrated a lot on what you might call forms of sexual punishment for female suspects.”Tracey was getting ever closer to throwing up or at least walking out in disgust. Of course her students loved every minute of it!He led the group into the next room and pointed to a pair of metal plates with hinges and metal straps. “This,” said Senor Gonzales, “is one of the various forms of chastity belt that were used for around five centuries. Because of the widespread fear and revulsion at female sexuality and adultery in particular, it was very common for women to be fitted with chastity belts to stop them from having sex outside marriage or even masturbating. The model you see here is one of the more merciful varieties. It was worn by the wife of the King of France so although it restricted her pleasure and prevented her from being unfaithful it was not in itself painful, though of course it was a degrading device for the woman to have to wear.”And I bet they never fitted one to the men! Tracey was getting angrier as his talk continued. She couldn’t wait to get out of the horrible place. Then, typically, her students started acting up.“So where would the chastity belt be fitted?” asked John. He was Mr. Chambers’ son and one of the most consistently rude, lazy and disruptive students at the Payne Academy. hatay escort bayan Senor Gonzales smiled when he asked that question.“Why, over the genital regions, of course. It would prevent access to the woman’s vagina.”“Genital regions? Vagina? Sorry, sir, I don’t quite understand,” John lied through his teeth. “Are you saying the chastity belt went over the whore’s cunt?”Senor Gonzales smiled amiably at the boy when he said that.“Please to forgive my English. Yes, the chastity belt would be fitted over her cunt to prevent any access to it.”“That sounds really cool!” said John. “And once it was fitted to her cunt there was no way to get it off again?”“Only with a key,” said Mr. Gonzales. “In more sophisticated models, a combination lock would also be fitted.”Tracey felt sick but her students were obviously fascinated. Then John chipped in again.“And you said this was one of the milder versions? You mean there were other types that really hurt when they got fitted to her cunt?”“Yes, that is correct,” said Senor Gonzales. “But we will come on to them in the next part of the tour. In the meantime let us turn to some other methods of sexual torture that were used on women. This,” he pointed to a cruel looking metal device that looked like a large pair of pincers, “was known as a breast ripper.”John immediately spoke up again.“Breasts, sir? Don’t you mean tits?”“Ah, my English again. Yes, this is a tit ripper. It was used to rip and shred the flesh from a woman’s breasts – tits, I mean – and of course it was EXTREMELY painful.”John laughed out loud when he said that.“That’s so fucking cool!” he said. “Those Spanish Inquisition blokes knew how to have fun! Shame we can’t treat stuck-up modern bitches the same way – they had the right idea about dealing with uppity cunts!”He looked straight at Tracey when he said that and she turned away and flushed with embarrassment. A few of the other boys laughed and even a few of the girls giggled. Especially Lucy and Emily, the two worst-behaved of them all, Tracey noticed.He led them on through a sickening catalogue of cruelty – the racks, the scavenger’s daughter, the boots, the Judas cradle, the pear, the cell of little ease, the whips, the iron chair, the heretic’s fork, the red-hot iron, the branks, the pillory and a long and lurid display of torture instruments.“Now that you have seen the film and actual examples of some of the tools of the Inquisitor’s trade, perhaps you would like to follow me,” he said. “In this room we try to bring history alive by using what we like to call an interactive approach to learning.”John immediately chipped in again.“What exactly does that mean?” he asked.“Well, I will show you some of these methods in action,” said Senor Gonzales. “Of course you must understand that you will see naked women being tortured and executed in public. Will that offend anyone?”Tracey thought about speaking out but held her peace. The rest of the group shouted out an enthusiastic “no way!” or variations on that sort of thing. “So,” he said, “please follow me into our interactive room. We will begin with what the Inquisitors always referred to as a mild torture – although I do not think their victims would agree.”His smile chilled Tracey’s blood and she wondered increasingly nervously what exactly he meant by “interactive” torture and execution.As the group entered the room there were a lot of wax dummies on display in various stages of pain and discomfort. Tracey relaxed as she realised he was only going to torture a few waxwork models. The students, as soon as they realised the same thing, looked disappointed.Even so, it was horrific enough, and blood-curdlingly realistically done. The naked wax model had the thumbscrews fitted to her and even though the accompanying screams obviously came from a soundtrack they still made Tracey’s flesh crawl with fear and disgust. God, I wish I was anywhere other than this terrible place, she thought. The students all laughed and the girls giggled, even Mr. Chambers and Senor Gonzales seeming to swap secret smiles. A simulated hanging followed, again with enthusiastic enjoyment from the rest of the group and total disgust from Tracey. Finally he showed the group a simulated breaking on the wheel. All the students thoroughly enjoyed the display but for Tracey it was the last straw. She honestly felt like throwing up and had to fight to control the nausea that filled her stomach.