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Two cute student chicksTwo cute student chicks share a room, why not share their fantasies as well? Sweet lesbian fantasies of sexy teen student chicks, read and enjoy!That happened to me when I studied at the University. I didn’t live with my parents because in this city we didn’t have a house or some relatives or even friends. I was late to get my name on the list to the college hostel, so I had to rent accommodation juts a few block from the campus. There were 2 of us, 2 girls who rented one apartment, because it was a bit cheaper for us both to share accommodation fees.I walked in to the apartment I shared with another girl named Rebecca. It was late Friday night. I had been in the library, preparing for my exams on the next Monday. The living room was in a small light on because that the TV was on, but there was no Rebecca to be found. I figured that she had gone out and simply forgot to turn the TV off. I walked back toward my room, which was next to Rebecca’s. The light was on in both of our rooms and Rebecca’s door was open. I peeked in and was shocked at what I saw!Lying on the bed, there was my cute roommate fast asleep and naked. In her hand was a large red jelly dildo! In fact, it was my dildo! And I could swear that it had obviously been used recently. It was still shiny from being inside a wet pussy and the room had the odor of pussy. You know, that specific smell of a woman’s excited flesh. As I looked more, Rebecca’s pretty shaved pussy was also all shiny and wet. Rebecca was lying there sleeping with a sweet smile on her face. I was shocked at what I saw. Rebecca was certainly an adorable, cute girl but she always seemed to be shy and quiet. Never in my dirtiest dreams could I ever think that Rebecca was being such a whore.Rebecca had light brown hair. I had never seen her naked before, but I could tell that even when she was dressed, she had a nice firm body and especially pretty tits. I was right; they were perfectly round and looked Buca Escort like 2 ripe fruits to harvest. Her nipples were like perky juicy cherries and they were still hard. They were circled with dark brown areolas. I was starting to get somewhat horny just looking at her. As I continued to watch her sweet naked body, I got to her flat tummy and precious nice belly button. I was really blown away when I saw a cute silver belly button ring. She was always so quiet and reserved, I never would have guessed her to have piercing. When I got down to her pussy, I gazed at her sweet slit, all wet and sticky. Her lips were big and floppy.I didn’t have big experience and practice with girls, but I had always enjoyed and dreamt of it. I was getting very horny and wet just looking at my lovely roommate. I started thinking about doing something about it. Of course, I couldn’t advance at once, because I didn’t know what to expect from her reaction. What would Rebecca think about it?! She had never said anything to make me believe that she liked girls. In fact she never really said much about guys either! I could swear that Rebecca was still a virgin. Well, what a deal?! I decided to dismiss any doubts and caution and began to undress. When I was removing my clothes, sweet Rebecca shifted her position. Her arm moved so that her hand was resting on her sweet breast. It looked like she was caressing it! I froze and waited to see if she was waking up. Hell! This horny girl was playing with her pretty boob in her sleep!I finally finished getting undressed and was ready to make my move. I paused from moving towards sweet sleeping Rebecca to give her a touch. One touch and I almost came! My knees got kind of weak. I needed it bad, and I needed it now, whatever it would take me. Very softly and gently, I removed my dildo from Rebecca’s hand. I took the end she used and caressed my lips, tasting Rebecca’s pussy. I loved her taste. I really Çeşme Escort wished it was not my tongue now. I got it all wet licking Rebecca’s juices, and began rubbing my own pussy with it. That was hot! I came in an orgasm that seemed to start from my pussy and spread all over my body! It was so hot feeling! The sensation was awesome! I inched over to Rebecca, being careful not to wake her up, and softly placed the head of my toy on her wet pussy lips. It slowly parted her lips and it looked so pretty at the entrance of that pleasure hole. I began to slide it up and down her slit. Soon I was rewarded with sleepy moans which sounded like pure pleasure. I kept rubbing her lips with that fake cock. Rebecca began moving her hips with my movement. I looked up at her face and she had the sweetest look, I could bet – angelic look on her face. I was caught up! Now ay to refuse! She was awake after all! Damn! I should have guessed she would wake up! Having gotten caught, I stopped, but only for a second. Rebecca said in a husky horny voice:“Please don’t stop….Please!”I was eager to comply. I lay down next to her and continued working on her hot pussy. At the same time I used my hand to massage and knead her beautiful boob. She began moaning in pleasure continually. I soon removed my hand from her tit and used my mouth on that sweet hard cherry! Her taste was wonderful! It was a bit salty, but at the same time so sweet! Her nipple felt absolutely incredible in my mouth.I enjoyed her tits for awhile longer and then I began working my way down her sexy body with licks and kisses. Rebecca was twitching and staring from each lick or kiss, so I was sure she was enjoying this. My mouth finally made it down to her sweet sexy belly button. I used my tongue to play with that nice ring! As I got closer to her pussy I began to breathe in her scent. Rebecca’s honey smelled so sweet and hot. I had always liked the taste of girl’s Çiğli Escort cum, but most of my experience was – taste my own juices after I masturbated with my dildo, or boys’ cum.I finally reached her pussy and removed the dildo. I moved in with my mouth and engulfed those soft, floppy, wet pussy lips, savoring that wonderful taste! I playfully circled my tongue all over it for a bit and then I began licking more greedily! When I licked her lips up and down, Rebecca’s moans got louder and louder. I was glad that we didn’t share this apartment with our friends or relatives, because her loud moans could wake everybody in the house up. She was really into this! God, it was so wonderful! Soon I parted her lips with my tongue and got my first taste of her red sweet flesh. She was so sweet and wet! I got to her clit. It was beautiful. It was almost as big as mine and it was all pink and shiny wet. I gently touched it with my tongue. I was amazed to discover that it was trembling from arousal! I couldn’t believe that her clit could swell up so big! I sucked it in to my mouth and with in seconds Rebecca moaned out “Oh my God” and her pussy gushed out a spurt of her juice. My face was covered in her sweet cum. I began licking her crotch all over so that I didn’t miss a drop! There was that spot between a pussy and an ass hole and it was coated in her sweet juice! I licked it all and closed my eyes with pure delight. Some of her sweet honey ran down to her asshole.Rebecca’s asshole was just beautiful. It was an amazing tight pink puckered hot hole nestled between her ass cheeks. I moved in to lick it clean. Soon I was tongue fucking her ass hole: I couldn’t seem to stop. And I didn’t want to! I wanted to eat her up for ever! Soon Rebecca came again. This one lasted for several minutes, she squeezed my head between her legs while her feelings were calming down. I was cleaning her up again, savoring her sweet flow. She finally said that it was wonderful but she needed some rest for a minute. I moved up, towards her beautiful face. She took me in her arms and pulled me to her, kissed me deeply and moved my head so that it was resting on her lovely breast. We hugged each other for a while, but we both knew that it wasn’t the end, just a beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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