Trying just that black tip

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Trying just that black tipI attended that party alone; my loving husband was flying away from town just right that night. I was not really in the mood for party, but my slut girlfriend Helena had insisted and finally I had accepted.The party was noisy but boring at same time.After many margaritas, I needed to use a toilette.Then I went to the first floor, looking for a bathroom. When I found it, I could hear there were moans coming from that room.The party was loud from all the dance music filling the air. I needed to use the toilette real so bad; so, turning the doorknob I boldly stormed in bumping into the couple that was inside. The door opened half way before bumping into a huge black man fucking a tender young white girl there inside. I froze for a moment looking into that black man’s eyes, forgetting even that I had to use the toilet. But I could not hold his gaze for much longer and suddenly dropped my sight when I realized that I had instead looked straight at his big black cock on its way back into the tight pussy wrapped around it. The girl, who had curly red hair, had hardly noticed me with her eyes closed from the immense pleasure coming from that black massive shaft. Breaking my memorization from the large black cock, then I looked back at the man’s eyes as he started pumping back into the girl.The lucky bastard grabbed the inexperienced white girl he was screwing by the hips and slammed her pussy with all his might. She started creaming all over his massive black dick; her pussy juices visible on the man’s dick like a mark of submission to his incredible power. I was about to question myself what to do, when the black man wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me further inside before shutting the door back closed, locking it this time. For the next five minutes, I watched as the huge black man invaded that tight vagina so deep, the red hair girl couldn’t help but scream. Her creamy legs lifted up, grabbing around the black man’s waist, opening her sweet cunt up to further penetration. Her pussy was gushing wet now, so slippery the black man nearly fell into the girl as he made one final dive into her cunt and unloaded his semen, making the girl start to buck uncontrollably as he filled her up.The man pulled his cock out and then I was blown away by how huge it was. Until now I had only seen half of it really; but now with that monster thing out, I could notice a warm, wet feeling begin to flourish between my legs. I watched in ecstasy at the magnificent big black cock that was covered in pussy juice and semen. The red headed girl got down on her knees, opening her lips up and spilling out globs of the black man’s cum onto the floor sinop escort bayan as she started sucking his still rock hard cock…Grabbing the back of her head the man pulled her in, making his dick go as far down her throat as he could. She resisted a little, but his goal was to break her and he held her on his huge cock until she gave up struggling and coated his amazing black serpent, massaging it with her throat. When he was ready, he just pulled her off his cock and helped her up to her feet. She pulled up down her skirt, and picked up her black thong from the floor.She smiled at her black lover and gave him her thong as a gift.Then she saw me standing at a corner and smiled to me, saying:“You should try, baby… he will rock your world…”She gave the black man a soft kiss and then left.I did not know what to say, but still having to pee, I asked the black man to leave the room. He walked up to me, his cock still out and getting harder with each step…”Don’t worry, bitch… I’ll find you on your way out”. He said as he reached for my hand, leading it to his big black cock. A shock went through my body as I touched it, but I did not pull back. Instead, I opened my hand and, with a firm grip, grabbed a hold of that monster cock, curious and really amazed by its size. “I really have to use the toilette right now” I said, letting his cock go and waiting as he pulled up his pants and left.I finally sat on the toilette. The smell in that room was thick, leaving my nose hooked on the scent of the black man. I enjoyed it and smiled for myself, wishing to find him when going back to the party. After leaving the bathroom, I came downstairs, looking for my bitch girlfriend Helena, when the same black man got to me.”Wait up, bitch…where are you going?” He whispered at my ear.I pointed to Helena, who was there with some other friends.“Stay with me, babe… I know what you want”. He insisted.”Ok, you are right…so, lead the way” I finally moaned softly.Then we walked over to a dark corner for some talking.He told me his name was Aaron.As soon as we sat there, I reached down to grab his cock out of his pants. I squeezed Aaron’s cock as he put his arm around my body, resting his heavy hand on my ass cheeks…He kissed my lips and then I felt my pussy startting to get wet.Aaron ended the deep kiss and he whispered again in my ear:”Well, well, babe… let’s say bye to your friends right now…”I nodded with my head; my naughty imagination sparking as I thought of what was about to come. Victor had fucked me very wildly before he would fly away; but still I was so fucking horny, even better having a well hung black man…We got up, heading over to all friends to say sinop escort bayan goodbye. Helena smiled as she saw me leaving with that huge black man. s. Aaron