“That brings us to the concluding part of our official tour,” said Senor Gonzales. “However, as a special favour to my good friend Mr. Chambers, I have arranged for us to continue with an unofficial guide. Please follow me through this door into a section of the museum that is not open to the general public and only available to special guests.”“Thank you, Enrique,” said Mr. Chambers. “We’re all extremely grateful to you for opening up the private part of the museum for our benefit.”He led them to a door with a sign on it saying “Prohibida la entrada,” which even Tracey could work out meant “no entry.” They followed him through the door and emerged along a dark corridor into an area where yet another metal grille barred their entrance. It reminded Tracey of the sort of bars you saw on going into a prison and she shivered again.“Now we are in the deepest and darkest recesses of the Museum of the Inquisition,” Senor Gonzales said. “Here we demonstrate, for a select group of people only and not the general public, the true reality of life as a woman captured and interrogated by the Inquisition.”He paused for a moment and Tracey looked around nervously. So far there was nothing specific to alarm her but she felt more and more uneasy the longer she stayed in the place.“I open the door now,” he said. “Please to follow and I how you in the fullest of detail our interactive approach to the Inquisition.”Her heart pounding, her breath getting shorter, Tracey nervously went in with the rest of the group. Then, as she was trying to adjust her eyes to the almost total blackness of the place, Senor Gonzales spoke.“Now with this, the final and most – vivid – part of the tour we make history come alive by using a volunteer to demonstrate how the tortures of the Inquisition worked. Unfortunately our regular volunteer is unable to attend today and so I shall have to make other arrangements. Maria, do we have our replacement volunteer?”“Si, Senor Gonzales, we have her.”She glanced for a moment at the piece of paper in her hand and then, to the delight of the other members of the group, made her announcement.“Senorita Tracey Smith has kindly volunteered to act as our demonstration model today.”Tracey gasped in horror and stared at the woman in total disbelief.“That’s a lie!” she said angrily. “I’d never volunteer for something like this!”“Then how do you explain your signature on this form?” Maria retorted. “In it you clearly give your consent to being a demonstration model for the purposes of showing the group the kind of tortures used on women by the Inquisition. See, here is your name.”Tracey blinked in stunned horror.“But I thought I was just signing a registration form the group!” she exploded. “If I’d known what I was signing I’d never have agreed to it!”John, Emily, Lucy and most of the other students were either grinning or laughing openly. They were looking forward to the prospect of seeing their young teacher tortured and humiliated for their entertainment.“So you say, Senorita Tracey,” said Maria. “But all the same, you DID sign and your signature IS a legally binding agreement to volunteer as a demonstration model for our interactive torture. You have no choice but to submit yourself to our will.”Tracey looked around desperately but the metal door had long since been shut and barred behind her. There was no chance of escape. In a desperate attempt to get out of the situation, she turned to her colleague.“Mr. Chambers, you can’t let this happen to me!” she protested. For a moment he actually seemed to take her side.“Enrique, couldn’t we forget about this part of the tour? Or at least simply look at the exhibits without making Tracey have to – undergo the escort hatay tortures herself?”“Si, Malcolm, of a surety we could simply examine the exhibits and not continue with the interactive part. I regret that our regular model is not available today or she would have been demonstrating them for your group.”“Well, let’s do that, then,” said Mr. Chambers. When he said that there were howls of protest from the students, led by his own son John and by the screeching banshees Lucy and Emily.“We want to see Tracey tortured!” they shouted in unison. “What’s the point of an interactive tour when you don’t get any interaction?” asked Lucy. “How can you make the history of this place come alive without torturing Tracey like in the old days?”“My dad’s one of the biggest contributors to your school fund-raising events,” Emily added. “He won’t like it at all if I tell him how you refused to let us have what we wanted.”Mr. Chambers didn’t like the sound of that at all. He began looking around uneasily.