Tres Amigos in Bakersfield

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Tres Amigos in BakersfieldI have traveled all of Southern California and one of my favorite places to stop is the Beach Park off of Hwy 99 in Bakersfield. It is easy on, easy off the freeway and I can usually find a nice cock at either the Beach Park Loop bathrooms or south at Yokuts Park. Men of all descriptions work out, run, play sports and otherwise hang out there and some have been known to take advantage of the local gay talent to get a quick nut before going home.Last August I was cruising through and decided to stop. After a long drive from Arizona I needed to get out of the car and walk and stretch so I parked, put my belt bag on and grabbed a towel and headed around the loop. I was wearing nylon shorts and a tank top, running shoes and no socks and it was a good thing. Bakersfield can be hot and humid in August and it was that day. On my loop I noticed three young men sitting on a picnic table under some trees. About 40 yards from them was a rest room and I thought it might be worth a cruise to see if I could get some action. Most of the time I have only hooked up with singles while cruising but it might be worth a try. As I neared I could see that they were young 20’s Latin guys, all wearing tanks and nylon shorts and it appeared they had been on the adjacent basketball court. I neared and made eye contact. Two had shaved heads and a few tats, really good looking guys, and the third, the youngest, had long hair tied back in a short pony tail. As I neared the older of the three watch me and I made eye contact and gave him a little smile. As I passed and headed for the rest room I gave a little swish and looked over my shoulder. The older of the three watched intently.I went in to the rest room and took a leak and waited at the urinal for what seemed an eternity. I was about to leave when I heard footsteps and low voices. I backed away from the urinals and backed up against the back wall of the building. I then saw the older of the three enter. He looked at me and slightly smiled and my eyes were drawn to his crotch where he sported an obvious tent. I took off my sun glasses and slipped them in to the band of my shorts, then spread my towel on the floor in front of me. He smiled and reached for his crotch. As he did so I dropped to my knees.He approached and dropped the front of his shorts revealing a beautiful uncut beer can nested in close cropped thick black pubes. I was so focused on his beautiful manhood that I did not notice the other two come in the entrance. He approached and I put my hands behind his thighs and drew him in to me. malatya escort I took his beautiful glans in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it then applied some suction and drew him all the way in. As he stretched my mouth out I could both smell and taste the Irish Spring and a little sweat. My lips and nose nestled in to his course pubes and I took his manhood all the way in. I could feel his balls slap on my chin as I drew him in. He put has hands behind my head and gently but firmly guided my head as we settled in to a rhythm of sliding his manhood in and out of my loving mouth. We settled in to a nice rhythm and I knew he was horned to the max so I wanted to make him last. I was so focused on his pleasure that I did not notice the two younger guys watching. He barked at one of them to watch the door as I pleasured him. The other watched intently as I pleased his leader. I refocused on my duty and paced him so as not to make him cum too fast but to give him the best ride I could. We went back and forth for what seemed 5 minutes and his groaning and breathing increased as his cock hardened and his massive balls were drawn up in to launch position. His grip on my head became more demanding and more commanding as he plunged in to my mouth. I worked his glans and shaft with my tongue as he stroke and it was not too long before he started giving me precum. I stroked and flicked my tongue and his pace and pressure increased and then pressed him in to me as he hardened. With a groan and gasp of breath he put his cock all the way down my palate as he started shooting his load. I held him in place and put on the vacuum as he delivered his man juice down my throat. He pumped 7 times hard and then relaxed his grip as I slid his cock out to the point where I could get my tongue working his glans as I applied suction. He gave me two more spurts and then held me in place as I pleasured his glans and shaft and then took him deep throat again. I alternated that for at least another minute as he convulsed with pleasure and then began to go soft. He slowly pulled out as I swallowed the remainder of his man juice and then holding my head in his hands I looked up at him and he smiled down at me and said “Thanks. You are fantastic.” I gave his cock a few more sucks and flicks but he was done. At that point I reached in to my fag bag and pulled out a Handy Wipe and cleaned his cock and balls. He thanked me again, looked down at me with a smile and motioned at his friend. I nodded yes. He stepped back and looked at his friend and said “Miguel you are up.” escort malatya Miguel stepped forward and I could see his tent as he did. He dropped his black