grabbed my ass, making sure everybody saw and led me out from the party to his car at the parking lot. As son as we got inside the car, I bent over him, putting my mouth on his cock and began sucking him off as he drove to his place.During the entire ride I had my red lips wrapped around his dick, up and down, his cock getting seemingly harder every minute. After parking in front of his house, Aaron grabbed my head after turning off the car and began slamming me up and down on his black cock for several times, reminding me I was his bitch now… “We got to go now, bitch” He announced, taking me off his dick. We made our way up to his apartment and, after shutting the door, Aaron took off my short dress through my head, leaving me just in my heels and a tiny black thong.He was still wearing all of his clothes when he bent down and started rubbing my wet lips through the thin material of my thong.Within seconds it was moist and smelly so Aaron took it off. He dropped down to his knees and began licking my pussy lips.I thrust my hips as he continued lashing me with his tongue. Every lick was a swift dash of delight that brought me up to a powerful explosion that shook me down to my very toes. Waves of pleasure coursed through me, making me shiver and scream in ecstasy, as I felt my cunt bursting in flames…After my own orgasm subsided, I raced up to Aaron’s belt. I quickly unbuckled it and soon his huge black cock sprang out as I got his boxers down. That was I wanted that black man… A black monster dick that could fuck me as hard as I needed it. I took that thing with my hands; then I sunk my head and inhaled his black pipe. It started grow as my head moved back and forth against his dark skin. I was down on my knees, sucking his magnificent hard dick.But suddenly Aaron grabbed my hair and made me got up on my feet. He threw me onto the bed, looking at the ceiling.Soon I felt his hard dick resting over my mound, creating a fire in my cunt. Aaron then looked into my eyes, placed his hard on in front of my wet, pink pussy and suddenly he pushed it in. I gasped and took a breath as the big black cock stretched my tight folds apart. I moaned in pleasure, reaching up to his shoulders and pulling him closer to my body. “That’s just the tip, babe…” That black bastard said with pride.“Give me more, Aaron… My pussy is yours now…” I cried.I screamed as his cock pushed further in my sloppy wet cunt. I gasped again, losing my breath, his black cock moving inside me.My hips bucked back onto escort sinop his cock as I loosened up and I took his black snake like the slutty white bitch I was. “Fuck me harder!… make me cum!” I begged him in cry.Then Aaron grabbed my waist and pulled me closer, more directly under him. He pushed my legs up and apart fucking my wet cunt as much as he could. He started to speed up and packed his black dick into me so deep that I froze in a contraction before bursting into a frenzy of euphoria. I bumped up to his huge black cock wild, wishing he would cum. “I want you to come so bad inside me…” I pleaded.”Call up your husband. Let him know what a real man can do.”He got off me so that I could go get my cell phone. Soon I heard Victor’s voice; as my black lover reached over and turned onto my belly to fuck me from behind. Then I got up on my knees and elbows, raising my ass high, so that he could find his way into my well-fucked and stretched wet pussy.Victor was asking me how was going everything, when Aaron put his black cock in my cunt again. I gasped a bit and started breathing irregularly as my loving husband was on the line.“My love, I have someone fucking me with his big black cock…”I moaned, feeling Aaron pumping me from behind.“Does he fuck you good…? Victor asked from far away.“Oh, honey, it feels so fucking good. I’m cumming again…” I cried.Victor got quiet, hearing me moaning with pleasure as my black lover enjoyed my wet pussy and fucked me with no mercy at all.Suddenly I heard my husband was moaning. He was jerking himself for sure, knowing his slutty white wife was being well fucked by a huge black dick.Then I put the phone down next to me and buried my head into the mattress as Aaron drove his huge cock deeper and deeper into me. I shuddered and screamed, my loving Victor hearing clearly on the other line that I was not lying… “Are you ready, honey…?” I cried close to the phone.“Aaron is about to make me his white slut bitch…””Here it comes, my love!” I screamed in the phone as Aaron dropped loads of his black cum into my womb, very deep in the heart of my body. I moaned in ecstasy, taking every drop of Aaron hot semen…Then I thought it was over, but Aaron flipped me over, spread open my long legs and started fucking me again with his hard huge cock. My pussy leaked his cum all over the bed as his cock stayed hard. He caused me to shudder in another orgasm that made my husband start shooting his seed on the other line.I tried to speak with him, but my phone just went dead…I did not mind about my loving hubby.Aaron kept fucking me wildly during the rest of that long night.He even tried to fuck me in my ass; but I could not stand it…When he left me at home in the morning, I could barely walk.His thick semen was sliding down my legs.My horny cunt was on fire… but I was so satified with him…Then I knew it would be not the last time Aaron pushed “just the tip” deep inside my body…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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