“Well, perhaps…” he began.Then Maria cut him off sharply.“This contract that Senorita Tracey signed is a legally binding document. It is enforceable at law and if we were to take her to court she would be found guilty of breach of contract. Under our laws the penalty for such a crime is a minimum of six months imprisonment up to a possible maximum prison term of two years. Now, if you wish, I can apply to the court for Senorita Tracey to be arrested for breach of contract.”With threats of legal action on one side and the withdrawal of very large funds for his establishment on the other, Mr. Chambers had no choice. He looked at Tracey almost with a touch of sadness in his eyes.“Well, Tracey, it’s up to you,” he said. “If you insist on refusing to take part as a model in this – display – then I can’t make you. On the other hand, you’ll be arrested and spend some considerable time in a Spanish prison. You won’t have a job to come back to either because of course we couldn’t possibly employ a convicted criminal as a member of staff at the Payne Academy. I’m sorry you’ve found yourself in this – position – but if I were in your situation I think it would be preferable to endure some temporary suffering rather than imprisonment and dismissal from your post.”Tracey stared at him, at Gonzales, at the Ramirez woman, and most of all her students. She knew Maria MIGHT be bluffing but previous bitter experience had led her not to assume anything when it came to unjust laws. And she’d heard from other people that six months in a Spanish prison would be pretty close to hell on earth.“All right,” said Tracey, glaring around the room. “I don’t seem to have much choice. But before I make up my mind I want to know exactly what you’re planning on doing to me.”“What exactly do you mean, Senorita Tracey?” asked Mr. Gonzales. “Exactly what I said. What do you plan to do to me?”“Well,” he said, almost hesitantly, “we have a wide range of exhibits here and of course we would not expect you to demonstrate them all.”“That’s a relief!” said Tracey angrily. “So what exhibits DO you expect me to – demonstrate?Senor Gonzales sighed and spread his hands in a gesture of helplessness. He looked at Maria who spoke up on his behalf.“Well, Tracey, if you want me to tell you every single thing that will be done to you here today I am willing to do so. But I feel that you might find it less of an ordeal if you did NOT know what was about to happen to you.”Tracey looked at the girl with anger blazing in her eyes. For once she was facing an adversary who was not much different from her in physical size and she was well in the mood to kick her arse if necessary.“I’ll be the judge of that,” she said. “Let’s start off by asking you how MANY different tortures you were planning to use on me.”Gonzales looked at her sadly.“You must understand, Tracey, that there are several – aspects – of this private tour that are – how would you say, non-negotiable?”“Which aspects?”“In the first place, your nudity,” he told her. “You simply MUST be naked to make the experience – authentic. That is a stipulation upon which I simply must insist. It is completely non-negotiable. If you refuse to agree to that then we will have to call the police and arrest you.”Tracey looked around at the gloating group of students, all obviously relishing the prospect of her imminent nudity and torture. She felt total contempt for them. Spoilt fucking brats, she thought angrily. And that piss weak piece of shit Mr. Chambers can’t even stand up for his own staff. Oh, what the hell. It won’t be the first time I’ve been naked in front of my students, will it?“I agree,” said Tracey, swallowing hard as she said the words.She saw the excited loos and the smug grins on the faces of her students when she agreed to be naked. “What else is non-negotiable?”“You must be restrained,” he told her. “Various types of bondage will be used upon you – handcuffs, shackles, iron collars and similar devices.”“OK,” said Tracey.After all, she thought, it won’t be the first time I’ve had to put up with being put in bondage. And I guess at least I’m showing the bastards I’m willing to co-operate up to a point.“That is good,” said Gonzales. “Now we will begin the torture. Step over towards the first exhibit and Maria will demonstrate its use for the benefit of your students under her instruction.”Tracey reluctantly followed the woman towards the middle of the room. SheSaw with anger and disgust that her students were already getting out their mobile phones and cameras, obviously preparing to record her ordeal for their own entertainment.“Now it is necessary for you to become naked,” said Senor Gonzales.Tracey, glaring angrily, was about to start stripping when Gonzales stopped her with a wave of his hand.