nylon shorts and revealed a beautiful uncut 7 inch cock. He was not as thick as the leader but well shaped and fully erect. His cock was nestled in a beautiful nest of jet black, tightly curled pubic hair. I put my hands behind his thighs and gently moved him in to position. At first he was hesitant but his leader barked “Get with it” and he stepped in to the batters box and gave me his tool. I could tell this was his first time so I gently flicked his glans with my tongue and slowly took his tip in to my mouth. He relaxed and gave me the rest trusting me with his manhood. As he slid his cock in to the back of my palate I could taste and smell the Safeguard and once again a gentle taste of fresh man sweat. He put his hands in position on the back of my head and I directed him in to an easy pace to make his pleasure last as long as possible. We settled in to a pace with me taking his cock full length and then on the out stroke gently working his glans with my tongue. Miguel was well worked up after watching his boss get pleasured and I had to slow the pace to keep him from cumming too soon. Minutes passed as we went through our pace and he increased in hardness and his breathing increased. As he became more excited he followed his boss’ lead and increased the pressure on the back of my head. We worked together to manage the stroke and depth which allowed me to work his tip with my tongue of about every 3rd stroke. Miguel was now an old pro at using an old fag for his pleasure. We increased the pace as he increased in hardness and his balls moved in to launch position. I could feel the hardness of his tightened scrotum as he breathed heavier and then held my head in place. He learned from watching his boss as he held my head in place as he released his load. Once again I got a half dozen hard pumps and then he released my head enough so I could once again get a full stroke on his shaft and work his glans. I kept up that pleasure as he gave me more cum and for as long as he remained hard I worked his cock and me moaned and convulsed with pleasure. As he began to go soft he pulled back. The feeling was just too intense. He pulled out and we looked at each other, me with semen on my tongue and a bit on my chin. The boss said to him “you will never get Teresa to do that for you, bud” and Miguel nodded in agreement. I reached in to my fag bag and pulled out a handy wipe, cleaned Miguel’s cock malatya escort bayan and balls and cleaned my spit and some cum off of his gorgeous pubes and he pulled up and took the watch at the door. The Boss guided the younger of the three in front of me. He appeared to be about 19, smaller and slighter than the others but a good looking young man with thick black hair pulled back in to a short pony tail. He was wearing red nylon basketball shorts and sported a tent. Like Miguel he had a beautiful nest of thick, tightly curled pubic hair surrounding his tool. He put his hands on my shoulders as I put mine behind his thighs and took his cock in to my mouth. He was uncut, about 6 inches and nicely formed. I glided his cock over my tongue and flicked his glans with my tongue. He convulsed and gave me some precum so I released the suction and eased the pressure I was putting on him. This boy was going to burst fast if I was not careful! We eased in to a pace with me swaying back and forth on him and slowing each time he showed signs of cumming. This went on for about 3 minutes when he moved his hands from my shoulders to behind my head and pressed his cock full length in to my throat. I could smell the Safeguard and fresh man sweat as he held my nose and chin in to his crotch and shot a hot load down my throat. He tried to pull away after his 6th shot but I gently held him in position and took his glans in the front of my mouth and worked it with my lips and tongue. After a few seconds he convulsed again and gave me more juice. His breathing was deep and rapid and I could feel his racing pulse through his softening manhood. Finally he pulled away and headed for the sink to clean up.The Boss looked down at me and smiled. He offered me a hand in getting to my feet. As he did he asked if I came though Bakersfield often. I told him I came through twice a year when traveling from my home in Arizona to the Bay Area. He asked me if I was close to I-40 and I said yes. He was a truck driver who comes though Northern Arizona often. I asked if he wanted my number and he said yes. He introduced himself as Mark and his two cousins were Miguel and Jimmy. We went to the same picnic table and chatted for a bit. I asked Jimmy if he wanted me to get him off again as he came so fast but he said he was fine. Likewise I asked the other two if they were OK and they said next time.We said our good byes and I reminded Mark to call or text me if he was headed my way. A man of his word, he has taken my up on my offer 8 times since. I have blown him in his rig when he stops for fuel and we sometimes get a coffee or chat. Last December I told him I would be through Bakersfield again before Christmas and would like to replay our last scene. We did. This time the two cousin were comfortable old hands and gave me a work out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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