“No, on, Tracey, that is no good,” he said. “To render the experience as – authentic – as possible you must be forcibly stripped. Perhaps two of your students would like to volunteer to strip you?”Every hand went up but it was John and his friend Eric who were chosen to strip their teacher naked. Tracey flushed with anger and embarrassment but there was nothing she could do about it.They began by taking off her shoes and then removed her jacket. Now she was down to her blouse, skirt and underclothes. Her blouse was the next thing to come off, exposing her large breasts still contained in a bra for the time being. Then her tights came off, John making sure to cop a quick feel as he removed them. After that it was the turn of her skirt. Tracey was now standing in front of her students wearing nothing but her bra and knickers.That didn’t last long. Her breasts sprang out proud and free as John removed her bra. Then her lower area was exposed as Eric took off her knickers.“Very good,” said Gonzales. “Please to spread your legs so that your students can get a good look at your cunt and arse.”Fuming, Tracey did what she was told. She had to endure a whole bunch of obscene comments and cat-calls but she knew that the tortures she was about to be put through would make the humiliation of her enforced nudity seem like a walk in the park in comparison.“Maria, restrain the suspect,” Gonzales ordered. “Prepare Tracey for the torture.”“Si, Senor,” said an openly grinning Maria.The bitch obviously enjoys her “work,” thought Tracey angrily. Not half as much as my fucking students will, though! God, I wish I’d never taken this job with the Payne Academy!All the boys and girls were openly laughing at her and looking forward eagerly to seeing her being tortured. Tracey was determined at least not to give them the satisfaction of seeing her cry though to be honest she wasn’t sure if she could manage to keep that promise to herself.“To begin with,” Maria told her, “stand perfectly still while I fit you with your restraints.”Gritting her teeth, Tracey did as she was told. The girl fastened a metal belt around her waist, which she immediately noticed was cruelly studded with small but sharp spikes that dug into her naked flesh. Once the belt had been snapped shut around her waist it was further secured in place with a heavy metal padlock. Two chains hatay escort ran off from the metal belt that led off and were connected to two massively large and heavy iron bands. Maria fitted one to each wrist, snapped them shut and then fastened a padlock to each band. It’s worse than being handcuffed, thought Tracey. Even with handcuffs it’s not quite as oppressive as this. And of course the cuffs being connected to the belt at her waist forced her to keep her hands at her side.“That is good,” said Maria, smiling as she stepped back and admired her handiwork. “Now we add to your restraints.”Then Maria turned her attention to Tracey’s legs, or more specifically her ankles. She fastened a heavy metal ring around her ankles, connected by strong metal chains that ran between the two rings. In the middle of the chains was a large ring that had a further length of chain attached to it. Tracey didn’t yet know what it was for but she found out soon enough!“Good,” said Maria. “Now we fit an iron collar around your neck.”Tracey could only submit helplessly as a large and massively heavy metal collar was fastened around her neck. She soon discovered that from the collar a length of chain led off that was connected to the chains in the centre of her ankle restraints. When the collar was snapped shut, Maria also locked it even more securely with a heavy padlock. It was heavy and Tracey felt uncomfortable with the weight and the pressure of the chains that connected her various restraints together.“That is good,” said Maria. “Now for some additional restraint.”Tracey felt pretty helpless as it was. What the hell else was the girl planning to do to her?“These,” she said, a cruel smile on her face, “are tit collars. They will be secured over Tracey’s big tits. Unlike the other restraints in which she finds herself, these will not be simply uncomfortable; they will be positively painful for her.”Fuck you, thought Tracey. Why are you enjoying this caper so much? Not that there was anything she could do about it. Maria picked up the heavy metal rings and placed the first one over her large breasts. She snapped it shut and then repeated the process with the other breast. To Tracey’s horror she suddenly realised that the devices had a sort of wing nut at the side which could be tightened. Naturally the Spanish girl tightened the nuts to the maximum possible tension!“That is good,” said the hateful Maria, smiling more broadly all the time. “Now we will begin the preliminary torture.”God only knows what that means, thought Tracey, wishing right now she was a million miles away and never had to set foot in Spain again. “Now that Tracey is properly restrained,” said Maria, “we will secure her for the first of her tortures.”She led Tracey over to a metal pole with a series of hooks attached to it. Taking another length of chain, she ran it through another hook on each side of her cuffs. The chains were then fastened to the hooks on the pole and she was held securely in place by them.“That is good,” said the smiling Maria. “Senor Gonzales, I am ready to begin.”“Gracias, Maria,” said Gonzales. “Well, ladies and gentlemen, the first stage of the Inquisition process will begin. Tracey Smith, are you ready to make a full confession of your crimes?”Tracey stared at him in astonishment.“Confession? What do you want me to confess to?”“Your many crimes, Senorita,” said the smiling Gonzales. “It is now up to you. If you make a full confession we will be able to pronounce sentence immediately and it will not be necessary to subject you to the torture.”Tracey seized on the smidgeon of hope his words seemed to offer.“I confess,” she said desperately. “I confess to everything. Just tell me what you want me to confess to and I’ll admit it all!”Gonzales looked at her and laughed.“This is how the Inquisition always began questioning a suspect,” he told his enthralled audience. “And, of course, the foolishness you have just hear from Tracey was a very common response. However, such an answer as that she has just given is not acceptable. Then or now. Senorita Tracey, you must freely confess exactly which crimes you have committed. If you do not then we will have no alternative but to begin the preliminary torture. So, Tracey, what IS it that you wish to confess to me?”Tracey stared at him in utter bewilderment and fear.“I don’t know what you want to hear,” she said desperately. “I said I’d confess to anything you wanted. Please let me know what you want me to say and I’ll say it.”Gonzales smiled and turned to the almost ecstatic audience.“At this point,” he told them, “with a female suspect it was standard practice for the woman to be ****d.”“No!” screamed Tracey. “No! You can’t do this to me! Please, Senor Gonzales! Please, Mr. Chambers! You can’t let this happen to me!”Tracey felt herself about to enter the world of nightmare and she knew that she had no way of protecting herself or escaping from the cruelty they were proposing to practise upon her. Then, to her surprise, she heard the voice of Mr. Chambers.“Perhaps, Enrique, we might be taking realism a little too far. I’m sure Tracey will find the tortures of the Inquisition enough of a – lesson in humility – without adding sexual components to her punishment. Are you agreeable, Enrique?”He looked disappointed but nodded.“Perhaps you are right, Malcolm. Very well, Tracey will not be ****d. However, we will begin the first stage of her torture.”Tracey didn’t know whether to feel grateful to Mr. Chambers or not but at least she knew she wouldn’t be ****d now. I suppose that’s something, she thought sadly.As she stood securely fastened to the pole, Gonzales gave his order.“Let the torture begin,” he said. “Maria, the prisoner will be whipped.”Before Tracey even had a chance to protest she felt the first crack of the whip against her back.“Ow!” she exclaimed. “That really hurt!”“Well, of course it did, you stupid bitch,” Maria snapped back at her. “Did you think a whipping would be fun?”Everyone laughed when she said that and even Mr. Chambers managed a sort of smile.Tracey was helpless, naked, and having to put up with ridicule and now a whipping. How much worse was her ordeal going to get? And just how many of the tortures from the Spanish Inquisition were they planning to use on her?Oh God, I wish I’d never taken a job as a history teacher at the Payne Academy, she thought as the second stroke of the whip landed squarely on her large arse.After a few swings at Tracey, Mr chambers piped up with a massive grin on his face, and whispered something to his friend, all Tracey Heard was “Aim for the legs!” and Maria started whipping furiously at her thighs “Tracey, get up you whore” John yelled at her, Mr chambers chuckling down on her, she gets up from her position, her back and pussy bleeding, Gonzales piped up and said “you had enough Tracey?” she just stared at the floor, trying not to allow the k**s to see her cry, “Good” Emily and Lucy said simultaneously, they both push her onto the ground, making her land on the cold-hard floors. The k**s laugh as tomatoes and other heavy foods are thrown at her, making her feel worthlessAs Tracey’s Chasity belt comes off, her pussy bleeding, she was lead to another device which was the “Pear on anguish” Tracey trembled with fear as she knows what it can do “This was a pear-shaped device, with the body of the pear made up of four metal “leaves” joined by a hinge at its top, and a key or crank on one end. The pear will be inserted into the vagina” Maria saysFuck Tracey things, Emily then speaks up and says “Sir, may we keep the Pear in her cunt, lets say for 10 years?” Mr Chambers look at Tracey, then at his friend “Emily, that’s a good question, let’s see what Enrique says about this”? “For you my friend, Yes, as long as a new whore comes back with you next year”As Tracey, Mr chambers and Lucy pile into the staff break room, the pear gets lodged into her pussy, as well as the Chasity belt back over her cunt, before they close it tight, Lucy puts a rotten tomato into her gaping pussy, snickering as she does so. Enrique gives Mr Chambers the key to open up all the locks and they all filed into the coach, and Tracey was last and to sit with the k**s, as they all tease and humiliate her on their way back.Message me on what you want PT 2 to be about please, I like suggestions and Please PM me Love BambalinaXXOOXX

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